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Women put to good use

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Synopsis: New devices help a closed neighborhood to get power from their women, not a lot but enough. The female are not asked if they want to contribute, they are just put to good use.


Caroline Dumont was a 25 y/o pretty blond housewife. Her 5 feet and a half were more than enough to display a body many models would kill for. Rich but not overdone in the upper department and generous but firm and well shaped at the rear she would qualify for a pocket-Venus title.
She had married Jeff, deep in love, two years ago. They had been dating for more than three years then and the more they were together the more they liked to be together. They just waited for him to get his promotion.
When finally, at 28 he became Captain of the local firemens they married. 
He was tower of a man, over 6 feet high, 200 pounds on the scale and with arms bigger than her legs. He always wore a military cut and used to jog in the morning with his dog Dominus. 
Ah, Dominus, his beloved German Sheppard was the only conflict they had.
She was kind of afraid of dogs, but rationalized it calling them dirty, dangerous and unhealthy. To worsen things Dominus didnt listen to her and was far too strong for her to control it.
He had brought his dog with him and was kind of hurt feeling her aversion. 
“Not in the house” “dog belongs on the street” “its just an animal” and so on.
She never stopped quarreling.
Last Sunday they came back from their morning jogging and as it has been raining all the morning they were wet. Happy, tired, but wet. The T-shirt on him showed his muscular body, but as soon as they entered the living, to greet Caroline, Dominus began to shake in the particular way dogs try to dry their hair. 
Caroline, dressed in a short red skirt, wearing red ankle boots, a white satin blouse and a red bag on her left shoulder was waiting for her best friend Samantha to have their Sunday morning Caramel Machiato at the local Starbucks.
The dogs shaking didnt stain her, but the smell hit her nose, badly.

She was about starting another scene when the door bell rung and both froze standing in their living room and looked at the door. Just Dominus started running to the door happily yelling. 

Samantha was a real animal lover. She didnt care Dominus was wet or she didnt mind he might stain her yellow dress; she squatted in front of it and shook his head with both hands
“Hi, Dominus, you pretty beast, how are you” she spoke to the dog.

Jeff looked at them. She was not only a dog lover she was lovely herself. Dark black hair and eyes, slim, 4 inches higher than his wife and with a smile never leaving her lips.

On Tuesday Jeff left in their briefcase a flyer before leaving to work. He hoped Carol would go for it.

When Caroline emptied the briefcase she found the flyer, looked at it and thought “Perhaps this is the solution to put an end to that eternal conflict im suffering with Dominus”

The flyer read:

D&B Training Courses
“Dont you get along with your pet, do you have a problem with obedience, do you feel that sometimes your husband cares more about his pet than about you?
Call us, we guarantee to fix the problem or pay back your money. Double.”
Signed Donald and Brian

On Friday she had made the arrangements to book the course. It was the whole weekend on their facilities. They came Friday afternoon to pick them up, just Dominus and Caroline. 
Jeff was also happy and waved good bye to the car driving away with his both beloved. 

Since she came back from the training courses she had not complained about Dominus, but also she had not spoken at all about the course.

That following weekend Caroline had invited Sam and her husband Hugo to coffee for the afternoon. Whilst they were eating some cakes and drinking coffee, Dominus bounced in.

“Dominus NO” shouted Caroline, and Dominus immediately sat down, barked once and then lifted one paw as if giving hand. The dog turned and went away, Caroline stood up murmuring “Ive to go with Dominus” she left the room. 

Jeff went on talking with his guests, until five minutes later, when Caroline came back Dominus. She was at the wrong end of the leash! This latter has been attached  to the dog collar she was wearing and it was Dominus tugging at her carrying the leash in its snout ... The collar, the leash and her high stiletto shoes, were the only items she was wearing.

Dominus barked twice and Caroline felt on her knee, in front of her friend and their husband, upright, with slightly parted knees, hands at shoulder high like a begging dog and sticking her tongue out of her widely opened mouth.

Hugo was a big, not to say fat, bald, 50 y/o German. His piercing blue eyes menaced to jump out of its orbits. He drunk in all the beauty he could. Her perfect flesh globes, her neatly trimmed blond cunt, her deep red humiliated pretty face. It was Sam, howsoever, the first to realize the situation.

“I cant fucking believe it” Samantha exclaimed with joy slapping her hands and jumping back on the sofa “they trained both, the dog and the bitch”

“Thats what D&B stays for”, Jeff explained, “although everybody thinks otherwise.”

Samantha was with one hand caressing her friends head whilst her other hand was stretching one of her nipples.

“Hugo” she said “stop looking holes into Carol, you can pet her all you want, shes just a bitch and I wont mind”

Than elongating her (former) friends nipple out of the comfort zone she added with a devilish smile “and if IT mind, I dont really care”

Hugo hadnt lost a second and was already probing Ms Dumonts wet sex with his left hand and fondling her firm ass with his right one.

The afternoon was fun. Standing at the back door to the garden Jeff explained the mind control technique and laser surgery they performed on Caroline to Sam, boldly fondling her ass, whilst Hugo was showing the neighbors how cute Ms Dumont looked when running on her fours bringing back, in her mouth, the tennis ball he was throwing. He said nothing about the so called “mind loosener” powders.

Pierre, the neighbor encouraged by his wife Evelyn, both in their 40ies, called over Caroline, but she ignored him until Dominus barked twice.Once she got into position, Pierre, who was already hard, just passed his cock through the fence and after a growl of Dominus she began sucking on it whilst Evelyn stroked her head and called her names pretty large amount of names. Caroline went on sucking, deeply humiliated. Her status was sinking at astonishing speed.
Late that night, Sam left tugging at Carolines leash, crawling behind her. She had been fucked and toyed with, the whole afternoon and Jeff granted Sam the privilege of keeping her until Monday. 

Hugo was still at the door talking to Jeff when Sam called, whilst opening the cars door with Carol sitting at her feet with wide parted knees facing the house. 
Sam didnt see how Hugo thanked for the afternoon and hurriedly hid in his pocket the flyer Jeff gave him.

Part 2 Future customer

The first week following Carolines grand debut was quite normal, but for the weekend. 
From Monday to Friday she went on working at a small life insurance company and acted quite normal. She even volunteered to take care of the water and coffee machines, something her boss Mr. Arnold Strong, valued.

Besides her and Mr. Strong at the office worked Miss Gabriela Summer, 32 y/o and single, in charge of risk management, Miss Angeles Rodriguez 35 y/o a divorced Spaniard in customer service and three saleswomen, although they spent very little time at their desks, just Fridays afternoon to do the paperwork and sometimes in the mornings to have brief meetings.

The change of Carolines life became patent on weekends and worse since her beloved Jeff insisted in having again a kind of garden party next Saturday. If the Weekend of her downfall it was just Sam and Hugo coming over, the second Saturday Jeff had invited also their neighbors Pierre and Evelyn living next to them, and Tom and Tina from the house of the opposite side of the street.

