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Times Have Changed

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Synopsis: The start into a usual day in the life of a forced ponygirl.

At nights her dreams are dark and she remembers the life she had, but more she feels how the old memories get more blurry. It scares her a little and at the same time feels good because she hopes that one day they might be just gone, and that would be less painful.

She has slept on her side again, and beneath her cheek has formed a puddle of her own drool. Some of the hay that she had been lying on had stuck to her chin and the side of her face and she weakly shakes her head to get rid of it, but can’t because the collar makes it too hard to move her head much anyways. She hopes her Owner will remove it when he comes to her, or that it might fall off during the day, when the heavy labor makes her sweat profusely again.

She just lays there and waits, since there is nothing else she can do: Every evening he put the isolation hood on her and makes sure she is deaf and blind. Because her arms are cuffed on her back and her feet are hobbled, there is never a chance to escape from her box in the stables.

At first this had freaked her out and she had trashed and wailed, cried and struggled and completely lost her mind due to claustrophobia. It had taken weeks until she had finally gotten used to spending her nights like this: Her anus and vagina are plugged, her body in the usual pony-harness, her arms in a slightly less cruel bondage than during the daytime, her hands in leather pouches and wrists cuffed on her back instead completely immobilized in the heavy leather gear.

Now she feels that he enters the box and he does what has become daily routine for her: He pulls her into a kneeling position and uncuffs her hands and immediately he pulls the leather armbinder over her arms. In the first weeks she often resisted, but she was beaten and tasered for that and never was successful. Today she usually helps him as good as she can and pushes her arms deep into the armbinder herself, because she thinks he appreciates that and might treat her a little better during the day for her cooperation.

The leather and padding of the armbinder are still a little moist with her perspiration from the last day. The armbinder is be laced very tight until it lies snugly around her arms and compresses them. Then it is laced to her corset and harness and her bondage is finished.

He takes the plugs out of her and allows her to do her business, then he bends her over a rack. First her buttplug goes back in again, the ponytail that he made for her swinging from it. Then he opens his trousers and rapes her for the first time today, enjoying that she is a little wet. How could she not, after spending another night with the crotch-straps rubbing over her pussy with every small movement and the dildo inside her.

He doesn’t care if she orgasms, and she doesn’t really want it either, so she just groans into her gag despaired and degraded. Being taken arouses her physically, but she doesn’t come. And once he is done, the dildo is pushed back into her pussy and the crotch-strap is reapplied.

Finally he takes the hood off her head and even wipes some of the sweat from her bald head and wet face. He smiles as he adjusts her head harness and she can see he is in a good mood after having fucked her. He loosens the bit gag she is wearing just enough so that she can bow over the pair troughs, eat some of the healthy mush that is in the first trough and that he has been feeding her for the last year and drink as much water as she wants from the second one.

“Much to do on the eastern field”, he tells her with a smile. He’s holding the crop and she is scared of the crop, her whole ass and thighs are covered in red marks from that wicked thing, so she whinnies immediately. She knows he likes that.

He smiles. “You sometimes think back to the times when we were lovers? I sometimes do.” He leans forward to her, the smile turns into a grin and the crop just very slightly touches the side of her bottom. “I like you so much more the way you are today, darling. Now come on, let’s warm you up.”

He attaches the blinders to her head-harness and doesn’t care that she’s crying silently. It’s going to be just another day in a ponyslaves’ life.

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