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Slavery for Wisha

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Synopsis: Wisha is sold by her parents to her Master and she must comply with him.

Slavery for Wisha

(rev. 2)

M/f, Slavery, NC, Abuse, BDSM, humil, leather, whip, tort,

By: Kray


Wisha is sold by her parents to her Master and she must comply with him.


Shes so nice, Wisha. An exotic creature, slim, beautiful, perhaps her tits are not so big, they stay inside a hand, they stay inside my hands.

Her left tit is very often in my left hand, and her right one in my right one. Typically I grab them from behind her back and I enjoy them for hours. Sometime when we are in my bed, sometime when we are in the dining and I get her on my lap.

Of course, she doesnt enjoy it as much as me, because I like to knead them even painfully, depends on my mood. I also love tormenting her pert nipples. Sometime I feel she gets some pleasure from the attentions I reserve to her fresh tits, but for the most part she just undergoes my whims.

And there is nothing she can do about, because shes a slave of mine. A real slave, with no options at all.

I bought her from her own family. In their Country it is not uncommon habit, but her situation was different. Hers, it was not a low social level family, they were wealthy mid-class people. Well mannered and educated. But one of the many Asiatic economic cracks felled that emergent family back in poverty.

And all of the three daughters were still to be married. Three dowries were still to be set aside. Nobody would marry them in these conditions.

Then the decision to sell the three daughters, so to gather money from them, instead of paying the dowries for the marriages. With the certitude that that money would had saved their business and then it would have been possible redeeming the daughters back…

Crazy ? Not here, where in such cases the lives of those three girls would be lost anyway.

I dont know what has ever been the destiny of the other two sisters, in any case I never thought, not even for a second, to return back Wisha to her family, never again.

Wisha became my property at the threshold of her 19th birth date, almost legally, since it would be hard to loose a hypothetical lawsuit, and still hard for anybody (here) to bring me into a Low Court, with the documents legally signed by Wisha parents that I have in my hands.

I desired her from the first sight: young, slender, not so tall and not short at all.

Shes so polite and mannered. The elegance of her movements is in perfect harmony with her delicate figure, and her big light brown eyes always shine an enchanting defeated pleading light.

Wisha skin is smoky, but her tits, which I like so much, are blossoming so proudly from her chest that the skin of her breast is lighter color than the rest of her body.

Even the skin of her magnificent arse is lighter than the rest, but this is not the most interesting thing of it.

My choice upon Wisha has been induced by her incredible silhouette: her waist is incredibly thin, so thin that I could circle it completely with my hands. Sometime I amuse myself by grabbing Wisha waist forcing my hands to close the circle around it, and I feel to be able to do it, but I fear to cause her some damage, then I gave up.

Instead her haunches are enthusiastically wide, despite slim.

This gives to Wisha body a unique hour-glass shape, like as she was always wearing a tight corset.

I remained so impressed from her flanks that I didnt even evaluate the good shape of her slender legs or her leady-like aspect.

I just wanted that body. I wanted to own her breasts, her breath, her flanks, her, fully.

And I definitely bought her, for a huge price since I was a foreigner.

She was not willing. Rationally she understood the situation and she followed the instructions and the reassurances of her parents, but she was instinctively obstinately refusing it… and me.

And this has been my ultimate benefit, indeed: the first time I showed her the handcuffs, she accepted them almost with relief, since that way she was compelled to do something than otherwise she would like to refuse doing: following me in her new home, at my full and unconditioned service, as per contract.

It has been the only time she stared at me with a sort of insolence. A contemptuous glance while she was defiantly offering me her wrists in front of her, fighting with the disbelief to be about to be chained.

It lasted just two seconds, not more than that short time! As soon as I spun her by her shoulders and at once I grabbed her wrists behind her back where I cuffed them, and then I knelt behind her to hobble her slender ankles above her tight jeans, and then again I snapped a third tinkling chain to link the chain between her wrists with the chain between her ankles, so that in order to stay upright she had to distend down her arms, otherwise when she wanted to bend her elbows she had to sit or kneel. At once her expression changed into a mix of fear, horror, disbelief and hopeless, defeated to her unavoidable and now so evident fate.

I ignored the horrified scream of despair of Wishas mother, who was powerlessly following this shocking scene from the threshold of Wisha family villa.

I was determined affirming I was the owner now, in front of everybody, and I would have got full profit from that transaction.

I had then just to push her into my Limo and to leave, leaving Wishas birth home.

It wouldnt be necessary to blind her, but I enjoyed doing it, to engrave even more into Wishas soul the sense of desperation she was experiencing.

Hot tears were slowly straining from below her black blind. Along the whole travel she didnt dare saying a single word, she just never stopped silently weeping. Sometime she adjusted her position, always uncomfortable since the cuffs which I never removed from her.

I followed her attitude, and I avoided speaking to her. Still, arrived to my mansion, I simply leaded her inside, directly to the cells bathroom. There I removed the blind and I waited she got accustomed to the light.

Her eyes, pleading, wet and stained from the mascara were still more attractive than before.

She needed just few minutes of silence, and she assumed a slight bowed head position, which was exalting the daintiness of her slender neck and which from that day she has never lost.

She closed her wet eyes when I showed her the golden plated steel collar, as to accept it in defeat. The non-allergenic foam lining of the collar touched the neck skin meanwhile her eyes were still closed, they opened wide shut just the instant of the locker soundly clicked and then they assumed anew their usual defeated pleading expression.

She was staying there, upright in the centre of the bathroom, a quite big, luxurious bathroom indeed, fully equipped with many accessories, and her Master was leisurely outfitting her for her status of slave.

I replaced the wrist cuffs with two separate wide steel band manacles. Each one of them was internally silicone foam lined and externally was bringing two pivoting eyelets which the only purpose was to tie their victim at its Master pleasure. And each of them was golden plated too, since the gold color looks very nice against Wisha smoky skin.

She didnt protest when I leaded her wrists again behind her back, and I assured them to a short chain coming from the rear eyelet of her collar. She didnt even grimaced at all, comforting me that her slender figure was supple as it appears.

Once removed the ankle cuffs I succeed in inducing Wisha to emit her first appeal to me, meanwhile I was unrewarding pulling down her jeans: “Oh nooooo..”.

She cringed some, but she stayed, closing her legs shut together as soon as I removed completely her trousers. Her panties remained almost in place, they were lowered just a little down her haunches, and when I was pulling them down they stopped where she was clasping her knees together. I neither had to increase the pulling down force, I simply waited couple of seconds, and Wisha, wailing, she released her clasp just the minimum necessary to allow her last ephemeral protection slipping down to the floor.

Still knelt in front of Wisha I lead her intoxicating delicate naked feet one by one into her elegant 3 inches heel black shoes and still silent, I lead her feet 5 inches wide each other, then I hobbled her by a 10 inches chain.

I just had to give a grasp to one ankles of her and lead it again in position, after she tried to clasp again her legs, and she eventually understood I wanted she stayed legs widened like this.

Wisha was a spectacle! Standing up on her 3” heels, naked from her feet to her haunches, legs slightly widened. Her nice pubic hair was impudently inviting my hands to caress it. Her elbows were out and her wrists were compelled just few inches below her nape. The elegant brown close fitting t-shirts was exalting the inviting curves of her body, and chiefly it was wonderfully clasping her thin waist.

Seeing that I was handling a knife she backed away startling and she opened her mouth, but I reassured her nodding, and she stopped her useless flee, despite she didnt stopped panting in fear. So that I moved behind her and I slipped my hand below her tight t-shirt. I managed just a little inside that snug warm place and my hand came back out grasping her bra.

Indeed the bra was having just the meaning to cover Wisha breast, nothing else, since even after it was removed her tits were standing out proudly, while her pert nipples were pushing impudently though the brown t-shirt.

