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How to become a dogbitch

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Synopsis: How a young girl becomes the property of an older couple

How to Become a dog bitch.        

Chapter one.        Introduction.

I only know since I am with my owners that I am submissive by nature. Or as they say: "A born fuck slut." before I met them I've never been so aware of it, but perhaps they're right.

Belonging to some people as their fuck slut is extremely exciting. At the same time a daily routine of the same actions and activities.

This story is as much based on my own experiences and on my fantasies. What is real and what is fantasy? Does it matter ?

But I will introduce myself.
My real name does not matter. I call myself Shy. That name suits my nature.

I am 32 years old and single. I own my own two bedroom apartment in a appartmentbuilding, about 5 minutes from the hospital where I work. And also 5 minutes from the mall, but that in the other way. Also the city center and train station are only 10 minutes away from my apartment.

I work as a nurse at the hospital that I just mentioned. And like I said, I am 32 years old and single. I am small in stature. The last time I measured myself, I was 1 meter 61 cm. large.
I have a small waist and according to others a nice, round ass. My breasts fit well into the C-cup bras that I wear.

Currently I have medium length hair that I wear in my natural blonde color. Although everyone says that I look nice, I find myself very common. And because of my shyness, I am an unnoticed person.

I was raised in a small village somewhere in the Netherlands. A small neighborhood of about 80 houses and farms around the church. And with about 500 strict Calvinist inhabitants. Settled around the Reformed Church.
I never knew my father. He took his own life when I was six months old.

The education of my mother consisted primarily of bible quotes and unclear statements. The word "sex" I've never heard her say.

At school the other children mostly ignored me. Not only because I was quite shy, but even more because they found me a strange child. Although I got good grades in all the subjects, they found me retarded. Now I think they had this impression because of my biblical language and my ignorance about worldly things and especially about sex.

In the summer of 1992 my life changed dramatically.
It was the summer before I would go to High school. As I usual did, I wandered along the ditches and around in the village, when I met two other girls. They were a year older than me, and already went to High school.

I prepared myself already to be bullied by them when to my surprise they were very kind to me. They walked around with me the rest of the afternoon and they pretended that I was their best friend.
We stayed together the whole afternoon together and when I had to go home we agreed to meet again the next afternoon.

We had arranged to meet us the next afternoon at half past one near the church. When I arrived there, Hanneke and Moniek, my new friends were already waiting for me.
"Shall we play in farmer Geurts haystack?" suggested Hanneke. "Maybe there are more guys and girls."

To me it seemed not such a good idea. More guys and girls meant a greater chance to be bullied. But Moniek found it just fine. And to leave my newly acquired friends already I thought that was not a good idea.

We went to the farm of Geurts. There were only Hanneke's brother Martijn, and his friend Peter Geurts.

The hay was piled in packets in the hay barn. The barn was nearly filled to the brim. We climbed the long ladder that was placed against the hay. First Hanneke and then Moniek. Then I went up the ladder, and behind me were the guys. That they were looking under my skirt and at my panties, I did not realize then.

It was fun in the hay. The guys also pretended we were friends a long time.

Stories were told and jokes were made. Peter achieved a bottle of Coke and a bag of chips and we ate chips and drank cola. And we told smutty jokes and bad riddles. Which I mostly did not understand, but of which I laughed the loudest.
I had never had such a nice afternoon.

Until that afternoon that Hanneke and Moniek asked me to join them, the other village guys and girls usually ignored me. Or worse they bullied me.

I must admit that I was rather old-fashioned dressed at that time, and I was socially rather stupid.
But after that first afternoon we stayed hanging out with each other during the whole summer, together with Peter and Martijn.
From the second afternoon we could be found every afternoon in the hay barn of farmer Geurts.

We told each other stories and jokes. That is to say that the others did the talking, especially the guys. I listened and laughed. Even if I did not understand the stories, jokes and riddles.

We drank coke and ate chips, for which we went on the bike to the supermarket in the neighboring village. I had no money, but the others did not mind. They paid for the stuff and we brought it together to the hayloft.

I had the time of my life.
I never have had real friends or girlfriends, and now I had all of a sudden four friends. And even older girls. And the guys were also older than me or the girls.

How could I know that I was their carefully selected and prepared victim.

On Sunday, the day of the Lord I was not allowed to play. Luckily, it was radiantly beautiful weather, and therefore my mother allowed me to take a walk. Of course I went straight to the hayloft.
The others were already there, and they had great fun.
We drank cola and talked until after a while no one knew anything to say anymore.

