BDSM Library - SUZZANNOBOT! The Further Adventures of Agent Suzzanne Midsummer - 4

SUZZANNOBOT! The Further Adventures of Agent Suzzanne Midsummer - 4

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Synopsis: Involved in a secret project our heroine finds herself the subject of secret nano technology and is pursued and captured by an old enemy who finally gets the better of her before she regains the upper hand.

(Id like to acknowledge the great work by Trent Wolf in his “Domino” stories for the inspiration to pen this style of story and to the “House of Gord” for ideas of some of the predicaments that befall Suzzanne, finally a great fan Rollo T for his ideas and inspiration)


The Further Adventures of Agent Suzzanne Midsummer - 4


She rose from the surf like a Venus, the water cascading down her body giving her tanned toned skin glossy lustrous appearance in the brilliant sunshine, a shower of diamonds whirled from her hair as she shook out excess water. Suzzanne Midsummer waded up the beach dumping her spear gun, flippers and snorkel on the sand. She unbuckled the belt and scabbarded knife from around her waist letting it drop before reaching down to pick up her towel. Her purple polka dot bikini did little to hide her shapely form; in fact its tie sides accentuated the swell of her hips and curvature of her thighs and buttocks, the halter top barely covering her generous breasts, her nipples peaked behind the material from the cool of the water. She reached down and checked her phone, 12:37, she need to be back in the lab by two.

She was enjoying this assignment and today would be a significant milestone if all went well. He last mission had gone badly wrong, she had lost a colleague, been framed for their death, been forced to go on the run whilst she proved her innocence and had suffered rough treatment at the hands of her adversaries.  Control felt it was time to give her a break from Field Operations and had assigned her to a research project M.I.7 had been funding.  After a short period of leave he had called her in to discuss the role, R&D had been working on a secret project aimed at increasing the survivability of operatives on active duty.  They were now at a point of carrying out some of the final testing and had asking for the services of a suitably trained field agent, Control felt that she would be a good candidate.  It would mean a four month reassignment to M.I.7s small research facility which just happened to be in the Caribbean, so she should take suitable clothing he had quipped!

She had arrived at the tiny facility somewhere in the Windward Islands six weeks ago to join the project team. She found it a complicated transition at first, she had always been a field agent and this was very different role, scientific work had different priorities. The project was headed by Dr Carol Baxter, a brilliant Molecular Nanotechnologist and she had met with Suzzanne on her arrival and despite her busy schedule had spent a good deal of time explaining the project, its potential impact and Suzzannes pivotal role.  Dr Baxter and her team had been experimenting with Nanomedicine with the aim of finding a way to speed up healing.  Whilst she had created microscopic mechanical Nanites, these had only been partially successful she had found that DNA based “Nubots” worked faster and at a sub cellular level, however they could not repair physical damage quickly enough. However a combination of mechanical Nanites and DNA based Nubots looked far more promising.  Suzzanne she said was to be the “guinea pig” for this part of the project.  Dr Baxter explained that they had tested Nanites and Nubots on other human subjects with no significant ill effects, however once “populated” with Nanites  the subject could not be treated with Nubots and vice versa, therefore Dr Baxter explained, a new subject was needed on which a combination of both could be tested.  Initially Suzzanne was apprehensive but Dr Baxter showed her the work they had done to date with lab animals and if successful the benefits. She described  how once populated with both Nanites and Nubots Suzzanne would have a greater resistance to injury, faster tissue repair and healing times and increased survivability and resilience in the field. She reassured Suzzanne that treatment with the nanobots was safe but she was unsure to what degree if would work and once treated Suzzanne would need to stay with the project for a while to evaluate the benefits of the treatment. After a sleepless night Suzzanne had agreed and had met the rest of the team. Assisting Dr Baxter was another Nanotechnologist, Dr Peter Crawley, younger than Dr Baxter; he was an extremely bright Oxford graduate but with a slight air of self-importance and an aloof manner and so far Suzzanne had had little to do with him.   In the initial weeks she had undergone extensive physiological assessment to ascertain her baseline health state and level of fitness.  That was followed by detailed allergy testing and finally non-invasive and invasive investigations and recording including full body MRI scans and a very unpleasant colonoscopy!

In between her stints as a lab rat and periods of study she had spent her time exploring the island, swimming and working on her now virtually all over tan.  She had discovered the island actually did not have a name was sparsely vegetated being probably no more than five square miles in size, it had several small coves which could only be reached by boat and one small beach from which she swam and sunbathed daily, the remainder of the island consisted of low rocky cliffs dropping into the sea which were dotted with caves. The facility was atop one of these cliffs and the low camouflaged buildings of the Research Facility were virtually invisible from air or sea. To begin with she thought she might find the isolation boring however the schedule of work kept her busy and she found she actually enjoyed the solitude.  There were around twenty staff on the island at any one time, mostly scientists and technicians, with few security staff.  They were a friendly bunch especially the men, but again thought Suzzanne; she was the only woman on the island with real figure and the only one who ever showed it off so perhaps there was the source of her popularity!

Gathering up her equipment and towels she climbed aboard the golf buggy and headed back up the track to the accommodation block. She wanted to shower and clean up before going to the lab. Today Dr Baxter planned to inject her with the Nubot/Nanite combination and she would need to remain under close observation in the lab for 48hours after. Dr Baxter had stipulated that she would need to be totally free of any substances or materials for the test period and that included, deodorants, cosmetics, contact lenses or clothing; hence she wanted to be a clean as possible to start with.

Just before two she left her room and crossed through the underground tunnel to the lab block. Had she been outside she might have noticed the tinny buzz of a small unmanned drone as it circled high over the island totally unnoticed, relaying real time pictures to the zebra striped radio mast of a submarine submerged just off the coast.

“Ah Suzzanne, punctual as always” said Dr Baxter as test subject padded into the lab, “are you ready for today?”

“Yes I think so Dr.” replied Suzzanne.

Carol Baxter was a small woman, however her bust rivalled Suzzannes and topped a slim but shapely figure which she tended to hide with shapeless tops and a lab coat, she would not be considered a pretty woman, but with her dark green eyes, full lips under her short ash blond hair, many noted a latent sexuality.  Indeed Suzzanne knew full well that Carol and Peter Crawley were lovers having once witnessed their unbridled lust.  A few weeks after her arrival Suzzanne had been snorkelling around the base of one of the cliff when she arrived at one of the coves. Pulled up on the beach was one of the facilities two RIBs and picnicking next to it she saw Carol and Peter. She had planned to swim over, however as she watched, what started as a kiss developed into something more torrid as the prim Doctor slid down the mans chest and over his stomach and Suzzanne noticed her blond head begin to bob up and down, he lay back in the sand as she pleasured him before she rose and stripped off her swimsuit. He to rose and made a grab for her which she dodged and then ran off. From her hidden vantage point she could hear the high pitched tinkle of a womans laugh as the man caught her next to the boat, he cradled her, kissing her forcefully before spinning her around and bending her over the side of the RIB. She watched as his hips pounded against hers, his moans and her cries carried on the breeze, then she twisted back to face him, pushing him down before straddling him, then she began to bounce up and down. Suzzanne felt her nipples harden and a warmth between her legs and all at once a wave of embarrassment swept over her and she slid under the water and swam away leaving them to their frenzied coupling.

Suzzanne looked around the lab; Dr Baxter was prepping a small trolley, on it she could see the hydraulic injector she would use to deliver the injection.  She though the injector looked like a Ray gun, it was chrome and brushed steel with a knurled grip, and where the ejector port on a pistol would be was a clamp for a vial.

“Suzzanne would you hop up onto the table and Chris will get you ready”

The “table” was a stainless steel examination table and getting onto it of her own free will always felt a little odd as her previous encounters with this sort of device had usually involved her being strapped down to undergo some sort of torture or interrogation, this one however was devoid of the usual restraints.  She slipped off her cotton robe and slippers and leant back against the table, it was cool against her hot skin and she flinched.

Chris was one of the techs in the room and he appeared beside Suzzanne and smiled “Ready?”  She nodded her agreement and with a quiet whirring, she watched the wall change to the ceiling and the overhead lights as the table tilted to the horizontal. She wriggled slightly making herself comfortable, although naked she was not unduly bothered, she had lain here many times over the last few weeks and the staff were too focused to take much notice of her undoubted charms.

Chris appeared above her and placed an adhesive electrode on each of her temples, then he stuck an electrode on each shoulder and one on her left ribs to monitor her heart rate, a grey rubber sleeve slipped over her finger to record her blood oxygen saturation and finally he fastened a cuff tightly around her upper arm to measure her blood pressure.

“Comfy?”  Again she nodded.

The cuff tightened squeezing her arm and she watched another tech, Kirsty noting down the recordings.  The lab door swung open and Peter Crawley strode in.

“Almost ready Carol?”

“Almost” came the reply, Dr Baxter, didnt look up from her task.

“Hello Miss Midsummer, ready for the big moment?” he made initial eye contact but Suzzanne watched his eyes flick up and down her naked form, lingering on her breasts, gently curved tummy and the patch of down at the apex of  her cleft.

“Im fine Dr Crawley, just fine” she did not really warm to the man and his gaze gave her goosebumps.

“Good, good” and he squeezed her forearm in a strangely un-reassuring way, he looked on edge, furtive almost like he was waiting for something. Then she noticed Carol Baxter was at her side smiling down.

“Ok lets start, everybody ready? recording on? monitoring on?” then she directed her comments to Suzzanne.

Suzzanne, Ill just run over whats going to happen, Ill be introducing the Nanomix here” and her hand touched Suzzannes groin.

“Into the femoral artery” she continued, “that will ensure it is quickly diluted and distributed around your body.  You may experience some strange sensations as the nanobots spread and begin to work. We know from our animal work that they get to work immediately fixing microscopic damage you may not even be aware of. Id like you to describe the sensations as they happen. We will be monitoring you physiologically and on camera, OK?”

“Suzzanne nodded, “Yes Dr Baxter, lets do this”.

Dr Baxter pulled on a pair of latex gloves, “this is a bit cold” and she swabbed the injection site with alcohol.

Crawley kept glancing nervously around and she didnt know why but it made her feel slightly uneasy. In the distance there was a shout and a tinkle of glass and running footsteps.

Dr Baxter pressed the head of the injector to Suzzannes skin and her finger tightened on the trigger, “here we go Suzzanne”

She raised herself on one elbow and reached down placing her hand over the Doctors and the device, “Wait Doctor, somethings not right”.


The door to the lab burst open and several heavily armed men in camouflage combat clothing ran in shouting, gesturing with their weapons, Dr Baxter froze, the techs backed away from their posts and  instinctively Suzzanne grabbed the injector from the Doctor and rolled off the table, ripping off the monitoring leads.

“Nobody move, stand still now” came a loud accented voice and a big man filled the doo, Suzzanne recognised him instantly, it was the General! 

She pressed herself flat against the back wall of the lab trying to move toward the fire escape.

“Stop moving” came a yell and a burst of automatic fire stitched a line into the wall between her and the door and she turned to face her nemesis.

“What is this, who are you” protested Dr Baxter.

“Now now Doctor, just do as we say and nobody will be harmed”.

Dont believe him, hes a killer” spat Suzzanne.

He turned to face the  her, a the naked goddess, standing tensed, ready to attack, “Ah Miss Midsummer we meet again and once again it appears it is you who are at a disadvantage” he sneered

“Fuck you”

He laughed; “Well see” and he turned to Dr Crawley, “good work Crawley, now where are the files and the samples and we can get out of here”.

Dr Baxters jaw dropped, “Peter whats happening, what does he mean?”

“Shut up Carol, we just want the research files and the Nanomix sample, Im sorry it nothing personal, more financial really” he said smugly.

“What? You bastard,” and she lunged at him, raining blows about his face, he stepped back, surprised and regaining his composure and felled her with a punch.

“Hah hah hah” laughed the General, “woman trouble, Crawley? just get the sample, where is it?”

Crawley looked to the trolley and then quickly around the room.

“Is this what you want?” and Suzzanne held up the injector.

“Give it to me Midsummer” and he held out his hand.

“Come get it Crawley” she taunted and he began to move towards her.

“STOP” yelled the General, “what are you doing you idiot, shell kill you as soon as look at you.”  He swung his weapon up and almost casually fired a short burst. Chris slammed back into the worktop before slumping down, five dark patches spreading across his chest.

“Now Midsummer, kneel down and give him the device”

“Ok ok” and she stepped forward and began to offer the injector to Crawley. Impatiently he stepped forward his hand outstretched.

