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The Work Party

Part 1

Chapter One: The Three Challenges

       Hello! My name is Anastasia and I am writing this story because my mistresses want me to tell the world about the night that I was taken into their care. At the time, I was unwilling, but now I understand that my real place in life is at my mistresses feet. It all started at my fathers work party.

       I am with my father, step-mother, and siblings. While sitting bored in a corner, I spot two of my least favorite people, Alli and Grace, girls that are in my grade, whose fathers also work at the same company. They are snobby athletic bitches who think they are entitled to whatever they want. The worst part is that my father and step-mom love them and always try to convince me to be friends with them. They are nice to my parents and then sneer at me when they wont be seen. I avoid them at school and at volleyball practice, but I know my dad would force me to talk to them if he sees them here. I stand up quickly and my dad looks at my questioningly. “Dont feel good. Im going to the bathroom.” He nods and I head across the room, doing anything I can not to be seen by them. As I slip into the bathrooms I glance over and see Alli smirk at me. I curse and run into some 30-something woman. “Sorry.” I mutter under my breath and head into a stall. Little did I know that the same woman I ran into would change my life forever.

       I step into the stall and close the door just as I hear the bathroom door open. “Oh Anastasia? We know youre in here.” I hear the door close and a lock click. “Were all alone. Come out come out!” I step out of the stall and look at them defiantly. “What do you want?” It wasnt really a question. I know they will pick on me just like at volleyball when they take my clothes or put guys boxers in my bag to make me look like a whore. I step to the sink to wash my hands and Grace steps in front of me. “We just want to talk.” Grace puts her hands on my shoulders and I let her push me back against the stalls. I act weak and defeated while I plan my escape. Grace is taller than me but I weigh more than her. Alli is a sprite of a girl but wouldnt care about fighting dirty. Grace steps forward. “Take your clothes off.” I am momentarily stunned. “What? Why?” She looks at Alli and turns back to me. “Because you are worth nothing.” I laugh. Grace frowns and grabs for my hair. I duck and she grabs air instead. I kick her leg out from under her and run at Alli. She steps aside and jumps on my back, her hands fisted in my hair. I do not yell because I know people will come running and I will get in trouble. I feel her pulled off of me and I turn around to see who has helped me. It is the woman I ran into earlier. She is the cleaner there who has unlocked the door and entered the bathroom. She has Alli held tightly in her arms and has a foot on Graces face. “Girls. Lets solve this little fight. I heard everything and I think I have a solution.” Alli gives one last struggle and gives up, nodding. The woman removes her foot from Graces face and she sits up quickly, rubbing the dirt off her face.

       I stand there like a cornered animal. I do not want to be in this bathroom anymore. I turn to leave and the woman releases Alli and yanks my hair so hard I fall on my butt. “You are not going anywhere Anastasia. You will all call me Mistress Zaida or just Mistress.” I snort and rub the back of my head where she still has a hold on my hair. “You will all go back to your families. You all drove here separate from them. Tell them all you are going to spend the night together at a random friends house. Make it work or you will be in severe trouble- I will tell your families about your fight. After they leave, you will all get in your cars and pretend to leave. You will circle the block and come back and park behind the kitchens. “Or we could just leave.” I say it blatantly and she yanks up on my hair. “I took photos of you fighting. I have been following all of you for a while now. I have enough incriminating evidence for each of you to come back.” I glared at her. She released me and I stood up hastily. “I am the owner of this building. You will all come back as soon as your parents leave. Knock on the backdoor once all three of you are here. If one of you doesnt show up, its a no go and all of you will get exposed.” She stares at all of us. Surprising everyone, Alli mumbles “yes mistress” under her breath. The woman smiles and stares at Grace. After Grace and I follow Allis example she unlocks the door and motions us out. She bends over the sink and pretends to be scrubbing as we leave. The whole incident took less than 5 minutes, but it felt like hours.

       The night wears on and at 8, my parents leave. They easily swallowed my story that I was spending the night at the house of someone that I have never liked. It was ridiculous. At 8:40-ish, Alli and Graces parents leave together, and everyone else filters out by 9pm. We look at each other and all walk out separate doors, going to our cars. I watch them pass and I pull out slowly. I take a slow lap, laughing as I think about them sitting there, afraid that I wouldnt show up. I pull in and Grace cant hide the look of relief that I havent abandoned them. Getting caught for bullying is not something she wants. We get out of our cars and step up to the heavy steel back door. We knock and the woman opens it. She is wearing black tights and tight black t-shirt. She is very fit and I realize I over-estimated her age. She seems to be 25 at the most, only 7 years older than me. She is not wearing a bra and her nipples poke through the fabric that is strained to the limit around her large breasts. She is wearing high stiletto heels and her hair is in a high black ponytail. She ushers us in and we stand in the kitchen waiting for her to tell us her idea. “So. My solution for your conflict is to have a competition. This competition will be set up by and ruled by me. There will be various challenges and these will determine the winner. Before we begin, you all must sign a contract. You are 18 and can sign a legally binding agreement. All it says is that you must obey the declaration I will give as a resolution to this fight you are having.” She pushes three separate papers at us and I lift the 3-5 page document with tiny writing. Grace signs immediately and Alli follows her lead. Of course. Grace has never lost a competition in her life. I reluctantly follow suit, although I should have known better than to sign a contract that I didnt read.

       At this point, I become aware that the woman has padlocked the door shut and tucked the key into a hidden compartment. She turns and looks at us all. “Strip.” We look at her in shock. “Winning these competitions require you to follow every order I give you. Now do it.” I begin to take off my clothes quickly but she stops us. “Do it like you would for a boyfriend. Strip tease. Dance. Make it good.” I find it harder to do but I put in a good effort. I notice she seems to be watching mostly me. I unbutton my shirt and I shake my C-cup breasts. I twist my hips as I push my skirt down. I lean down to unstrap my tall wedges and she stops me. “Keep those on. You two can take yours off.” They are wearing sandals, not heels. I regret my earlier decision. I am down to my lace panties and my push-up bra. “Leave your bra and panties on.” I sigh in relief and see similar expressions on the other girls faces. She takes off her shirt and I see she is wearing a tight black corset that pushes her breasts up. She takes the tights off and I see a leather thong. She bends and scoops up our clothes, locking them into cabinet. She tucks the key into a pouch in her corset.

       She tells us to bend our heads down and look at the ground. We do until we hear three rapid camera clicks. My head shoots up. “Ah. Just further reasons for you to go through with your promises.” She sets the camera down and begins to walk towards a heavy padlocked steel door. “Few people ever see this room. Consider yourselves lucky.” She swings open the door and I almost hit my knees. Alli whimpers and Grace takes a step back. “If any of you try to leave, you will all be exposed. Welcome to the dungeon.” Everywhere I look there are torture devices. Insane implements line the walls. She looks right at me. “Anastasia here knows what almost all of this stuff is. She masturbates to this stuff dont you?” She steps up to me and puts her finger under my chin. “Bet you thought no one realized. Your carefully covered tracks. All the porn pages you visit. I have even read the porn that you write. We will have to try some of the stuff you write about. And you Alli. Bet you thought no one knew about your lesbian fantasies.” Alli turns beet red and Grace refuses to look at her. “Grace. You are the opposite of Anastasia. She likes to be a sub, you like to be a Dom, like me. However, tonight all three of you will be my subs.” Alli is the only one who looks confused. It is true, I have written various erotic tales about BDSM and me being a sub. I always masturbated with breasts tightly bound and nipple clamps attached. But how did she know that? And my stories were saved on a password protected zip drive. I begin to worry if any of us will escape.

       She walks to the wall and grabs three black ball gags. “Put these on. Do it tightly if you want to move on.” She hands them to us and I have to force my jaw open farther than comfortable to shove it in. I pull it tight and lift my hair above it before strapping it. Mistress Zaida walks behind me and slips a finger under it. She un-straps it and tuts. “Not tight enough!” She pulls it so tight it is cutting into my cheeks and my mouth is gaping open, drool falling onto my chest. She padlocks it and I am stuck. She hands me a ponytail and tells me to put my hair up in a high ponytail. I do it and she nods. She moves on to Alli and Grace and I notice that I seem to be receiving much harsher treatment. Graces gag looks as though she could easily pop it out. I dont think she even padlocked theirs. I sighed at the injustice of it all. “So girls, I have to tell you. I am not into the whipping scene. I occasionally use a cane, but only at select times. I have other ways to … get my point across. Lets start with Alli.”

       She pulls a length of rope from a trunk that seems full of many different varieties of rope. It looks like she has chosen a soft rope. She begins to make a figure eight out of Allis A-cup breasts. She ties it and then had Alli hold her hands behind her back with her hands on the opposite elbow. She then ties her arms together loosely and then attached her arms to the breast bondage. She pulls Allis legs apart and places each leg in a short leg spreader. Her feet are only held shoulder width apart.  She does the same thing to Grace, except she actually wraps the breasts, causing them to protrude a bit. It doesnt look very tight, especially compared to many I have seen online. I find I am not that worried for my turn. However, she reaches into the trunk and pulls out a rough thin rope that scratches my skin. She tightly binds each breast until they are turning purple and are pulled taut, my nipples protruding farther than I have ever seen them before. She ties my arms tightly together and then to my breast bondage. She places me in a spreader bar that forces my legs so far apart that I can hardly stand in my heels. It isnt fair! I get rough rope, my breasts are tied way tighter, and I was forced to wear heels in a spreader bar that is ridiculously wide. I stare at her wide eyed but she ignores me. Right then, I decided that I would win, no matter how much she wanted me to lose. Little did I know what I was resolving to do.

