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Orphan Annie Has a New Home

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Synopsis: The Depression has caused an orphanage to close and Annie's new wards turn out to be a couple and their son, who don't really want her, and they make that abundantly clear to her, over and over!

Orphan Annie Has a New Home

Chapter 1

In 1934, as the Depression cut deeper and deeper into funding.  Many state and local institutions found it necessary to cut back, and even close facilities that were considered essential, but lacked the capital to continue.  Such was the case with the Peru, Indiana orphanage, which had received the news that funds were no longer available to maintain the building, staff and children being housed there.  It therefore behooved the administrators to find homes for as many children as possible.  The remaining juveniles would be moved to a state facility housing indigents, but without proper supervision, a dangerous position for the children to be placed into.

And so it happened that Charles Justice, the head administrator of the orphanage found himself visiting the Paynes, one of the more well-to-do families in Peru.  Andrew Payne, 40ish, was the president of the largest bank in Peru, and though banking, as all institutions during the Depression, was suffering, Andrew had managed to keep his and the banks finances in the black, though he seemed to be one of the few who had.

Andrew had a wife, Jennie, a very attractive 35 year old blond, who had set her sights on Andrew when he was an assistant in the bank and managed to get herself pregnant by Andrew, thus necessitating a rather speedy marriage.  The result of that union was a teen-age son, Frederick, a young man very self-assured, some might say even surly and unpleasant.  His disposition matched his mothers to a tee.

Charles explained the current situation to the Paynes, indicating that they had been able to find homes for most of the younger children in the orphanage, but that there were still over 20 juveniles and teens that they had yet to place.  Could the Paynes please consider taking one or two of these older orphans into their home?  It would only require them to take care of them until they reached 21, at which point they could be required to find their own way in life.

Jennie was totally against the idea, but Andrew, the more practical of the two, began to think that if they took in a young girl they could train her to act as a maid.  When he presented this concept to Jennie, she was more agreeable, but she was adamant that they would only take one child, and it must be a female teen.  Charles was delighted and drew up the “adoption” papers, which gave the Paynes supervisory authority over the new teen until age 21.  They looked through a scrapbook of the orphans pictures and decided to take a very pretty teen-ager named Annie.  Charles left the Paynes, promising to have her at their house on Saturday morning.

True to his word, he arrived with Annie and her small straw suitcase in tow at 9 a.m. that Saturday.  The Paynes were sitting out on their front porch when the two arrived.  Annie, it developed was indeed a very pretty girl with dark red curls, very shy and demure.  She said almost nothing as the introductions were made and sat timidly as the final arrangements were made.  She was quick to notice that Andrew was the only one in the family who was at all pleasant during the few minutes that Charles remained.  Jennie had a scowl on her face the whole time, and Freddy looked at her as though she was a frog about to be dissected in biology class.  His eyes bored into her moderate bosom, as though he had never seen one before.

Charles left and Andrew asked Annie a few questions, which received only “yes sir” or “no sir” responses from the nervous young girl.  Finally he suggested they go inside, so they could show Annie her bedroom.  As she rose to follow him in, Jennie stopped them in their tracks.

“She is not to set foot in the house until we check her for lice and fleas.  Ive heard terrible things about these orphanages and the filth and vermin they foster.  Take off your clothes, young lady, and give me that suitcase.  Everything in it, and the clothes youre wearing will immediately go into the washing machine. Now get those clothes off!”

Annie was stupefied, frozen in her place by the door.  She tried to explain that her orphanage didnt have such a problem, but before she could express herself, Jennie had sprung to her side and was yanking on her dress.  Too timid to resist, she watched as Jennie unbuttoned the dress down the front and pulled it down to the floor.  Annie was left in a simple white cotton bra and panties.  She began to raise her arms to ward off any further removal of her clothing, when Jennie slapped her savagely across the face.  Totally taken aback, she watched pitifully, tears coming to her eyes, as Jennie reached behind her, yanking and pulling on the bra catch until it finally loosened and the bra slipped down Annies arms.  Annies breasts, small but upright had bright pink nipples, which in her fear, now stood out in all their glory.  Jennie next yanked Annies panties down, a move that proved she was a true red-head, though the pubic growth was sparse enough that her prominent outer lips and dark slit were very evident. What struck all three family members was the whiteness of Annies skin, almost alabaster, with no freckles or blemishes.  Freddys eyes began to bug out as he viewed the first nude female hed ever seen.

Annies natural reaction was to shield her pubes and breasts with her arms, but Jennie quickly grabbed her right arm, moving her into the living room.

“Andrew, while I get all these filthy rags in the washing machine, take this girl to the bathroom, get her in the tub and make sure shes scrubbed and all her hair is checked for lice and fleas.  Frederick, you help your father until I get there.”

Annie reacted to this pronouncement by pulling away from Jennie and trying to get to the door.  Even naked she was willing to try to escape this strange family.  Freddy, however was in the way and managed to grab her arm and hold her.  Andrew, with a sigh, immediately stepped in to grab her other arm and pulled her to the couch.

“Thats just about enough from you, young lady.  You are obviously a bad-tempered, arrogant little gutter-snipe, who needs to learn that the world doesnt revolve around you.  Here we are trying to help you and you fight us at every turn.  What you need is a good old-fashioned spanking.”

With this, he lifted her over his lap and began to pound on her buttocks, leaving vivid pink hand-prints with each blow to her pallid skin.  Annie began to cry as she never had before, while receiving her very first spanking ever.  Her pleas and grunts soon turned into screeches and squawks, and the tears coursed down her cheeks.  Soon the pink imprints turned to one blood-red mass as Andrew continued to strike Annies backside.  Her legs began to flop about and spread, as she attempted to pull away from Andrews assault, giving Freddy, who had purposely positioned himself near her feet, a clear view of the puffy almost hairless vagina between her legs.  The beating continued for over five minutes, until Andrews hand began to hurt.  Annies plaints had turned to low moans and tiny squeaks by this time, and she had gone limp on Andrews lap.  He stood her up, pointing a finger in her face, and spoke as if he were talking to a five-year-old. .