“NOOOOOO” bellowed the General. In a flash she grabbed Crawleys arm and yanked him toward her, surprised, off balance, he tumbled into her and her knee slammed up into his groin, his mouth opened in silent agony, then she spun him around twisting his arm up his back, until with and audible pop his shoulder dislocated, then she propelled him forward towards the group of soldiers.  With her other hand she swung the hilt of the injector into the fire alarm , smashing the glass and in milliseconds the sirens blared and clouds of freezing Freon gas exploded into the lab choking and blinding the occupants.  Turning she kicked open the fire escape and burst out into the sunlight and sprinted for the cliff edge.

Behind her she heard the General roar “MIDSUMMER YOU BITCH!” and he trampled across the room, stamping on a screaming Crawley until he too was outside. His eyes quickly adjusting to the light, he could see the naked woman, running, jinking and he raised his weapon and took aim.

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, he emptied the magazine, the slide jerking back and forth in a blur, the spent casings spitting, spinning into the air.

Suzzanne heard a bullet zip past her head, then another, one hit a tree trunk ahead of her, sending out a shower of splinters, then she felt a sledge hammer blow to her shoulder, she stumbled but kept running, another round carved a burning line in her upper arm, then she felt a heavy punch into her side and she looked down as a small dark hole appeared in her flank, followed by a spray of pink, she stumbled again, her adrenalin kicking in then she was over the edge of the cliff and falling, spinning until she hit the water.

The General, hardly panting reached the cliff edge a few moments later and looking down he saw the frothing patch which marked the womans point of impact. Slamming in another magazine, he emptied it into the water then waited. Nothing she was gone.


The General stomped back into the lab, it was empty now save for the body of the tech. His men had lined up the remaining staff in the restroom. Peter Crawley was nursing his arm now in a sling the unit medic having popped it back in.

“Make sure we take everything, then destroy everything, no survivors.” Cursed the General

“What about her?” offered Crawley, gesturing at a defiant Dr Baxter sitting with the other staff.

“Take her; we will probably need her now we dont have a sample”.

She leapt up, never, Ill never help you scum, Ill…..” WAP, the General silenced her with a backhand.

“Youll do as youre told or you will feel my wrath, you stupid naive woman”.

She glared up at him, wiping blood from the corner of her mouth.

Suzzanne hauled herself gasping from the water, the impact of the fall had winded her and now the pain of her wounds was beginning to pierce the analgesic shield of the adrenalin. She lay on a beach inside the small cave, light filtered in from a pothole in the cliff above.  As the pain increased she began to check herself over, a deep oozing red furrow crossed her upper arm, her shoulder ached and wincing she twisted and could see a crimson trail from a small hole over her shoulder blade and she could feel she was beginning to lose the use of that arm. The burning in her side made her look down and she had to control her fear as she saw almost black blood trickling from a wound in her upper right abdomen, feeling around she found the entry wound in her back and she knew the through and through wound had hit her liver, without treatment she would bleed out and die within an hour.  She controlled her breathing taking short deep breaths, suppressing the rising panic.

From above she could hear sporadic gunfire, and gradually diminishing cries for help, she knew the General and his men would be leaving soon, not that it made any difference to her, she knew she was likely going die in this cave. She was beginning to feel light headed now, an effect of the increasing blood loss and she felt her pulse, it was beginning to race and despite applying pressure over the wound she could not staunch the bleeding. Looking around the beach for anything to help her, her eyes alighted on the injector!  She had run with it from the lab and must have held onto it as she fell, She grabbed it up and checked it, it seemed intact and the vial was still full.  She thought for a moment, the nanites where supposed to increasing healing and Dr Baxter had said they would start to work immediately. She had nothing to lose, checking the device was ready she knew she had one chance to get this right. Carefully she pressed the muzzle into her groin as the Doctor had done and pulled the trigger. The injector fired with a loud click and she felt a sharp stab then coolness. She waited, nothing, she looked, she was sure the injector had fired and the vial was now empty, then she felt it a warmth spreading through her, deep deep inside, tingling, burning almost, it seemed to spread to the tips of her toes to the top of her head, then it began to concentrate around her wounds, increasing becoming, almost unbearable, she stifled a cry, her head began spinning, her vision blurred, then she slumped back onto the sand.

The General surveyed the room, gun smoke curled lazily in the air and the bodies of the research centre staff lay silent, still on the floor.  His men had loaded computers, files, books into the golf carts to take them back to the assault boats on the beach and onto the submarine. Dr Baxter sat head bowed, her hands zip tied behind her.  Satisfied, he gestured to his men who lobbed phosphorus grenades into the building and as the buggies pulled away, flames were already licking out of the windows and white smoke began to billow into the sky.

Suzzanne awoke, blinking her eyes open, unsure of her surroundings, the cave was still sunlight from the pothole but it was clear time had moved on. She raised herself onto her elbows, her head pounded and she felt dizzy, then she realised she had no pain. Running her hands over her belly and side she could find no holes, just dried clots of blood much of which had seeped into the sand. She rolled her shoulder and reaching over felt an almost imperceptible scar on the skin under the smears of blood. She crawled down to the water edge and began to wash of the dried blood; all that remained of her wounds were tiny skin blemishes! She laughed, it had worked, the Nanomix had worked! She stood up and immediately felt dizzy, then sinking back down she realised she had still lost a lot of blood.

Sometime later she swam ashore on the small beach, it had been a long slow haul and she lay still catching her breath out of sight of the main beach. She could see the tracks of the boats but otherwise it was deserted.  As she approached the facility she could see smoke curling up from the gutted building. They had burnt out the lab complex but left the accommodation although it had been thoroughly searched. Finding some of her clothes she dressed and after confirming her worst fears she made her way to the down to one of the small RIBs and headed back to the mainland to report into headquarters.


Control placed his interlocked fingers under his chin, thinking, Suzzanne sat across from him. It had been a month since her return and after being hospitalised for a short period and a thorough medical examination she had just completed her debriefing.  Despite her recovery after the Nanomix injection she had been dangerously anaemic from blood loss and had to have the bullet removed from her shoulder, but none of M.I.7s research staff knew of or understood anything about the Nano technology she now harboured. The nanites had somehow managed to seal the bleeding from her liver and other wounds and had affected a greater degree of healing than would normally have taken place in the same time, but her Doctors surmised that her loss of consciousness had also affected her survival for they doubted if she had keep moving that her tiny saviours could have stopped the bleeding.  Her debrief had again raised the name of the General, his M.I.7 dossier increasing in size as more was gleaned about him. Little was still known of him, nobody who came into contact with him and tried to tell seemed to survive long, except Suzzanne!  Weitzman had been found dead in a hotel room along with various “pharmaceuticals” and a dead prostitute, the whole thing reeked of a set up but Bulgarian authorities were reluctant to investigate.  The C.I.A. had lost a man undercover who must have to too close; he arrived back at Langley over the course of a week in three large parcels!

“Im not sure Suzzanne” signed Control

“But Control, if hes there I may be able to recover the information or at least find out where they took Dr Baxter and her research”

“I know youre no stranger to risk Suzzanne but we could provide you with no back up in that region and the Americans are sceptical as to whether they can, thats hostile territory and the last we need is to go storming in there”

Its a risk I believe we need to take Control, Im proof of how useful, dangerous even this technology can be, hes probably trying to replicate it now as we wait. Control I know it will be dangerous but Im probably the most suitable agent to send, weve seen how the nanothings have increased my healing rate and I know who we are up against.”

“Yes Suzzanne I know, but you are not indestructible, remember that, you have enhanced healing capability but you can still be injured or killed”.

“I understand Control, but I need to do this, I had to leave those people behind to die and if we dont get Dr Baxter back, well who knows?

Control thought for a moment, “OK, Ill let you try but there will be no back up, we can insert and extract you covertly but thats all, we cant be seen to have offensive assets in the region”.

I understand Control and thank you, I wont let you down”.

“I know Suzzanne, I know” sighed Control like a reluctant Father allowing his daughter to take his car, wallet and credit cards!

Six days later as the sun settled on the skyline a submarine periscope broke the surface 150miles off the Somali coast, after a quick rotation to clear the horizon and sky  the scope focused on a small offshore platform about 10 miles away.

“Picking up radar emissions Sir” came a voice from the back of the control room as the Signals officer checked his readouts.

“Ok Scope down, hold her steady at this depth”

“Aye aye Sir” came another reply.

“Well its there alright Agent Midsummer” said the Captain turning to Suzzanne.

After a flight to Durban, Suzzanne had boarded the Astute Class Attack Submarine at the naval base, her gear already having been delivered; a short underwater trip up the West Coast of Africa had brought them to their current position.

She had only been aboard the submarine four days but her presence had electrified the crew unused to having women on board. Captain Liddell-Hart had surrendered his cabin to her and assigned a marine guard for “Agent Midsummers safety whilst on board” and she found herself most amused when not in her cabin to be followed around the boat by a huge armed marine. However Corporal McMurray took his duty seriously and cuffed any seaman around the ear who even dared to ogle their visitor.

She had dressed in black roll neck sweater and ski pants whilst on board she felt removed the issue free movement through hatches and up and down ladders, however she had totally failed to realise the effect of her 36 26 36 figure in fitted clothing on the crew and as he followed her around Cpl McMurray was glad his fatigue trousers were sufficiently loose fitting!

“Can you let me off without surfacing Captain; Id rather you didnt have to take any more risks than necessary?”

“Yes Agent Midsummer you can use the diving chamber” replied the Captain in his clipped accent.

“Thank you, I get going as soon as it is dark, how long have I got?”

“Pilot what time is sunset? He asked

“It will be totally dark in about forty five minutes Sir” replied the Navigator briskly.

“Thank you” she replied “Ill get ready and prepared my gear, can you have my tug prepped?”

“It will be ready Agent Midsummer” and all eyes watched the brunette slip through the hatchway followed by the bulk of Cpl McMurray.  As her curvy derriere swayed down the corridor a subdued “phwwoaar” drifted from the back of the Control room.

Instantly Captain Liddell-Hart barked “thats enough of that Brownlow or youll be on a charge” then after a pause he followed with “but we all know what you mean” and laughter broke out around the room.

An hour later Suzzanne stood in the Diving Chamber compartment with the Captain, the Diving Petty Officer and Cpl McMurray.

She had changed and prepared in her cabin and had walked through the boat in a shapeless black coverall, now she stripped off the drab garment to reveal her wetsuit beneath.  It was strange iridescent silver grey and had a cross hatched pattern like carbon fibre in the fabric, but it was in fact a combination of neoprene, Kevlar and plasticised stainless steel wire.  Thin and light it was flexible enough to allow full movement but was tough enough to resist abrasion, stabbing, cuts and shark bites!

She tucked her hair into the hood, adjusting it around her face before donning a diving knife, compass and watch. The Petty Officer lifted the SCUBA pack, totally self-contained it was matt black and would fit her back like a streamlined shell with a built in absorber to ensure no tell-tale exhaust bubbles. She slipped in on and shrugging her shoulders adjusted its position before tightening the fastenings.

“Ill be at this location for the next three nights Agent Midsummer but then my orders are to return to Durban, use your subsonic locator and we can guide you back to the sub”.

“Thank you Captain and Ill see you in 48hours or less I hope” and she shook his hand and turning she said

“And thank you too Corporal” and she planted a kiss on his cheek and the big man blushed beetroot, speechless.

Stepping into Chamber she adjusted her mask over her face before checking her regulator, then nodding to the Petty Officer he closed and dogged the door. A green light flashed above his head as she signalled she was ready and with a whoosh water began flooding into the chamber.

Once outside the sub she made final checks to her electric tug and locked in the compass bearing to the platform, then clipping her herself to the tug she twisted the throttle and silently she slipped into the darkness and as the bulk of the sub fading behind her she armed her shark stick.


She broke the surface about 500 metres away from the platform and killed the throttle of the tug. Bobbing in the water she watched, she could see several men moving about the ironworks, nothing she couldnt handle and silently she slid back beneath the surface and headed for one of the platform legs.  She secured the tug and her SCUBA to the leg below the surface and letting herself rise she broke into air. She checked before hauling herself up onto the landing platform. Cracking open a maintenance panel she entered the leg and began to climb to the top. She peered through the gap in the door onto the main deck and waited, the platform seemed fairly deserted and there was certainly no visible work activity. She checked her watch, it was 23:29.  She had a small silenced pistol in a watertight holster on her thigh but chose her diving knife; its blade anodized non reflective black. Moving in the shadows she headed for the Control area.  Her rubber soled feet moved noiselessly over the metal gratings, at the top of the steps a door opened and light flooded out, she flattened herself against the wall.

