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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Part 1

Welcome to the Neighborhood

       Pop!  Ooooh, I need to watch out for that splattering grease, Karen thought as she closed the lid over the burgers and surveyed the surrounding neighborhood. Luckily, the houses behind her were pretty far away and thanks to the privacy fence they had erected around the deck, she was shielded from the homes on either side.

       It just felt so naughty and exciting to be running around outside mostly naked. Maybe she should see if there was a nudist colony nearby? The apron covered her for the most part, but her nipples reacted to the rough fabric rubbing against them and they stood out proud. She couldn't wait for her husband to arrive home and see if he appreciated her daring.

       Even though it was overcast, she had a delicate sheen of sweat on her skin and it felt so nice when a light breeze popped up. Still, she couldn't help but feel there was something wrong with doing this. She had lost her job like so many others during the recession, but luckily her husband still had a good steady income, and she enjoyed staying home with the kids. It kept her busy and fulfilled, but still something was missing.

       She had tried other hobbies, but kept coming back to her hedonistic desires. Anytime spent on the computer whether it was shopping, reading the news or checking the kid's school calendar ended up with her browsing adult websites and staring at porn. Which always ended up with her breaking out her toy collection and wasting time playing with herself. So she was always behind in her housework. But since the kids were doing a sleep over at her parent's for the night, she thought she'd take advantage of it and show her hubby a few new tricks.

       Is that his car pulling in?

       Since the burgers were on the cool side of the grill, she could leave them for a minute so she ran through the kitchen to the doorway. Sure enough, there he was. So being in a brazen hussy frame of mind, she stepped into the garage before the door came down.

       “Hi lover, welcome home,” she said with a little wave.

       The grin that spread across his face after his initial look of surprise was nice and made her feel a bit better.

       “Well, this is a rather interesting way to greet a man after a hard day at work!”

       “I though you deserved a treat after working so hard all week and with the kids gone for the night, why not make the most of it? Come on in, I have a nice cold beer waiting for you.”  As she turned around, she paused for a moment in the doorway, so he could take good look at her naked, luscious ass.

       Karen grabbed a beer out of the fridge and popped the top as he entered the house.

       “Now, you just take that tie off and get comfy while I get the food ready.”

       “Uuhh, we eating inside?”

       “Oh, I think it's safe for us to eat over in the corner of the deck. Why? You dont like the way I'm dressed?”

       “Oh, no, you look great as always.”

       “Good, then save room for dessert.”

       Dinner went by quickly as they sat and ate. Karen watched as his eyes constantly traveled from his plate to her abundant breasts popping out from the apron top. She certainly enjoyed teasing him and watching his self control fly out the window.

       “More beer, honey?”

       Time to let the games begin, she thought as she went inside and grabbed another beer. But instead of heading right back out, she went over and grabbed the bottle of olive oil and coated the cold bottle. Placing it top down on the seat of a bar stool, she positioned herself over it and slowly forced the fat end into her slimy, wet cunt. She could feel a warmth engulf her pussy despite the cold she was feeling. Both the fullness and the danger of the glass bottle increased her excitement measurably as she waddled back out to the deck.

       God, she felt stuffed.  “Your beer, sir.” She bent over and grabbed her ankles so he could see what was sticking out of her and heard his laughter, then felt his hand on the neck of the bottle as he grabbed it and slowly pulled it out, then thrust it back in again. Her nipples simply tingled from it.

       “Mmmmm, bet that makes it taste better. But you know, I think it's stretched my hole too big. You may just have to fuck my tight ass instead.”

       Standing back up straight after he pulled it out one last time, she took the olive oil out of her apron pocket and sat down facing him, then coated her hand so she could show him what she meant.

       Karen had been working up to this for weeks. Looking at all those nasty pictures and video clips had inspired her to see just how much she could take and slowly she had worked up to taking her whole hand inside of herself. So as Brad sipped his beer and looked around nervously, she started inserting her fingers in her wet pussy and in a few short minutes, she watched as he started rubbing the large bulge in his pants when her hand disappeared into her expanding pussy.

