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My Imagination

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Synopsis: This story chronicles a fantasy. Everything presented is fantasy based on desires I keep hidden. It is what I wish my sexual partner could have done. It does not involve punishment rather it is the idea that someone can have unmet desire and when those desires are acted upon lights a fire where it was unknown before. It is pushing the boundaries of what someone is comfortable with. This is a work of fiction and does not depict actual events, I am not for the capture and forced sex of others.

Chapter 1: The Unexpected Fantasy

       I had always been into bondage and kinky sex. I had even chosen to engage in it while in two long term relationships, but nothing and no one could come close to my true desires. I wanted to be made into a piece of fuck meat. At least periodically on weekends. I wanted to have a normal life, but behind closed doors, allow my partner to completely control me in the bedroom.

       I finally had that wish come true.

       I woke from a deep sleep, something I hadnt felt in a long time. I thought something feels odd as I tried to open my eyes, I did but it was to complete darkness, when I tried to feel around me I was unable to move my arms. I realized that somehow, I was confined in such a way that I could only breath through the tube in my mouth, and I was encased completely except there was openings where I could feel cool air reach my pussy, ass and boobs. I could feel that there were bindings on my neck, a posture collar I thought to myself. I could also feel that my feet were in some form of high heels, my legs were bound at the ankle, knee and thigh, permitting absolutely no movement of my lower extremities. My arms were bound at the wrists and elbows which also allowed for extremely minimal movement. I was bound on my back with legs spread open although I could feel that there was nothing below my ass, meaning that whoever had done this had full access to my body and I had no control over it or even a clue who it was that had this control. I also thought it was weird that I didnt feel like I needed to pee, which having woke up from such a deep sleep is usually the first thought.

       I was in a sensory deprivation hood of sorts from what I could tell. After I got over the initial shock, I started to get how precarious my situation truly was…

Chapter 2: Realization

       I had told relatively few people of how I wanted my sexual wishes fulfilled. All of them lived several states away from me. I hadnt dated and wasnt sexually active for a long time. So waking up like this was a complete shock, I didnt even have a boyfriend. The only way to know what I was into was to look at my internet browsing history and I didnt know of anyone who would do that to me.

       So as I laid there, I racked my head trying to figure it all out. In the meantime, my body started to take over now that I was conscious. I could now feel why the sensation of a full bladder was not there, I had a catheter in my bladder. The breathing tube in my mouth was also a gag as it was filling my mouth save for the center ring which allowed me to breath. How long could someone hold me like this and who had me? I could only hear my own breathing and heartbeat.

       Suddenly I realized that my vagina was getting wet, I could feel the coolness of the air on the moisture collecting there and realized that this was tuning me on. At some point I heard a voice through what must have been noise cancelling wireless headphones placed over my ears before my encasement.

“Welcome to your slavery. We know this is something you have wanted for some time and have come to fulfill your wishes, although along the way, you may fulfill ours as well. We know that you are not as into anal sex and giving blowjobs, but in time we feel you will be programmed to do so. We also will challenge all of your desires and push you to the limits. You will not know who we are or when and if you will be released or recaptured.”

Chapter 3: The Beginning

       With that warning, I felt something massaging my labia and they suddenly felt very tingly. I could feel the blood rush into that area and engorge the area further. My labia, clit and even hole felt swollen and extremely sensitive. Once that sensation subsided somewhat I felt something at the opening of my pussy. I could not tell if it was man, machine or toy. My labia were spread as best they could be in their swollen state and something was place in my pussy. It began to swell and vibrate, then I felt the pulsation and rhythmic insertion and removal. It was driving me mad. I had not felt anything like that in well forever. I tried to use my muscles to push it out and found that only made the thing grow. It was on some sort of sensor and could tell when I resisted or was enjoying it and close to orgasm. Everytime that the sensations got close to causing an orgasm, it would change pace, depth or rhythm and I would be denied.

