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Revenge: New Lessons of Love

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Synopsis: Set in my \'Revenge\' Universe. Justine takes her beloved male michael on a week long getaway to a sexual learning retreat. But will he be able to commit himself to what Justine desires from him?

New Lessons of Love 1

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, Chastity

Note: This is a sequel to my Revenge storyline and fully set in that same universe. I highly recommend you take the time to read Revenge first as it lays out the history and culture of the society featured in this story.

I'd like to thank Richard Alexander for allowing me to borrow his characters Monica and Steven (and their story) as the basis for my characters of the same names in this reality. Find their wonderful adventures here:

Thank you to onewhoadores and StefB for editing and plot ideas to improve some areas. You were both a big help!


"Miss Justine, I do not think this is a good idea. Do you really think your Mother can handle the children by herself for a week?"

I look out the corner of my eye toward the passenger seat to see the concern on my beloved male's face. "michael, you and I are going to this retreat together." I use a tone that told him I was taking no argument. "Mom can handle Juli and mikey perfectly well, she did raise Em and I. Remember? You have not really had real time to relax and unwind since Juli was born."

"Not true, I take time to rest every day."

I reached over and squeezed his hand. "That's not the same dear. You are going to burn yourself out running after the kids, taking care of the cooking and household, and working at the Hospital four days a week. Cherish wants you to take some time and rest, and I agree."  I left out that Cherish  also fears he is becoming overprotective of the children after the attempted kidnapping of our son last year. "Just you and me boy, exploring our love for a week."

"But why a 'Sexual Learning' retreat? Have I done a poor job pleasing you?" I was afraid of that reaction; the idea of not pleasing me sexually was bruising his ego.

"No baby, it is not like that at all. This is about finding new ways of pleasure. Humans as a whole fall into ruts, we are creatures of habit, and sometimes we just need a reason to try new things." He didn't seem convinced, but obviously he could not argue the point, as he stayed silent. "We're going to stop for lunch in a few miles; you plug in the car, and refill all the hydrogen cells."

When the Muslim nations refused to join the United Earth Government or sell oil to the Female dominated governments/companies, automakers the world over sought out new fuel technologies. Most motor vehicles today use a hybrid engine system that combine a primary electric low speed engine with a secondary hydrogen engine used for higher speeds and as a back-up to the electrical engine. The electrical batteries were charged through special universal cables located in most modern garages and off street parking facilities, and partially supplemented by on-board solar and/or mini wind turbines that generated electricity while driving

We pulled into the little restaurant, and I left michael to take care of the car while I went and used the restroom. I waited for him to get a table, and we ordered up some coffee and burgers. michael remained relatively silent throughout the meal. I took his hand and he looked at me.

"I love you michael."

"I love you too."

"Trust me then."

"I do Milady. I am... I do not know, afraid of stepping outside my comfort area. I do not like being this far away from the kids. I do not like change."

"Everything changes a little michael. Change can be good. Look at Mom. I finally convinced her to move in with us and she has been so much happier than when she was alone."

"Yes, but she did not like the change when you told her she needed to cut back on her sexual demands on me or you would make me wear my genital device all day and remove her access."

"But she got over it. Now I want to rest a little, you're driving the rest of the way." He smiled; he enjoys driving Mom and I around now that he has a Driver's License. He also loves the looks he gets when people see him driving along.


I pulled up to a guard house, my lovely Owner woke from her nap in the reclined passenger seat, a Female walked to my window, oddly she simply smiled at me instead of being surprised there was a male behind the wheel. "Welcome to Camp Shungara, your name please?"

"Justine Solomon"

"Justine, cute name for a male."

"No my name is michael; the sleeping beauty here is my Owner Justine."

She laughed! "Literal ain't ya, I knew what you meant cutie, just having some fun." She checked her clipboard. "Park to the right of Cabin Three, and get settled in. Be at the dining hall at 4PM for the check-in and interviews. You can relax or explore the open facilities until then."

"Thank you Ma'am."

Miss Justine touched my hand as I went for the gear lever. "Make sure you check where the charge cable is when you park boy."

"Yes Milady, I am guessing it is on the building so..." I sighed in resignation, "I will need to reverse into the spot." One of the few things about driving that scares me is backing up.

I unloaded our bags into our assigned cabin, and Miss Justine unpacked them Meanwhile I squared away the car, plugging in the charger, and swapping out the two empty hydrogen cells, with the spares I had loaded from home.

I was blowing out the debris in the mini turbines when the door to the cabin opened behind me.

"michael Delanoe Solomon what do you call this?" I cringe; she used my whole registered name. That is never a good sign for me. I turn to see her holding up the framed 5" x 8" photo of Juli and mikey from a family portrait set we had taken a few months ago with Mother Alli, Miss Amanda and carlos. "I thought I said no kids this week."

"Miss Justine, I did not think you would mind the picture, I just want us to be able to see their faces every day."

She smiled. "Good answer boy. You didn't need to try and sneak it wrapped up in your clothes."

"I was not sneaking it; I was cushioning the glass, so it would not break. Did you not also find the one of you with your Mother and Sister, it was wrapped the same way."

She seemed to consider what I said. "No I hadn't. It's plausible I guess. You better hope I find that other picture buster! Come in and rest a little before we head to the dining hall."

We entered the dining hall to see a few round tables, there were only about ten cabins that I saw in the area we were in, and the hall could easily hold seating for three times that. A set of rectangular tables were positioned along the walls on either side, with a row of seats in the front of the room, with a semi-circle of five small couches.

We were each handed a paper by a young male of African descent as he addressed us. "Welcome, Ma'am please go and fill in this questionnaire over there, sir you go and fill yours in over there. When you are done turn over your paperwork to the Counselor sitting at your table, and then take a seat together in the middle area. And please do not discuss the forms until you meet with your personal Counselor."

Miss Justine kissed me and walked away to the Female table. She must have known I was watching her because she put an enticing wiggle in her step that drew out my mannish instincts.

I looked at my paperwork when I sat. Some basic expected queries: Name, Owner's Name, Age, Occupation (If other than housemale), and Hobbies. Then they started with the sexual questions; Number of Female Partners, Number of male Partners, Favorite Sexual Position, Most Recent Encounter, etcetera. All rather embarrassing in my mind.

When I got to the questions about partners I was not sure what I should put. My confusion must have been apparent as the Counselor, a cute blonde who was maybe in her early twenties, came over. "Problem with a question?"

"Umm yes Ma'am, two actually. How would I list a property female as a sexual partner? And do the male Partners include rapists?" The other males that were there at the time looked at me before quickly returning to their own work

She seemed shocked by both questions. "I guess for the property female one just place a lowercase 'F' on that one and the quantity, uhh for the other list that one separate from the males you had approved sex with. I'll be right back."

She walked over to am exotic looking deeply tanned Female with pure black hair and wide-set eyes. She had been standing to the side watching everything prior to being approached by the blonde. I could tell they were talking about me, but what had been done could not be undone.

When she was back at her seat, I handed her my paper and went and sat in the couch labeled 'Cabin 3'

Soon Miss Justine joined me, pulled me into a hug and a passionate kiss. I leaned in and cuddled into her shoulder, her ample breast providing me a pillow. "What did you say that caused a stir boy?"

"I... I cannot tell you, we are not allowed to discuss the forms."

"Oh alright. You're lucky I love you boy." She punctuated it by squeezing me.

I kissed the side of her breast "I know I am the luckiest male in the world."

The Counselors took to the seats in front of us. The young Female I saw standing to the side was now in the middle of our group. "Welcome couples to Camp Shungara! I am Doctor Jessica Hamlin; this retreat is my experiment into sexual explorations."

"She's Doctor Hamlin? She doesn't look old enough to be out of college yet." Miss Justine whispered in my ear

The Doctor had continued on oblivious to Miss Justine's side comments. "This is our second year doing these retreats and we have had no complaints yet." She paused and looked around, it may have been my imagination but I swore she stared at me for an extra moment. "You have been selected from the applicants based on several factors, mainly you all are very sexually active partners, and you all, as couples, share a bond that transcends modern standards of Owner and property and is more like the old spousal standard. So for this week there are no Owners or properties while in the confines of our facilities. You are all spouses; males refrain from using the 'socially correct' Miss or Ma'am titles, especially with your Owner. I also ask that after tonight you leave all genital devices and Identicollars in your cabin."

Some of the Females made surprised comments at this announcement. "If any of you think your male cannot be trusted and require these security devices, you are free to leave now with a full refund." None of the females made a move to leave. "Good I am glad. This week will be spent doing trust, understanding, and communication exercises, as well as exploring new sexual experiences as a couple. Sexual relations, despite modern norms should be a reciprocal relationship, Females you will learn how to be more in-tune with your male's sexual needs and desires and how to fulfill these needs. males you will learn to be a bit more dominant in bed, by learning to communicate to your Female what you have urges for when sexually stimulated."

My jaw went slack and I could see Miss Justine's wicked smile out of the corner of my eye when she knew the sun broke the horizon in my head. We were here more for her to become a better lover for me, not to improve my lovemaking for her!

"Each couple will have a primary Counselor and male aide assigned to them, that Counselor and aide will be with them through most of the events. After a quick break so the staff can rearrange the room, we will begin our first exercise; a test of your existing non-verbal communication skills, then you will sit down to eat and conduct your opening interviews with your Counselor. After that is all settled we will have refreshments and time to mingle." She looked around at the five couches, "Any questions."

The male in the Cabin 4 Couch next to us raised his hand "So if we are not property, does that mean us males could leave if we wanted?" He kissed his Female, "not that I would Miss Barb, oh I am sorry Doctor, Barb."

"Good question. No, technically you are still property, and expected to follow the spirit of the laws. We just want you to be more open and think of each other more as people, equal partners in the relationship. Any male who acts out violently or is disrespectful can expect to get punished either informally by the staff or their Owner, or by the MCB if required. When the last guests arrived this afternoon the main gate fence was closed and will only be opened this week for supply runs or emergency services." She looked around again. "Okay give us about fifteen minutes people. Oh and no smoking in any of the buildings, your cabins included. If any of you Females have the habit please take it outside and give it ten feet from the buildings please."

The exercises were conducted by the male aides. Miss Justine and I were assigned to paul, the male who had initially greeted us when we came in earlier. The tables had a 6 inch divider in the middle and we were placed on either side. "Okay michael you will go first, you will act out these twenty phrases, no sounds just simple body language. Justine you will fill in your answers silently on your sheet, the first ten are multiple choice, and the second ten you write down what you believe he is saying. Tell him 'next' when you have your answer down."

"Easy as pie!" She exclaimed. Milady was confident that was for sure.

It went smoothly until we did the seventeenth one. The phrase was 'I love you'.

I gave Miss Justine the expression, and she smiled at me and I read it on her face 'I love you too, now quit fooling around and do the next one!'

I nearly burst out laughing. I made a show of rolling my eyes at her and redid 'I love you'. I saw the sun break the horizon when she understood that it WAS the next one. And she giggled! She actually giggled in public!

When we completed the twenty, paul instructed us to flip the papers we had in front of us. "Same exercise, but in reverse. It is a different set of statements, but there could be duplicates between the two. Don't dismiss your first thought because you also acted it out already."

We finished the rest pretty quickly, and paul took down the divider, and checked the papers. "Wow, you have just missed the high score and the best time by a few seconds. Justine you got nineteen for twenty, what was the trouble with the seventeenth one?"

"I didn't have a problem with that one."

"You took a bit of time to write your answer."

"Well I thought michael was just telling me 'I love you' for the sake of it not that it was part of the phrases, so I told him I loved him also, and get back to the work."

"Oh Okay."

I was curious. "Which ones did I get wrong?"

"paul dear, are they done already?" The black haired Doctor had come up behind me.

"Yes Jessica."

"Hmm. Let me see." She sat down in the chair as paul stood up. Looking over the papers she glanced up at the male standing next to her. "paul, I must overrule one of your interpretations."

"I'm sorry Ma'am did I make a mistake?" He said as he leaned down to see where she indicated.

"Not really, what is here is more an implied statement. When Justine was acting out 'I want to make love to you' I think michael's read of that as 'I need you, get in bed now!' the love making can be implied by this statement and is close enough to accept. "Very good michael, eighteen out of twenty, for a combined total of thirty-seven out of forty. She looked at the papers again "There was some confusion on one of these I overheard you say?"

"Yes on Justine's answer seven, she thought michael was just expressing love on his own, and was waiting for the next phrase."

"And they silently communicated the error between themselves? How long?"

"With the exception of a slight laugh afterward yes. Two or three seconds at most."

She made a notation on the papers, and looked around waiting for all the other couples to complete their exams and be checked.

She waited for the Counselors of the other four pairs to give her a nod before she cleared her throat to get the rooms attention. "I would like to congratulate the Solomons, on tieing this program's highest score on the Opening Nonverbal Communication Exam!" The room broke out in a series of applause, I am sure I was the same shade of red as my Owner at that moment. "What is your secret Justine and michael?"

Miss Justine smiled at her. "I don't really know, maybe it is because we have been doing it since before either of us could talk."

"Oh a playpen romance!" Everyone laughed and Miss Justine's shade of red deepened. "All fun aside, I hope you continue having this kind of connection. On average the normal Owner/property score is ten to fifteen correct matches, and that is also the same scoring you can expect doing this same exercise with any stranger. Of my couples I expect twenty to thirty at the start, and usually twenty-eight to thirty-six at the end of the week. It looks like everyone here already falls into my expectations. Dinner will be out shortly, Counselors you can begin getting associated with your couples if you would like."

A couple of males began setting the tables around us. paul had pulled out another chair and sat between the Doctor and Miss Justine. "paul it seems you and michael have an acquaintance in common."

"Really?" He looked at me, as if trying to figure out whom.

Miss Justine looked at me also, and gave me a confused look. I shrugged in response

"Yes, michael works at Saint Catherine's Emotional Trauma Unit."

"You know my Mother then! She's the chief of that department."

"Doctor Cherish is your Mother?"

"Yes and you must be the sweet gentle male she was so proud to find."

Miss Justine laughed. "That explains why she recommended this place to me too."

"Is it true she actually stopped you from running away last year?"

Miss Justine gave the dark skinned male a shocked look. "michael wouldn't run away from..." She must have seen the guilt on my face. "michael?"

"Doctor Johvon or your Mother didn't tell you?" When she just stared at me I continued. "I thought the only way I could protect michael junior from the Alphons family and not force you to cut yourself off from your Mother was to leave with mikey. When I opened the door she was there waiting for me. She dragged me back into the house and lectured me. Pointed out how stupid I was being and that I had subcutaneously sabotaged myself by wearing my genital device and collar."

Doctor Jessica spoke up; "I think you mean subconsciously, subcutaneous is under the skin."

"Why am I just hearing about this now?"

"Well it was the same day of the Alphons' kidnap attempt on mikey. Doctor Cherish told Mother Alli at the hospital. I assumed one or both talked to you about it, and you didn't want to talk to me about it there. I honestly thought you knew Milady."

"You and I are going to discuss this in private tonight michael." The look on her face told me I was in trouble.

"I'm sorry Justine; I did not think paul would bring that up." She flashed him a glare. "But michael's description was essentially the same way I heard it from Cherish. If you'd like you and I can call her and discuss it tonight. Obviously there was a breakdown in communication somewhere between the two of you involving that event."

"Oh yes, I may want to get my Mother involved too!"

"Justine please just relax, obviously michael is still with you, and hasn't ran away afterward."

"You're right Doctor; I am just not fond of finding out about this from complete strangers. It's embarrassing, I come here saying how well my michael behaves, and find out the people running this place know of misbehavior I did not." The look on her face said; 'You better have some good answers tonight!'

The Doctor took each of our hands and looked at Miss Justine. "You and I will sort this out this evening, let's just pretend it did not happen for the time being, our meal is coming now.


The meal was a delicious veal parmesan with a side of pasta. michael wanted to get the cook's recipe for the breading mix as it had a taste he loved.

I stewed a little about what had transpired earlier. How could I not see what was happening that day?

'I love you too Milady, and I always will' was what he said to me when I left that day. It was etched in my mind the second I got Cherish's phone call that michael had been hurt in the abduction attempt. I was afraid they could have been the last words he said to me. Now in hindsight he was saying good-bye forever, and they were meant to be his last words to me. He was already planning it then. But when I had left he had not been wearing his genital device or Identicollar. He knew either of those can be used to track him, so why did he don them?

I resolved to have answers before I went to sleep tonight. But for now it will take a backseat to the situation on hand.

When the dinnerware was removed; Jessica pulled out a file folder and set our paperwork out in front of her. "michael I will start with you. Most of your answers were simple and straight forward, but I see you have had numerous Female partners. I assume one is Justine." He smiled and took my hand. "Then there are four more plus this one little 'F'. Can you explain that please?"

"Well the others, in order are Miss Justine's Sister and her best friend, although they no longer need my services, her Mother, who I still have sexual relations with, and Miss Adrianne, our attor..."

"I meant explain the last single one, not the rest."

"Oh, I apologize! That would be liz, my late property-sister, and the biological mother of our son."

"Yes I forgot about that, Cherish was intrigued by that portion of your home dynamic. And what was it about the two male partners, you were raped?"

"Yes Ma'am." michael became very nervous and looked down in shame; he squeezed my hand slightly harder. "It was while I was in prison."


"While I was in prison, on my last night that I was there."

"You were in prison? I found no record of a conviction in the system when I reviewed your initial application."

michael was starting to shake, I had seen it before; he was starting to relive it in his mind. I took him in my arms and made him look at me. He was almost to the point where he was going to break down. I held his gaze as I told him with my eyes that all would be alright, come back to the present.

A few tears came from his eyes as he said "Thank You Milady, you are right, here and now. I was exasperated of the charges and my record expurged."

I covered my face, "Exonerated and expunged boy."

He blushed. "Sorry."

"Well now Justine we will go onto you for a bit. For as varied as michael's partners are, you have so few. I assume the male is michael, and the Female is also this liz."

"Actually I never had a true sexual relationship with liz so I did not include her. I have had a Lesbian semi-relationship with our attorney since the time of michael's trial."

The Doctor smiled at me. "What led to that? You didn't express any Lesbian or bisexual inclinations in your application forms."

michael looked at me in anticipation of the answer, I've known he was always curious about that too, but he never had the courage to ask me about it. When the charges against had finally been dropped I had told him that I had the affair with Addie and that I planned to continue it. I also told him that he would be available to her also. I assured him that he would always be my true love, and he was content that he was still the one special person for me.

"Well during the trial I got to the point when my sexual frustration from not having michael around was pushing me to the edge. Adrianne saw this and offered to find a male to borrow for me. I declined, telling her michael was the only male I wanted between my legs. I started to cry and she hugged me...  the next thing I knew we were taking each other's clothes off and we were at it on the couch in her office. Neither of us were into Females, but our chemistry was undeniable. We became lovers, not full time but often."

"Interesting, is this a public relationship?"

"It is not a public or a registered relationship, but we do not attempt to hide it either. My family knows, some of her staff knows or has a good idea. I belief Cherish is aware, even if she has not asked."

"Now you expressed interest in being bound during sex, learning deep oral stimulation, and surrendering complete control to your male during sex."

michael looked over at me in confusion.

"michael, you had no idea Justine felt safe enough with you to do that?"

"Well she had restrained herself a few times, but she has never asked me to do it. And I do usually take initiative in bed in the mornings to wake her, but never anytime else. I never dreamed she would want more from me. It is not the male's place to do such."

"That is part of the reason you are here to learn the limits of your Female's trust in you, how much control she is willing to give you, and how to know the limits." She smiled as michael blushed. "Now you michael, you did not check anything for the topics of interest of what you want your Female to learn, why is that?"

"My pleasure is only secondary to my Owner's, I have no desires except to please her and hope I can also get the chance for full sexual release also."

"No michael, that is hogwash. That political bull was ingrained into you from childhood, but your male needs run to the beginning of human time. Keeping them buried will cause resentment. Justine has brought you here so you can develop your own sexual being, and so she can learn how to please that sexual being, as you have learned to please hers over the years."

Inwardly I laughed at that, michael knew instinctively how to please me. He knew my sexual triggers better than I did when we first became intimate. I feel I know his deeply hidden triggers but never knew how to bring them to the surface without causing him distress because of what males are taught about sex. It took me nearly two years to get him willing to initiate any form of sex, and even then I had to concoct the whole 'Alarm Clock' concept to get him willing. Only his hosiery fetish was easy for me to draw out. It took the opportunity to mate with liz that offered him his first real chance to be open to himself. She was property like him, but less, he exposed his more forceful self then. Binding her, teasing her, even slightly torturing her, but still with a gentleness that bordered on romantic. I tried to lure that side out of him, but ultimately he still strived for my pleasure, never surrendering to his own lust.

"She wants, needs even, to feel that she is making you as happy as you have made her. Until you admit your desires to yourself she cannot fulfill those needs in you. The real you is deep inside, buried under all that propaganda. That is the michael that Justine wants to please, the man you were born to be."

michael was dumbfounded; he was failing to wrap his head around the concept. He held my hand tightly unsure what to do. I could see he wanted to speak but did not have the words.

Jessica smiled at him. "The ones who would have been the gentler, kind males always seem the hardest to convince. The indoctrinations enforce their natural inclinations to the extreme." She took hold of his chin forcing him to look at her. "You are a great lover for Justine, I can tell. Give her the chance to reflect your devotion by opening yourself up to her; allow her to learn the deepest darkest desires and to make them a reality for you both."

He looked at me. His eyes showed sadness. 'I have failed you.' was what he was thinking.

"No baby, you have not. The other way around, I let our culture deny you. I failed to respect and cultivate you as an individual, I allowed you to please my needs to no end, but left you to be a robot when it came to yourself in bed. I never conceded to your needs. There were nights I knew you wanted to make love, and I never considered it, allowing you to suffer every time."

Jessica looked at me. "That's twice you two have started a conversation without one of you saying a word. No wonder you did so good on the NVCE! Well you can continue this discussion later. It's about time we start wrapping up for the night."

