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Collected by CarolinaSpanker

soapsuds discipline The Sordid Business Of An Enema (16 stories listed)

Greek House Pirate,21,Paddled Purple Booty,Sore Butt Ovr Rail (7 stories listed)

Khaki Schoolgirl Skirts Up/Panties Dn Paddled Red Btms (37 stories listed)
Chicken wings on the dining table.On the middle of the table was a bare assed naked schoolgirl,who laid face down while using her butt as a candle holder making her ass hole burn w the dining room lights switched off.

Lea Anna Why U Nakee Ariel? Paddle Fart SOD (13 stories listed)
Forcd to lick the aromatic bud that was the girl�s asshole.On the inside of the dildo was a small protruding rubber knob that went into Ariel.The knob rubbd against her clit as She fuckd me.The harder she fuckd my ass,the more the knob stimulated her

Amber's Thong Dn Her ass Crack Farts, Has Her Ass Paddled (7 stories listed)
"U need to wake up to reality & put ur big girl panties on!"Wide corn cob shov'd painfully up Amber�s ass.Hold hips,corn is pushd in & pulld out to her humiliating Farts.Corn coatd w her brn shit,taste it in her mouth

Obgyn Rail Car/ Cold Speculum Up Asshole/ SPANK! Be Still (10 stories listed)
4/Legs up for exposd humiliatng spanking.A groan from Ariel for as her knees were drawn up & out which,forced her butt up off the end of the table.There she was,butt high in the air w her knees sprd opn.(3)I saw her rectal hole hair had been cut.

Brownish Stains In Her Panties Butt Plug Rmvd & Put in Mouth (7 stories listed)
She thinks she's to good to wash ur girl shit out of ur panties & is spanked hard blstrd red. What,u didn't know we wash the shit out of ur underpanties?Who do u think does it,We see ur brown shit stains we girls clean on washboard

Lisa & Courtney/Madison Cheerleaders Panty Ass // Van Absco (7 stories listed)

Amy's Shame &Teen's Rule/ Juvenile Dominance In Th (19 stories listed)

Teacher Training; Rectory Housekeper Skirt Up Panty Ass/Squats (7 stories listed)

Teacher's Anal Dildo Paddling /Farts, & Ass Fuckings (33 stories listed)
Teacher must insert inflatable dildo in their ass hole before class,if male students finds lecture boring,make,teacher press a button on inflatable dildo to increase the width of the dildo an inch more She is aware & make class more interesting.BDSchl

Marilyn Semons & Linda Steid Paddled Teachers (8 stories listed)
Broomstick bobbing out in the classroom about a foot long, the first three inches or so of it buried in her rectum. She couldn't expel the broomstick even as she farted,He commented on the shitty fudge stains in the back of her panty seat

Small Bottoms Cooked Paddled Farts,Candle Up Asshol (2 stories listed)

Farts, Toots and Poops! (1 stories listed)

Lauren's Small Bottom Cooked Paddled Farts,Penis Ass Fucked (5 stories listed)
Lauren cowered in her panties,undr 5 ft w a firm apple shapd ass that took dozn upon dozn of vicious paddle swats from the wdn paddle to give a chance to flatten her firm butt swollen to impressive dimensions farting during her paddling

Teen Fem Dom Butt Watcher Spankd,he Farts Ass Fk (33 stories listed)
Chauffer,Pretty girls cheerleaders laughd at him as she pulld dn his panties,covered w hearts & gave him a whipping w a switch leaving his ass w bloody red stripes B_o ass fucked in locker rm,made to lick his shit off the penis from up his ass

Toilet Up Skirt Ynk Off B/o Spankd/Farts/Ass Fkd (5 stories listed)
He saw the top of the crack of her ass.she reached her seat, and sat down, forcing the plug painfullydeeper into her ass.

Cross Cntry Courtney Shorts Lwr Ass Cheeks Seen,Ariel (3 stories listed)
She clenched her butt cheeks together, repressing the urge to use the bathroom.The bulb placed into her rectum was working.stomach churned.I have to go number two! Bad! PLEASE HELP! Unable to hold it, Courtney expelled her poop smell filling her nose.