       Mistress Zaida lines us up, me in the middle. She places blinders on each of us so we cannot see each other. She walked to the trunk and pulls out three ropes with large knots tied into them. She ties them to D-rings on the other side of the long room. There are at least 30 knots per rope. She brings the first one across the room and slides it between my legs. She ties it to the wall directly behind me. My legs are spread so wide that it pulls right against my crotch. I can tell that once I walk it will pull painfully. All of a sudden I feel mistress take off my heels and the rope is even tighter against me. She tied it so taut that I am on my very tip-toes. I cannot see how tightly she ties the other girls, but I have a sneaking suspicion that mine is way tighter. She looks at me and shakes her head. She removes the blinders but before I can look around, she slides a full blindfold over my eyes, cutting off all sight. Now I will not even know where the knots are. Next I feel a well-known feeling. The bite of nipple clamps. These however, I judge to be clover clamps. My suspicions are confirmed when she tugs on the chain and they just get tighter. She pushes me down flat on my feet and pulls the chain under the rope before attaching it to my other nipple. Now if I stand on my tip-toes, I will be tugging my own nipples painfully. I hear movement and assume she is doing the same for the other girls. “If your nipple clamps fall off, you will start over. On the count of three.”

        I hear one of the other girls stifle a sob as she counts down. She hits one and I take one hobbled step forward, doing as much as I can in the spreader bar. It pulls my legs apart so the rope is tighter on my crotch. I cry out at the rough pain and stop as I get to the first knot. It has something wet on it and I think that mistress has applied some type of ointment that will burn my most intimate parts. I go up on tiptoes and ignore the sharp pain in my nipples. This however, does not prevent the knot from rubbing its ointment on me. I get over it and want to touch my crotch and asshole. They are burning so badly I cant even think. I hear Alli begin to openly sob and I remember that this is a competition. I hurry forward and I hear mistress yell. I grin with satisfaction as I realize that someones nipple clamps must have fallen off and she had to start over. I continue forward slowly, taking small steps with my feet spread wide. I get to the next knot, but I get over it quickly, used to the usual pain in my nipples. In fact, my nipples at that point started triggering the familiar pleasure and I felt my pussy begin to get wet. It helps the journey, washing out a little bit of the burning gel and stopping the rope from being so rough. I continue quickly and focus on the pleasure I am receiving rather than the pain. I do not listen to other girls. I do not think about what happens if I lose. I give in to the pain and pleasure.

       After 10 or so knots I realize that they are not evenly spaced or evenly sized. They alternate in size and shape so there is no pattern. I recognize the fact and then go back into my own little world. Before I know it, I reach the wall. I run right into it because I did not think I would reach it so easily. I almost fall, but I balance myself and stand with my breasts and nipples pressed against the wall. I realize how wet I am and realize that just a little clit stimulation would push me over the edge. My own juices coat the rope and my own thighs. I hear footsteps and then a finger slides along my thigh. It comes to my nose and I am forced to smell my own juices. She then rubs it all over my lips and the ball gag.  She slaps me on the ass and I jump forward, my nipples pushing painfully into the wall. She unties the rope from the wall. It drops, momentarily pulling on my nipple clamp chain but then falling to the ground. She takes off the nipple clamps and I gasp as the blood rushes back. I am unable to see where the other girls are, but I hear mistress Zaidas proclamation. “Alli, you are out of the running. You did not win this competition.” Mistress pulls off my nipple clamps and I turn to see the other girls already off their ropes and looking at mistress mournfully.

        “Anastasia, you are a true slut. Grace and Alli didnt get wet from that, only you.” I blush and look down. “Here is the next competition. A domme-ing contest.” I gasp and she looks at me. “You couldnt expect that all the competitions would be to your advantage you filthy whore.” She looks me up and down and returns to speaking. “Each of you will have full control over someone else and whoever succeeds at being the most vicious Dominatrix wins. Anastasia will go first with Alli. Then Grace will get her turn with Anastasia.” I sigh. It was only to be expected, since mistress has such an obvious favor for Grace. She releases all of my bindings and does the same with Alli.

       Alli blinks in the light, but I walk over and immediately blindfold her again. I have never thought about having control over someone else. It is a big responsibility, one I am uncertain I want to undertake. I lead her to a spanking bench and strap her in. I place nipple clamps on her again and know I am doing poorly. I will not win this challenge. It hits me like a ton of bricks. I have no chance. Mistress Zaida even said that Grace liked to be a Dom. I sigh and pick up a cane. I cane her ass until it is light pink, unsure how hard to hit, so I err to the softer side. Even so, Alli is sobbing uncontrollably, scaring me. I come to her front and begin to cane her breasts, occasionally coming up and hitting the nipple clamps directly. After 5 minutes, I am out of ideas, but I find myself unable to give up so quickly. I see a butt plug and I pick it up. It is smaller than any I have ever seen, so it will be perfect.  I grab some KY lube, but switch it for some lube that advertises a strong burning sensation. I begin to rub it all around her asshole and she cries out. I cover the plug and quickly begin to push it into her ass. She is fighting me as much as she can to stop the invader from getting inside her asshole. I finally shove it in and she cries in a high keening voice. I ignore her and grab a vibrating dildo.  I lube it with the same cream and shove it inside her dry pussy. She screams even louder, so I pick up a penis gag and shove it into her mouth. She is abruptly quiet. I give her the once over. I do one more quick round of caning on her ass cheeks and even hit her pussy lips a few times. I look at Mistress who looks unimpressed, and at Grace who is laughing silently. I walk to mistress and tell her I am done. “Thats it? All the stupid stories you write? All the nasty porn you watch, and that is all you have? What a stupid bitch.”

       She leaves Alli as is and tells Grace to go ahead. She asks if there is a time limit. “No, I will tell you when you have done enough to beat this whore. But that does not mean you necessarily have to stop.” Grace grins evilly and turns away. She doesnt walk to me, but rather to the wall of cabinets. She looks through it all, and I can see her mentally cataloging and planning her torture. I shudder. I should have checked out everything, perhaps it would have given me a few ideas. “Grace, do you need the spanking bench?” Grace shakes her head and Mistress smiles. “Good. We will leave Alli to ponder her loss.” Grace leaves me and sets up a wooden saw horse. She puts two suction cup dildos (both extremely large) on it and gets a step stool. She leads me over and tells me to suck the dildos as much as I can because that is all the lube they are getting, I immediately bend over the smaller of the two, assuming it will go in my ass. I get it as wet as I can, focusing on it rather than one what Grace is doing. “Stand up whore.” I do and she straps me into my heels again. She tells me to stand on a step stool and I do. At her instruction, I swing my other leg over and it lands on another step stool. My pussy is poised above the dildo. She tells me to crouch slowly, and I lead the dildo into my pussy as she does the same to my ass. Once they are both barely inside me, she tugs a string and the step stools are pulled out. I land onto them and they are both shoved into me all the way. I scream and she grins. “You thought this would be easy?” She handcuffs my hands to the saw horse behind my back and I am stuck.

       Next she brings rope down that she has connected to D-rings in the ceiling. She wraps it around my breasts tightly and they jut out like hard purpling grapefruits. I see the rope is connected to a pulley and she cranks it up a few notches so my breasts are being lifted. I go up on my toes to relieve the pain. It hurts extremely badly and I see my predicament. If I rest my feet, my breasts will be pulled up painfully. Next she pushes me flat-footed and attaches nipple clamps and runs the chain under the saw horse. Now, if I go on my toes it will pull on my nipples. There is no place that is comfortable, and all the while I have these dildos impaled inside me. She smiles at my discomfort. Then she grabs a large ring gag and shoves it in my mouth. When I think I can take no more, I watch her tape a vibrator to my clit. I look at her and shake my head frantically, I cant handle it. Her finger twitches and the little thing begins to pulse, and I feel my wetness almost immediately. She covers my head with a leather hood so I cannot hear or see anything. There is just a hole for my mouth. She makes the vibrator pulse and within minutes I am shaking. I try standing on my toes and then standing flat. Both hurt equally as bad. Just I release my orgasm, I feel a leather belt strike my stomach. I cry out as my orgasm is stopped short. I should have known I wouldnt be getting pleasure. She continues to whip me and she turns up the vibrator. My ass aches around the giant dildo but I cannot do anything to relieve the pain. After what feels like hours, she stops hitting me. By this point, I have suffered through about 15 edges, never able to truly be satisfied. She unhooks my breasts from the ceiling but leaves them tightly tied. She unhooks my nipples roughly and I cry out as the blood rushes back. I have never had nipple clamps on for more than ten minutes, and that session was much longer. She removes the hood and I can finally see. She chooses to leave the gag in.

       She unties my breasts the rest of the way and she replaces the stools under my feet, allowing me to step off the dildos and the sawhorse. She looks at Mistress Zaida and I see Mistress nod. “Grace is the obvious winner of this competition. So now we a have a tie-breaker. Whatever shall we do?” She looks around. She smiles and nods to herself. She doesnt speak, but moves around gathering materials. She tells Grace and I to lie down on the ground. She ties us both in a tight hogtie and stands up. “So, this game is simple. Whoever can last the longest without calling out the safe word, which will be submission, will be the winner. The twist is that you will not be able to see or hear the other person.” With that final statement, she moves forward and I see that Alli has been freed and is assisting her. Alli jams earplugs in my ear and I cannot hear anything. She pulls the leather hood down over my face and I lose all my senses. I cannot even hear people walking. I smile. I can easily stay in a simple hogtie for a long period of time. I should have realized it wasnt going to just be a simple hogtie. I feel a cold metal hook enter my anus and I cry out around my ring gag. It is pulled up and attached to a collar that I feel locked onto my throat. Next, I feel my body being pulled up into the air. I am being dangled in the air by a hogtie. I feel a rope travel under my stomach and take a bit of the weight off my arms and legs. I am pulled even higher up and finally I stop. Suddenly, two jagged metal clamps bite down on my sore nipples. They feel like alligator clamps and I scream as a weight is dropped onto each chain. My tormentors flick each weight and my nipples swing, being dragged miserably downwards. My only comfort is that Grace is enduring this as well.