"Shall we play a game?" Asked Peter? "
"Yeah, nice!" Cried the others.
"Let's go pandverbeuren" said Hanneke.
I did not know what pandverbeuren was, but I found out soon enough.

Everyone had to give an item that belonged to her or him. These things were put in an empty bucket, and someone was blindfolded. The blindfolded one had to pick one of the items out of the bucket.
The person of whom the item was had to perform a task that was invented by the others.

"Let's all hand in the same object" Peter said. "For example our underpants."
"Holy shit!" said Monique. "You're such a pervert." But she laughed while saying it.
"Can we go to the toilet to take out our undies?" asked Hanneke. And by that question the decision to play pandverbeuren was actually taken.

We girls went to the farm and asked the farmer's wife if we were allowed to use to the toilet.
Hanneke and Moniek did wear jeans. I wore a dress, and was therefore quicker ready than the other girls. Moniek put my underpants in the pocket of her jeans and so we went back to the hayloft.

The guys were waiting for us at the beginning of the ladder.
We climbed one by one up the ladder. First Hanneke and Moniek. Then I followed. And then the guys. Even then I did not realize that they were looking under my skirt and to my tiny cunt. I was really rather silly and stupid in such matters.

Pandverbeuren goes as follows.
The items are put in a box or something. So all five of our underpants went into a bucket.
Someone should with closed eyes take one of the underpants out of the bucket. I was allowed to do that, which I thought was quite an honor.

The one whose underpants were taken out of the bucket had to take sopme distance to the others, while they whispereing came up with a task.

I started with taking the panties of Moniek out of the bucket. The task for her was that she had to kiss Martijn, which was accompanied by lots of giggles. Then I took the panties of Hanneke out of the bucket. She had to kiss Peter. Which also was accompanied by lots of giggles. Martijn had to show us his bare ass. Oddly enough I got a tingle in my stomach when I saw the guy standing in his bare bun in front of me. Which only got worse when Peter had to fulfill his task. He had to show us his cock.

I had never seen a penis of a man in my entire life. I did see a dog's or a stallion's dick. Or the cock of a pig or a bull.

Peter's penis looked different. Thin and more like a kind of a finger without a nail. Stiff and long. About 15 centimeters, and about 1 ½ 2 centimeters in diameter, the thing stabbed forward from where his legs began. I had never seen anything amazing like that and I got an excited feeling in my belly.

Then it was my turn. I had to show my little bald cunt to everyone.
I must confess that I did not felt any shame at that time, but only excitement.
Without hesitation I lifted the hem of my dress and showed my little cunt to everyone.

By that time I never had been menstruating, and my cunt was still virgin and hairless. But I felt a strange itching in it.

I remained standing with my dress raised facing the others. The giggles silenced, and finally they were only looking in silence.
Before I showed my cunt the guys had put on their pants again, and after a while I was allowed to  lower my dress.

"Let's go play doctor" Martijn said.
But then farmer Geurts voice called out from outside the hay barn that Peter had to come inside for dinner and the others had to go home.

We agreed that we would meet each other again the next day. And that we would play doctor then.

By then I did not know that I was supposedly "saved by the bell." Neither did I knew that it was only a delay of execution.

I got two of my first sexual experiences on the same day.
Back then I did not know what fucking was. I had heard whispering at school about it but because I had no close friends, no one took me into her confidence and no one told me something about anything.

And not at all from my mother. Her sex education consisted of:
"Beware of men, they all want the same thing" and "Keep your legs together."

When I came to the haystack again the next day, I knew that we were going to play doctor. But I did not know how it was going or how it would work out.
The day before I had seen for the first time in my life, a man's cock, and I had become very excited with it.

I was since yesterday not totally myself. Or maybe I was for the first time in my life indeed entirely myself.
When I got to the hayloft I heard the others already on top of the hay talking and laughing.

That morning they had been to the supermarket in the other village. Except for cola and chips they had bought coca cola glasses. And a bottle of Baccardi rum. It was a small, flat bottle containing a colorless liquid. Martijn served everyone a glass of cola with a dash of rum in it.

It tasted delicious. The rum took the bubbles out of the cola and made it a taste little sweeter.

First there were again told funny stories and dirty jokes were made, but soon the conversation changed to playing doctor and nurse.