“This is what you can expect from now on, every time you decide to be a bad girl and dont do as we say.   Do you understand, bad girl?”

Sputtering and sniffing to keep her nose from running, Annie nodded.  Andrew, not satisfied, slapped her across her left breast, causing her to fall back slightly, grabbing her tender boob in her left hand.

“I didnt hear you, bad girl.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“Yyy…yy.yyesss sir.”  A fresh stream of tears poured forth.

Satisfied that Annie had been properly chastised, Jennie grabbed up the suitcase and Annies clothes and hurried off to the cellar to start the wash.  Andrew took Annies hand and not so gently pulled her toward the bathroom.  Freddy eagerly followed, anxious to watch Annie get her bath and hopefully be able to help in some way.


Chapter 2

It took some doing to pull Annie into the bathroom, but Andrew finally managed to get her over to the tub and turn the spigots on.  With a command to Freddy to guard the door he let go of Annies hand and proceeded to stick the rubber stopper in the drain and regulate the water to a temperature just short of steaming.  Annie at first made a run for it, but found Freddy blocking the door.  She made one attempt to pass him, but, when he grabbed at one of her breasts, she backed up and stood, finally, in the middle of the bathroom with tears streaming down her face.

“Please, please, let me go.  I dont have any bugs on me.  I promise…”        

Andrew grabbed her arm and drew her to the tub once again.

“In we go, sweetie.  Well just make sure for ourselves, if you dont mind.”

Annie pushed her feet against the side of the tub, but Andrew was just too strong and lifted her body and placed her on her feet in the piping hot water.  The minute her feet hit the water she screamed.

“Its too hot.  Oh, please, itll burn me.  Pleeease!”

“Nonsense.  We need the water hot to get rid of the lice. Now, sit!”

Again, Annie fought with all her might, but Andrew was finally able to make her legs bend enough that he could push her down into the water.  Another scream followed.

“AAaaieee!  Its tooooo hot.  Pleeease.  Its burning me all over.”

“Just give it a minute and itll be fine.”

Annie continued to try to rise.  Finally, Andrew ordered Freddy to come and hold her down so he could bathe Annie.  Freddy was only too happy to oblige and moved to the end of the tub and held onto Annies shoulders.  Even though Annie was two or three years older than Freddy, she was no match for him, and finally ceased her attempts to rise.  Meanwhile, Andrew grabbed a bar of lye soap and began rubbing it all over the upper part of Annies body.  The poor girl just sat there with a steady stream of tears running down her face and sobbing quietly.  Occasionally she uttered quiet gasps as she felt water being splashed over her front and back.  Needless to say, Andrew paid particular attention to Annies pointy breasts, rubbing them all over with the soap, tweaking her rigid nipples, scooping up handfuls of water to rinse them off and then repeating the process. 

“You just never can tell where those little buggers might hide!” 

After he had completed a thorough cleansing of the upper portion of her body, Andrew ordered Annie to stand.  Knowing what was coming, she continued sitting, but with Freddys help Andrew was able to pull the disobedient teen up out of the water, taking a moment to strike her blood-red buttocks hard with his hand three times.  He leaned over and began soaping Annies now reddened legs all the way up, then splashing the soap off, before moving up to her middle.  He ordered her to spread her legs, which she defiantly kept tightly stiff and straight.  He suddenly grabbed one of her labial lips, twisted and squeezed hard.  Annie let out a banshee scream, then slowly spread her legs until Andrew finally let go.  He then proceeded to run the bar of soap between her legs from the top of her pussy all the back to her tiny rosebud over and over.  Then, to make sure he had gotten every inch, he ran his finger back and forth as the young girl blushed until her face was as red as the rest of her body.  After scooping water and splashing it up into the recess between her legs, causing a particularly high squeal, he told her she could step out of the tub.

Jennie, who was just entering the bathroom from putting the clothes in the washing machine called a halt.

“Shes not done yet.  You forgot the most important thing.  Her hair.  Shes probably got all kinds of lice residing on her scalp.  Sit, girl!”

Knowing she couldnt fight the three of them a sobbing Annie meekly sat back down in the tub.  Jennie grabbed a cup, dipped it in the water and proceeded to pour cup after cup over Annies head.  The water had cooled enough that Annie only gave a little squeak, when the first cupful splashed down over her face.  Jennie soaped up Annies head three or four times, always following with the water being dropped over the crown of her head.  Finally she was told to rise and get out of the tub, which she did with alacrity, only to find Andrew waiting with a large bath towel.  Jennie smiled at him as she watched him dry her all over, but pay particular pains to make sure her breasts and the area between her legs were dry.

“You know, Andrew, Im not sure the bath is enough to get those pesky little critters.  Ive heard that anywhere where theres hair, they continue to breed and lay eggs.  Go get your straight razor and lets see if we cant make sure they dont breed any more.”

When Annie realized what she was saying, she once again tried to race for the door, but Freddy grabbed her ankle and she ended up flat on the cold tile floor.  Andrew got his razor out of the medicine cabinet and, as he honed it a bit on the leather strop beside the wash basin, asked Jennie to mix some soap and water in the shaving cup.  When everything was ready, the three Paynes knelt down next to a petrified moaning Annie.

“No, please dont do this.  Ill wash it again.  Pleeeease!”

But they were determined and as Jennie held her shoulders down and Freddy, with some effort managed to spread her legs, Andrew went to work on shaving away what little hair Annie had covering her pussy.

“You dont want to fight this, honey.  I might very well end up cutting in places you dont want sliced, so relax.”

Annie decided he might be right and relaxed as much as she could, but the fear of being cut was less daunting than the knowledge that she would once again look like a little girl, with nothing to hide her slit.  She was further humiliated when they made her pull her legs up to her breasts and spread them further.  There is no position more demeaning for a woman than the one she was forced to present, so that Andrew could shave the area around her puckered ass-hole.

Finally, Andrew finished and was about to let Annie get up to her feet.