Charlotta/Denise Garrison/Ashley Red Pld Skirt, Blk PH Clad Ass (13 stories listed)

Juli Hiking Spanked & Paddled as Camps,Vis.Panty Line/Farts (13 stories listed)
Juli Swishes Her Vis.Panty Line In Her Tan Slacks gets the paddle until both chks were crimson & swollen to the pt.they appeard rdy to burst if givn 1 extra whack.Apparent that a 2 handed grip did the most damage,her ass bleeding

Cldr Camp Delntd Pantied Bottom Cheeked Cringing Prey! (15 stories listed)
U on't be able to sit down tomorrow on that dirty lil ass."In bus he pulld my short skirt up & my cheer panties pulld dn.I had to go ovr his knee & he spanked my small,tight,shapely lil ass blood red.It was still rly sore from the school

Taylor's Lil Blk Dress PH Clad Ass w White Panties Undernt (2 stories listed)
Taylor stepped in her lil black dress.Her panties were too tight and her cotton panties made a visible panty line on the thin black dress even as her black pantyhose glistened against her legs as she climbed dn the steps.

Shelli, B/o Yellow Dress Shows Bare Ass thru Panties Thanatos (3 stories listed)
A gust of wind tugs at the hem of her yellow dress.The teenager tries to imagine what the passers-by on the street would think if the breeze gusted hard enough to reveal her pantied bottom.

Domme Gets It Back! (2 stories listed)
Mr. Greenville pulls Taylor's visble panty lined jeans dn sprds her butt cheeks,penis @ her tiny asshole jamming in pushing hard,breaching the resistance @ her most private gate,ramming into her shitty depths.Taylor farts screeches,struggles,howls

Ashley Sprd Blond Hair Tchr's A/h Bottom Spanked (17 stories listed)
He flipped me onto my belly & pulled my ass up into the air.Smearing gel arnd my ass.Not not my ass.No, not that.Anything else.Please!Anything but thaaaaat!!!It hurt so much!It wasn’t a penis. It was a fucking knife.It was a spear!,Rly his penis.

Charlotta Red Pld Skirt, Blk PH Clad Ass B/o Mth Watering BtmUp (2 stories listed)
Charlotta ur going to be spanked w a wdn paddle B/o the couch.She got pouty,so I pullld her red pld skirt up,Blk PH Dn.Stuck a carrot up her butt & instructd her to eat it brown & stinky.As she ate the carrot crying as I spankd her mthwtrng ass.

Panties Dn Brn Stains In Seat;The Sordid Business Of An Enema (22 stories listed)
He looked at her now dirty brown ass w enema hose hanging out and the shit water stained the plastic sheeting behind her.

Taylor's Tail Hole/Lt Blue Lace Panties Dn Jns Butt Crack (4 stories listed)
Mr. Greenville sprd her her butt cheeks, penis at her tiny asshole jamming it in pushing hard,breaching the resistance at her most private gate,ramming into the depths of her bowels laughing at her screams fucking the screeching,struggling,howling girl.

Reporter Office Worker's Hard Spanking Mstr Of The U (6 stories listed)
Missy w Visible Panty Lines.Behind her admiring her shapely ass & how the light blue cotton dress hung off it.Art informed her"Lift ur dress above ur waist",a grin on his face.As the soft cotton caressed her thighs as it was lifted.

Kellie Head Teller/ BB&T/Janet Hunter (1 stories listed)
I noticed u because of the outline of ur panties thru ur tight skirt & the double outline of ur panties thru ur slacks,far too tight for u to hide ur secrets.B/o,ur firm yg butt thrust into my face,tight material holding ur ass.Ur butt inviting,so rd

Skylar, Staring at Her Panty Clad Bottom B/o Sheer Butt Hole See (5 stories listed)

Dress Up Brady Girls,Lisa (14) Lean Fwd,Spank, w Wdn Spoon (5 stories listed)

Grocery Store Short Dress Up shows Panty Ass (2 stories listed)
Kim w the shopping cart & startd dn the aisle.Man grabs the bottom of Kim's dress & pulls it upwards revealing her gorgeous ass.“Here ya'go,girlie.Why don't u just show it off?” .Kim quickly pulld dn her dress ovr her pantied btm.

Red Ass Spy; Fearing the sound of a Fart escaping her Asshole (16 stories listed)
She droppd onto her hands & knees & dippd her head low onto the ground.Her knees,she sprd wide & her back,she arched high,exposing her for all to see.Her vagina was open & her small brown hole was winking from behind red welted ass cheeks.

