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Working at the Human-Milk Factory

Part 2

19 October 2023:

   Most of the cows have gotten used to the darkness that constantly surrounds them. The first few days weren't easy. Especially for some of the more claustrophobic ones, it was actually a living hell. They'd scream into their gags and shake uncontrollably, then burst into silent cries. The scientists mentioned that this was a necessery evil and that eventually, they would calm down. They were also right about their fake cow heads, as they made them seem much less relatable now. That and the fact that they were now each trapped in their own mind, unable to gain strength from the others, broke them much faster.

Mine was dealing with the changes well enough. She rarely ever caused any fuss around the factory and just succumbed to soft moans every few minutes. I could tell that she had started to give in, to slowly accept her position in the world and her fate. I sometimes would entertain myself by thinking of what kind of person she was before she became a slave. What would her interests be. Her personality. Her aspirations. I still have the memory of her face in my mind. Her black hair running down her shoulders, her juicy lips hugging around the gag in her mouth, her pretty green eyes. I still wanted so bad to touch her, but i didn't have the chance so far.

21 October:

   Today the cows were branded with their individual code name. It probably should have happened sooner, but the production team was busy with other matters of the factory, so it was pushed back a bit. I escorted the farmer that had been called for this job, so i was really close to what was happening. He told me that he farmed livestock for decades and had branded hundreds of them, so it didn't really faze him anymore. The station's manager gave him a list with the code for each cow and then left us alone. i chatted with him as he marked one beast after the other on their left butt cheek. He showed me how you were supposed to press the iron down so that the mark was clear and the cow was unable to jerk away.

It was hard for them, especially when they had heard the sizzling sound coming from the one next to them and figured it was now their turn. The mark was big, too, covering about a third of their cheek."Do it quickly, don't hurt the animal more than you have to." said the old man to me, like a father, passing wise words to his son.

Then we reached my girl. She had just heard the screams of the cow next to her and as she heard our voices just behind her, she started to tremble with fear. If she wasn't supported by the stocks and the bar, she'd probably fall to the ground. "Is it ok if i do this one?" i asked the man politely. "I don't think it'll be a problem" he said reassuringly. He set the electric iron to the correct code, then placed it in my hands. "One swift motion, then remove after one second." "Got it!" i said, a little nervous.

I approached her. Her feet were still shaking in anticipation. I knew it was cruel of me to prolonge her ordeal, but i didn't care at the moment. I placed my left hand on her lower back, keeping her as secure as possible. I could faintly hear the muffled cries coming from inside her fake plastic head. I caressed her in the small of her back, as if it would serve as any sign of comfort. Finally, i drove the iron straight on her flesh. The pain must have been so great, that the moment the iron first touched her skin, she didn't produce any sound. The next, came the loudest scream she could utter, muffled by the ballgag. I removed it as the old farmer said, and watched the smoke still rising from where the iron had just been removed. 

25 October:

   A cow who was still very noisy was actually taken to the lab by two guards. She appeared to be one of the younger ones there, just 19 years old. I remembered her cause she was short and had a scar just next to her belly button. A lot of the guys said she was faking it to maybe get some kind of special attention, but i think she was just really fragile. The experts had noticed how much she had decreased in her daily quota of milk, and deemed necessery to separate her from the other cattle, as she would upset them and therefore distract them. The two guys who detached her from the machine and led her to the labs told us later, that the scientists intent to use her as a guinea pig for new experimental drugs and milking methods. She'll be able to see but i doubt she'll have a better time than the cattle here.

12 November:

   Today we had our first scheduled visit. The factory's doors were open to the public and so i was very busy today, trying to keep things under control. It was fine, though. The management had even organised tour guides that started the trip to the factory from the milk's preparattion stations and bottling facilities and finally arrived at the milking stations so that the crowd could take a look at the cows. A lot of people were impressed by the technical advances of the milking procedure, staring as milk was being pumped out of each cow's large breasts, which by now was what would be considered a size G.

A family with a little girl stepped forward, and asked the guide if the girl could pet one of the cows. They were standing next to one of the older ones, as i could tell from her physique. The woman paused for a second and said "she can pet it on the head" . I watched the dad hold his daughter in his arms, both had hair as blond as the sun. He moved closely to one of the cows so she could reach with her little arm. The cow seemed alert by the presence of people next to her. If she wasn't wearing a mask they would also see how humiliated she must have been, i thought. Presented like this, exposed and treated like a beast, it had to feel awful. The girl reached her hand and stroked the cow at the top of it's plastic head. The mother looked at her daughter, happy, encouraging her, "there, pet its head, see? it can't hurt you, dear".

She was right. The cow just stood there, bound by metal, and endured the humiliating display. As i watched them i failed to spot the two highschoolers who were sneakingly grabbing another cow's ass a few feet away. She was helpless to do anything while they played with her. I yelled at them and they left her, giggling like idiots.

3 December:

   Things have taken their course here. I guess that's what the routine will be like. Things have settled down and the factory runs more productive than ever. Each cow produces about a gallon of milk per hour. All the cows have stopped struggling and whining and have resolved into their everyday lives, which is a dull circle of milking, force-feeding and sleeping. Although the last one is probably relative, since they all they see is darkness, they are more likely on a constant semi-conscious state most of the time, along with the everpresent pressure the pumps put on their swollen tits.