“Oh, no!  You forgot, Andrew.  Theres one other place she has hair, probably the worst spot for those little critters to hide and breed.  Get my scissors, please, Freddy.”

Annie, sensing immediately what Jennie was referring to, let out a heart-rending scream.

“Oh, you wouldnt.  No! Please, Ill do whatever you say but please dont cut my hair.  Please.  Ill be good.  Ill do anything.  Its not fair.”

“This is for your own good, Annie.  We just want to make sure all the lice are gone.”

“I told you, I dont have any lice, I never have.  Please dont.”

By this time Jennie had the scissors in her hand, and as Andrew grabbed her around the neck to hold her steady, Jennie began snipping away at Annies pride and joy, her lovely red curly hair.  When she had gotten all but an inch or so of the hair cut off, she told Andrew to use his razor to finish the job.  He let go of Annies head, and as he did Annie tried to spring up, but Jennie grabbed one of her nipples between her thumb and finger, squeezed it and, holding the scissors in her other hand, looked menacingly at the young girl.                

“If you dont want me to cut this little nippy off, you better sit still.  I bet that would really smart.  And dont you believe I wouldnt do it.”

Annie sat back down, sobbing, and Andrew began the process of shaving away the rest of Annies hair.  After he rinsed her head off and dried it, her head was as sleek as a cue ball.  With a chuckle, Jennie helped Annie up, making sure she saw herself in the mirror, an act which brought on a whole new torrent of tears.  Freddy looked at her and decided he really liked what he saw.  She now looked like a naked alien from outer space.  Very nice!

“Youre going to have to wait until I can get your clothes out on the line and dried before youll have anything to wear, Sweetie.  But I know you wont mind.  I hear you orphan girls like to show off to the boys, and Ive got two here that will be happy to watch you strut your stuff.  Keep an eye on her, Honey, while I go hang her clothes outside.”

Chapter 3

Andrew led the weeping girl out to the living room and ordered her to sit on the couch.  Covering her breasts with one arm, Annie placed her other hand across her crotch.  The males sat in chairs opposite the couch giving them a clear view of her covered front.

“Now, thats not very nice of you, Annie.  I want you to put your hands behind your neck, so we can see what a good job weve done of bathing and clipping you.”

When she hesitated, Andrew started up out of his chair with a fierce look on his face.  Annie immediately hurried to lock her hands behind her neck, lifting her perky breasts into cone-shapes.  She continued sniffing but her nose had become so congested that mucous was running down over her lips.  Her eyes were now rimmed in red from all her crying.

“Thats nice, but I think Freddy would like to see more, wouldnt you, Freddy?  Suppose you spread those pretty legs as far apart as you can get them.  Oh, you can do better than that.  SPREAD THEM all the way, girl!”

Reluctantly, Annie opened her legs until the labia began to show pink between them.  Her desire to place a hand over the exposed area was dashed by Andrews next command.

“Scooch forward so your little pussy is right at the edge of the cushion and spread them a little farther apart, Annie.  I believe Freddy would like to get a close-up view of your pussy.  Hes never seen one before.”

As soon as she had done as shed been ordered, Freddy jumped to his feet and moved in to kneel at the foot of the couch, his face not two feet from Annies spread bare cunt.  She groaned at the indecency of what she was being forced to do, but Freddys eyes were wide open, as they perused her open vagina.  Soon his index finger was touching the redness, running up and down the slit.  Annie uttered an “Oh, no” but otherwise watched as Freddy explored her hitherto most private place.  When he found her clitoris mound and began playing with it and the clit began to appear, all she could do was close her eyes, turn her head away and cry.  As he continued his massage, Annies body began to stiffen and she could feel waves of sexual heat building throughout her body.  In spite of herself, she began to moan slightly, and goose-bumps began to appear all over her body.  Freddy was having great fun, when Jennie entered, smiling at the scene before her.

“Whats this?  Anatomy 101?  Slow down there, son.  It looks like our Annies having too much fun.  Im all for spanking her again after all the trouble shes been giving us, but were sure not going to give her any orgasms!  Stop it, now!”

Annie was, indeed, this far from having a violent come, but had mixed emotions about Freddy stopping.  She was terribly relieved that she didnt have to exhibit her sexual raptures to the Paynes, but, too, she was now sitting in total frustration, with little likelihood that she would be able to bring herself off.

“Im all for our little Annie taking the load of wash out and hanging it on the line herself.  I dont know why I should do all the work.  Come on, my little orphan, off your pussy and get to work hanging the laundry.”

“PPPlease, could I have a robe or something to wear while Im doing it?  My skin is very susceptible to the sun, and Im afraid Ill burn.  Besides, someone might see me naked.”

“Theres no one within a half mile of here, sweetie, and I think you need the sun.  Youre white as a sheet, so you take the laundry out, hang it on the line and lie down on the chaise for half an hour.  Thats an order!”

“Bbbbut I really do burn quite….”

Jennie was on Annie in a flash.  She yanked her off the sofa, and, holding one arm high in the air, she swatted Annie on her buttocks as hard as she could.  She then pulled the weeping girl into the kitchen,  handed her the laundry basket and pushed her out the door into the back yard.  Annie stood crying for a few moments before moving over to the line and pinning her clothes to the rope.  She had completed her task in only a few minutes, and already she could feel the suns rays having a dangerous effect on her delicate skin.

There really was no shade anywhere nearby, so she moved over to the chaise, as ordered and lay down on her back.

The frustration that had been created by Freddys clitoral manipulations began to return, and, over the next few minutes, try as she might, she couldnt help letting her hand move down between her legs to finish the job Freddy had started.  The wonderful feeling began to return as she manipulated her little nubbin, and her hand began jerking and massaging at a feverish pace, when the back door flew open and Jennie swept into the back yard to grab Annies hand, yank her up from the chaise and shake her finger in Annies face.

“You slut!  You just have to satisfy yourself right out in the open, dont you. Well, we dont stand for such carnality here.  You should be so ashamed of yourself!  But then I guess thats the kind of thing that runs rampant in orphanages, doesnt it? Orgies and masturbation! Rape and debauchery! Isnt it?”