From the position I was, to her back, I gently caressed her. Her chin, her lips, her neck, both her tits. I circled her nipples and I noticed that despite Wisha will, they were responding promptly, almost punching the fabric.

At last I gave my first gentle exploration around that incredibly slim waist, then her magnificent haunches until I flowed down, where my hands dabbed her pubic air. And still down, flying over her smooth thighs, just to come up again circling many times her inviting bums. 

Next I went to take a notebook and a tailor rule, and I carefully took all Wisha measurement, so I could take care of her needs from now on.

I also weight her by the scale, since I decided she will remain exactly this same slender size.

Finished to note down her measurements, I offered her to drink some orange juice, then I linked a leash to her collar, I seized her shoulders and I lead her to the toilet, where I spun her and I had her to sit.

After having assured the leash to one of the many eyelets on the wall, I left her there, sat, alone in the bathroom, still silently crying, still silently in despair.

By Kray                                            

Once back to my slave and flushed the toilet, ignoring her warm tears of shame, I kept pressed a button so a squirt of water gave Wishas intimates a first rinse.

A shower has the capability to ease the stress, even for a brand new slave. Wisha was aware that I was managing for a shower, and I knew that the deep desire for a shower and the disgust to be washed by a stranger were fighting inside her mind.

Anyway she had no option at all but getting whatever her Master had in store for her.

After one last quick exploration of her torso through the sexy t-shirt, I cut it away, and Wisha remained naked… those nipple were asking for deep attention… they would have found it very, very, very soon.

I quickly undressed myself too, and I stepped inside the shower cabin leading my slave in front of me.

Just before the cabin I removed her shoes.

The shower cabin of the cellars bathroom is a kind of little spa. It is all pink marble, is comfortably wide and there is even a pink marble bench, with an additional tap. It is possible to enjoy the shower in any way one is in the mood to do. Many steel eyelets stuck into the pink marble can be used at ones convenience…

I indulged so much in washing Wisha, all over, with great care.

Once fulfilled of lathering her breasts and neck, I began soaping her lower parts.

She started cringing many times, but I had linked her collar lash above her head, and she had to stand up no matter what was happening to her body down below.

The leash was keeping her nearby the marble bench, and in order to be able to enjoy my slave at my best, I sat there and I continued soaping her all over, while I was comfortably seated.

Wisha was not exactly complaining, she was just wailing every time I was flowing a sensitive place of her… She was wailing almost continuously indeed, but she was doing it lowly, like her trouble was the shame for what was happening to her, and not the revulsion for it.

Feeling my hungry hands approaching close to her most intimate parts, Wisha could not avoid closing her feet together, despite the command I imposed her.

Unfortunately for Wisha, her thin figure and her wide flanks, make the way so that even with her feet tight together, her thighs cannot protect her intimates, there is always a passage that seems waiting just to be exploited.

I then discovered that even her nice young clit is so responsive, like her nipples, against her own will.

But when Wisha sensed my fingers about to invade her pussy she could not resist lifting up one knee and clasping shut her thighs. No matter the steady slaps I was giving to her calf, thighs and bottom, trying to persuade her to assume the right position. She was just staying fully tensed, wailing in fear and shame.

I had to temporary remove the hobble between her ankles, slackening a little her collar leash and then I linked each one of Wisha ankles to the sides of my marble bench.

Fantastic, I was sat on my marble bench, warmed by the shower water, my slave was upright, straddling over my right knee, hands clasped almost to her nape, my face was facing her breast, and once I lowered my back on the warm marble backrest, my hands had full access to any intimate part of the poor Wisha.

The warm water was raining from the many sprinklers, on me and on my slave trapped body. The warm water, her hopelessly fully exposed position, caused in Wisha a kind of defeated relax. And I began to invade her, slowly, with great care. Her wailing increased in force while my finger was digging inside her, until… Virgin ?!

I was not waiting for such a pleasant surprise!

Just that moment I understood her father reasoning while we were discussing her price, but in our western mind we couldnt seriously think that a 19 year old girl, sexy like Wisha, could be still virgin!

And with my finger still poking her, I spoke to Wisha for the first time “Wisha, even if you have no experiences, for sure you know the matter… And you still well understand the present situation and what is in store for you. After the shower I mean to claim my sexual right over you… what will be your attitude about ?”

“I, I… I dont want, I will not ! …”

“This is a real problem, since I dont intend to wait, but I dont want to waste your first time… Ok, I have to persuade you to be more cooperative… For the moment I want you to wash your long black hair, like just a woman can do”.

I released her wrists from her back, and I allow some more slack to her leash, then I disposed on the marble bench, beside me, all the necessary, like three different combs, the shampoo, the conditioner… and I also directed a good sprinkle of warm water on the nape, so that she could rinse her hair just arching her slender and flexible neck… a real show !

“You may begin, and do it carefully, Ill wait for you here only… Dont mind if I touch you here and there meanwhile I wait... I really like your body… Avoid contrasting my hands, I will do whatever I like anyway, you know you have no choice…”

I enjoyed the full long process sat between her compelled spread legs, entertaining myself in pleasant explorations of Wisha… inside also… into her love canal just until where I could access, and poking deeper and deeper her rear entrance, ignoring her squeals.

Just outside the shower cabin, after having toweled her and gathered her hair into a ponytail, both of us still fully naked and Wisha upright in front of me anew cuffed and hobbled like before the shower, I showed Wisha the leather belt I planned to have her wearing from the first moment I saw her thin waist.

It was not so dark color, 5 inches wide: two inches were circling a thin diameter, the same of her waist, next the belt becomes wider in order to match with her flanks. When I laced it on Wisha, I discovered it was shaped exactly like her body. Excited I locked the mini-locks.

Wisha was worried seeing that strange wide belt which was exactly encasing part of her waist and the upper part of her sexy haunches, and she was still more worried seeing al those many buckles all over it, but she was still unable to understand what the purpose (…s) of that device was (…were).

She just could appreciate the comfortable stuffing in contact with her silky skin, and notice that her Master's tool was at the apex of a strong erection.

In front of Wisha I prepared a long and thin leather lace, like a boot-lace, but quite longer. Circling Wisha with my arms I threaded the leather lace into a D-ring in the lower rear of her waist belt, and I let the two long leather ends falling down along Wisha slender and slightly parted legs (Wisha always learned very quickly her rules).

Casually I kneeled in front of Wisha and from between her legs I applied some grease to the leather laces, and with both ends of them I got upright again.

Wisha was breathing heavily, since she guessed my next move. I threaded both lace ends into a special mini clam cleat on the centre front of her new waist belt and I slowly pulled until the laces arrived meeting Wisha intimates, like G-String panties, but made just by two evil strings which were running together, and with no panties at all.

The contact of the greased leather with her delicate intimates made Wisha to wince, and her breathing became a panting, but she was still staying there, standing in front of me, with her legs strait and parted as much as the hobble was allowing it, naked except from the collar, the cuffs, the belt and the shoes, saying nothing, striving to avoid begging her Master for some indulgence.

I grasped a small towel and I wrapped my hand by the towel and the greased laces so to have a full grip, and I cruelly pulled down with force.

The laces dug the tender most sensitive flesh of Wisha, which, with a desperate wail, bent her knees and followed my hands until she fell on the floor, in the instinctive attempt to ease the strain to her crotch.

Unfortunately for Wisha the special clam cleat in front of her waist belt was studied exactly in the way to do not release the laces once pulled taut through it, and the pain and the despair remained stuck with Wisha crotch, and they were piercing her mind to craziness.

“Noooo… please, please… release it pleeeease…”

“Address to me as Master, or My Master !”

“M… My Master… Please… I cannot stand it… I caaaannnt!”

“Good to know it! Then stop it… if you are able to !”

I sat onto a little bathroom stool, enjoying her desperation.