       Eventually the thing was removed and I was exhausted, but I would not get a break, something else was put in my pussy and this felt like a cock, but due to my state and the sheer rhythmic almost robotic nature of the fucking I didnt think it could be a man. I soon felt hands, hands groping my clit, my boobs and my nipples. I swam in a state of sensations, unable to tell who or even how many whos there were. I could feel whatever was fucking my pussy hit all the right buttons and I soon had a monsoon of an orgasm. I felt myself dripping off my ass. As I shuddered from that one, I could feel another one build. They kept coming and the sensations traveling through my pussy and body were incredible.  I was so exhausted I wanted it to stop, but wasnt able to communicate anything and my captor(s) knew it. The pleasurable torment continued until I finally passed out from exhaustion and the need for extra oxygen, my body demanding more that the breathing tube would allow.

Chapter 4: New Events

       When I awoke, I was strapped in a different position. I could still feel the cath, but knew something had changed, I had a full bladder, but no way to release it. I was now strapped on my stomach on some form of beam that was cushioned but still fairly uncomfortable. My face was in some sort of donut shaped object and when I tried to lift it, it was impossible. The beam that ran the length of my torso stopped at my pussy, leaving it open to whatever my captors had in mind. My legs were strapped to something in an upside down v-shape. This left me wide open for whatever, as that thought reached my mind, I began to panic. I had rarely had anything in my ass and it was only occasionally played with by small toys. I had only had brief anal sex mabey 3 times in my life. I got very nervous by this position.

       As the predicament of my position relayed throughout my mind and down into my body, every sensation became exceedingly clear. Thats when I heard the “voice” of my captor once again. “Good morning, we are glad to see you awake again. Here shortly we will allow you to breath through your nose for a short time. That is only so that we can give you a nutrition shake, you see we need to keep you healthy and unmasking you is not an option so you will use the tube in your mouth as a straw. We will provide you with enough to fill your stomach and provide you nutrition for the next few hours. You can expect to receive food in this way until we determine that we want to let you go. You may have noticed that your bladder is full and you have no way of relieving yourself, dont worry that is part of your training and we will take care of it later. Your new positioning will allow for more training after you have had an opportunity to eat. As we said before your training will introduce you to new and at time uncomfortable things, but in time you will surely enjoy all of it. Well here comes breakfast, talk to you more later.”

       As that voice stopped I could feel my head being released from its strapped down position and lifted, then I could suddenly feel cold near my nostrils. I inhaled a deep breath of air. The next thing I knew, my head was strapped back down and the voice in the hood I wore, said “Suck.”

       I trustingly complied. I was met by some sort of protein like shake, I thought it tasted like strawberries, but without being able to smell it wasnt sure. It wasnt bad, but I wondered how long I could live off this stuff. I drank until I felt full, it seemed like it took a while, but I finally stopped sucking on the small phallic object in my mouth and after a while was told to suck again. I did and this time it was water. Shortly thereafter, I felt a sucking motion in my mouth, whatever it was, was cleaning out the tube running into my mouth. As soon as that sucking stopped, my head was once again unstrapped. The nose holes were once again covered and I now knew why they had sucked my mouth hole, it was to prevent me from trying to breath liquid. As soon as my nose was covered again, my head was once again strapped down.

       Now I was back to my own faculties and my bladder was starting to scream at me. I would soon find out why they didnt drain my bladder. I felt something vibrating the tube that led to my bladder which felt extremely odd. It was somewhat painful at first but then began to feel extremely good. Next I felt something at the opening of my pussy again. I was fucked for quite some time but due to my overfull bladder wasnt able to orgasm. It felt so good being fucked this way, completely unable to do anything but take it. I really, really wanted to get off though. Once whoever was fucking me got their fill and left me completely frustrated, their cock was replaced by something else, something that felt much smaller. It was taken in and out of my pussy until I imagined it was sopping wet. I was curious why this had happened and I soon found out why. The smaller object kept me hot and bothered and on the verge of orgasm, then it was put in my ass. I nearly screamed, oh wait I cant, it was rammed in. Soon it was ballooned so that there was no way for me to expel it. It also began to vibrate. The catheter vibrator was still going as well, so I had something vibrating my urethra and my ass. Just when I thought I couldnt take anymore, I felt something filling my ass and guts. Oh my God, I am being given an enema! My belly began to cramp and the pain of my bladder was being overshadowed by my stomach. Additionally, I was still on the verge of an orgasm. I now got to learn why they waited so long to empty my bladder, as soon as they did a typhoon of an orgasm shook my whole body. I had never had an orgasm that left me so completely drained, yet so increasingly aware of what was happening to my body.