“Well, I saw it myself, and Im not putting up with it.”

Jennie flopped down on the chaise pulling Annie over her lap and began smacking first one buttock, then the other, as hard as she could.  Annies buttocks, which were still red from the hot bath and her earlier spanking turned blood red almost immediately, and, for probably the fifteenth time since shed entered the Payne house, her eyes began to drip tears.  The spanking seemed to go on interminably for Annie, whose squeals were loud enough to draw Andrew and Freddy to the back door to watch.  Annies rear cheeks began to turn purple and Jennies hand was tiring, so she stopped and pushed the exhausted girl off her lap onto the ground.  Leaning over she took Annies tear-stained head in her two hands and hissed at her.

“Now you get in that house, go into the living room and put your face in the corner and stay that way until I tell you you can move, do you hear me.  Not a peep out of you, you got it?”

“YYYesss maaam.”

Chapter 4         


Annie stood in the corner for over fifteen minutes, just relieved that someone wasnt beating her or abusing her body some other way, allowing her to finish sniffling and compose herself.  Then the sunburn began to take effect.  The first place she noticed it was her bald pate which prior to today had her lovely red curls to protect her, but now had turned a deep red and had begun to sting.  A few minutes later she could feel the burn on the front of her body, and, when she looked down at herself, she noticed that her entire front had taken on a reddish tint.  The only pink that showed was on her nipples, which kept their pale color.

After an hour, besides the increased pain of the sunburn, she began to tire of standing and started  moving from one foot to the other.  She could hear people moving in and out of the room, but she never knew whether anyone was staying or not.  Shortly before the end of the first hour, dark clouds began gathering outside, and within a few minutes a steady rain began to fall.  Because of the fact she was facing the corner Annie never noticed the rain, not that it would have made any difference, since she was being punished, but all of her clothes on the line outside were sopping wet in a matter of minutes.

After two hours Annie began to feel the urge to go to the bathroom and realized that she hadnt peed since she left the orphanage.  As the second hour dragged on the urgency to urinate became intense.  She tried unsuccessfully to squeeze her legs together, but eventually even that was not enough.  Finally, she had to speak.

“Uhh…please…I need to go to the bathroom.”  No response.  “Ummm…I really have to go, now!”  No response.

Finally, she couldnt hold it in any more and a trickle of urine began to slide down he leg and soon the carpet she was standing on had a large wet spot at her feet.  Suddenly a hand grabbed her arm tightly and Andrews face came right next to hers.  His look was intense.

“You bad, bad girl!  Maybe they let you pee on the floor at the orphanage, but here we use a toilet.  You naughty strumpet!”

With this he began swatting her bottom with a fly swatter, over and over.  Annie raised up on her tiptoes to escape the punishment to her already inflamed rear end, but the swatter followed her movement and continued to leave the imprint of the wire mesh on her backside.  Tears once again began to flow down her cheeks as the onslaught continued, and she began to utter little squeaks of misery.

Suddenly, Andrew dropped the swatter, and, grabbing her sore sunburned head with both hands pushed her down to the floor, where he began rubbing her nose in the wet spot that had been at her feet.  He continued to rub until her nose was smeared with urine and had turned as red as the rest of her body.

“This is what we do to train dogs not to pee inside.  Maybe itll work with you, too, bitch.”

Soon he pulled her to a standing position and with a swat of his hand on her irritated buttocks, he pushed her toward the bathroom.  Once there he stood in front of the toilet, pushing her onto the seat.  Crying pitifully, totally embarrassed at being watched as she finished urinating into the toilet, Annie soon had emptied everything in her bladder, only to have the added embarrassment of having to expel a bit of gas.

When she hesitated, Andrew ordered her to wipe herself, and as if she could feel any more self-conscious that she had been up to now, was forced to take a few pieces of toilet paper from the roll, spread her legs, showing her hairless quim and wipe her vagina, as Andrew looked on from above.  As soon as she finished, Andrew grabbed her off the john and, taking the roll of toilet paper with him, pushed Annie back into the living room.  He then forced her to mop up the wet stain on the carpet.  When she had completed her task, he took the wad of paper from her and proceeded to rub it all over her face. 

“Now you know where to go when you have to pee, little heathen.”

“Bbbbut …I asked to be allowed to go to the bathroom and…”

“Then you disobeyed the order not to speak while you were in the corner.  Thats a punishable offense well take care of in a bit.”

With this, he moved in close to her and grabbed both of her breasts, massaging them harshly.  Then his fingers moved to Annies semi-erect nipples and began tweaking them painfully. He placed his mouth next to her ear and whispered.

“These are going to be fun to play with.  You have nice little titties, and Im particularly fond of titties.  I hope you enjoy people playing with them, because I probably wont be the only one.  Such sweet little nipples.  So twistable.”

Suiting his actions to his words, Andrew began twisting her nubbins first one way, then the other, bringing yelps of pain from his young victim.

“Not so loud, bitch.  My wifes right in the kitchen, not that shed mind, but you need to be less audible, when people are showing you affection.  Then he released one of her nipples and moved his hand down to her crotch, suddenly scooping it between her legs and grabbing her whole vagina in his fist.  Annie gasped in surprise and agony, but managed to keep the sound minimal.  The fear and hurt in her eyes conveyed the emotion she was to feel from then on.

“And this is going to get a workout, too.  Youd better believe it!  Now get into the kitchen and help Jennie make lunch.  Git!”

And with another smack on her tail, he pushed her toward the kitchen.

Chapter 5

The first thing Annie noticed when she got to the kitchen was the rain that was pouring down outside.

“Oh, my clothes!”

Jennie turned, looking out at the deluge, and smiled.

“My goodness!  I completely forgot that they were out on the line.  Well, I guess youll just have to wait until tomorrow to get yourself dressed again.”

“Couldnt I just have a sheet or something to cover me until then.”  She knew the answer, of course.