“Noooo, I caaaannt, I caaannt. Please, have mercyyyy. You are tearing meeeee… I go craaazyy”

I let her crying for a couple of minutes, forcing her by the collar to stay knelt but straight up… in front of me, enjoying the view of her clit remained in the gap between the two cruel laces: it was engorged by the strain all around it.

I also begun savoring the day I would really torture her crotch, on top of the wooden horse…

Finally, she begun pleading at me in the way I was waiting for.

“I will dooooo iiit, I will dooo whatever you want… anythiiiing, pleeeeaseee, pleeeasee, Masteeeeer”

“Better, quite better, but before I could believe to your promises, I expect for a taste…”

I widened my knees, giving Wisha full access to my excited crotch, and I pulled her there by the leash.

She immediately began to convulsively licking and sucking me, randomly, with no method at all.

I let her going on like this for a couple of minutes, then I had her to get up just the time I needed to release the strain of the evil laces… even if I didnt release them completely, still allowing Wisha to enjoy some strain.

Unfortunately the result was not so good: Wisha job on me was still approximate, discontinuous, aloof.

“Ok stop now! It is a beginning, off course, but seems you still refuse the fact that you are my slave, and a slave must give to her Master her full being. I expect you behave like you are in love with me, nothing less !”

She was staring at me with a strange expression, doubtfully. So I continued

“Try once more, and think to me like your boyfriend, try to satisfy me as you were doing with him …”. No changes… “So, whats happening? Tell me!”

“… I … I…” I abruptly slapped her “Commence any of your sentences by a deferent Master or My Master ? Understood ? !”!

The slap was not for her lack, I hit her just to push her to say things perhaps difficult to say to a complete stranger, and then “Maasteeer, I dont know how I have to do it ! Ive never done before! Never!”.

“This is not a good justification, and I will demonstrate it. For the moment stand up, we move to a different room”.

Scared and weeping, I lead her in my bedroom, where a huge canopy bed, full of odd eyelets and straps was waiting for Wisha.

I had to force a little her scared steps until the bed. “Climb on!” She complied, even was not so simple with hands to her nape and hobbled ankles.

“Lay down on the centre! Belly down ! ”

Shes not heavy, off course, upright on the mattress, straddling her, I could move her at my pleasure, and I positioned her where I wanted

.. She submissively followed my movements while I was parting her knees and trapping them inside two straps coming from the bed sides. I had to remove her ankles hobble chain. Next I threaded two leather thongs from the rear of her waist belt, each one was linked with one of her ankles cuffs, and I slowly pulled: her legs bent up and her dainty feet arrived nearby her buttocks, and I rose her up, in kneeling position.

She was incredibly exciting, Wisha, naked, with arms constricted behind her back, up to her nape, so that she were forced to arch her back, pushing out her impudent tits, her legs forced to kneel, her knees forced wide, in the centre of my bed!

I lingered myself punishing those impudent nipples of hers, and using them as extortion, I required Wisha to reply to my kisses.

At the beginning she was not responding, but as soon as I increased the grip on her sensitive nipples, her kisses begun to be more and more interesting.

Ive been so effective in twirling, pinching and pulling at both her nipples that Wisha learned how to proper kiss her Master in less than 15 minutes. Her delicate tongue, shamefully at the beginning, learned that a quick and impudent invasion of Master mouth, invitation to explore, could let him relax and ease a little the pain. And the more the Masters mind is caught by the pleasantness of the massage on his lips, the longer that the pain stays far.

When her technique was good enough, I though was the case to teach her some involvement, so I grasped her full left tit with my right hand and I slowly increased the grip. Even into the shower I profusely kneaded her tits, but it was just an unkind handling, instead this time the strength I was applying was steady, continuously increasing and very scaring.

That moment Wisha was already aware that the only way to calm me down was by pleasing me, and then she reacted almost naturally, by pushing herself more against me, offering herself instead of trying to escape. The moaning she was emitting until I was just teasing her nipples now became squeals of fear and pain. Her mouth began to frantically looking for something that could give pleasure to me. Her kisses became anxious to present herself, and her full chest was winding between my arms to be offered, to be taken, to be owned. I responded to such invitations by showing just a kind of incertitude in my grip, I didnt give to her poor tit a real rest, letting Wisha understanding that the direction was correct, but she had to improve more. At the apex of my cruel grip her mouth began to kiss me like she wanted eating me, my lips my tongue, and also my neck, and that point, in real heaven, I begun to slowly ease the torture on her. And since she didnt dare lessening her engagement in kissing me, my right hand lost its delicious target and begun to flow all over Wisha body, looking for new entertainments… Like her very exposed clit, for example!

“You see Wisha… A creature like you does know exactly what to do, it is just a matter of willing… Now Ill give you one more lesson on this subject”.

I withdrawal a little, interrupting her action, then I unlinked Wisha arms one by one from her nape and using two more leather tongues I compelled her hands to stay within 12 inches from her front collar ring.

I then pushed her head forward, leading her to pivot around her trapped knees.

At the beginning she wasnt understand the position I wanted she assumed, but at last she got the pose I decided: She was on the mattress on her all four, knees and elbows, with her feet constricted by the waist tongues to stay approached to her butt, high. Her forearms instead could match the mattress all length, even if the collar chains were keeping her head slightly bowed. If she wanted to raise her head, she had to lift her wrists also, remaining supported on the mattress just on four single points, in perfect doggy style.

In order to avoid her lowering her butt, I linked a chain coming from the centre of the canopy to the lower rear Waist belt D-ring … She could not go anywhere! And moreover if she would tried to lower her ass, the strain from the canopy to the waist belt would result into a painfully tension to the two evil leather laces, still in menacing position on her crotch.

I took position with my back supported on the bed headboard, comfortably adjusted onto some the pillows. My knees half bent and wide up… my crotch right in front of Wisha face, which she had to withdraw a little in order to allow me some space.

My view was a show: Wisha arse and her wide flanks were up in the air, exactly in front of me, and her dainty feet were just behind of them. Just stretching out one arm I could caress them. Her back was running down sexily arched, and her thin waist was partially trapped by the belt, but the most part was at disposal of my whims. Her face was uncertainly alternatingly looking at me and at my excited tool.

She could try to avoid what was about to happen to her, but she preferred pretending not having understood what was clearly expected from her.

So that, with no warning at all, I let my leather switch lashing her left haunch, then I waited for her reaction, which arrived after a couple of second of complete disbelief. As soon she begun emitting her first scream I landed again the switch 5 more times in rapid sequence, trying to wrap fully her guilty arse.

After few disarticulated screams she begun to plead me to stop “Nooooo, stooooop pleeeeeeease, nooooo … no mooooore, noo mooooore pleeeease Maaaaasteeeer… noooo”.

I stopped, but just the time to delude her I could comply, instead, after changing hand, I restart whipping her butt, mercilessly, many times, with no pause.

“Nhaaaooooo. Nhoooooo… Ohhh nhoooo pleeeease, pleeeeaseeee!”

Then I eventually stopped and I allowed my slave to recover a little.

I understood she recovered enough when she silently started on kissing at my excited dick just in front of her.

At the beginning it was like my hungry tool had some spikes, but the stinging in her butt reminded her what happens to indolent slaves, and within few more seconds Wisha began licking me like a lollypop. Eventually she got me inside her mouth, slipping up and down around me, always with a good whirlpool, and eventually I felt she was seriously engaged in giving me pleasure.

I let my head falling back on the pillows, and I enjoyed Wisha blowing me like this for ten minutes or so. Then I had to admit to myself that it was pleasant for sure, but it was rather repetitive.

I grasped her hair and I jerked her face to me.

“Yes Wisha, it is better, but you should even use some fantasy… I cant believe that in your dreams you imagined just one scene…  Perhaps I have an idea in order to help you recalling your dreams…”. Among Wisha screams I cruelly landed the switch three times on her left sole, then I changed the hand and I did the same with her next sole.

