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Book Project


Collected by dsm21

stories I like: dsn21 (8 stories listed)

  • Auctioned Wives: by Karen Kay
    (Synopsis: Housewives are selected and auctioned off to become participants for a new reality tv show of the future.)
  • Starting my estate: by Galactus
    (Synopsis: In a future where slaves are toys to the rich, a young man inherits his parents' fortune, and begins buying slaves.)
  • Switches: by Jennifer Williams
    (Synopsis: Two high school lovers discover their sexuality can be more than either of them ever dreamed.)
  • The Whore-for-a-Day Game: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A wife with a penchant for playing games, designs a special role-playing game to breathe new life into her marriage. She will pay a severe penalty if she loses.)
  • WWAC: The Un-pleated Non-dress: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A new member is inducted into the Wicked Women's Adventure Club and competes against three young men in an erotic adventure game.)
  • Slave Wife: by Rocky
    (Synopsis: A married couple\'s adventures after the husband discovers his wife\'s need to be dominated, degraded and abused. Story codes may change as the plot thickens.)
  • The Discovery of My Submissiveness: by cuntpuppy
    (Synopsis: Laura discovers she is born to be a sex slave at a very young age. This is the story of her journey into the humilislut she so longed to be all her life.)
  • Indian Bride Examination and Skills Training Institute: by Aiswarya Sivakumar
    (Synopsis: An Institute established in southern India trains Indian girls to become obedient wives through an one-year course. The completion of this course has become a requirement for girls to seek grooms. The disciplinary methods and punishments administered are more than what the girls could possibly expect. The course makes them absolutely submissive and transforms into a lifetime submission with revival camps and home visits at the husband\'s or in-laws\' choice. It is a long story with many chapters so be patient and enjoy...)


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