“OK, just make sure the pumps are retested before the tanker arrives, Im going to get something to eat” and the light flicked out as the door closed and she heard booted footfalls on the steps. Quickly she backtracked down to the landing, crouched down readying the knife.  The man was moving quickly now two steps at a time and he passed her hidden in the shadows, she waited until his footsteps disappeared then continued up to the door.  The was a small window about face height and peering in she saw one man, his back to the door surfing porn on the computer, a well hung black stud was banging a cheerleader blond who had her legs around her ears.  She pressed down gently on the door handle until the door softly opened and she slid quickly inside.

“UHH UHH UHH” the blond moaned loudly as the stud pounded her shaved sex. She could see the man was rubbing the front of his trousers, fixated by the scene on his screen.  Oh well she thought, must be tough stuck on a platform for weeks!

She moved stealthily toward him, the knife back in its sheath, she would use her hands.

Suddenly he started, “Oh man shut the fucking door dude theres a draught” and he began to spin around his eyes widening in alarm as he saw the rubber clad figure closing on him.

“What the fuck” and he dived for the alarm button. Lunging forward Suzzanne blocked him from the alarm knocking his arm up and away. At the same time she swung her elbow round and into his jaw. He grunted in pain as his head snapped round. Stepping backwards to face him, he began to rise from the chair and she jumped slamming her feet into his chest cannoning him back into the chair which tipped spilling him out backward. Hauling the chair away by the arm she dived on him, he was rolling over now trying to scrabble away, she locked her arms around his head, one hand on the back of his skull the other under his chin and with one swift movement she pulled, with a crunch and a pop his neck snapped shearing his spinal cord and he slumped forward and stayed still, Breathing hard she stood up and closed the porn feed. Checking outside for a moment she returned to the computer and began searching the file down into directory.  They were sloppy, obviously not expecting to be attacked as nothing appeared to be protected or encrypted.  Finding a list of locations, business fronts and high level business contacts she quickly began to download everything onto a high capacity data stick.

As it did so she typed in to search “Baxter” but found nothing, then “General” then “Crawley” and a file flashed up, she opened it, BINGO, she recognised it as some of the missing data from the research facility, she loaded it onto a second stick and searched the room until she saw a laptop on a desk. Firing it up she typed in a ten digit code and linked into a U.S. military satellite network, it was something she had been shown how to do by M.I.7. R&D but only in dire circumstances as it would trigger a security breach in the host network. The code allowed the user to transmit data or files via the satellite network hidden in the normal data stream form the satellite. Once downloaded it could only be accessed via a second code. She had about thirty seconds before she was detected and locked out, she thrust the second stick in and pushed send, then returning to the first computer she deleted the file and fired three silenced round into the hard drive.  The laptop bleeped as it finished sending and two seconds later she lost the connection but the file was now safely hidden deep in a server somewhere in the Continental U.S.

Shutting the laptop down she sat the man back in his chair facing his computer and prepared to leave tucking the first stick inside her watertight holster. She moved down the steps at a crouch gun in hand, she still had the element of surprise but would shoot her way out if she had to. At the bottom of the steps she heard voices and around the edge of the platform came two armed guards, she crouched in the darkness, steadying her breathing. They passed not noticing her and she waited for them to go behind some containers before she moved again, reaching a corner she looked back a movement catching her eye. The first guy was coming back and bounding up the steps two at a time, in a moment he would reach the control room and find his friend dead and sound the alarm. She raised her pistol to aim but he was gone, she reckoned she had about 20 seconds, sprinting on her toes she dashed for the maintenance panel, once inside she would be down and back in the water before they could stop her.  Suddenly the alarm klaxon split the air and seconds later she heard boots clattering. She was almost at the panel; she just had to cross an open area and could see the panel ajar. Without warning powerful spotlights flooded the platform, she skidded to a stop and dived back into the shadows, her path to the panel was now in virtual daylight!

She darted forward in a running crouch towards her escape route and was halfway across when a string of bullets pinged and ricocheted off the deck plates ahead of her, showering sparks.

“There here, over here, level one” yelled a voice.

Suzzanne recoiled back into the shadows, more bullets began to ping and hum around her, she saw a muzzle flash up and to her right and fired, her aim rewarded with a grunt and a clatter of a weapon dropping. More boots now and she began to backtrack, if she could get down to the next level she could drop over the side into the water.  Rounding some containers, movement caught her eye and she instinctively ducked as a gun butt missed her head by inches. She lashed out with her fist catching the man in the groin, then with a sweep of her leg knocked his legs from under him, rolling on top of him, his hands scrabbled to grab her and she punched him twice in the throat before forcing her knife up under his sternum.  He stopped moving and she rolled off grabbing up his weapon, cocking it as she did so.

Now she was moving again towards a set of steps, firing in short bursts to keep her attackers heads down. Suddenly a massive object crashed down next to her, shaking her off her feet before it rose swiftly off the deck.  She watched as it stopped then swung towards her before dropping again, shaken she rolled sideways the impact of the huge device making the deck plates bounce. As it rose again she saw it was a huge thick metal disc, a cable lifting it disappeared skywards.  She could now see it was the disc of an electromagnetic lifter and they were trying to swat her with it. It swung back again slamming into the container she was leaning against cannoning her across the deck, now in the open bullets again began to zip around her. Following the cable along it track she saw the crane operator leaning forward in his cab high above and loosed a burst at him as the magnet swung back at her. She saw the rounds impact on the cab, the glass front shattering as the cab light flicked out.

In the cab the operator was suddenly caught in a maelstrom of bullets and glass, a bullet burst through the sole of his boot knocking his leg off the pedal, another grazed his forearm as pieces of glass whirled about him and he automatically threw himself backwards covering his face with his arms, as he did so his elbow collided with the row of switches controlling the dynamos which powered up the electromagnet.  As the magnet swung uncontrolled over the deck the guards scattered, Suzzanne saw it coming back towards her and flattened herself to the floor, but as it passed over her she felt a strange dragging sensation and without warning her weapon was snatched from her hand and flew to the passing disc. Stunned she watched the disc carry her gun away until it reached its apogee then begin its swing back toward her, she tried to roll away but the closer it got the stronger its influence became until as it passed over her she was lifted bodily from the deck and dragged, fingers clutching at the deck grating she was picked up and slammed against the underside of the disc. Pinned, she tried to move with no effect and she realised the plasticed steel in her wetsuit was drawn to the magnet and she was trapped swinging helplessly above the deck.

The guards stood puzzled for a moment then grasped what had happened, one scampered up the ladder to the crane and took over control and within moments they stood staring up at the silver grey figure squirming, held firmly captive by an intractable invisible force.

Minutes later the disc was lowered to a few feet above the deck and as the power was turned off Suzzanne fell into the arms of the waiting guards and within seconds was on her knees, hands behind her head guns jabbing into her ribs.  One man stood before her, he looked angrily down at her.

“Who the fuck are you, coming her and killing my men?”

She stared impassively back at him and sensing her disdain he gave a low growl and swung the butt of his rifle into her gut, and she slumped sideways on the plating coughing and gasping for breath.  He swung his booted foot into her ribs and defensively she rolled onto her stomach trying to get into a ball. He jammed his foot down across the back of her neck and hit her again twice with his weapon leaving her gagging, gasping. He pressed down with his boot.

“You will talk, if not now later” and he turned, “get me some U shackles and chain and open up Caisson Three”.


An hour later Suzzanne twisted uncomfortably her arms already aching.  Under direction from their leader the men had dragged her down into a compartment deep in one of the platform legs and she was now standing alone on steel grate and she could see still black water a few feet below.  Before abandoning her they had made sure she was staying put. Around each of her ankles was a thick iron U shackle joined by a foot long bar, a short length of chain linked the bar to the grating. Around her waist was a much larger U shackle the open ends across her back joined by a length of chain, another length of chain looped down from the front of the shackle between her legs and up to where it was fastened to the short cross chain. Further pairs of shackles were fastened around her wrists and elbows which were pulled behind in a strappado. Another U shackle had been place around her throat and another into her mouth the thick iron bar tasting of a mix of grease and salt. A bar attached to the neck, elbow and arm shackles prevented her from bending her arms and kept her head facing downwards. Chains from her waist shackle were linked up to her wrists and then more chains from the shackles at her wrists, elbows and neck were attached to a short length of I beam above her.

The man called down, “You are in a compartment just level with the sea outside, and once we have safely closed this watertight door Im going to open the sea cocks which will connect this space with the sea outside, thee wind has picked up so theres quick a swell due. Well see whether you want to talk then” and she heard the door slam and the locks close.

Then she waited, a few moments later she heard a motor whine and the water beneath her feet began to churn and rise, she twisted trying to find a weakness in her bondage. The water rose up through the grate, rising, rising until it stopped at her waist and she was glad they had left her wearing her wetsuit. She stood there pinioned, the water slowly rising and falling around her and then without warning the water suddenly rushed up splashing under her chin, a few moment later it happened again and she spluttered as it splashed over her face, then she knew, as the swell increased outside so would the rise and fall of the water inside.  The next wave forced the water higher in the compartment and she found herself totally submerged before the water subsided leaving her choking and coughing the iron gag making it impossible unable to fully close her mouth.

Up in the Control room the man watched her terror on CCTV, smiling as he drew on a cigarette. “Hmmmmm” he thought as he watched the water sluice up and down inside the Caisson, maybe he should have stripped her, salt water enemas might have help loosen her tongue too. 

Inside Suzzanne was trying to match her breathing with the rise and fall of the water, sometime she found herself submerged for up to 30 seconds as a large wave passed, and as the water rose particularly high she felt the sharp pain in her ears from the pressure, then she would feel the flow change and seconds later her head would break the surface leaving her gasping for breath like an landed fish.

The phone rang, “Grayson here, Oh sorry Sir, Yes, a woman, she killed at least three and injured one, No we dont know definitely but we found a data stick and she had downloaded network details from the mainframe” he paused listening.

“We found a tug and SCUBA gear secured to a leg so we reckon she was launched from a sub and was planning to get picked up, yes but weve detected nothing yet”.

Then he smiled cruelly “Yes shes being softened up, shell sing, Yes Sir well be ready for your arrival” and the phone clicked dead, then he punched in another number.

“Tell me when you pick up the Generals helo on the radar”

Suzzanne began to notice the ride and fall of the water diminishing and then she heard the clang of the door being un-dogged, she hung exhausted and bedraggled, compliant  as the men clattered onto the grate and began to get her down. “Someones here to see you” sneered Grayson.  Removing all the shackles except the wrist attachments the men dragged her up the steps and she was thrown down onto the deck.

“Ha Ha Ha, so we meet again my little Wildcat, I thought I had killed you” roared the General.

She rolled onto her back and glared at the big man standing over her, he hadnt changed much, he still had his slight paunch but what was different was his nose which now was deviated to one side giving him the look of an ageing boxer, a memento of the first time they had met!

“Nice nose job” she retorted and the smile slid from his face.

“Indeed I have you to thank, but maybe you should have killed me when you had the chance because you wont be getting another anytime soon. Anyway I cant believe you came all this way for a social visit and just to steal information M.I.7. probably already has” and he held up the data stick, “So why are you really here Kätzchen, what where you after?”

“Get some paper and Ill tell you” and the General beckoned to Grayson who stepped forward with a notebook and pencil.

“Go on” urged the General pleased this was not going to take too long.

“Write this down K.C.O.C.Y.N.I.T.A.E.V.A.H.O.U.Y” she spelt the letters out precisely as Grayson dutifully wrote them down looking up when he had finished.

“Now write them in reverse order” she instructed and he began scribbling his expression blanching as he wrote, then the General snatched the book from him.

“What does it say?” and his eyes scanned the message


His face reddened and the veins in his neck bulged and Suzzanne smiled.

“GGGRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHH” he bellowed, “you think you can make a fool of me again, you two get he up” and two of the guards hauled her to her feet.

Without warning the General backhanded her across the face, snapping her head back, she saw stars and tasted blood in her mouth. The he punched her hard in the stomach and she doubled over gasping, winded.

“Keep her up you idiots” he yelled as he punched her again in the belly almost lifting her off the deck. Next his huge fist connected with her jaw, then again and again.

“You will tell me Schlampe” and he hit her again.  Suzzannes head was reeling from the vicious blows and she spat a mouthful of blood onto the deck, regaining her composure she whispered.