Her poor tender feet were both red welded. Forcing her head toward me, I brought my face to hers I hauled at her “And for the next few days you will remember each step that your master doesnt admit that his slave evades its own duties! You are here with just one meaning and just one rule: giving pleasure to ME, and I expect it with no restrains or excuses at all ! … Now if you dont like the idea of crawling for a couple of weeks because of serious wounds on your feet, it is better that you look for the way to let me forget I have the whip in my hands… Understood ?”. “YYYYYEeeeeeesss, Yeeeessss pleeeeeaseeee Maaasteeer, I …I … I wont… I wont…” … “No! instead I think it is better I better clarify the situation a little further”…

And I took back whipping her beautiful smoky buttock.

Two, three… five… seven…. I dont know exactly how many more lashes decorated her ass, I just know that her expression changed many times among the screams, from the desperation to the subjugation to the hopeless to the terror… Her terror made me to stop.

I gripped her hair few minutes, waiting she calmed down a little. She was just convulsing mewling “Forgive me, forgive meee, Masteeeer, please forgive meeee… ”.

I slowly let her head go, and it slowly lowered between my legs, while her body was sobbing.

I waited. I also was a little touched from that poor creature who just one day before was confident in a future of happiness and self realization, while today she had been vilely sold by the same persons who should have granted her such a luminous future.

I was still completely distracted by my thoughts, when I felt Wisha tongue attempting at the base of my balls. And then beside, then up, along my dick, and next down. Wisha action was increasing in involvement second by second. When her mouth was busy with my dick, her delicate fingers were softly massaging my balls, and when she was sucking at my balls, her hands were dabbing my hard dick.

I thrown again my head on the pillows, and after couples of minutes the switch felled from my hand to the mattress. For sure, by the time and the experience, Wisha blows would improve, but that first blowjob she was giving me was already unforgettable.

On the edge of climaxing, still fully thrown on the pillows, my eyes closed for the pleasure, I just had to softly warn her “Take me, Wisha, take me in your mouth and swallow me… do not dare to waist a single drop of my seed… ” and she obeyed greedily increasing the whirlpool at the maximum and doing this she milked me dry… pure heaven.

I stayed collapsed in ecstasy and Wisha, scared from what the next dish in store for her, she was continuing to softly kissing and licking and caressing all over my sex, either with no impulse either with no pause.

I had got even a short nap, filled of music… exotic music!

When I woke up I met Wisha scared eyes there.

I decided to slightly change her position: I released her from the canopy and I removed her the waist belt. Then I tied just her wrists and her ankles to the mattress, her knees were free again. Also I removed the chain between her collar and her wrists. She was simply on her all four on the mattress, completely naked… for me.

“Relax Wisha , the first time is important for a women”


“Cmon, give a little encouragement to mine!”

I slipped both my legs between her arms and knees, presenting my sex to Wisha face again. She silently begins to allure it at her best.

Once fully excited I slipped more down below Wisha.

“Widen your knees and lower on me”. My hands had grabbed her thin waist and were leading her pelvis tower mine one. She mewed when my tip touched her unviolated pussy entrance, but she continued following my hands instructions.

My movements became incredibly attentive and slow, transmitting to Wisha a kind of reassurance. “It wont be rough, Wisha, not this time, just relax and submit to your fate… It also wont be fast… Take it ease!”.

Her eyes were shut close and she was biting her lower lip, waiting for my thrust, but I had no intention to give it. Instead I was enjoying digging her just until her virginity and then come back… After some times she opened her eyes and she looked at me interrogatively “Relax Wisha. Tomorrow you will be a woman, now enjoy your last minutes of innocence”. I was continuing playing in and out of her. “And I also have a proposal for you… What do you prefer for your first time: to be taken tied like this, like you are just now, with no chances, or to have the chance to let this moment looking almost normal?” I was continuing playing the shallow digging game  “… Im waiting, do not disappoint your owner, Wisha… tell me, what your dreams are for your first time were ?... SO ?” … “I … Master, I was… I would … I would like something more… kind… sweet…but… but I have no choice indeed…” Of course she was speaking panting some “Ok, so ask to your Master! It is the only thing you can do from now on! … No … better, plead to him! Plead to me for some kindness!”

“… Master… Please Master, I… I would really like my first time was kind and sweet…as much as possible… Master ? “

“Will you behave, slave?” … “Yes, Master, I will do”… “Ok, but be warned, you just made a promise to me, do not dare to disregard it, or you will pay hard!”.

I unwillingly slipped out from that corner of heaven. First I linked her chain collar leash to another chain coming from beside the bed head-rest, next I completely release her limbs from the mattress. She was still wearing the four golden cuffs, but they were free. “You can get down the bed and drink, if you like” all the necessary was within her collar leash range “I wait for you back here in 10 minutes”.

She went to drink, scared for what was happening to her and for what was about to arrive next. The long leash was allowing her few meters of freedom, and it was not necessary at all, where ever could she have gone ? But I wanted her linked to my bed by that chain, symbolizing she couldnt avoid her fate at all.

That gentle naked figure was moving around, and for each dainty step (somewhat limp, since the lashes she had just got) the noise of the collar chain was murmuring the exciting misery of her condition. After couple of minutes I found Wisha upright beside the bed, head bowed, clearly scared, her hands awkwardly one inside the other. She was waiting for instructions!

“Seems you were feeling more comfortable with your hands tied… No worries Wisha, even with your limbs free you still havent any choice at all. From the moment I bought you from your parents, you lost any choice: You just can do whatever I decide, obediently”.

“And dont worry, from tomorrow your hands will be again constricted behind your back… I have some nice game to play with you, little slave. So… relax !”

Hot tears started again to strain from her, but she dared say nothing…

“Come onto the bed and offer yourself to me, so you can delude yourself that you may choose for it”.

Sexy creature, she slowly climbed on the bed and she came to kiss my lips softly, as for begging me to be likewise soft with her. I decide to comply with this request, and moreover I let Wisha leading the full action, and she performed it excellently.

For sure she was acting the dream she played many times with her fantasy, alone, into her room. For sure the subject of her dream was not me, and most probably in her dream she wasnt wear any collar and any leash, but lot of things had suddenly changed in her life in the last couples of days and now her former dreams had to face with present reality.

She lead my hands to caress her back while she were kissing my whole body.

Next she laid face up and her hands gently asked me to kiss hers at the same, while she was caressing my nape. When I was kissing at her sex I lingered longer, and her hands clasped to my hair. So I continued, and I brought her to climax in few minutes. Most probably in her mind the image of her Master was slowly overcoming the other ones (Stockholm syndrome ?), or maybe the despair to be abandoned by her beloveds was driving her to let it go.

Then Wisha seized my shoulders and leaded me to climb above her, while her gentle legs were receiving me.

It has been so simple, so easy, so natural… I slipped inside her, she was wet and ready, meanwhile her hands were holding me. At the moment of the defloration she threw her head back, emitting a guttural groan, exposing her long throat to my kisses, her nails dug in my back, increasing my broad pleasure…

The rest was mine: I was in so much ecstasy that I could not control myself anymore. I continued pumping myself inside Wisha the most deeper I could, looking for my own pleasure, enjoying the inebriant sense of power was clouding my mind. And I came delightfully inside Wisas warm and welcoming body.

By Kray                                            

Four or five weeks passed from that first exciting day.

Wisha life at my servitude already got a kind of routine.

Now she seemed almost not to endure her slavery, it was like she accepted it as a normal option in the life of a 19 old girl of her Country.

Off course, when I apply my “prerogatives” over her, she doesnt have a really good time, but she understood that the sufferances I enjoy inflicting on her are either with no consequences, either unavoidable... despite very “unkind”. In any case she learnt after a strongest session, I always allow her few days of somewhat rest.