Pierre, and even more Evelyn, were eager to attend as last Saturday they had witnessed Carolines strange submission to her dog and hoped to be allowed a more active role.
Caroline had systematically avoided her neighbors during the week and only on Thursday Evelyn met her by chance, in the local grocery store. 
“Hi, Miss Dumont” she greeted in a friendly way “everything fine at home”
Carolines face changed to red in a fraction of a second.
“Yes, f f fine” she stuttered “Thanks for asking” She tried to finish their conversation at that point, turned into the opposite direction and bent to pick a packed cheese. 
“And hows that dog of your husband” Evelyn went on not dropping her prey “still so dominant over your ass” Any casual ear dropper would thing her husband is from the jealous type, and not her favorites.
Caroline got stiff; the mention of her ass and her dog in her actual bending position made her fear an unwelcome advance.
But Evelyn was far more ambitious, a lousy ass grab was not among her higher priorities, she wanted the whole package. 
“Evelyn, please” whispered Caroline waving up and down both her open hands to indicate her preference of a lower voice. 
“Caroline, Caroline” said Evelyn in a maternally tone and stretching out her hand she caressed her neighbors hair “for you it is Ms. Stone” her voice became colder “ and whenever we meet I expect you to stand in attention until I dismiss you” Her tone finished hard and demanding, even she was just whispering, “Have I made myself clear, pet”? 
Her caressing hand was wandering downwards and she passed over Carolines nipples with one finger. 
Ms Dumont was just standing there, nodding close to tears, petrified, and being touched in a public place.
“Hush, now, pet” And turning around Evelyn went away.
That was on Thursday, and Caroline didnt want to know what was going to happen on Saturday. 
Tom and Tina arrived a quarter to five and Dominus raced to greet them at the garden door.
Waiting at the houses entrance was Jeff with an arm around Carolines waist.
He was dressed in black jeans and a black Paul Shark T-shirt clearly outlining his well trained body, she wore a small red dress, a little bit risqué and also red ankle tied sandals with heels  over 3 inches high. 
Whilst smiling to their visitors Jeff casually commented that sooner than later she would also be greeting HIS guests in a similar fashion. Caroline froze knowing it was no joke, but her pussy throbbed violently with that mental image.
She could vividly picture debasing herself with just a collar, naked, on her fours, running and barking to greet former equals. People she knew and people who knew her, seeing her, touching her, laughing at her.

Carolines greeting was warm although she had an inner turmoil, not knowing what was going to happen to her, or just knowing it far too well, and trying to guess how much info Tom had about her new status, or lack of it.

The way he ogled her did not clarify if it was just a man looking at a stunning beauty or it was a wicked mind looking forward molesting a new pretty, until than unavailable, female victim.
Tina was for sure unaware of anything; she was soft and kind as always. Being the rounder type, brunette and an inch higher than Caroline, she was the perfect anonymity, and this was exact the way she behaved.
The four of them were already in the garden when Evelyn and Pierre showed up.
“Hi” greeted Jeff lifting his beer “Can I offer you a cold one”
“Please, yes” answered Pierre. Evelyn also nodded, but she was not looking at Jeff, she was scrutinizing Carolines face from the distance.

“Carol, be a pet and get our guests two cold beers” Jeff shouted to his wife without standing up and engaged in a conversation with Tom”
Caroline, who was standing next to the fence chatting with Tina went red, red as a strawberry. Tina noticed, but had no clue.
Trying to hide away her embarrassment she rapidly went away to get the beers.
“Here youre” she politely said when giving her neighbors their beer.
“Thanks, pet” Evelyn said, not taking the beer but Carols wrist. “How it comes you wear no collar today?” She innocently asked while caressing her throat with the back of her left hands finger.
Pierre, profiting from his wifes hold, caressed Ms Dumonts cheek and suddenly forced his thumb into her mouth. “I hope you are not disappointing us today” he said “I hate it when a party sucks, but youre no party, are you?”
His joke made both of the Stones smile, and made Caroline`s red shades reach new peaks. Tina, without hearing the words, as she still was too far away, saw Pierres thumb and thought they were flirting a little bit too much, at least with Jeff so close.
The bell rang and Dominus run happily barking to greet the last guests: Hugo and Sam. 
Sam looked as great as always. She came dressed in black tight leather pants outlining everything she had to offer: her long legs, her round bum and a camel toe to die for. 
The white high heeled fashion shoes, white Versace bag, white blouse and white broad-brimmed hat completed her image, but the prettiest feature still, was her face and her ever-shining smile.
Hugo came dressed for a garden party: Jeans, sneakers and an oversized Hawaiian shirt.

When on Monday Ms Dumont was refilling the water machine adding the powders of her colleagues future demise (powders, remember the powders?) she thought about her weekend, her horrible weekend and wondered, getting again a wet pussy, if it was possible to spiral further down. Again she looked at the powder and her mind jumped back to her training, when Donald, a tower of a man, gave her those ”mind loosener” he had called them, with the clear instructions to mix them into any food she had access to. 
Yes, for sure there was still space to be further degraded.
She remembered mixing those powders into everything: the punch, the flour of the cake, the water of the coffee machine, yes, even into the sugar. 
She remembered Sam announcing they were going to purchase a dog, “to have someone looking after Carol” she said with a wicked smile “if we have to keep her another weekend” 
She also remembered Jeff looking at Hugo and could read approval in his eyes. 
She knew for sure that the new dogs bitch was not going to be herself, but Samantha. She also knew that her husband was than going to lay Samantha and that she could do nothing about it. Well, perhaps yes, she could lick his balls to make it more enjoyable for her husband to fuck her friend, but that was not what she meant.
She would be fucked by Hugo, by Pierre or by whoever her beloved Jeff decided. Thus there was no sense caring about her husbands fidelity when her own cunt could be used as a trading commodity.
The party started at in the beginning and from an outside point of view it seemed quite normal. Eight adults listening to music, drinking, eating, flirting and chatting. Far from normal was howsoever the conversation itself. 
It had been Sam who after friendly slapping Carolines ass when passing by carrying some cake, loudly asked her if she was bare underneath. Caroline wanted to disappear as 14 eyes looked at her.
“You know Samantha” said Jeff “I have decided that due to her new status in the actual home hierarchy she has no right to wear pants or panties anymore”
Tinas eyes menaced to fell out. How in hell could Jeff think he had something to say about Carolines underwear?  And why would he proclaim it so openly.

Tom, her husband, found it amusing. He had often fantasized about pretty Ms Dumont whilst making love to his wife and whispered something into Tinas ear.

“Would you mind to show us?” asked Pierre 
“Yes” intervened Hugo “l think your dress is far too long, it should finish at your navel” Everybody but Caroline found it hilarious, that comment. Even Tina seemed more relaxed.
Ms Caroline Dumont stood there, frozen, in the middle of her garden holding a dish with cakes and dressed in a small red dress and high heeled red ankle tied sandals being looked at by friends and neighbors expecting her to bare her pussy.

It was Evelyn breaking the spell. She approached her neighbor and slowly but in a fluid motion lifted Carolines dress over her hips.
Applause came up as soon as the cunt saw the sunlight.

“Caroline my dear” Jeff said “please go on attending the party but leave the dress as it is.”
For the next 20 minutes she had been forced to attend the party being totally on display.
“Caroline” it was Tina calling her “could you join us a moment” Tom was standing next to Tina with an arm around her waist. Both of them smiled while a red faced Ms Dumont approached with her pretty neatly trimmed cunt on full view.