“Fuck you asshole” and as the General leant in closer to hear she lifted her head and spat blood and saliva into his face.

“ARRRRR, you fucking bitch” he roared wiping away the offending slime as it dripped from his chin, “Grayson, chain this bitch up and teach her some manners”

The two guards dragged her to an upright stanchion then re-shackled her wrists behind it; one of the men was stripping off his shirt, cracking his knuckles ominously before standing before the fettered agent.

She looked up at him, her right eye already almost closed, her lip swollen, her face puffy and smeared with blood, he was heavy, thick set and his tanned tattooed arms rippled with sinewy muscles.

“Do your worst you Cocksucker” she jibed and he snickered as he drove his fist into her midriff. He landed his next three or four blows into her middle making her gag and retch, then the General interjected.

“Dont hold back man, do your job” and the man reached forward and pulled down the zipper of her wetsuit until her breasts hung exposed. His next blows targeted her soft tit-flesh making them bounce like jellies, and she moaned with each blow, then he began to alternate his punches, belly, face, tits, ribs, he even landed a couple between her legs making her cry out as the General and the other men watched.

After a while Suzzanne hung limp supported only by her bindings, she had not responded to or made any sound after the last few blows and the General gestured for him to stop. Grayson walked over and lifted her head by the hair. Her once flawless face was battered and bloodied, one eye swollen and closed, lip fat and split, blood trickled and clotted around her nose, her breasts were showing signs of deep blue bruising.

“Shes out Sir” reported Grayson, “shes a tough one” he added.

“She is Grayson and dangerous too, we are not going to get her to talk now, we need to take her back to the base at Quetta were we can interrogate her properly. Im going to leave now but well need to arrange for her secure transfer. Until then keep her locked up and guarded at all times, do I make myself understood Grayson, at ALL times. Ill discuss how we proceed with Dr Crawley, Im sure he will have some thoughts on how we can loosen her tongue and of course theres always Mr Saito”

“Yes Sir I understand”

Suzzanne continued to play dead as they released her from the stanchion and she allowed herself to be dragged across the deck and into a compartment where she was dumped unceremoniously on the floor.

“Just use those cable straps to tie her; she aint going nowhere, shes taken a hell of a beating”

“Yeah shes messed up bad” and she groaned as he rolled her onto her front slipping a loop over her wrists and pulling it tight. 

She heard the door clang shut as she lay there in her pain. Her face throbbed and she felt and tasted crusted blood as she ran her tongue over her lips, her ribs ached as she breathed and she allowed herself to close her good eye and drift away.

Ten hours later some distance off the Pakistan coast a private jet cruised high above the clouds. In the luxurious passenger cabin and red light flashed on the wall phone.

“Yes” said the General putting down his drink.

“Incoming call Sir, from base, its Dr Crawley”

“Crawley, what is it?” barked the General.

“General, some of my files, theyve gone”

“What files Crawley and gone where?”

“My some of my files General, the Nano project files from the research base, theyve gone, the main server was accessed from the platform and they were copied and deleted”.

“WHAT!” bellowed the General, his face reddening, “thats what that fucking bitch was after”

.”Who?” questioned Crawley

“Agent Fucking Midsummer, you idiot, she infiltrated the platform and did this, I knew the what we found was worthless to her, Ill chop her into pieces when I get my hands on her”

“What, Midsummer, did this, she survived, where is she now General?”

“Oh weve got her, we caught her on the platform, she wouldnt talk so Im having her shipped to base where we can work on her properly”.

The line clicked, it was the pilot, “Another incoming call Sir, caller says its top priority”

“OK, put it through” and switching “Crawley, Ill be with you in a couple of hours, well discuss this then”. Then switching back

“General here, what is it “

“Sir its me Grayson” the voice wavered, “Its Midsummer shes escaped”.

“WHAAAAAAAATTTTTT!!” and his glass smashed against the cabin wall.


Suzzanne didnt know how long she had been out but when she awoke she was chilled lying on the steel floor, as she came awake she realised her pain had virtually gone but as she rolled into a sitting position she was still very stiff. Her face felt tight but as she pulled faces in the darkness she felt the crusted blood crack and her eye popped open. Twisting her wrists she felt the cable tie and looked for something to cut it. After a few moments of dragging it along a rough metal edge it parted and she rubbed her wrists, then she felt her face, virtually all the swelling had gone and she could feel no cuts only dried blood which rubbed off under her fingers, then she gingerly felt her breasts, and to her surprise they felt as warm and pliable as ever, good old Nanothings she thought and began to explore her prison.

Under a pile or tarps in the corner she found her tug but in pieces, un-repairable, her SCUBA kit was there too but the tanks were empty.  Searching further she found her mask and flippers and after bit of wrestling she had removed the homing tracker unit from the wrecked tug.

She checked the door, through a bolt hole she could see an armed guard outside and another two facing the door from across the deck, she would have no chance of getting out that way. Exploring the compartment again she turned over another pile of tarps to find a circular dogged hatch cover. Forcing open the rusted closures she lifted the heavy hatch and looking down she saw the sea far below. Judging she had no choice she slipped the tracker and mask inside her wetsuit and looped the flippers over her arm, then sitting on the edge of the hatch she dropped feet first.

She hit the water feet first and kept going down, eventually she stopped and with a kick she pushed upwards towards the light, quickly she retrieved the mask and flippers and struck out away from the platform hoping to God the sub was still there.

She was a strong accomplished swimmer and soon she was a least a mile from the platform and she activated the device, it flashed red as she trod water then the red LEDs began to circle the edge of the face before settling on one spot, she manoeuvred until the spot was at the top of the dial and struck out in that direction, stopping to check her progress periodically. It would be dark soon and she wondered if this was such a good idea, then she noticed the red LED had changed to green, the sub had acknowledged her signal and she struck out with renewed vigour.   Single beep and she saw the face of the device showed a circle of green LEDs, the sub was very near, somewhere below and she waited. After a few moments she began to feel turbulence in the water and then she felt herself being lifted, something touched her feet and seconds later she was lying on the rubberised hull of the sub as the water cascaded away leaving her high and dry, She heard a squeak, a clang then a red light glow appeared from a hole in the deck, finally a head popped out.

“Good evening Miss and welcome aboard” said a friendly voice.

In a large walled compound outside Quetta the General reclined on a large sofa having just come in from a swim, he addressed the satellite phone pressed to his ear

“Yes make sure we are watching anywhere a British nuclear sub can dock around the Indian Ocean. No it will be British, I have it on good authority no American assets are involved. She will want to get back to London as quickly as possible so Im confident she will fly, so once we have spotted her we will need a snatch team in place ASAP.  Just make sure they are fully briefed and know who they are dealing with, we will get one chance and one chance only, do I make myself clear?”

Three days later HMS Audacious docked in Durban and nobody took much notice of the continual presence of a couple of scruffy Longshoremen either sitting smoking or standing about near the sub. They were watching though as they saw the shapely brunette trot down the gangplank with a Naval Officer. At the bottom she spoke briefly with Officer before getting into a South African Navy Car which then sped off.

Using a nearby pay phone they called through what they had seen and within minutes a dark SUV swung in behind the Navy car as it headed north out of the city. Suzzanne periodically checked through the rear window and quickly picked up the SUV. Using her compact mirror to check behind she watched the SUV swap with a big estate car twice as they neared the airport.  Reaching into her bag she checked   for her passport and tickets and leaning forward tapped the driver.

“Just drop me in front of the terminal I need to pick up a few things”

“Yes maam” came the reply.

She had the door open almost before the car had stopped.

“Thank you Sergeant” and she was gone disappearing into the terminal with a wiggle.

The SUV and estate pulled up a few cars behind and six men and two women spilled out and moved casually but quickly into the building.  Suzzanne was already at check-in handing her ticket and passport to the smiling girl.

“Any luggage Miss Greenwood” she was travelling on a false passport and shook her head.

“No none thank you”

The girl checked the picture and still smiling handed her back her passport and the boarding pass.

“Have a good flight”,

Suzzanne nodded smiling back and walked briskly away, carefully scanning the people in the terminal, a short man was watching her from the entrance and another was pretending to read a paper but she could see his eyes follow her. She picked up her pace and her tails came too, the terminal was not so busy at this end and she stopped, pretending to check in her bag, then she turned and headed back. Her followers stopped short, one split off left, the other then continued on as if to walk past her, “Hmmmm shoddy” she thought. As the man drew level with her she barged him with her shoulder.

“Oh Im so sorry” she simpered.

Rattled, the man spluttered, “No, no its Ok really”

“No it was so clumsy of me” and she began to brush and straighten his lapel.

“No really , stop now” he blustered, failing to notice she had placed her right foot behind his right foot and with a quick shove he toppled back crashing to the tiled floor. Quickly she stepped forward placing her heel on the back of his hand rolling her full weight onto it, the man screamed. At the same time she caught sight of his accomplice hurrying back to help and as he closed with her she stood upright and her elbow caught him full in the face, as he clutched his now bleeding nose, she tripped him too and both men lay sprawling on the floor. By now the sound of scuffling and the mans cries had attracted attention and a Security guard was approaching.

Taking the initiative Suzzanne bewailed, “Oh Im so sorry Officer, I bumped into this man and in helping him Ive stepped on his hand, I think he needs first aid and this man seems to have slipped too”

“Dont worry Miss I can help” and he began to talk into his radio handset, at the same time Suzzanne flicked back the mans sports coat with her foot exposing his shoulder holster.

“Oh my” she feigned “is that a gun?” and all hell broke loose and Suzzanne slipped quietly away through the gathering crowd. Heading for a payphone she ducked into the booth, reaching into her bag she retrieved a black plastic rectangle and snapped it in two, inside was a rice paper slip with a short alphanumeric code. She punched in a short number, the dialling tone rung twice then,

“Speak now” said a womans voice

“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” replied Suzzanne quickly

“Voice recognition accepted, enter code” and she quickly entered in the numbers and letters.

“Accepted, speak now for ears only message”

“Control, Access Tango Alpha Foxtrot Two, One, Zero, Six, One, Nine, Seven, Three for urgent download, Midsummer message ends”.

“Message accepted” and she hung up. She had just sent an encrypted flash message to Control at M.I.7. Headquarters, instructing him how to access the hidden files as she was not sure if she was going to get back to London anytime soon.

As she stepped from the booth a smartly dressed older woman moved forward as if to use it and as they passed in front of each other Suzzanne felt something in her ribs.

“Dont move” hissed the woman, instinctively Suzzanne twisted swinging her arm up knocking the gun away from her and with muffled “PHAT” a round slammed into the back of the phone booth. She jammed her other arm across the womans throat, brought her knee up into her crotch and slammed her fist in her solar plexus. The woman sagged and Suzzanne let her slip to the floor of the booth, closing the door. Spotting two men and another woman zeroing in on her she slipped off her heels and headed for a plastic builders screen into an closed off area.  Inside she found a restaurant area under refurbishment and she sprinted to the far end cannoning into the fire exit. The door didnt open and she thumped on the release bar but the door was locked fast, turning she saw the men and woman push through the screen and spread out. The woman levelled the pistol at Suzzanne but one of the men stretched out his arm pushing her weapon down.

“No shes to be taken alive, Generals orders” and all three began to advance, and Suzzanne prepared herself dropping into a fighting stance as they rushed her.  Sidestepping one man as he passed her a kick sent him spinning into a pile of paint cans and buckets. She felt hands on her and in a moment she was grappling with the other man and woman. Kicking out at the same time as parrying strikes she felt her own blows connect, but at the same time she too was taking punches. Her elbow smashed across the womans nose and she reeled back, as she did she grabbed at Suzzanne tearing her dress off her shoulder. She knocked away a series of chops and punches from the man before landing three sharp jabs to his kidneys before twisting and kicking him full in the gut with an outstretched leg sending him sprawling across a line a tables. 

The first man was back in the game now and running shoulder down into the agent lifted off her feet and slammed into the wall, winded she grabbed his ears and drove her knee up into his face. A punch from the woman smacked into her jaw. The first man was still hanging on around her waist, pinning her against the wall and she brought her linked fists down on his back again and again.  The woman grabbed her arms and with her feet off the ground she could get no purchase, see saw two more men and the first woman burst through the screen and struggled harder but in moments she was overwhelmed. Twelve hands dragged her fighting to one of the tables, the remains of her dress being shredded in the process. Forcing her face down onto the tables two of her assailants rained punches into kidneys and ribs until her struggling stopped, she felt her ankles being crossed and her wrists pulled behind her and with a Zzzzzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzzzz she was secured with two cable ties.