Typically in the early morning she had to comply with my hormonal pressure, but very often I just play a little with her, since my business call for me.

Wisha skills in oral sex have improved a lot, now she knows how to calm me down, and she succeeds in this the most part of the times.

Already after the first two weeks I start allowing her hands free along the full day, I enjoy tying them again in the evening, as soon as I was free from my affairs, and I think she began to appreciate it, since as Wisha hands are tied, I have to take care of all her needs… and she likes it….

Wisha daytime is busy with many little home chores or different duties that I use to invent on the purpose.

My bedroom, the cells and the cells bathroom are Wisha exclusive duties, and Im not inclined to forgive her any lack, just the perfection is acceptable.

Indeed, just very seldom Wisha gives me the pleasure to punish her for some lack in caring the home works, instead she seems enjoying those duties. Her thin and slender shape is hopping all around her nest, cleaning, arranging, preparing, perfuming…

Sometime I need to look for hours before being able to find an excuse to tie her and to whip her some.

Sometime I simply put her in some unpleasant predicament, just for my pleasure, not for any lacks, just because shes beautiful when she suffers submissively and silently.

The first time she undergone my games has been already the second day from her arrival. It begun simply and abruptly, in the late morning. After having taken her virginity during the night, I allowed Wisha to relax a little. I reduced the length of her collar leash and I linked her wrists close to her collar frontal ring, not more than 10 cm. “Now have some rest. You can relax, trust me. I promise that I wont hurt you anymore this night, if later you would feel my hands on your body, it will be just for a soft and kind exploration of my property, nothing more”.

I fell asleep caressing Wisha helpless body, avoiding hurting her, as promised… She needed to get some rest after such a shocking day.

3 or 4 times I sensed her weeping in the night. She strived to weep the most silently she could, since every time she were awakening me, she had to enjoy some nice minutes of rummage by my curious hands on her body.

But at morning (late morning) my attitude changed back: “Ok little slave, you slept enough. Do not delude yourself, I havent bought you just to look at you while sleeping. Today you will begin learning what the meaning to be a slave of mine is !”

After allowing her to use the bathroom for all her needs and a shower, I ordered her to slip on a pair of black leather high heel boots, high just over her knees, her lustful thighs were naked. Her movements were hampered from the pain of the still screaming lashes on her butt and, chiefly, the ones on her foot soles.

In order to let her wear the high boots I had to temporary remove her golden ankles cuffs and put in their place two leather ankle cuffs, above the boots leather.

Under her worried stare I handed Wisha a black leather body suit. The body suit had just a single ample long sleeve, no trousers, two openings for the tits and there was an alarming amount of D-rings, thongs, buckles, zips and so on all over.

The corset was clinging Wisha excitingly tight, even at her thin waist.

The chest openings were either letting escape out her firm mid size tits, either entrapping her breast bases, offering them to their Master for any purpose.

Wisha erect nipples were betraying her body reaction to the leather touch and its tight entrapment.  

Next I helped her to slip also her naked arm inside the single sleeve, which I crossed behind her back.

The single sleeve was long enough to reach her naked shoulder, where I sealed it by a surrounding strong zip and some little thongs and buckles. Some more thongs and buckles along the sleeve length allowed me to stick Wisha forearms one to each other, and each hand with the opposite elbow.

Before tightening the body belts some more tricks were to be put in place.

Meanwhile I was walking around her, busy in entrapping her body more and more hopelessly, Wisha was continuously shedding warm tears. Some sniffling now and then was completing her subjugate reaction. Just once she let escape a “… But… why… Master?...I would do whatever you ask for…”.

Before answering I wrapped her helpless sex with my hand, “Because I want you sensing that your being it is not yours anymore… Indeed seems it has never been actually yours, since your parent have been sold it to me. But now I want you taste my complete power over you and this corset is either incredibly exciting for whom is outside of it, either incredibly hopelessly for whom is trapped inside of it… ”. “It is so worrying but quite comfortable, isnt? It is because is made to be worn along for many hours… days even!” “Oh, nhoooo, Master, please…” “Shut up! And open your mouth! Is time to put the bit … No, better, before to put the gag kneel and let me see if you still remember the lesson of yesterday!”.

My dick was already excited since the moment I begun preparing her, and now it was throbbing for some relief.

At the beginning she hesitated, but I applied just a little force on her shoulder and she kneeled in front of her naked Master. Defeated, Wisha got me into her warm and delicate mouth, and, defeated, she started blowing me.  

She couldnt use her hands, since they already were firmly crossed behind her, encased inside the single leather sleeve, but she recalled all the requirements about engagement and fantasy I explained her the previous day.

The chain on her collar leash was clenched in my left hand. My right hand was playing with her hairs, sometime leading her head. The pleasure mounting from Wisha performance was filling my mind… the sense of power was intoxicating!.. I could barely stay upright: sometime to find back my balance I had to jerk at her hairs. 

Just before I was about to cum I grabbed Wisha hairs and I turn it away from me “I really hope you will spill out some drop of mine, so that we could spend the next days just training you in this matter”. But unfortunately she didnt dare loosing my seed, even when my pleasure was so strong that my knees didnt support me anymore and I had to lower down until I was seated on the floor, meanwhile Wisha head was convulsing following me, helped by my hand clasped on her hairs and by the whirlpool of her mouth which was fastening her more and more to me.

I didnt let her head go. I went on keeping Wisha mouth on my crotch, since I needed some minutes before to be able to get upright again. And Wisha went on complying with her Master will by licking and massaging my crotch all the time.

For sure the terrible betrayal she endured from her parents shocked her deeply, and most probably it produced a noticeable pliability of her will. Moreover the sense of abandonment, of helpless and the fear increased her weakness.

And I immediately exploited this provisional subjugation tendency of Wisha in order to make it irreversible.

“Ok Wisha, not bad. We have substantial room for improvements, but reckoning this is the second blowjob in your life, Im satisfied enough. Now stand up in front of me and widen your legs, I have to complete your outfit for today”.

She already sensed that the crotch of her leather corset was carrying some implementations, wicked, for sure, but then I was about to show her the purposes of them.

At the crotch level, the corset is made like a G-string panty… leather one, of course. The corset leather is narrowing at the small of her back and it becomes a thin strip (~1 cm wide). The buttocks remain naked and the leather strip digs between them wrapping Wisha's crotch. At the level of the anus, the leather strip forks in two strips, which run beside Wisha sex.

These two leather strips are buckled in front of the corset, and they can be tightened at ones pleasure.

A thin steel D-ring is fixed at the G-string forking spot. It comes out from the leather for 2 cm.

Above and along this first bifurcate leather strip, it is possible to install one more strap. This second one is a single piece of leather, thin at Wisha back like the first one, but next it becomes wider over the sex and it is linked to a single buckle to the corset front, just between the two of before … It is like a pussy shield. Where the forking strip has the downward D-ring, the “shield strap” has a buttonhole to accommodate it. The D-ring is actually long enough to go through the “shield strap” and over. I wouldnt install the shield strap for the moment, I would enjoy the view of Wisha sex naked and imprisoned between two leather belts.

Sat on the floor in front of Wisha sex, I explained and show the functionality of the corset to my poor slave that she was more and more worried about, but she didnt dare to say anything. “As you may guess, the opportunities of your corset are so many, and you are about to discover all of them… Enjoy the last moment of freedom of your intimates…”

I left the crotch strap hanging between Wisha legs and I stand up.

“Time for the gag… you will love it, Im sure”. I wrapped her head with a harness of thin leather belt and steel rings. Ready for her mouth there was a kind of bite for horses. Is made by a omega shaped steel bar, multy-coated of thick leather: Her teeth could never get in direct contact with the steel. I inserted the omega inside Wisha mouth and I adjusted the bit extremities to her head harness and I linked the reins to them. After having regulated the many head buckles, the helmet and the bit were snuggly controlling her head.