Hanneke suggested that Martijn would play doctor and Moniek would be the nurse.
"I am the mother and Peter is the father" she continued. "And Shy is our daughter with abdominal pain"

"Actually, I know something more interesting" said Peter. "Let's play instead of doctors and nurses going, that we take the cow to the vet.

"Then Martijn is the vet and Moniek is his assistant. I am the farmer and Hanneke is the farmer's wife. And Shy is the cow who needs to see the vet".

"What makes playing vet so much more fun than playing doctor and nurse?" asked Monique.
"A cow has no clothes on" Hanneke said to her. "Shy will have to undress."

Meanwhile, I did not know that the alcohol had done its job. But I felt warm and comfortable. And a little giggly.
"Okay" I thought to myself, a little giggly. "Why not?"

And so I dressed without being asked in front of my apparently a bit surprised new friends until I was completely naked. I had at that time no breasts yet, at most a few fat pads.

And my nipples were hardly worth to mention. I had not had my first period yet and also had no hair on my cunt.
And because of the warmth of the alcohol and the excitement in my stomach, I felt very comfortable.

From somewhere came a piece of rope. Peter made a big loop on it and he did the loop around my neck. Because I was the cow and I had to go to the vet.
Martijn and Moniek stayed in the pit. I crawled with the rope around my neck behind Peter and Hanneke a small round over the hay and back to the pit.

"Our cow does not give milk anymore" Peter, the farmer told Moniek, the vet assistant.
"Then the vet should take a look at her," replied the vet assistant.

I became a for a cow strange examination. I had to lie on my back on one of the hay bales, and Martijn, the vet felt my stomach.
Then I had my to put my legs apart and he touched my cunt. I found it very exciting.
Even when the vet put a finger in my cunt.

"I think your cow is in heat," said the vet. "Feel for yourself here." Peter, the farmer also felt first at my belly and then to my cunt. And then he stuck his finger in my cunt.

The girls were standing arm in arm on the other side of the bale of hay. Excited giggling they watched how the guys played with my cunt. I liked it also and was also a little excited.

"I think you are right," said the farmer. "She is indeed in heat. She should visit the bull. "
The game was interrupted because they had to consult in whispers. Not with me. I was still lying naked on my back on the hay bale.

It was decided that Martijn would be the bull. Moniek would be the owner of the bull. Peter and Hanneke kept playing the role of the farmer and his wife, and I kept playing the role of the cow.

But the girls objected to a female bull keeper. And so Peter became the bull keeper. And because Moniek had to play a new role, she was the farmers maid.
The cow had to go to the bull. And so I crawled with the rope around my neck another round over the hay and back to the pit. Now behind Hanneke and Moniek.

Meanwhile Martijn also had undressed himself. He stood completely naked in the pit when I crawled back in the pit on hands and knees. Martijn's cock, which looked about the same as Peter's had looked, stood stiffly forward.

Martijn also got a rope around his neck. Peter was leading him behind me, while the girls watched breathlessly.
One moment nothing happened. Then I felt something pressing against my cunt. I understood that it must be Martijn's penis.

I did not know anything about human sex, but I lived in the countryside, and moreover during my wanderings trough the village I have been on many farmyards.

And even though artificial insemination was already established in the village, cows were regularly mated with the bull. And on my wanderings I had seen a few times that the bull had thrusted his cock in the backside of the cow.

I therefore found it not funny that Martijn stabbed his cock in my tiny cunt. Actually, it was a nice feeling to have such a throbbing and shocking thing in my cunt.
Until he pushed somewhere inside me against something.

"Ouch!" I yelled as he pulled his cock a little back out of my cunt and then he pushed him very hard in me. "Don' do that! Ouch. You're hurting me! Stop that. "

Obviously scared, Martijn remained for a moment motionless behind me. Then he shouted cheerfully excitedly: "Wow! I have my cock all the way down in her cunt. My God, that feels soooo good! " After which his cock began to shock in me and I felt a warm flood flowing in me that filled my cunt. The pain subsided quickly and the shocking of his cock  did not feel extra painful.

Martijn kept sitting behind me for a while. I could feel his cock inside my cunt. I could also feel that after a while he became a little less hard and a little less big.
Still, it came as a disappointment when he pulled his cock out of my cunt.

"Now it's my turn," Peter exclaimed excitedly. "Now I am the bull."
This time there was no round with the rope around his neck over the hay. After he had undressed himself, he went behind me and he immediately pushed his cock in my cunt.