The intercom flashed on Controls desk and he flicked the switch down, “Yes”

“Control Sir, weve just received a priority message using the emergency contact protocol”.

“Do we know who its from?”

“Yes Sir, Agent Midsummer”

“Midsummer, but shes due to fly back from South Africa today, have you checked with the Admiralty when she left the Submarine”.

“No Sir, Ill get on it straight away”

“And check to see if she has boarded her flight”

“Yes Sir”

“What does the message say?”

“Its for you, Ears Only”

“Ok Patch it through the scrambler” and he activated the loudspeaker on a black phone on his desk. The phone hissed then he heard Suzzannes voice, cool and calm.

“Control, Access Tango Alpha Foxtrot Two, One, Zero, Six, One, Nine, Seven, Three for urgent download, Midsummer message ends”.

Logging into his laptop, Control clicked an icon and typed in the code Suzzanne had given him, hit enter and  waited.

The screen blinked “Accessing files”  a box opened and he watched as the files downloading as “open files” appeared on the screen,  he clicked “Open”

As the screen filled, Controls face paled and he reached out blindly to pick up his phone.

“Put me through to Research” and the line rang three times

“Research Section, Palmer speaking”

“Palmer, Control, get up to my office now, Ive something you need to see”.

Then placing down the receiver without looking up at from the screen, he lifted it to his ear again.

“Get me Ops” and the line rang again once this time

“Ops” said a voice.

“Control here, I think Midsummer maybe in difficulties, I need an up to date SITREP on her status now, whatever weve got”.

“Yes Sir” and the line clicked dead, reaching down he opened his bottom desk drawer lifting out the bottle of single malt and a glass.

The snatch team stood in a circle looking down at their captive, she lay on her back on the table her ankles and wrists bound scowling back at them.

“We need to move her out of here to the hangar”

“If you fuckers think Im going to go quietly youve got another think coming!”

“Shut up bitch” the woman spat, her eyes now both black from Suzzannes blow to her nose.

Suzzanne lashed out at the woman with her feet, but she knew it was nothing more than a gesture and the woman sneered at her.

“Schneider get the transport gear from the car.”  Said their leader and the first woman slipped out of the room, “in the meantime lets get started, get her up”

Suzzanne tensed as they reached, hands grabbing her arms and they swung her around until her legs dangled over the side of the table then they pulled her upright. She twisted, stiffening herself trying to make it difficult.

“Get your hands off me you Motherfuckers, let me go and Ill let you live you bastards” she threatened.

The woman back handed her across the face “Shut the fuck up”.

Riled Suzzanne tensed then swung her legs up as one into the balls of the man in front of her and he crumpled, hands clutching his groin. Gathering her legs up beneath her, she pivoted sideways on the arms of the men holding her then thrust her legs out into the belly of the woman, propelling back across a stack of tables. The men holding her gripped her tighter forcing her against the table and finding herself facing one she threw herself forward, head butting him full across the nose. Seeing his team being dispatched one by one, their leader stepped in and landed a heavy hammer punch to the side of her neck, then a straight finger jab to her solar plexus, she doubled over and collapsed.

As she hit the floor he launched a vicious kick into her flank, “and if you have any sense youll stay down” he said menacingly.

Breathing hard she spat blood onto the floor, then said with a wry grin, “Hit a woman would you, youll regret that”.

Schneider returned dumping a big holdall onto the table and looked around surprised as her colleagues nursing various parts of their bodies picked themselves up.

Apprehensively Suzzanne watches as leather straps, duct tape, various cuffs and what looked like a brown blanket were removed from the bag.

Thirty minutes later a strange procession emerged piecemeal from the closed restaurant.  Firstly two men appeared, then a few moments later two women flanking a figure wearing a burka. The women appeared to be supporting the figure who seemed unsteady.  Finally the last two men appeared and the little group slowly made its way across the concourse.  More people would have taken notice of the group had they know what was beneath the all covering garment. 

Once recovered the group had set about getting ready to move their prisoner.  They had secured her arms behind he back at wrist and elbow with the leather straps. Two more straps around her at waist and under-bust level kept her arms pinioned to her body. Velcro fastening cuffs on a short strap keep her hobbled at the ankle so that she could only take short steps.  Foam padding filled her mouth and was secured with three strips of duct tape and a strip of duct tape covered her eyes. 

To increase Suzzannes vulnerability and discomfort and to exact an element of revenge one of the women had insisted on filling her front and back with two aerosol cans of pepper spray from the holdall. Once inserted into her they had been secured with duct tape which had been passed between her legs and wrapped around her waist preventing any attempt at expulsion of the intruders.  This treatment also made it extremely uncomfortable for the agent to walk and added to her shuffling gait.

Once outside the Terminal they guided their captive towards the parked SUV forcing her on the floor behind the back seat before driving her away.  Travelling around the perimeter road to the far side of the Airport the SUV pulled into an estate of low warehouses and disappeared inside one before the shutter was closed.  Inside Suzzanne was dragged from the car, the burka removed and still blind, gagged, bound and penetrated she was forced uncomfortably to her knees.

“Right Miss Midsummer”, she turned her head towards the voice which continued “We are going to send you on a little trip to see the General; he is very keen to get you back it seems”.

She wriggled, Ummmphing from behind the gag.

“Poor bitch” whispered one woman to the other “Once her gets his hands on her shell wish she was dead”

“Fuck her” said the other, “She deserves it as far as Im concerned”

“Ladies, please!” Said the first voice “weve got work to do” and Suzzanne jumped as she felt a sharp scratch to her arm, then her mind began to swim and she sank slowly onto the warehouse floor.

Back in London, Control answered his phone, “Yes” he paused, “So what news, she left the sub as planned and the naval driver reports dropping her at the airport?”

He waited listening, “She checked in as planned but never boarded the flight and security reported a fracas involving a woman fitting her description” he paused again.

“Get me the South African Embassy I need to pull in a few favours”.

There was a knock at his door; “Come in” it was James Palmer the Head of Research.

“Ive been looking at these files you sent me, they are by no means the complete picture but the technology is bloody fantastic, I cant wait to until Agent Midsummer get back and I can get a look at what else she had got”.

“Im afraid thats not going to be any time soon” said Control “she never made her flight and weve had no contact so shes either disappeared purposely, been killed or worst, taken.  If anyone finds out she harbours this technology shell fetch a pretty penny to the right buyer”.

OK Control, youve got a lot on now, Ill carry on with studying the files and let you know if I find anything”

Oh Sorry James, yes you do that” and Palmer rose and left Control alone.

“Where the hell are you Agent Midsummer?” said Control out loud.

At that moment Suzzanne was just waking up in the cargo hold of a plane over the Indian Ocean and wondering what hell the General had in store for her.


The General sat smoking his cigar and sipping his tea with his glasses perched on his nose whilst he read the Wall Street Journal, he was pleased, his shares had been showing an upturn.  There was a knock at the door and a young maid entered.

“Yes what is it” he growled without looking up from his reading.

“Excuse me Sir, Mr Saito said the delivery is here” she said half bowing.

“Oh good” and he folded the paper and dropped his specs on to as he rose.

He made his way down to the underground garage where he found a slight Oriental man checking some electrical equipment and two large guards standing next to a long packing crate.  The crate was about 6 feet long by two feet wide and a foot deep, of robust construction it was clearly marked “TOP” and “THIS WAY UP”.

“Good Morning Mr Saito, are you all ready?”

“Yes indeed General” said the man with a pronounced Japanese accent. He worn a neat suit and his black hair was slicked back.

“Good lets get it open” and the guard stepped forward and began to pry up the lid of the crate. The General meanwhile rocked back on his heels, with an air of anticipation. As the lid was removed it could be seen the inside of the crate was heavily padded and inside was a long dark shape. On closer inspection it could be seen that the contents were in fact human shaped, black and shiny. The guard began to unfasten the restraining straps that held the body securely in the crate and as they did so the form began to move, faint struggles.

The General stepped forward as they lifted the body onto a small metal bed with a thin mattress. Plainly visible now it could be seen that it was a body sheathed from head to foot in a thick black rubber cocoon. The head was completely covered with a hood except for two nose holes to allow the wearer to breathe. A heavy duty zipper ran from the throat to the insteps of the feet and at various point thick straps build into the sheath were secured down the front.  The body began to wriggle and twist and the General gestured to the guards, immediately one slipped a strap over the head and around the neck and secured it to the top of the bed, the other slipped one over the feet and fixed it in a similar way to the foot of the bed. The form continued to struggle until it realised the futility.

The General moved forward and stood over the bed.

“I hope you have had a good journey Miss Midsummer, not to arduous” he said glibly

The forms head turned towards the voice and began to twist and buck.

He continued “you are quite a thorn in my side Miss Midsummer and its about time I had you removed, but before we do that I need to know what you did with the files you stole from the platform.”

Suzzanne lay quiet now in her claustrophobic rubber prison, listening carefully to his words, fighting to remain calm. She could barely move so constraining was the sheath. She tried to reply but her mouth was filled by a conforming rubber gag which rendered her virtually silent save for groans and moans. He was speaking again.

“I dont really want to waste any time and I want answers straightway so my colleague here Mr Saito is going to assist you with your co-operation”.

She started as she felt hands feeling and pulling around her chest as Mr Saito undid several of the straps, he then felt for the zipper at her throat and with one action pulled it down to her navel. She felt cool air on her skin after the confinement of the rubber, then his warm hands as he scooped out her breasts, exposing them fully.

She moaned behind the gag and hood in disapproval but the neck and ankle strap restrict her struggles. Fingers rolled and pulled her nipples in turn before she felt them squeezed in some sort of clamp.

The small man made a few final preparations then waited for the Generals signal to begin and with a wave of his hand Mr Saito flipped the switch.

Suzzanne jumped, emitting a stifled moan before puffing noisily through the nose holes in the mask, he fired the device again making her grunt and twist before looking to the General who signalled to continue. Again and again the fiery electricity bit at the captive womans squashed pink nipples, and after half an hour of almost continuous abuse the General signalled a halt.

“Remove her hood Mr Saito, let see if she wants to speak!

The Japanese released the strap around her neck, then popped open the neck stiffening collar before freeing the zipper up the back of the hood, with a tug he pull the heinous item off, before extracting the foam gag.

Suzzanne sucked down deep breaths, her face pink and sweaty and her hair plastered to her head, she was glad to be free of the hood, but the General was staring at her a look of disbelief on his ruddy face.

Snapping back he said “Mr Saito, please get Dr Crawley down here” and the little man bowed and left, then he turned back to face her.

“So Suzzanne, where are the files you stole?”

“Gone General, youll never see then again”

See could see anger flash across his face momentarily but the he smiled.

“Of course Suzzanne and you think I wont find some way to get them again? And of course Ive got Dr Baxter”

Suzzanne glared at him, knowing he was probably right, his Organisation had tentacles into crime, politics, everything it seemed.

“and” he continued “you wont be around much longer to try and stop me”

“What is it General?”  said Peter Crawley

“Ah Crawley, the technology you were working on, the technology you failed to secure when we raided the research station, you claim it speeds up healing?”

“Yes” said Crawley quizzically

“Well take a look at Miss Midsummer; do you see any facial injuries?”

Crawley stepped sideways and moved towards Suzzanne. She recoiled as he reached for her chin. She jerked her head away,

“Take your hands of me Crawley, you traitorous scum”

He ignored her insults and roughly grabbed her jaw pressing his fingers painfully into her cheeks, then staring intently at her face he forced her head from side to side. With his other hand he examined her hair line and using his thumb forced her eyelids up in turn, then he forcibly pressed along the length of her nose, before almost tossing her head to one side as he released her.

“No General, nothing significant, some slight old bruising, but didnt the snatch team say she put up a fight?  That would explain that”

“Well Crawley would you be interested to know that around 6 days ago my men beat Miss Midsummer very severely,  her face looked like ground beef and today there is no trace of it”

Crawley stood with his mouth open, the reality of what the General was saying sinking in.

“You think?......”

“Do you have another explanation Doctor” cut in the General, “Can you test her?”

Yes, errr Yes General, can we get her up to the lab”

An hour later Suzzanne lay strapped down on the omnipresent examination table. Crawley had spent that time prodding and poking, X-raying and examining her, he had had drawn blood and jabbed her with needles and now he had his answer.

“Well Crawley?” questioned the General

“Yes she has been populated with the Nanomix, I dont know how but she is full of them and judging but what you have said they work, she heal faster and go knows what else, watch this”

Picking up a scalpel he turned to face the restrained woman and smiled cruelly at her as she glowered back, the ball gag preventing her from telling him her true feelings!