Wisha hair was coming out from the harness top like a ponytail.

One step behind Wisha I took one rein in each hand and I alternatively pulled them, making Wisha head to nod at my commands and eliciting a desperation wailings from my slave “Did you ever imagine that someone could achieve such a deep control over you? No? It does … It has already became the new standard of your life style, Wisha. Better you get used to my full control over you as soon as possible.”.

By the reins I lead her nearby to the wall. “Ok Wisha, now bend ninety degrees, and with your legs parted wide, Im showing you one of the many possibilities of your corset crotch straps”.

Once in position I linked the reins to an eyelet on the wall, then I pulled both crotch straps above her lower back “In the shower I just played a little with your rear hole, like this, dont you remember? ” among low Wisha wails I was fingering her ass with a lot of lubricant “today the freedom of your ass definitely ends: from now on I will keep it busy almost continuously”. With these words I approached the tip of a small size anal plug to Wisha rear entrance and I begun to twirl it inside her. I had to grasp her by the corset with one hand in order to maintain her in position for the unavoidable invasion of her young and inviolate body. Hot tears of pain, mewls, and deep humiliation were dropping on the floor mixed with drool “No, Wisha, dont be so sad, every single instant of subjugation of yourself corresponds a nice pleasure for your Master, so you should be happy instead”.

I leaded Wisha upright again and I linked her reins to an upper eyelet so she could not bend. Then I buckled the first crotch strap (the forked one) to Wishas corset front. Then I hold her waist and I kissed her defenseless neck and I nibbled her pert nipples “Now your new little friend is trapped inside your belly, and it will stay there until I will be satisfied from your pleads and your efforts to show me your total submission… Yes, because obedience is not enough, total submission and compliance are expected”. One hand of mine was pleasantly massaging and poking her inviting pussy. “I feel that your body is betraying you… your nipples are fully erect from the first contact of the leather corset. Your pussy is wet and your sweet clit is somewhat engorging under my touch… Tell me the truth, Wisha: you already like all of this !” She didnt answer me, but she was rather swinging under my cares.

“You just would need a tail now, but I have in store something trickier for you indeed”. I produced a string 15 cm long, with a little snap link at one end and a kind of dotted metal ball at the other end and I showed to her “Each step this weight will rub between your thighs. At the beginning it will be just a annoyance, but after a while your skin will become irritate and walking will become a careful matter. If I will be satisfied from your behaviour you will be allowed to walk slowly and carefully, so that to minimize the fret and the pain. If your behavior will not satisfy me, I will let you run all day long… I could even decide to substitute the dotted ball with a spiked one… It is better you strive to comply with me, trust me”. I linked the snap between her legs, to the D-Ring at her middle of the crotch strap, so that the strange little ball was hanging exactly between her thighs.

I knelt and I also hobbled her ankles by 30 cm of leather string.

“Ok, you will stay like this for the moment, with your pussy free. Your rule for today is so simple: you have to follow me wherever I go in the villa, kneel in a corner of the room where I am and wait there. If I call, youll immediately join me and offer me the reins. If I have more orders or instructions, I will impart them to you and youd better comply at once”. “Well try just now, kneel right here !”.

During that simple movement Wisha tasted lot of new experiences:

It is so difficult to kneel with ankles hobbled, wearing high heels.

It is not so simple to maintain the balance with arms crossed behind the back.

It is so unpleasant feeling the crotch strap digging the intimates while kneeling and feeling its even increased stretch when the ass meets the talons. And more unpleasant for Wisha was feeling the anal plug sleeping deeper inside herself.

And finally once knelt, discovering that the unpleasant sensation at both knees slowly will becomes slight pain.

Once knelt, by the reins I had her looking straight to me.

Her weeping and desperate eyes filled me of an exciting sense of power. The adrenaline shoot inside my mind and my dick was ready again, few centimetres from her wet face.

“Nice, very nice. I think you are enjoying lot of new sensations in this moment, not last the growing pain at your knees: The knee shields of your boots are stuffed with many unpleasant corn seeds like. The boots are studied to produce pain, but it will be bearable… As usual, if you disappoint me, there are some implementations that can turn this slight punishment into a quite worse matter”.

“Do you have any options in order to persuade me that there is no need to worsening your present outfit ?”.

Humbled, slowly, but at once, she pushed her constricted mouth toward my sex. With the bite crossing her mouth, she could not take me in, and her tongue could barely trim out a bit, but she was endeavoring to do everything possible. She was paying great care in avoiding scratching me with the helmet harness buckles, trying to massage me with her lips, tongue tip and upper cheeks.

I let her humbling herself for few minutes, next, with no warnings, I moved away, I wore some comfortable house clothes and I went in my office… walking slowly, so that Wisha could easily follow me paying attention in not scratching her delicate inner thighs and do not stumble with the ankles hobble.

Indeed Wisha figure is so slim and her flanks so wide that between her thighs there is some space, and the dotted ball passes into it almost with no effort: she just needs to pay some care. And this care makes Wisha pace still sexier.

It has been a pleasant surprise for me discovering that along all the time Wisha was wearing the leather corset, she was continuously wet.

I checked it many and many times and each time my fingers have got wet from hers.

It became a kind of automatism: the corset was inducing Wisha excitement, and for that reason… I was having her wearing the corset very often, and for long-time!

Typically I prefer to have view at her slim legs, so the most part of the times, instead of the high boots, Wisha was wearing heeled shoes. Sometimes with hoses, sometimes with naked legs… Using the crop on them with no reasons at all, just to spur her walking around the mansion, eliciting some tears of humiliation and despair before of pain, and some subdued howl of total accomplishment, is one of the most exciting experiences of my life…, while those shining golden ankles cuffs clutching her dainty ankles seemed to eye me and say: “Hey, you! Why are you waiting? Why dont you link us to somewhere, far away each other, and abuse this helpless delicate creature until she screams ?”.

… And sometime I listened to them: suddenly, with no reason or advice, I attach somehow the two ankle cuff D-rings to stay wide and I was cruelly pinching at Wisha inner thighs for a while, before taking back doing what I was doing like nothing was passed, just a spark of crazy pleasure.

But Wisha attitude has been always that one of a complete submissive. She never reacted to my abuses, not even to my unmotivated tortures. She always accomplished with my whims, from the easier to the harder. The only chances she had given to me in order to imparting her justified punishments have been when I had to let her understanding how I was expecting she performed her duties, and she never refused doing anything, except for the very first day perhaps, but this, indeed, it was well understandable.

At the beginning I was not so happy with such a unconditioned submission of Wisha, I would have preferred having the chance to break her along weeks and weeks of mercilessly training and tortures.

But already after just few days I discovered the advantages of such kind of devotion.

Instead of fearing me, Wisha always was looking after me, preventing my requests, like carrying me a drink or arranging for a shower…

This happened already less than two weeks after her arrival, and has been bewildering…:

In the morning Ive got awake and Wisha was chained beside me, she had spent like this the full night, after she fulfilled my sexual whims.

I rubbed her for a while, then, after a shower I allow her wearing the corset, and I left her there, alone, free to move around, with arms inside the single sleeve, crossed behind her back, and free to use the toilet… just for peeing, since I love leaving anal-plug on. I left her free from the head harness and from the bit for that day.

She waited for me like this until 6 PM, until I went back home.

As soon I joined her, she run to me, she pushed her cheek on my chest, then she gave her back to me, shacking her torso, saying just “Master, Master…”… she was intimating me to release her corset !

I became curious, and hoping she would give me the chance to punish her savagely, I comply and I allowed her to strip from it.

She remained naked, with golden collar, collar-leash, heels and four golden cuffs, but she didnt dare slipping out the anal-plug from where her Master inserted it in the morning.

She quickly put the corset above a chair, then she ran back to me and there, she began undressing me, slowly. She was diligently disposing my dresses one by one on the hangers, moving fluently, elegantly and excitingly all around, until I was completely naked.