“Yes Tina?” Caroline asked “Is everything ok” 
“Oh yes, great” answered Tina “I just called you for Tom to feel you up. He had expressed me he might be interested in fondling your privates, so please open a little bit more your legs for Tom to have easier access and ask him grope your cunt”
That was outrageous, but then she saw Dominus strolling around as if smelling her inner rebellion she swallowed her indignity.
From there on it went downwards.
Standing in front of her neighbors she opened further her legs and smiled at Tom:
“Would you please touch my cunt?” Tinas smile widened and Toms right hand dashed between his neighbor's legs. His left hand wandered from Tinas waist to her ass.
He kissed his wife, deeply, with his hand on another womans cunt.
It felt marvelous. It was a dream coming true. He was fondling Ms Dumont in front of his wife, he felt her soft labia, her inflated clit, he cupped her whole cunt and looking straight into her eyes he slowly inserted a finger into her slippery hole.
“Ms Dumont I certainly approve the measures Jeff is taking in your household”
She thanked him. Tom went on feeling her up speaking to Tina and even convinced her to paw Caroline a bit.
The other guests joined the small group, more hands, more invading fingers, more offensive comments. Caroline got her ass slapped, her tits kneaded and she was forced to stand there in her own garden with her legs and mouth wide open for her guests to abuse her.
Hugo elongated her labia whilst Sam pulled on her tongue.
Shy Tina came with a carrot and half inserted it into her ass, an ass Tom was holding open for that purpose. 
Soon she was totally naked, than she got collared and spent the rest of the evening on her fours. 
She sucked all the men and was force to lick Sam over her pants and Evelyns naked sex. After the first assault the guest sat down in the garden chairs to recover and Jeff told her she should entertain them, they were her guests.
Dominus took over and showed what a well trained bitch Ms Caroline Dumont was:
She run on her fours after a ball, adopted different humiliating postures, peed in front of everybody and even was instructed to play with herself, but with no O allowed.
Soon the mood was up again.
Whilst Hugo instructed Carolie to fuck herself on his erection, Jeff sat Samantha on his leg and openly fingered her camel toe.
She shyly tried to reject his public advance, but he slapped her ass, hard, and told her to open legs and mouth. 
“If your husband fucks my wife I sample his one” he explained and caressed Sam tongue with one finger outlining her slit through her pants with the other hands fingers.”You have no opinion in this matter” he stated “Its between us men”.
Samanthas mind was affected by the mind loosener. As the powder avoided a clear logical thinking, the brain opted to accept as truth outside opinions; she felt something was strange but couldnt put a finger on it. Jeff could and put, even two fingers.
Pierre also fucked her, doggy style while she was blowing again a sitting Tom under Tinas careful supervision.
The party ended with the guests sitting at the desk having fun, eating cake and drinking coffee. They spoke about jobs and sports, they laughed and discussed.
Under the desk was Caroline, naked collared and leashed licking Evelyns slit as it was Evelyn holding her leash. Also under the desk was Jeff hand playing with Tinas mound. She had opened her legs somehow confused, when he told her to do so, arguing that he was the boss of the house and could place his hand wherever he wanted.

“You cannot come to my house and tell me where to put my hands” he had whispered into her ears. Jeff didnt even lose a single thought that his wife was seeing his hand on their neighbors sex.
Tinas husband Tom didnt seem to notice, perhaps it was due to the fact he was exploring Sams camel toe under the desk.

She went on licking her neighbor's sex.

How on earth could it worsen? It could. You know what a CPW is?

CPW stands for Cunt power wheel. It is an enormous hamster wheel to house a naked woman producing power making the wheel roll.

Part 3: The CPW

The transport company man was afraid of the barking dog.

“Sorry, Mister” Jeff said “Dominus is just being a good guardian” “Dominus bei Fuss” he ordered his dog.
Dominus immediately went back to Jeff and first sat and then lay next to his Master. 
“Are you Mr. Jeff Dumont” the uniformed man asked and without awaiting an answer he went on “we do have a delivery for you”

From inside the truck another young man emerged pushing a big box. 
“Mr. Dumont, please, lock away that dog and let us know where dyou want this”
“Ok” Jeff said “You guys bring it into the back garden behind the house.”
“Ill be there right now” He went in with Dominus and closed the door.
Finally it had arrived! The CPW.

Buying on the internet has got its dangers. You may not get anything, or get charged twice or not get the right item, but Womens Right Place online commerce was among the safest, thats why he risked purchasing the CPW online.

Next Saturday, he thought, we will be having a night garden party, just to see how the lights work. He smiled and got a hard on thinking about it.

Caroline was on her fours, naked, except her red stilettos and her collar. She crawled behind Dominus, following Jeff untilthe garden door. That was her place in the house: behind the dog! Both stayed inside.

The two uniformed men deposited the box on the cemented part, just in front of the window, trying to not stamp onto the grass. 
“No, no” Jeff told them, “please put it in the middle of the garden as if it were a tree to plant.”

Twenty minutes later the garden was full of firemen; Jeffs colleagues. He had phoned them asking for help and they came all together to lend a hand with the installation secretly hoping they would get a closer look at Jeffs pretty wife. A CPW needs a cunt as a water fountain needs water and the only available cunt was Carolines or should we say was Caroline.
“Dominus fetch Carol” Jeff shouted once the CPW seemed ready.
The wheel was smaller than expected. 5 feet diameter and even mounted on its structure not higher than Jeff. Of course, he realized, it was to produce energy, not to spend it. The CPW was entirely made of aluminum, shiny black, and had kind of sliding bar-doors on its open side to convert it into a closed cage. A high tech monitor looking like a table in the front of the wheel made it extremely user friendly, well, for the monitor user not for the “motor” of the wheel. 
The “motor” of that particluar wheel was looking through the kitchen window fearing the worst. Since she was not allowed to stand up she had climbed on the kitchen table and from there, naked and on her fours she witnessed the montage of the infamous Cunt Power Wheel by the firemen team. She recognized all of the men. They had been Jeffs guest in other occasions and she had innocently flirted with them. My god she thought if they want me to test it they will see me like this.
Then she realized that her fears were not only to be seen in her actual condition by the colleagues and subordinateds of her husband. It was clear to her that they would not only look at her, no, they were going to touch her, pet her, treat her according to her new status, that is, as the bitch she had become.
If they wanted to squeeze her ass, there it was, waiting. They preferred massaging her boobs? Well guys feel free. 
Was there any pussy lover among them? Her hole was open and unprotected inviting fingers and cocks.
Yes, she realized once again, her cunt was not longer something she would  call a private part. It was there for Jeff to amuse himself or whoever he chose. It was part of the menu of entertainment activities Jeff might have in mind and she had few to say about it.

Her worst fears, howsoever, were to be locked into that devilish machine and sink further down from bitch, an animal with emotions and feelings, to machine: just an object to be put to use. 

Dominus came into the kitchen and ordered Caroline to follow him. She had to do. There was no possibility of disobeying her program. A program Dominus knew how to switch on, just by barking and with the right postures.

“Here she comes, here she comes” Shouted Alain when getting the first glimpse of the former respected Ms Dumont. She was crawling behind Dominus, the leash the dog carried in its mouth was not fixed to her collar, but the symbolism was there. The dog leads. 
Caroline felt terrible humiliated, crawling naked as she was and not being allowed to behave as a human being. To worsen things Dominus barked twice forcing her to rise on her knees in front of the firemen. She had to kneel upright, with slightly parted knees not hiding anything of her beautiful trimmed cunt. Her hands were to be held at shoulder high like a begging dog, the mouth was to be kept open with the tongue sticking out.

“Hey guys,” Jeff said “pet her all you want, she does not bite” The joke remained unnoticed. The men dashed forward to get their hands on the kneeling beauty. They explored her body like teenagers on their first date.
Fingers played with her clit, elongated her labia, and penetrated her cunt, her ass, her mouth. They cupped her tits and ass, pulled on her tongue and commented her assets as if she were not there. Nobody lost a single thought about what the kneeling female was experiencing, how she would feel being degraded and toyed with by relatively unknown men, by former equals. 

They did not care that the parts they were touching were sensible and transmitted feelings and emotions. She was not longer a grown up and respectable woman, no; she was just a collection of interesting parts. A pretty nice collection, I have to say. 
“Jeff, your bitch is becoming wet” André commented while slowly finger fucking her “Maybe she is in heat?”