       I feel sticky pads being attached to my breasts and my inner thighs. Clamps are attached to my labia and they are pulled apart and taped to my legs so my inner vagina is exposed. I feel another sticky pad be attached directly to my clit. I have a sinking feeling that I know what these sticky pads are. As a jolt hits my left thigh, I yell and know I am correct. Electrical pads have been attached to my body. I scream louder as my left nipple clamp shocks me. I soon realize it is a completely random rhythm, the placement and power of the shocks alternating. The clit shocks are the worst. I feel tears pooling in my hood as my sore body receives it torture. Within minutes, my muscles are dying. I am tensed from the shocks and I am wasting my precious energy. All the while, there is a person beneath me, flicking the nipple clamp weights. Right when I think I can finally get used to it, I feel a large metal dildo at the entrance to my pussy. It is shoved in and I realize it has spikes all around the edge. My tormentor roughly shoves it in and out of my pussy, regardless of the fact that I am dry. Well, not completely. To be honest, this stuff is starting to turn me on. After approximately ten minutes, I go into what I now know as sub-space.

       The next thing I feel is the nipple clamps being yanked off. I scream and writhe in my bounds, and I feel my nipples bleeding. I am slowly lowered to the ground and then untied. The hood is ripped off and the ear plugs removed. “What a slut.” Alli says as she snorts derisively. The other girls nod and I realize that they are all dressed. They leave the collar and anal hook in so I have to keep my back extremely straight. “So Anastasia, you are the winner.” I look up triumphantly, but the smile slides off my face as I see Alli and Grace smiling. They shouldnt be smiling. “Dont you want to hear what you have won?” Mistress Zaida laughs cruelly. “You should have read the contract Anastasia. It states quite simply that the winner of the competition will be the slave of Mistress Zaida and of the losers.” I shake my head violently and try to speak through the ring gag. Grace tilts her head and looks at me. “We have been planning this for quite some time. I never even participated in that last competition. You were the only person. If you had just submitted to us in the bathroom we would have been nicer to you.” I am sobbing uncontrollably, unable to tilt my head down because of the posture hook. Alli grips my hair and pulls my head even further back. “Welcome to your new life, whore.” She follows up this statement by spitting directly into my ring gag. Mistress Zaida steps forwards again. “We took pictures all night, so trying to get out of this would be a grave mistake. Also, that document you signed gives the three of us ownership of you. We will work out the details later.” She leans down and her tongue enters my mouth, swirling around. I look at the three of them, and I find that I am almost a little excited for my future with them.

Chapter Two: The First Week

       That was the story of how I came to be the slave of my three mistresses. They liked my first story, so now as a part of my regular routine I have to write about my life with them. So here is the story of my first week.

       After I went home the next morning, I had a lot to think about. It was a Saturday, and I was home by myself. I didnt want to be the slave of these three vicious women, but to be honest, I couldnt help but get wet thinking about my night. I am after all, a natural submissive. Mistress Zaida had sent me home with a copy of the contract I had signed, and I read it carefully for any loopholes. The only exit from this agreement was if they released me, or if they seriously endangered my life, future, or relationships. The last statement eased my fears, and I realized that there were at least limits to what I had accidentally signed up for. I read the rest of it, but ignored a lot. There were hundreds of rules, how I could pee, sleep, drink, clean… my whole life was planned. Even when I wasnt with my mistresses, they would control my life. Mistress Zaida said that until our next meeting, I was to follow the daily routine section and just ignore the rest until we went over everything. I read that section carefully, sighed, and opened the bag she had sent home with me. My daily routine began with giving myself an enema for 20 minutes. I had tried this a few times before, so I knew the basic idea. I did it, and then read the next item on the list. Take a cold shower. Follow your regular routine. In addition, you must shave all body hair below the neck. You must do this every day until we take other measures. I went into the bathroom, dreading what was coming next. Cold showers were the absolute worst, and shaving almost my entire body was going to take forever. After 5 minutes in the cold shower, I switched it to warm and continued with my duties. Once my mistresses read this, I am sure I will receive punishment for that.

       The next item on my list was by far the worst. Every night until the end of our contract, you will edge ten times without orgasming. You will sleep naked, except for a double shoulder wedgie. You will tie your hands together and your feet to each corner of the bed. I could do the rest easily, and had done it before, but I was (and still am!) horrible at edging. It is near impossible for me to start and then stop without release. It didnt say anything anywhere in the entire contract about me being allowed to orgasm. I finally found a small clause in the introduction. You will not EVER be allowed to orgasm at home. The only time you can reach release is when you are with your mistresses and they give you permission. I sighed. I normally would orgasm at least once a day, and now I would be severely limited. I moved on to the last item on the list. When you have to pee, you must wait until you are shaking and barely holding it in. Then, go into the bathroom and strip completely. You must pee and poop on the toilet backwards, with nipple clamps on. Any mess you make you must lick up. At least once a day, you must hold it for as long as possible, and then lie on your back in the tub, butt and legs up in the air. Then you may pee all down your body. Keep your mouth open. Lay there for five minutes in your pee to remind of your submission. If you havent showered yet, do that now. If you have, air dry and then re-dress. You will not clean off the dried on piss until the next day after you do it again. I gasped. I hated all pee and poop play, and now I had to go pee on myself! I had already showered that day. I did what the contract said, but couldnt resist washing it off of me and keeping my mouth closed. (Again, I promised to write this truthfully, so I will be getting punished for every admitted disobedience.)

       That night, I tried to do what it said, but after three edges, I started to climax and couldnt stop. Since I failed the first part, I skipped the rest of the nighttime rules also. The next day, I got a text from Grace at 6am. I hope you are following ALL your rules. See you at school tomorrow. By the way, I want you to come to school without a bra or underwear… I will be checking. I sighed, rolled over, and tried to go back to sleep, but soon received another text from Grace. Do not go back to sleep. Wake up and go on with your routine. After you are finished, I want you to get dressed normally. However, pull your underwear as far up as possible in the front and back. Hook the leg holes through your bra straps. Wear this for the rest of the day, even when you have to use the restroom. Every time one of us texts you, you will respond promptly with a “Yes mistress.” I rolled over and replied in the required way. I got out of bed and gave myself an enema. I had to pee pretty badly at that point, so I did it in the tub as directed. I kept my mouth closed, and laid there for about thirty seconds. I quickly turned on the shower, and was able to complete my entire routine in the cold water. Since I had shaved all over yesterday, I just did a quick once-over to make sure it was all still clean. That was all I had to do, so I went into my bedroom to get dressed. I put on a loose pair of underwear and then put it into a bra connection wedgie. It didnt hurt too badly at first, but as I went about my chores, it started to really rub my pussy. Around ten I got a text from Grace. Go for a run to my house. Meet me in my driveway. I really had to pee, but I didnt want to do it through my underwear. Grace only lived about four blocks away, so I changed my clothes and set out.

       When I arrived in Graces driveway, she was impatiently tapping her foot. “I thought I told you to respond to every text message with a prompt yes mistress.” She glared at me as I stood there. “I am very sorry Grace. I didnt do it on purpose.” I looked at my feet and tried to look ashamed. “Lift your shirt.” I quickly raised my head in surprise and stared at Grace. No way was I going to lift my shirt right outside of her house. “Now.” I couldnt help but submit to the angry order. I lifted it up to my breasts, showing off my wedgie. Grace immediately seized my underwear. She pulled me by them to a somewhat secluded tree. She undid my wedgie, pulling my bra off. She then lifted me so I was hanging off a tree branch by the back of my underwear. She lifted my shirt and played with my breasts, and after about three minutes, my underwear finally tore and I hit the ground. “Now lift up your leg and pee like a good little doggie. Leave your pants on.” I did as she ordered, disgusted at the filth all over me. “Now roll around on the ground, make sure to rub your hair in the dirt and mud. I did as she asked and then she ordered me to lay on my back. She pulled her pants down and her underwear to the side. She ordered me to keep my mouth open, and then she proceeded to pee all over my face, hair and shirt. I gagged as the disgusting acrid liquid filled my mouth. I started to wipe it off and she quickly forbade me from doing so. “Now we are going to jog into town and then back to your house.” I looked at her but decided not to argue. We ran into town together and she made me walk down Main Street, ordering me to “accidentally” rub into people as I walked. I dont think anyone noticed my stench, but I know many people noticed my filth. Finally, we made it back to my house. “Remember, you are only allowed one shower a day. I will know if you wash up.” She quickly jogged away, her long legs sending her flying down the road. I stared at her open mouthed as I thought about what she meant. I had to keep this nastiness on me for the rest of the day?? I went inside and washed my hands and face, brushed my hair and put it in a ponytail, and changed my clothes and put on new undergarments. I still stunk of piss, so I sprayed perfume all over. I hoped it would be enough to stop my parents from noticing.

       I went about the rest of my day, continually catching sniffs of myself and grimacing. I continued spritzing myself all day. I made it almost incident free until at dinner when my mom sniffed and said “What is that smell. Did one of the animals pee?” Since she had provided a cover story, I just said yes and told her I cleaned it up already. After dinner, I really had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. I tried to pee through my underwear but I just couldnt do it. I took them off and went to the bathroom normally. Since I had gotten away with breaking so many rules already, I decided to just give up for the day. I took a shower and then got into bed. I didnt even try to do my bedtime rules. I was almost asleep when Grace texted me. Following all your rules? I smiled and laughed a bit. Yes mistress. How could she possibly know? Seconds later I got a text back. If you were, then your hands should have been tied. Texting would have been impossible. Do not deny. I know what a lazy bitch you are. You will pay for your carelessness. I rolled over and went to sleep, nervous about what I had done.