He placed the scalpel blade against her lower abdomen and with a single slow action drew the blade across her smooth flesh. Suzzanne made no sound, just a sharp intake of breath and her hands balled into fists as the blade traced a white line that quickly turned scarlet across her belly.  Blood welled up from the wound but as they watched it stopped and clotted before their eyes.

“Thats only a superficial wound but already the Nanobots are limiting blood loss and starting to close the wound, I reckon it will be closed within an hour or two and just a line by tonight and gone tomorrow”

“Thats incredible Doctor, but how did they get into her, we arrived before Dr Baxter had completed the procedure?”

I dont know General, that sample was the only one prepared with both Nubot/Nanite mix, and it was destroyed in the raid”

“Maybe it wasnt Crawley, Midsummer had the injector when she ran off and we thought it had gone over with the cliff with her, and Im sure I hit her at least once, what are the chances she injected herself?”

“Its possible I suppose?” he deliberated.

“So Crawley how do we get it out of her?”

“We cant General, once its injected it bonds with the hosts systems at a microcellular level and its irreversible, any attempt to extract it will kill the subject and the Nanotechnology.”

“Are you sure Crawley? I want this technology”

“Yes General, however I suggest we keep her alive, we may need to carry out some experiments, she is now the ultimate test subject”.

The General thought for a moment, “Ok Crawley, but remember who you will be dealing with she is lethal, take no risks”

“Yes indeed, I made that mistake once, it wont happen again”

“Hmmmm quite Doctor, still if we are going to keep Miss Midsummer around her and I have some business to conclude”

Both men had been standing over their captive as they spoke and the General turned to look down.

“Dont we Kätzchen” reverting back to the term of endearment he had used at their first meeting although this time it dripped revenge and he reached down and squeezed her breast digging his thick fingers into the yielding flesh making her moan painfully into the gag.


Peter Crawley closed the door to his room, “Carol, would you believe it, that bitch Midsummer managed to inject herself with the mix and it works!”

He was rewarded with a muffled moan, as he smiled down at his once colleague. She glared back at him, still as he had left her when the General had summoned him. She was naked on the bed with her wrists bound behind her and then tied off to the side of the bed frame. A heavy collar around her neck was tied to the other side of the bed. Cords bound her ankles together and then a length from each was tied to the bottom corners of the bed leaving her totally immobilised on the bed, a large red ball muffling her cries and moans. Scattered on the bed around her were dildos, butt plugs, electro-stim toys and various tubes and bottles and discarded latex gloves. The area around her sex and anus glistened with a copious coating of lubricant; her eyes were red and puffy from crying. Before he had left her Peter Crawley had been practising his own form of interrogation on the unfortunate Doctor.

“Did you hear me; she treated herself and it works!”

Dr Baxter twisted uncomfortably trying to speak around the gag; Crawley ignored her continuing to talk, effectively to himself.

“We need to make some more Carol, you need to rethink your position on assisting me, once we can give it to the General, it will make us rich”

He reached down and unbuckled the gag and she spat it out immediately.

“Go boil your head Peter, Ill never help you or that megalomaniac murderer, youre deluded if you think he will have any use for you once he has the technology, we need to escape form here, its not too late”

“Shhhhh, shhhhh ,shhhhh” he murmured, sitting down on the bed and stroking back the strands of hair plastered across her face.

“It wont be like that, he has buyers waiting who will pay handsomely and……”

“You idiot Peter” cutting across him “ even if he lets you live youll be hunted as a traitor, therell be nowhere for you to hide”.

“NO CAROL, IT WONT BE LIKE THAT AT ALL” he shouted his mood changing instantly and he forced the ball back into her mouth silencing her.

He rose to leave, “You will help me Carol and I suggest you choose to do so quickly because the General wont be a considerate as me when it comes to questioning you!”

Suzzanne chomped hard on the dense foam packing her mouth but the black plastic bondage tape wrapped around her lower face prevented her from expelling it and she tested her restraints again. She was strapped naked to a tubular metal frame in the Generals private suite. Leather cuffs fastened her ankles to the uprights on either side of the frame with more cuffs at knee height which kept her thighs widely spread. At hip height the frame angled forward and her hips rested against a padded cross member. Her wrists were cuffed tightly  to the uprights on either side of her head and three more cross members supported her body, one padded on which her forehead rested and two flat metal bars above and below her breasts which dangled pendulously in front of her. These final two bars were adjustable along the angled uprights and had been moved together so that her breasts were squeezed between them.

She heard a knock at the door then the door opened and voice enquired “General?” and Crawley entered. Suzzanne tensed, acutely aware of her vulnerability. Crawley scanned the room and on seeing her predicament a serpent like smile spread across his lips.

“Well well, Midsummer all undressed and nowhere to go it seems?”

Suzzanne hhhmmmped into the gag and pulled at her restraints, her eyes flashing hate, and as he walked behind her his fingertips traced a path across her projecting buttocks causing her to stiffen again and he leant in and whispered in her ear.

“When the General has finished with you I'm going to suggest he let me experiment on to see how much punishment you can take.  You dislocated my shoulder but what Im going to do to you will be a hundred times worse.”

All the while he spoke his hand fondled and squeezed her buttocks, kneading the firm round globes, his fingers occasionally straying between and down to stroke her sex and she squirmed at his touch. His other hand stroked across her tummy and up until it was cupping one of her heavy breasts, he gripped it firmly making the nipple point and she clenched her fists in anger, then he slid his fingers up to the nipple and flattened it between his thumb and forefinger before twisting and pulling it.

She whimpered and sagged against the frame her eyes shut tight. His face close to hers he continued.

“Mmmmmm sensitive I shall have to single these out for special attention, I might just….”

“You might what Crawley?” sounded the Generals guttural accent and Crawley leapt away as if Suzzanne had just glowed red hot.

“Oh General, sorry I was just looking for you”

“And you thought Miss Midsummer could help you?”

“Errr, no no Sir, I was….”

“Get out Crawley” commanded the big man and Crawley scuttled out awkwardly.

Placing some items out of sight behind her the General now turned his attention to his captive.

“The man is a creep but I need him…..for the time being” he said glibly, “and we have some unfinished business Kätzchen” and she felt him place his hands on her hips before he began to slide them up her flanks until each hand cupped a pendulous breast, he pressed his hips against her buttocks and he made a low animal moan.

“Nnnnnnnn”, his hands kneading her breast flesh, “I hope you are good as I remember you Kätzchen?” and he nuzzled into her neck, and she could smell the scotch and cigars on his breath. One hand moved down between her spread legs and she felt a thick digit begin to probe until it parted her smooth lips and she gasped behind the gag.  He rolled the pad of his finger roughly over her clitoris making her jerk back against him and she could feel the hard bulge under his robe.

“I hope you are getting wet Kätzchen?” and his hand slid around her hip and down between her legs, his fingers briefly stroked her lips before two fingers thrust deep inside her and she moaned into the gag.

“Oh yes still tight and wet” he murmured into her ear as his fingers explored her love canal. He withdrew his fingers and wafted them under her nose before smearing their glistening coating around her nostrils and upper lip, she twisted her head this way and that but the musky scent of her own sex filled her head and she felt a familiar rush of heat between her legs.

“Ha ha, do you like the perfume of your own Muschi?” he mocked.

Then he stepped away, “lets get started anyway” and he  untied the robe and let it drop, she could not see him fully as she could not turn but he came and stood close behind her and as she looked down she could see his thick cock erect, bouncing as he moved, indeed she had forgotten quite how “substantial” he was. He was holding a clear bottle in his hand pouring a measure of syrupy liquid into his other. The he slapped his hand up between her legs making her squeal before he massaged the slippery lube around her pussy and up between her buttocks.

“Never hurts to give things a helping hand Kätzchen” as his palm and fingers spread it over every curve and into every crease.  She bucked as a digit slid unexpectedly into her anus and performed a couple of revolutions

He laughed again and quipped, “Preparation!”

“Now” he said and she felt his hands grip her hips and he lowered himself behind her before rising so that his bobbing erection made contact with her now slippery lips. With a grunt he stood up and Suzzannes eyes opened wide as she felt herself spread and filled.

“Mmmmmmm” he moaned then holding onto the cross member level with her hips he began to slide in and out of her. She gasped with each up stroke and his hips drove against her buttocks.  For a few minutes he kept up a slow steady stroke rate as if he was savouring the feeling of the woman wrapped around his member.

Suzzanne felt every inch of him and she could hear his groans and moans of appreciation, then he began to pick up the rate, thrusting harder into her making her boobs jump. One hand detached and found its way round to her button where it began to rub in rhythm with his thrusts. She struggled to maintain composure, remembering that last time they had met he had managed to masturbate to orgasm before he had even entered her.

“Oooooo Kätzchen” he cooed, “let it happen you know you wont be able to stop me”.

She knew he was right, she could feel it in her loins and in her nipples, her head was pumping and then she burst.

“MMmmmaawww, MMmmmaawww, MMmmmaawww, MMmmmaawww, MMmmmaawww, MMmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!” she screamed into the gag as he skilfully brought her to orgasm, then he felt her go limp against the frame. Slowing his strokes, he pulled out and landed a heavy smack across her bum rousing her from her post orgasmic reverie.

“Just a little warm up, we got a lots to catch up on, and she groaned, remembering his Viagra driven stamina, and he laughed landing several more smacks causing her to squeal in protest at the burning blows.

Then he was back at her, his hands roaming over her, squeezing, pinching, pulling, slapping, making her twist and squirms, all the time whispering obscenities into her ears.  He would drop rubbing his cock along her sex before pushing up into her for a few strokes, making her moan , then pulling out, his fingers journeyed between her legs, pulling, probing, rubbing occasionally penetrating her second hole, a forewarning of what was still to come. Then he would drive up into her again, one hand mauling her tits, the fingers of the other pumping over her clitoris until he felt her stiffen and then come in a mewling, squirming mass.

Stepping back once more she felt in horror his hard thick fingers spread her cheeks, she roused herself, struggling, shaking her head furiously.

“MO, MO, Pleeth  MOOOOOO, Ownt” she implored desperately.

The General smiled and laughed, “Ah sorry Kätzchen, no can do, Im afraid you owe me one”

Suzzanne struggled waggling her bottom, futilely trying to avoid the lube he was trying to trickle between her cheeks. He continued to laugh as he pressed his free hand against the base of her spine to steady her.

“You know, Im really going to enjoy this and all your struggling is just making me harder so keep it up”

She felt his big hands grip her hips and seconds later the hot head of his tool was probing along her valley.

“MO MO MO” she yelled

She felt the bulbous head against her tight ring and despite her reluctance she knew she had to relax to accept it as to fight would only make it worse. She breathed loudly though her nose as at first her anus was dilated then stretched then stretched again!

The pain was unbelievable and she gripped the bars of the upright, biting on her gag.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” she screamed and the General relished her discomfort as he pushed deeper inside her most private place until he was buried to the hilt. Suzzanne was panting, her ring burned and her belly felt full.

“Hold on Kätzchen here we go” and he began to pump in an out of her slowly at first then faster, banging her hips against the cross member. She clenched her eyes tight shut, knowing it would eventually end.

“Nggg, Nggg, Nggg Nggg” grunted the big man his hips thrusting back and forth until with a loud groan of release he came and  she could feel his thick intruder pulsing as it filled her with its load.

“Aaaahhhhhhh” he moaned, unhurriedly allowing himself to slide from her and he watched as her abused anus slowly closed leaving only a dribble of his creamy load on the outside.

She hung limply, sweat glistening on her skin as he slumped into a chair and took a mouthful from his drink.

“Well Thank you Kätzchen, that was everything I had hoped” he said casually, “Id like to think we could do it again sometime, but I need the technology you hold for myself and I think you can help me get that but then we will have to part company Im afraid, youre just too dangerous to keep around so this time I will make sure its the LAST time we meet”

He rose slipping on his robe before entering the en suite and closing the door behind him.


Dr Baxter was dragged by two guards down the stone steps and along the basement corridor; they ignored her pleas and ineffective attempts to free herself from their grip. Arriving at a heavy closed door they turned to drag her inside and she feared the worse.  Although windowless the room was large and well lit and virtually empty save for several chairs and a curtain half way across. She was forced into a heavy wooden chair; the guards pulled her arms behind her and locked them into cuffs attached to the chair. She twisted pulling at the bonds before turning to face the room occupants.