If the gradation red, redder, reddest is applicable, Carolines face went beyond reddest. What could be more humiliating to a conventional house wife than somebody loudly informing her husband that she is becoming sexually excited by behaving like a dog, naked, surrounded by strangers and publicly felt up?
Jeff smiled at André but was still busy with the CPW. 
“Finally it looks like we are ready” Jeff announced once he had programmed the monitor.

A few minutes later Jeffs wife was in the wheel. She was still as naked as before, but wore some more gadgets. 

Her head was enclosed in a black hi-tech leather helmet. It covered the whole face, blindfolding her totally. Only her blond hair showed out from behind as a ponytail and her mouth and nose were free to breathe. The helmet incorporated a Wi-Fi getting and transmitting data and was fitted with six powerful batteries in the rear part just under the ponytail.
To poor Carolines outstretched tongue they had clipped a cable, it run through the ring of her collar split into two, to clip each nipple and becoming one again it clipped her cunt. It pinched the cunt from the outside like a clothespin would do, compressing it. 
From the cunt, through her ass cheeks the cable reached the helmet over her back.
Her hands and feet were enclosed in a kind of spiked mitten. They were made of leather and fitted with foam to prevent injuries. The spikes helped to move the wheel as her fingers were enclosed in the mitten. She also wore soft fitted knee braces.
“Crawl, Carol, crawl” Jeff shouted while sliding the barred door to close the wheel. Then he added to his blinded wife “dont be afraid you are not going to run into any tree”
Caroline started crawling. She heard the men laugh and could only imagine what she looked like. The right position in the CPW was not horizontal as a crawling dog and not vertical as a running human. The most effective position was climbing the wheel from inside keeping a 45 degree inclination. In this way she made the wheel roll with the combined action of her hands, feet and body weight. The knees should never touch the wheel whilst moving. 
“Jeff” Alain commented “it is the nicest power generator I ever saw.” The seven men were standing behind the wheel looking direct at Carolines lifted ass and out peeping pussy.
“How have you regulated the CPW?” wanted to know André.
“Yes, what happens if she slows down?” added Kirk to Andrés question.
“The possibilities of programming the CPW are amazing” started Jeff “Ive chosen the P.O.D.
Stands for power on demand” he explained.
“My beloved wife has to keep a steady number of RPM but the wheel will get more difficult to move the more power it is requested to produce”
“Damian, please, go into the house and connect this to the air conditioner and then switch it on at maximum power and as cold as possible” 
Carolines misery grew. Not seeing what was happening is bad, but listening and not seeing is hell. She had found it easy to roll the wheel, but then, without notice the wheel became heavy and menaced to slow down to full stop. 
The monitor blinked, the helmet received, the men observed silently and then, suddenly Ms Dumont shrieked and jumped as a branded pig when the batteries shocked her clipped areas. Frenetically she fought to put the wheel again into motion, shrieking and struggling until reaching the desired RPM; and it was just thanks to the cunt clip she did not piss on herself right there. The scene amused the spectators, and yes, the CPW worked.
Jeff got all kind of congratulations from his laughing colleagues.

Saturdays night garden party

Part 4: preliminaries of Saturdays night garden party 

Poor Caroline really had a bad time testing the CPW. Her stiffness and muscle ache were horrible, her puss and nipples hurt and her tongue was sore. 
The worst howsoever was the psychological aspect. It chilled her to the bones only remembering her experience in the CPW, let alone repeating it. To the natural incommodity a grown up woman feels when paraded naked in front of a group of men it was to add the fact that she was blinded and on her fours.

This incommodity increased considerably by the fear of getting shocked. Thus she deeply humiliated herself frenetically wriggling and struggling to keep the wheel up to an unknown and uncontrollable speed. She felt like a dumb circus animal hearing the viewers amusement. An amusement provided not only be the image of crawling, naked woman in a hamster wheel, but also by her animal like convulsions and sounds when electrically stroked for not performing well enough.

“Jeff, please, throw away that devilish wheel.” She pleaded as soon as she saw him next morning. He was sitting in the living, taking the breakfast she had prepared. Her own breakfast was in a dog bowl on the floor. She promised whatever she was able to think, no matter how degrading, to avoid a second encounter with the CPW. She implored him, she offered to suck off Dominus, yes, even in front of people, she promised to remain naked, yes, even at work, she was to crawl naked, yes, even to do the shopping, but for goods sake, never again the CPW.

Jeff looked at her amused. There she was, his former proud wife, naked, collared, on her fours in front of a dog bowl with her own food in it, looking at him with pleading eyes. He had seldom, no to say never, seen her so vehement.
Dominus came in and jumped onto the sofa. Not too long ago it would have been the start of a fight between her and her husband. Now it was she who was not allowed to use the sofa, and the dog the one in charge of reminding her about.
“Caroline” Jeff stared ceremoniously “You know I love you” he said making a pause “thus I promise” he went on and looking at his human pet “that I postpone the night garden party until certain measures have been taken” another pause to see a crestfallen Carol denying it with her head and whimpering no, no, no “and that you would not be the only cunt powering the wheel”

This last sentence made Carolines eyes shine again. Not cause of some hidden hate against their guests, it was the hope of being released soon and become an observer, a spectator, a simple bystander instead of being the disgraced actor.
A lot of things happened during the time elapsed between the CPWs testing and Jeffs night garden party. 
For Jeff it was important first to control possible adverse reactions of the neighbors, and in a further step to control their neighbors themselves. The neighborhood was a recently build area, known as “the beach area” as it was built around a lake with an artificial beach. Being expensive, in the middle of nature but close to city it had attracted a very homogeneous public: young DINKIs (double income no kids)

With the excuse of his 29th birthday Jeff had invited the whole neighborhood to an enormous birthday cake. That day even Caroline went upright and played the perfect host, if anybody noticed the no-panties rule, it did not come up. During the whole event she feared the worst, but Dominus was locked away and Jeff had a long term plan.
The CPW generated some questions, but Jeff told them it was his best acquisition and that in the next future they would also be interested in getting one.
“Wait until you see how it works” he told the men “and for sure you are going to love it”.

The neighbors ate tons of cake and drank barrels of tea, coffee and later in the afternoon, buckets of juices. The quantity of powder consumed per person was next to dangerous. Before leaving, Jeff told them he had prepared a small birthday gift for all attending friends. 
He knew that, by now, all the women were affected by the mind loosener. To all the present female he gave a small sack with powder telling them to pour it each morning into the coffee. It is the best fat burner known by men, he said, and will also help you to keep you body more active. He couldnt avoid smiling at his hidden thoughts. Of course they would become active: in a CPW and that spectacle is, by far, the best fat burner known by MEN. He never spoke about women.
“Caroline, you know what” it was Samantha on the phone and she seemed really excited “Hugo had brought home a dog, “Colonel” he named it, and he has already booked a course for me to come along with it. Isnt it marvelous?”
“Sam” Caroline asked concerned “which course?” 
“Its called D&B Training Courses” she happily told her “it is the most expensive and exclusive in town”
“But Sam” Caroline interrupted her…
Sam went on talking “They do not only train the dog, they also help it to know its new place in the family, thats why I also do participate”
“To know your new place in the family?” Caroline asked trying to tell Samantha something her friend should already know. But Sam was deaf, her brain had been instructed not to perceive any critic, and Carolines words were futile.

“Dont be silly, Carol” she retorted “Im there to show the dog its proper place”

Evelyn and Tina came often to have a coffee with Caroline. They found it pretty amusing to drink coffee at their neighbors house with the host crawling naked, getting her cunt probed or napping her own coffee out of a dog bowl. 
Profiting Jeff came home early one day Evelyn asked him to train Caroline to lick their pussies whilst having coffee, something Jeff agreed on immediately, putting as only conditions to come panty-less whenever they come and in skirts or dresses. Tina blushed but nodded agreeing, Evelyn just thanked him while petting Carols head busy between her legs.