       The next day I woke up early and got ready for school. I gave myself an enema and then peed in the shower on myself. I actually managed to wait for five minutes, and then I took a cold shower. I shaved all over and then got out. I put my clothes on, layering shirts so no one would notice that I wasnt wearing a bra. I went back to grab my phone and saw a text from Grace. Wear the nipple clamps that have been provided to school. Every thirty minutes, whether or not you are in class, you must take them off for five minutes then re-attach them. Also, in the bag you were given there is a butterfly vibrator. Tape it on your clit tightly with the adhesive. Push in the butt plug given to you, the only lube you are allowed to use is your spit. I sighed, knowing there was no way of getting around these new rules. I did as she asked, nervous about bringing this part of my life to school. I knew from experience that as time went on, the butt plug would ache and the nipple clamps would be burning. I was unsure about the vibrator. There was no way to turn it on, so I wasnt sure what was up with that. I got to school thirty minutes later. I took the clamps off and sat in my car for five minutes. I tried to discreetly put them back on, but it wasnt easy. I wasnt sure how I would do that during school.

       I got out of my car and turned to get my backpack when I felt someone push me down so my nipples were slammed into the seat. I cried out and heard Alli laugh. She pulled up my shirt and tugged on the chain connecting the clamps, yanking viciously. I started crying as she ripped my poor nipples back and forth. They had hardly healed from their treatment the other night. When my mascara was thoroughly messy, she stopped and ripped my shirt back down. She stuck a hand down the back of my underwear and I felt her push the butt plug in and twist it in and out.  She pulled it out and looked at it, yanking my underwear and pants down to my knees. Fortunately I had parked in a secluded part of the parking lot and nobody had yet been by. She stuck the plug in my mouth, whispering “I hope you cleaned yourself out well bitch.” Fortunately, I had, which seemed to annoy her. She shoved the plug back in with no lubrication and then checked to make sure that I had the vibrator attached. She stepped away and I stood up. I went to fix the make-up all over my face and she slapped my hand away. She hands me a pair of high heel stilettos with straps and I put them on while she watches. The straps had a hidden locking mechanism and she locks them onto my feet. “Go you stupid bitch. If you fix your make-up today, there will be special punishment.” I went away, wiping a tear from my eye as I walked towards the school. I tripped three times trying to walk up the hill in those ridiculous shoes that she had locked me into.

       I made it through the day without too much trouble until 2nd hour, a class that I shared with Grace. It was physics class, and the teacher was doing an experiment about speed, so the whole class walked down to the track. On the way down I stopped in the bathroom to undo the nipple clamps and turn them. The week before that I had volunteered to run in a few of the experiments because I was one of the top runners for the school. When my teacher asked me to run I looked wildly at Grace. I was locked into these shoes; there was no way that I was going to be able to run. My teacher was so confused as to why I couldnt just change into my track shoes. I never fought with the teacher, but I had to act like a total bitch so he would just leave me alone about taking my heels off. I was standing watching the others, my cheeks bright red, when I heard Grace whisper in my ear. “How does it feel to know that every aspect of your life is controlled by me?” At that very moment, she reached into my shirt and yanked my nipple clamps off. I gasped loudly and got a few curious stares. I turned to glare at her, but at that moment, my vibrator turned on high. I tripped and fell to the side, my shirt getting almost completely torn off. I stood up rapidly and twisted my ankle in the heels. I jumped up and walked away as quickly as I could, ignoring the laughter of my classmates and most of all- Grace. By the end of the day, the only good thing I could say was that I didnt have to worry about the nipple clamps because Grace had never given them back to me. All day my vibrator had gone on and off, at different speeds. I had to excuse myself from class at one point, and right when I left, it turned off and I went back into class with my face red. I heard the whispers of my classmates, and all day I heard Alli and Grace spreading all kinds of rumors about how I spent my weekend. I understood what they were doing. They wanted me to look like a whore so the nice, high-quality guys would leave me alone. It was working.

       I left school early and was on my way home when I realized that I was still locked into my shoes. I pulled over and called Alli immediately, foolishly assuming that it was an accident that I was still in my shoes. She picked up the phone after a few rings. “What do you want bitch?” “Umm, Mistress, you forgot to unlock my shoes after school.” I hear laughter and whispering. She must be with Grace. “I didnt forget. They have electronic locks also. I can do it from a distance. You will text me when you have to shower and I will release you. Other than that you will wear them until you have perfected them. Figure out what to tell your family.” With that she hung up. I hit my head into the steering wheel and began to cry. Why had this happened to me? I sat there until my vibrator turned on for a minute and then buzzed into silence. It must be out of battery. I pulled the car back onto the road and finished driving home. I did my chores, taking care of my animals and doing the dishes. My feet were killing me. I sat down and started doing homework. No less than five minutes later, I got a text from Alli. “Do not sit down.” How she knew that I was no longer standing has always been a mystery to me. I stood up and continued cleaning. By the time my mom got home, I had cleaned the entire first floor. She was pleased but also confused, especially when she saw the heels. “Honey, why are wearing heels while you clean?” She looked at me worriedly, as if I were I sick. “Im practicing, for the next dance. I want to be able to walk in them for hours without problems.” She just stared at me. I wasnt generally a very girly person. But, she left me alone and didnt make another comment that night.

       That night I got a text from Alli. Since you are ignoring your nightly duties, just dont do them from now on. Things will be remedied this weekend. Tomorrow, I expect you to show up in an outfit fit for a cheap whore, makeup and all. If you dont satisfy me, you will regret it. I sighed, and went to bed. The next day I texted her that I was getting in the shower. She released my heels and I gratefully pulled them off, massaging my sore arches. I stepped into the shower and actually showered sitting down. I shaved my body and gave myself the enema as directed. I got dressed, putting on my one and only skirt and a strapless black tank top. I put the heels on and then texted Alli. I heard a click, and I knew the heels werent going anywhere. I applied my makeup as “whorishly” as I could, but I had a sinking feeling that Alli wasnt going to be impressed.  I pulled into the school, careful to arrive early so Alli wouldnt be able to corner me. I parked in the back corner and safely made it into the school. I walked into the bathroom and was patting off some of my bright red lip stick when Alli walked out of one of the stalls. “You think thats whorish? Luckily for you, I knew you would fail. Here is your new outfit.” She handed me a bag and I stepped into the stall. I took off my shirt and looked into the bag. “Give me your old clothes now.” I heard Allis voice drift over the stall. I quickly stripped and handed my skirt and shirt over the stall. “Bra and panties also!” I shuddered and took them off without arguing. I pulled one black object out of the bag. A size extra small lace thong with small pearl clasps on each side fell to the ground. I slipped into them and grimaced. What was the point, its not like they were covering anything. I finally found the bra and I gasped. It was lined with a thick scratchy material that would not only hurt me, but also make my breasts look a lot bigger than they were. I put it on and drew in a sharp breath as the bristles pulled on my hard nipples. I lifted the black object and saw it was a skin tight dress with lace sleeves and pearl clasps in the back. The dress and panties must have been a matching set. I walked out of the stall and tried to pull the dress down, it was barely covering my ass. My eyes were watering from shame.

       “Come here slut. Ah, thats much better. From now on, I will give you your outfit for the next day at the end of each school day. Now, lets see about your makeup…” She pulled me to the mirror and roughly pushed my chin up. She started applying thick eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. She sprayed me with strong rose perfume and then pushed me away. “Now go. If you pull your dress down, I will add it to your list of punishments. Which, by the way, is currently at twenty-seven.” I gaped at her. “Twenty-seven? Doesnt that seem like a lot? What could I possibly have done?” She glared at me as though contemplating my stupidity. “You have almost completely ignored every home rule that Grace, Zaida and I have carefully crafted for you. You deserve much more, we are being quite nice with you. For questioning my authority, and not calling me mistress, lets make it a nice round 30.” With that, she slapped me on the ass and walked away. At that moment, I kind of wanted to pull every single hair out of her head, one-by-one. I walked into my first hour, mortified at how I looked. My teacher gaped at me. “Anastasia? Is everything all right?” He was worried about me because I looked so different. “Yeah, Im fine, thanks.” My cheeks were red, and I was glad that I didnt have either of my mistresses in that class. I sat down and kept having to remind myself to keep my legs closed. I almost never wore skirts and I wasnt used to “sitting like a lady.”

       I made it into second hour and saw Grace. She grinned at me mischievously and then pressed something in her pocket. I stared at her and she looked down and pressed a button again. I gasped. I didnt wear the vibrator! They never told me I had to, so I had never given it a thought. Did they honestly expect me to change the batteries in my own torture device? As soon as she had the chance, Grace came up and talked to me quietly. “Why arent you wearing it?” She demanded under her breath. “Umm, I, uh, I didnt know I had to, no one told me I had to wear it today.” She looked at me intently. “You didnt wear you clamps either, or even your plug?” I shivered and looked down at my exposed legs. “No mistress, I didnt know I was supposed to.” She pressed even closer to me, we were almost eye to eye. “Lets just assume that every single order that one of us gives you never ends until we say so.”  “Yes mistress. Im very sorry.” I hoped that she wouldnt add this to my punishments, but I knew there wasnt much hope. “You obviously need more than just regular punishments. I will meet with your other mistresses and we will figure out what to do with you.” She went back to her seat and ignored me for the rest of the day. So did Alli. In fact, other than to give me my outfit for the day and ensure that I was wearing the necessary accessories, they both ignored me for the rest of the week. On Friday after school I got a text from Alli. You need to convince your parents to let you stay at a friends house all weekend to work on a school project. You will be at the back door of Mistress Zaidas place at 6 pm Friday. Be there, or I promise you will regret it for the rest of your life.