“Oh, no!  Think of this as part of your punishment, you little heathen!  Besides the fact that the boys like you like this, and itll make it easier to keep an eye on you, to make sure you dont try to stick a finger in that naughty slit of yours.  Now take these sandwiches into the dining room, and dont drop any, you clumsy ninny.”

When everything was on the table, they all sat, Freddy across from Annie and Andrew and Jennie at the head of the table.  Once again Annie was constantly aware of Freddies eyes glued to her sore red breasts.  Andrew was a bit more circumspect, but she could tell that much of his focus was on her chest.

“Before we start, I have to report that in spite of our warnings and threats today, I saw our little Annie secretly diddling herself in the kitchen, and when I caught her at it, she reverted to rubbing her pussy against the wooden knob on the utensil drawer.”

“Ohh, thats not true!”

“And now shes calling me a liar!  Is there no end to your perfidy, young lady?  You WILL be punished for that, you guttersnipe.  Youre building up quite a store of disciplines, arent you?  Well, I would suggest that until lunch is over, we tie Miss Masturbators hands behind her.  Its difficult to see what shes doing beneath the tablecloth!”

Freddy ran and brought back a roll of sticky cloth tape, and. With his fathers help, soon had Annies hands bound behind her.  They both returned to their seats with Cheshire cat grins on their faces.  Annie, on the other hand, dropped her head to avoid looking at any of her tormentors.

“Now, lets eat, and I expect you to finish that sandwich, Annie.”

“But how?”

“Grab it with your teeth, of course.  Do I have to tell you everything?”

Annie made a valiant attempt to pull the sandwich over to the side of the plate and then she opened her mouth and got hold of the side of it, but in lifting it off the plate to bite into it, the whole sandwich plummeted to the floor. She looked in horror as the peanut butter inside hit the carpet with a splat and she could see the residue seeping into the fibers.  In fright she looked up at Jennie, who was now standing, arms akimbo and eyes boring into Annies.

“You inept idiot!  Cant you do anything right?  Freddy get a cloth and clean this mess up. This makes one more notch on your punishment list.  I dont know how were going to get them all executed, but Im sure well find a way.  Do you just look for ways to annoy me, child?  Well, DO YOU?”

“NNNnnooo, maaam.  But its very hard to eat a sandwich without your hands, maam, and…”

“There you go sassing me again.  Freddy, put some tape over her mouth.  I dont want to hear another word from her for the rest of the night.  If this is how they eat at the orphanage, its no wonder theyre overrun with vermin.”

Freddy did as ordered and for several minutes they ate in silence.  Annie continued to keep her head lowered for the remaining time at the table, until she suddenly felt a foot, Freddys, obviously, insinuating itself between her legs.  She looked up at him in horror, only to see a smug grin gazing back at her.  She tried to close her legs, but he had gotten enough of an inroad with his foot, that he was able to slide it far up her thigh.  If his parents had been looking or cared, they would have noticed that he had slumped far down in his chair, in order to give him access to his goal.

He was finally able to insinuate the foot into the apex of Annies thighs and she was suddenly aware that hed removed his slipper and was attacking her vagina with his bare toes.  She tried to avoid his foot by moving around in her seat, but Jennie, who obviously knew what was happening, yelled at Annie and forcefully told her to stop fidgeting and to sit still.  Left with no choice, Annie was forced to tolerate Freddys toes invading her entire pussy for the next five minutes, as his digits ran smoothly up and down her slit.  Fortunately, she found the action so abhorrent that even though he tried to center his attention on her clit, she felt no pleasure emanating from her little button at all.

Chapter 6

As they were clearing the table, Freddy asked if he could be the one to spank Annie tonight.  Andrew and Jennie said they saw no reason why not, especially since Freddy would be in charge tomorrow, when Andrew and Jennie went north for the day to visit her mother.  A look of true fear passed over Annies face when she heard this.  She couldnt express herself, of course, because of the tape over her mouth, but knowing she was at least two years older than Freddy made the whole idea demeaning, and, knowing how cruel he could be, and how fascinated by her anatomy he was, she knew tomorrow would not be a day she would be looking forward to.  Her dread became prodigious, moreover, when she heard him ask his mother if he could ask Marty, his best friend, over for the day, and his mom said “sure”, as long as he explained everything to Marty about the fact that Annie was being punished, and that it would be better not to publicize the means they were using.  Jennie felt she knew Marty well enough that she didnt believe he would blab.

Annie sat in her dining chair and began to tremble, when she realized the situation she was about to be put into: a naked girl at the mercy of two likely highly oversexed teens, who could do whatever they wanted to her over a matter of hours, with impunity.  As she mulled over this thought, Freddy chose that moment to grab her arm and pull her up and into the living room, for her next bout of discipline.  As he sat himself on the couch, he asked his mother how many spanks Annie should get.

“Well, I dont think you can give them all to her at one time, Honey, because I believe shes got three or four sessions coming to her.  Just go ahead and spank until your hand hurts.  That should do it for a while.”

Annies stream of tears began even before the first smack.  Then, to add insult to injury, Freddy began taking little pinches of the skin on her bottom, saying how red her buttocks were already.

“Well, if shed paid a little more attention to her skin while she was outside and not so much to pleasuring herself between her legs, she wouldnt be so red.”

Freddy continued to pinch, however, moving his hand gradually over her buttocks until his fingers were reaching between her legs, and Annie could feel the fingers coming dangerously close to her puffy split.

For almost a minute he concentrated on pinching that sensitive area, until Jennie smiled and suggested he get on with the spanking.  “We dont want to make this a pleasurable event for her, do we?”

Almost immediately Freddys hand began descending on Annies painful rear end.  His hand certainly had as much force as either of his parents blows had and within two or three minutes Annie was weeping in earnest, the cheeks of her buttocks returning to the vivid red they had achieved several times earlier.  Her tears seemed to give Freddy extra impetus and, if anything, the blows became more substantial.  Her screams and whimpering became louder, muffled as they were by the tape over her mouth.  Freddy finally stopped the onslaught after nearly ten minutes, but then began massaging her sore cheeks roughly.  He finally stood her up, and she became slightly dizzy, trying to get her bearings.