I braced myself against the pain, but this time the penis easily slid all the way into my cunt, without doing any pain.
Unlike Martijn, Peter started to move his cock up and down in my cunt.

That felt good! I felt a warm tingle go through my abdomen. That made that my cunt began to twitch around Peter's cock.
Until Peter also peed in my pussy.

(At that time I thought the guys pissed in my cunt. But of course it was their sperm that they sprayed in me.)

Peter also sat there behind me a while I could feel his cock being stucked inside my cunt.
But finally he pulled his dick out of my cunt.

The vet game was over. The girls were still standing arm in arm with red cheeks watching me how I sat naked on hands and knees in the hay. Meanwhile the guys dressed themselves up again and said that I had to dress up myself too. That I really did not wanted. I wanted that nice feeling that I had when the guys were with their cock in my cunt have again.
But it was over.

Then at night when I laid in bed I felt feverishly excited, and confused. I could only think of the feeling that I had that afternoon when the guys had their cock in my cunt. My cunt glowed and tingled and I put my hand between my legs.

When I touched the little knob that sits at the place where my cunt begins, an electric current shot from the knob through my cunt and through my whole abdomen.

I closed my eyes and stroked gently with my middle finger over the knob, and the current kept flowing. I strained all the muscles of my body. I cramped at all. I shivered. I was trembling. I breathed in fits and starts. I jerked and trembled. Everything went black before my eyes and then my head exploded. And all I saw were stars. Like a firework.
Then I fell completely relaxed into a deep sleep.

I did not know by then, but I had developed an enormous progress in one day. I was without knowing it, deflowered that afternoon. And then I was fucked again. And I had just masturbated for the first time. Even without that I knew what masturbating was.

After my deflowering, I had a restless night. And when I woke up I immediately put my hand back between my legs.

To my surprise it was very easy to experience the wonderful feeling again that I was fallen to sleep with. The only thing I had to do was rubbing over the little knob where my cunt began.

The morning did pass tormenting slowly. I could hardly wait until it was afternoon and I could go back to the haystack.
Therefore I was the first who arrived.
For a moment I considered to undress myself already, but at the last minute I did not dare so.

The others came a little later. They all four came together.
They had a bottle of Coke and a bag of chips with them. Which were opened.
There was also a little bit of rum left, which I might have.

While the rum and the memories of yesterday and last night made me hot again, jokes were told again.

Impatiently, I asked myself when we would start to play.
Finally, I could no longer keep the question to myself.

"Are we going to play again this afternoon?" I asked timidly.
Everyone was silent. For one moment
"Did you like it yesterday?" asked Moniek surprised.
"Yes" I said, "And I would like to play the cow again".
"You mean that we can fuck you again?" asked Peter.

For a moment I was shocked and I did not know what to say. Until that moment I had no idea that what the guys had done to me yesterday, was fucking me.

From all the whispers that I had heard about fucking, I had understood that fucking was something dirty and sinful. But stabbing their cock in my cunt had been a nice feeling yesterday. How could something that gives me such a wonderful feeling be sinful.

"Yes," I said before I had considered it properly.
"Great" continued Peter. "Get naked then."

While I began to undress, he asked the other girls, "Will you join too?" Which earned him a dirty look from Hanneke's brother Martijn.

"I want ...." said Moniek before Hanneke silenced her. "Today Shy may have the honour to fuck with you both" she said. It sounded like a favor, "We will just watching". Then she whispered something in her friends ear.

Meanwhile I had undressed myself, and sat down on my hands and knees in the hay.
To my surprise the guys did not undress. Peter had only lowered his pants and underpants and knelt with his stiff cock sticking forward behind me.

It immediately felt good when he pushed his stiff cock in my tiny cunt. So I knew now that he was fucking me. Well, that he might do all the time. So good it felt. The warm glow that spread through my stomach and pulled trough my cunt was like heaven. I was all hot and lightheaded. There went a shiver through my body and because I did not know what an orgasm was, I did not realize that I received one at that moment.

Meanwhile Peter had cum in my cunt. I thought he peed in my cunt as he squirted his cum in me. But I did not mind, because it felt good.

Martijn had also only lowered his pants and underpants when he knelt behind me to stick his stiff cock in my wet and tingling cunt. How good it felt now that he was fucking me. The warm glow spread again through my stomach and my cunt and it felt like heaven. Shivers ran through my body and my cunt kept contracting around Martijn's cock.

