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Revenge: New Lessons of Love

Part 6

New Lessons of Love 6 Decisions

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, M/f, Chastity

I wandered around the area near the dining hall, unsure where my life was headed. My head was awash in uncertainties

She wants me to become her man?

I do not think I can do it.

What will she do if I cannot?

What will I do?

Why is she putting me through this?

Where have I done wrong?

Why does she want this from me?

Miss Justine wants what is best for me.

I have failed to satisfy her.

How can I be more forceful?

Why did I just leave her in the lurch?

I needed air that is why. The room was closing in on me, I felt trapped.

What kind of male am I?

She deserves better.

I have always tried to be a respectful male.

They want to undo that.

Would I disgrace myself by giving in to Miss Justine's demands?

They were not really demands, but I was taught 'your Female's wish is your command'.

Maybe I can do it for her.

She just wants me to be less... what was that word ...submissive.

I would do anything for her.

She would do anything for me.

What am I going to do?

I love her.

I have loved her longer than I knew the meaning of the word love.

Maybe I should talk to Doctor Jessica.

No, this is her agenda in the first place.

I trust Doctor Cherish more, maybe I can call her.

No. If I am to be more of a man like she wants I should not run to a Female every-time I am troubled.

Is our love strong enough to last through this change.

Am I strong enough?

For her I am.

For her I would fight off an army of men.

Well I would die trying at least. 

If I release my inner man can I control him?

Can she?

Can I translate my gentle male self into a gentle man self?

Is there such a thing as a gentle man?

Why're you out here when she wants you to step up?

Get a backbone already!

Be a man who deserves her love!

It's what she wants and needs!

Get back in there right now and you won't regret it.

With that last thought I came to a complete stop. Those last few thoughts felt strange to me, almost alien.

I look to my left and realize I am standing next to our car. While my mind wandered, my heart had guided me back to where I belonged.

My love was strong enough! I can and will do this for her!

I climb the steps to the porch and could hear voices inside. Miss Justine was not alone.

I listen and hear Doctor Jessica's voice; "Why did you jump the gun? I had Major Crowe convinced to let me continue working with you and Monica for the rest of the week as long as we stayed out of the way."

"I don't know, I thought we were going to be sent home without finishing and I didn't want that to unravel what I've, what we've been trying to achieve. He's ready."

"Evidently not seeing as he walked out on you when faced with that reality. Dammit Justine, I needed at least another full day to fully get through to him. Now he's likely to shut down and withdraw. All the progress you and Cherish made with him will be destroyed. Your dreams of further educating him and making him a whole person are likely shot to Hell."

Further educating me?

"No I won't let him withdraw. I won't let him stagnate."

"Listen to you. Maybe you're not ready to let him be more independent. You cannot force this on him, he has to be willing. If after all this he cannot come to terms with a more equal role in your relationship and develop a more assertive attitude for his own good, you are just going to have to accept that he cannot break his upbringing. Sometimes they just can't pull themselves out of the conditioning. I'm sorry but I never guaranteed it would work."

"But the way he reacted tonight, in the woods, in the interview, I was so sure he had come out of his shell. I can't help that I want him to improve himself, especially after I found out he thinks I believe he is stupid. I've always known him to be brilliant and encouraged him into activities that stimulate his brain, but with fighting the Owner Rape charge, and then Juli coming along, I failed to continue that."

I could no longer stand the sadness in Justine's voice. My complete servitude had caused her distress. She believed I was capable of more, she expected me to surpass myself and our culture. Where I saw myself as a dumb pet, loyal and loving to a fault, she saw something more. I could not, would not, let her hopes die because I feel insecure of my place in the world. If there was one thing I knew of my place in the world, it was that I am here to make her happy.

Before I even knew that I had turned the doorknob I was standing inside, and they both turned in my direction.

Justine took a step toward me. "michael honey, about what..."

I raise my hand to tell her to stop. "No it is my turn now. You had your say."

Doctor Jessica smiled at me over Justine's shoulder and started to walk toward me. "I'll let you two talk this out."

"No please stay Doctor Jessica. You might as well since you seem to be highly involved in this whole scenario." I said with an accusing tone. She stopped in her tracks with a guilty look on her face.

Justine stared at me in shock as I walked over and took her in my arms. "I have a few questions Milady. Please just answer them to the point." She rested her head on my shoulder and nodded.

"Will you love me less if I say I cannot do what you ask?"

She noticeably stiffened "I will be disappointed, sad, but I will always love you with all my heart."

"If I agree will you love me more?"

She craned her neck so she could kiss my cheek. "No, which part of 'all my heart' did you not understand?"

"If I accept this I do not want you playing 'I'm the Female so it's my way or else' whenever we do not share an opinion on something. Can you accept that?"

Her arms pulled a little tighter around my midsection. "I will do my best."

"One more thing; we must consider how this will effect our children."

Justine gave me a confused look. "Why would it effect the kids?"

"Juli will be starting school next year, do you remember how you were taught about the positions of the Female and male in society. What will she think when Mommy and daddy act so different than how she is taught we should?"