       I knew why they had strapped my in such a way. As the enema forced more fluid into my bowels, my stomach had no where to expand to. It was being pushed on by the beam I was laying on. For what seemed like forever the liquid filled every part of my lower GI tract. It then stopped and I wanted to push it out but the damn double ballooned object simply would not budge. I soon found out why I was getting this treatment.

       Back for another round or perhaps a totally different person began to push into my pussy. I still had that damn vibration in my urethra and ass and now I had someone rhythmically fucking my pussy. I felt very stuffed since the enema stretched and filled my ass and pushed into my pussy opening. This led to the feeling that my pussy was tighter and more sensations for me. Add that to the damn vibrations and I could see why I was strapped so tightly. I was once again swimming in a sea of overwhelming sensations….

       The sensation of pain, pleasure, ecstasy, and the verge of passing out once again were overtaking me. I wasnt sure how much longer this could go on. I came, and came and came. I could feel my secretions running down my legs, like never before. The vibration stopped in my ass, but the fucking continued, and I continued to orgasm. That cock was finally removed and I layed there completely feeling the thing in my ass and all that liquid. I felt I was stretched beyond my limits.

       Soon, I felt something drawing the fluid out of my ass. I thought I would push it out, but this was like suction again. The voice came across and explained.

       “We are drawing the fluid from you… the reason for this is that we dont want to have to clean you, we want you to remain clean. Enemas ae messy you see and we dont want that getting into your pussy with your position.”

       As they drew out the fluid, I began to feel my stomach relax and felt another orgasm build. About that time, I felt something being shoved into my pussy once again. This time it was cold and felt similar to the emema. They were giving me a douche. I wasnt sure if this was some form of birth control method, keeping me clean or something else. I soon figured out that this solution made my pussy tingle, but never knew what if anything else it did.

       I soon learned the reason for so much attention down there. I could feel my whole body being moved on this structure I was strapped to. Soon, I felt something being pushed into my pussy and then felt another pushing into my ass. Holy shit! I had always wondered what it would be like to be double penetrated before, but never had experienced it. The pain in my ass was less than I had ever experienced, probably because of the extra attention paid to it before. The two cocks (I am assuming) were fucking me so rhythmically and with such lack of abandon that I quickly swam in a sea of orgasm. I had always forced the person who fucked my ass to stop after only a few minutes but this was pure enjoyment. Not sure if it was because of the awesome fucking my pussy was getting or that having two cocks in me was what had me going. I had never been this stuffed full of cock. Then the one fucking my pussy or someone else grabbed my breathing tube and played with when I could breath. This caused me to orgasm harder and more intensely. I couldnt believe I was enjoying having my ass fucked like this! Soon everything slowed down, I started to feel like my body was shutting down and I wanted desperately for it to stay awake so I could keep feeling this. As my body once again betrayed me, I wondered how I could be falling asleep despite the incredible sensations in my body. As I felt myself slowly drift away, it was in the midst of yet another dp orgasm.

Chapter 5: Total fuck toy

       This time I wake up strapped into or onto some form of device that was beyond my imagination. My whole upper body was immobilized as usual, but this was different. I was sitting up held by pads under my ass and between my legs, keeping me seated but open and exposed once again. My upper body was held against a backboard of sorts, with straps just above my hips, below and above my breasts. My arms were outstretched as if I were crucified, and I could not move them an inch. My head was once again prevented from moving, this time held in place on some form of cushion by straps encircling my throat, jaw, and forehead. The breathing tube was inflated to fill my mouth fully, but I was still able to breath.