Then Martijn too came in my cunt. I felt pity that I did not get the same excited warm and shocking feeling in my cunt as he squirted his cum in me. But it still felt good.

The next morning I saw that there were yellow stains at the cross of my panties. Without knowing exactly how or why, I felt instinctively that my mother better not should see them. Therefore, I had washed my panties under the tap in the bathroom and laid it to dry, all the way on a bush in the back of the garden.

That afternoon my panties were laying with my other clothes in the hay. And let myself fuck again naked by the guys while the girls were watching.

After Peter had cum in me he pulled his cock out of my cunt to make way for Martijn.
Like Peter he had only lowered his pants.

I enjoyed it when he pushed his cock in my cunt. It felt good. Soon the warm glow spread again through my stomach and to my cunt. And again I became all hot and lightheaded and a shiver ran through my body which trembled and quivered, before it like a pudding, collapsed and I sank through my arms, with my head in the hay.

Martijn was now so close to his peak that he simply continued to fuck me. Until he came and deposited his seed in my cunt.
I was disappointed when he pulled his dick out of my cunt. I knew it was over for today and that for the next dick I had to wait till tomorrow.

When I had dressed myself again I did not pull my panties back on, but I wore them on my belly under my shirt.
As I walked home, I felt the stuff that the boys had left in my cunt leaking down along the inside of my thighs.

At home I washed my thighs and my cunt in the toilet. With toilet paper I tried to get the inside of my pussy as clean as possible, without leaving some toilet paper in my cunt. Then I pulled my panties back on and went to the living room.
"Hello, Mom. I'm home "I said. As if nothing had happened.

If it were up to me, we had started to fuck right away the next afternoon.
But now also were first the Coke bottle and the bag of chips opened.

After drinking the Coke and eating the chips Peter asked me if I wanted to fuck again.
"Oh yes!" I said.
"Fine" continued Peter. "Then strip naked."

While I began to undress myself, he asked the other girls, "I guess that do not want to join Shy in being fucked?"

"No. We're just watching" Hanneke said.

I did not mind, though I did not understand why the other girls did not let themselves fuck.

After all it was a nice feeling and it was only playing. At least that was how I felt like it. A game, like playing tag, jumping rope or leapfrog. Or actually more like bell pulling. Just as exciting and just as thrilling. Only the feeling of excitement during the fucking was much more nicer as during bell pulling. And a lot more enjoyable.

After I was seated naked on my hands and knees in the hay, the guys went taking turns to sit down behind me with their pants down, stabbing their cocks in my cunt.

It was a lovely warm glow that spread through my stomach and moved to my cunt.
Especially when the guys emptied their balls in my cunt, I felt a blissful heat glowing deep inside my cunt.

I found the fucking absolutely delicious. And it was over much too quickly. But hey, it had been nice, and I knew that even it was over for today, tomorrow would be another day with more fucking.

For two weeks the guys fucked me every day. According to a regular routine. When Peter fucked me first today, Martijn had the first turn tomorrow.

It was delicious. It was a secret. It was wrong. And it felt oh so good.

At first the girls were enthusiastic and excited. They loved it to watch when I was fucked by the guys. But then they were more or less jealous of the attention I received from the guys, and of which I enjoyed.

There was even a small quarrel about that, in which the guys threatened the girls could no longer participate.

"Listen to me" Peter finally said to Moniek. "Shy is a sweet girl, and she is willing to let herself fuck by us. Something I am not allowed to do with you, even though you tells me that you love me. I'm not in love Shy, but she's a sweet girl, and it's nice to fuck her. And that's why we fuck her."

And that was the end of the quarrel.
I let myself fuck by the guys every afternoon, naked on all fours sitting in the hay, while the girls whispering and giggling with each other, were watching.

Then one day, Peter had just cum in me when Harm, the twin brother of Moniek, suddenly came up the ladder of the hay barn. Apparently he had followed Moniek.
Because we heard him coming, I could just quickly put on my dress again.

But my panties were still lying in the hay. Harm looked triumphantly at them and said, "I knew it! You are playing dirty games! I will tell everything to our parents! ".

Martijn looked at him. "Your sister does not do anything that is not allowed. Or where she would be ashamed of " he said.
"Oh no?" Harm asked derisively. "And what are you or doing then?"