“Lets see how much damage he did.  Come over her now, baldy.  NO.  Turn around, silly, I dont want to look at your titties.  I know what they look like, and theyre certainly not world-beaters. I want to see your bottom.  Nice job, son!  But you missed a section here.  Let me get it!”

Jennie then proceeded to smack the lower part of Annies left posterior, causing Poor Annie to raise up on her toes.

“You want to take a look at Freddys art-work, Andrew?  Go over and show him, waif.”

Annie moved over to stand in front of Mr. Payne.  Before she could turn her back to him, he carefully took hold of her hip to keep her in place and rubbed his hands over Annies breasts, causing her nipples to unintentionally rise to meet his hands.

“I believe this may be the best place for further chastisement, Jen.  The redness seems to have abated somewhat.”

“Okay! Lets keep that in mind for the next session, Hon.  Back into the corner, ingrate.  Maybe some corner time will take some of that surliness out of your system.  Lets take off the gag, since you wont be saying anything anyway, will you?”

Annie shook her head.  Tears rimming her eyes, hands still tied behind her, Annie, with a sigh moved back to her corner, nose touching the wall.  She was to remain there until nine oclock.  The Paynes had hamburgers for dinner, but she was not invited to join them.  Her stomach began to rumble, since shed had nothing to eat since breakfast, but the pain from her numerous spankings, the sunburn on various parts of her body and, above all the degradation she felt with her missing body hair and the fear of what life was to provide from here on kept her mind on things other than her hunger.

After dinner she could tell the three of them had returned to the living room.  She couldnt tell what they were doing, except for the occasional sound of book pages being turned, but she wondered what joy there could be in sitting and watching a naked girl with her nose plastered against the corner of the room.  Finally, Jennie spoke.

“Well, waif, do you think youve learned your lesson?”    

In a hushed voice, Annie muttered, “Yes, maam.”

“Then suppose you come and kiss us all goodnight and toddle off to bed.”

Just relieved to be able to move again, after hours of standing in the same position, Annie was relieved that they hadnt come up with something more devious, so, hands still tied behind her, she went to Jennie, kissed her lightly on the cheek, did the same with Andrew and started to do the same with Freddy.  He had other ideas, however, for he grabbed her head in both hands, put his lips against hers and suddenly stuck his tongue far into her mouth and swashed it around.  Annie was shaken, never having French-kissed before, but had the good sense not to try to pull back.  As a result, Freddy continued to extend his tongue for a few more seconds.

“What do we have here?  A budding romance?  Well, you could do a lot worse, Annie.  Okay, let her go on to bed now, Honey.”

“Ccc…could I have my hands untied please?”

“Oh, no.  Your hands are tied behind you to keep you from playing nasty games with your pussy.  I know youd start fingering yourself as soon as you got in bed, so I think well just keep you tied up.  I suppose I dont need to remind you that you still have a few more punishment sessions coming, but we wont worry about that tonight.  Good night!”

Annie slowly walked to her room.  There was a sheet on the bed but no covering.  She didnt care.  It looked so inviting.  She was exhausted and was looking forward to a good nights rest.  She moved over to the bed and, hands behind her back, began to slide her body onto the sheet, until it became evident immediately that someone had placed dozens of thumb tacks under the sheet.  She quickly rolled back off the bed, and, frustrated and tearing up, she lay down on the floor next to the bed to begin a long uncomfortable night of tossing and turning.

Chapter 7

Jennie and Andrew were no sooner out of the drive at eight a.m. than Marty arrived on his bike in the driving rain.  It had been raining most of the night and Annies sopping clothes were still on the clothes line.  Freddy told Annie to go into the kitchen and wait for him.  Andrew had kindly taken off the tape binding her wrists together, so she was not about to do anything to make things worse and stepped into the kitchen.

Marty bounded into the living room asking what was the big surprise Freddy had for him.  Freddy disappeared for a moment and reappeared, pushing Annie ahead of him.  Martys chin may not have dropped, but the look in his eyes told Freddy hed definitely performed a “gotcha.”  Freddy proceeded to explain where and how Annie had dropped into their arms and why she was hairless.  Marty lost interest halfway through the explanation, as his gaze fell upon the breasts and bald quim of Freddys embarrassed charge.  Freddy explained they had all day to play with his bald-headed prize, so what would Marty like to do first.  Annie, being Martys first experience with a nude female, as it had been with Freddy the day before, made him decide hed like to conduct an anatomy study first.

Annies face reddened immediately as she was ordered to lie on the coffee table.  Having no choice in the matter, she lay back upon the table and was ordered to open her legs wide.  Feeling she could handle her embarrassment more easily if she closed her eyes and put her arm over them, she moved to do just that, but Freddy allowed as how they wanted her to watch the exam.  Maybe she “could give them some pointers on what they were looking at”.  So she opened her eyes, stared down her body and watched as both boys moved in close to the apex of her legs. 

“Now whats this whole slit called?” asked Marty, as if he didnt know.

Annie didnt answer immediately, of course, since she knew they knew the answer.

Freddy grabbed one of her protruding labia and twisted.  “He asked you a question, dummy.”

“Iiii…iiit…its my vagina.”

Freddy continued to twist her puffy lip.  “No its not.  Its your cunt.  Say it! And you better start being more polite.  Its sir to you.”

“Iiit…its my cccunt, sir.”

“And whats that little thing at the top of your cunt, cunt?”


“Clit is enough, dummy.”

“Show me where your pee hole is, girl.”

As her face reddened again, Annie moved her hand down to her vagina and pointed to it.

“Wheres your ass-hole, girl.  Show me!”

This required Annie to raise her feet to the table, so that she could lift her body enough to move her finger down to her crinkly rosebud.  That seemed to satisfy the boys on the lower anatomy lesson.  They moved up her body and began feeling her breasts, concentrating on her hardening nipples.

“Ive always wanted to suck on one of these.”

“Yeah, me too!”