She stood and looked around. "Counselors, do you have all you need for tonight?" All four nodded their readiness. "Okay then; tomorrow morning breakfast is served here between 7 and 8. There are snacks and breakfast foods in your cabins if you wish to have breakfast alone or need a midnight snack. The first session will start at 8:30 and last until noon when we will break for lunch. The lake is open for swimming while you are not in a session; a lifeguard is on duty from 10AM until 7PM only. After tomorrow, not all couples will be in all sessions your Counselor will have your schedule in the mornings. If you have a free session you are welcome to use any of the theme cabin facilities if they are available. The kitchen staff will be serving drinks and pastries shortly, please get to know the other Counselors and the other four couples."

She put a hand on my shoulder. "Justine if you still want to talk to Cherish we will do that after the mingle."

"Yes. Thank you Doctor."

We soon had short discussions with the other couples. The ones from Cabins 2 and 5 were from New York City like us and had known us by sight as a result of michael's trial three years ago. (God it seems longer than that!)

Cabin 4, Barb and josh, lived in the city of Wilkes-Barre in northern Pennsylvania. Which was actually closer than NYC to the Retreat.

Cabin 1 was easily the farthest from home. Monica and steven hailed from Australia, and had already been here several days. It seemed Monica owned a similar facility that currently specialized strictly in training males to be better lovers, and had Level 1 Re-ed certification to deal with disruptive males not requiring direct MCB Re-ed. Now she was looking to teach Females to be better lovers for their males with that and came here to learn from Jessica how an approved facility ran. Her male steven was her 'builder', making the training aids Monica and her staff came up with into hard reality and maintains the facility. 

michael had also learned steven was the only male in the facility, operated by his Owner and staffed by five other Females and he was available for use by them all. There were also three property females on staff. One who willingly gave up her citizenship, and two Chinese females who lost their citizenship after a failed attempt to take over the facility by force. They had nearly succeeded in their attempt and had all the staff in chains, until they misjudged steven and the property female's loyalty to their Owner and one night the female slipped a drug that they normally used on violent males to make them sleep into the bottle of wine their captors were drinking from. After the meal steven had managed to run from their captors and got far enough away that they succumbed to the drug while chasing him. He was free enough to release the Females from the various tortures their Chinese assailants inflicted upon them while trying to break the staff's spirits.

With the night's activities coming to a close I figured now was the time to take Jessica up on the call to Cherish, before it got too late. I guided michael to the wall. "michael go back to our cabin. Think about what you have done, both back then and every day since. We will be having a long discussion about it when I get back there."

As an afterthought I did give him a kiss on his forehead and he scurried away at my dismissal.

"Justine I am really sorry for this, paul should have kept his mouth shut to what was discussed between his Mother and I. But he idolizes her so much." We had just entered her office and she directed me to a beautiful leather cushioned chair. "To meet someone who has worked with her and has his Mother's admiration, he was in awe."

"It is okay Doctor Hamlin; I just want to find out why I was left out of the loop on this. I admire Cherish and her work also, and she has done much for michael, but he is my male first and foremost."

"Understandable Justine, and please just call me Jessica or Jess. I try to keep it informal here as much as possible."

She dialed the phone and placed it on speaker just before a male voice answered; "Hello?"

"roland, is Cherish available?"

"Miss Jessica, I'm sure for you she will find the time. How is my son?"

"Due for some punishment sadly, that is why I am calling."

"Oh dear, he didn't know when to stop talking about how great his Mother is again, right? Ahh here she is! Dear, it is Miss Jessica."

"Jessie how are things, I take it you met Justine Solomon and michael today?"

"Yes Cherish, I'm with Justine now. I am afraid she got some information today that rather unsettled her."

"Hi Justine what's the problem?"        

"How comes I had to find out from your son that my michael tried running away from me?"

"Oh Justine! I'm sorry, your Mother asked me not to tell you, and she would do it after michael was discharged. She felt you both were too emotionally distraught at the time. I agreed that was the case."

"What if he had ran away again?"

"Justine he was never going to run. He may have thought he was, but he was depressed over liz's death, he felt his son's safety was being threatened by someone he loved dearly, he felt he was helpless to protect everyone he loved."

"mikey was never in danger from me!"

"Not you, your Mother. I could see it in his eyes; he was desperate, irrational even. But part of his mind had not given himself any chance to escape. He intended to wait for your return, staying on the property until you came home to ensure Juliet was safe. Hell he even was carrying a baby monitor out the door so he could listen to her from outside. He never was going to reach the street before he ran back to the house into your arms."

"How can you be sure? Right now I am doubting he is waiting for me at the cabin." I started to cry.

"Child when you have done my job for as long as I have; you know things by instinct. The only thing that could have truly made him run that day was my surprising him at the door. When he encountered me he went to run. If I had not been there he would have walked the grounds and the first time that Juliet's voice came through that monitor he would have been back inside to stay."

Jessica piped in at that moment. "You know he thinks you predicted his actions and was waiting for him?"

"I'm not that good! Justine I'm sorry I did not tell you, but at the time your Mother was correct that we should not have, and afterward I should have followed up to find out if she talked to you."

"How can I trust him again?"

"Why did he think to run? To protect his children. It is the one instinct he has that is stronger than his love for you. Never give him a reason to think that you or Allison are a threat to the children and he will be by your side forever."

"Thank you Cherish, I am sorry I was so... judgmental."

"No Justine it is alright, I understand. If I really thought he was a flight risk I would not have even taken the chance not to tell you. Jessie, tell paul I think he deserves whatever punishment you dish out to him."

"Will do Cherish, sorry for disrupting your night." Jessica disconnected the call. "Do you really think he may not be there when you go back?"

"No, but how do I believe him anymore."

"Justine believe in your love, your bond with michael is like none I have ever seen." She smiled at me. "I bet he is waiting for you holding a submissive pose."

I smiled. She was right, I knew it in my heart. "No bet!"

I opened the door to find michael over one of the kitchenette chairs, no pants, ass in the air with only the limited protection of the Genital Device's rear straps.

"See I told you!" Jessica burst out, slapping my shoulder.

"oomp?" michael turned his head to look over his shoulder. It was then I realized he was tied to the chair and gagged.

"michael! Who did this to you?"

"That would be me!" We turned to the odd accented voice's origin. There sat the raven haired Monica from Cabin 1. "He said you were upset with him and he was going to wait to be punished, so I offered to help him prepare himself for you." She smiled at his high rear end. "I don't think he knew what I had in mind. He tried fighting me a little when he finally knew. He was a little scared. so I stayed to make sure he didn't hurt himself. I've seen many males come through my facility, few can compare to his... innocence. I should get back to steven now." She leaned into my ear, "Don't be too hard on him dear, he is precious."

The door closed behind her. I pulled the other chair close to my trussed up male. "So do you let any strange woman tie you up when I am mad at you? I should add fifty smacks just for that."

"Ooooo!" he tried talking through the gag, which was fashioned from a scarf, as were his bindings. I assumed they were Monica's since I do not have scarves with me.

"What do you think Jessica, a hundred total? Maybe we could get a few more people to help. I do not think the two of us can do it ourselves."

"I can arrange that. Monica really enjoys corporal punishment, it is the mainstay of her Re-ed services."

michael went crazy, trying to get free, begging me not to.

"How about you promise never to try to run away again and I will suspend your punishment, at least temporarily."

He looked at me; 'I promise!' was clear in his eyes

Little did he know I had already decided he had enough punishment from that day and I only planned on taking him to bed tonight.

"Okay, Thank you Jessica for coming back with me to make sure I did not hurt him too much."

"I hope to see you both at breakfast. Good Night!"

michael was visibly shaken as he dropped to the floor. He removed the gag. "Milady! I didn't know she was going to tie me, honest! I thought she was going to recommend a proper position for me to take."

"Come here boy." He crawled to me and knelt at my feet, staring at the toes of my shoes. I lifted his face to look at me and kissed his forehead "You're lucky I love you so much."

"I am lucky for that; I do not ever want to be without you. Can you forgive me for hiding from you that I tried to run away?"

"Only if you can put an effort into this week, and try to open yourself up to me. I want you to be a whole person; as long as you restrict yourself by the social norms you will not achieve this."

"I promised my love and self to you many years ago, if you want this then I want this." He smiled at me. "And I say that because I want to, not because it is the right thing to say."

I could tell he was very serious despite his smile.

I gave him the 'I want you in bed now' look as I pressed my thumb into the sensor to unlock his genital device. The straps clicked open and it slid down his legs.

He looked at the scarves on the floor then at me as if to ask 'Can I use these on you?'  His expression was unsure, like he was afraid of my answer.

'Say it!' I put as much seriousness in the expression as possible.

"Milady, may I tie you up and make love to you?"

"Only if you promise to be gentle with me."

He strips my clothes from me. As he ties my hands behind my back he whispers in my ear. "I can live with that condition."

New Lessons of Love 2 The First Sessions Pt 1

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, M/f, Chastity

I woke with sore shoulders and nearly panicked when I found my hands tied behind my back. When I opened my eyes I could see michael sleeping soundly, which reminded me how I ended up like this.

After making love to me while I was tied to the bed last night, michael didn't release me. Instead he released my feet from the end of the bed and tied them together. With a grin on his face he climbed into bed and positioned me so my head rested on his shoulder and I was between his torso and arm. He slipped his hand under the scarf binding my wrists and rested it at the top edge of my ass. Several hours later we held the same basic position.

The scarves binding my hands and ankles were two of the ones left behind by Monica the night before when she bound and gagged michael who was anticipating being punished by me. I was not happy that the Australian Female took it upon herself to tie up my male, but she had remained with him until my return to ensure he was safe and seemed rather playful about it when telling me what she did.

I tried to lift my head to see the alarm clock. I wanted to shower before starting this morning, and I needed to pee badly.

"Good morning Justine."

"Good morning boy, can you please untie..." I looked at him not able to believe what I just heard. "michael did you just call me by just my name?"

I felt his hand working blindly at the knot behind me. "Yes, it is what Doctor Hamlin requested, and you told me to do this for you, so I figured I should go and put forth my best effort." He smiled at me shyly. "But please do not get mad if I slip up, roughly 25 years of talking that way can make for a habit that is hard for a male to break you know."

My hands come free and I reach up and take him in my arms and kiss him. "I promise. Now either release my feet quickly or carry me to the toilet!"

We laughed uncontrollably as he carried me to the bathroom.

The dining hall's kitchen was set up as a small breakfast buffet for guests and staff alike. We were walking to a table when steven approached us. "Miss Justine, Miss Monica would like for you to join us."

I look to michael, he shrugged at me. 'Your decision' was on his face. So I decided to go for it.

"Thank you steven, lead on."

He took us over to the corner table that had previously only been occupied by the foreign Female.

"Justine, michael! Thank you for joining us. I wanted to apologize for restraining michael last night. steven, ever my moral compass, has reminded me that it is impolite to tie up a male not placed in my charge. I am just so used to being in control of all the males around me that sometimes I forget myself."

"No harm, no foul." I assured her.

michael pressed his leg against mine. "You scared me at first, but I got over it, and then Mi... Justine and Doctor Hamlin scared me much more then you did anyway. I will wash your scarves and return them when I have some free time. We used them some more last night."

"They do make handy and safe restraints. You can keep them, I have plenty. Were they comfortable?" She looked at michael for an answer.

I beat michael to the answer. "Yes they were, see no marks either." I said showing her my wrists. The look on her face was priceless. "I finally convinced him to get into the spirit of this course, and he took to it right away. It is so lovely waking up tied and held safe in the hands of your male."

She laughed. "Yes sometimes it is a welcome relief to be the tied damsel; protected by the one you trust the most."

steven smiled. "Or teased by same said?"

She slapped him playfully. "You always regret it later!"

"But always worth it in the moment."

"I've been trying to get him to take me like that for years with only limited success," I looked at the blushing michael, "he has been too naive to catch on."

"No, I can tell he has the desires," she waved her index finger at him, "he is too well trained. He enjoys his submission, so much that the elementary school indoctrination really became very deeply seated. You young man need to develop a little bit of a rebellious streak to overcome that. Jessica will teach it to you. But michael, you must find the right balance between your own and Justine's desires, and not let the rebellious streak surpass that."

"You make it sound easy Miss Monica, but I fear it will not be so."

"You've already taken the first steps, take what they teach you here, temper your desires with your knowledge of Justine's needs, and a little common sense and you will be fine, and she will be a very pleased."

"Trust her she is an excellent judge of people in general." Jessica had come up behind me. "How are we all doing this morning? I'm glad to see there are no hard feelings."

After the obligatory chit chat, she looked at her watch and turned to address the crowd. "Time to get today's show on the road people. If you haven't finished breakfast do so quickly!"

A few minutes later we were all situated in our small couches again with our Counselor and aide behind us, except Jessica was before the group rather than behind our couch. "Good morning everyone! The first session for today, is actually all day, but we will be having two shorter sessions this afternoon in conjunction. Now Ladies, you will accompany the aide assigned to you back to your cabin. You will follow their instructions as if they came from us Counselors."

paul led me away with a very classic 'offered arm' move. When we were outside I turned to him; "So how harsh was your punishment last night?"

"Thanks to you, not harsh at all. I only spent the night gagged to remind me to not talk about the things I hear. If you would have physically punished michael, Jessica said she would have delivered at least the same to me. And I would have deserved it too."

We entered the cabin and he handed me a bag, "Today's main lesson is; 'Understanding'. Please go into the bathroom and put this on under your clothes."

I look in the bag to see what it was. "A genital device? Is this a joke paul?"

"No Miss Justine, you will spend today acting as michael's property. A 'Shoe is on the other foot' situation. If you need help fitting it up, I can assist or I can get a Female staffer if you prefer."

I reminded myself that I decided to do this program and wordlessly went into the bathroom. I was already familiar with this variant from having liz in my home and I fitted it perfectly, pulled my jeans and panties back up.

When I walked out I got a short shock and yelped. "Good, I see you followed my instructions. You would be surprised how many Females think they can get away without putting it on. It is always a pleasure to work with a willing subject who truly wants to learn. Can you bring me a glass of water? Being gagged all night leaves a person a bit dry." He gave me a grin before continuing. "You will be expected to address all males and the Counselors formally, Mister and Sir for males and Miss or Ma'am for the Counselors"

I brought him the glass of water. "Thank you, until michael joins us why don't you start to clean up the cabin"

I started  by making up the bed.

"Oh Justine, by the way if you start feeling aroused or itchy, that is the special cream that was applied to the inside of your genital device, so you know what it is like to want sex and unable to have any without someone else's permission."

I groaned inwardly. I was starting to feel it now.


When the door closed behind the last Female, the Doctor addressed us. "gentlemales, today's lesson is; 'Understanding'. You will all be in the role of Owner of your Female, while they will be playing as property. To further enter into the role-play, all of your Females are being put in modified female genital devices. michael and steven are familiar with these devices, and can tell you that they are just as secure as the version you boys wear."

I raised my hand. "Doctor Hamlin what is modified about them?"

"Please all of you refer to me and the other staff just by our first names for the duration of the retreat. That is a good question michael, the modification is the locking mechanism does not use the normal biometric systems, but this remote device, which also has a punishment control."

She tossed it to me. I fumbled with it when it reached me but didn't drop it. "These are yours for the next 24 hours." The other Counselors each handed one to their assigned male. "We want you to know what it is like being responsible for another person, to hold their very sexuality in your hands as well as their obedience. But we advise you to not be cruel, because ultimately your Females will be back in charge when we start tomorrow, and we will not stop them from returning the favor if they are justified."

She looked around to make sure we had all understood that.

"Your partner may claim that they are extremely aroused and that they were told they have been given something to make them so. They were indeed told that, but it is psychological. We do not have any such medications here, but often if they believe it; it will be true to them. So keep it our secret for now and watch them squirm and maybe even beg for you to make love to them. That will be at your discretion alone, but we ask that you at least wait until this evening, do not let them bully you into it. Remind them they agreed to this retreat and our guidelines, which includes 'there will be no punishment to males without the review of the Counselor for your couple'. You will be returning to your cabins and the rest of the morning is yours to do as you please. There are newspapers, and puzzle books in your cabins, take your Females for a walk or swim or whatever else you choose to do. Like your own, the punishment device insert is fully waterproof, but it will be extra painful if used when the wearer is wet, be sure to remind them of this if you go swimming or showering. Just please be here for lunch and we will begin the afternoon sessions after that."

We were dismissed, and I approached Doctor Jessica. "May I have a word with you Ma'am?"

"Having doubts michael?"

"No Jessica, I wanted to talk to you about my forms."

"Go ahead."

"Well last night, with her permission, I tied Justine up and made love to her. I knew deep down that I really enjoyed it, and I want to learn this for her and my own pleasure. I hoped you would give me a chance to finish the paperwork truthfully with me not allowing my education to restrain my desires."

She smiled from ear to ear. "Of course michael, that's wonderful. I will bring them over shortly and we can go over it. I was afraid you were going to be harder to get through to." She hugged me, I was unprepared for that. "Now go, paul and Justine are waiting for you."

I entered the cabin to see paul sitting with an empty glass, and my lovely owner sweeping the leaves and dirt off of the hardwood floors.

"Mister michael! How are you sir?"

Needless to say this was the last reaction I expected! "Mister michael?"

"Yes Sir. Would you like a drink Milord?" I smiled at her reverse play on our pet names.

"Make a pot of coffee girl; I will be having company soon. Did you ask our guest if he would like anything else?"

Her eyes got wide. "I uhh ummm, no I didn't, Mister paul?"

"No thank you Justine I will be going now that your Owner is here." He leaned into my ear as he got close. "She is putting in a good effort, but do not let her get off too easily for it."

I smiled at him and nodded my understanding. I took the newspaper and sat at the kitchenette.

Justine sat a pair of coffee cups on the little breakfast counter. I took her hand. "How are you doing dear?"

"Sir I am fine with this, except the belt. They put something that makes me very horny. I want to OWWW!"

She jumped away from me. "michael! What was that...  OWWW!" I pressed the punishment button again.

"Stop that! It OWWW!"

I shook my head at her. "Justine, is that proper way for property to behave? Saying words like 'horny' and yelling at your Owner for punishing your poor etiquette."

She looked at me with anger, which dissolved when she saw the guilt I felt. "Sir I am sorry, I forgot my place."

"Come here and give me a hug and kiss." She demurely complied and I melted in my seat from the intensity of her kiss.

In my blissful state I dropped the remote. She heard it drop to the floor and scooped it up with a smile on her face. I stared at her while she held the little fob device, it felt like we stared at each other for hours rather than seconds. All I could think of was that I messed this up already and Miss Justine was going to make me pay for punishing her. "Sir you should keep better hold on something so important."

"Thank you Justine." I pulled her into my lap and took it from her. When my gaze went to her eyes. There was a sparkle of regret, mixed with pride. I was about to ask her which was meant for me when there came a knock on the door.

"I will get it Sir." She leapt from my knee and scurried across the room. "Miss Jessica is here Milord" she shouted as she opened the door.

"Thank you girl. Jessica would you like a coffee?

"Yes please, with cream and sugar."

I looked to Justine and she was preparing her own cup as requested. "Here Ma'am I had just poured this for myself, I have not drank from it at all."

"Thank you Justine. michael may I speak to you outside on the deck."

I understood the implied 'in private'. "Justine, continue cleaning for now, and then maybe we will take a relaxing walk in the woods when I am done with the Doctor."

I did not even wait for a response before closing the door.

Once outside Doctor Jessica covered her mouth to hold back her laughter. "'Milord?' I almost lost my composure right there." Doctor Jessica said with a giggle that somehow made her seem even younger. Miss Justine had been right; she definitely seemed too young.

"She started it right away as soon as I got here; I guess she assumed since I normally call her Milady she would call me that."

She directed me to sit on the swinging 'seat for two' that was hanging from the porch roof. I set my mug down on the little table alongside as she slipped in next to me. "We usually all have some form of nickname for our partner, although I think if I called paul by his in public he'd be very embarrassed."

Rather abruptly my mind pieced together a few of the facts I had gleaned in recent years and was disturbed by what they equaled to when combined. "You are not really a Doctor are you?"

She looked at me with an amused expression. "I most assuredly am a Doctor michael. Cherish wouldn't have sent you to me if I wasn't. Why do you ask?"

"You are too young. Doctor Cherish told me a year ago that her son had only been with an owner for two years. Which means he is at most 22 years old and I judge you to be about that age also. Most of the Resident Doctors that I have worked with are 24 or older, and must still complete their two year residency to become a full fledged Doctor of Psychology." She studied me as I thought about it all. "There was one I knew who was 24 when she got her Doctorate, but she was overeager outcast, finishing her credits in only four years."

She pinched her own chin between her index finger and thumb as if she was considering my logic. "Cherish said you were pretty good at deductive reasoning when you put yourself to it. True, I am only 24 myself, but I started my University career at 16, being so young I was also an 'overeager outcast' and I started my residency at 20." I felt myself blush at her emphasis on my outcast comment and she smiled showing me she was not upset by my generalization. "That's where I met Cherish, and eventually paul. He was 17 and working as an aide after school. He looked up to me as I was his Mother's prize pupil at the time. His admiration stole my heart." She looked out from the porch.

"So you waited for a bit like Doctor Cherish had done with roland?"

When I first met roland and found out there was a seven year age difference between him and my employer I had been surprised despite being mentioned by Doctor Cherish that she had waited for a while to make an offer for a male.

She handed me the clipboard. "Exactly, and I prefer people to think that I waited longer than reality. Yes I am too young by normal criteria, and very few people know it. Most just think I look young and waited until after completing my education to get a male, I think most people would feel I was under-qualified if they knew." She looked me in the eye to see if I got the unspoken intent, which I had. "We got to get this taken care of so just fill these in as you see fit."

I marked a few items from the start. Bondage, oral stimulations, and massaging were all no-brainers. The others I had to do some soul searching to decide if I really had an interest. When I was about halfway down the list, I slowly extracted the control fob from my pocket. "She is watching us."

"Who is? Justine? Are you sure?"

"Yes I can hear her bumping the wall." I pressed the button on the fob and heard a grunt on the far side of the window. "Is your work done in there?"