"Gerard and I are fucking with Shy. The girls are only watching " Martijn replied.
"If you want, you may join us" Hanneke said. "But then you must swear that you will not tell this to anyone."

What I thought of it was conveniently not asked. But I thought it was fine. The more the merrier.

From that day on I was for the rest of the week fucked by three guys.

At the end of the summer holidays the others agreed to my disappointment, that we would no longer going to fuck every afternoon. That was because we were not all back from school at the same time.

From now on, I would only get fucked on Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

When we met on the second Tuesday, Harm had brought a friend with him. And although this was against the rules and the wishes of the others, and there arose a huge hassle about, he still was allowed to join in. Because he could tell everyone about us and our dirty games.

I was not asked, but honestly I thought it was actually nice. I still saw no harm in what we did, and I loved it to be fucked. Every guy who joined in meant that I would get an extra cock in my cunt.

It did not stop here.
On one day Harm's friend brought his sister with him, who in turn brought her friend with her. She in turn brought her brother and his friend with her. The friend in his turn brought his friend with him. Who in his turn brought his sister and his friend with.

The last one that came to our group was the friend of this boy.
Our group now consisted of eight guys and five other girls, all of about the same age. All the guys and girls of our age in our village now were participating in the fucking game.

After the friend of Harm's sister had brought her friend in, Hanneke overtook charge of the fuck game from the guys.

Because the new girls wanted more than just watching, and Hannneke did not want that Peter would fuck anyone else but me, she decided that none of the girls would be fucked but me. But that the other girls were allowed to fondle me, and even to stab a finger in my cunt to feel the inside of it, before the guys started to fuck me.

From that day on we met every Tuesday and every Friday afternoon at half past three in the hayloft. First we drank coke and ate chips. Meanwhile, there was rumored. The guys were bragging and the girls were gossiping. By which both groups were ignoring me.

So I was always happy when Hanneke thought that the chatting had been long enough. Then I got up and I eager started to undress myself, and I sat down on my hands and my knees on the hay bale in the middle of the pit. By then all attention was immediately focused on me. Which I enjoyed very much.

The girls than took turns to put their index fingers in my cunt. When one of them for a while had felt and prodded in my cunt, they were ordered by Hanneke to get their finger out of my cunt and then it was the next girl's turn to put her finger in me.

I did find the fingering and fidgeting exciting and I enjoyed the attention.

When the girls all had their turn with fidgeting in my cunt, they ate some chips and drank some Coke. And then they watched how the guys all took their turn to fuck me.

Peter and Martijn were always the first two who fucked me. And then the other guys took their turn in the order of the joining of our club.

Peter and Martijn fucked me immediately after each other. Between them and the next guy was waited a moment. Because then there usually was dripping some seed of the guys out of my cunt, something that the girls wanted to see, and what made them even more giggling.

I found everything the guys and the girls did to me great. Even though I was the only one who was naked. Even though I was the only girl who was fingered and fucked. I especially liked the feeling of a stiff guy's cock in my cunt delicious. On one afternoon I did get two or three times the same feeling that I had, as when I was playing in bed with my cunt. Only the feeling was much nicer with a cock in my cunt.

And it all felt wonderful. It felt so good that I certainly could not see or I could even imagine what could be wrong at it.

Of course I was a bit disappointed that we came together only twice a week. Especially at the weekend, I was alone and I longed for the company of my new friends. Especially on Sundays. Moreover, I often had an itch in my cunt.

Hoping to meet one or more of the guys I wandered Saturday and Sunday afternoons through the village. Without panties under my dress. When I met with one or more guys we went to a place where we could not be caught. There I let myself fuck by the guy or guys, usually standing bent over with my hands on my knees, and my skirt or dress up to my back.

The end of our fucking club came with a thunderbolt. The last month we did it no longer play in the hayloft. Because there were so many, farmer Geurts wanted us no longer in his barn.

The parents of one of the guys had an administrative office in the city. Both his parents worked at that office and the boy was during the afternoons always home alone.

There we met twice a week with the fourteen of us, to drink cola and eat chips.
Then I undressed and went on my hands and knees on the coffee table.

Sitting on the coffee table made my cunt easier accessible for the boys and girls. 

There I let at first the girls play with my cunt, and then I let myself fuck by the guys.