“I will instruct Dominus to enforce both this rules” he said and added looking at Tina “You should also remain accessible and panty-less at your own home” His stern look made her nod again.

“Im going to speak to Tom about this and will come over to check, now and then”

He made Tina stand up and with his finger outlining her wet slit he looked into her eyes and said "We do have an agreement about this, don't we"

Deeply ashamed and aroused Tina nodded.

Part 5: starting the Garden party.

There is nothing worse than incertitude. The whole afternoon Carolines inner turmoil went worse whilst she had been busy decorating the garden for the night party. 
She had hung lines with colorful bulbs going from different points of the canopy to the extended branches of their walnut tree at the end of the garden. 
There, on the ladder, naked but for her collar and her heels she knew all her goods were on show. Something Pierre and Evelyn went on commenting loudly from the other side of their fence. 
Another Caroline, some time ago, would have died of embarrassment. This one also was deeply ashamed but had resigned to the fact that now her cunt was a public feature and that they had already seen it before, used it before and were for sure going to abuse it and her again today. The source of her fears came from another one, a big aluminum made Hamster wheel erected in the midst of her garden. 
And her anxiety was increased by the fact that not only the 120 bulbs but also the stereo were expected to get their power only from that infernal Hamster wheel. 
An empty Hamster wheel but she knew, far too well, who was the “hamster” who would be powering it.

Some days ago Jeff had received a second box from Womens Right Place, but it was definitively too small to be another CPW. The existence of that box howsoever, did nothing to decrease her anxiety. 
Garden Party
The guests arrived without any hurry. Evelyn and Pierre had shown up the firsts and only ten minutes later it was Tom and Tina coming into the garden. Jeff greeted Tom shaking his hand and Tina cupping her naked cunt under her dress as if it was the most natural thing in world.
Tinas face became deep red, but she did nothing to prevent this blatant groping.
Pierre also greeted both in the same fashion, Evelyn said hi to Tom and then greeted Tina, but her greeting was longer, wetter and more intrusive. 
For Tina to get groped and kissed by her neighbors and in front of her husband was everything but normal, she felt humiliated and aroused and didnt really understand why in hell she was permitting it
At 20:30 hours the garden housed around 20 people. Everybody had already had one or two glasses and they were standing or sitting in small groups chatting while eating some chips and peanuts. 
“I think” said Jeff through a micro standing on a chair “it is time to light the lamps and start the music” Everybody agreed with more or less enthusiasm. “But before doing so I would like to announce that we do have a surprise for all of you.”
He whistled like calling a dog and running on her fours, dressed in her CPW outfit, came Ms Dumont, the official party hostess, guided by a barking and herding Dominus.
Blinded by the stupid helmet her fears of running into something almost shared in intensity the humiliation of the degrading spectacle she was offering to her neighbors and friends.
Most of them had never seen her not even in bikini, let alone, naked, restrained and on her fours.
Her head was enclosed in the black hi-tech leather helmet. It covered the whole face, blinding her totally. Only her blond hair showed out from behind as a ponytail and her mouth and nose were free to breathe. In the mouth she was carrying a black hat.
Although she was on her fours, her knees were not touching the ground as she was on her encased fists and toes. Her ass was higher than her head, offering on show everything she had to the amused guests. 
“Hey, thats a party”, “Man, you know how to keep your wife”, “I thought you had just one pet” Caroline heard those and worse. 
Her hands and feet were enclosed in a the spiked mitten. They were made of leather with an inner fitting of foam to prevent injuries. The spikes at the outside were there to allow her to move the wheel when locked inside, but did also perform well when crawling around.
Dominus wisely guided her to their Master through an applauding and cheering crowd of people. They freely groped, molested and slapped her, without losing a single thought about their rights to do so or her feelings about it. If not busy touching, they were taking pics and recording.
Nobody had previously informed them about Carolines new status, but thanks to the daily powder and Jeffs clever comments whenever they met, they were to accept as amusing and original whatever was going to happen in their neighborhood.
So it happens that neighbors who just one or two days ago politely greeted Ms Caroline Dumont with a formal “Good afternoon, Ms Dumont” were now allowing their hands to freely roam over her ass and pussy commenting it with their very wives. Even this latter copped a feel, giggling and smiling, not disturbed by their husbands touching another woman.
“Your attention please” sounded Jeffs voice once again through the micro with Caroline kneeling next to him with parted legs, hands like a begging dog and holding the hat in her mouth. She really looked more like an erotic circus animal than like a human being, kneeling there without face, but with her tits and cunt on show. 
“I need all our female guests to come and draw a number” he said without explaining what for and pointing at the hat.
The young women encouraged by their husbands went to draw a number.
“This number is important this evening” he explained “as it is related to a gift and an activity”.
The raising questions were dismissed with a “youll see, youll see, It will be fun”
Once the numbers were drawn he told the women that at his signal they were to go, one by one, into the house. Once there they should look for the package with their number, open it and follow the instructions. Nobody should come out before all of them were ready.
“But before” he ceremoniously said “lets the party start” Than, seemingly without any effort, he lifted his wife and carried her over to the CPW. “Here we go”, he said and after connecting the clips to tongue, nipples and cunt, he slapped her ass and closed the wheel.
He switched on the machine and ordered his wife “Crawl, Caroline, crawl”
Carolines dreaded nightmare was starting again. Here she was, naked, clipped, trapped and exposed for her neighbors amusement and the machines electric corrections. She felt like a Lab rat, totally dehumanized, stripped of clothes and rights and without the slightest possibility of improving her situation. 
Outside, respectable men and women with good jobs and high study degrees seemingly saw nothing wrong in the treatment she was getting. More on the contrary they really looked amused, and if anything they approved the actual events.
As soon as she put the wheel into motion she heard the music start. The lights also lit up, but this she did not see. 
Jeff invited the guests to help themselves with the drinks and to start enjoying the party.
With Caroline powering the wheel some couples had started to dance, or were standing with a glass in their hands talking whilst rhythmically moving their head and tapping their feet.
It was then when Jeff asked number one to proceed.
Melissa Carpenter was number one.
As the women were disappearing into the house the men got more interest in the spectacle poor Caroline was offering.
She heard laughter and amused comments, they commented her in humiliating and degrading ways as if she werent there or as if, this dumb animal she was now, was not going to understand them.
Ms Abolaji Boyo, Abo for everybody, was number two. 
This black beauty, Miss Ethiopia some years ago, reached up to 6 feet high with next to perfect measures and moved like a gazelle. Since she and her husband, Mr. Tshewo Boyo the Ethiopian consul, moved to the beach area more than one neighbor had lost track of his speech whilst visually following her rhythmically moving behinds.
Abo went into the living room through the terraces door and petrified. There in the midst of the room stood the brunette Ms Melissa Carpenter surrounded by five firemen.
Although she did not expect the firemen, their presence did not trigger the shock effect. The shock which petrified Abo was Melissas outfit. 
Ms Carpenter was disguised as a waitress, as a waitress to shoot porno pics, that is. 
Her legs were enclosed into high heeled shiny white leather boots. The boots reached till mid thigh, from there on and until a wide white leather belt, there was nothing. Well, yes, there was a pretty naked and just shaved, pink, cunt slit on show.
Melissas hands were trapped into mittens and fixed by her wrists with two cuffs to the leather belt.
Melissa carried a tray just under her also naked flesh globes. The tray clipped to the belt on one side and was equipped with three quasi invisible nylon threads on the opposite side. These three threads ended in strong clips.
Abos first sight was Ms Carpenter standing naked in high heeled boots in the midst of a room full of man with an outstretched tongue and magically balancing a tray in front of her.
The heels made Melissas posture protrude further her hairless pussy and open her legs to keep balance, increasing considerably the slutty effect. Her tongue and nipples were clipped and it was Melissas task to keep the tray horizontally through her tongue clip, moving her head. If with an empty tray Melissa was already hurting, she wondered how in hell she was supposed to carry bottles and glasses on it.
The firemen were feeling her up and commenting her duties when Abo entered.
She was greeted formally and asked to open her gift.
Ms Diana Butcher was number three.
The party was becoming alive. The dancing couples were not real couples anymore as Jeff had implemented a party rule, no husband is allowed to dance twice in a row with his wife and no woman is allowed to deny a request. It sounded fair, but he did of specify what kind of request they were supposed not to deny. 
He told his wife to have fun in the CPW while he was going to dance and flirt with some of the guests. “I hope you dont mind” he said and went to pick Jennifer for a dance. Jennifer Houston, 5 feet 4 inch, 27 y/o was blond, with green eyes and had a strong athletic body. She came dressed in a nice blue summer dress, a pity, as her best feature was her ass, astonishing when in jeans. Nevertheless she was number seven.
Diana couldnt close her mouth when she entered the house. Neither could Abo, but for different reasons. Dianas reason was Abo. Abo couldnt close her mouth because somebody had pierced her tongue and passed a large ring through it; too large to fit into her mouth.
“Youll need it” Alain playfully commented when piercing her reluctant tongue “So your educated husband can attach a leash to it when taking you out to meet important overseas visitors”
“But Tshewo have never put a leash on me” Retorted the somehow confused lady.
“Of course not” said Alain “As you lacked the pertinent rings here and here” The last here was his left hand cupping her slit”
Abo was getting wet, something was out of place, but everybody seemed so relaxed. Perhaps it was normal to allow friendly firemen to light your fire, Melissa also seemed to have no problem being naked and felt up.
“So you agree with us you urgently need at least one ring?” It was Damian speaking close to her ear from behind massaging both her boobs “and we can also ring these beauties” He added.
Alains colleagues went on holding/fondling her during the whole transformation procedure.
She felt hands on her tits and ass, she knew they were stripping her and that she should not allow it but they seemed so reasonable. “We have to shave your bush of, its regular procedure” theyve said and effectively shaved it off holding her in place with several fingers in her already slippery hole.
“We have to help you into your new uniform” they had argued whilst stripping her, “just checking everything is fine” was one of the reasons to feel her up.
Melissa, the waitress, told to entertain the guests was being molested by a firemen sitting next to her standing position. He was watching Abos transformation with his right hand thumb deeply buried into Ms. Carpenters wet snatch. Mind absently his four remaining fingers went on touching denuded cunt flesh.
What Diana saw when entering was the most erotic animal she ever saw. It looked like the front view of a prancing Zebra but with female attributes.
Abos feet were enclosed in horseshoe like spiked boots keeping her on her toes, making her even taller. The boots reached up next to her pussy and were horizontally striped black and white faking a Zebras leg.
Her upper body was totally enclosed, but for two holes for her tits to stand out, in an ultra tight long sleeved spandex sweater spotting the same black and white design. 
As the highest stripe of the boot was white and the lowest stripe of the sweater was also white Abos bald black cunt really jumped into the viewers eyes. 
Her hands wore the same spiked mittens than Caroline.
The Hi-tech helmet she wore was hidden under a Zebra-head attached to her head.
The moment Miss Butcher entered the house two firemen, one on each, were slapping Abos ass telling her to lift her knees higher when walking into the garden, and she was trying, hard.
Ms. Andrea Tannenbaum was number four.
Andrea was quite relieved to be told to go for her gift. After the first dance with her husband, it was Tshewo who took her to the dancing space. 
His hands were holding her by her butts just after ten seconds.
She tried to move them back to her back and told him “Thats not right”