The sound of her moving across the floor made Doctor Jessica smile. But when she looked back at me she lost that joy. "michael are you okay?"

"I do not know if I can do this, I feel guilty. Miss Justine never makes me wear my device at home, and I cannot even remember a time that she has used the punishment device on me. Honestly I think the only times it has been used on me outside my time in prison has been to demonstrate that it functions to the patients at work. Well and when liz used it on me when framing me for assault when she still was a citizen Female."

She looked at me with what could have been regret. "michael you and the others here are exceptional males, I doubt any of you have received treatment like this, but many other males have, and worse." My thoughts went to Miss Amanda's carlos, and that torture was even by his own Mother and her Lesbian Wife. It sickens me every time I hear his story when he comes to tell it and his emotional recovery to the male patients at the Female Induced Trauma meetings that were started 4 months after I began at the hospital. "To understand Justine's responsibility you must learn what it takes to be in control while still maintaining your love, and in obverse; she needs to learn how difficult it is to maintain a certain level of behavior as you have. Justine doesn't feel the need to use your GD or its punishment functions because you maintain that level of respect and discipline. She must learn it is harder to maintain than she thinks."

"But it all seems so wrong."

"Yes, by our culture it is. But sometimes you must live the other side for a time to appreciate what those that have it every day go through. Let's finish these forms and you can spend quality time with Justine."

"I just do not understand much of this."

"michael, it was all explained in the pamphlet you read weeks ago." I looked at her confused "You didn't read the pamphlet did you?"

"What pamphlet?"

"The one you were supposed to read before signing the confidentiality and conditions document. You did sign that right?"

"Yes, Miss Justine had me sign that."

"Okay michael, go to my office and ask paul to get you one of the male pamphlets, tell him he is to help you finish the form and keep it for me to review after I come back. I need to talk to Justine." She gave me a dismissive gesture, "Now shoo."

I walked away a little scared. I think I just got Miss Justine in trouble.


After getting shocked at the window, I went off to clean the bathroom. I found the fresh towels had been brought in but not put away, so I handled this and started on cleaning the sink from our oral hygiene and michael's shaving of last night and this morning.

I heard the door open and the coffee mugs set down on the kitchenette counter. "I will be right there Sir!"

As I exited the bathroom I got hit by a shock that dropped me to my knees. It was by far the most powerful one I felt yet. "We need to talk!" Jessica was standing pointing a punishment control fob at me, her dark eyes almost glowed with anger.

"What was that for?"

"You are property now, remember that!" Despite the appearance of being years younger than I the tone of the Female before me made me think of her as an old school teacher about to give a reprimand to a schoolgirl. Which in a way, was not far from the truth.

"You hypocrite! Last night you were lamenting about not knowing if you could trust michael. But you had him sign a legal document saying he read the provided material and agreed to it, without explaining what was going on, nor giving it to him to read in the first place. You brought him here cold. He had no clue what to expect, or the purpose of it. No wonder he was so confused and didn't know how to answer the questionnaire's sexual areas."

I was actually afraid of her in this moment. Her anger and the fact she was waving the fob at me, really had me scared. That combined with her earlier comment kept me grounded into my character "I'm sorry Miss Jessica, but you must understand, michael would never have accepted to do this knowing what he was expected to do to me here. I knew once here he would just do it because it was too late not to."

"Well that is not how we want or are allowed to operate. We are required to have informed consent on all parties, Female and male alike. By rights I should be sending you both packing, but michael has indeed got into this. The fact you knew what was expected has allowed him to temper his guilt. Stand!"

She hugged me, the last thing I expected at that moment in time. "Justine I know your heart is in the right place, but you could have got me shut down completely and yourself in jail for falsifying legal documents. Not to mention you betrayed michael's faith in you by having him sign something that held him responsible for his actions."

I was guilty all-around of every claim. "My God Jessica, I never thought about it that way, any of it. What can I do to rectify it?"

"There is nothing you can do but hope that when he is done actually reading the program pamphlet, he doesn't decide to leave. If he does I will have to report the reason to the State Boards I am responsible to. In the meanwhile you should get back to work."

"I was done anyway. Would you like some more coffee Maaaaam? What was that?"

"Two quick very light shocks?"

"Yes I think so."

"michael just left the office, and he made no comment about leaving to paul. I am going then, I will see you this afternoon; you are scheduled to be in both sessions."

michael came in ten minutes later; his face was expressionless as he looked me up and down. "Put on your sneakers or boots, and get your sun-hat, we are going for a walk." He turned around and walked out the door.

"Yes Sir." I managed before the door closed.

When I exited the cabin I was dressed as asked, my wide brimmed hat to protect my fair skin from the harsh sunlight. michael always worried about Juli and I getting sunburnt. michael tenderly took my hand and led me to the woods behind the cabins where a trail-head was marked. We had done some hiking together shortly after my Ownership of him, but it was not something we had much opportunity to partake in since his time in prison. We both enjoyed the tranquility and the intimacy of being so alone together. Something you can almost never do while living in a big city like New York.

We were a good clip in to the woods when michael took me in his arms. He looked down "Did I get you in trouble Miss Justine?"

I kissed his neck. "No Sir, I got me in trouble."

He pulled back and looked at me. "Do you know they are filming us in the cabin?"

I covered my mouth in shock "Oh God michael! I forgot all about that. Yes I remember reading that. It is part of the course study, everything but the bathrooms are recorded. We agreed to it when we signed the forms."

"I know that now."

"Is that a problem boy?"

"Only if it is for you Ma'am."

"No michael, this one is your decision. I will stay if you wish."

He looked me in the eye, I saw a small amount of indecision linger. "It is important to you that I learn to be more forceful with you. I feel deep down I want this too. But I fear I will push too far."

"I will worry about that SIR." He smiled at my emphasis.

"Okay point taken." He took my hand and led me further down the trail. "Just one more question Justine, something that I was thinking about a bit since last night."

"What is it Mister michael."

"Why have you given me so freely to others, but kept yourself for me. Well, with the exception of Miss Adrianne that is."

This time I stopped and looked him in the eye. "I shared my greatest possession with those I hold most dear; those who were less fortunate in their search for love at the time. Mandy, Lucy, and Mom all are special to both of us. I knew you would treat them with the same respect you give me. I do not feel the need for another male."

"I have never felt the need for another Female either. Not that I had not enjoyed my times serving their needs. But in a way it always felt wrong to me."

"Are you saying you do not want to continue serving Mom and Addie's needs?"

"No, I don't know, I just..." He looked me dead in the eye; I could read the confusion in him. "They both love us so much, and I do not want to make them search elsewhere. I know Miss Adrianne has no desire to own a male, and Mother Alli does not see the need to get another at her age. I know I should look at it as an honor to serve the needs of three beautiful Females, but there are times I feel as if I betray you by giving in to them so easily."

"michael, you pleasuring my Mother or Addie is always with my permission, you should feel no guilt. I choose to share you because I trust you and them. I choose to keep myself for you because I trust no other male with my person. It is as simple as that on both sides of the fence. My trust and love."

He seemed to ponder my explanation as we walked onward. He leaned me into a tree and gave me a passionate kiss. "Still feeling aroused girl?"

I hadn't thought of it for a bit with everything else, but now that he mentioned it I sure was! "Yes Sir! It's been a while since we have made love in the woods Milord. Would you please take me now?"

"Oh sorry girl, we need to head back for lunch and the afternoon sessions now."

I gave a defeated groan. Now I know what lizzie went through that year she was locked in her belt!


While last night's dinner was amazing, the lunch today was rather ordinary. Simple cold-cuts and picnic foods. We ended up sitting with Carol and roy, the couple from Queens, who were in Cabin 5. roy was fascinated with my time in prison, and asked me way too many questions that I truly did not want to answer. Miss Carol had shot him several withering glances as she could tell I was uncomfortable with the discussion, but he outright ignored her, and obviously she feared the punishment of her genital device. Through the whole meal Miss Justine and Carol were squirming in their seats, I was unsure if it was because of the genital device, the belief that they had been given something to boost their arousal, or both.

Justine leaned to me and whispered; "Sir, can we go back to the cabin soon?"

"No dear, we do not have the time. The next session will start soon and we need to be here for it."

"Damn!" She saw me reach into my pocket. "Umm Sorry Sir!"

I smiled at her and puckered my lips and she gave me a kiss. "I'm lucky you love me!"

I shook the remote. "Yes you are."

Soon we were back in the group arrangement and Miss Melody the young blond Counselor, who I shocked when doing the question sheets at the beginning, was center-stage and evidently in charge of this session.

"So to start this afternoon's first session is a trust exercise, we will be taking you out into the woods to navigate back here to the dining hall's flagpole, you will have two hours to get back before the next session. The last couple back gets to be the demonstration aids for today's final session."

I leaned close to Miss Justine's face. "Seems simple enough." I whispered.

"In normal circumstances michael you are correct." I was sure I was blushing at being caught talking. "But it will be far from simple. When we get you to your start points you will be connected together at the neck through collars and a chain. The Female will be hooded so you cannot see, and the males will be gagged so they cannot speak. They will all be locked on and your Counselor will have the keys at the flagpole. males you will be responsible to get your Female here as safe as possible. You are not allowed to carry the Females, except over obstacles that being blinded would make dangerous. It will be a shotgun start, meaning we will fire a gun into the air to signal the start. If you happen to come across another couple, please do not interfere in their progress or direct them in another direction, you could be the one that is going the wrong way."

She gave a look around. "We will start off pointing you in the right direction, on the straight line route to the flagpole. All five courses are of equal difficulty and straight time to traverse, but the terrains differ as nature tends to do. So no crying that so-and-so had an easier course or that you get yourself lost. At the end of the two hours if you all have not returned we will fire the shotgun again. Females that will be your cue to blow the whistle we will provide you."

She clapped her hands together. "Any questions?" She paused and looked at each of us in turn.  "Then let's get started!"

We emerged from the well-worn path and were standing in a small clearing next to what looked like a shortened old fashioned wood telephone pole standing vertically, with the remainder horizontal sticking out from its base. Also there was a bag sitting on the ground near it. paul went straight to the bag. "michael, the pole on the ground is your starting direction of travel; if you can stay close to this original direction you will enter the clearing by the mess hall. Justine here is your whistle, if either of you get hurt and cannot continue blow it, one of us aides will find you. We will be walking about ten minutes behind you for safety's sake."

Justine took the whistle and placed it around her neck, and tucked her long red hair into the neckline of her shirt. paul fitted the collars attached by a heavy looking three meter chain to our necks. Soon I had a ball in my mouth with a  hole in it so I could breathe, and Miss Justine had been fitted with an expandex hood with a locking leather collar, it covered her entire head except her mouth and nose. paul made a 'keep calm' sign to me and he took a swing at Miss Justine's head, barely stopping before her nose. "Good! All secured and ready to go, I'll go back to the phone box and let them know you are set. Good luck."

"michael are we alone now?"

I grunted through the gag.

"With this hood over my ears I can barely hear you!"

Without our voices and vision, we were really limited in communication ability. Justine followed the chain to me. "We need to work something out honey."

I had an idea. Touch was all we had to rely on. I took the chain in my hands near her collar and tugged it up and down, then left and right.

"Yes and no?"

I shook the chain up and down.

She smiled "Just don't break my neck."

We stood and waited for a few minutes until I heard the distinctive blast.

"Was that the start?" I tugged in the start direction as an answer.

I kept the chain short between us, with Miss Justine blinded I did not want her wrapping the chain around a tree and drawing us up short. I also was keeping an eye to the ground for trip hazards and guiding her around things she could not step over in her normal walk.

Evidently Milady had a similar idea and kept one hand on the waist of my pants. I kept us going in as straight a path as possible, using distinctive trees as base-points while also scanning about 10 meters ahead for the next tree close to my direction of travel as I reached my most recently targeted tree. While I may be a city male with only limited experience in the forest, I was an excellent judge of distance and direction. An ability that had become apparent in finding the hidden passage and rooms in our home after we moved in.

We had traveled for fifteen minutes when I came across a deep ditch, easily seven feet down and steep on our side. There was a fallen tree across it, but it looked unstable. I walked up to it and put my foot on it and tested it. Indeed it rocked quite easily. I did not want to risk taking Miss Justine over it as it was if I could help it.

"michael what is it?"

I put my hand flat on her chest and grunted. I looked in the immediate areas for something I could maybe use to prevent the tree from shifting. I felt movement through the chain. I turned to look and Miss Justine had taken a few steps in the direction of the ditch. I rushed over and placed myself between her and it, grabbing her shoulders to stop her.

"michael what is wrong?"

I pulled the chain lightly in front of her then took my other hand down her body.

"There's a drop?"

I wanted to shake the chain up and down, as I stepped back to give myself room I ran out of solid ground and fell in! Justine came down to her knees, and then to her stomach as the chain pulled her down with me.

"michael! Are you okay?"

I could see her digging for the whistle under her body. I grabbed the chain and shook up and down.

She traced the chain until she found my hand. "Are you hurt boy?"

I took stock of myself, fortunately I slid down the embankment which slowed and cushioned my fall, which had ended in a crouch. Now standing I could barely reach the edge Miss Justine was leaning over. I shook the chain and our hands in the negative.

"Okay let's get you out then."

I looked, but there was no easy way to climb out on this side, the far side was a much gentler slope, but how do I get my Owner over the shaky tree? Then the sun broke the horizon; I can make it less shaky!

I signaled Miss Justine to move along the edge until she found the log.  She went to step up onto it when she found it and I tugged the chain down slightly.

"You want me to stop?"

I signaled yes, and tugged as straight down as I could.

"You want me to climb down?"

I gave her the left to right motion.

"You want me to get down on my hands and knees?"

Yes! I moved the chain accordingly. When she was in position I took her hand and wrote with my finger in her hand.

"S T A Y. Stay; got it!"

I went toward the center of the ditch and could reach the tree trunk all the way. I went back to Miss Justine and took her hand and let it to the tree and tugged at the chain.

"Coming Sir."

I had completely forgotten about that little game and did not care at the moment about it. I kept her chain short enough to let her know I wanted her to stay low as she started to cross. I kept a wary eye on her as she shimmied across the tree. She shifted her legs to one side or the other as branch stubs interfered with her forward movement. When we reached the point where the tree was at my waist I stopped and let her get to me.

She bumped into me with her leg, thinking she found another obstacle she swung that leg to the far side. I scooped her up into my arms and lifted her from the tree and set her down standing. "There's my smart boy!" She kissed my cheek. I stood there blushing "Get a move on, we don't want to be last do we?"

After a few more minor obstacles we emerged onto a clearing, hand in hand. The various cabins to our left and right and the dining hall straight ahead. The 'home stretch' as they say in horse racing.

Noises to my right brought me back to the fact this was also a race. I looked for the source and saw Miss Monica and steven enter the clearing. The pair looked like they took a fall in mud at one point. My guess was they both went in the same ditch that I did.

My eyes met steven's and we both realized we could be the last ones back. The race was on! steven began pushing Monica across the field. I took a calmer approach and wrote 'run' on the back of Miss Justine's hand that I was holding.

"Lead me Sir!" Hand in hand we ran across the field, the mute male, and his blind/deafened Owner.

We managed to keep a good pace and soon were even up with the other couple and I could hear the Female complaining about his pushing when she shrieked. I looked to see them rolling on the ground.

I came to a stop about ready to change direction when Miss Justine squeezed my hand. "I'm proud of you, but if we are as close as I think we can send help back for whoever it is."

I could see the aides who had been shadowing each of us now both running to the place where I saw the competition go down, I knew Milady was right. I led her at a jogging pace the rest of the way.

When we got to the 'finish line' I saw a smiling Doctor Jessica pocketing a 20 Credit Bill that was handed to her by Miss Melody.

Doctor Jessica unlocked and took my gag and led us under a shady tree before handing me the keys. When I removed her mask Miss Justine shaded her eyes from the direct light.

"Good job, you guys placed second. That was quite a rush at the end. I can't wait to see the recordings of the rest of your trek later tonight."

Miss Justine was still shielding her eyes and tried to look out to the field we crossed to see Miss Monica and steven getting closer. "Are they okay?"

"They should be fine, they'll be here in a few seconds if you want to wait and talk to them but please give Monica the room under the tree to shield her eyes from the sun. Otherwise you are free until four o'clock when we will meet back here inside for the day's last official session."

When Monica's mask came off, she kept her eyes shut and slowly opened them. When her eyes fell on us she smiled. "So it was you who scared the wits out of steven, and made me take a fall!" She shot him a look that would melt through Durasteel, and was rewarded with a quick jolt for her effort. "Ouch! Sorry Mister steven."

"Better Mon. Good show michael you kept Justine going at a good pace. I tried pushing Monica too far... literally. Sorry dear."

Monica playfully stuck out her tongue. "You better be Sir!"

"Well I had to stop michael from running to your rescue. I'm glad you came up in one piece."

I took Justine's hand "I feel like a dip in the lake how about you steven?"


"Good idea, maybe it will take Mon's mind off sex."

She looked sheepishly at him "I wish they would allow you to let us out early, this cream is driving me crazy."

Justine looked at me. "You mean you're not allowed to release us yet? That's why you kept turning me down, coming up with excuses!"

I smiled at her; I could tell now that Monica had brought it up, Justine was thinking about the imaginary cream too. "Do you honestly think I would turn down making love to you otherwise?"

"Not normally Sir."

Someone by the flagpole said another couple was coming, so we vacated the area to prepare to go to the lake.

New Lessons of Love 3 The First Sessions Pt 2

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, M/f, Chastity

We had enjoyed our break at the lake, even if it started a bit rough for me.

michael had found need to use the punishment device on me when I refused to go. My argument that my two piece  swimsuit failed to cover the genital device had fell on deaf ears and michael insisted we go. He also not-so-subtly pointed out that I never seemed to be concerned about liz or himself having the same problem when we would spend time at the summer home in the Hamptons. And he also pointed out the fact that everyone here knows that the Female guests are in the genital devices for the day. So with reluctance I 'allowed' michael to spread the high strength sunblock on me and we swam and relaxed on the little beach.

I washed away my embarrassment with a refreshing swim, afterward Monica and I laid out under a sun umbrella and shared our life stories as the two males were challenging one another by seeing who could swim out to the swim boundary and back the most times, hold their breath underwater the longest, and such.

"So, have you really known michael as long as you said last night?"

"Well our Mothers were friends before either of us were even conceived, and he was born just three weeks before me." I smiled at her as I remembered those carefree years. "Our Mothers pushed us together at every opportunity until we were old enough to enter into Ownership status. I don't think the pushing was really needed as we seemed to be always drawn to one another. How about you and steven?"

"Well ironically, I knew steven from junior school. Fifteen years later I hired him to refit the home I bought to be used as the training center. His Owner had him working as a builder, a trade he loved and excelled at, but when the labor union started to force companies to only use Female only or Owner/property teams on large projects, she was forced to rent him out for private work only, as she was not of the builder trade. This left her financially short.

After a few weeks of having him at my facility, most days almost all day, I offered that after the project was complete I would take him on as full time staff as builder, groundskeeper, and maintenance. She readily accepted, but when I told her I wanted him on call 24/7 being the nature of my facility, she was less than enthusiastic. The thought of dragging him across town at any hour on demand was less appealing than the constant income. I wanted him because of his ingenuity and attention to detail, plus I had fancied him back in school, so I made the unusual offer to immediately buy him from her instead."

Monica turned and smiled back at the lake. "Best money I ever spent! He was always sullen to go home at night. When he found out he had been sold to me he was ecstatic. Ends up he never really liked his previous owner. For her he was a source of income and a sex toy, actually preferring his tongue, to his willy."

She looked back again, an almost evil grin on her face. "Both are good dear, but his tongue is really AMAZING! But anyway, he wholly adores me and my staff. Sometimes he can't keep up with us all, and one of the Girls will slip him an Erectboost pill, you know those pills that became popular going back about fifteen years ago to keep the older males going sexually. With six Females, four straight, two Lesbian, all of us with bisexual tendencies, he is a very busy boy sometimes."

I laughed "So does he still do the work you initially hired him for, or does he spend all day under all your skirts?"

"No he still does most of it; slave p does most of the grounds keeping, under steven or one of my Girl's watchful eyes. But he still does the wood and metalwork, and building of restraints based on ideas from us Females."

I looked at her and could not conceal my confusion. "slave p? Restraints?"

"slave p is one of the two Chinese Females who invaded our facility a few years ago, slave j is the other, she does the housework and laundry with shawnee, the business's resident property female. The two planned to use my facility as a base of operations to capture and sell Western Females and males illegally as property in the Asian black-markets. When they were stripped of citizenship and given to my organization I legally changed their names to shame them. We first encountered these two when they kidnapped two of my Girls while they were in Hong Kong on business. They were the contacts in what we thought was a legitimate business arrangement, but they were intending to keep and display my people as their own personal property. steven and I traveled to Hong Kong, and joined up with my Chinese employee Emma, who had been separated from them when they were abducted. The three of us tried to rescue them in a covert mission, but we were also captured." She smiled at me.  "Obviously we escaped and left them and some of their close friends in a rather embarrassing predicament. So their invasion was equal parts revenge and greed. As far as the restraints, one of the many sidelines of my business is we provide punishment services, or access to our facilities for a fee so the Owners can punish their males in a secure and supervised way. We also sell 'at home' restraint systems so there is no need to travel. But I bet you have no experience with that sort of things. I hear that in the America Region that sort of thing is frowned upon."

"Yes it is in general, mostly because of some Females being overly sadistic and beating their males to a pulp. I have heard of a few facilities like yours in New York City, and of course the MCB Re-Eds, but I never have visited them; michael has practically never needed to be seriously punished and our own basement was more than sufficiently stocked as a punishment facility before we owned the house." I smiled at her shocked look. "Not something I advertise normally, but a few people know about it. The room is more of a sexual play area for us then a punishment facility.

"Well sometimes it is the quiet ones! You didn't seem the type to do that. You know some Females even pay to have us restrain them." She gave me a smile.

"I noticed steven has nipple piercings, I thought male piercings were forbidden by MCB guidelines. Or is that a local level thing?"