So they both lowered their heads to a waiting nipple and latched on.  The laving tongues and little nips on her protrusions were enough to make them both stiffen into little eraser-like forms, and both boys continued to suck and lick for two or three minutes, looking over at one another and smiling as if they were drinking chocolate sodas.  Annie tried valiantly not to give the boys any indication that they were having an effect on her, but after a minute or so, she couldnt refrain from letting out a low moan, as the electric thrills began coursing down to her groin and her body began to stiffen.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, for Annie they eventually stopped their sucking as her body began to react.

“How come shes so red all over, Freddy?”

“Well, some of its due to her getting sunburned yesterday, and her butts red cause she got spanked three times for being bad.”

“Yeah?  Do you suppose we could spank her, too?”

“Sure!  I already spanked her once yesterday, and she has a couple more coming to her, that we didnt get to.  Go sit on the couch.  Annie, get up and get over Martys lap.  HURRY UP, or Ill give you a spanking after hes finished!”

Annie jumped up with tears beginning to form in her eyes.  When Marty was settled, she reluctantly placed herself over his knees.  She could feel his erection pushing against her stomach as she placed her hands on the floor to steady herself.  Marty was in no hurry to begin, as he let his hands roam over Annies buttocks, eventually slipping his finger into the recess between her legs to feel between the two half peaches there.

He ran his finger up and down the split several times, before tiring of it and getting down to the business at hand.

Suddenly Annie felt the impact of Martys hand hitting the soft pink flesh of her backside, surprising her with the force of the blow.  He continued, striking her first on one buttock and then the other.  The force of the blows was enough to evoke gasps and then howls from Annie, as the beating continued.  Her legs began to flutter, and she began to sob.  Before long her nose began to run, and her outcries became pleas to stop.  Marty obviously liked what he was doing, because his hand continued to rain down on Annies bottom until it had begun to turn a nasty shade of red.  When he finally tired of beating her backside, Annie was a sobbing, sniffling mess.  With a smile, he pushed Annie to a standing position and proceeded to study his handiwork, much to Annies dismay, as this involved poking and prodding her poor rump.

“I got her pretty good, Freddy.  Look how dark her skin is back here.  What shall we do next?”

“Ive got an idea.  My mom says when you get sunburn or any kind of burn, one thing to do is bathe it in cold water. Lets give Annie a nice cold bath to help her with all her burns.  Ill bet it would make her backside feel better, too.”

“No, no. pppplease.  Im fine.  I dont need a bath.  Really!”

“Well, I think itll help, and Im in charge, so lets get going.”

It took both boys to pull her into the bathroom, Freddy finally smacking Annie on her sore buttocks two or three times, warning her shed get a full spanking if she didnt settle down.  She still tried to pull away, but the boys strength was too much, and when they ended up at the tub, Freddy turned on the cold water, put in the stopper, told Marty to hold on to her tightly, and left the room.

When he returned a couple of minutes later he had a bowl of ice he had gotten from the Frigidaire.  This caused Annie to try to break free once more, but after he put down the bowl, Freddy and Marty were able to pick their captive up bodily and place her in the tub which was now half full of cold water.

“No, no.  Please dont. Ill be good.  No bath.  Pleeeease, Aggggh, its so coooold.  Pppplease.”

As Marty held her down in the tub, Freddie poured in the ice, right on Annies already shivering body.  She continued to struggle, especially when Marty pushed her head under the water and held it there for fifteen seconds or so.  When he finally let go of her head, it popped up above water, with Annie sputtering. crying, and pleading.  Her goose-bumps had popped out all over her body and her nipples were as hard as theyd ever been.  As Freddy began to run over her body with a washcloth, Annies shivering increased.  He made sure the cloth covered every bit of skin he could get to, and when it dipped between her legs, he paid special attention to making sure her pussy got special attention.  Annie was sure she was going to freeze to death by the time they finally decided to pull her out of the tub.

Rather than wrapping her in a towel, Freddy spent at least two minutes lecturing her about how unappreciative she was, and that she had earned herself more punishment because of her terrible attitude.  Annie stood there shivering with water dripping off of her body, teeth chattering, and tears running down her cheeks.  Finally he offered her a big bath towel, but only with the insistence that he dry her off.  Annie didnt even care at that point.  She just wanted the warmth of the towel.

Freddy started drying her head, first, then her back, finally moving to her front.  This involved more squeezing than wiping, as he grabbed each breast between the towel folds, twisting and pulling, much to Annies consternation as she wailed and pled for him to stop.  He dried her legs next, then moved up to her middle, ordering her to spread he legs as far as she could.  When she had gotten them three or four feet apart, after some savage pinches on her behind, he moved the towel to the area between her legs, rubbing the rough knap between the lips of her pussy with delight.  Then, to make sure hed gotten that area dry, he took the towel away and ran his fingers back and forth between the lips.

“Guess thats got it, Buddy.  Now lets go back into the living room.”

“Ccccouldd…Iii…ppplease …kkkeeep …the ttttowel, …ssssir?”

“Hell, no.  We dont want you covering up that pretty body of yours, do we?”

And so they trooped into the living room with Annie following.

“Hey, Marty, you ever have a blow-job before?”

“Man you know I havent.  Ive sure thought about it a lot, especially while Im jerking off.”

“Well, it seems to me this is the perfect time to take care of that, dont you?”

“Hell, yeah, man!”

Annie had been afraid of this happening, ever since she knew she was going to be alone with the boys.  She had never given a boy a blow-job, but she knew girls from the orphanage who had blown their boy-friends, and even one girl who had done it to one of the administrators for special favors.  A few had enjoyed it, but others had found it “disgusting.”  She had an idea she was about to side with the latter.

“I think we should make a contest out of it.  She sucks us both and we time it.  Whoever she finishes off in the shortest time gets to give her the spanking she just earned.”

They agreed and Freddy took off his watch to time Annies performance with Marty.  Marty took off his pants and underpants.  His penis, of average size was already at its full length.  He sat on the couch and pulled Annies head over to his lap.  Annie had seen a couple of boys at the orphanage without pants, but their penises had been flaccid at the time.  She stared in consternation at the rampant member before her eyes, wondering how anything that big could get in her tiny vagina, much less her mouth. 