“Yes, you are right” Tshewo answered “I hate to dance without kissing” “I request you to stop fighting my hands and start kissing me” 

Andrea wanted to answer but found her mouth was already on his. Tshewo massaged Ms Tannenbaums butt to his heart content and now and then allowed his hand to travel to the front to cup her cunt through her skirt. 
She kissed and let him tongue her all he wanted.

After Tshewo, Andrea was a little bit bewildered and looked for her husband, but this latter was peacefully dancing with Miss Kronen, holding her butt whilst she was stroking his cock with both hands, as he had requested.

She couldnt deny Pierre her third dance. It was after this third dance, with Pierre fingering her slit, under her skirt and massaging her tits that she was told to pick her gift.

Newcomers part 6

Miss Allisa Syrotava moves to the beach area:  in and out.

She came engaged and left once caged.

Miss Syrotava was the second Daughter of a former Bank president of the Ucranian Bank. She was quite tall, slim, good behinds and small, but perky tits. Her new fiancé, after a traumatic divorce, was Italian, known to everybody as Manu.

Her athletic figure, her false blond hair and her demanding attitude made her the perfect classy bitch, even her crooked nose contributed to that image.

Just after the last night garden party, Jeff had applied to get the exclusivity of distribution for the items offered by Womens Right Place.

He was making more money selling their products then as fireman, and due also to his great interest in keeping control over his neighbors, shortly after Miss Syrotava and fiancé moved in, he invited them to have cake and coffee in his garden.

To avoid any premature interference he had send both his pets to entertain Pierre and Evelyn.

They knew how to handle both of them and were also trying to show some new tricks to Dominus regarding Caroline, wicked tricks.

Manu and specially Allisa loved to explain how marvelous they are.

She detailed precisely what a pig her former husband was and about her bitchy ways of achieving her goals.

How untouchable she was and how she had piss off and won the case against her husband.

Jeff listened as if interested in their personal stories, whilst filling and refilling their cups.

After an hour more or less, he started to focus on the subjects of his interest. He brought the catalog of WRP and started showing them different items.

“But first” he said looking at Miss Syrotava “you have to stand up and position yourself standing between me and Manu”

“Why?” asked Allisa a little bit unsure.

“Cause a Womens Right Place is to be available for any present man, as for sure you know” Jeff answered with absolute parsimony.

“And please keep your legs and mouth open” added Jeff “it sends a clearer message”.

If Manu was against these new-to-him-norms, he did not show.

Allisa did as told and took her place standing between the two conforablly sitting men.

“Thats good” Jeff said and patted her ass repeatedly.

Manu was surprised that Allisa didnt protest. She disliked very much being patted like a horse, letting alone by a perfect stranger.

“Let me show you,,,” murmured Jeff flying through the catalog, “electrowhips, barking collars, mindloosener powder, dancing-pole platforms, “ he went on talking more to himself than to Manu.

“Manu, look” Jeff pointed at a picture in the catalog, this is like the CPW I have in the garden.

Allisa also looked and was horrified, Jeff was showing Manu a naked, crawling woman in a hamster wheel. Distgusting, she thought and wanted to leave.

“Miss Syrotava” Jeff started “please pay attention” and to enforce his command he pinched her labia through the trousers “this is very important for you”

Allisa, stopped moving, winced and felt bewildered.

Jeff showed Manu more interesting items and then out of the blue he ordered :”Allisa, strip, by now you should be naked”

“I, no, thats not…please” stuttered Allisa whilst her hands started the denuding process.

Not really focusing on his new neighbor embarrass Jeff pointed out another item of the catalog.

“Look Manu, this category is my absolute best-seller”

The item was the CPB an improved living-room version of the infamous CPW.