The General sat smoking a big cigar, the end glowed bright orange red as he took a huge draw, Peter Crawley sat across from him, fidgeting, his forehead shiny with sweat, his eyes looking slightly wild.

“Dr Baxter” drawled the General, “we need talk”

Carol Baxter was dress only in a thin medical gown tied at the back and she kept her legs tightly closed.

“Ive got nothing to say General” her voice dripping derision.

“Dr Baxter” continued the General, “Im patient man, I asked you this already and I know Peter has asked you…”

“Pfffff” she snorted at the Generals intimation, Peter Crawley had spent hours exploring his perversions on her under the guise of persuading her to co-operate, she scowled at her ex-lover.

“However”  he continued  “you will at some point tell me what I want to know, I have most of your project records, I have Dr Crawley, you hold the last part of the jigsaw. No this is your last chance to co-operate or I will have to take extreme measures to force you”

She felt a cool rivulet of sweat roll down her spine as she wondered what her had in store for her.  Deep down she knew he would break her eventually, she was a scientist not a trained agent, but she knew she had a duty to hold out as long as possible.

“Never you scumbag do your worst” she spat defiantly.

Very well Doctor, whatever happens next will be down to you and he signalled with his cigar. One of the guards drew back the curtain and Dr Baxter gasped.

“No No you cant”

Behind the curtain Suzzanne was strapped naked to a tubular steel bench. She lay on her back her arms stretched out cruciform style, her legs, spread wide hung over the bottom of the frame at the knee. Heavy tan buckled leather straps held her down at wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee and ankle leaving her shapely torso and breasts fully exposed. A combined leather posture collar and gag kept her silent and a blindfold robbed her of her sight, however the sight that terrified her the most was Mr Saito standing beside the bench wearing a heavy leather floor length apron and thick black rubber gauntlets.

No please dont, dont hurt her, Suzzanne, Suzzanne are you OK?” pleaded the distraught Doctor

“Her ears are plugged Dr Baxter, and she is blindfolded, she can hear and see nothing but she will be able to feel everything” said the General matter-of-factly

“Let her go General, please I beg you”

“Then agree to tell me what I want to know Dr Baxter”.

She sobbed, “I cant, I cant” tears streaking her cheeks.

“Very well, Mr Saito begin please”

Carol Baxter jerked up her eyes wide.  The Japanese had turned to a table at the head of the bench and picked up a wicked looking device. Around ten inches long the top 6 inches looked like a slightly curved thick chrome dildo, the bottom 4 inches consisted of a sword like hilt with a shaped guard between the handle and the chrome, a thick black cable from the base of the handle coiled back to a control box. Deliberately he poured a stream on viscous lubrication over the chrome section before smearing it around the silver shaft.

Carol Baxter tugged frantically at the cuffs, “No stop, General, you dont have to do this, I beg you!”

“Are you going to tell me what I want to know Dr Baxter?”

The hysterical Doctor, looked back at him, her mouth opening and closing like a fish, her wide, red rimmed.

“Very well” and with mounting dread she watched the little man slide the heinous device into the captive agents vagina. Suzzanne moaned and squirmed as she felt herself being invaded, her senses blocked, the collar making it impossible to move her head. Smiling, Mr Saito slid the device in and out a few times, twisting it as he did so ensuring her sex was well coated inside and out with the conductive gel.

With his other hand he reached for the device and began to twist the control knob. Dr Baxter heard the box begin to hum and the dials on the front flicker and move. Almost instantaneously Suzzanne gave a muffled squeal and her whole body jumped in its bondage.  Saito continued twisting the dial and his victims cries increased in pitch, her whole twisting and arching, her hands clenching and unclenching.

“You can end her suffering Dr Baxter” stated the General, examining his fingernails as if oblivious to the suffering behind him.

The little torturer had begun to work the dildo device in and out of her pussy whilst twisting the power up and down. Suzzannes screams where rising and falling, her body convulsing with the current. Carol Baxter sat speechless with terror and helplessness, tears streaming down her face.

“Please” she sobbed, “Please stop this, youre killing her”

“When you agree to co-operate Dr Baxter and until you do it will only get worse for Miss Midsummer”

Carol Baxter, hung her head in dismay, she knew to give the general what he wanted would be a disaster in the long term, his plans for her technology would only bring more pain and terror to the world, yet she had never seen a human  suffer the way Suzzanne was.  Her muffled screams were still loud enough to fill the room and where she had struggled the skin under the straps was pink and bloody. Mr Saito was furiously working the dildo and controls increasing and decreasing Suzzannes torment.

After twenty minutes of unrelenting suffering Suzzanne sagged down unmoving, her breasts rose and fell ponderously her body drenched in sweat. Thinking she was dead Carol Baxter flung herself forward in the chair.

“NO NO, you bastards youve killed her” and she sobbed uncontrollably slumping forward as she did so.

“Quite to opposite Doctor, she has just passed out” intoned the General, “I will have Mr Saito revive her will smelling salts and we can continue only this time it will be worse”

Dr Baxter lifted her head and glared at the General. “Worse?”

There was a muffled splutter and moans as the Japanese wafted a fouls smelling concoction under the Agents nose and she began to twist and struggle again, disorientated by her lack of senses.

“Yes worse, Dr Baxter and maybe we can see how efficient those little bugs of yours actually are at healing”

She felt the panic rising again, “What do you mean, what are you going to do to her?”

“Me? Nothing, but Mr Saito is a master of his art, arent you Mr Saito?” the small man nodded, his wide smile splitting his face.

“So Mr Saito, do you have any scissors?”

The torturer turned to the table and returned holding up a large pair of long bladed scissors for all to see, still smiling.

“Excellent, now Mr Saito I want you to cut off Miss Midsummer nipples one at a time with the scissors”

Carol Baxter gasped, recoiling in the chair, her face a horrified mask.

“Then” continued the General “if Dr Baxter still refuses to help us I want you to remove Miss Midsummers labia and clitoris in the same way”.

The man nodded and turned back to his victim and in horror she watched him begin to pull on one of Suzzannes nipples, lifting her whole breast, then he slid the scissors around the captured teat and slowly began to close then. Suzzanne exhausted as she was had not responded as her bud was initially stretched but as the  sharp steel began to bite she began to struggle and cry out through the gag.

“Do it slowly Mr Saito and when you have finished we can see whether Dr Baxters invention is worth all this trouble”

Carol Baxter sat frozen for a moment, unable to take in what was happening, she could see the blades deliberately begin to squeeze the pink flesh, in a moment they would begin to cut.

“NO STOP NOW, DONT DO IT ILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT” she yelled straining forward against her bonds, “Just leave her alone, dont hurt her any more” she said more quietly.

The General smiled as Mr Saito put down his instrument of torture and let Suzzannes tit drop.

“Excellent Doctor, I knew you would see sense eventually.” Then addressing the guard and Crawley

“Now take Dr Baxter down to the lab, get her some clothes and she can get started”

“WAIT” yelled Baxter as they dragged her out and the General and Crawley turned.

“I want assurances that Agent Midsummer will be left alone otherwise I wont continue to work for you”

The General paused then spoke slowly,

“You are in no position to make demands Dr Baxter; however Agent Midsummer will be kept safe all the while you do as I ask”

Realising it was the most she could get; Carol Baxter nodded and disappeared through the door in the grip of the guards.

The General turned to the Japanese. “Mr Saito ensure she is kept safe and secure for the time being, once the good Doctor has done her work we can dispose of them both”

The small man bowed slightly and in a cloud of cigar smoke The General swept out of the room.


“What is it Palmer, you sound bloody ecstatic on the phone”, smiled Control as he marched into the Research Lab.

“Oh god yes” effused Palmer, “Ive been reading up on Dr Baxter and Crawleys work along with those files we were sent, this tech could make a massive improvement to the survivability of our agents in the field!”

“Yes I know Palmer but whats new, your all weve got the South African leads on Midsummer have gone stone cold.”

“Ah well I may be able to help you there, you see these little nanobots are really tiny machines and although insignificant alone as a group they are quite remarkable”

“I do understand the principles of nanotechnology Palmer”

“Oh, oh sorry Control, well anyway these little bots each emit a tracking signal, so they can tell each other where they are so to speak”


“Well and this is the fascinating bit, is sort of like a tiny GPS signal!”

“Well go on man!” pushed Control

“So if there are enough of them they sort of send out a big GPS tracking signal, because they are all broadcasting on the same frequency”

“Palmer are you telling me we can track were these blighters are from the signal from the nanobots? “

“Yes Control, spot on” clearly excited by his discovery, almost hopping from one foot to the other on the spot.

“OK Palmer, settle down, first things first, do we know the frequency they are on?”

“Yes Control”

“OK, next, how do we track them?”

“They should show up on any military GPS tracker system like an AWACS etcetera!”

“And how will we know if we have got the right signal?”

“Ah well theres the rub Control, we cant tell specifically from the signal, we would have to visually check out the location, troops, drone, satellite that sort of thing”

Controls face crumpled, “Bloody Hell James, are you telling me if we find a matching signal, bearing in mind  they could be anywhere on the bloody planet, we then have to send in assets to check it out?”

“Err, yes sort of Control” he said sheepishly

Control signed a huge sigh, his hand cupping his forehead, then after a while he spoke.

“Good work Palmer; its more than we had five minutes ago” and the scientists face slowly smiled.

“Keep looking and Ill see if we can get some sort of search up and running”.

Back in his office Control put down his phone, after some terse persuasion and calling in a few favours the Prime Minister had agreed to instruct British military satellites and Search aircraft to begin looking for GPS signatures on the frequency M.I.7 had identified, he was also requesting US input over the areas they covered.

Back in Quetta Suzzanne shifted painfully on the floor of her cell, all of her muscles felt stiff and bruised from the electro torture she had endured and her pussy lips felt raw and chafed which was not helped by the leather and canvas crotch strap of the tightly fastened strait jacket she was wearing.  She knew the pain and discomfort would settle in the next few hours if the Nano companions did their job so tried to force her discomfort to the back of her mind while she took in her predicament.

The strait jacket was of the traditional style and fastened down the back with a zipper and leather straps, the crotch strap prevented it from being removed over her head, her arms in the closed sleeves were bound tightly around her middle. An integral leather collar was close around her neck and a chain attached to a D ring at the rear trailed away to a ring on the cell wall. Around her ankles padded cuffs with a short joining chain ensured she was hobbled. Her cell was small, concrete throughout with a heavy door at one end; the floor had a gentle slope toward the middle of the room where there was a grate.

At the far end was a battered metal bowl which held some water and wriggling across the floor she dipped her face in drank messily. Hearing a noise in the cell the guard checked through the Judas hole before opening the door. They entered and stood over her.

“Awake then bitch” one of them spat

“Yeah no thanks to you two noisy numb-nuts” she hissed back

He scowled and struck her across the legs with his baton, she flinched, breathing through her teeth but refused to cry out.

“Go on smart mouth, give me a reason to hit you again” he goaded

Does your mother know you beat up on girls, is it because she didnt give you enough tit?” she teased

“Grrrraaarrr” he bellowed and hit her again.

“Big man” she mocked through the pain, “face me when Im not all tied up and Ill stick that baton up your arse!”

He stuck her again, before jabbing the baton into her belly, then two more blows and she tried to roll herself into a ball.

He stood over her panting, waiting for her response, but she thought better of it, better to live and fight another day and thinking he had won a victory he poked her hard with his boot and stomped out leaving his silent companion to lock her back in.

High overhead a circuit closed in a satellite as it registered a weak signal emanation from far below and in micro seconds it was beaming its news back to a secure military facility in Gloucestershire, England. Thirty minutes later a phone rang on a desk in M.I.7 headquarters.

Far away in dusty Pakistan Dr Carol Baxter stood at her desk in the shabby laboratory, two guards stood inside the door watching her every move.  She had been coerced into helping the General but assured herself that she would make it as slow and laborious a process as she could, but deep inside she knew she had no escape and Suzzannes life was held over her to ensure her compliance like the sword of Damocles. She stood her head hung down as she pondered her situation, when the door swung open.

“Good Morning Doctor, how are things progressing” beamed the General.

She looked up, “slowly” she said, “this lab is not really suitable and I need more equipment”

“Well thats not what Doctor Crawley says, he says you have everything you need and you are dragging your feet, what you actually need is incentive Doctor Baxter!”

And he grabbed her viciously by the hair and began dragging her towards the window into the courtyard.

“There is your incentive Dr Baxter”

“Looking out across the bone dry courtyard she whispered quietly to herself

“Suzzanne, oh no!”