To be continued….

Chapter Three: My First Weekend

       I arrived at the back door of the building at 5:45 on Friday, after convincing my parents that I had to do a psychology project that required me to stay with Grace all weekend. I came up and knocked on the door, which promptly swung open. I walked in and was greeted by all three of my mistresses sitting at a long table with various folders and items around them. “Anastasia. Welcome. Please strip now.” Grace finished and smiled at me, but her smile did nothing to alleviate my fears. I slowly stripped and then walked towards the table. I pulled out the chair and saw there was a large metal dildo attached to it. I looked up and slowly lowered my dry pussy onto the dildo. I tried hovering above the seat but ended up having to sheathe the dildo entirely in my pussy so I could sit comfortably. Alli stood up and walked around my chair, fondling my breasts, slowly getting rougher, mauling them and kneading them like bread dough. She grabbed a file of papers and took off the binder clips. She smiled and then slowly let a binder clip close on the very end of each nipple. It was pure agony. Worse than many other clamps I had previously experienced. She tilted my head back and fitted a ring gag into my mouth, buckling and locking it tightly. She walked back to the other side and sat back down. The three of them watched me for a while, unnerving me even more. Finally, Zaida spoke.

       “Anastasia. It seems as though you do not understand the terms of our agreement.” At this point I shook my head vigorously as if to say that I did understand. “No, you do not. You signed this document, and understood that we have pictures of you, that, if released, would ruin your entire life.” She paused, let this sink in. “We control you. From now until you die. Yet you continue to disobey. This is expected of new slaves, because they are testing the waters, trying to determine how much they can get away with. However, you have stretched the bounds. You deliberately disobey us and ignore every rule we set for you. I am not unwilling to release these pictures. Is that what you want?” I again shook my head enthusiastically. She continued, “Then, if you wish to maintain your future, I would suggest that you begin obeying us with everything that you have. I think you will find that you may even come to enjoy it. A slut like yourself needs control in their life.” I hung my head and started to shudder. I did not want this with my life. I was a straight A student, headed for a great college and a good job. Yet, there was a small voice inside my head: “Dont you masturbate to stuff like this? Dream about being a total slut, controlled by the desires of those around you? Even at a great college and a good job, even in a wonderful marriage, you would be this hidden slut, never able to be who you truly are. That isnt what you want.” I looked up and they nodded as if we had come to an understanding. Alli got up and undid the gag, allowing me to talk. “Alright slut, we think it is time that you fully become our slave and accept the full terms of your contract.” We talked for hours, Alli getting up every so often to rotate the nipple clamps so I wouldnt lose blood flow.

       I am not going to explain it all here; many rules will be explained as they appear in my life. The first page details many of the things that have already happened, the daily chores, no cumming, getting my daily clothes from Alli, and wearing heels at all times. Zaida even said that I could wear normal heels as long as I wore them all the time. They wouldnt have to be locked on me anymore! The next fifty pages went into deep detail, describing every aspect of my life. Here is a small sample of my rules

       At School:

  1. You will always address teachers as sir or mam. You will address Grace and Alli as Mistress in public.
  2. You will be polite to every person you talk to, no matter what they are saying.
  3. If anyone, (especially Alli or Grace) needs help with something, you must immediately offer to help them.
  4. If ANY person propositions you to have sex, you must agree, only after telling one of your mistresses so they can witness and ensure that you do not cum.
  5. Every day you will wear a butt plug and butterfly vibrator. We do not wish to get in the way of your studies, but whores need constant reminders of what they are. You will also wear other items at request of the mistresses, to be provided along with your daily clothes selection.
  6. You will maintain your excellent grades or you will suffer the consequences.
  7. On any half days or days off you are expected to report to Grace and Alli to determine what they want you to do.
  8. You may only speak when spoken to; you may not initiate any conversation, especially with boys.
  9. All of these rules are conditional. We need you to remain in good standing with teachers and your parents, let us know if there needs to be an exception. We are understanding mistresses.

       Rules for Life:

  1. You are to report to your parents that you have been offered a part time job working at Zaidas restaurant. You will report here after school 3 days a week of Zaidas choosing, and every Saturday. You will not be working in the restaurant. Zaida however, is very rich and will be giving you paychecks to maintain this cover story. Do not believe that you will not be working for them though! You will “work” here full time during the summer.
  2. You must spend at least 5 hours a week exercising, 2 of which should be spent on your kegels. We need you to be a good, tight, fuck hole.
  3. If your parents require you to be home for a whole weekend, etc. We will work with that.
  4. If we text you any command, we expect it to be executed immediately with no complaints unless you have a very good reason not to complete a task.
  5. If you have to pee, you must first text Zaida for permission. If, after 10 minutes, she has not replied, text Alli. Again, after 10 minutes with no response, text Grace. If Grace doesnt respond within ten minutes, you must pee in a jar and save it.
  6. When talking to any of your mistresses in any way (phone, camera, text, person, e-mail) you will refer to yourself only in the third person. (ie. This slut, this filthy whore, your slave, etc.)


       It continued in much the same way, detailing many points of my life and how our agreement would be executed. A few parts I negotiated for, but many I just silently agreed to. It seemed a lot more reasonable now that they were not mad at me. We finished the exhaustive process and they stood up. Zaida pointed to a bag near the door and I glanced at it. “When you leave, you will take this with you. It contains a camera that you will set up in your room. You can hide it of course, but make sure that we can see everything that happens.” I shuddered and moved towards the bag. “Ahem. I dont think you are anywhere near leaving. Please follow me.” Alli walked up to me and removed the clamps, and blood flushed into them quite painfully. I gasped and followed the mistresses into the dungeon. I got a quick glance at the clock and saw that it is almost midnight. I was led to a small room that I hadnt noticed before and when they opened the door I saw a small cage. They smiled, and I knew I was expected to go inside. “I-Im very claustrophobic!” I squealed, backing away from the cage. Grace was behind me, and put a hand on my back. She guided me towards the room, more like a closet really, and pushed me down onto my hands and knees. Zaida opened the cage and I crawled in. There was just enough space to lay down- if I had my legs completely tight against my body in the fetal position. Grace reached into the cage and placed a heavy metal collar on my neck. It locked with no visible key hole. She clipped the collar to the cage, limiting my already minute range of motion. Alli closed the cage and placed a padlock on it, waving the key in front of my face and grinning. They walked towards the door and out of the very corner of my eye I saw them all look at me and sing a chorus of “Sweet Dreams!” They shut the closet door, and I was in complete darkness.

       I dont know how I ever fell asleep that night. My legs were in painful cramped positions, all I wanted was to stretch out and crack my back. Not to mention the fact that it was freezing cold in that tiny room. Somehow, I drifted into a waking sleep, not really restful, but still something. However, I was wide awake when the closet door burst open, bright sunlight streaming into the room. “Good morning Slut!” I tried to shift, give myself some modesty, but it was useless. Alli unclipped the collar from the cage and I slowly removed myself from the cage. “I bet you never want to do that again. We save that special treat for really naughty girls.” She laughed and skipped from the room. I walked out into the dungeon and saw Zaida standing there waiting. She pointed to a strange contraption, so I walked over and sat on the padded seat. From there, there were restraints that pulled my legs up and sideways so that they were frog-style. A metal panel closed in front of me around my metal collar so everything but my head was covered. “Open wide!” Zaida murmured, so I did. She pushed a very odd gag into my mouth, one shaped like a funnel. She strapped it in behind my head and under my chin. She leaned around it so I can see her. “Do you know what Im doing?” She asked excitedly, a hint of desperation in her voice. I shook my head, I was completely blank as to what was happening. She stepped on a stool and lowered her pussy onto the funnel. Suddenly I knew its use. I shook my head violently and she painfully pinched my nipples. “If you spill a drop, I promise you will sleep in that cage as often as humanly possible.” I tried to remain still, but I had no desire to taste this womans piss. I didnt have much of a choice however, and seconds later there was pee cascading from her pussy and right into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow all of it.

       I gagged, trying to get the acrid smell out of my mouth. I had tasted tiny bits of my own piss before, but I had avoided drinking more than a tiny sip. This piss had gone on forever, I felt full of it. Then a naked Grace trudged into the room. “Oh yay! We dont have to use the toilet anymore!” She hopped up and released a hot stream of pee right into the funnel. Zaidas may have lasted longer, but Graces was way ranker. It tasted absolutely horrifying. Alli walked in, looked at me, and laughed. “Your turn Alli!” Grace laughed. “Nah, Im on my period.” Alli replied. I was so relieved that they would not be relieving their menstruation on me as well. “Your loss!” Grace unhooked the gag and sat on my face, ordering me to lick all her nooks and crannies. At one point, my tongue was as far up her butt hole as it could go, she was riding my face. I could tell she was near orgasm, and I saw Zaida kneel down and start licking at Graces clit. I groaned. I had to do all the dirty work, and Zaida got the reward. I felt Grace begin to cum, and she suddenly turned so her full slit was on my face. I felt her warm juices dripping down onto my face, leaving sticky trails. “Do NOT wipe that off slut.”