"No that is UEG wide I think, but when it's done by a third party the Owner can leave the illegal modification in."

"So you took him to someone to get it done? That's a hell of a loophole on the law then."

"Oh no, it was against our will, if you purposely get someone to do it to a male you will still be charged. Portia, who is now slave p, did it on the first day of her occupation of my facility. She and her accomplice strung us both up to pillars and pierced us, and then put locks in the holes." She pulled the cup of her bikini away to show me her bar matching the one in steven's nipples. "I decided we would keep them as a symbol of our shared ordeal, sometimes I even put the locks back in".

The gun shot off again in the distance and we knew the last couple had failed to successfully navigate the course. "I wonder who the last couple was." Monica said with amusement.

I looked back to the lake to see the males coming up the beach. "I'm more curious as to what the demonstration the last couple is going to perform. My guess is it is something demeaning for the Female."

Monica gave me an enigmatic smile. "I have some ideas on that, but there again; I am already familiar with the program. Let's put it this way, if it is what I think it is, the Female will likely not be a happy little Vegemite. I think you and I might have been less... upset if we lost."

I was about to ask what a Vegemite was when the males got to us. steven smiled at us as they approached. Both males were catching their breath. "Well Ladies, I guess we should get back and changed for the afternoon, we do not want to be late."


When we entered the dining hall it was obvious the room was configured differently from normal. Rather than the normal semicircle of five couches, there were four couches in a full circle. In the center were two chairs placed back to back, arranged so the occupant of the chair would be looking between the two couches on that side of the circle.

I took stock of the marking on the couches. "Cabin 2 is missing."

"Very astute michael!" Doctor Hamlin startled us as she appeared beside me. I swear she always appears out of thin air! "Now take your seats, Justine you need to pay attention to this part especially."

Miss Justine lowered her eyes before responding."Yes Miss Jessica, of course."

We all took seats on our couches, while todd and marty, the male and aide for Cabin 2 respectively, took the seats in the middle. todd still had in his gag from the obstacle race.

Miss Tiffany, the Counselor for Cabin 2 led in Miss Erin, who was still wearing her hood. She made Miss Erin kneel before her male, and then handed a set of keys to Doctor Jessica, before she knelt in front of marty.

"Congratulations to Barb and josh Drowski for coming in first in the race, with the Solomons and Armstrongs coming in a very close second and third. Now we have our last team and their cadre as our demonstration aides for the last session today." Doctor Jessica removed the hood from Erin, who looked around at us.

"Now this will be a demonstration of oral stimulation of the male."

"Hold on a minute, I never agreed to that!" Miss Erin screamed angrily as she made to get to her feet.

Doctor Jessica put her hand on Miss Erin's shoulder to stop her. "True, that was not a preference on your personal questionnaire, but it was on todd's." Miss Erin gave him a glare. "And the contract you signed says you will participate in any training one or the other of you selected as an area of interest. Not to mention it also says you must participate in any penalty phase for failing a challenge like today's race, whether it was something you selected in your questionnaires or not."  Doctor Jessica looked around. "You all remember reading that correct?"

I saw Miss Justine and the other Females nod their heads in agreement. Miss Erin looked torn. "I'm not going to like it!"

"Fair enough, but I wouldn't knock it until you try it." Doctor Jessica looked around. "How many of you Females have already given your male oral stimulation?" Miss Justine, Monica, and Carol all raised their hands.

"How many of you actually took it all the way to completion?" Miss Carol dropped her hand. I swear Miss Monica smiled at us and licked her lips. "Good then some of you have at least the basic skills. With the help of our demonstrators here I will explain to you the mechanics of various techniques and how to try to overcome your gag reflex, the biggest enemy of deep oral stimulation. I don't expect all of you to enjoy this, but with the exception of Erin you all marked you'd like to learn more about it. What you do with it when you go home is up to you to decide, hopefully as a couple. Maybe you will make it a regular part of your lovemaking, use it only for special occasions, or maybe as a reward when your male has done something worthy in your eyes."

Doctor Jessica went over several technical aspects and using Miss Erin to demonstrate them, I could see Miss Tiffany doing the same acts, without being forced, for the occupants of the pair of couches to my right. She even looked happy doing it. Doctor Jessica also explained the psychology of maintaining eye contact and how swallowing the ejaculate occasionally was a sign to the male of the Female's acceptance.

I thought back over the times Miss Justine or liz had done me this service. There were not many by Miss Justine, but the one that stood out the most was just about a year ago when she took me into her mouth as I slept. She felt guilt over her punishment and 'rape' of me the night before. When I woke I saw my hands on either side of her red mane. I at first feared I had acted out in my sleep and forced her into that situation. I thought she would hate me forever and tried to stop her but she refused to stop. She took me all the way that day. At the time I could not believe she let herself be degraded that way before me. I saw the happiness on her face; she had willingly given me that pleasure and was happy about it. I was not comfortable with it but I could not deny that I enjoyed the event.

lizzy had never been particularly happy doing oral service to me. They were always at Miss Justine's orders, and while I did enjoy those times, it was not the same. Maybe it was the fact that she never did it willingly made it slightly less enjoyable.

"males, this evening you may remove your Females' GD's once they have given you a sufficient orally induced orgasm. They do not have to finish you up in their mouth, or swallow unless they choose to. Erin, your demonstration does not count to getting the GD off. A reminder to you Females, the males are still in charge until tomorrow's morning session, so behave as you would expect them to behave for you, even without your genital device. Dinner will be served shortly and after that the rest of the evening is yours."


We had a quiet dinner with Jessica and paul, mostly small talk, with Jessica commenting on how she was impressed with michael's protective nature leading him to 'take charge' during the race. She said she had quickly watched the log crossing incident at paul's suggestion and loved his ingenuity at turning an accident into a benefit.

Afterward michael led me back to our cabin. I wanted to tear through his shorts to give him his oral service so I could get out of this GD, but he just sat on the bed and flopped back.

"Wow, what a day! I think I'm going to shower and go to bed. What do you think girl?"

"Umm I was hoping to uhh..."

"What is it girl?"

All I could think about was getting out of the damned genital device. I've never heard of any topical solution that can last as long as this one has. But I was hornier than I can ever remember being.

"Sir, what about... you know." I ran a hand over his crotch, causing his penis to stiffen.

"Justine! It is improper for property to talk or act that way."

I don't think I have ever reprimanded michael for asking me in private if I would like sex with him, but then again I can only think of a few times it has even happened. He could also almost always tell when I needed the attention and would offer it in a more subtle way. Perhaps this was his thinking? I placed a hand on his chest and painted on a smile to hide my frustration. "Maybe Milord would like a massage before showering?"

He smiled at me, he knew I had learned the lesson he was trying to teach me. "That would be wonderful." He slipped out of his shirt, as I removed his shorts.

I tried to be as sensual as I could, applying loving kisses along with my hand motions. When I got to the base of his back he rolled over and I proceeded to repeat it on his front. "Now girl." I made eye contact and knew what he wanted. He was ready; the tease had taken advantage of my desire. I was not mad; I had of course done it to him more times over our eight years together than I cared to try to count.

I went down on him and tried as many of the new techniques I'd been taught this afternoon as I could. I did gag a little, but tried every few strokes to get him in my throat. When I finally succeeded I held him in me until I needed to come up for air. I looked at him, as I used my hand to keep him ready; he was concentrating on holding back his ejaculation. "Sir, am I doing a good job?" He groaned out what was almost an 'Uh-huh'. I smiled. "Would Milord like me to finish him?"

One of his hands took away the hand I had wrapped around his cock; the other pushed my head toward it. He wanted me to finish with just my mouth. I readily obliged. I went deep on him. I reached up between his legs and grabbed his testicles and massaged them like they taught us in high school. I felt the spasms travel through his penis propelling the ejaculate fluids. It sent chills of anticipation through me as I waited for the salty taste of his fluids. I didn't really get much of the taste until I pulled away and could get the tip of him out of my throat. I continued to suck the tip for a few moments before letting it out with a popping sound.

I lay alongside of him and cuddled up to him. I was still fully dressed except for the sandals I had kicked off when we came in.

He reached around me and gave me a squeeze. "That was almost sufficient Justine."

I rolled over and stared at him, not wanting to believe what I had just heard. "Almost?!"

He gave me a smile. "Okay it was a truly amazing experience that has left me weak in the knees. Fetch my shorts."

I went over to where I tossed them and put them in his waiting hand. "Strip girl, all of it."

I was soon nearly naked in front of the male I love. The genital device was the only thing between me and the pleasure I desired. Then it hit me; how often has michael been forced to endure this same desire? I didn't really keep him chastised at home often. But he always waited for my demands even when he was not kept secured.

He reached up and ran a hand along me, tenderly feeling my curves. He pulled me closer and tenderly kissed my breast. "Justine dear, I am sorry for tormenting you like this." He began sucking my nipple. He was slowly driving me crazy. My hand found his cock, still moist from my saliva. It was slowly regaining its stiffness.

He stood up and spun me around. I heard the beep from my nether regions and felt him lower the GD past my hips. Suddenly he leaned into me pushing me onto the bed and pulled the offending article all the way off of me.

His fingers combed through the well-trimmed patch of red pubic hair. michael has always painstakingly groomed me down below to have a slightly heart shaped patch, while keeping the area of my vagina perfectly bare. As long as he maintained it, I let him keep it the way he liked. While he was in prison I took extra care to try to continue his work so it would be as he liked it. I had not done nearly as good as he had, but he appreciated the effort.  Adrianne thought it was cute when she first saw it. In fact she thought it was so cute that she began doing it with her own pubic hair.

He placed his lips on my clit and sucked it between them. "Is the little redhead happy to be free?"

"Oh God yes! But she'd be happier if she was eating her favorite meal."

Placing his hands under my arms, he pushed me further up in bed, and then knelt between my legs. I have expected him to just push into me; instead he stroked a finger along the length of my outer lips. "I have an idea, will you try it for me?"

"Yes Sir, anything you want." He smiled at me. I could tell he did not care for the whole swapping roles game, especially not now.

He moved to my head. A voice inside me screamed 'No, I want to be fucked!' But he straddled my head, laying himself over me. He forced his cock between my lips, I reluctantly took it in. I knew now what he had planned, he had seen Adrianne and I do this several times. As his male part was forced into my mouth, he began kissing and licking my female parts.

It was a new experience for us both, and after a few minutes michael rolled us over. I felt his fingers trace my asshole, but he never went further. Then he drew an orgasm out of me. I had barely felt it coming with me focused on the stiff flesh in my mouth. I pushed myself away from him as I moaned out in lust. He separated us and pushed me over on my back once again.

I wanted that hard piece of my male in me. I felt my knees and hips lifted from the bed, and then I felt the sensation I've waited for all day; michael's cock sliding deep into me! "You look happy?" He whispers in my ear.

I open my eyes, I hadn't even realized I closed them; michael was smiling down at me.  I managed a content "Um-mmm!"

He grasped my wrist and slid them up to the top of my head. He released them and immediately gave them a gentle slap. He took another one of my own cues for him and used it against me. He wanted me to keep my own hands in that spot as if they were tied down with invisible ropes. He stared deeply into my eyes as he almost too gently pumped into me.

michael teased my right nipple with one hand while supporting my hips with the other. I knew he had me, I was his! He knew the right time to change his pace, he timed it perfectly. He brought us to a mutually explosive finale.

When I came down from heaven he was looking at me with a huge grin on his face. He was extremely close to me. Then I realized I felt no support against my back and my arms were around his neck! I had literally climbed him during my orgasm. I lowered myself back to the mattress.

"So how would I be punished if I broke my hands free when you 'set' them?"

I blushed at my lack of control, and gave him sly look. "You'd get a kiss and be told to try harder next time."

"Well in that case; try harder next time." He leaned in and kissed me.


It was still early, but neither of us were in a mood to explore any of the theme cabins tonight. I had scanned over the map, and reviewed them; Love Bondage, Restraints, Punishment, Role Play, Food Play, Seduction... The list was weird to my simple understandings to say the least. I knew from what I read this morning we would be being introduced to many of these in the coming days, most of the sessions were going to be in these cabins on a more personal couple/Councilor level, rather than the whole group. At the moment I just wanted to relax alone with Miss Justine for a little bit.

After placing her back in the genital device (with a reminder that I am not allowed to leave the home without my own), I took her to the field near the dining hall. Looking around I saw two of the theme cabins had a blue light on next to the door meaning they were in use. We lay holding each other in the grass and watched the sun set for the day.

As we walked back to our cabin holding hands I had an idea. "Justine would you care for a game of chess?"

"Sir, that would be wonderful! I can't remember the last time I played."

"Watch the contractions girl, property should only talk in proper language." I said with a smirk.

She laughed. "What was it you said earlier; roughly 25 years of talking one way makes it hard to break habits."

I kissed her. "How about we make the chess match a little more interesting? Winner receives oral service from the loser."

"Hmm, sounds good for me, you know you hardly ever have won against me."

I gave her a big grin. "I figure it is a no-lose situation regardless."

We had changed our clothes to relax for the night, and I set up the old fashioned wooden board I always packed when we went on road trips. (A far too rare occurrence since my time in prison.)

I was rather surprised to wipe the board with her. My Notepad had provided better challenges. Her offense was weak, her defense non-existent, and she walked right into several obvious traps that I intended to be distractions while setting up for more elaborate gambits. If it wouldn't have been for the shocked look on her face when I declared checkmate I would have thought she let me win.

"Wow! I guess I am out of practice, you've... I mean 'you have' never given me that much of a challenge."

"Maybe we should make this a standing challenge. Give you a chance to improve your oral skills, and rebuild your strategy skills." I gave her a wink and she blushed.

"Maybe when your Owner returns, she will consider it. Right now I think your property needs to fulfill her lost wager."

Justine dropped down in front of me and pulled my penis from the lounge pants that I had changed into before the game. She began doing wonderful things to me. She maintained eye contact so she knew when she had managed to find a particularly effective method, just as Doctor Jessica had taught her. Her hands roamed over her breasts, giving me a good show as her nipples visibly stretched the red silk nightgown she was now wearing.

I was where she was so many times in the past. Some may think of it as a position of weakness. I could see Miss Justine now saw it as I did; a position of power. From down there you have near complete control of the other person's orgasm. Short of pushing you out of the way and finishing the job themselves, they wait for you to decide when the prize will be given to them.

She taunted me with her eyes, teasing me. I felt her hand slipping up my leg. I snatched it just before she got to my testicles. With my free hand I pointed at her. "No! You are not cheating this time by milking me into ejaculation. This time all oral!"

She gave me a cute little pout as I released her hand. She doubled her efforts, working me deep on occasion. This time she took my release fully in her mouth. She swallowed it with my penis still in her mouth, then she made a show of licking and sucking as she slowly backed off my penis. I was beyond words at the end result as it felt like she practically pulled my mind out through my penis.

I sat limply in the chair as I recovered. She sat on my lap, the silk gown pressing against my now flaccid penis. She whispered in my ear; "Does this mean you approve, or that I bored you to death?"

"Def... definitely approved."

"I think I know that feeling; too happy to think straight?" She gave me a knowing grin

"Something like that." I sighed

She brought her hand to my face and placed a kiss on my forehead. "Uh-huh. You deserve it dear. How many times you've taken me there."

"I think it is time for a shower and bed."

"Do I get this off tonight?" She gestured toward her crotch.

"Why? You look good in it. I always said red was your color."

She crossed her arms and gave me a stare. "You know what I mean."

I pretended to think hard "Hmm... Probably." She gave me a raised eyebrow. "Actually, very, very likely!"

"Good because that cream or whatever is still driving me crazy!" I began laughing uncontrollably. "What? The stuff seems to last forever, and it wasn't washed away by swimming either. I think the belt has a reservoir of the stuff that it keeps releasing."

I was not sure if this mind trick would come into play later or not, so I decided to play it safe and just smiled at Miss Justine and gave her a squeeze. "Maybe Doctor Jessica can give me some for future use."

"Maybe we should find out if it works on males too!" She quipped as she stood.

"Orrrr, could you imagine Miss Adrianne locked in a genital device with this stuff?"

Miss Justine's eyes got this evil glint. "She is so sexually deprived it would drive her insane!" She gave me an impatient look. "So?" I gave her a confused look in return. "Quit teasing!" She gave me that pouty look again.

I reached in my pocket and accidentally shocked her when I pressed the wrong button. I cringed when she jumped. "Sorry wrong button dear!"

"Yeah, I bet!"

I kissed her. "Honest."

She saw the look on my face and smiled. "You are forgiven Milord."


michael and I were lying in the bed, I was reading my book and he just watched me with a smile on his face. The smile seemed a little brighter than normal. I turned to him and smiled back.

I could see his mind working, the hunger in his eyes. I did not know the specifics, but I could tell he was thinking of sexual things he wanted to try with me. He would get his chance soon, a little at a time. I wanted the floodgates opened, but I wanted to keep the stream slow and manageable yet. I trusted michael; it was myself I did not trust. I was a bit afraid that I may lose myself into submissiveness. It was an internal struggle I have had since I have owned michael, I wanted to surrender myself to him and be used by him. Cherish had told me this week would help me build my confidence enough to submit. Oxymoronic concept, but I had to admit Jessica seemed to be doing just that.

I set the book down and turned off the light. michael instantly spooned me, gently placing a kiss on my neck. We soon fell asleep that way.

I was woken suddenly when something fell into our bed! I felt michael roll off the bed and the sound of breath rushing out of someone as they hit the floor.

I flipped on the light to find a nearly naked michael wrestling with paul on the floor.

When michael saw who he had on the floor he stopped. "paul?! What are you doing sneaking into our cabin?!"

paul was visibly shaken by michael's actions and tone. "Miss Jes... Jessica sent me to get you both. Miss Justine it is important."

michael looked at me and I nodded. He released paul and we started to get dressed quickly while paul waited outside for us.

"What just happened michael?"

"I heard someone come in, when they got close to you, I reached out and dragged him across the bed, rolled him over me and on to the floor with me on top of him. I had no idea it was paul until you turned on the light."

michael has always been a light sleeper, the slightest odd noise waking him. "Well I guess the self-defense lessons from ben have helped after all. Let's go find out what this is all about."

When we walked into Jessica's office the rest of the Counselors were there standing scattered around the office, as was Monica, steven and a few other staff Females.

"Okay everybody necessary is here, sorry for getting you all out of bed at this hour but we have a situation. The forest service found a recently burned car about 30 miles from here. There were bodies in the trunk, one Female and one male, both shot in the head.  No IDs and the male's GD and Identicollar were too damaged in the fire to help. The other thing they found was one Camp Shungara brochure partially destroyed in the fire. Somebody here is not who they claim."

"Since everyone else is staff here, are we to assume it is one of us?" Monica asked indicating herself and me.

"Just the opposite; we know you, Monica we've had several video calls over the last few months, and michael works for paul's Mother. There are three possible reasons I can think of for the infiltrators to be here, the first is we've had a few run-ins with saboteurs sent by Female Supremacy organizations who don't approve of my work. We usually have them identified by the end of the Nonverbal Communication Exam and escort them out.

The other two possibilities are that someone is here to get either of you. Monica your team brought down a Chinese crime boss and her chief lieutenant. Justine and michael you are responsible for the downfall of a powerful and sadistic Judge and five or six of her family. Both retribution worthy actions."

"Even the most extreme Fem-Suprem groups ain't likely to kill people to get in, so we think it's one of the vengeance options."  The Guard that had been at the gate when we arrived said.

"Jocelyn is correct, so we wanted you to be on your toes just in case. I would recommend that you place michael and steven in their GDs so we can keep tabs on your locations and watch for oddities."

"Like sitting still in the woods too long, won't that be too late?" I asked with a bit of venom in my tone that I hadn't intended to use.

michael put a hand on my shoulder. "Pardon me Doctor Jessica, but if it is not any of us, then it means it has to be one of the other three couples. Have you searched their cabins?"

The guard answered him. "We've narrowed it down to two couples since Barb Drowski is the younger Sister of one of the males that work in the mess hall, and he woulda raised a warning if they weren't his family. The cabins for the other two couples were searched while you's all were eating dinner but nothing was found, and both cars were locked so we couldn't check 'em without a noticeable effort."

"What about checking Identicollars? Monica asked

The same guard answered her also. "All da collars were scanned on your way in, except michael's because he was driving their car. They all matched the files on record at MCB, which coulda been altered prior to 'em coming out here.

Jessica looked around the room. "To avoid spooking the infiltrators with their presence, and possibly accelerating their plans, the state police are allowing us to handle this in-house for the moment while they try to identify the bodies. If we can identify the infiltrators before the police, they will take them into custody. We are keeping them in the loop and they will be ready to respond by keeping several units nearby and monitoring our radio frequency. We're using the security protocols, that means radios on at all times people, Joc and her Guards will operate with three Female/male teams on duty at all times, one for show at the hut, the other two dressed in civvies and wandering the camp trying to stay close to the vicinity of the suspects. After you tell your aides, no one breathes a word of this to anybody else." Jessica glared at paul. "We don't need any funny looks tipping our hat."

When we returned to the cabin michael immediately pulled the kitchenette table in front of the door.

"That won't keep anyone out dear."

"I know that Milady, but it will ensure I hear them enter." He proceeded to unplug the lamp from his side of the bed and removed its bulb and shade. "Anybody who comes in unannounced will be in for a surprise."

I stood there wondering what ever happened to my meek male and how he got replaced with this confidant guardian.

"What?" He asked somewhat defensively

I held back the laugh that threatened to burst past my lips as I answered. "Nothing boy, just don't attack a friendly again."

He smiled at me. "I warned paul to quietly announce himself next time. I think he got the message."

We laid down again and I rested my head on michael's chest. I could feel the tension in him as he wrapped his arm around me. I hoped he would get some sleep, but I knew if he did get any, it would not be very restful.

New Lessons of Love 4 Day Two; The Individual Sessions

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, M/f, Chastity

I quickly sat up as I snapped awake. I looked around our bedroom to find out what had woke me so suddenly. I was alone in the Mistress bedroom, and Miss Justine was nowhere to be seen.