In the centre was an octagonal solid concrete plinth that when the base had been a fort had once supported and anti-aircraft gun. Now all the plinth supported was a naked woman chained spread-eagled across its hot hard surface.

Composing herself she turned on the General.

“General I agreed to do this work in return that Agent Midsummer was not harmed, you have not upheld your end of the bargain and I withdraw my offer”

The big man laughed deep from his belly.

“Oh you foolish naïve woman, you do as I say, we had no bargain, now get on with you work, quickly, it gets very hot out there” he laughed

“You bastard, you cheating lying bastard” and she spat in his face.

He stood for a moment, one eye closed as the gobbet dribbled down his face and he wiped it away with his sleeve, then fixing her with his cold stare he backhanded her across the jaw sending her spinning along the bench and sprawling on the floor. He marched over to her and she screamed in pain as he hauled her up by the hair.

Holding his face close to hers he spoke coldly and quietly.

“You will do whatever I tell you to do you stupid English bitch, you will never speak to me like that again or I will have you tongue cut out, now get on with you work and I want to see some progress, I will return here in two hours, if you are not able to show me something new I will have Mr Saito whip Midsummer, and he will whip her every hour on the hour until sunset do you understand, and then he will start again at sunrise tomorrow, do you understand, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!”

Tears streaming down her face, her lip fat and bleeding she meekly nodded her head,

“Yes” she said tamely, “I understand”

“Good” he said, “Im glad we had this chat Doctor Baxter, now I will leave you to your work and Ill be back in two hours.”

The launch crew of the remote observation drone watched it lift gracefully off and swing round climbing to head west; in minutes it would cross over the Afghan/Pakistani border heading for a faint GPs signal outside Quetta.  Back in the control bunker the flight crew monitored its function and watched the grey brown scrublands moving slowly along thousands of feet below.

“Crossing departure line” crackled a voice in everyones headphones, “Stay sharp, keep a look out for hostile assets and electronic threats”

At a height where it was almost invisible the stealth design kept it hidden from radar and the noise of its tiny engine was lost on the wind.

“Three minutes to target” crackled the voice “Activate locator and imaging systems”

“We are over the target Boss” crackled another voice.

“What is that down there?”

“Its an old Pakistani army fort boss, reported as abandoned but those look like fresh tyre tracks and the signal is definitely coming from down their”

“OK circle, lock on the tracker and zoom in”

High over the fort the drone moved in a wide arc its huge camera eye relaying back what it saw.

“Definitely occupied Boss most likely hostiles,…….. what is that?”

“I dont know, it looks like……. Zoom in”

“Thats the origin of the signal Sir” came a third voice

“What is that…… good god!”

Slipping into focus on the monitor was the unmistakable form a voluptuous naked woman stretched out like Vitruvian man across a raised base. As the resolution increased they could she her skin was red from the sun, her eyes closed and a ball gag forced her cracked lips apart. They could clearly see her large breasts rising and falling and every now and again she tugged weakly at the chains holding her.

“Get a hard copy, and get it back to London ASAP Oh, and make sure you get her face!” 


“Two hours Dr Baxter so lets see how you are getting” barked the General as he stomped into the lab, Mr Saito in tow. Carol Baxter turned.

“Oh General” she sounded flustered, “Ive been prepping some cultures for the Nubots and”

He cut across her, “So what progress have you made?”

“General this is a delicate process, the Nubots are DNA based I need to culture them, that takes time” she implored.

“Well as I explained Dr Baxter, time is the one thing you dont have, I want to see progress, however despite what you think I am a reasonable man, I will give you a further four hours but if you cannot show any advancement in your work then I will have to let Mr Saito carry out his test of your work on Agent Midsummer” and both men smiled malevolently.

“Four more hours Dr Baxter , thats all” and they both turned and left.

She turned and leant on the bench her head down for a moment then she looked out of the window, across the courtyard she could see Suzzanne spread naked in the full sun and in frustration she swept her arm across the bench smashing glass jars and test tubes!

Back in London Control sat in a darkened viewing room, on the wall sized screen before him was a massive image of the Prime Minister.

“Yes Sir we are sure its her, the drone was able to high res images over the base. We have good reason to believe this is the base the General is operating from and theres a good chance Dr Baxter may be there too”

“And youre sure we can get in and out in the minimum of time, we are risking an international incident here, I dont need to tell you” replied the PM

I understand Sir, we have got it covered, our troops will use captured ex-soviet equipment and weaponry and their uniforms will be plain and carry no insignia or identifying marks”

“OK then go ahead, but keep me informed”

“You have my word Sir” and the screen went black.  Control reached for the red phone next to his armchair. He pressed a button then waited for a response.

“Initiate plan Beta Three”

“Well Doctor, I trust you have better news for me this time?”

She was visibly shaking, “please General, you must believe me I will do this work you ask but it is not a finite process, I am trying to grow biochemical machines from human DNA, it takes time and patience, please give me the time I need, please I need 48 hours at least!”

He was silent for a moment, his head down.

“You disappoint me Doctor Baxter, I thought we understood each other, I explained what would happen and I even gave you more time but still you fail me”

And looking up his cold grey eyes fixing her

“And what kind of a man would I be if I didnt keep my word?

She sobbed, please ,please dont do this

“Mr Saito, guards , bring her, she needs to see the results of her failure”

The guards dragged the sobbing woman out into the sunlight and across the dusty courtyard. She could see two more guard unfastening Suzzanne and haul her unresisting towards a thick wooden post. They pushed her up against it face first before forcing her arms above her head and attaching her wrist shackles to fastenings in the post. As they released her she slumped before taking her own weight.

“Take out the gag, Dr Baxter needs to hear her screams.

Suzzanne was more alert now ,taking in her surroundings, she turned and looked at Carol Baxter, the Doctor, distraught mouthed “Im sorry” and Suzzanne gave her a  weak smile.

“Begin when you are ready Mr Saito, twenty to start with I think”

The little man had slipped off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves, he hefted a small leather bull whip which he began to test, flicking it until it cracked loudly making Carol Baxter flinch in the arms of the guards

“Good God General” her voice pleading, “Please no ,please I beg you”

“Carry on Mr Saito” ignored the General.

Mr Saito positioned himself and tossed out the whip several times before drawing it back over his shoulder and with a flick of the wrist brought it whistling down across Suzzannes bare back with a loud “CRACK”

She visibly stiffened under the blow but did not cry out, Dr Baxter tried to turn away but the guards kept her facing forwards. As the whip fell away it had coursed a angry red stripe across the womans back which quickly began to ooze scarlet. He brought is arm back again and another stripe appeared, Suzzanne was now pressing her face against the rough wood of the post almost wishing she still had the gag to bite on. As Saito readied for the next lash the General raised his hand , his head cocked as it listening.

On the wind could be heard a steadily increasing Whop, Whop Whop which the General immediately recognised.

“Sound the alarm, we are about to be attacked”

Then suddenly over the Fort wall roared several ugly looking helicopters, bristling with rockets and guns and without warning the heavy wooden gates of the entrance exploded splinters of wood cutting down men where they stood.

He stood for a moment before shouting orders to his stunned men.

“Quickly defend the gate, their troops will be here next,  Saito with me” then to his guards, “Prepare the escape convoy and decoys”.

The helicopters were now circling, pouring gunfire along the walls as RPG rounds  and tracer rounds began to streaked back to meet them. Small arms fire became louder as men began to rappel or demount from hovering helicopters.

Dr Baxter found herself alone the guard having left with their leader and she dashed forward.

“Suzzanne, dont worry Ill have you down in a second” and she fumbled to release the shackles and as she did so Suzzanne slumped to the foot of the post.  She was now regaining her wits.

“Carol, its OK stay down” and she spoke heavily armed men raced in through the smashed entrance  firing from the hip at any resistance.

Suzzanne was up now, freeing herself from her remaining restraints, looking around she saw a discarded combat jacket and slipped it on covering her nakedness, she didnt recognise the attackers and instinct told her she needed a weapon.

Dragging Dr Baxter to her feet she yelled, “Come on this way, we need to get in cover” and hauling the frightened woman behind her they ran at a crouch towards the building.  Halting briefly by a dead guard she gathered up a pistol quickly checking it magazine, then handing it to Dr Baxter.

“Careful where you point it, its loaded and cocked” and she smiled, then snatched up the mans automatic rifle. More soldiers were inside now and she noticed they had headed for the plinth, the choppers still circled noisily overhead, their door gunners mopping up any stragglers.

Back in the building they ran down a corridor towards the lab and as she rounded a corner she caught a brief glimpse of a swinging rifle butt before she saw stars and went sprawling.  Her gun clattered across the floor and as she reached for it a foot came down on her hand.

“Ah Ah, not this time Midsummer!” and the foot kicked her heavily in the ribs before planting itself on the back of her neck, the rifle muzzle pressed hard against her temple, it was Crawley.

“You ruined everything so far” his eyes were wild, crazed looking and she watched his finger tighten on the trigger.

“Stop it Peter, put the gun down” said a soft voice” Carol Baxter had hung back as she saw Suzzanne attacked, now she stood in the doorway.

He turned still pinning his captive with boot and gun.

“Carol?, its too late now, if only you had helped me, we could have been rich together , but she ruined it and now shes going to get it” and he turned back, pushing the muzzle down harder.

“No Peter, Im warning you, put the gun down”

“NO” and his finger once again tightened on the trigger his eyes fixed hatefully on the helpless woman.

BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG click, and Suzzanne saw a look of surprise come over his face before his eyes glazed and blood oozed from the sides of his mouth and he collapsed backwards. Looking back Suzzanne saw Doctor Baxter still holding the smoking pistol , arms outstretched.

Saying nothing she took the pistol from her rigid hands, “Come on , we need to keep moving”.

Outside Suzzanne heard a sudden increase in gunfire and the revving of powerful engines,  then tyres scrabbling on the gravel. From the window she saw three identical armoured SUVs roar out of the fortress and head in different directions.

“Shit, the General, that wily bastard!, quick outside Carol”

Sprinting outside, she skidded to a halt as a semi-circle of men appeared ahead of her their weapons pointed menacingly straight at her. 

“FUCK!” Angry  she dropped her gun and  raised her hands above head then one of the soldiers stepped forward.

“Agent Midsummer, Agent Suzzanne Midsummer?” he enquired in perfect English and a smile spread across her face.

“Major Cooper, West Mercia Regiment, were here to rescue you!”

“Oh Major am I glad to see you, those vehicles that just left , one of them contains the General , the others Ill wager are decoys, you need to stop them all”

“Ill get on it, meanwhile, Medic , check agent Midsummer  is unhurt”

She watched the Major signal to his radio man and seconds later several of the choppers headed off after the vehicles, then he came back to check on Suzzanne.

“Is she ok?”  The medic nodded

“Excellent,  let base know, we have secured the base and rescued two, now lets secure this place and then get out” he checked  his watch, “We need to be back across the border in…… thirty minutes”.


Suzzanne knocked on the polished oak door and went in, seeing her, Control rose from his desk moving towards her his arm outstretched.

“Agent Midsummer, its good to see you back so soon, your debrief was very interesting.”

They settled into their chairs and Control continued.

“We had no idea Crawley was involved with the General, we presumed he had been killed when the Research Facility was attacked”

“Indeed Sir, Im afraid he was very much part of The Organisation and unfortunately neither Dr Baxter of I have any idea of how much he was able to give to the General.”

“No quite, youll be pleased to know Dr Baxter is on the mend but the whole affair has damaged her quite badly Im afraid, she still under psychiatric care and it will be a while before we can get her back on the program, still we do have the files you recovered and R&D are working through them.”

“What of the General Sir, did we get him?”

Im afraid the answer to that is we dont know, the Helos caught two of the vehicles and examination of the wrecks identified remains in both of them that match a man the build and race of the General but as we have no DNA we cant confirm if one of them was him”

“And the third SUV Sir?

“It managed to reach a built up area before we could hit it, by the time our agents on the ground found it, it was abandoned and burnt out”.

“So he could have escaped Sir?”

Control nodded, “it looks that way and I suppose we have to plan for the worse and that we have not heard the last of him”

“Still” he continued his mood picking up, you are back safe and sound and enhanced so to speak” and she supressed a giggle.

“Your fitness report says you are fully healed with minimal physical evidence of any injuries?”

“Yes indeed Control, Im fully fit and I feel great”

“Well Id like you to make an appointment with R&D, they want to check out what they already know and they have some ideas”

Suzzanne frowned “ideas Sir?”


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