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Collected by stphnrogers

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Male Dom

  • The Club: by Sir_Bor
    (Synopsis: There exists in this wide and wonderful world a wide diversity of people. This is a story of a group of men and women who take great delight and sexual pleasure in the ownership, abuse, and humiliation of others. Their organization is known simply as The Club. The Club is multinational in scope. They own clubs, ranches, resorts and even some whole islands around the world. The Club even owns and operated gated communities where its members could live their lifestyle 24/7. )
  • Willies New Bitch: by taskmaster11
    (Synopsis: A smitten Delivery Driver plans the absolute subjegation of a total stranger, to control of a tall,innocent church going beaufitul 31 years old blonde mother of two. First stalking her, before , in her own home, submtting her to a series of brutal sexual beatings and assaults designed to ensure her future compliance and submission to him)


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