Something was not right, I focused on my last memory. I remembered going to bed with Miss Justine... In a woodland cabin!

"Stay calm brother dearest, we've been here together before." liz said as she entered from the hall. "You should be accustomed to it by now." She was dressed in this pale blue nightgown that almost glowed, and had a sad smile on her face

I shook my head and rubbed my temples. This dream again?

liz shook her head disappointingly. "How many times do I need to tell you these are more than a dream, I'm really here!" She rolled her eyes at me. "And I can hear your thoughts." She walked over and took my hand. "Everything I've told you when we've been here in the past has come true right?"

"My mind was subcu... subcon... oh! My mind was putting things I saw together in my sleep and manufactured you to relay it to my... well me."

She smiled at me. "The term Doctor Johvon used was 'manifested liz to relay it to your conscious mind'. We don't have time to argue this michael. When the window shatters take Miss Justine and run! Run deep into the woods, trust your instincts and you both should be okay."


"And michael, please tell Miss Justine 'thank you' for me, thank her for holding my hand as the doctors tried to save me, for crying over my loss, and for being a mother to little michael."


liz shook her head as she started to fade. "Sometimes I think I'd be better off trying to talk to Juliet, at least she would understand!"

I crossed my arms  and frowned. "Now that is just hurtful!"

She gave me a playful smile. "Don't be mad at me, according to Cherish's logic you just insulted yourself. Give my love to michael junior. Until next time michael."

I open my eyes and this time I am awake for real. I feel Miss Justine's breath on my chest and can see her sleeping face. I slip free of her and write out the dream in my journal. I have had seven of these dreams over the last year, usually 'liz' is just warning me about some minor incident that I can prevent; a shelf coming loose over mikey's crib, a short in the clothes dryer that needed servicing, and the like. On those incidents I could believe Doctor Cherish's explanation of my mind reacting to hazards I saw but did not immediately recognize.

But this one and the previous one were different, more dire situations. The last time she literally begged me not to take the children to the park the next day. So I told Mother Alli I thought we should stay home because I had a bad feeling, and then that night the evening news reported about a delivery driver had lost control of her truck and it plowed though the area we normally would be in. It was then I had my doubts and began wondering if liz really was visiting my sleeping mind.

I must take this new dream seriously. I could not afford to do otherwise.

I now was too on edge to sleep again. I struggled with reading the old style alarm clock. I was not sure about Females, but in school we males were never taught how to read these type clocks with their round face and pointers. Miss Justine had taught me so I could read the big cabinet style clock in the living room, but I always had to focus. And right now my mind was in too much of a jumble to be sure.

Since the bells on top had not gone off I was fairly sure it was still early enough that I could allow Miss Justine some more sleep. I got out the outfits for us to wear today, and pulled my genital device from the drawer.

I did my normal inspection; Correct Serial Number, check. Battery Power at 93%, sufficient. Straps, loose and untangled. The last thing I wanted to verify beyond a shadow of a doubt, so I pulled out the punishment circuit area on the inside face to verify if it was the blank or an actual punishment circuit. If a punishment circuit was plugged in I would not be able to disconnect it without setting off an alarm. Miss Justine would have to hold a finger against the biometric sensor to remove it if it was installed. Fortunately it was indeed the blank and I would not have to worry about someone using it on me.

My check complete I step into the device and I guide my penis into its tube. Once the front plate is in place, I tuck my testicles into their hollow and I place my right little finger on the biometric sensor causing the waist and butt straps to tighten. I now had five minutes to check the positioning and verify the straps had not twisted before it automatically finished closing. Everything was in its proper position so I press my index finger over the sensor to make the straps fully tighten and lock without waiting. I was now secure and only an authorized female could release me.

I picked up the female genital device from where we had left it on the floor last night. Contrary to Doctor Jessica's statement yesterday, I truly knew little about these devices. I never had a real opportunity to handle liz's GD. I looked over the front plate, the shape of it was the only thing I was familiar with. While male GDs were shaped like a 'T' from the front and a 'J' from the side the female variant was shaped like a 'Y' and a 'J'. Holding the straps to the side I looked into the crotch section to see it was basically a hollowed out pan with ribs running the length to a set of drainage holes. Rather simplistic but gets the job done. Where the male's punishment was delivered through the penis tube, it appeared the female version had a series of gently rounded metal protrusions along the middle two ribs that cleared the top surface of the unbreakable plastic pan, a sufficient length to make contact with the labia of the Female wearing it.

I placed the GD with Miss Justine's clothing. I think I will 'demand' a personal inspection of the device as she places it on this morning.

I look over to the bed. Miss Justine was still sound asleep. The thin shoulder strap of her nightgown had slid down her arm as we slept, exposing the top of her breast. I climbed in next to her again and slipped my arm under the covers, tracing her well-toned body until my fingers found the heart-shaped patch of pubic hair, from there My fingers slid straight down and began rubbing her clitoris.

When Miss Justine started to move and make sounds of pleasure I began kissing her neck. I felt her thighs open slightly inviting my fingers in. Her hand found my left knee and she worked her way up my leg. I lost the sensation of her fingers as they crossed over my GD.

Her whole body went stiff. "Why are you wearing that already?" I could here anger mixed with disappointment in her voice. She rolled over and reached out to the bio-sensor, but I pulled her hand away. She gave me a confused look. "Why are you stopping me?"

"Because I am not exactly in the mood, someone here is probably trying to kill us after all. ."

"We don't know that."

"Do you really think some criminal enterprise from the China Province of South East Asian Region is going to send someone to kill Monica and steven while they are in New York State of the America Region. They live so close to China Province they can probably swim to it."

Miss Justine took my hand. "You may have a point, but never misjudge the lengths someone will go to for a measure of revenge, deserved or not. If you didn't want to make love, why were you doing... that" She gestured to her crotch.

I tried to give her a heartfelt grin. "Just because I am worried does not mean you should not be woken as close to our customary style as possible. I can continue if you like."

She looked at me and let a slight smile cross her lips. "You are right boy, we have other more pressing concerns than pleasuring each other."

"I hope I did not wake you up too early."

She rolled over and looked at the clock. "Actually michael I would have preferred a little earlier, but I will have to make due." She rubbed her temples with her thumb and middle finger. "Not you're fault dear, I must have forgot to set the alarm last night." She got up and headed to the bathroom. "Can you get..."

"Clothes are already out dear."

She smiled until she noticed her GD. "Oh no that is not going back on!"

"Doctor Jessica said this role play thing was to go until the beginning of today's session, therefore you need to put it on to go to the dining hall. And I also want to check it out as you put it on."

Her face went more pale than normal. "You're serious." I nod in response. "Why?"

"Because you asked me to put my best effort into this, and for you I would do anything."

"I know boy, this whole thing was a little more than I expected. As much as I want to surrender to your will, I find myself rebelling against the idea, I think almost as much as you are rejecting your new role. The social norms have been so ingrained in both of us, almost as if we were..." She stopped while looking for the right word.

"Conditioned." She looked at me wide eyed as I continued. "While we were children we had been going though a slow Conditioning process in school, they just called it Indoctrination. Both Female and male, Females to be controlling, males to be uhh... servient."

I knew the word was not quite correct but Miss Justine evidently understood and just nodded her head in agreement without correcting me. "We have been conditioning ourselves all these generations. And now we are fighting that conditioning, just like you did when you stumbled into that machine during liz's pregnancy. Well now I will be second guessing myself every time I want to resist your requests, is it because I really don't want to or that I was taught not to want to. Okay I'll wear it."


I couldn't believe how michael and I came to the same conclusion so quickly, building off each others thoughts. I finished cleaning my face and putting on a fresh coat of blush and a light eye shadow. I was keeping my makeup to a minimal here, but I always felt I was too pale to go without any at all.

"Okay inspector let's get this over with!" I said as I came out from the bathroom.

michael had already gotten dressed and was waiting at the bed for me. He got down on his knees and waved me closer. As he held out the device I stepped into the straps and he slid it up to my waist. I turned as he felt how it settled into my skin, I instinctively knew what he was checking and moved to accommodate his probing until I finally I faced away from him. I felt his finger slip between my pussy lips and the shield that would cover it. In a way it felt exciting and embarrassing at the same time.

"Does it hurt?"

I raised my arm so I could see him between it and my torso. "No it is actually relatively comfortable. I never thought they would be."

"No, not the device itself, the electrodes inside jabbing into you."

"Honestly I barely feel them until they fire off. Why are you so suddenly interested in the Genital Device anyway?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I guess I was wondering how they differed from my own. I never had the opportunity to really see liz's off her body much, or well when I did we had other things on our minds."

I reached down and pressed the button that pulled in the straps to adjustment tightness. michael made sure there wasn't any twist or folds in the strapping. "Huh so you were just thinking with your 'man brain' then?"

He looked up at me shocked. "No Miss Justine, I was thinking how best to complete my task of breeding liz as you wanted."

I laughed at the fact he thought I was serious. "Let's be honest, it was probably a little of both. I'm hungry shall I finish dressing for breakfast Sir?"

He kissed my butt cheek. "Please do before I decide to do what I denied you earlier."

As much as I tried not too, I laughed as I pressed the button to pull in and lock the straps. "Are you trying to convince me not to dress?"

Soon we walked into the dining hall and the Councilors were each sitting at a table. Paul walked up to us, "This morning the couples will be eating with their Councilor, please go join Jessica." He turned and walked away before we could offer a reply.

"Good morning, I won't even bother to ask how you slept." Jessica said as we took our seats.

"Honestly Miss Justine slept rather well, me not so much."

"michael it is only Justine for now. She is your Property for the next hour yet. As a matter of fact maybe you should have her fetch and serve our breakfast."

michael turned to me with an apologetic glance. "Justine please get the Doctor and I's breakfast, and then get your own."

"Yes Sir. Would you each like coffee also?"

Jessica smiled. "That would be lovely." michael nodded his head in acceptance and I walked off to the kitchen.

I expected there to be some form of conversation during the meal being that Jessica had joined us but she was oddly quiet. I glanced around and noticed none of the Councilors were discussing anything, they seemed to be simply observing their table-mates. As the sun broke the horizon in my head I turned back to Jessica. She smiled at me when she saw my new found insight and gave me a slight nod. They were looking closer for obvious signs of deception.

After the meal we were led to the couches as we had been yesterday, Jessica took to the front of the group once again.

"Good morning everyone. How are we all this..."

That was the last I heard as the shocks ripped through my pussy for a brief moment.

"Congratulations michael and roy, you both managed to get your property to adhere to the rules of yesterday's exercise."

I looked up and saw Carol with the same startled expression as I felt I had on my face.

"You two will be relieved of those in the first session. How many of you refused to put on the Genital Devices this morning?"

I raised my hand, as did Monica and Erin.

"How many males didn't even try to put their property back in the Device?" This time todd and josh raised their hands.

"Responsibility males; your Females must make sure you are always properly fitted before you leave home, you should have done the same. Respect Females; your males must don their GDs whenever you instruct them to do so. Barb did you think you should have been wearing the GD this morning?"

"No Ma'am"

"Carol and roy, good job. Every other couple needs to still work on their understanding the others position a little better. Alright this morning we will be breaking off into individual sessions, after lunch we will have a semi-private group session, and another individual session after that. Please follow your Councilor or aide to your assigned theme cabin. Learn and have fun everybody."

Jessica and paul led us to the 'Restraint Theme' Cabin. After releasing me from my GD they showed us proper binding techniques, safety, and rope work, first by using each other in demonstrations, then by guiding us in hands on exercises.

After they were done they let michael and I experiment with each other as they watched. They offered small pointers from time to time. Even though we were fully dressed the entire time I was slightly put off by the audience, but I wanted to learn and michael was taking it all in stride so how could I not?

We were walking back to our cabin hand in hand with a half hour until lunch was to be served. I was feeling good about what I had learned, especially about safety and distress communication. I hadn't realized how many chances I took in the past leaving michael and liz secured without supervision, I was lucky neither of them got nauseated and vomited or had other breathing hazards occur.

"You okay boy? Are you glad we stayed?"

"Yes Milady, on both. I was so unsure and nervous about this, but with you it seems..."

I waited for a few seconds for him to find the word he wanted but when he just stared at me I figured he was stumped. "Natural? Fulfilling? Right?"

"Umm yes, all of them!"

I smiled at him before kissing his cheek. "You always were perfect for me. You just needed the right motivation to see it in yourself."


For lunch we were served fresh grilled burgers and baked fries, I was beginning to lose my high regard for the cooking staff here that I had made on our first night. We ate with Miss Erin and todd, one of the possible fake couples. todd was rather quiet and seemed a little uncomfortable when sitting. I wondered if his owner had punished him for yesterday afternoon or if maybe they had the Punishment Themed Cabin this morning. The fact that Miss Erin was not displaying the same discomfort made me lean toward the idea that she had punished him.

As we once again assumed our place in the group area Miss Hope, the older heavyset Female with reddish-blond hair who was the Councilor for Cabin 5 came to the front of the group. "This afternoon we will be doing a short session on Open Communication. Females we expect that you typically let your mind be known to your males. But males tend to be taught to keep most misgivings and complaints to themselves. They bottle up the worst of their feelings, only sharing safety concerns or logistical ones," She waved her pointer finger back and forth in front of her face as she continued, "and that is not healthy, it can lead to depression and/or resentment." She looked us all over. "So we will be focusing more on you males this session, Females you just need to sit back and listen and wait for your time to address the issues. Please break off with your Councilors to the dining tables everybody."

"Okay michael, do you understand what we are doing now?" Doctor Jessica asked me as the three of us sat down.

"I believe so."

"Then go ahead and begin."

"Justine I am sorry I was never smart enough to go with you to work but I would..."

"michael I don't..."


"Justine stop! Now is not your time." Doctor Jessica said as she interrupted her. She turned her dark eyes to me. "michael, this is not an apology, get upset, be mad and tell her why. This is about your feelings, your pain. Do not sugar coat it or make it sound like its your own fault. Got it?"

I nodded my head. After closing my eyes I thought about the biggest thing that Miss Justine had ever done to upset me, how it made me so sad back at the time. I realized I truly was angry about it, hurt and ashamed.

My tapping into that memory of those feelings was like a cork being pulled from a bottle of wine. "Why didn't you give me the chance to become more than a housemale? I know I'm not the smartest of males but I coulda done things to help you, a little more education I coulda done your simple drawings for you, ran prints, took field measurements, whatever. Hell my natural, what do you call it, spatial understanding, could have been an invaluable asset to you!"

I had kept my focus on Miss Justine and watched as her green eyes grew wider the longer I ranted, her jaw dropping when I cursed. When I was done I took a deep cleansing breath and felt like a weight had been lifted from my soul. Miss Justine slowly looked around. Suddenly I realized no one else was talking, I looked and all eyes were on me. I felt the blood rushing to my face.

Doctor Jessica smiled at me. "Now that's what we are talking about people! You got to vent!" Suddenly someone started laughing, and it spread throughout the dining hall. "Okay everybody back to your own conversations." She returned her attention back to us. "Feel better michael?"

"Yeah kinda, but now I am embarrassed I got like that."

"Maybe you did get a little loud, but it was a deeply pent up anger. Justine would you like to respond?" She smiled and quickly added; "Calmly please."

Miss Justine offered me a sad smile. "Baby you are not dumb, by no means have I ever thought that. Quite the opposite, I feel you were denied the chance to reach your full potential by the educational system, long before you were ever mine. The reason I didn't want you working with me is because of what I saw when I was an intern. males did not work directly for their Owners, instead they were openly available for any Female to order around, and the way I saw those males treated..." She shook her head at the memory. "I wouldn't let you train to enter my chosen field of study because I swore I would never subject you to that kind of belittlement. You were too good for that. I'd rather you be blissfully ignorant at home than at work being called dumb or having you be blamed for a project's problems just because you were a 'dumb male' and the real person at fault refused to except her own blame. And to be honest dear, I think you found a much more noble calling in being a therapy aide."

I could see she was speaking from her heart, the truth rang out in her words and I felt shame in the fact I thought so poorly of her and her decision. She was not thinking the worst of me, but protecting me from the worst of her fellow Females.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you back then, I wasn't thinking like a partner as I should have been. And I mean it when I say you are one of the most intelligent people I know."

"No I am not! You know many people smarter than me."

"More educated yes, but I know you are a brilliant person who just was never allowed the chance."

Doctor Jessica took my hand. "What else has Justine done that you don't like?"

I sat there thinking for a few moments but could not think of anything else significant. "I do not know, the way she leaves my kitchen a mess, or maybe the way she is such a heavy sleeper?"

She laughed. "Justine you need to respect his cooking domain and clean up after yourself. She can't really help that sleeping one. Are you really already struggling to find something that much already?"

"I do believe I am Ma'am."

Miss Justine seemed shocked by my answer as Doctor Jessica turned to her. "Well then, Justine anything you care to get off your chest?"

My lovely owner stared straight into my eyes. I saw a seriousness that made me think I was about to be wrung out and hung up like a dirty dish towel. "Just two; stop belittling yourself like you just did a few minutes ago, you do not give yourself enough credit for your accomplishments. I think the world of you and know you are great, as does any Female you spend any significant time with. The other one is that you worry too much. The world is not going to end because our home is not sparkling clean, and not everyone who buzzes the gate has evil intentions."

"Seems like it." I said under my breath.

"michael if you don't work yourself to death you will worry yourself there. Live a little. Stop and smell the roses because you can, not just because Mom or I make you. You have walking privilege for a mile radius from the house. Ask Mom to watch the kids, grab your Walkabout Range Sensor and go. Go to the park, hit the shops, spend from your discretionary fund card on something you want but don't need."

I was on the verge of an angry outburst. I hated it when she dwelled on my desire for a clean and safe home. If we were home I'd say 'Yes Ma'am' and walk away to do something else in the house. A luxury I did not have here and now.

"I'm truly surprised you don't have high bloo..."

"Stop it! Just stop it! Cleaning is how I relax. What was the first thing I wanted to do when I got home from prison? Straighten up our apartment because it looked like a pig pen, that's what. Maybe I obsess over cleaning but only because I know when you come through in ten minutes I will have twice as much to clean up. And I am sorry if my wanting to keep you and our children safe is bothersome to you. But I would rather be cautious then let someone walk up and cause Hell to break loose." I reach over for Miss Justine's hand. "I love you all too much to not worry, you three are the meaning for my life.

She smiled at me! I just snapped at her and she is smiling!

"I knew you had more bottled up in there, I just had to shake you a bit to make it blow."  She said with a wink. "But I mean what I said, I think you need to relax and just live a little."

"No I..."

"Yes you do michael," Doctor Jessica said before turning her attention to Miss Justine, "and you Justine need to be less of a slob. If you make less of a mess or clean up after yourself, michael will have less to clean and maybe he can relax a little.

Miss Justine looked at Doctor Jessica in shock.

"What's that suppose to mean? Hell I pay for a cleaning service to come in weekly."

"So you're suppose to live in filth until they come, or is michael to pick up constantly between their visits? You are taking him for granted, relying on him to clean up after you the rest of the time, but then complain that he spends too much time cleaning. If you don't want him to do so much cleaning either clean up after yourself, take on some cleaning yourself, or both."

I looked at the love of my life and I could see the 'I'm in charge of all around me' attitude settling on her to defend her ego. If I let her get herself into it she would get close minded and not let reasonable arguments effect her.

I squeezed her hand and she turned her furious gaze at me and I uttered one word; "Conditioned."

Her eyes grew as the summary of our morning conversation hit her, the anger she had been displaying disappeared immediately. She opened her mouth to speak but stopped herself. Finally she squeezed my hand in return. She turned back to Doctor Jessica. "Of course, I've let the social norms dictate my thoughts and habits. It's true I have done little to help him."

Doctor Jessica placed her hand on top of ours. "He is caring for three adults, two children and a large home. Meanwhile michael is also keeping a job at the hospital. Even with a weekly cleaning service that is a lot to care for by himself.  I'm willing to bet he relaxes more at work than at home. Isn't that right michael?"

I was caught off guard by the suddenness of the topic change and was unsure how to answer the question. I was about to say 'not really' until I saw Miss Justine's eyes. She wanted the truth. "Yes I feel like I accomplish much good there helping others heal and that is fulfilling. But ever since liz passed things are near impossible to complete at home, the only thing I feel I truly accomplish is putting a good meal on the table for everybody. I know more needs to be done and I need to do it but..."

"Dear, conditioned to need to do it."

"Why do I get the impression you two already made the leap to one of the main lessons of this week?" Doctor Jessica said with a frown.

I looked to her. "You mean that we've been conditioned since childhood to focus on a certain way of interacting. Then yes we did."

"Damn!" She shook her head. "Cherish said you two would figure it out before the third full day of sessions" She glanced at paul who had silently been taking notes. "Looks like we're driving into the city for your birthday."

"I warned you Sunday night not to take the bet." He said with a smile. "I knew Mother would know them too well."

"Indeed you did dear, she probably planned it all just to make that bet!" Doctor Jessica smirk disappeared as she looked at me. "michael I see you have more to say, please continue."

"Umm, well I see how much needs to be done, I know I am failing in my primary duties. Mother Alli is taking care of the children most of the day. The house is a mess. I have been thinking of asking you to disallow my work at the hospital so I can focus on our home and children."

The three of them looked at me as if I had just told them I beat kittens and puppies for fun.

"No. Absolutely not! Mother and I will start doing more around the house, your work is too important! You have a gift for helping abused Females and males deal with what has been done to them. You have been very proud of that, as have we. I will not take that away from you because I am a lazy selfish..." Her eyes got huge as she covered her mouth. "I'm a man! We've become men and the males are our women. We've taken all that our fore-mothers rebelled against and twisted it around to the point that we've completely swapped our roles around."

"Another bet you would have lost Jessie!" Paul said laughing. She shot him a glance that forced him back into his more subdued mood.