       My lower half was also restrained, but differently. I was placed in a position where my ass cheeks were on cushions that ran from the outer edges of my ass to the inner portions of my thigh bones next to my pussy. Essentially I was doing the splits. My legs were strapped all the way down, basically putting me into a straddle. I had not been in this position in quite some time and wondered how they had gotten my body to loosen up enough for this. That is when I realized that my body felt different. Even though I had just woken up I still felt oddly groggy. I felt like I had been given a muscle relaxer, this must be how they got me into the position.

       I felt something positioned under my ass and pussy. First I felt the vibrations start on my clit. Next I felt two objects pushing at my openings, which were sore but didnt actually hurt. I wasnt ready for this my mind said, but soon I figured out that either the “training” or whatever sensation was going through my body making me groggy was also already preparing me for the objects entrance. I was already becoming wet, very wet. I didnt know my body could or would react this way. The objects readily slipped in between the folds of my pussy and slid through the tight rosette that made my ass. I was again being double penetrated, this time not by cocks, but by whatever objects. I was being impaled and I liked it. I began to climax, but like before as I got close I was unable because they would change position, depth or rhythm, preventing me from reaching that orgasm I so desperately wanted and needed.

       I swam in a stream of emotion, sexually aroused to the breaking point, sexually frustrated because I couldnt reach orgasm and mentally taxed. The objects fucking me had a mind of their own and reacted to my mind and the sensations my body gave were feedback to the controls. As I sat there frustrated, I felt the mouth gag being removed. What was happening? Soon I could breath through my nose too! “What is going on? Who are you? What are you doing? How long will I be kept this waaaaa……” Another gag was placed in my mouth, this one was an O-ring. It held my mouth wide open, but before I could speak, I knew what was happening. I had a cock in my mouth. I could taste the salty taste of precum on my tongue and it made me gag. I soon realized the reason why my head was strapped to the padded piece. My head began bobbing back and forth over this mans cock. My mouth was forced open and my head moved without my control. I couldnt get the cock out of my mouth and I was gagging as my head was thrust over this cock. As I was forced forward, my throat was fully filled with his cock. I now was a fucking machine on what I assumed was a fucking machine. While my lower holes were filled by a machine, my upper hole was also being filled as a machine to this mans cock. Even though I was repulsed by sucking dick, I was enjoying this. The fact that I could be forced to do something that repulsed me and that no matter what I did there was nothing I could do but go along with what I was being “programmed” to do. I was becoming a fuck-slut.

       The cock continued to be sucked by a mouth that was no longer mine. My pussy and ass continued to climax to the pounding I was receiving by the machine between my legs. I was completely becoming a fuck toy. No longer resisting being used in all my holes, I swam in the pleasure I was experiencing and wondered if my captors realized this was happening. I orgasmed over and over and as the cock in my mouth spurted his juices down my throat the forced head bobbing stopped, placing the head of the dick in my mouth at the back of my throat. This made it impossible to breath but I felt the cum unloading down my throat. It was an odd sensation that I had never experienced.

       That was short lived, for as soon as the first dick was removed, another one took its place and the device holding my head began again. This kept going for what seemed like an extremely long time. Eventually the dick was drained and was pulled from my throat once again allowing me to breathe again. Soon enough the O-ring was replaced with the breathing tube cock that filled my mouth normally. However, the nose tubes were left open again, I soon heard “Suck.” I again took in the shake, this time I thought it tasted different, but it could be residual cum I was tasting.

       At this point, I have no idea how long I have been captive. I begin to wonder what my family might be thinking or if I would see them again. Thats when I realize the objects that are fucking me from below are still fucking me and I am once again approaching climax. How can I be so horny and so sexually turned on? I cant even start thinking about other things without my body reacting to sexual sensations. At one point in my life, I could be having sex for the first time in a few weeks and be thinking about my to do list, now I think about how my family is and am overtaken by sexual pleasure. How did I come to this and how long did it take my body to come from a take it or leave it attitude when it comes to sex to give me more and more and more ?