       Alli came over and looked at me, shaking her head. “What a fucking slut. You deserve everything that happens to you for being so disgusting.” I began to cry, a combination of the disgusting pee and the words they were using. And it was only Saturday morning! Zaida un-hooked me from the thing and I fell onto the ground. She clipped a metal leash to my collar and led me out into the room where we had talked the night before. I tried to stand up, but she pushed me back down. “Sluts dont walk. Sluts can only crawl.” They went to the table and began to eat, a delicious smelling breakfast of bacon and pancakes. I kneeled at Mistress Zaidas feet and whimpered. “Oh, we forgot to feed the dog!” Alli suddenly exclaimed, giving me a pat on the head. She rummaged in the cupboard under the sink and pulled out a bag of mushy potatoes. “This should do!” She chopped the potatoes into small pieces and plopped them in a metal dog bowl, then poured what appeared to be old grease over them. She added a few handfuls of wilted lettuce, and then some very burnt bacon rinds. “Act like a pig, eat like a pig, at least thats what mother always said!” Grace giggled as Alli plopped the food down in front of me. I glared it with distaste. I refused to eat that disgusting slop. They continued to eat and finally noticed I wasnt eating. “Dig in little piggy! If there is any of that left, you will be eating this lovely shit I have building up in my tummy. You have five minutes.” Zaida slapped me on the ass and I bent over to pick up some of the food. “Oh slut, you honestly think you can use your hands. You know how piggies eat. Now do it. NOW.” Alli ordered. I sighed, and began to eat, scooping up huge mouthfuls of the bowl. I was already somewhat full from the piss, and this was pushing me over the limit. I could hardly finish it, but I did, and just in time. “Oh darn it. I really wanted you to eat my shit.” Zaida sighed and mumbled something that sounded like “later” under her breath.

       They finished eating and ordered me to clean up. They put all the dishes into the sink, and then locked my leash onto the sink. I could only get a few feet away from the dishes, not even close to getting any kind of real food. I cleaned the dishes, but found myself unable to resist licking the delicious syrup off of the plates. Its not like they would know what I had done. I finished washing and then stood there, waiting for them to come get me. They did immediately, and I started to wonder if a camera had been watching me. Turns out, one had. They knew that I had licked the plates, and they told me that now I was to be punished. They led me into the other room and led me to the same thing I had been on earlier. “Please no! Please dont make me eat your shit!” They grinned and fitting me with an o-ring gag, pulling it viciously tight. Zaida told me to stand very still, and she inserted a nozzle into my ass. Due to my familiarity with enemas, I was able to take it. I heard the sound of water rushing into me, and I began to feel it fill my already stuffed stomach. They kept putting more and more, much more than I had ever taken before. Finally they stopped and pushed a large butt plug in, then layering it with a heavy metal strap to keep it in. I was cramping terribly, and it became obvious that there was more than just water and soap in the enema. They pushed me into the box, and hooked my legs up as earlier, except it was a lot more painful now that I was so full. They closed the box and pulled my pony tail back and hooked it to something, forcing my head to face up. “Well girl, we have decided your punishment. We will come to deliver it to you in say… half an hour.

       It felt like days that I sat there, terrible pains going through me, worse than any pain I had felt before. There was nothing I could do to stop it, I couldnt even try to relieve the pain. Finally they came back and stood in front of me. “As you punishment, we have decided that you should get all the maple syrup you want… on one condition. Then Alli leaned over and Grace squeezed maple syrup into Allis asshole. Then Alli came over and sat on my face. There was some of her blood present, but fortunately not much. Then she began to push. First maple syrup came out, not bad at first, but then it was followed by her shit. It landed in my mouth and I was ordered to chew. I did so, gagging as the terrible thing went down my throat. She seemed to shit forever, and I was already more full than I had ever been in my life. I needed to expel this enema! After she finished, they ordered me to clean her out with my tongue, I did so, finding pieces of shit and maple syrup mixed together. I will never eat maple syrup again. “There slut. That should teach you that you do NOT deserve human food. You are a pig and you deserve to be treated like one, just look at how fat you are.” They released the box and my legs and I fell forward. “Please… let me expel this enema.” Grace led me on all fours to a tiny tiled room with a drain in the center. “Do it. Now.” I should have known better than to expect privacy. They unlocked the metal strap and I pulled the butt plug out. Suddenly, it felt like all of my intestines were coming out of my body at once. I just kept going and going, cramps still constant. Zaida, Grace, and Alli all laughed, calling me a slut for shitting in front of three people I hardly knew. How embarrassed I must be. And I was mortified. Finally I looked up at them to confirm I was finished. “This slut is done Mistresses. She is very sorry.” They all stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind them. Suddenly, jets came from nowhere and starting shooting freezing cold water at me. I yelled a word that sounded like please through the gag, and suddenly the water turned boiling hot. I yelled again, and it began to alternate every few seconds. I was so sensitive I could feel every drop of water. Shampoo poured out of the ceiling and a microphone ordered me to clean myself. I rubbed around and attempted to clean my hair but it was difficult with the force of the water. Finally it stopped and I crawled slowly from the room, not wanting to get yelled at for standing up. “Oh, look at how clean the pig is!” Grace exclaimed, patting my head.

       Zaida looked at her watch. “Ah! The lunch shift is about to begin, we better get you in uniform slut! I gape at her though the gag. There is no way she is going to put me into public like this! Before I know it, Alli is behind me with a solid metal chastity belt. It has a large dildo for my pussy and an almost equally as large dildo for my ass. With no warning or lubrication, Alli shoves both dildos up and into me. I scream in pain and try to adjust to the feeling of both holes being filled. She locks the chastity belt with a padlock and puts the key into her bra. “Ill hold onto this.” Next they dress me in a short skirt, one that hardly covers the belt. They take the gag off and I complain immediately. “This breaks contract! People could see the belt!” Zaida just smiles. “Shut up or you will be wearing the gag out there too. I didnt give you permission to speak. We are very slow during lunch hour, there will only be a few customers. As long as you dont bend over, no one will notice. They put a collar on me, one that could pass for a necklace, and then show me a low cut top. “Bra?” I ask, a bit impatient. I have never gone out in public without a bra, and I dont plan on doing it now. “Im glad you asked.” Alli brings rope over and tightly ties up each tit, bringing the rope up over my shoulder and tying it to the back so it pulls my breasts up. When they put the shirt back on, I appear to be wearing a bra, except my tits look much larger and my nipples poke through the shirt. “My nipples!” Grace laughs. “I think you meant our nipples. If you werent such a horny slut, your nipples wouldnt be so hard and it wouldnt be a problem.” I sighed and tried to force my nipples to go down by force of will. Finally, they dressed me in the high heels that lock on me so I couldnt remove them. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a slut looking back at me. My friends and I would mock people who dress like this, and now I was one of those people.

       Zaida led me out into the dining room, which, despite her assurances, was quite full. “I would like to introduce our new server, Ana! I smiled and waved my hand, the motion pulling the shirt against my exposed nipple and causing it to harden. I blushed red and looked down, hoping no one would notice. The other servers seemed to know why I was here, and were very rude to me, refusing to show me how to do things, or to help me fix mistake I had made. Perhaps they too were Zaidas slaves… it was an interesting thought. I learned quickly, having worked in a restaurant before. However, my feet were killing me. After more than a few hours of working non-stop, I wanted to sit down. So, when there was a break in costumers to serve I attempted to sit down in the break room. Suddenly, my dildos shocked me. I jumped back up, and glared at the security camera, knowing one of my mistresses was watching to make sure I was thoroughly tormented. I got up and walked back into the dining room. Now the shocks started coming more often. When I was in the middle of taking an order, or carrying drinks. Somehow I managed not to spill or break anything, which Im sure was their goal. At 4 the lunch service ended and I walked back to the back room and was told to strip. I did so, and stood there in only my heels, belt, and “bra.” I saw Grace lift a camera and take a few more pictures, in case the ones they already had werent enough. Then they place me back in a collar and o-ring gag, this gag was larger than before, really stretching my mouth. The pushed me to my knees and led me into the dungeon, where a man I had noticed at lunch was sitting. I stopped and tried to back out of the room. Grace slapped me in the ass and I reluctantly moved forward. He held out a hand and rubbed his fingers together like he was calling a dog. I remained still until he impatiently ordered me to come to him. I came and kneeled in front of him, and he violently pulled my face into his crotch.

       I tried to pull away but he kept rubbing my face up and down on his trousers until I saw them begin to tent. “Take it out and pleasure me slut.” I looked back at my mistresses who were sitting, watching, and taking pictures. I unzipped his trousers to reveal the biggest cock I had ever seen. Seriously, it was huge. I began to stroke it with my hand and he impatiently pushed it away. “Use your mouth you nasty whore.” I was so degraded by his comments, but I could feel my own wetness underneath the belt. I wanted to touch my clit, and badly. He undid the gag and pulled me down onto his cock. “If you let this leave your mouth, even once, you will be punished most severely.” I began bobbing up and down, but it wasnt enough to please him. He began pushing my face and further and further, until I pulled away and gasped, realizing too late that I had just incurred a punishment. He was really mad now, so he grabbed hold of my hair and used it as a handle to brutally face fuck me. I was drooling and gasping for air, hardly able to breathe when finally, I felt him tense and cum flooded into my mouth and splashed down onto my sore tied breasts.  “Swallow.” Grace ordered, and so I did, tasting a mans cum for the very first time. The man led me to the cross and tied me up facing the room, roughly pulling off the tit ropes, so blood came forcefully rushing in. He also removed his belt. I was fully exposed, and I saw him fold the belt into a whip. He began brutally whipping my stomach, and I thought that pain was bad, but then he moved to my tits, and then my thighs. Finally, he spent time on just my pussy, covering my entire body with welts. I was sobbing at this point, angry at my mistresses for letting this man abuse me in this way. I was done with the whole thing, but what was I to do? Have them expose me in front of the entire town? There were plenty of incriminating pictures for them to use.
       After he finished, he let Grace untie me, and she pushed me to the floor. She told me to open wide, and the man pushed his dick into my mouth again. This time, he immediately started pissing, right down my throat so I couldnt even swallow. He finished, and after having me lick his dick clean, he left. Grace pointed to what I now referred to as the toilet. She strapped me in and closed the panel, quickly putting the funnel gag back on me. “I have been waiting all afternoon to pee!” She jumped up and quickly began pissing, it was obvious she had been holding it for a while. Zaida followed her, but fortunately Alli abstained once again. They let me out of the toilet and I fell to the ground, cradling some of the welts that were bleeding. “Aw, poor piggy is sad. We better cheer her up.” I looked up hopefully, and Grace took off the gag. I coughed, my throat sore from the brutal face fucking.