“Oh nice” exclaimed Jeff when Allisas bald cunt came into view “lets have a closer look at it” he said and unceremoniously stuck a finger into her to-wet-to-confess hole and pulled her over hooked by her cunt. She winced, whined and wormed trying somehow to awake from this nightmare.

“Stay” he sternly ordered and smiling again to Manu he explained what at the end would result to be Allisas permanent residence.

The Cunt Power Box was a rectangular cage, two feet high, seven feet large and maybe 1 foot 3 inches wide. In the inside there was a sliding board at the bottom with some straps, one handgrip on each side fixed to a bar in the middle of the cage, a circular hole in the middle of the front panel, two shoe like metallic structures a little bit high on each side of the hole and a small computer looking device fixed to a socket.

“This is the open-view basic model, although people with higher incomes prefer the fully wooden enclosed one” went on Jeff.

The furniture version is this same machinery in a base cabinet. It is ideal for living rooms or dormitories as the wood is prepared to be sound absorbing.

The mechanism is dead easy. The unfortunately cunt owner is to be fixed on the board lying on her back. Her upper body gets strapped to the board, her hands get attached to the grips and her feet fixed into the shoes. She, of course, is to wear the CPW-helmet and a ring gag. Energy is produced by sliding the board forwards and backwards. Backwards  she can use her legs by stretching them like a jumping frog, forwards she has to pull with her arms strengths.

Allisas cunt was being mechanically fucked by Jeffs idle finger, but her mind was being fuck with a lot more.

Who on earth would buy such a device? Which insane human would allow to be attached to it.

Nobody ever spoke about asking for permission.

“As you see the socket takes up to three plugs” Jeff went on explaining “usually one for the TV, one for the DVD and the last one for a standing lamp.”

Jeff noticed Manus hard on and offered to show his test model to him later.

“Allisa will for sure volunteer” Jeff said “and if not we do have enough nice items here to make any woman show genuine eagerness after just a few minutes.”

Allisa was still obediently standing with open mouth and legs allowing Jeff to take any liberty and, to worsen things, she was getting close to orgasm due to his fingers and the horrendous humiliation see was suffering.

She, Allisa Syrotava, was standing naked and fondled in a strange living and was being offered to degrade herself further strapped on a devilish machine.

“You will have noticed the helmet” Jeff explained “it is to transmit orders to the body and receive instructions from the machine.

“This basic version only have one modus, called P.O.D, that is when you switch on the TV the machine gets a requirement to produce power, the cunt then has to start sliding the board, if you also connect the lamp, the need for power increases, so the board becomes more heavy to slide, as if the media it is moving in become thicker.

Manu did not ask, how the helmet transmitted instructions to the body.

“And what is this hole for?” Manu asked.

“Do you play chess, Manu?  Suddenly asked Jeff.

“Oh, yes, Im quite a fan” answered Manu without knowing what it was about

“In that case let me show you my model board game version” and after slapping again Allisas ass and telling her to rotate he left the living to come back few minutes later with a CPB.

Manu was taking pictures of Allisa whilst she slowly turned around.

This Im going to show to my ex wife he said making Allisa blush even more profusely.

The board game version was very similar but for some differences.

The roof of the cage was wooden and included two lamps.

There were holes on both ends of the cage and it had no shoe structure.

The board itself showed a metallic arc with an enlarged upper surface.

Whilst Manu was inspecting the CPB Jeff expertly fixed the helmet on Allisa, the mouth ringt and after attaching the clips to tongue, nipples and one to each cunt lip he made her crawl onto the board. Once there she got fixed in a kneeling position, with her rump resting on the arc and her hands attached to the grips.

Then he closed the box and pressed a remote.

First the box stared lifting on extensible legs, then the cable connecting her tongue with the rear of her helmet tensed. This had a triple beneficial effect. It stretched her tongue out to the utmost leaving an open accessible mout, pulled at her cunt lips, opening her privates in a very invitingly way and pulled her head up to align the mouth with the hole.

Manu shoot more pics. These are for your ex he said; Im sure he will love them.

Whilst Jeff went to search the chess board, Manu had already sent the pics.

Jeff came into the living and shut down the lights, then he prepared the chess game and before switching on the small top lamps, he asked Manu to record the next events.

Unsuspecting Allisa felt exhibited and humiliated and had already decided to drop Manu when Jeff switched on the lamps.

An electric bolt hit her tongue, nipples and labia, she lost track of her toughts and started frenetically trying to get away. Only possible movement was sliding forwards and backwards.

As she did the pain ceased, she wanted to relax but another stroke hit her.

Manu smiled seeing the fleshy female pig dashing forwards with her forcibly open mouth. Miss Allisa Syrotava was not fond of giving blow jobs.

He understood the holes.

“Im playing with whites, if you dont mind” Manu said and positioned himself at the mouth end.

“Not at all” answered Jeff fitting his cock through the cunt end.

Slide show part 7

Dirk stood at the front door and after ringing the bell he heard some noises like barking. He easily identified two kinds of them; his brain decoded immediately their origin, but he didnt notice anything wrong.
Jeff opened the door and Dominus flashed out, happily barking, jumping and wagging its tail.
“Dominus” Dirk greeted in a friendly voice and squatting down he petted and playfully tussled with it while saying “how are you, old friend”.
“Arf, arf” Dirk looked up and saw Caroline coming on her fours, but on hands and toes, naked, but for her collar and extremely high heeled red sandals strapped to her ankles. This footwear was designed to help her in her crawling, as the heels were high enough to give her support even in her high crawling position.
She also reached the gardens front door to greet him. And she also got petted and caressed, though with her, his hands feast on ass, tits and puss.
“Caroline how nice to see you again” he said with his finger following her slit up and down.
Caroline embarrassment was total. The last time she saw this man she was walking down the Church aisle dressed as a bride and now this same man was blatantly feeling her up, playing with her cunt and speaking to her as if nothing abnormal was happening.

His finger dashed in and out repeteadly whilst he patted her head.

And all this happened at plain day light and in the open!!

Dirk and Jeff shook hands. 
“Professor” greeted Jeff.
“Captain” answered Dirk and they hugged each other.
The whole afternoon both men explained the recent changes in their lives.
Dirk related the changes he took at home regarding Catherine and how things were developing in at his university. 
He explained that his last studies prove as wrong the theory of gender equity. He also had acquired some products from WRP and was using them on Catherine.
Jeff spoke about D&B and the CPW.
“Would you like to see some slides of our last Garden Parties” Jeff offered after noticing Dirks interest.
“I would love to” was Dirks enthusiastic answer whilst sipping on his coffee and mind absently caressing Carolines naked behinds.
She was on her fours next to his armchair allowing any liberty he wanted to take. Dominus was on the sofa with his head on Jeff lap.
Slide One
The guests before starting the music. It showed a bunch of nicely dressed young women and men standing in groups drinking and chatting.
“This is the first party after I bought the CPW” Jeff commented and clicked.
Slide Two
The living room with Jeff talking to his colleagues.
“I had to instruct them who was getting which outfit. They did a great job, you will see”
Slide Three
The living room with Jeffs colleagues dressing up Caroline into her CPW outfit.
“She always looks distressed when she is naked and being manhandled like this by just acquaintances, but her cunt tells another story”
“I know” commented Dirk “they have to keep up the charade of “untouched church members”, but then, when really put into place they blossom.”