"michael I must agree with Justine, for you to quit it would not just hurt yourself, but your patients also. All working males must accept their children are partially reared by others, at least in your case they are being raised by family. If you both want to fully make this as equal a relationship as legally possible you both must shake off the mental shackles and support one another." The last part was clearly an aimed statement as Doctor Jessica stared straight at Miss Justine as she said it. "Now do either of you have any other annoyances to get off your chest?"

I looked at Miss Justine and she met my gaze. "No Doctor I believe we are good now, and will be more willing to share our negative feelings with each other." I said before giving Miss Justine a kiss.

"Fine then, go and sit at your couch, I'll be calling an end to the session in about a half hour." 


As we waited I had cuddled into michael, he in turn stroked my stomach. I craned my neck and kissed him. "I promise I will do more to help out at home."

"I know, just leave the cooking to your Mother or I. Please!"

I slapped his chest as we started laughing.

After everybody was seated in their couch Jessica reiterated her points on pent up feelings, how respectfully sharing grievances should be done in private, and should always be seriously discussed by both parties.

After she was done we were lead out to the theme cabins again. paul brought us to a cabin marked  'Seduction' and we settled onto the small couch to wait for Jessica.

As paul got set up he looked to us. "Miss Justine, Jessica asked me to tell you there have been no new developments in the situation. She will be joining us shortly." 

"Thank you paul."

paul turned his attention toward Michael. "In the meantime, michael are you familiar with what seduction is?"

michael gave me a sideways glance before answering. "It is when a Female does or wears things to arouse the male they are with."

paul smiled. "Seduction is not just a tool of the Female. males can use it too, I am sure you have done it without knowing."

"Yes indeed boy you have. Every gentle caress over an intimate area, when you whisper into my ear how beautiful I am, or when you just cuddle up to me and kiss my neck, you subconsciously were seducing me."

"I never thought of it that way Milady. I just wanted to please you."

"That is always the intent michael. We do small things to please our partners, hoping for them to repay the effort. Appealing to your partner's basic senses; by words, scents, gentle caresses, and of course visual stimuli, that is seduction. Do you understand that?"

Michael turned to me, "In that case, I guess I've been seducing you since I was 14, and you gave me just what I wanted."

"And what was that michael?" Jessica asked as she closed the door behind her.

He smiled at me and gave a kiss that curled my toes. As he broke away he kept his eyes locked on me and I knew his answer before the words left his lips. "Her heart."

Jessica pantomimed fanning herself. "Intro Class dismiss, I don't think these two need any more entry level lessons!"

We all laughed as Jessica leaned on the desk. "Okay let's refine those seduction skills in each of you, onto the advanced class, and practical applications."

One thought entered my head; Oh great more romantic time with an audience!

After our Seduction class we were told to go to our cabin to get changed and go down to the lake, dinner was going to be a beach barbecue.

After we joined a few other people on the beach, michael insisted I lay on the towel so he could apply the sunscreen.

"Thank you boy. You ready to take a dip?"

"Yes, but we should keep our distance from the others." My confused look prompted him to continue on. "So someone doesn't accidentally feel my special underwear." He continued in a hushed tone.

"Good point!"

Shortly after everyone had arrived Jessica called everyone in from the water.

"Well according to the reports you all did very well in today's sessions, I'm proud of you. Tomorrow we have another full day of sessions including a group session midday. Thursday and Friday you will have one or two individual sessions during the day and we will have a short group session after dinner each night. "She peeled off the robe from around her deeply tanned body to expose the contrasting bright pink bikini underneath. "But tonight we relax and have fun with a beach social!" She yelled in a joyful tone.

"Guess she needs to show off that young body to all you sex starved males."

"A tad jealous? You have no reason to be, you are older by a few years and look just as good in your suit as she does in hers, AND you have my complete attention." He stroked my ass and nibbled on my ear

Ohh he learned his seduction lessons too well! "Keep it up and we'll have to go back to the cabin so you can take care of my needs."

"Mmmm, sounds like a plan to me."

It took all I had to resist his mannish advances. "Later I promise, now behave in public."

He laughed "Yes Milady, but I did have you right there. You were ready to submit to my desires."

New Lessons of Love 5 Hot Night in the Woods

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, M/f, Chastity

After the beach barbecue we returned to our cabin and Miss Justine went to the table and started setting up the chess board. She looked over her shoulder and gave me this mischievous smile that melted my soul. "Winner gets oral stimulation from the loser and is in control tonight."

"Really?" I said with a huge smirk in return. "You could just skip the games and get started on me."

With a sexy little strut she walked over to me and put a finger under my chin, her nail pressing slightly into my skin as she made me look her in the eye. Her voice dripped with desire as she spoke. "Don't get smug with me boy, it may be your downfall! I'll even let you have white so you can go first"

This time Miss Justine was putting up a much stronger game. But her queen was pinned down, to move it she would expose herself to a Check. She had tried to distract me several times by running her foot up my leg and by adjusting her bikini top. After I walked my knight into an obvious trap I became more focused.

Suddenly the board shook and pieces fell over. "What the fuck was that?" Justine said as she stood.

We rushed to the door to see a cabin on fire across the grounds. "That was the infirmary!" I started putting on my hiking boots and Miss Justine followed suit.

As we started to cross the camp Miss Justine stopped. "Wait let me get the Retardant Cylinder from our kitchen!"

I grabbed her arm. "That will be no help on someth..." The window of our cabin shattering stopped me mid-sentence

It was real, the damn dream was real! I dragged Miss Justine towards the woods. "Run! Come on!"

"michael what are you doing?" I was running blind because the fire's glow had temporarily robbed me of my night vision. I grabbed her and pulled her aside as we shot past a tree that I had almost not seen. The tree's bark exploded showering us with splinters. "Somebody is shooting at us!"

"I figured that out! Come on Milady run, our lives depend on it!"

Once a good 5 meters into the cover of the woods I turned us sideways and traveled what I believed to be parallel the tree line for a about 20 meters before turning back into the woods. Miss Justine did not question my lead.

After running full speed for quite a distance I brought us to a stop. "What is it?" She asked between breaths.

"Assuming it was the same as ours, the trench for Course 5 should be around here somewhere. There it is and the tree to cross it!"

We got over the trench and were exiting the clearing when I heard movement behind us and a cracking sound. It reminded me of the sounds the guns make on the spy movies and I silently urged Miss Justine on.

We hit another clearing, a pole showed against the moonlight. The course's start point!

"Miss Justine go that way and take the trail out to the camp. I'll lead them in the other direction. I'll make enough noise and leave a blatant path."

"No we stay together!"

"Justine trust me. I know if we stay together we will both be dead. If you get back to the camp you can get help. If you stay and we get killed what will become of our children? Worse case this way is just I will die if help does not arrive in time, I am willing to do that for you to live and be there for our children." I pushed her in the direction of the path. "If you ever loved me go now."

She turned to me and hugged me. "Be careful michael, I love you!"

As she left I went to the opposite side of the clearing and pulled down a few young trees, snapping them in half before slowly entering the woods trying to make it look like we both went one way.


I followed the path until I got to a point where it crossed another path. I glanced at the side path and saw two arrows on the tree, one pointing down the side path with a 4 on it and one pointing the way I came from with a 5 on it.

As I continued down the path I heard two loud pops. The shooter had stopped using the sound muffler. I could only pray to whatever greater force was out there that they did not mortally wound my michael.

I emerged from the path near the theme cabins. My eyes were immediately drawn to the smoldering remains of the infirmary and the fire-copter dumping water on it from above.

I ran towards it waving my arms and screaming to be heard. Evidently my actions caught some attention as a spotlight on the copter swung over to shine on me.

I came to a stop and shielded my eyes. The light turned away from me but I was still blinded by the after-image.  "Justine what's wrong?" I recognized Jessica's voice.

I broke down and started crying while trying to relay my story. Evidently enough was understandable to her. "Was he wearing his GD?" I nodded my head and she turned to Paul. "Get Jocelyn and her people together, call the state police and get them up to date, and then fetch the GPS trackers! Have everyone meet at the obstacle course trail-head." She took me in her arms. "We'll find him."

"What if they killed him?"

"They don't want him dead, if they did they'd have blown up your cabin with you both in it, instead they blew up the infirmary to draw you out." She turned to another male that I did not recognize. "Get everybody else together and do a headcount. I want to know who is not here."

I pulled myself together before everyone else arrived and soon Jessica, paul, and I were moving down the trail with the security staff armed with pistols.


By allowing 'our' pursuers to get close enough for me to hear them talk I was able to determine I was being chased by two people.  I had not let them get close enough to understand what they said but I could hear two distinct voices, one from each gender. I hoped there had only been two in the first place, which would mean my plan had worked and Miss Justine will have escaped.

Suddenly my blind trek took a bad turn and I tripped, knocking the air out of me as I hit the ground.

I realized they were nearly on top of me by the time I caught my breath. I would not be able to get away without being seen by them.

I had to do something to keep them distracted from the fact I was alone.

I let out a yell of pain. "No Miss Justine keep going, I think I broke my ankle!" I waited a few seconds. "Keep going don't let them get you too!"

The pair thrashed through the underbrush with new enthusiasm. The Female ran past me. "Stay here and get him as mobile as you can!"

The male I knew as todd knelt next to me and felt the ankle I was rubbing. I faked a wince as he touched it.

Then nearby I heard two shots. I smiled inwardly that 'Erin' was making an effort to make me think she had caught up to Miss Justine.

"I do not think its broke, let me help you up and you can try to walk it off. But do not try anything funny." He made a show of his gun.

I made my rise carefully as he kept an arm out for me. As I got to my feet I kicked my knee up the way ben had taught me, at an angle that would crush testicles even in a GD.

I did not get the resistance I anticipated and caught 'todd' full force in his most sensitive bits. He dropped the gun while grasping his injured anatomy as he crumbled to the ground. I scooped up the weapon and threw it in one direction, as I turned and ran in the opposite. If I could put enough ground between us I might make it back to the camp!


I responded instantly dropping to my knees almost rolling over as I did, assuming the position I had been drilled to do as a child, my hands behind my back and my head looking at my knees. Silently I cursed myself for responding to the authoritative Female voice that had yelled the command phrase, a phrase that I and every other male in the world had been conditioned to react to instantly and without thought.

I started to stand and found myself staring into the barrel of her pistol. "Now michael, that wasn't very nice to run and leave us all alone. I was going to let you say goodbye to Justine as she was bleeding out back there, but now you will just have to live knowing she died alone because you wanted to escape." She looked behind me. "If you're done rolling around in the leaves, get his arms secured.

My wrists and elbows were bound tightly with a thick and hard plastic band. "He kicked me in the balls! I want payback!"

"Now now george dear, in due time."

"Are you going to kill me too, like you did Miss Justine and the real Erin and todd?"

"Told you they suspected something!"

She spun her head around and looked to george. "Hush!"  She returned her attention back to me. "Our employer wants to talk to you, might as well do it before we get her other victim."

"Other victim? You are going after steven too?"

She looked at me with a confused expression as she held an odd looking cellular to her head. "steven, why? Hello, yes Ma'am I have package 2 here, would you like to talk to him now? Say hello michael."

She forced the device to my head "Go to Hell!"

"Well that's not very nice! I thought you were all prim, proper, and docile michael."

I was confused, I expected to hear the voice of Melissa Alphons, former Judge and a Female who has tormented me in so many ways since she had wrongfully convicted me of raping my owner. But this Female I did not readily identify. "Only to Females that deserve it. Who are you?"

"Well the last time we talked I let my feet do my talking"

"Miss Louise! I thought you got sent to prison for five years."

"I was released under house arrest, but I am not allowed unsupervised time with any males."

"What do you want with me?"

"Oh you are a happy coincident! But since you are there you can help make that pompous bitch suffer. What's better than watching your son dying before your very eyes? Watching your son and your favorite employee gasp their last breaths together as they hang from a tree in your front yard!"

Suddenly the pieces fit together. "paul! Your doing this to get back at Doctor Johvon!"

"You are smart for a male. Yes he was my main target. I've heard people that come after you tend to have bad luck, Well I think having you land in my lap will break that cycle. Put Candace back on the line."

"Hey bitch the other bitch wants to talk to you!" I yelled into the handset.

She pulled the phone away and slapped me. "Yes he has developed quite the mouth, it will be taken care of soon. So we will get the agreed upon bonus payment for him... Good.... Yes the camp will be in ruins when we leave, and there will be no way in or out once the bridge a few kilometers down the road is blown up... Yes we will see you soon." She disconnected the call "Now."

I felt a mild discomfort as his foot hit the front of my GD.

"Fuck that hurt, he's wearing his damn Device!"

The woman I now knew as Candace dropped her evil grin and got a scared look on her face. "He's wearing what!?" She grabbed my shoulders. "Why are you wearing the Genital Device? Are they monitoring your GPS?"

"No clue. Unless they know we are missing, why would they be looking for me?"

She gave me a nasty look and then much like Miss Monica had done the other night, she stuffed a rag in my mouth. and tied another around my head keeping the first in place.

"Go find your gun! Meet us back at the car."


We had been watching michael's GPS signal and when it had started moving towards the camp we took the trail that led to course 3's start point and moved on an intercept vector from there.

Jocelyn and two armed males went ahead of us, disappearing quickly into the woods.

When we finally caught up to them Erin was using a bound michael as a shield between herself and the security personnel. Jocelyn and Erin were trading ultimatums about lowering the others weapons.

His look of fear turned to one of calm relief as he saw me and then shifted to one of panic as he looked beyond me.  I turned to see paul behind me.

I turned back to michael and sent him a questioning glance.

"So you're not surprised to see her. You were a diversion so she could get help, I should have known she wouldn't have left you laying injured. I should shoot you right now!" She started edging around her armed opponents

"So help me if you don't let him go..."

"You'll be dead by the time you get the chance."

michael's face took on a even more dire look. Suddenly paul let out a yelp. I turned to see todd holding a gun to his head.

"Here's how it is going to work If anybody follows us, they're both dead, as will be everybody at camp when our extraction team gets here. We get to the gate and there will be no bloodshed."

Jessica finally decided to talk. "Hold your fire people, lower your guns." She turned to Erin. "Let them go now and you can leave, we won't stop you."

"No they're our insurance, maybe in a few days you can find them safe and sound. I'll be attaching a jammer to their Genital Devices until then too!"

I doubted that if they got away we would ever see our males alive again, one glance from michael and I knew she was lying, but Jessica gave me a shake of her head as I opened my mouth.

Just then Erin tossed something in our directions.

One of the males yelled something about a grenade and tackled Jessica and myself to the ground before there was an explosion.

When we could see the four of them had left our sight.

With a curse Jocelyn pulled out a radio. "This is Straub, they are heading your way. Be advised they are armed and holding michael Solomon and paul Hamlin hostage. I say again they are armed and have hostages."

"Understood we have found some presents from them that we will return. Officials are here and ready."

Jocelyn rubbed her eyes. "Shall we head off to the party?"


They moved us a good 30 meters before they stopped to bind and gag paul so he'd be as helpless as me. I was in shock, we had heard the explosion and felt the blast as 'Erin and todd' dragged us away, all those people who were now injured or dead because they were trying to save me, including my lovely Owner. All too soon we had reached the edge of the camp and we were directed toward their Cabin. I could still see people near the remains of the cabin that served as a medical facility. I was sure by now we would be surrounded by people with guns.

"You really fucked up our plans when you ran but it worked out in our favor, now most of the security is still deep in the woods recovering from a stunner blast."She turned toward todd or george, whatever his name was. "Get the car keys and the equipment bag. I've got these two."

So the blast was not life threatening after-all, that was a small relief.

"If either of you try to run I shoot both of you." paul was visibly shaken by the threat.

When the male returned the car's trunk popped open. I was pushed in first with paul shoved in next to me.

There was a long quiet wait until we heard the doors of the vehicle open and the car shift from side to side. When the doors closed the 'key in' buzzer toned when a muffled voice reached my ears.

"Both of you place your hands on the dash now!"

"Back away! One press of this button and this place will be littered with bodies and debris."

"Including your own. Look in the back seat."

"Miss Candace, there are three of our own bombs back there."

There was a gunshot and I heard george screaming.

Eventually the trunk lid opened and we were helped out. When I got my bearings I discovered it was Monica and steven who had helped us out. We were surrounded by State Police Officers and Enforcers. An Officer had george handcuffed over the hood of the car I saw blood on him and he just kept saying they killed her. One of the Officers walked up to Monica. "Get them to the beach and wait with the others. Your male helped a lot finding those devices. When all of them have been disarmed we will send for you all.

When Miss Justine and Doctor Jessica rejoined us they both ran over and took us in their arms.

"I was so scared she killed you all with that thing she tossed. I heard it explode and..."

My love kissed me stopping me mid-ramble. "I know, I thought we were too. Evidently steven found explosives under some of the buildings, that's why we're all here."

"I know Milady. I also heard Candace say the bridge down the road was also wired to be blown up. I informed one of the Officers."

Doctor Jessica pulled us farther from the group. "Did you find out who was behind trying to kidnap you?"

"Yes, but they really came for paul. It was an old patient of Doctor Cherish who went to prison, she wants revenge. Then when they found out about me they tried taking me too for the same reason."

"The same one that attacked you on your first day with Cherish? Oh what was her name? Laurie Samuelson or something."

"Louise is her name. Will I have to testify against her again?"

Jessica put a hand on my shoulder. "Unless you have first-hand knowledge of her involvement it would only be hearsay, but yes you will still have to testify you were told she was involved."

"Well I was not told it was her, I just talked to her on a phone."

"Then it won't be hearsay if she talked to you about it. Make sure you tell the Officers about that call."

Eventually all staff and guests were congregated in the dining hall and Doctor Jessica stood at the front with a young State Police Officer.

"Can I have everyone's attention please. Per the orders of Trooper Morick here, we will be shut down for the duration of the investigation. In the morning anyone not directly involved in tonight's incident will be required to leave after breakfast, staff included. Staff; we are making arrangements with the motels in Endicott for housing. Guests; your fees will be partially refunded by the MCB Education Division. Interviews for some will be started tonight already.


I watched on the monitor as michael Solomon sat in one of the three interview rooms of my mobile command unit, he fidgeted nervously. I glanced at the monitors of the other two rooms, one occupied by his Owner Justine, and the other by a male who entered the camp under the identity of todd Flint, a identity stolen from a male who is now dead likely at the hands of this male and the Female he was with.

"Doctor Hamlin told me they tied our Non-Verbal Exam score, and would have beat our time too."

I smiled at my male Simon, unlike most males in police service, mine is average size and always has been in clerical use within the troops I was assigned to. Since my promotion he has served as my personal assistant. "Who did?"

"The Solomons." He glanced out the door's window momentarily. "Ma'am Miss Dani just went past on her way to the interview rooms."

I turned to the monitors again. My Second-in-Command was going to be handling the interviews. I let her have considerable leeway as she had a way of getting major facts with minor info.

I was surprised she had chose to start with Justine Solomon. I watched as the interview began and Justine told of how they had been going to help at the fire when she was suddenly led into the woods by her male and how she had not known why at first until a bullet narrowly missed her, and how he forced her to take the easy way back to camp as he bravely (in her opinion) led whoever was chasing them away. She explained how she got help from the camp and their trek to intercept michael, leading to a confrontation and the taking of paul Hamlin as a hostage by the male posing as todd. She claimed michael had tried to warn her of the threat to paul despite being gagged.

Morick left Justine and entered the room michael was in.

"michael, I am Lieutenant Daniella Morick. I know you have had prior problems with law enforcement. So first off I would like you to know that this interview is being recorded and that you are not in trouble for any of your actions as a participant of the sanctioned activities of this camp. Your Owner is one room over, if you would like her or another Advocate we can get them."

"No Ma'am, I do not believe that will be necessary."

"Fine, let's start with why you led your Owner into the woods?"

"Because I was told to do that when the window broke."

"By whom?"

His hesitation made me believe he had something to hide. I could tell Morick could sense it also. "You will not believe me."

"michael I will believe you. Who gave you that instruction?" She pressed.

He crossed his arms and looked down as he answered. "Lizzie told me."

"Lizzie, is that the name of the Female posing as Erin?"

He looked up in shock. "No Ma'am, Lizzie is the Mother of Miss Justine and I's son. She died last year."

"If she is dead how did she tell you to run?"

"She visited me in my dreams this morning." He looked up to see her face across the table. "I told you that you would not believe me. I wrote about it in my dream journal even."

I turned to my male. "Have Hannon get that please Simon."

"Yes Ma'am."

Morick had pushed onward knowing I would look into this journal. He told his view of how things were as they ran through the woods and how he had been certain that all the fired gunshots had been aimed at his Owner leading to his decision to send her one way as he led them in another. He lamented about how he had tripped which lead to his capture and how he nearly escaped.

Simon returned with the journal. "Ma'am here is the book, and I took the liberty of having one of the technicians review the footage from their cabin this morning, it is on Monitor 7." I looked at it to indeed see michael writing an entry early this morning, and then I read the entry to see it was essentially the same info he relayed to Morick. I flicked the 'OK' light so she would know the part in question was confirmed. I didn't really believe it was anything but a dream, but his story at least is true to that extent, and he believed he had some sort of spiritual intervention

"Excuse me michael, I'll be right back."

The observation room door opened again. "Really, that shit checks out?"

"See for yourself" She watched the video and read the entry. "Almost seems too legit. Are we going to take this at face value?"

"I don't see why not. Did you see the confusion on his face when he woke up."

"Well I'll see if I can trip him up." She said as she left.

She continued the questioning. I was surprised to learn that the kidnappers were initially after Doctor Hamlin's male and not michael. I took note of the name Louise Samuelson as the Female who hired the kidnappers and ran it through the database. When I saw her record, and the medical records of the male she once owned I had no doubt michael and paul were lucky to not end up in her hands.

At the end she reviewed his story, purposely altering some information, including his dream. All of which he corrected with the exact story he had told before. She excused herself and came back into Observation and grabbed the journal, and left again without a word.

Justine jumped as the door opened. "What can you tell me about this?" Morick set the book down in front of Justine

"michael writes his dreams out in it, his employer takes it and reads it once in a while to make sure he is not having any relapses from his personal incidents caused by his working with patients who have experienced similar emotional and physical traumas."