I was watching my dark haired cow-girl again this morning. She has totally lost any fighting spirit she may had left.Occasionally, she'll make a sound or shake her head, but that's something a cow would do anyway. I don't thing it means anything anymore. Just primal reactions, all that's left of the girl she used to be.

25 December:

   I finally did it! I took the christmas night shift on purpose, so that the stuff were limited. I sat with another guy until it was almost time to go, 8:45 p.m. Everyone had gone home, so it was the chance i've been looking for. "Go ahead, i'll close here, don't worry", i said to him. Luckily he thanked me and walked out of the factory's main door.

The lights were already out in the facility. The moon and the night lights from outside were the only source, coming from the factory's windows. It was quiet. Only the soft, repeating sound of the milking pumps was present in the room. Most cows were probably asleep at that time, since they have been fed about two hours ago. I walked towards her, looking around to make sure i was completely alone. OC-21 was the code. I would never forget where she was but i remembered that name from the day i had carved it on her body.

I stood behind her. She was still in her own cruel world. I placed my hand on her bottom. I felt her flinch at my touch. I felt her whole body tense, waiting, anticipating, confused. I grabbed the excrement-plug and slowly pulled it out of her. It was in my way. She moaned softly and jerked a bit. It didn't matter what she wanted, i was gonna have her right then and there. I pulled down my pants clamsily, i didn't think anymore, i waited so long for this. I was already rock hard when i drove myself inside her pussy.

She jerked and tried to move away, but there was nowhere to go. The bar held her right where she was as i thrusted deeper and deeper, holding her waist. I leaned over her, i wanted to feel as much of her body as possible. As much as i wanted to, i didn't squeeze her large, lactating breasts, though. She would be in horrific pain and i didn't want to hurt her.

Then, she begun moaning in pleasure. I felt her trying to back towards my cock, although the stock on her head didn't leave her much room. I wanted to make her cum now, this had turned from a sexual impulse into almost like love-making. I moved faster and watched her scream as she orgasmed hard. I finished inside her immediately after.

Deafening silence came back in the huge room. I was padding as i slowly pulled my pants up. Sperm was dripping out of the cow's pussy. Cow's? girl's? i don't know anymore. I don't consider my self a pervert, but i couldn't tell anymore. I had just fucked a cow, but her form was anything like one. I guess this is the absurdity of the world we are living in. I took a napkin and cleaned the animal of my seed. I put the plug in its place and looked at my watch. It was 9:10. I had to leave to be safe. I kissed her on the buttcheek where the words OC-21 could be read on her scar. It had healed since that day, but it would never leave her body. I walked fast towards the exit, not looking back.



27 August 2025:

   I had given up on the whole journal thing, but today something interesting happened. Almost two years since my last entry, so i'll do a small update first. Not much has changed. I knew guarding livestock wasn't gonna be the most exciting job, but it pays well so i don't complain. I've been promoted to sergeant as well, which just means i'm the head of the security staff. Little better money and hours.

Hours that i manipulate in order to find time for my little cow-girl. I haven't fucked any other animals here, but she isn't like any other animal. I guess about 18-20 times would be right, if my memory serves me well. It would be always at the end of the day, last shift. She'd usually protest at first, but she'd come around eventually. Last time, she was getting wet just as she felt my hands stroking her naked ass. I could be wrong, but i like to think that it's a treat for her, a nice break from the constant darkness and enduced lactation. Her breasts were monstrous now, just like any other human cow. I don't think there's even a measurement for something like this. I couldn't help but feel them from time to time, much to her own discomfort.

But this isn't why i wanted to write today. First, i noticed two of the scientists examining one of the older cows, looking very concerned. She must have been about 35-40 years old. From what i could hear her milk quota had dropped severely and it didn't look like it would rise again. "We'll have to sent her to the knackery", said the man. "I'm afraid so" replied the woman next to him. It was certain that the cow could hear them, although i wished that she couldn't or had lost her ability to process words. But she didn't. She started breathing

heavily, nervous, indicated by the fluctuation on her big breasts.

They came to me and informed me of the situation, even though i had heard everything. I sent two men to detach her from the machine and take her to the slaughter house, a small building near the factory. I knew that lot of rich people liked to eat human meat and they'd pay good money, if an opportunity like this arose. The factory made some money from the meat and would replace the cattle with another, more productive one.

I watched as they unlocked the stocks, grabbed each of her arms and started walking towards the exit. They left the ballgag by cutting the feeding tube, so she wouldn't try to speak and upset the other cows. It didn't help her, though. She jerked and cried pitifully but she couldn't stop them from almost dragging her by the arms. It was sad to see any creature in this situation, but it had to be done. I tried to rationalize it by thinking of what could she have done to avoid this, but couldn't find anything. It simply came down to biology, and her's had failed her. Produce milk, or become a steak in someone's plate. I thought of my cow-girl, and how she would probably face the same fate, some day. Her milk production was great, she was still young after all, but still, that day would come. I took a glance at her, her beautiful face still in my mind all this time, and it cheered me up.

Review This Story || Author: Denkira
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