“They wet” I would have said prompted a laughing Jeff making Dirk smile.
Carolines cunt contracted on Dirks invading finger. She was aroused and humiliated by the slides and comments. Dirks knowing fingers only worsen her feelings, but she could do nothing to avoid them.
Slide Four
Melissa Carpenter walking towards the building. It showed a beautiful brunette dressed in a stylish black night dress.
Slide Five
Melissa Carpenter coming out of the building.
Dirks cock throbbed at the sight. He moved uncomfortable in his seat.
The sight of Miss Carpenter walking in high heeled shiny white leather boots, her tits and naked, shaved slit on show, her hands trapped with two cuffs to the leather belt and magically balancing a tray in front of her was a visual erotic shock.
Her distorted facial features only added eroticism to the image.
Dirks erection started when he greeted Caroline at the front door, it did nothing but getting harder looking at her pet-like behaving and reached its full dimension with his hand on her cunt seeing Miss Carpenters slide.
It was at slide eight that Jeff offered his wifes mouth to make the slide show more comfortable for Dirk. He eagerly accepted and poor Caroline spent the rest of the afternoon slurping and licking on Dirks hard cock.
Slide Nine
After having seen the transformation of Melissa and Abo, Dirk was looking forward seeing what Ms Diana Butcher was going to looked like. 
In slide eight, seeing a young pretty woman casually dressed in jeans, he had found her attractive.
Slide Ten
Miss Andrea Tannenbaum walking towards the building.
Disappointed he told Jeff:
“Hey, Jeff, you have missed a slide. This pretty red hair should wait for her turn to be the star; I was expecting our transformed former beauty”
“Uncle Dirk, everything in good time” casually commented Jeff “Im sure you have heard about the dancing twins” and he clicked for the next slide to appear.
Slide eleven and twelve showed each a pretty woman walking towards the building. Both of them looked quite athletic.
“This one has got the nicest ass of the neighborhood” commented Jeff pointing at Jennifer Houstons image.
Slide 13
An image to make a mannequin get a boner. It was a full frontal view of Miss Houston and Miss Kronen, the Swedish beauty. They were dressed alike as ponygirls. 
High reaching black shiny boots ending in hooves dressed their legs. Their arms were tightly kept behind in a single black mono-glove ending in a ring. Parting from the thick black leather belt which reduced their waist in two or three inches an equally black leather string went down through their naked pussies, accentuating their shaved slits, through the ring of the mono-glove to meat another string. This latter came down from their head harness were a ring gag ensured an open mouth and earflaps gave them the definitively animal look. 
Their tits were thrown forward with their forced arched position as the two strings were pulling on a platform with the dancing twins.
Jeff allowed the image of the ponygirls to sink in before clicking.
Slide 14
“It is a pity you cannot see the dance, but Im sure you can imagine it.

Dirk had never seen the dancing twins in action but the beauty of the slide added some more stiffness to his already hard cock.

Fixed on the rolling platform with a pole were Diana and Andrea. 
“You can see we decided to keep Andreas red pubic patch unshaved, to add some color” said Jeff and stretching out his hand he softly pulled Carolines labia “ same as I keep Carolines."
It did not even occur to Dirk to question if they had asked Andrea how she preferred her pubic patch.
Caroline thoughts about it but went on, whilst caring about Dirks cock and opening her legs for her husbands hands.

“I see” commented Dirk “she is well trained. I had Kathy to be trained by a friend, but here you are on your own, arent you” He asked literally fucking Carolines mouth.

His eyes were feasting on the image where Diana was balancing on her right foot with her left leg bent. She wore rings through her nose, her tongue, both her nipples and a ring ending clip attached to her clit. Andreas position back to back with the pole in between was her mirror image.
The ringing process itself had been hell of fun for Jeffs colleagues, not for Diana and less even for sensible Andrea, but thats not decreasing the fun, isnt it?
A complicated set of elastic strings made it impossible to find a comfortable position making the two beauties engage in a constant and quite painful dance. Dianas left foot, for instance, wore a kind of soft moccasin with rings. From one of those rings a string went directly to her tongue ring. To keep her tongue free from pain she had to lift her leg. The problem was that another string also attached to her left foot went down through a ring bolted on the platform and up again to join Andreas tongue ring. This made Andrea bent forwards to ease the pain of her stretched tongue. A quite practical movement if her nose ring were not attached to Dianas puss clip after passing through a hole in the upper part of the pole. 
The more she bent forward the harder she pulled at Dianas cunt. If Diana wanted to ease her cunts pain she had to lower her leg pulling at her own tongue. Bending forward to keep the pain low she would pull at Andreas cunt ring making Andrea to lift her right foot, there another set of strings made Andreas right foot interact in a similar fashion with Dianas tits; more strings made a devilish game between her uncomfortable arms and Dianas nose or Dianas arms and Andreas tits. The tableau was a constant highly erotic moving and groaning.

Slides 15 and 16 showed the dancing twins in different moments surrounded by their neighbors and friends amused by the spectacle. 
The poor females were hurting for their neighbors amusement. Hands and fingers probed and touched, pinched and invaded. Nobody protested about the treatment they were getting. Their groans and pitifully moans do not count as protests. The slides showed amused faces and busy hands. 
Slide 17
Here we see Caroline in the CPW whilst Tina, disguised as a bitch is getting fucked doggy style by some unidentified neighbor. The slide shows more people engaged in different sex acts.
Slide 18
Showed Caroline, Samantha and Tina engaged in a bitch race. Behind the CPW powered by Abo and looking at the bitch race the guests abusing and fucking the remaining available women. 
Slide 19
In a corner of the slide we see the dancing twins. Nobody is looking at them, but their dance continues. Abo is still powering the wheel. The pic showed a moment when Abo was not performing well enough and getting a discharge. Her zebra like form was contorting offering a quite interesting spectacle. Samantha and Tina are being lead away on their fours, naked and leashed. 
Slide 20
A pretty picture of the two pony girls whilst trotting away pulling each a wheeled cart with their husband sitting comfortable and waving good bye.

Slide 21

“This one is not from the garden party, but was taken later as we got new neighbors” Jeff said and the slide showed blond Miss Syrotava in yellow trousers, camel toe included, walking in by the front garden with Manu next to her.

Slide 22

Miss Syrotava standing between sitting Jeff and Manu. Jeffs hand is on the inner part of her thight, so high that his finger is indeed embebbed in her clothed cunt.

Slide 23

Manu is looking at the catalog; Miss Syrotava is still standing on the same spot, but totally naked. Her shaved cunt is being finger fucked by Jeff.

“This cunt we didnt shave” Jeff explained “she brought it already like this for our amusement.

Slide 24

Miss Syrotava is encased in a basic CPB, still in Jeffs living room.

Behind Manu is phoning

Slide 25

Ex-husband of Miss Syrotava and his new Arabic girlfriend are looking TV in their living. The TV is mounted on a closed cabinet.

Slide 26

Same angle than before, but the cabinet is open and we discover that the TV is cunt-powered. Through the rear hole a big dildo has been fixed. José and Fatima are watching porn. Allisa looks distressed.

Slide 27

Same angle than before, the couple is heavily making out, Allisas cunt is just taking the whole dildo. Her distorted face shows a mixture between pain and pleasure. The humiliation she is facing is unbelievable.

Slide 28

The living of Miss Syrotavas ex. TV shut down. Cabinet closed.

Slide 29

Same angle than before, cabinet is closed. Sitting in front looking TV is Eli, Allisas only daughter and a friend.

Slide 30

The living of Miss Syrotavas ex. Nobody around. Cabinet closed. Through the window we see Eli and friends playing ball. They have left the TV on.

“Thats all folks” said Jeff and turned off the projector. 
“Do you want to fuck Caroline now or should she first prepare dinner?” Jeff casually asked as if offering a beer.
“If you want I can also invite Hugo and Tom, to join us for supper and bring along their bitches, ahh, sorry I meant wives.” joked Jeff.

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