       She licked her lips looking forward to sucking him as she continued to pull her fist in and out and enjoyed the delicious wave of pleasure wash over her.

       When she couldn't take it anymore, she ordered him to take his penis out of his pants. It was getting dark out now and she had deliberately left the lights off, so she wasn't too worried about the neighbors as she crawled over and placed her mouth over his cock and started working on it.

       In minutes, he was moaning out loud and in her control as Karen licked his balls and sucked the head of his dick just the way he loved it. The taste of his pre-cum was so sweet and nice. Eventually, her excitement built so she stood up and quickly lowered herself onto him all the way, balls deep and felt the tip of his dick banging into her cervix. God, it felt good, but she felt incredibly wet and loose after fisting herself. Still, his cock felt so wonderful as she kept fucking his dick with her cunt, twisting and moving her hips to create that feeling of tightness that she enjoyed so much. But it just didn't quite fulfill her need so she didn't fuck him for long before raising up and slowly working his tool into her tight butt hole. She kept visualizing a picture she had seen that morning of a skinny girl taking a huge cock as thick as her wrist into her ass. Something for her to work towards!

       But for the moment this felt great, her ass loosened up and he used his hands to help raise her up and down on his dick. She could tell he wouldn't last long and neither would she as she felt an orgasm build from her toes up. So she continued to stroke his dick with her anus and in a few minutes, she came as she felt his cum squirt deep into her rectum.

       Aaaah, anal orgasms felt so different, Karen thought, but they always left her feeling embarrassed that she could come that way. Still, it felt so good and satisfying. Now I'm ready for a good night's sleep.


       The next day was beautiful with warm, sunny skies so Karen spent her time outdoors wearing her skimpy shorts and a tight tank top sans bra. She was out in the front yard working on some new flowers by the mailbox when she noticed a very attractive older lady walking her beautiful German shepherd. She had noticed them around before, but had never really spoken much to her.

       “Hi, there, your yard looks great.”

       “Thank you, what a beautiful dog.”

       “His name is Caesar and mine is Linda. I live right behind you in the blue house. I keep meaning to come over and say hello since I see that you're a stay at home mom. Now Caesar, behave.”

       Karen was surprised when the dog roughly pushed his nose into her crotch and took a big sniff. She was both embarrassed and excited from his cold nose touching her clit. “Oh, that's OK, all dogs do that, I guess.”

       “Well, true enough, but still no one likes having their crotch poked right out in public. Well, most women anyway.”

       Say what? Plus the woman kept staring at her breasts like a teenager.

       “Listen, I made a pitcher of sangria before I left and it's cooling off. Why don't you take a break and come over and we'll get to know each other better.”

       “Sure, that sounds lovely, the kids won't be home until later so I have some extra time.”

       “Good, just walk on over through the back yard in a bit. Bye!”

       After Karen had washed up, she strolled on over and knocked on Linda's patio door. She was admiring the backyard when the door opened and Caesar stuck his head out. Being more prepared this time, Karen pushed him away as she stepped in.

       The first item she noticed was a large telescope sitting over in the corner near the patio door. Uh oh, maybe I should have been more careful last night? But she put that out of her mind as she sat down and they begin working on the rather large pitcher of sangria and chatting about family, kids and the neighborhood.

       As they talked, Karen begin to realize that her neighbor was dressed rather provocatively. She could catch a glimpse of nipple through her sheer blouse and a flash of pussy a la Sharon Stone when she crossed her legs. She had to admit she was still an attractive lady for her age.

       “What, I missed that?”

       “I said, you should have been around in the old days when the neighborhood was new. We had some fun times back then.”

       “Uh, what do you mean?”

       “Well, it was the swinging 70's and the houses were spread out more. So lots of nude sunbathing, key parties, you know, sex.”

       “Key parties?”

       “Yeah, everyone put their house keys in a bowl, then the women pulled out a key. Whatever man belonged to that house key got to enjoy the woman for the evening.”

       “Oh, my God, you didn't?”

       “Oh, honey, I got fucked by almost every man on this street at one time or another.”

          Karen couldn't help, but chuckle and smile at the thought of this demure silver haired lady being the center of attention for several horny men....or women.