Lean Forward Humiliation Forced B/o Spread Ass Cheeks Open/Spank (2 stories listed)
Yg Lady did u wipe ur ass last time u took a shit?He held her asscheeks wide apart & took a look."U bitch,you've got a shit stain in ur ass crack."to humiliate the girl.He slid his finger up her ass deep ynkd it out covrd in brn, Mstr B

Khaki Skirts/Pants w Visible Panty Lines B/o Modest Schoolgirls: (18 stories listed)

Red Spanked Glowing Ass Candy Cane Up Asshole (7 stories listed)

Blackmailed,Spanked & Ass Fucked Hard!! (22 stories listed)
I picked up half of the cucumber,the one w elongated end & dipped it in the butter before reaching back under my skirt & easing the tip up between my cheeks to my bottomhole.I pushed & it painfully slid in.the green cucumber was large.HirstHal

Amanda Belt Welt Red Striped Ass Farting Ass Fucked. (3 stories listed)
Deal unzips the back of Amanda's Jean skirt unzips it all the way dn her ass crack.Crouching dn grabs the elastic removing Amanda's blk pantyhose,pulls dn her Carolina Blue Maidenform Panties revealing Amanda's white butt for belt spanks

Tall Blonde Vis. Panty Line Spank her! Spank! SPANK! (1 stories listed)
who had long blond hair and was tall and slim in he blue jeans visiblw panty line bikini size seen. Spank her!

Air Bulb Inflatable Butt Plug Ass, Crying Fucking Up Her Bottom (3 stories listed)
On her knees w her face pressed to the floor,she drew her hands to her backside and spread her arse cheeks open wide.The butt plug was deep inside her,she was squirming as it stretched her & he was pleased it was larger than she could accomodate.

Caned, her Ass Hole too,Hermione,Farts,AssFuckd,Brown Staind Pan (18 stories listed)
Art laid the final few hard strokes of the riding crop on her poor butthole. The mini-cam recorded Kurt's handiwork and his eyes feasted on the sight of the swollen red pucker.

Jean Skirt Side Yellow Print Panty Butt As Sits In Desk (0 stories listed)
I don’t care how pretty u think you are or how cute your ass is,no matter how fancy the pkg it parades itself in.This is what happens when a bratty teenage girl goes around flaunting herself & gets caught w her panties down at half mast.

Hunting Panty Clad Ass, Spank Btms Tomato Red,Farts & A Fkd (10 stories listed)
Fox Hunt:He started cutting at the bottom of the leg & followd the side seam until he was level with the puncture mark,then cut across her fanny, exposing the wound & a fair part of her ass in the process.The elastic material fell aside & hung

Buffy's Butt Fucking, Red Ass Spanking/Farts,Librarian (3 stories listed)
Obgyn knees sprd wide & back archd hi exposing her treasures.Her vagina was open & her lil brown hole was winking from behind welted ass cheeks Unbearable,but what choice did she have?Did they realy mean to stick their penises in her tiny asshole

Ferris Wheel Dress Blows Up, Red Btm Seen/ Farts & Ass Fkd (1 stories listed)
As she climbs a gust of wind tugs at the hem of her yellow dress.The teenager tries to imagine what the passers-by on the street would think if the breeze gusted hard enough to reveal her pantied bottom.

Salesgl & Babysitter Spanks Him w The Panties, Forcd To Wear (15 stories listed)
So,u find a nice girl to take up where I left off in giving u reg. spankings?""I babysat a lot of kids ovr the yrs,Mr. Deal. U were the only one who wantd reg. spankings.It is kind of hard to forget!"

Janice's Grn Cord Pants Dn Back At Her Butt Crack (0 stories listed)
Don’t turn around.Just drop ur shorts & bend over.Place ur head on the window sill.Do it now.”she felt a tug on her ass plug.“This is inconvenient,” pulling it out w an audible “fart sound”.He set it stinking on the window sill by her face.

Real Spankings Girls/Sisters Swelling Welts Rose on Btms (8 stories listed)
Bending over butt facing him,he see's her naughty unladylike visible panty line thru the tightly stretched bottom seat of her khaki skirt / pants.

Vagina/ Punishment / Up Skirt Panty Crotch (5 stories listed)
Legs spread,my punisher swings the belt underhanded, hard. I hear it sing through the air, heading toward my vagina.It hits hard & my vagina burns with a searing pain.I scream squeezing my eyes shut, tears running down my face

Dining Rail Car/ Anal Wine Bottle Punishment: (13 stories listed)
Wine Bottle Base bobbing out in the office the first three inches or so of it buried in her rectum. She couldn't expel the wine bottle even as she farted,as he commented on the shitty brown stains in the back of her panty seat.

Ariel Has Her Ass Paddled /Farts,Cucumber Shovd Up Ass (39 stories listed)
The entire large cucumber had passed into me. painfully I straightened up,still sniffling back my tears.I could feel every inch stretching & burning inside my behind.