Chapter Four: Changes

Grace led me out into the kitchen and sat me down on the chair with the large metal dildo, strapping my wrists down to the chair. “Piggy, in honor of your new position as our life-long slut, we think you need something permanent to remind you of who exactly owns you.” With those ominous words, she slipped a heavy blindfold over my eyes and covered my ears with headphones. I had no idea what she meant by something permanent. Soon, I smelled a sharp chemical smell and felt something in my hair. Were they dying my hair? I internally breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that dying my hair was all they meant.

       After an hour or so, it seemed as though they had finished with my hair. One of them undid my wrist cuffs and stood me up, leading me like a blind person. I was pushed forward and I fell onto what felt almost like a dentists chair. I was rolled over and I felt my legs being lifted into stirrups. I figured I was in some type of gynecologists chair. They strapped down my chest, legs, and wrists before moving away. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pinprick in my pussy. At first I thought they were giving me a tattoo, but I had a tattoo, and it felt differently than that. Suddenly I realized that I was undergoing electrolysis to remove all of the hair from my pussy, permanently. After what felt like hours, I felt a wet, cold wipe slide across my pussy. It seemed that they were finished. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt a needle against my nose. A quick pinch, and I could feel some new sensation in my nostril, they must have pierced my nose! I felt a lot of heat for a few quick seconds, and then I was left alone.

       After a few minutes, the headphones were pulled off and so was the blindfold. Alli is standing over my grinning. “Permanent hair removal is a beautiful thing, isnt it piggy?” She stared at me, and I suddenly realized I was expected to respond. “Yes mistress, it is truly wonderful.” She grinned evilly, and held up a mirror. “You know what else is truly wonderful pig? Permanent piercings.” I looked at my nose and saw that there was a delicate metal ring in my nose. I abruptly grasped that the nose ring had been welded into a continuous circle, that was what the heat must have been. In the same glance, I noticed they had dyed my hair bleach blonde, and it seemed they had added extensions to make it about 5 inches longer. “Extensions?” I looked at her questioningly. She pulled my hair out and tugged at it a bit, smiling. “Yeah, we want you to attract as many men as possible. Once your hair grows that long naturally we will take the extensions out. This should happen soon once you start the special hair care treatment that will help you to maintain your color and increase hair growth.” Alli looked down at me once more, quickly scanning my body. “In addition to the hair care, you are going to start wearing a padded bra every minute of every day. We will convince everyone that your breasts are growing naturally, up until about a double E. It will be slow and carefully planned out, no one will suspect anything. Once you are up to the size we want, you will get breast surgery to make a permanent EE. We dont want men to think you are anything but a filthy slut now do we.” She pulled at my nipple and stared at me. “No mistress, of course not. We dont want anyone to think your slut is anything but a stupid whore.” I cringed at the words, but internally relished this feeling. I had always dreamed of being a bimbo, and now I would get my chance.

       With those words, she left me alone in the room to contemplate the changes that were happening to me. My mom wouldnt care about the hair, or the nose ring, although my dad might be a bit peeved that I didnt ask him first. My biggest worry was the padded bras. Would they really make me undergo breast surgery? I mean, I think my mom would find it believable that my breasts were growing, hers were certainly huge. Yet, I was sure that by getting breast surgery, I would permanently be classified as a whore. Even after I left the service of my mistresses, I would still be known as a whore. Thinking back, I should have realized it didnt really matter, since I would never leave my mistresses. After about ten minutes, Zaida came in and released me, putting the heavy metal collar back on. She also pulled my arms behind me into an arm sleeve, and then put me into a hugely spaced spreader bar. I was still in the heels from earlier, so it was very difficult to walk. I was so tired, my eyes kept closing while she prepped me. Strangely, she stroked my hair and face before gently leading me forward from the room. I was in the dungeon again, and I could see Grace and Alli on the floor pleasuring each other with their mouths. “Girls, I think our slut might need a rest.” Zaida said, still stroking my hair. Grace barely looked at me and nodded. “Sure. We can all take a nice nap and then we can keep her up all night and day tomorrow punishing her and teaching her all the rules she must obey.” I should have known that none of my mistresses were that nice as to let me rest in a normal bed. Zaida led me into the room with the drain in the center and pushed me forward, I stumbled almost falling flat on my face, but fortunately caught myself. She turned off the lights and shut the door. I heard a distinct click of a lock, and I was alone in complete darkness.

       I was still in the spreader bar and arm sleeve, so laying down was a pretty serious problem. Finally, I settled for sliding down the tiled wall until I was sitting on the floor. I leaned against the cold tile closed my eyes and drifted into sleep. On a normal day, I never could have fallen asleep in such an awkward position, but I was so physically and mentally tired that I was soon asleep. After an indeterminate number of hours, the door was opened, and Grace came in. I feared her, for she was often the cruelest of the three. She grabbed my arm sleeve and yanked up, dragging me onto my feet, while I screamed from the pain in my shoulders. I honestly thought my shoulders would pop from their sockets. “Come on cow. We have something new to show you.” Grace pushed me forward until I saw a wooden platform with a cushion on top. The front had two metal bars sticking up, and something I couldnt see between the bars. “Hop up.” I stared at Zaida until she realized there was really no way I could get on the bench. She leaned down and undid the spreader bar, as well as the arm sleeve. I climbed on the bench on my hands and knees, and she motioned me to crawl forward. She lifted my breasts over a metal bar, and then brought a second metal bar to the other side of my tits. She hooked it into a contraption, and started turning a wheel. Suddenly I realized that the bars were getting closer together, and that if she kept turning, the bases of my tits would be squished between the unforgiving metal bars. Alli saw the fear in my eyes, and she and Grace quickly moved forwards, securing my hands where they were, and then moving to secure my ankles. Next, they each took a breast and pulled it downwards as hard as they could. Slowly, ever so slowly, the metal bars moved closer and closer together, and finally I felt the cold metal on my breasts. I started to cry, fearing the coming pain.

       “Hush.” Grace yanked on my left tit, only causing me to cry louder. The metal continued to tighten, I could feel a bit of pressure on my tits. Suddenly, it started to hurt, squishing my tit meat; forcing it forward into Grace and Allis hands, making it turn purple and bulge. I was crying in earnest now, and Zaida was still turning the crank. Finally, the metal would tighten no more. The metal was mere millimeters away from touching, my tender tit meat the only thing stopping it. My tits were incredibly sensitive, and my nipples were rock solid. Grace got up and grabbed a toilet brush. One side had hard white bristles, and the other side had sharp silver bristles for really deep cleaning. She started scrubbing my tits mercilessly, starting with the white bristles, but moving to the silver. My breasts started to bleed from a hundred tiny scratches, and I was truly sobbing.

       Grace lifted a small glass cylinder to my face with a clear tube leading away. “Do you know what this is?” I shook my head frantically, although I had a terrible idea of what it might be. She lifted it to my nipple and licked the inside of the tube. She lined it up with my nipple and twisted something I couldnt see. The tube locked on, completely air-tight. It didnt really hurt as there was no suction power. She did the same to my other nipple, and I tried not to show any relief at the minimal amount of pain. Then she flipped a switch on the machine that the tubes connected to. Suddenly it felt like my nipples were trying to be sucked off of my body. I screamed and Grace laughed. “These will be a new addition to your daily rituals. We want your nipples to be tender and engorged all the time.” She took out a huge bag full of large green pills. “These are a new addition to your schedule as well. You must take on each day.” “What do they do maam?” Grace smiled and tweaked my nose, “Wouldnt you like to know.” I shuddered, and she moved behind me to my exposed crotch. She stuck a finger in my slit and I knew that she could feel my wetness. “You are seriously the biggest slut I have ever met. No normal person would enjoy being hooked up and milked like a cow. Thats all you are. A fucking animal. And thats all you will ever be.” Suddenly she shoved the toilet brush into my pussy and I was in a world beyond pain. I fainted to escape my terrible reality.  I awoke seconds later to Grace pulling the brush from my pussy. She lined it up at my asshole and I began screaming in earnest. “Please! No, you will ruin my asshole. Please, you already ruined my tits and pussy. Please Grace, no!” Zaida took advantage of my screaming mouth and shoved a ball gag in to my mouth. I saw Alli taking pictures of all of my torture. “Grace, not in her ass.” I felt her move away and shortly went back to my pussy. She found my clit and began rubbing it, and suddenly the pain became something more, something pleasurable. Then she locked one of those suction things against my clit and Alli connected it to the machine. What had been pleasure turned once more to pain as I felt my clit sucked into the glass tube. Now I had no clitoral stimulation at all. They left the room.