"Read the latest entry."

She rolled her eyes as she read "I thought we got him past this delusion." She reads more. "What the?! He could not have known this! Take me to him now."

Morick gave the camera a wink as she closed the door.

"Who told you?" Justine shouted as she entered.

"Who told me what?"

"You know what, who told you?"

"Miss Justine I do not..."

"Just tell me!" She threw the book down on the table.

"SHUT UP! Give me a chance to find out what you are talking about Justine!" She slapped him. "I hope that made you feel better, like you have been conditioned to."

She raised her hand a second time and he just stared at her. Suddenly she dropped her hand and buried her head in his shoulder. "You're right dear, forgive me please."

"Now calmly, please explain to me what has got you so upset."

"Who told you about the day of mikey's birth, who told you I sat there and cried over lizzie's body?"

"Wait you're mad at that, not about him writing out this crazy story to...?" michael glanced at Morick and gave her a glare. "How dare you look at me li..."

Justine spun on her heels and pointed at Morick. "I'll handle this, it is a personal matter." Morick turned red at being so disrespected but held her tongue as Justine returned her focus on the male. "Please michael dear, who told you?"

"Milady, lizzie told me herself in the dream I had this morning."

"michael those dreams aren't real, you know that."

"Do I? That dream this morning gave me a warning you would be in danger. lizzie told me we had to run into the woods, when to do it, and also to trust in my feelings. I know if I hadn't led you into the woods and then sent you off when I did, you would be dead. So would a lot of other people. If I had not trusted in the dream of her, paul and I would be awaiting our fates as lawn decorations at Doctor Cherish's. Do I believe it is lizzie? Maybe, I do not know. But whatever it was, it has saved you and I tonight, as well as your mother, our children and I in the past." He flipped through the Journal. "Look at this." He pulled a newspaper clipping out.

"I remember that, you decided not to go to the park that day and Mom said that truck went through right where you guys normally are set up." He handed her the book and she read the page. "michael are you saying you wrote this that morning, you knew something bad was going to happen that day in the park because lizzie said so in your dream."

"Do you not believe in me enough to think I went back and wrote this after it happened." He lifted her gaze to his own pained expression. "Because it is either believe me, or call me a liar to my face."

Justine stared at him for a moment before putting a hand to his cheek. "I can see the truth in your eyes my love, and therefore I must believe it too. As illogical and impossible as it seems, the alternative to you really experiencing this... is even less plausible."

"So you're buying this shit?" Morick asked with more than a degree of irritation in her voice.

Justine looked at her. "I feel it with every fiber of my soul that he is telling me the truth, at least how he sees it. Maybe it's a huge coincidence, or maybe there is some greater cosmic force at work using liz's image, or maybe it is that she has come back as repentance for her past, or even out of pure love for us or her son. But whatever it is, it is real to him..." She turned to michael, the corner of her eyes glistened with held back tears. "...and to me too I guess."

Morick was more than a bit upset with herself for letting that interview get away from her. She was so sure michael Solomon was going to cave in and admit his involvement when faced with his Owner. She could not accept she had been wrong. I decided I should take over the interview of the suspect.

He looked at me smugly as I entered. "So who are you?"

"Major Olivia Crowe, New York State Police. And who are you?"

"todd Flint, property of Erin Flint, the innocent Female your people killed."


"todd Flint, property of Erin Flint, didn't we just go over this."

Command phrases didn't work, not really surprising as freemales often have broken their training. "Nice try, but the real Erin and todd Flint are in my morgue, DNA confirms both after we restored the secured back ups of their files. So who are you really?" Despite being cuffed to a table that was bolted to the floor, he just smiled at me, so confidant, so mannish. "Well just so you are aware, since your DNA and fingerprints are not on file, and you have no legitimate ideticollar or Genital Device signal, other than that of todd Flint, we must assume you are a freemale. Do you know what that means?"

"Oh, please enlighten me." He said with a laugh.

"It means you are not protected by the Humane Laws of Male Control." I gave him the most sadistic smile I had. "Which means I and every other Female here can beat you to within an inch of your life, and then we can begin torturing you, and we will not be breaking any laws and cannot be held accountable."

All color vanished from his face, as had the confidence. "You are serious?" I just held his gaze until he flinched. "My name is george Jessup. Candace Jessup is... was my Owner."

I smiled. "So why are there no records for you or your Owner?"

"We were not brought up in your system. Mother gets orphans, or something, we get paired up and raised together to be Owner and property. Trained together to be a team, to work as hired guns."

"Go on. What kind of work?"

"Mother will have me killed."

"Maybe, but that is only if you survive to leave. Who is this Mother?"

"Mother raised and trained us, she calls us 'The Mother's Brood'."

"What is her real name?"

"I do not know it, I don't think Miss Candace or the other Females even knew it. Is Miss Candace alive?"

"Last I heard yes, but I will be honest they were not confidant. And it is a rural hospital, not exactly a draw for skilled surgeons."

Tears rolled down his face. "I do not know what I will do if she dies, she is the one Female I was taught to trust. About your earlier question; we do whatever Mother's clients want; personal security, kidnapping, planting incriminating evidence, and yes murder for hire."

"Why are you here, why did you kill the Flints?"

"We were hired to kidnap paul Hamlin, turn him over to the client, and destroy the camp so the client had time with her prize. The Flints were people coming here, where Hamlin was, Mother provided us with their information and we pretended to be broken down, we killed them and took their place. We were told other contractors had tried in the past to get him but never managed to be allowed to stay the first night, Mother was sure with our upbringing we could slip through."

"And the Solomons?"

"We recognized them immediately and Miss Candace contacted Mother hoping she could locate a second client interested in them. Mother called back and said the original client wanted to get michael also. Anyone else was expendable."

"Now tell me about tonight's incident."

He proceeded to tell me about them setting off the explosive in the medical facility, and Candace's attempt to assassinate Justine to grab michael. He then told me how they followed the Solomons into the woods when they escaped. He had confirmed every bit of michael's story of the night. He explained how he had saw the security team in the woods and circled in behind them and took paul as a hostage.

"Thank you george it was really an easy interrogation after you learned your status."

"Major Ma'am, what will happen with me?"

"I'm not sure, you may be turned over to the MCB. But they might just wash their hands of you since you're not in their systems, nor likely a good candidate for reconditioning. If you are not sentenced to death, you may get sent off to a freemale prison camp in Nevada or Utah for the rest of your life. I will put in a positive word that after initial reluctance you were quite cooperative."

"And Miss Candace?"

"If she survives she will not be so lucky, you can at least claim you were forced."

I couldn't stand watching his tears over the Female that so callously intended to kill as many people as possible tonight just to cover their crimes, so I left. As I thought more about it I realized in their own way they were both victims of this mysterious 'Mother'. She was the real monster.

I sent the Solomons back to their cabin on my way to the mobile unit's office.

As I sat down Daniella came in and sat across from me. She silently waited for the reprimand she knew was coming and I decided to not let her wait long. "You of all people should have known trying to play the Solomons against one another would fail miserably, they wouldn't be here if that kind of shit would work."

"I'm sorry Liv, I lost my cool and couldn't accept I was wrong. But how are we to believe what michael Solomon has given as his story? It seems so... hokey. I mean really; a ghostly visitor in a dream told him to do it!"

"It does indeed and we'd not be doing our jobs if we flat out believed him. But all their stories line up sufficiently, as does the recorded evidence from thee camp's servers so far." I rubbed my forehead as I thought about it. "Tomorrow have someone review all the recorded interactions between the four of them. To satisfy your curiosity see if there is anytime michael is alone with either of these 'Jessup' people. For tonight get some sleep. It is going to be a long day of interviews tomorrow.


We had just got back to our cabin to find that someone had boarded up the broken window and cleaned the glass up already.

I took michael by the hand and guided him to the kitchenette table. Wordlessly he took a seat and hung his head.

"We need to talk baby."

"I know Miss..." I put a finger on his lips.

"Please let me say my piece and then you can have yours."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Honey I know what you were about to say, there is no need and I am very proud of you for what you just did back there. You stood up to me when I was wrong, and I need that. I do not want you to leave this man here."

He looked up with confusion in his eyes, I now had his attention and I wanted him to know I meant what I was about to say. "When we go home I want us to continue on the path to being as equal as possible while staying within the confines of the law. I love you for the man you are deep down, buried under all that indoctrination and conditioning. You have always been more than property to me, I hope you know that."

I paused for a breath and he just continued silently eying me. "I see so many males treated as nothing more than pets at best, or slaves at worst. You are too good for either of those, I cannot go on treating you that way because I'm told it is the only way. I know better, I know your very soul michael. Your kind, gentle soul deserves to be free and have the chance to flourish, not be pounded into submission. Your mind expanded with knowledge, not left hungering for more." I took up his hand in my own. "We both will make mistakes, I know we will, but we will continue to learn from them, as we have here. I want us to be completely open and equal at home. In public we will have to be a bit more traditional and follow the laws, but at home I want you to speak your mind. I don't want you to end up resenting me someday for suppressing you. This afternoon told me you have been on your way to that already and I can't live with that."

"An outburst like earlier, even if deserved, is not appropriate in public, show me you are upset with your expressions so I know I fucked up, and that we will need to talk later about it. But at home I want it all out there, no holding back. Mom and Addie were already on board with my plans before we left. They have an idea what will be coming. They are expecting you to be as vocal with them when they upset you as you will be with me."

I got up from my chair and went down to my knee before him. "michael you are my true love and I can't demand it of you so I will ask you; Please become my true man. Become my equal partner in life for as long as we live."

For the first time in my life I looked in my true love's face and I could not read his thoughts and emotions. He was all over and nowhere at the same time. Abruptly he stood, tipping the chair to the floor. Without a word he turned to the door and walked out.

I just stared after him, unable to conceive that he just walked out on me.

New Lessons of Love 6 Decisions

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, M/f, Chastity

I wandered around the area near the dining hall, unsure where my life was headed. My head was awash in uncertainties

She wants me to become her man?

I do not think I can do it.

What will she do if I cannot?

What will I do?

Why is she putting me through this?

Where have I done wrong?

Why does she want this from me?

Miss Justine wants what is best for me.

I have failed to satisfy her.

How can I be more forceful?

Why did I just leave her in the lurch?

I needed air that is why. The room was closing in on me, I felt trapped.

What kind of male am I?

She deserves better.

I have always tried to be a respectful male.

They want to undo that.

Would I disgrace myself by giving in to Miss Justine's demands?

They were not really demands, but I was taught 'your Female's wish is your command'.

Maybe I can do it for her.

She just wants me to be less... what was that word ...submissive.

I would do anything for her.

She would do anything for me.

What am I going to do?

I love her.

I have loved her longer than I knew the meaning of the word love.

Maybe I should talk to Doctor Jessica.

No, this is her agenda in the first place.

I trust Doctor Cherish more, maybe I can call her.

No. If I am to be more of a man like she wants I should not run to a Female every-time I am troubled.

Is our love strong enough to last through this change.

Am I strong enough?

For her I am.

For her I would fight off an army of men.

Well I would die trying at least. 

If I release my inner man can I control him?

Can she?

Can I translate my gentle male self into a gentle man self?

Is there such a thing as a gentle man?

Why're you out here when she wants you to step up?

Get a backbone already!

Be a man who deserves her love!

It's what she wants and needs!

Get back in there right now and you won't regret it.

With that last thought I came to a complete stop. Those last few thoughts felt strange to me, almost alien.

I look to my left and realize I am standing next to our car. While my mind wandered, my heart had guided me back to where I belonged.

My love was strong enough! I can and will do this for her!

I climb the steps to the porch and could hear voices inside. Miss Justine was not alone.

I listen and hear Doctor Jessica's voice; "Why did you jump the gun? I had Major Crowe convinced to let me continue working with you and Monica for the rest of the week as long as we stayed out of the way."

"I don't know, I thought we were going to be sent home without finishing and I didn't want that to unravel what I've, what we've been trying to achieve. He's ready."

"Evidently not seeing as he walked out on you when faced with that reality. Dammit Justine, I needed at least another full day to fully get through to him. Now he's likely to shut down and withdraw. All the progress you and Cherish made with him will be destroyed. Your dreams of further educating him and making him a whole person are likely shot to Hell."

Further educating me?

"No I won't let him withdraw. I won't let him stagnate."

"Listen to you. Maybe you're not ready to let him be more independent. You cannot force this on him, he has to be willing. If after all this he cannot come to terms with a more equal role in your relationship and develop a more assertive attitude for his own good, you are just going to have to accept that he cannot break his upbringing. Sometimes they just can't pull themselves out of the conditioning. I'm sorry but I never guaranteed it would work."

"But the way he reacted tonight, in the woods, in the interview, I was so sure he had come out of his shell. I can't help that I want him to improve himself, especially after I found out he thinks I believe he is stupid. I've always known him to be brilliant and encouraged him into activities that stimulate his brain, but with fighting the Owner Rape charge, and then Juli coming along, I failed to continue that."

I could no longer stand the sadness in Justine's voice. My complete servitude had caused her distress. She believed I was capable of more, she expected me to surpass myself and our culture. Where I saw myself as a dumb pet, loyal and loving to a fault, she saw something more. I could not, would not, let her hopes die because I feel insecure of my place in the world. If there was one thing I knew of my place in the world, it was that I am here to make her happy.

Before I even knew that I had turned the doorknob I was standing inside, and they both turned in my direction.

Justine took a step toward me. "michael honey, about what..."

I raise my hand to tell her to stop. "No it is my turn now. You had your say."

Doctor Jessica smiled at me over Justine's shoulder and started to walk toward me. "I'll let you two talk this out."

"No please stay Doctor Jessica. You might as well since you seem to be highly involved in this whole scenario." I said with an accusing tone. She stopped in her tracks with a guilty look on her face.

Justine stared at me in shock as I walked over and took her in my arms. "I have a few questions Milady. Please just answer them to the point." She rested her head on my shoulder and nodded.

"Will you love me less if I say I cannot do what you ask?"

She noticeably stiffened "I will be disappointed, sad, but I will always love you with all my heart."

"If I agree will you love me more?"

She craned her neck so she could kiss my cheek. "No, which part of 'all my heart' did you not understand?"

"If I accept this I do not want you playing 'I'm the Female so it's my way or else' whenever we do not share an opinion on something. Can you accept that?"

Her arms pulled a little tighter around my midsection. "I will do my best."

"One more thing; we must consider how this will effect our children."

Justine gave me a confused look. "Why would it effect the kids?"

"Juli will be starting school next year, do you remember how you were taught about the positions of the Female and male in society. What will she think when Mommy and daddy act so different than how she is taught we should?"

The two Females exchanged a surprised look.

"Neither of you considered that did you?" I asked in shock.

"Umm, I guess we did not. And I've only had two or three other couples come through with the same intent that have children. None of them thought about that either. Very insightful michael."

Justine squeezed me once more. "We will just have to explain it to them that we are special and that they have to learn the proper way of basic gender interaction before they ever get to our level with their own partner." She looked at me with a very serious expression on her face. "I hope you agree that we will continue to raise our children as we were raised in respect to the opposite gender."

I gave her a passionate kiss. "I never doubted we would agree on that. But I am not sure I am ready to agree to any of this. It is one thing to be playacting for you or me occasionally taking the lead sexually, when I know you want it. But to have the degree of independence you want me to take on..."

"I know you can handle it, I've been preparing you for this for some time now and I know you can make the leap." Justine smiled at me like she was about to reveal a big secret. "Ever since the ceremony after the freemale incident Cherish and I have been working to expand your horizons. The volunteer work at the hospital becoming a job, the extended walking range, the driver's license and Unsupervised Driving endorsement for it, they all were stepping stones to this point."

"I want to, but I am still not sure if I can trust myself to let go of my conditioning."

"michael we are not asking you to ignore what you've been taught, you need it to function in our society.  You just need to evolve beyond it to become the person Justine knows you are deep down."

"I must try, I know I need to. I want to for you, for us." I steel myself to say what has been bothering me the most since I overheard the conversation when I got to the door. I hold Justine at arm's length and make her look at me. "If you really want me to be more independent, you should not be making plans for me behind my back. If it is to be my life I need to make informed decisions, I may rely heavily on your opinion, especially now, but please to not make uni..." I softly bite the end of my tongue waiting for the rest of the correct word to come to it. "...lateral decisions about me, us, or our family."

My Love's eyes started tearing up, several of the tiny droplets had already fallen victim to gravity. I wiped away the teardrops from her cheek. Her expression clearly said 'I love you'.

I look over to see that Doctor Jessica has disappeared. "She is a sneaky one coming and going without a sound!"

Justine looked to where I had been looking and then over my other shoulder. "Damn she is a ghost!" She said with a laugh. "I wonder how much she missed?"

"I'm guessing she will see it all on the recording."

We were both sweaty and tired, a shower was in desperate need for us both. After we stripped off our clothes Justine approached me. "Honey let me get the GD off of you."

I blocked the biosensor as she reached for it. "No I think it is best left on just in case there is another attempt."

She gave me a surprised look. "I think the threat has past."

"I do not want to chance it."

She went to say something more but stopped before any words left her mouth. She turned to leave. "Okay I'm getting my shower if you want to join me."

I grabbed her hand and spun her back towards me. "Go ahead and unlock it, I just wanted to see if you were going to try to push me or ignore my desires."

She gave me a fake hurt expression "Testing me! I guess I deserve it." She got serious again. "That Policefemale tonight, I believe she was trying to get me to discredit your story about the dream. I would like that if you have more, wake me so I can sign and date the page myself. That way when it comes true and someone questions your integrity again you will have my word that you wrote it and when."

She slid the released Genital Device down my legs. "That makes sense Milady. I never thought I'd be telling someone that a dream was my reasoning to do something."


In the morning we saw that Monica, steven, Jessica, and paul were all still present as was Jocelyn Straub and her security team. There were also at least 20 State Police personnel there also.

One of the Troopers had told me that the Female attacker had died from her gunshot wounds and the male was going to be sent off to Albany. Evidently he had information the government wanted about the criminal enterprise he was associated with as well as their techniques and technology that he was trading on to keep out of the freemale prison camps.

michael had been called for another interview with Trooper Morick, which I insisted on being present for. She had left me with a bad feeling the day before and I wasn't going to let her screw with him. I was pleasantly surprised that she only reviewed the events in the woods focusing mainly on his interactions with the people posing as Erin and todd, as well as the sat-phone call he had with their client Louise Samuelson.

It was the first I had heard most of the story from after we split up in the woods, and I almost laughed when michael had told how he had kneed todd in the balls. I was so proud of him outsmarting a professional criminal, but that was quickly tempered by finding out he was re-captured by his conditioned responses.

In the afternoon Jessica had us run the obstacle course again, except this time I was gagged and michael was blindfolded. We had been doing well until we got to that damned ditch. I had michael hold my waist as we worked our way across the fallen tree. We were not even halfway over and he lost his balance falling off. I got pulled off balance and had the wind knocked out of me when I landed across the log before I slid off in the opposite direction. We both initially were half hanging by our collars as the chain was wrapped over the trunk.

When I caught my breath I checked on michael who had been calling my name repeatedly. We were both fine but would have to fight our way out of the trench. By the time I got us untangled from the branch stubs we had little chance of beating Monica and steven, and indeed they had beat us by about ten minutes.

"What happened to you two?" Monica asked.

"Looks like the bush chewed them up and spit them out."  Said steven with a smile.

"More like swallowed by the trench." michael quipped.

"That happened to us the first time, steven lost his footing on the log or something."

My gag was unlocked and I pulled it out. "Ugh take this awful thing." I handed the gag to paul "Yeah michael lost his balance and fell off one side and I ended up dangling by my neck on the far side of the tree."

"That is why the chains are so long Ma'am, so you don't end up hanging by your neck. Did it get hung up on a branch?" Paul asked with concern as he unlocked my collar.

"No michael just fell far enough away from the tree. I was right there." Jessica said while she worked on michael's collar.

"Wow that would be bad! We were lucky and fell to the same side, but Monica landed on top of me."

Jessica had finished freeing michael from his collar and hood. "Alright you all head off and get cleaned up and we will meet over dinner."

michael had been quiet through the remainder of the afternoon. In fact he seemed deep in thought most of the day. I feared he was having doubts about our conversation last night. He never really said if he was committing to the change in his standing with me or not, but at the time he seemed to be willing. Now I was unsure. I had noticed that he had not once referred to me as 'Miss', even when he was panicked after our fall off the log. I took that as a good sign.

We were sitting with Monica, steven, Jessica, and paul and had been joined for dinner by the lead investigators, Major Crowe and Lieutenant Morick with their males who had all happily joined the conversation.

As we sat and ate michael remained mostly silent despite the conversations going on around him, not even commenting on the food. That alone would have concerned me because he always critiques the cooking of others.

Major Crowe looked around after we were done eating. "Tomorrow morning I'm sending you four home. You have been very cooperative in the investigation and if we need anything else from you we will be in contact. We thank you for your patience."

Jessica looked like she was considering some ideas. She claps her hands together startling michael out of his brooding. "I would like to give you four the final NVCE tonight. Olivia would the four of you care to join in?"

The Major looked at her compatriot who gave a slight nod. "Sure we're in, from what I hear simon and I may need to defend our title anyway from these young ones."

michael perked up at the challenge. Finally a smile crossed his face. 'We can do this!' was in his eyes. I smiled back at him "You know we can dear."

"Oh bloody hell! They've started already!" Monica laughed. In a mock childish tattletale tone she continued. "Doctor Hamlin the Solomons are cheating and using their telepathic powers again!"


I had been unsure of our future all morning and it bothered me immensely. I knew I wanted to move forward as equals, but was I doing it because I wanted to, or because Justine asked me to? By embracing this ideology, this lifestyle, would we cause ourselves more grief than happiness?

With only Justine's touch to guide me, since I was deprived of my vision and my normally acute hearing severally hampered, I blindly followed her through the woods. The sensory deprivation left me alone in my thoughts, magnifying my worst fears as they played out in my mind. Fears of our children being taken from us for our 'uncivilized' behavior. Justine in prison, along with myself. Was this the path we were following?