She had little time to contemplate though, as her mouth was pushed up against the head of Martys prick, and the next thing she knew it was in her mouth.  Soon Marty was moaning, as he forced her head back and forth with force.  According to Freddys watch, it took one minute and twenty seconds before Martys semen spurted into Annies unsuspecting mouth, and he held her motionless while he continued to spurt.  She tried to cough, but her mouth was so full of prick and semen, she finally had no choice but to swallow the salty goo.  Even so, some of the semen escaped and ran down the side of her mouth, when she was finally able to pull away.

“None of that cum better hit the floor, Annie, or youre in for another spanking.  I think you better swallow it all.”

Annie quickly reached up with her finger to swipe the sperm off her chin and put it back in her mouth and swallow.  Now it was Freddys turn.  He gave Marty his watch and they switched places, as Freddy chided  Marty for what a short time he had taken.  He motioned to Annie, and she dutifully leaned over until her mouth rested against Freddys stiffened prick.  It was slightly longer than Martys and larger in diameter.  She opened her mouth just before he pulled her head on his staff and began pushing it back and forth.  His moans became quite loud almost immediately, and, within one minute ten seconds, according to the watch, he had shot his load down Annies throat.  Marty, with the last laugh, handed Freddy back his watch.  Annie swallowed and swallowed hoping to get the taste out of her mouth.

“Well, we can do it again later, and I bet I can beat you then!”

Something else for Annie to look forward to.

“Hey, Freddy, you know what we could do.  Fuck her!”

“Oh, no!  Please, Im still a virgin.  Dont do this, please.”

“I dont know, Marty.  I think Id have to get permission from the folks, first, especially if shes still a virgin.”

“Well, we can certainly find out if she is!  Lie down on the coffee table, bitch!”

Annie was strangely happy to perform this demeaning act, if it would mean possibly saving her maidenhead.  She quickly moved over to the table and lay prone on her back.  She even raised her legs into a most indecent pose, in order to allow the boys to make their examination.  Freddy was to be the inspector, apparently, as he moved between her legs and ordered her to pull her labial lips apart.  Blushing, Annie placed her hands on each side of her vagina and spread the lips as wide as she could get them.  Freddy moved his head to within six inches of her pussy and with his finger proceeded to probe until he found her hole, then pressed his finger in and found the barrier intact, when his finger reached the first knuckle.  Withdrawing his finger and placing it in front of Annies mouth to clean it off, he shook his head to let his friend know that screwing was not an option at least for the present.  Annie heaved an inaudible sigh.

“What else can we do, then?”

“Welllll, we could…train her to be a dog.  I have an old dog collar and a leash.  If she doesnt do what we tell her to, we can smack her with the leash.  Lets put on our rain coats and hats and take her out back for a walk.”

Properly donned in their rain gear, but without shoes, and with the collar and leash attached to Annies neck, Freddy opened the back door to find the rain had picked up, if anything.  There wasnt much wind, but the rain was coming down in torrents and there were puddles throughout the yard.  Literally pulling the now naked “four-legged” Annie, Freddy managed to find the muddiest places in the yard and make sure that his “pet” slogged her way through each mess.  Marty, following behind, particularly enjoyed watching Annies breasts wiggle back and forth as she splashed her way in whatever direction her “master” decided to take her.

The rain was beating down hard enough that the water was bouncing off her body, and the water temperature was such that Annie began to chill after a few minutes.  Once again her body was covered with goose-bumps, and she began to tremble with the cold.  Having no hair on her head to help stop the flow, the water slid down into her eyes making it difficult for her to see where they were going, which really didnt matter to Freddy, because, if she hesitated at all, a vicious yank on the leash guided her to her destination.  Freddy wanted her to pee like a dog would, but Annie had none to give.  Freddy hit her several times on the rump with the dog leash for not obeying.  He also had to use the leash on her buttocks three or four times, when he ordered her to roll around in a large puddle and she was slow to accede.  The puddle was deep enough that her body was completely covered with water, except for her head, which she craned to stay above water.  A couple of minutes in the puddle had Annie gasping and trembling when she was finally allowed to go back to “four legs”.

After ten minutes of leading “the doggie” around, they decided to call their trek to a halt, and pulled Annie back inside.  She was shuddering from the cold and dripping water on the kitchen floor.  Finally, after Freddy had released her from the leash and collar, he went to get a towel.  She was not, of course, allowed to dry herself.  Marty grabbed the towel and proceeded to dry her thoroughly, finding favorite spots that needed special attention.  When he had finished inspecting to make sure everything had been dried to his satisfaction, he returned the towel to Freddy. 

Freddy decided “Doggie” needed to be taught not to go running around in the rain and ordered her to get down on all fours in the living room.  Taking careful aim, he began whipping her back and buttocks with the leash.  He was not happy until he had struck her forty or fifty times.  Eventually, crying continually, she tried to crawl away, but Marty stepped in front of her and held her shoulders until Freddy finished.  Once again she was blubbering and her nose was oozing mucous.  Red marks crossed her back and bottom all the way from her shoulders to her thighs.  To make things even worse for Annie, Marty then made her stand and hug him tight, so that he could rub and pat her sore buttocks roughly.

Marty suddenly noticed the wall clock, indicating that he should have been home a half hour ago.  He rushed to don his rain slicker and cap and pedal off on his bike, hoping his lateness wouldnt mean a spanking from his mom.  Freddy decided he needed another blow job, which lasted several minutes longer than his first one and necessitated numerous amounts of gagging and coughing from the inexperienced fellatrix, before he shot his hot load down her throat.  Deciding he wanted to read for a while, he ordered Annie to her room.  She, not having her arms taped behind her this time, was able to remove all the thumb tacks from the mattress, and for the first time since she arrived at this Hell-house, even without a blanket to cover her, was finally able to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep before her senior tormentors arrived back home.









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