Principal's Ass Gets A Garrison of Paddle Swats/Farts & (17 stories listed)
Teaching Ashley Through The Spanking Method. Students punished w spanks and ruler cracks.

Elizabeth, B/o,Purple Shorts,Skirt,Purple Panty Ass Chks (11 stories listed)
B/O sink Shiny Purple Shorts & Panties pulled dn Elizabeth’s bruised red & purple ass from a spanking “SWIIICK” from above.the tails of the whip cut in all the way from the ECU Coed’s asshole up to her vagina.What a swing! Elizabeth has farted

Up Skirt at Panty Clad Vagina w Stinging Lazer Beam Mex Ass Fkd (0 stories listed)
A laser pointer and I now pointed it at her panty crotch,pressing the button on its side that sent an invisible beam of light right into her sensitive vagina.

Charlotta/Ashley Spank Fart on Him/Tampon in A/h Vis Panty Line/ (26 stories listed)

  • Eat shit and Die: by Slave 31
    (Synopsis: Life and Death in Mistress Priya's Toilet)
    Comment: She let out another fart to my face and then urinated into my mouth. I went on kissing her butt as she excreted huge turds of stinking shit into the toilet water.
  • Title: obeying the law: by tim
    (Synopsis: about a man,getting mad at the wrong person)
    Comment: Strap on dildo around her waist,this naughty little boy,he got spanked & now fucked.I was squirming but to no avail.She started pumping real fast in my ass.Taking it out all the way out then slamming it back in against my spanked bottom over & ovr
  • Alexia en mission: by French_Master
    (Synopsis: Une jeune etudiante est recrutée pour infiltrer les milieux de la prostitution et de la drogue.)
    Comment: “Suck this penis-dildo clean bitch.” She said grabbing my hair again.I began to suck the brown colored smelly shit theat encased the dildo,which was disgusting as it was in my ass a moment ago.
  • Alexia : Jeux de vilaines: by French_Master.
    (Synopsis: Spin off de Alexia en mission, petites vengeances envers sa copine Pauline.)
    Comment: She continued to go on for hours on end.She finally paused for a minute pushing the huge strap-on as deep as it could go into my ass. She rested there for a minute or two with it in and then pulled it out and sat on the bed.
  • Pour sauver son mari (Time served Part 1)(French): by Coulybaca
    (Synopsis: une femme de détenu se soumet aux geoliers de la prison pour savuer la vie de son mari. Le chef des gardes et ses séides font chanter des femmes de détenu les réduisant en un véritable esclavage sexuel prix de la sécurité de leurs maris. Elle s'arrange ^pour les faire prendre en flagrant délit avec la copmplicité d'un détenu qui profite de ses faveurs. Tout est bien qui finit bien!..... )
    Comment: She increased her pace again and started to thrust her hips harder.I cried even harder as she let my head drop. Hear I was with a moment I thought I would always cherish now into a humiliating position. She wasn’t even going to let me fuck her ever.
  • What He'll Do For Love: by Femdom slave
    (Synopsis: A teenager is about to lose the girl of his dreams...what will he do in order to be with her?)
    Comment: She began to mount me & the pace began to be even faster & harder.She spanked my ass while she was entering my ass.She wrappd her legs around my waist & put her weight into thrusting the strap on in my ass.I was screaming out,she was amused.
  • Das Experiment (german): by AnnaMK
    (Synopsis: Anna finds herself in a strange environment. Humiliation and degradation is waiting for her.)
    Comment: Open your mouth, panty boy," ordered Mistress Samantha.After what she had done to me I still had to face the ultimate humiliation. I opened my mouth. "Suck it clean.Lick all the shit and blood off my cock bitch"
  • The Scholarship Student: by James Lacy
    (Synopsis: Due to the lack of family support for his college education, the young student was seduced into the trap that his mistresses carefully planned. He was so willing to jump in to it.)
  • It Happened One Christmas;Secret Revealed : by Red Cheeks Wrangler
    (Synopsis: What happens when inaverdently a secret is revealed in an email and the people finding out this information decide to blackmail the sender.)
  • The Step Sister: by Tommyevil
    (Synopsis: Find out what happens when a young man meets his amazon stepsister for the first time.)
  • The Meeting: by Xavier
    (Synopsis: Xavier meets Taylor, and quickly learns to worship her ass. They have a wild, gassy night of domination.)
  • The Collectors Estate: by BDSM_Tourguide
    (Synopsis: A group of wealthy men and women from all over North American form a society whose purpose is to collect men and women to serve the society as slaves for the founders' amusement.)
  • Black Forest Vacation (German): by Gentle Master
    (Synopsis: An unusual trip to the Black Forest)
    Comment: About Boys & Men: It fascinatd me as I saw the hairbrush was marking his bottom vividly w fierce red marks and even purple bruises.Things were starting to happen to my body