That evil day, the mother of the boy came unexpectedly home. I was just sitting naked on all fours on the coffee table. Everyone sat or stood around me. Five guys had already fucked me, and my cunt was already dripping with their cum. The sixth guy was just busy stabbing his cock in my cunt up and down. Everyone sat or stood interested to watch, when suddenly the door went open.

"What the hell is going on here? " a woman's voice cried startled.
Everyone sat up and tried to escape.

That's what I tried too. But the boy who was in me thought differently. He grabbed me firmly by the hips and increased the pace of his stabs. He continued to fuck me while the woman grabbed his arms to pull him off me. In vain.

When he came moments later in me, he let go off me.
But the woman had him firmly by the arm. And while I was looking for my clothes, she told the boy: "You're that guy from Bosma, aren't you? I know you and I will bring you home. I wonder what your parents will say about this".

At that time he kicked the woman against her shinbone. "Ouch!" she cried. "You nasty rotten bastard" She let him loose at once, and he ran off like lightning.

The woman now turned her attention to me. No wonder, because the others were all gone. I stood naked with my clothes in my hands and there was no place to hide and no way to leave.

The woman grabbed me by my arm and shook me roughly. So that I dropped my clothes.
"I also know you, you little slut" she said. "You're that weird girl of that woman of de Boer".

I said nothing.

"Come on," she continued, "I will bring you home. I wonder what that sanctimonious mother of you will say about this."

To my horror, she pulled me on my arm out of her house. While was still naked, she pulled me stumbling with her trough half the village to the house of my mother.

The villagers we passed on the way to my mother's house stared in disbelief at me while I was pulled forward on my arm by the angry woman.

When she rang my mother's doorbell, there was already a group of curious people gathered on the street.

As soon as my mother had opened the door, she did startled her hand over her mouth. The woman threw me against my mother inside the house.

All the way that the woman had walk me home, she was ranting and scolding against me. Now she screamed at my mother.
"Here's that slut of a daughter of you" she shouted. "She was letting herself fuck in my house by the whole village!".
Luckily my mother slammed the door in her face.

But then the trouble really started.
An unstoppable flood of allegations and accusations were showered upon me, interspersed with taunt and terms of abuse. The entire Old Testament was poured over me.

Even when I was quite upset and started crying she continued. As if she was enjoying my misery.
I did not know she could rant and rave like that. She continued for more than an hour. Then she was out of breath.

She sent me to my room, where I stayed until the next morning.

Because my mother did not wake me up, did not make breakfast and had not made bread for me for the road, I arrived too late for school. During the break, I noticed that that was a blessing.

Everyone in school now knew what had happened yesterday. And not only about my humiliating walk naked through the village, but also about the fucking with the guys for the last months. And the story meanwhile had gotten extraordinary proportions. I was a whore who had let myself fuck for money by all the men of the village.

In the village it was even more worse.
All the children had told at home that it was all my fault. I had initiated and started the game, and I had seduced all the guys.

When I walked with bowed head through the village, I was scolded for dirty whore, slut, and jezebel. And the guys and men called after me if I wanted to fuck with them.

My mother did get a visit from the vicar, who told us that we I had to appear the next Monday for the consistory. Till then we were no longer welcome in the church.

That Monday I went with my mother to the conference center at the church.

While my mother had to wait in the hallway, I had to step in the office of the vicar.

The whole consistory sat there behind the conference table. Four farmers from the village and the surrounding area, and the vicar.

I had to tell them about our fucking games.

With bowed head I told that the girls first felt at me "down there" and that they then were watching how the boys put their "thing" in me.

"What were you wear?" the vicar asked. "And in which position did they fuck you?"

"I was naked, sir," I whispered, with my head bowed. "And I was on my hands and knees"

"Show us" continued the vicar.

I went down on my knees.

"Not like that," said the vicar. " "Take off your clothes. and sit down with your ass towards us. Just as you were sitting in front of the guys."

This time it did not feel natural to undress myself. I was terrible ashamed.

With my head bowed, I pulled out my dress and my panties and I went down on my hands and knees in front of the table, behind which the consistory was sitting.

I could feel their eyes burning on my cunt while I was answering their questions. About which boys and girls had been involved, where we have done it, how many times we did it. And when we started with it.

I answered all the questions honestly.

After I had answered all the questions, I was allowed to stand up. Still naked, I had to stand in front of the table, behind which the consistory was seated.

"You're a slut and a bad girl," said the vicar. "You're not worthy to be a member of our church. And so is your mother, because she has raised you as a bad girl."