       Again I was given water then the tube was suctioned. My nose was again covered, but this time was different…

       I could still breath through my nose but it was difficult, I tried breathing through my mouth but found that no air got through there. As I struggled for breath, I felt the already dark world I swam in go black, but not before I realized something was in whatever was covering my mouth. I figured out that was how they were making me sleep so hard so they could do whatever. I was being drugged and I could only imagine what other drugs I was being given while asleep or in my food. I fell off into an unnatural sleep….

Chapter 6: The Day of Rest

       When I awoke, everything was sort of, different. I was on a mattress, but wasnt tied down. I no longer wore the suit which covered my body except my boobs and fuck holes. I thought mabey I had been released… thats when I realized I wasnt anywhere I recognized. I was in a padded room, with the only light coming in from windows up high near the ceiling. I tried screaming but nothing happened and no one came. After I realized I was still captive, I noticed I was in some sort of device, similar to underwear but with locks on it and made of metal. I also realized that there were some form of dildos in my ass and pussy. I was able to see, hear, and move unrestricted for the first time in I dont know how long. The dildos inside me were locked in by this cage that fit my body in a way I could not remove it. The dildos themselves were not large, just enough to know something was there. I could feel a pulse running through them that caused me to contract the muscles of my pussy and ass involuntarily. I realized there was some kind of electrical impulse running through them.

       Soon after I got my bearings, I heard the now familiar voice. “You are being given a day of rest. You will be allowed to move your body as you see fit, you will be allowed to eat actual food, and you are permitted to urinate through your chastity device. That device in your case is there to stimulate you and also to strengthen the muscles in your ass and pussy to have stronger sensations. It also prevents you from playing with yourself, which in your heightened arousal state will be tortuous for you. We will provide your first meal through the slot in the door, you will have 30 minutes to eat, at which time you will hear a bell and must place all contents not eaten back in the slot. Enjoy your day of rest.”

       I sat there in disbelief. I was free, yet still controlled, somehow the thought made me horny. It didnt hurt that the dildos were periodically making my sexual muscles contract around them, outside of my control, which made me extremely hot and bothered. It wasnt long before the first tray of food arrived, I went to the door and removed it from the slot, trying to look out and see who had me, all to no avail.

       I looked over the tray and saw breakfast. There was cereal with milk, fruit, and a cream cheese Danish. I ate it all happily. A short time after the tray was removed, I realized I should have eaten slower and possibly not as much, my stomach began to rumble, not having had solids in so long. Once I got over the initial shock to the system, I was ok.

       That is, except for the increasing sexual tension created from the dildos in my pussy and ass.

       I realized that in order to rest up for whatever they had in store for me I had to try to resist the sensations building in my pussy and ass. I sat on the bed and tried to gather my thoughts…. These dildos just wont let me. I thought about finding a way to get off. I tried fitting my hands down the chastity device as he called it, but they would not fit. I tried rocking my hips back and forth which helped initially but began to rub me in the wrong way and I knew I better stop or bleed from the device. I begin to try to predict when the dildos will cause my muscles to squeeze and work with it instead of just trying to ignore it. This amplifies the sensations and I finally get off, but that just leaves me hungry for more.

       The day continues with me trying to get off and the devices keeping me from doing so. The hardest part of today has been trying to pee on my own again. I sit on the bucket that was provided and try to pee, but it does not happen. Eventually, I am able but it goes everywhere and I feel dirty for the first time. This day was supposed to be one where I could relax and be free but that was the furthest thing from my mind right now. Today is stressing me out, I would rather not be able to control my body…What the fuck?! I stop myself, talking in my own mind, since when do I not want some power over myself? Granted I am a complete submissive in bed but in life I am a successful and highly independent and self controlled woman. Where is this coming from?

       As I eat my lunch, a BLT (my favorite), with pasta and fruit along with a green tea, I wonder if I were turned loose if I would want to be free again. My perspective is so lost right now. I just want to live wherever it is I am and be a slave.

       As this thought goes through my mind the dildos bring me back to this room I am in and the thought that some unknown captor has complete control over me. I am not sure I hate it but I am not sure I love it either.

       Once I put my tray back in the slot, something happens and the room fills with some sort of mist. I realize I am once again being drugged and wonder what I am in for…

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