       “I see you've noticed my telescope.”

       “Yes, do you like astronomy?

       “Oh, yes, I do, but it's useful for other things too.” And gave Karen a huge grin.

With that, Karen knew the jig was up and they had been spied on last night. A warmth spread across her face as she realized what her new friend must have witnessed.

       “It's OK, honey, I'm not going to spread it around the neighborhood. Too many Tea Party types for my tastes around here. I just wanted to let you know that you have a kindred spirit and I did so enjoy watching and masturbating while the two of you had fun. Very impressive self fisting too. How about I return the favor, exhibitionism can add so much more to the experience?”

       Karen laughed as tingle spread through her loins, “Maybe. What did you have in mind?”

       “Well, I know it's way out there, but I assumed the younger generation is a bit more broadminded. I just thought that since you provided me with some entertainment last night, I'd do the same. I masturbate almost daily so I'll give you a show in return, if you like.”

       Karen knew her face must be turning beet red, but that didn't stop her from nodding yes.

       ”Sure, I think I'm turning into a porn addict anyway so this will be better.”

       Linda only smiled and turned her hips and raised her leg so Karen could see that she had a butt plug inserted into her ass.”Good, I've had this thing in before I took my walk and it's driving me crazy. I was afraid it would pop out onto the street before I'd get home. Not to mention I'm practically gushing.”

       She reached behind herself and grabbed the flared end of the plug and started pulling on it. It slowly came out and Karen's mouth dropped open as she realized how big it must be. At least three inches at its widest part, much more than she could handle.

       “Oooooooh, that felt good.”

        Linda placed the tip at her anus and pushed until it slid in again. Easily! Karen's crotch started tinging as she wondered what that must feel like as she watched Linda continue to fuck her ass with the huge toy, in and out.

       The last time she pulled it out, she reached back and pulled her butt cheeks apart so Karen could see her ass hole gape wide open, Karen could see the deep red of her rectum.

       ”Oh, wow, that looks incredibly hot! I haven't been able to take anything that big yet.”

       “You can do it too, just be patient, and go slow,” Linda said, as he grabbed a bottle of lube from the table and greased her hand up then squirted more into her waiting rectum. Then forming her hand into the usual duck bill shape, she started pushing her fingers into her butt slow yet steady, and in just a minute her whole fist disappeared.

       Karen felt her face flush and her whole body tingle especially her lady parts as she watched and listened as Linda fucked herself. She loved anal sex too, but never seemed to quite feel full enough. She was always telling Brad to slip a finger in with his dick to get her over the edge, but was afraid to try anything much bigger.

       What does one do at such a moment, Karen thought. Do you ask if they need any help? Just reach over and start grabbing something? She really just wanted to pull her pants down and start playing with herself too.

       “Honey, would you mind just pulling your big breasts out and play with them? I couldn't get a real good look at them last night.”

       So Karen did just that pulling her top and bra up and then pinching and twisting her engorged nipples.

       “Oh, yes, that's it, they look so nice and suckable, I just want to lick and bite them all over.”

       Karen had the urge to get up and let her do just that which would have been the first lesbian experience for her. But Linda was going to town on her gaping hole pushing her fist in and out furiously and she knew she was getting close to cumming.

       “Aaaaaaah, yes, oooooh, That's it”

       Karen simply sat still and watched Linda's body spasm and convulse from what was obviously an intense anal orgasm. Geez, that was hot and her ass was still gaping wide open.

       “Gosh, Linda, how long will your butt stay like that?”

       “Not for long, it's amazing how tight it gets again, I know I was afraid that I'd break it or something, but the human body is quite adaptable.”

       “Lord, I'd be afraid it might stay that way forever.”

       You're going to be quite surprised at the things you going to be doing soon, thought Linda. Especially if you don't want pictures of you and your husband to end up being passed around the kids' school. I've got such naughty plans for you to satisfy my free time and your empty days at home.

       The two of them smiled at each other as they realized a special connection had been made and their thoughts of where this new friendship might lead filled their heads with naughty visions.

Review This Story || Author: MastrKink
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