When I fell I was awash in confusion, I had not even realized what had happened until I hit the ground. And then I felt the pull on my neck, yanking my head from the ground. I knew something had happened to Justine. I stood and moved in the direction of the chain's tug. I had no idea where I was or where Justine was, but the chain remained taunt. That concerned me the most cause that meant she was likely hanging by her collar and unable to communicate with me. I shouted for Justine as I continued to follow the chain. By the third time I called her name the chain had finally slackened.

When I felt her hands on my arm I relaxed slightly. She ran her hand over my arms and legs. My hand found the leather gag strap crossing her cheek on the second try. "Are you hurt?" She shook her head no. "Can you get us out or should I blow the whistle?"

I felt more than heard her sigh and knew my mistake. I had asked two yes or no questions that would have opposing answers at once. "Sorry, can we get out?" A head nod yes. "Alright let's get back in this race."

I soon realized I had once again fallen victim to the trench and our chain was over the tree bridging it. Once free we continued on. After a while I tried to distract myself from my darker fears, I thought about how this obstacle course race seemed counter-productive. If the intent of this week was to build up our confidence and independence as males, why were steven and I hindered so that we were dependent on our Females to navigate? There must be a reason, Doctor Cherish told me there is always a reason why she does her exercises in specific ways, and I was sure Doctor Jessica was no different. Suddenly I realized the likely reason; to show us we still needed to rely on the Females. We must work as a team no matter who has the advantage.

Suddenly I felt the warmth of light on my mask. I believed I had gotten inside Doctor Jessica's head once more and the Sun dawned on me literally. How fitting was that?

I continued my worrisome ways throughout the day and into the evening meal. I saw that both Justine and Doctor Jessica would often glance at me with concern. I didn't bother to hide my discomfort, as I knew they would both see through it anyway.

I felt relieved to hear we were going home in the morning, it had been fun here at first with the others around, but the life threatening events ruined that, and with only Miss Monica and steven still here the challenge was gone.

Over dinner I decided to shove my fears aside and let our love guide us on this journey into equality. When Doctor Jessica said she wanted the four of us to challenge the Non-Verbal Communication Exam again and opened it up to the PoliceFemales in charge of the investigation, I became excited. A chance to prove myself to Females who had not already fallen in love with my innocent charms.

When Miss Monica threw her pretend tantrum I could not contain my laughter.

I sat across the table staring into the emerald eyes of my Owner, we both were mentally preparing for the exam.

'Relax. Slow. Have fun.' Justine relayed through her expressions.

I smiled at her and reply. 'Focus. This is our moment.' I glanced down to where the papers would be, and then back to her with a huge grin. 'I love you.'

She laughed as she caught my reference to her mistake on our previous attempt at this challenge.

"We're all doomed, they're telling each other wordless jokes now!" Miss Monica said with a laugh.

"Mind games. They try to intimidate us, that is all." I looked at wen Morick, Lieutenant Morick's Enforcer. Despite the Enforcer uniform, he did not share the same bulky powerhouse frame as every enforcer I've met previously. The Asian descended male was my size, a little leaner but his muscles clearly showed through his uniform.

By his accent I believed wen Morick may actually be from one of the Asian Regions or at least raised in a small Asian sub-community where the dialect was strong. Not being familiar with those regional dialects I cannot distinguish which specific national region.

"Don't bet on it my dear wen, I've seen Liv and simon do it all the time." Said the uniformed Female across from him.

"Enough chatter, let's get down to business." Doctor Jessica said, interrupting the banter. "For the benefit of Daniella and wen; the idea is to convey the intent of the word or phrase on the paper to your partner without speaking, and they will write it down in front of them.

This time you will be alternating giving phrases.

The last six will be questions, you will write out what the question was and your intended response, and then act out your response so your partner can write that answer down.

Daniella, wen; you are up against the three highest scoring couples to ever come through here, so don't be disappointed if your scores are low in comparison."

paul and another male whom I believed was from the kitchen staff set folders out before us.

When the whistle blew I flipped open the folder and see my first phrase: 'Do not do that!' and act it out.

By the halfway point of the multiple-choice phrases I see a trend; all the phrases I have acted out are negative feedback, while all the ones Justine had provided are positive feedback.

Justine had realized I had become distracted and gave me a questioning look.  I gave her the shake off and do the next word. The trend stopped at the end of the multiple-choice section and returned to seemingly random phrases in the written portion.

As we approached the end of the written phrases I mentally prepared for the new portion. It scared me a bit. I knew it should not have. I knew Justine and I can do this, we practically do it everyday. But it is instinctual at those times, not forced as this was.

I read the first question I am to ask. I lean forward, widening my eyes subtly, but I knew my love saw it by her expression; 'Do you trust me?'

Justine began writing and looked me in the eye with a resounding 'Yes!'

Worry lines formed on Milady's forehead as she narrowed her eyes upon reading her question; 'Were you happy?'

I stared at the words I just wrote, unsure what my answer was. I wanted to say yes, but I know that was not accurate. I write 'Mostly' and convey it to Justine. With a hint of sadness she writes my answer down.

I look at my next question; 'Do you love me?'

'Yes!' I knew that would be her answer and had begun writing it before she even registered the question. Again my love took on a worried look. She evidently could not find something in our normal exchanges that could say what she had to ask so she ran through a series of expressions and hand motions. Despite having more to work with I found it harder to read what she acted. 'Do you regret what has happened?' was what I decided was close to her intent.

Another question that had no clear answer. I had had many unsettling experiences in recent years, events that were started by us proving my innocence, making me a target of those whose plans we upset. But the good outweighed the bad. 'No.'

As I looked at the final question that I was to act out I began to wonder the intent of these questions. I tried to convey the question hoping my love could understand it; 'Will you respect me?'

Her eyes softened as she deduced my question and she answered 'Absolutely.' Her joy was short-lived however. Justine bit her lip as she was looking down at the last question she was to ask. Her worry had turned to fear and it appeared to be consuming her.

I tapped my pen on the table to get her attention. She looked up at me, the concern etched deeply in her face. I gave her a smile and a slight nod. She returned the smile despite the worry in her soul. She looked at the paper once more and took a deep breath before looking deep into my eyes.

'Will you do it?'

As I see what I wrote on the paper I look up at her in confusion. What is 'it'? I stared across the table to see her eyes get huge, tears began to form in the corners. I could see Doctor Jessica staring intently at me. Suddenly 'IT' became apparent to me. That whole test, the whole week even, had been to build to this point. Would I become her equal? Her man? The man she needed?

The longer I looked at her in shock, the more her beautiful green eyes darkened with pain.

As I stared into her eyes I resisted the urge to reach across the table and comfort her.


She lets out a sigh of relief and brought her hand to her chest. 'Thank you, I love you!'

I smiled as I replied back 'I know.'


Going into the question section I was extremely nervous. Jessica and I had planned out what I was going to ask michael weeks ago by email. I had no idea I'd be asking them to him without words at the time though. I struggled with how to make my statements. Normally when we do this kind of thing it is purely spontaneous. I look at him or he at me and we seem to know the others intent, but at those times we have the context of the surrounding events, not a series of random words.

When michael realized what I had been asking on the final question he got the 'deer in the headlight' look. With each second that passed my fear that he would reject my offer doubled.

When his body language shifted from shocked to comforting I saw the glimmer of hope. I knew when his blue eyes locked on my own what his answer was.

In that moment I felt all the dread I had been harboring in the past weeks leave me. We had managed to work past his submissive male upbringing, he was ready to open up and expand.

We watched a few minutes more for the Moricks to finish. There was a fair amount of frustration on the Asian male's face.

paul had immediately began checking the sheets of the eldest couple when they finished and was already doing Monica and steven's papers when the Moricks finished.

When he finally got to our papers, Jessica had already been coming down the Female side of the tables and reviewing paul's scoring with each couple.

Jessica slipped a folder to me as she sat down and took our papers. michael's eyes got huge when he saw her reaction. I gave her a sidelong glance and could see the huge grin on her face.

"Well I must say this is a very interesting set of results from all of you. Out of a total possible fifty-two; Daniella and wen you got a respectable twenty-four correct. For a couple that has not had the benefit of the one on one time here; that is commendable for this test. I would like to extend an invitation to you to come and do the full course soon."

She looks at the far tables. "Armstrongs and Crowes; you have both beat the former record, held by the Crowes, with forty-nine each." I laugh as Monica and steven celebrate with a 'high five'.

"It is a shame to say this, but that was not good enough to beat the Solomons' fifty-one! I am hungry? How'd you miss that one Justine?" She laughed as I rolled my eyes. "I am going to have to see if we are allowed to make that the program's official top score."

michael smiled at me and telling me he loves me. Suddenly his expression turned to shock and then a smile crept onto his face and he started to turn around.

"Well look at this, both of my boys together!" michael turned fully around to see the dark skinned older couple, and he was not at all surprised they were there.

paul however was caught off guard and jumped out of his chair. "Mom! dad! What are you doing here."

"Well Monica and steven need a ride back to the city, and we wanted to see you. Oh and to see Justine and michael take the final test." She said as she hugged paul. "You were not surprised enough michael, what gave me away?"

He glanced at me with a smile before answering. "You are wearing the perfume I got you for your birthday. I've missed smelling it this week."

Jessica introduced Cherish and roland to the State Troopers before turning her attention back to me. "Justine if you would please." She motioned toward me.

I gathered my courage as I guided michael to sit at the table. I set the manila folder on the table before him. "Honey, read this and if you agree sign it. I love you and want this for you."

Cherish put a reassuring hand on my shoulder as he read the document that had already been signed by Jessica and myself earlier this week. He turned to me and he is obviously confused. "Ma'am I do not understand this."

Jessica pulled a chair up next to him. "If you sign this you will be one of a new class of male, it is a small group but growing by the year. You will be reclassified from a Level 2 male to a Semi-emancipated male."

He looked at her, and then to Cherish and myself. "What does that mean?" He finally asked me.

Jessica tapped the paper to get his attention back to it. "See this here? This is a list of standard restrictions that will no longer apply to you; Solo travel distance, technology level, education. You will no longer be required to be supervised by a Female for a set amount of time a day, and while in your home you can remove your own Genital Device." michael's mouth fell open when she mentioned the GD.

"Now here it says you will be expected to conform to social laws while in public. The down side is if you are found guilty for any felony crimes, the punishment time can be tripled."

His face lost all color. "I know you will not disappoint and use your new freedoms to cause trouble, it is merely a formality to ensure proper behavior and appease the politicians who were on the fence about this new male class."

"So I will not be Miss Justine's property anymore?" He turned to me with a frown, begging me with his expression to say it wasn't so.

"Legally you will still belong to her," relief shown in his face and I felt pride in the fact that he thinks so highly of me, "you will just have much more freedom to be you."

I slipped out from Cherish's embrace and did to michael what she did for me. I talked quietly but firmly in his ear. "And I want you to do that, become your own man, while still being my male."

"It seems... so... farfetched. Is it real or something made up by you all?"

I squeezed his shoulder a bit tighter. "Addie looked into it thoroughly before I accepted Cherish's suggestion to come here and she assures me it is all legitimate and above board. She said she would gladly go over it with you more at home. All you have to do is sign and what you have experienced here will be what you have at home."

He turned to me with a look that says 'are you crazy?' He then gives me the grin he does when he is playing with my words and turning them against me. "I wasn't exactly thrilled being chased through the woods by trained killers."

A disapproving look from me, and he turned back to the papers. "I cannot sign this."

My heart broke at his rejection of the offer. Jessica turned to him in shock, finally she managed to ask: "Why michael?"

He tapped the area he was suppose to sign. "My name is spelled wrong, you capitalized the 'm' in michael."

I began breathing again as Jessica explained the reasoning. "No that is correct, you will be considered to have partial citizenship and will have the right to a capitalized name."

"Well if that is the case..." He grabbed the pen and signed the form right below my signature.

Cherish sat down across from us and slid the thin box across the table. "Here you'll need this."

"It came already?" I asked in surprise.

"I had to wait a month for mine!" I turned to see Simon pull his Identicollar out of his uniform shirt's collar.

"I may have... pulled a few strings to get it before the documents were finalized." Cherish said with a smile.

Michael lifted the top off the box to reveal a gold colored Identity Collar. "I have seen Identicollars like this a couple of times. Doctor Cherish you should not have got this for me, it is too much a gift for simply signing a paper."

I took the new Identicollar from the box and fastened it around his neck. "Honey this collar is not a reward per se, it signifies your status as a Semi-Emancipated male. We earned it by coming here and doing well enough to impress the MCB Examiner."

"Well in truth I offer the status to any male who does even half as good as you two did." Jessica said from her seat on the other side of Michael.

Michael looked at her, and stole a glance at the others. "What about steven? They did as well as we did."

Jessica had a serious expression as she looked over at the foreigners. "If I could I would, for one they don't live in my jurisdiction, and Australia Region doesn't have the program yet. That is why they are here, to learn about the program and help set up the Queensland program. I will be sending a recommendation that he receives the status as soon as it is available in their Region."

Michael got up and walked over to where Monica and steven were standing, offering his hand to steven as he approached them. "I am sorry steven, you should not have been made to see me receiving what you are being denied."

steven took the offered hand. "No problem Michael, we knew I was not eligible. This was always meant strictly as a learning experience for us, but it turned into quite an adventure."

"Well we must be going," interrupted Major Crowe, "I am due to give an in-person report in the morning. Jessica, Daniella here will be taking over the on-site investigation and should be done here by tomorrow. After that you can start rebuilding the infirmary and preparing for Camp Shungara's next session. I recommend printing file photos of your guests several weeks in advance from now on, instead of the day before arrival." The last part seemed to be delivered in a condescending tone.

"Doctor Jessica who is Shungara anyway?" Michael asked.

Jessica let the scolded child look drop and smiled at Michael. "It's not a name, it's a word in the language of the people my father is descended from; the Iroquois. They lived in this area before the colonists came to America." She wrapped an arm around paul. "It is the base of any relationship in any language 'Trust'."

The Troopers left the dining hall, soon followed by the Armstrongs. It was just the two of us with the Johvons and Hamlins sitting around a table. When they started reminiscing over old family stories I turn to Michael. He stopped laughing and held my gaze.

"Boy, I want you to get further education." Before he had time to respond I quickly added; "It is your choice to do so, I'm just expressing my desire for you to do that."

"I would like that also. What would you like me to take?"

I took his hand into my own. "That is up to you, follow your heart."

He gave me a guilty look. "I know I made a big scene the other day about never being trained to assist you in your work," he took a deep breath before continuing, "but I think I would like to go and train in psychology so I can continue helping people with Doctor Cherish. I know I probably cannot become a full fledged doctor like her, but I know I have much to learn and improve upon."

I smiled, and he responded in kind. "We are going to NYU next Thursday to talk to an admissions rep about enrolling you in their psychology program."

He crossed his arms over his chest, cocking his head to the side and stared at me. His expression said it all; 'Didn't we talk about this?'

I tried to put on an air of innocence. "Don't give me that look, I scheduled it weeks ago. I had a feeling that was what you'd want so I made the appointment."

He shook his head and laughs. "I guess we do really know each other that well." Suddenly his eyes took on a mischievous glint that I have rarely seen. He glanced at our friends, still all caught up in funny stories from paul's youth.

He grabs my hand and without a word we slip out the door. Once outside he pinned me to the wall and placed a deep kiss on my lips. As soon as he broke off the kiss he leads me to our cabin, when we reach the door he repeats the kiss he gave me a few moments before, this time leaving me weak in my knees.

He scooped me up and carried me through the door before depositing me on the bed.

He stared at me, our eyes were locked together as I felt his hand on the crotch of my shorts. A crotch that I knew had already become very damp close to the skin. A finger slipped through the leg of my shorts and it wormed its way past my panty gusset. He smiles at what his finger finds. My excitement rose a notch at this.

He wastes no time in stripping me naked just before he deliciously assaulted my breasts with his fingers and lips. His free hand soon returned to penetrate my love canal, his thumb strategically rubbed my clit.

I rode out the pleasure, soaking in every milligram of sexual energy he had been putting out. Soon the dam burst and I was drowning in pleasure, but rather than letting me catch my breath, Michael continued his ministrations and I had another orgasm crash through me, followed closely by a third and he kept going, apparently intent on drawing another orgasm out of me. He did not have to wait long!

I woke up with my head on my man's shoulder, a few locks of my own red hair was tickling my cheek. Michael had me exhausted. But for the immense pleasures he had given me he had not even attempted to take pleasure from me.

I angled my head up to see him staring at the ceiling, a content smile on his face. Feeling my movement, he turned his head so he could kiss my brow. "I thought maybe you were going to sleep until the morning."

I tried to squirm closer to him. "Hmmm, tempting. But I need to return the favor." My hand finds his semi-erect cock and began pumping it slowly, bringing it to it's full glory quickly.

"Tomorrow, at home, in our own bed," he rolled his eyes left to look toward the ceiling, "and away from cameras. Right now we need to sleep, there is packing to do in the morning and we need to be well rested for driving home."

I stick out my lower lip and pout at him. "Yes Sir."

His body shook as he laughed. His hand began stroking my lower back. Involuntarily I let out a content sigh and raised my hand up to his shoulder as I let my mind drift off to sleep.


Simon and I were about twenty minutes out from the camp in Lieutenant Morick's Multi-purpose Utility Vehicle. They would be returning to the barracks with the Command Unit that we had initially arrived in.

Normally I would have had Simon drive me, but his night-vision had become poor and I didn't want to risk an accident. When my cellular phone rang he picked it up. "Hello? Yes Ma'am she is right here, but driving I will relay the message if you like. It will be at least another hour otherwise." He pulled out a note pad from the console and began taking notes. His expression turned to anger. "Okay got it. I am sure we will be calling back momentarily." He said as he disconnected the call. He turned to me, "Liv pull over."

"What's the matter?" I ask as I steer onto the shoulder. "We shouldn't be stopping if we want to be rested for the morning."

"That was Miss Dani, NYPD finally got back to us. They found Louise Samuelson, dead. She was bound up and shot in the head just like the real Flints had been. It was made to look like a robbery but the only valuables taken were her phones, Notepad, and computer."

"You had me pull over for that?"

Simon took a deep breath and took my hand in his. "No. Albany Barracks called, george Jessup never arrived. They put out a bulletin to all departments between us and them to be on the lookout for a lost or disabled patroller. They were found a few kilometers outside of the town of Delanson, where they had been ambushed. Trooper Cole is dead, her Enforcer was medicoptored to a Trauma Hospital in Albany. He is in Critical Condition."

I felt the wind knocked out of my sails. One of my best Troopers has been taken from me, her Enforcer baxter widowed, if he survives. "What about the suspect?"

I expected Simon to say he was gone, likely repatriated to his organization. I was not prepared for what my male said next.

"Also dead, laid out wrapped in a white sheet with care, a pillow under his head, clutching a rose to his chest. He was shot between the eyes in that position." Simon gave me a moment to process all that. "Olivia, the Coles put up a good fight but were outgunned; both had used up all their ammo. They scored some hits, but if this was the organization the Jessup male belonged to I doubt their DNA are in the system either. Also their patroller car was searched by someone, likely the attackers, before the local Sheriff found the scene."

"They're cleaning up loose ends, trying to recover all the evidence leading back to them!"

I grabbed my phone and call the Mobile Command Unit. I instruct Dani to keep armed guards at the gates and in the Command Unit all night. I'll be damned if that Mother bitch takes the lives of those in my command or any more evidence!


We passed through the door and I am relieved to be home. The troopers had been on edge this morning and I wanted to get out of there. We had ate on the way home with Cherish, Monica and their males, this time Cherish had regaled us with funny stories of events involving Michael at work. He tried to act defensive but none of us believed him as he held back the smile.

The week had not turned out as relaxing as had been intended to be, but my ultimate goal was met, Michael achieving his new status. I wondered if our lot in life was to suffer one misadventure after the next, with someone always out to make us pay for what they perceived was a slight against them.

My melancholy thoughts were interrupted by my Mother's voice. "Juliet Delanoe Solomon! Get your butt back here now! You do not rush to the door when it opens!"

My little redheaded toddler had outran her Grandmother and entered the foyer first. "Momma! daddy!" She ran straight for us, and right past me into Michael's waiting arms. I smiled, she will always be a daddy's girl.

Michael lifted her up and gave her a kiss. "Were we only gone for a week? Because I swear you have grown at least 10 centimeters my little Pumpkin."

"Really daddy." She said with huge eyes.

"Jay I thought you weren't due back until tomorrow!" My Mother said after she came around the corner with little mikey in her arms.

I took our son in my arms and hugged him. He smiled at me as he grabs a handful of my red hair. He already bears a strong resemblance to his father, but I can see some of his natural mother lizzie in him too. "Long story Mom. A very long story for a time when we don't have such impressionable ears around."

"Oh I want to hear that story too!" Came a voice from around the corner.

"Addie what are you doing here?"

"Aunt Addie lives here now!" Juli said with a huge grin.

She held up her hand. "Temporary, until I find a new place. My building burned to the ground Tuesday morning. I asked your Mom if I could bring Max here to stay in the meantime. She said he could if I did."

"I didn't think you'd mind. I hope that was fine." My Mother said with a smile.

Michael walked over and took Addie into a one armed hug while balancing Juli in the other arm. "Addie you can live here permanently if you like."

She was initially taken aback by Michael's forwardness. With a grin she pulled back the neck of his shirt to reveal the gold-toned Identicollar and hugs him. "Congrats, and no I'd like a bit more privacy, and you all deserve that also."

He gave her a look that told me he was going to have the last word. "Guest house, you and that rat you call a dog. No arguments. At least for a month or two, then if you want to find a new place you can."

"Oh alright, if you insist Sir."

He rolled his eyes at her with a sigh. "And don't call me Sir!"

My Mother leans into my ear. "I like this new Michael."

He looked at us and smiled at my Mother's comment. I smiled at her and nod in his direction. "I don't like him at all. I love him!"

I just pray to whatever higher power is out there that this next chapter of our lives will be more peaceful than the last so I can see that smile of his more often.


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