       I was thirsty and hungry, I had no idea what time it was, and they had left me hooked up, my breasts turning blue from lack of blood flow. They obviously didnt care about nerve damage if they planned to keep my hooked up much longer. To my relief, Alli walked in and slowly turned the crank to the metal bars. My breasts were released, but they felt oddly saggy and limp. She turned the machine off and pulled the cylinders off my nipples. She slapped my tits around, and I could feel blood rushing back into the places it had been denied entry. She took the cylinder off my clit and licked it once, nearly sending me all the way over the edge of orgasm. Zaida entered the room with spray in her hands and began spritzing my breasts with it. It burned immediately and I knew it was alcohol. She dried my tits with a soft towel and then slowly rubbed lotion on them before wrapping them tightly to my body with bandages. I looked pathetic, hair hanging down in my face, tears staining my cheeks. I was crushed, and I had nothing left in me. She handed me clothes to wear and my bag before leading me to my car. She gave me a list of the rules I was now expected to follow at all times and pushed me out of the door. “Remember slut. No cumming when you arent here.” I nodded, I was not in a state to do anything else. I wasnt even in a state to drive. She handed me another bag of things that I would need and told me that my first day of work would be Wednesday. I nodded once more and climbed into the car. I turned it on but then sat there, conscious of the stares of Zaida through the window. I slowly put the car into reverse and drove home.

       I went home and found the house empty. I almost cried in relief. I wasnt sure I could handle the questions from my parents. I wrote a note telling my mom I came home early because I didnt feel well and to please let me rest. I went into my bedroom and set up the hidden camera so it could see everything in my room. I turned it on and soon got a text from Grace. “Good slut. You may do whatever you wish this afternoon.” I immediately stripped and laid down in bed. I was asleep within minutes. I awoke to a gentle knock on the door. “Ana, do you want some dinner?” I was ravenous, so I told her I would come down in a minute. I stood up and rubbed my sore breasts before slipping on a hoodie and shorts. As I opened my room door, I got another text from Grace. “Dont forget the padded bra!” I sighed and put it on before pulling the hoodie back over my head. My breasts didnt seem much bigger, but I guess that was the point. I went downstairs and my mom nearly dropped the plate she was drying. “Oh my God Ana! What have you done to your hair?” I explained that we were at the mall and I didnt have my phone with me, so I just went ahead and got it dyed, along with the nose ring. Eventually she told me she liked it, but next time to please let her know. I agreed, and we ate dinner in peace. Once back in my room, Grace texted me again. “If you have any homework, do it now. Otherwise you should go to bed.” I nodded wearily at the camera and grabbed my backpack. I did a little bit of physics and some Spanish before I fell asleep at the desk. I moved into bed after a bit and wearily set my alarm for the next morning.

       I woke up refreshed, and my breasts seemed to have recovered a bit overnight. I had a text from Alli telling me to wear a dress from the large bag of clothes I had been sent home with. I was told not to wear panties, but that I would of course wear the padded bra. I sighed and put on the longest dress I could find. It still barely hit mid-thigh. I pulled it on and rummaged through another bag to find some matching heels. I still felt naked, but there was nothing I can do. I got another text from Alli, this time with a picture attached. It had some blonde bimbo with heavy eye makeup on. “Copy her makeup exactly.” I sighed and began applying makeup, trying to make it a little less whore-like. Even so, I looked like a cheap prostitute with the hair and the dress and heels and everything was just so overwhelming. I grabbed the butt plug and rubbed some of the provided lube on it before slowly working it into my tight asshole. Alli texted me to say I didnt need to put anything else on. I grabbed a jacket from my closet and hurried outside, already running late for school. I was going just a few miles over the speed limit when I saw flashing lights behind me. I sighed, pulling over to the side of the dirt road I was on. The police officer walked up to my door and gestured for me to get out of the vehicle. “Are you Anastasia?” I looked up, how could he have known that without my license or registration?

       “Now slut, you were going 25 miles over the speed limit.” I stared at him open-mouthed. “I was only going a few over!” “No, if you dont give me what I want, your ticket will say that you were going 25 miles over the speed limit.” I tipped my head down, realizing that my mistresses must have been behind this. I nodded and looked at him. He was grossly overweight, a man who probably struggled to get in and out of his cop car. He gestured for me to get down on my knees and I obeyed, watching him struggle to unzip his pants. His cock was small, and even rock hard barely stuck out further than his hairy belly. He leaned against the cop car and motioned to me like one would call a dog. “Crawl to me slut.” I did, feeling dirt and rocks under my knees. One I got close enough, he grabbed my hair and pulled me to his cock. I started licking it, disgusted by the huge amount of fat hanging in my face. He lifted his belly up and used his grip on my hair to force his entire dick in my mouth. He let go of his fat but held my head so it was just resting on top of my face. I had tears streaming from my eyes and drool running from my nose as I tried to avoid inhaling his scent. He continued to hold me there, and then he used my hair like handlebars to shove my face back and forth on his dick. He grabbed my dress and yanked it down below my tits and ripped my bra off.  He roughly forced my tits together and shoved his dick in between, my tear and drool providing lube. He jerked back and forth before shooting his load up and all over my face and hair, allowing it to drip down onto my tits and dress.

       I looked up and saw that there was a second police officer that I hadnt previously noticed. He had filmed the entire thing. He was slightly better looking and as he approached he ordered me to stand up and lean against my car. “Time for a full cavity search whore.” He reached down and found my butt plug, gleefully sliding it out of me. He shoved it into my mouth and I was once again thankful for my daily enemas. He lifted my dress up and shoved his dick into my ass with no lube. I screamed through the butt plug, but he just kept going, and I felt like he was tearing my ass to shreds. All of a sudden he came inside my ass, pumping four shots into me before pulling out. He grabbed the butt plug from my mouth and shoved it into my ass, holding his cum inside me. He pulled my hair until I fell to the ground and then forced my head around to face his cock. “Clean it off.” I pulled his soft dick into my mouth and cleaned it off before he pulled it away and tucked it back in his trousers. “Well see you soon Ana.” The fat cop turned the video recorder off and they got back in their cop car, leaving me to sit there on the ground, wishing I could disappear. I prayed that no one had seen my little exhibition.

       I pulled my dress back around my tits after putting my bra back on. It had fairly obvious cum stains on the front, as well as dirt. I wanted to empty my ass of the police officers cum, but I was too terrified to do so. I could feel it sloshing around as I got back into my car. I walked to school, almost a full hour late. It was obvious to anyone that looked at me that I had been involved in giving oral sex. My makeup was smeared, my hair completely messed up, and there was dirt all over my knees, not to mention the cum on my dress. I saw Alli in the hallway and begged her to let me fix myself a little. She was shocked at my condition and led me into the girls bathroom. She slowly cleaned me up, leaving me in the same outfit, but my makeup hair and ass had all been cleaned up and out. I looked much more presentable now. She tutted as I told her the story of what the men had done to me. “I think Grace was behind all this, not me or Zaida.” She said she would talk to Grace about it later and not to worry about being exposed. She sent me to class with a forged note from my doctor saying I had been at an appointment. The rest of the day went on without incident, as did the next few days. Every day, I did my daily rituals, now with the new addition of using the suction cups on my nipples every night. On Wednesday, it was time for my first real “shift” at Zaidas restaurant. I arrived right on time, not sure what would be expected of me. However, I informed my mistresses that my parents would be visiting tonight to check out my new workplace. Zaida smiled, and I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. Surely they would not expose me to my parents?

       I was immediately led into the dungeon, where I stripped completely and was told to put on every item of clothing in a nearby pile. There was the same collar I had worn in public before, a tight leather corset, and a bra with what appeared to me hundreds of tiny sharp spikes sticking towards my breasts. I put it on, thinking the spikes didnt really hurt that much. Then Grace came into the room and picked up the corset. It had a leather bodice, but had two metal cups for my breasts. She put it on, and suddenly I understood the true pain was yet to come.  The metal cups pushed against what Grace called the tack bra. Once she laced the corset, the spikes were forcefully digging into my breasts, and each movement caused them to scratch me. I put the collar on, and then Grace gave me a black V-neck and a short black skirt. She also gave me a pair of silvery locking high heels. I put on the other clothes, fixing myself up to go out and serve people. Grace glared at me. “After tonight, you will tell your parents that you are being switched to kitchen. That way they wont expect to see you out on the floor anymore.” I nodded, sad that I had lost my reprieve from my mistresss torture. I walked into the dining room and started working, waiting anxiously for my parents to arrive. About halfway through the dinner shift, they appeared, and I waited on them. It went off without a hitch, although my dad was confused why I was the only girl wearing a skirt instead of pants. Finally they left, although it was nearly 7 by that point. My mistresses were disappointed, as they had lost over half their play time.

       I left the dining room and went back into the dungeon where my mistresses were awaiting me. Alli stepped up and started taking my clothes off, moving to the metal cups on my breasts. She pulled them off and then yanked off the bra, the tacks leaving large red marks in my tits, but surprisingly no real cuts. The blood went rushing back into each red mark, and my hands moved up involuntarily to massage my poor tits. Now I was wearing just the silver heels. Grace led me to the toilet were so much torture had happened this weekend. I wearily sat in it and allowed them to strap me in. Zaida was the first to step up and release a long hot stream of piss into my mouth. Then Grace, quickly followed by Alli, who was fortunately no longer on her period. I swallowed it all, by now fairly adjusted to the taste of piss in my mouth. They stood me up and looked at me, before whispering amongst themselves. “Go home Anastasia. We think you need a break. Obviously maintain your daily orders, but we arent going to have you in for a while.” I stared at her blankly, unsure what their angle was. She tossed my clothes on my lap, and I stood up and got dressed. I got in my car and drove home, still dazed by their order. They were giving me a break? I got home and started doing homework, allowing myself to relax and think about something other than my slavery.

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