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Aubree's First Apartment by Doc Sexaday
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12 votes! (10/10, 12 votes) (review it)

Story Codes: M/f enema spanking teen humiliation blackmail nc Heavy Hardcore Rated R violent
Synopsis: Aubree was young and on her own. She had her first apartment and a promising college education ahead of her. The bad news for Aubree was Winston. He had dirt on Aubree and blackmail was in order.
Size: 846 kb
Added on: Jun 8, 2008
Total 213016 readers
This month 128123 readers
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Part 1 - (added on Jun 8, 2008)
Part 2 - (added on Sep 10, 2008)
Part 3 - (added on Dec 16, 2009)
Part 4 - (added on Dec 16, 2009)
Part 5 - (added on Dec 17, 2009)
Part 6 - (added on Jan 2, 2010)
Part 7 - (added on Apr 11, 2010)
Part 8 - (added on Oct 8, 2010)
Part 9 - (added on Jan 16, 2011)
Part 10 - (added on Feb 20, 2011)
Part 11 - (added on Nov 10, 2011)

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soapsuds discipline The Sordid Business Of An Enema
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Take it in He felt the top of her crack. Ariel felt the liquid rushing inside fill her.clenchd toes,bit lower lip. bloatd & urge to sit on the toilet..Squeezd the bag increasng the flow of liquid, filthy girl.Her rectum was burnin.I need to go numbr 2

Straight BDSM Humiliation
by twodestiny

Amber's Thong Dn Her ass Crack Farts, Has Her Ass Paddled
by CarolinaSpanker
I watched as the urine ran down Amber’s legs and onto the floor. The sound of the young girl pissing aggravated her.She shook her blonde head. Filthy girl. Simply disgusting!She walked over and stood in front of Amber.

by chevelle69
Synopsis: Aubree was young and on her own. She had her first apartment and a promising college education ahead of her. The bad news for Aubree was Winston. He had dirt on Aubree and blackmail was in order.

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by BruceCC

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Amber her eyes wide pushed.Like I’m pooping.She held a hand on her tummy & pushed harder,It’s coming out!I feel it.Amber pushed hard. Suddenly the soap fell out of her rectum &landed on the floor.shuddered.It’s out!She looked up at

Cross Cntry Courtney Shorts Lwr Ass Cheeks Seen,Ariel
by CarolinaSpanker
Courtney B/o pulled her cheeks apart.He shoved the enema bulb into her rectum.Enjoy.He smiled. Aubree lay on the stood b/o the table.Her butt cheeks were on fire. The suppository began to dissolve in her rectum causing her to squirm.

Taylor's Tail Hole/Lt Blue Lace Panties Dn Jns Butt Crack
by CarolinaSpanker
She felt his semen flow into her anus.He collapsed on top of her.Her rectum hurt & she could feel Winston’s warm semen running out of her anus and onto her thighs.She was positive her rectum was bleeding� the pain was intense, stinging the lining

Khaki Skirts/Pants w Visible Panty Lines B/o Modest Schoolgirls:
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B/o the girl’s bare ass w the soap suds foaming from her rectum. Stupid bitch now you’ll learn u might be pretty but I will teach u.The soap burned in Amber’s butt..hands on her red butt.She whimpered in pain.Take it out it hurts

Red Spanked Glowing Ass Candy Cane Up Asshole
by CarolinaSpanker
She felt the anal beads moving inside her. I have to poop

by street0
Winston blackmails an naive college girl.

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