"You may now dress yourself again" continued the vicar. "We cannot longer endure to look at your slutty body."

Then members of the consistory left the room. Only the vicar stayed with me in the room. While I dressed myself, he kept looking with a horny look in his eyes at my slutty body, of which he said he could not bear to see any longer.

After I was dressed, I had to wait in the hallway and my mother had to come into the office of the vicar.

Five minutes later she came crying out of the office of the vicar.

"Come on" she sobbed as she walked to the door. "Thanks to you we are expelled from the church"

The relationship with my mother, who was already not that good, had fallen to the lowest point. I was the cause of all the misery in her life.

A month later we moved to the city.

My mother went there to the church again, and I went to another school in the city.

The relationship with my mother remained cool and uncomfortable. And that remained so until I graduated from high school.

As soon as I had graduated I signed up for the nursing school. And even though I lived in the same town as my mother did, I asked  for a room at the nursing home, so I finally was redeemed of my mother

Even though I'm 32, I do not have extensive sexual experiences. That's not only because of my only negative experiences, but mainly because I'm so shy that it is difficult for me to make contact.

If there is once someone who smiles at me, I smile back friendly. But if the same man then wants to start a conversation with me I do not know what to say, and everything I say sounds abrupt, brusque and dismissive. That is the main reason that almost all my manly friends are men whom I already knew form work and so.

I had my first boyfriend when I was 23 old. I became acquainted with an assistent-doctor in training who really seemed interested in me. He was four years older than me. We joined our coffeebreaks and after a while we went out occasionally. Then we kissed each other, and it was inevitable that I invited him to my apartment.

We had sex the first night and he stayed overnight, because we both had the early shift the next morning.

From that moment he came regularly to my house and we slept together.

On relations between doctors and nurses was a taboo and so we were very careful. When he graduated I was not invited to his graduation party. Too bad, because otherwise I had already known that he was married and was having a child.

From then on he came once or twice a week to visit me. Initially he stayed the whole night, but the visits were getting shorter and shorter, until he finally came only for an hour to fuck me. Though I did not realized that then.

When I accidentally found out that he was married, I should have ended the relationship. That was what I intended, but I let myself persuaded by his improved attitude and his sweet talk.

But after a year the visits again became shorter and shorter and finally I knew that he came only to fuck with me.

The relationship lasted for five long years.

On a good - or perhaps worse - day in the evening shift, the ladies toilets on the ward were  obstructed and therefore closed. Because I really needed to pee, I glanced quickly around the corner from the men toilet room. There was no one, so I went inside one of the boxes in the men's room. I was just sitting, then I heard people coming. According to the voices my lover and another doctor. The other doctor complained about the lack of sex now that his wife was pregnant.

"I have no problem with that," said my lover. "I have a fuck slit here in the neighborhood, that is ready for me when I have my ball sack full with seed. She loves sex and I have trained her so well that she is waiting for me with the legs wide when I called het that I will visit her. "

"That have you organized nicely" said the other man.
"I'll see if I once can take you with me so you can fuck her” respoded my lover. “She is as horny as she is stupid. With the right pretense I will get her so far that she will let you fuck her".

"That would be great," said the other man. "Too bad that I do not believe you."

"I will call her tomorrow and tell her that I will come to visit her. I will ask her if she wants to put a blindfold over het eyes". said my lover. "Then I'll take you with me. I have a key to her apartment. You only have to walk behind me inside. Don't say anything and fuck her in my place. Then you leave quickly, before she takes of the blindfold. She will never know that you've fucked her"

Bewildered I sat there and listening. This could not be true! I stayed in the cubicle till the men had gone and then I went as being numb to work again.

When my lover later that night in a lost moment whispered in my ear that tomorrow during his lunch break would come to my house and that he wanted me to wait for him naked on the bed with the blindfold on, I only nodded.

The next morning I have let change the lock on the door of my apartment. When he came along with his friend, his key did not fit, And I was not at home. Later he tried everything to make it up with me again. And when he failed, he tried to denigrate me.

Then it appeared that half the hospital knew about us. And my colleagues made him work so difficult that he went to work in a hospital in another town.

All this is now about four years ago.
Since then I have had an on-night stand a few times. But even that I can not manage very well. Only when I'm drunk enough I become a little loose and I sometimes end up in bed with types that I find repulsive when I'm sober again.

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