  • Hen Coop: by Bea
    (Synopsis: A husband discovers his true position in his household's pecking order.)
    Comment: Bobbed a respectful curtsey
  • A Sissy Is Born: by Donnainlace
    (Synopsis: Boy meets girl, and is immediately taken by her. She dominates him and embarrrasses him in front of her girlfriends, eventually sissifying him and feminizing him. Girl teaches boy about a woman's life and introduces him to anal play. They eventually marry as two brides.)
    Comment: She spanked my ass w her hand & not so gentle eithr.1 aftr anthr,harder & harder,she touchd my anus w the tip,pushin the tampon into my ass firmly,pushin & pushin it all the way in.She pressd on the the applictr,leavin the hard part in my ass
  • As My Slave Softly Weeps: by Helen D' Rago
    (Synopsis: A short tale by a Domme Mistress and owner about some fun at night with her boy-toy)
    Comment: Pulling the frilly panties down to his knees, as he squirms and begs just like a naughty boy of 10.Hairbush spanks & rly pounds his bottom cheeks throbbing an angry blistered red shade of crimson & purple.
  • Aunt Jane: by Pallidan
    (Synopsis: Mother's sister takes charge of the family.)
    Comment: butt plug
  • Diary of slave steve: by Chris1
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: I have to pee again,Art."Charlotta said.She sat dn on the toilet & peed then she
  • Bush's Law: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: President Bush gets law passed to bring back corporal punishment to help solve the juvenile delinquency problem.)
  • The Intern: by James P
    (Synopsis: A guy in his 30's stuck in a dead-end job is thrilled when a hot 24 year old female intern joins the company and sits across from him. He soon discovers through interactions with her that she's a gifted bitchy femdom who loves to humilitate men. Scared at first, he ultimately submits to his fantasies.)
    Comment: Ashley w her sweet shapely ass & long legs was leaning ovr a table showing her white panties and ass crack.She leaned forward in such a way that her butt was thrust out away from the table with her nicely proportioned legs making a vis panty line.
  • Teaching The Teacher: by James P
    (Synopsis: A 30-something year old male teacher is engaged to be married to a beautiful, but prude girl. When he gets frustrated with his lack of play, he hits on a quirky, new Female teacher at his school. When she is less than enthused by his sexual advances, she decides to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. Intense femdom humiliation ensues.)
    Comment: "Unless you pay a big price for your actions."
  • Young Blonde Executive: by James P
    (Synopsis: Charlie is a hard-charging sales exec who thinks he's on his way up. Little does he know, he's about to be passed over for a promotion in favor of a younger woman. She teams up with his wife to dominate him. )
    Comment: She began a rapid, merciless paddling of the center of my now scalding ass."This is where I put ur ass into the frying pan."after this comment, she increasd the pace of her paddling an onslaught of her hardest swats.Crying sobs deep heaves.
  • Eliminating The Threat: by James P
    (Synopsis: A woman gains a vicious measure of revenge on a rapist.)
    Comment: spanking him hard & fast w my hairbrush I felt his ass cheeks yield momentarily. That was just the opening I was waiting for. Before he could do anything about it, I wedged that giant dildo about an inch into his ass. I was in! He screamed
  • Tecnical Stopover (French): by Kari Lind
    (Synopsis: Claire purser of a begian charter airline is not expected to learn so much with 37...)
    Comment: inside of him.I was now fucking the shit out of him & he was farting & yelling so loud I spanked his insanely sore ass as I fucked him!I left the dildo fully embedded in his ass,just leave it in his broken shitty bleeding ass.
  • Viols lors de la croisière inaugurale(French): by Coulybaca
    (Synopsis: Saga basée sur le viol, la soumission de jeunes américaines et leur vente à un proxénète possédant des bordels au Mexiwue.)
    Comment: w steady pressure on his anus and pressd in another 2".Then another two.Now almost half way in,I met additional resistance.So I pulld back & began pumping back & forth.By doing it this way,I was able to progressively get deeper & deeper i
  • FDP: by James P
    (Synopsis: Married submissive man does a pretty good job as slave to his beautiful wife. But he has one issue that needs to be resolved. His wife turns to Female Dominant Psychiatrist (FDP) to get the job done.)
    Comment: Suzanne thrashed Jim thoroughly both times, spanking his ass with her hairbrush until it was a dark red color and Jim was reduced to tears


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