Then she moved into the big shower cab and prepared the water stream, soaps, cloths and towels.

She went to the tap and she quickly arranged her ponytail into a roll above her head. The collar leash was swinging along her back, asking just to be grabbed.

Next she came again in front of me… I noticed she knew she would have to kneel, but she didnt want to humiliate herself up to that point. She just addressed at me “Master… W would you like following me into the cabin… Master?”…

She washed me. Carefully. All over. And when my sex grew between her delicate hands, she also escaped a hint of smile, but immediately she took back soaping and washing the rest of my body. She used shampoo and conditioner for my hairs; energizing shower gel on my chest; a little massage with a wet cloth to my back; she delicately reached all places of my crotch; she kneeled, then, in front of me, with no shame, she rubbed my legs and my feet, one by one, while I had lifted them for her.  

Then she led me outside the cabin for toweling me, paying the same care as before.

As soon she slipped the bathrobe on me, quickly she ran again in the cabin to shower herself, she toweled herself and then she ran to retrieve the corset, and in front of me she began to put it on again…

My option to punish her was already vanished from the moment she began undressing me, but indeed I was not regretting it so much… I was stunned… stunned, pleased and excited!

I grabbed Wisha collar-leash with one hand and her shoulder with my other hand. I spun her, not roughly, but firmly. The corset fell at her feet, while I was threading the collar-leash inside the D-ring of both the wrist-cuffs of hers. Pulling up the leash her hands had no choice than slipping up, alongside her back, upper and upper until I wanted, until she began to moan in worry first and in some pain next. But Wisha is so supple, and she was not very uncomfortable with her hands few centimetres below her nape, where I knotted the leather leash, constraining her arms in place.

When I spun her facing me again, a residual grimace in her exotic face was witnessing some discomfort, but immediately her expression changed. She saw my deep excitement, I read in her expression her complacency for my strong desire of her. She was relieved for having no choices, she was happy to be so helplessly exposed… she could just comply… and she liked it.

We kissed. With thrust. Both of us. I was rubbing Wisha all over her back, I was fondling her crotch, playing with the unlawful anal-plug still abusing her ass button, pinching her buttocks, hunting her labias. And Wisha was getting wet and wet and welcoming. So I embraced her and I run to the bed, where I laid her and I immediately penetrate her slipping sex with my throbbing manhood. I pumped inside her for a minute or two, enjoying kissing Wishas offered neck.

Wisha never disliked having sex (…with me), even the very first day, when I took her virginity. She finds unpleasant giving oral sex, but she always promptly complied with my requests. And indeed, in my mind, the thought she doesnt like sucking me, stimulates me much more when she has to do it… anyway.

And even if she was not a slave, she wouldnt have the right to deny giving oral sex to her man, since she likes so much receiving it (… from me at least).

Her young and responsive sex drives her into orgasm after just five minutes of cunnilingus… And I love heating her delicate exotic fruit… much longer than 5 mere minutes!

Then I stopped pumping myself into Wisha and I sat on the mattress, by one hand I lead Wisha head to my dick.

She did what it was supposed she would do, but it was manifest she really wasnt enjoying the idea.

I leaded her to lick all around me. Along me. And then taking me. And back again… and again.

I was enjoying either the deep carnal pleasure either the view of Wisha hands constricted up to her back, allowing her no chances of rebellion, even if she wanted try it.

And when I had been satisfied from that heaven, I capsized her again on her back and I penetrated her again. And again I greedily pumped myself into Wisha.

She came, trapped between her clasped harms and me, with the anal-plug invading her back, she came emitting a wonderful music, which I was listening to, blissfully.

She was satisfied, I could read it in her expression, and she seemed having reached a peaceful status of pleasure where she was just awaiting for her lovers orgasm… but it was not so easy…

I sat again and she had to exit from that peace and take back sucking her demanding Master.

I was maintaining her head in order she would just pumping me, hard and continuously.

She was all sweating when, in a colorful mind status, I climaxed into her suckling warm mouth. As instructed in the previous days, she continued to blow me, even increasing the suction, as for draining me inside her, swallowing every drop of mine, giving me an intoxicating pleasure.

Starting from the following day, I began allowing Wisha to stay more free. Not always: sometimes she continued to spend the full day waiting for me constricted into the corset or somewhat chained or even caged.

But more frequently she was allowed to stay completely unchained, even if Ive never allowed her to remove neither the golden cuffs neither the collar.

Her wardrobe has always been greatly refurbished. The first time I opened it in front of her, she remained stunned from the variety and the quality of the dresses, suits, skirts, shoes, accessories it contains… And all of them were Wisha's size.

When I dont want her naked or trapped in the corset, I like her wearing the best possible outfits. And Wisha always seems to have a great taste in choosing the most appropriate combination: every time shes very elegant and attractive.

An important point for me was to avoid Wisha getting bored. When Im at home I always find the way to entertain her… or better to entertain myself with her… Perhaps the most part of my “ideas” are somewhat humiliating and painful, but for sure Wisha cannot get bored in the meantime...

The problem arrives since very often I am not at home.

So I allow her to take some care of the mansion, typically the bedrooms area and the cells area.

The rest of my mansion is care of the rest of the attendants (all women). The attendants have also to help Wisha in case of hard jobs and to provide her all the necessary items she needs to perform her tasks.    

As I summoned Wisha, it is forbidden for her to bear hard jobs, since she has not the right to spoil my properties, so, she has not the right to spoil herself!

For the same reason Wisha has also the duty to spend a couple of ours in my private gym to preserve her body shape, and at least three times at week a beautician comes to help her to prepare herself for her Master.

Little bit of books and little bit of movies complete the minimal program that helps a woman to fight the daytime solitude inside a golden prison.

When I come back home or in any case when Im free, the music changes, off course. At the beginning she accepted my inspections and the related punishments with defeated fear, but next she discovered that her punishments excite me, and the consequent sexual activities are more fanciful and pleasant for me first, but, by the days, even for herself.

By Kray                                            

That day I reached home, and I called loud out for Wisha. The collar leash and the leather switch were in my left hand.

She joined me in the living room in few seconds, ignoring what was about happening to her “Yes Master ?”.

I approached her and without a single word I abruptly slapped her once.

She cringed but she didnt dare to turn her back to me. So I linked the leash to her collar and I slapped her again, harder! And this time, by the control of the leash, I could carefully choose how to hit her. My hand covered her left side, her lips her cheek and also her lower eyelid. The marks would become evident in few minutes and would have lasted at least for a couple of days.

“… Whyyyyy

? … Whyyy Masteeer

?... I dontunderstaaaand!”

Never before, along all the months Wisha was my slave in my mansion Ive been so rude and violent with her, and I shout at her: “You dont have to understand! Just listen to me very carefully and follow exactly my instructions. If you dare disappointing me today, I will whip your back skin off… This is not a play. Im quite serious !... Did you understand?”.

“… Yeees Master… I never disobeyed you, never… And now I dont understa…Haaahh … Nhoooo! Noooo stoooop …”

I didnt allow her to finish the sentence, I begun whiping her slender legs, mostly in the lower parts, her calves and just above her knees “Shut Up! Shut Up I said!” Ignoring her screams, maintaining her by the leash, I continued to mark the external sides of both her legs for at least 30 lashes with full force. Some of the marks were even bleeding a little.

Next I let her go, and Wisha collapsed seated on the floor at my feet, head bowed, shivering, weeping and sobbing hopelessly, not even knowing what to say.

But my fear was not ended yet and meanwhile she was on the floor I also lashed 4 or 5 times her upper arms, nearby her shoulders, both sides.

“Now listen to me! ” I jerked to her collar in order to persuade her to raise her head and looking at me “Listen to me and do not get wrong: today someone will come here. I want you stay all the time with your eyes bowed ! Do  never dare to speak! Not even to emit a single word, except of Yes, Master when and if I will address to you with some order !… JUST TO ME ! Nobody else will have a single word or a single glance from you! Do you need I explain better… ??? ” I was menacing the leather switch “… Or did you perfectly understood ? Answer no if you need more explanation or yes if you dont need it ” … “Yes, Master…” “Good for your sake. Now follow me, we have to put some chains on you!”. Her expression was clearly showing her puzzling, but since the bad Master mood, she cutely avoided to enquire.

“Put on this dress!”. The dress was inspired to a traditional Japanese Qipao. Blue, pure silk, decorated by big golden flowers. It was close fitting from the neck down. No sleeves at all, Wisha shoulders remained naked, and long, it arrived to her feet, but two long slits from the up of her haunches down were exalting her ass and showing her full legs at each step, and everybody could see she was wearing anything else underneath. Still, at every step her golden ankles cuffs were in full view. The qipao neckband, 2 inches wide, was circling her flexuous neck almost completely, just at her throat it was open, allowing the central D-Ring of her golden metal collar to be in full view. At that D-Ring I installed two golden plated chains that were connecting her neck with her wrists. The two chains lengths were so to prevent Wisha to be able to completely distending her arms, she could just partially distend her elbows no more than 120 degrees.

The think chain leash was instead linked to the rear collar D-Link which was hidden inside the high silk neckband, so the golden chain leash was exiting from the collar band at Wisha nape, supported by the tick silk and then it was leaning down free along Wisha back, while the leather handle was brushing her inviting ass.

Meanwhile I was preparing her like this, I noticed the expression on Wisha changing from desperate to interested, next even curious. Her shiverings were faded down meanwhile she was silently staring at the big mirror beside of us, and she completely stopped weeping. She reckoned my behavior was not crazy random. The dress seemed studied with the exact purpose to show her cuffs, her chains and all the marks I had made on her just few minutes before: the lashes on her legs, those on her arms, the swellings on her lips and left eyelid. Nothing was incidental. Her Master was carefully arranging her for some specific purpose…

“Ok Wisha. Now go to the kitchen and prepare for serving tea to my guests. They will be two, maybe three, Im not sure”. “You will carry the tea tray in the sojourn just when I will call you; you will serve the tea just at my gesture; and you will leave us only when I will order you to leave and at once; instead, in case I would decide to keep you with us, you will take position half step behind and half step beside of me, upright, hand into hand at upper belly level, head respectfully bowed… And remember what I told you just few minute ago: Whatever will happen, do not dare to say anything else than Yes, Master… This is the only sentence allowed to you… You are not allowed answering or even look at anybody else than me!... Be warned, this is not a game !”.

After what has seemed an eternity for Wisha, I called her for serving the tea. When Wisha stepped inside the sojourn she had an understandable start, which almost capsized the tea pot. Her mother and her father started upright, in surprise and disbelief “…What… What have you done to my daughter… animal!”.

Meanwhile Wisha was fighting to maintain the tray and avoiding screaming, I impetuously answered to her father “YOU ! NOT ME ! You have sold your daughter for money, and now shes my slave: what were you ever thinking I would have done with her? Married her perhaps? You even thought taking advantage over me because I am a foreigner and you tripled the price ! What do you think could be the message I would interpreted from this ? Ill tell you, since you wont dare say it now : “After you pay such a amount you can do whatever you want with my daughter, shes completely your property… Squeeze her hard, so to get back the value you paid for it!”

” Wisha mother was instinctively moving toward her daughter, but “AND YOU ALSO are responsible for that! Dont dare to move a single more step, or Wisha will pay the consequences… and it would be not little thing!” She frozen, and she collapsed on the sofa, crying desperate.

Also Wisha begun weeping, silently, she avoided say anything, unable to control the trembling tray.

“Wisha! Leave that tray on the table and come here at your place!”.

Under the disbelief of her parents, Wisha executed my order, with the wrist chains compelling her in bowing more than naturally while lowering the tea tray on the tea table, and she went at the spot I instructed her, upright, head bowed, sobbing and weeping silently, half step at my left side, half step behind my armchair.

“You also: sit down!” I intimate to Wisha father, who guilty, complied.

“So, you were telling me that your finances now are good again, and that you would like to have Wisha back … Isnt ?”.

“Yes, yes. Im able to pay now, and I want my daughter back to her home…”

“Off course! And why ?”

“Because shes my daughter and…”

“LIAR !” “Who would you like cheating ? Me or your wife? Or perhaps your wife shes taking part in your dirty business one more time ?”

“How do you dare? What do you mean ?...”

“Do you really think Im not aware about your plans to let Wisha getting married with the son of the business man you are now dealing with? Do not dare to withhold, I have evidences of your promises to him! I know you agreed with him for a consistent reduction of Wishas dowry for this marriage ! I know about the contracts ready to be signed between your companies as soon as there will be a family tie between your two families! I know about your dirty intentions ! You are the most disgusting animal Ive ever seen in my life! You are meaning to buy Wisha back just in order to sell her again for a higher price… in a different form, of course, but it is still an economical transaction to improve your revolting business”

Under the inquiring stare of his own wife, Wisha father begun to blabber

“B…but it is f…for the good self of my d…daughter… I…” “Do never call her your daughter anymore ! You sold her, dont you remember? And now shes mine! Not yours anymore!” Wisha mother was in fully desperate confusion, now I believe she was not aware about her husband real plans and she just discovered realities that she wasnt think possible.

And Wisha father tried with the only language he was knowing  “You just tell me the price… I will pay ! Even more than you given to me…”

“You are fully an idiot! A creature like Wisha has no price! She could not be sold! I would never sell her! Neither to you, neither to your wife, neither to anybody else! I complied to meet with you two disgusting animals just to spite on you my refusal and my deep repugnance ! How could you have done something like this to your daughter? And how could you now think doing it once more?”

Glancing at Wisha I understood she was about to faint, so I shouted at her “Wisha! Leave us! Immediately!”. The shaking order roused her mind up, and she obeyed like a puppet.

“We have nothing else to discuss about! Thank you for your visit! This is the way out!”.

After escorting my two guests out from my mansion I went back and looked around for Wisha, I spotted her in a kitchen corner, collapsed on the floor, her back to the wall, holding her own knees, close into a tensed ball of solitude.

I left her there and I move to the living room to have a couple of whiskeys, watching some tv.

It had been a bad day for me also, so, after couple of hours I decided to go to sleep. Wisha was still in her kitchen corner, still holding her knees, still her forehead in between of them.

I was unable to get asleep and still after one more hour or so I was spinning into the bed, until I heard Wisha using the bathroom and after a little while approaching to my bed.

She was combed, fresh and perfumed… Just some bad marks… here and there…

“Master ?”


“I understood why you beaten me today, Master… you wanted my parents could suffer in remorse as badly as possible for what they have done to me …? ”

“Yes, it is like this, I wanted them to think your life is horrible, and just thanks to themselves… Perhaps your life with me it is not what a girl could dream for, I know, but …”

…Wisha interrupted me (!)… “Would you like to chain me distended beside you and torment my body all night long… Master?”

“You know… this is my preferred activity, Wisha…” She sat on the edge of the bed and she sensually lied beside of me “… but today has been a hard day for you and perhaps it would be better…”

She interrupted me again (!!)… “But this night Master, perhaps you could be rougher than usual with me Master? I would like you are much cruel tonight, Master, like you never be before, Master, please... Let me scream and shout for mercy… And mercilessly abuse me more and more… Please, Master ?”

“If you like, Wisha… but why?”

“Because, Master, constricting and tormenting my body is the way you express your feelings for me… and this night I have a strict need to sense that despite nobody else in the entire world cares about me at all, my Master does it … And this is more than enough for me … Thank you Master…”

By Kray                                            

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