The two Females exchanged a surprised look.

"Neither of you considered that did you?" I asked in shock.

"Umm, I guess we did not. And I've only had two or three other couples come through with the same intent that have children. None of them thought about that either. Very insightful michael."

Justine squeezed me once more. "We will just have to explain it to them that we are special and that they have to learn the proper way of basic gender interaction before they ever get to our level with their own partner." She looked at me with a very serious expression on her face. "I hope you agree that we will continue to raise our children as we were raised in respect to the opposite gender."

I gave her a passionate kiss. "I never doubted we would agree on that. But I am not sure I am ready to agree to any of this. It is one thing to be playacting for you or me occasionally taking the lead sexually, when I know you want it. But to have the degree of independence you want me to take on..."

"I know you can handle it, I've been preparing you for this for some time now and I know you can make the leap." Justine smiled at me like she was about to reveal a big secret. "Ever since the ceremony after the freemale incident Cherish and I have been working to expand your horizons. The volunteer work at the hospital becoming a job, the extended walking range, the driver's license and Unsupervised Driving endorsement for it, they all were stepping stones to this point."

"I want to, but I am still not sure if I can trust myself to let go of my conditioning."

"michael we are not asking you to ignore what you've been taught, you need it to function in our society.  You just need to evolve beyond it to become the person Justine knows you are deep down."

"I must try, I know I need to. I want to for you, for us." I steel myself to say what has been bothering me the most since I overheard the conversation when I got to the door. I hold Justine at arm's length and make her look at me. "If you really want me to be more independent, you should not be making plans for me behind my back. If it is to be my life I need to make informed decisions, I may rely heavily on your opinion, especially now, but please to not make uni..." I softly bite the end of my tongue waiting for the rest of the correct word to come to it. "...lateral decisions about me, us, or our family."

My Love's eyes started tearing up, several of the tiny droplets had already fallen victim to gravity. I wiped away the teardrops from her cheek. Her expression clearly said 'I love you'.

I look over to see that Doctor Jessica has disappeared. "She is a sneaky one coming and going without a sound!"

Justine looked to where I had been looking and then over my other shoulder. "Damn she is a ghost!" She said with a laugh. "I wonder how much she missed?"

"I'm guessing she will see it all on the recording."

We were both sweaty and tired, a shower was in desperate need for us both. After we stripped off our clothes Justine approached me. "Honey let me get the GD off of you."

I blocked the biosensor as she reached for it. "No I think it is best left on just in case there is another attempt."

She gave me a surprised look. "I think the threat has past."

"I do not want to chance it."

She went to say something more but stopped before any words left her mouth. She turned to leave. "Okay I'm getting my shower if you want to join me."

I grabbed her hand and spun her back towards me. "Go ahead and unlock it, I just wanted to see if you were going to try to push me or ignore my desires."

She gave me a fake hurt expression "Testing me! I guess I deserve it." She got serious again. "That Policefemale tonight, I believe she was trying to get me to discredit your story about the dream. I would like that if you have more, wake me so I can sign and date the page myself. That way when it comes true and someone questions your integrity again you will have my word that you wrote it and when."

She slid the released Genital Device down my legs. "That makes sense Milady. I never thought I'd be telling someone that a dream was my reasoning to do something."


In the morning we saw that Monica, steven, Jessica, and paul were all still present as was Jocelyn Straub and her security team. There were also at least 20 State Police personnel there also.

One of the Troopers had told me that the Female attacker had died from her gunshot wounds and the male was going to be sent off to Albany. Evidently he had information the government wanted about the criminal enterprise he was associated with as well as their techniques and technology that he was trading on to keep out of the freemale prison camps.

michael had been called for another interview with Trooper Morick, which I insisted on being present for. She had left me with a bad feeling the day before and I wasn't going to let her screw with him. I was pleasantly surprised that she only reviewed the events in the woods focusing mainly on his interactions with the people posing as Erin and todd, as well as the sat-phone call he had with their client Louise Samuelson.

It was the first I had heard most of the story from after we split up in the woods, and I almost laughed when michael had told how he had kneed todd in the balls. I was so proud of him outsmarting a professional criminal, but that was quickly tempered by finding out he was re-captured by his conditioned responses.

In the afternoon Jessica had us run the obstacle course again, except this time I was gagged and michael was blindfolded. We had been doing well until we got to that damned ditch. I had michael hold my waist as we worked our way across the fallen tree. We were not even halfway over and he lost his balance falling off. I got pulled off balance and had the wind knocked out of me when I landed across the log before I slid off in the opposite direction. We both initially were half hanging by our collars as the chain was wrapped over the trunk.

When I caught my breath I checked on michael who had been calling my name repeatedly. We were both fine but would have to fight our way out of the trench. By the time I got us untangled from the branch stubs we had little chance of beating Monica and steven, and indeed they had beat us by about ten minutes.

"What happened to you two?" Monica asked.

"Looks like the bush chewed them up and spit them out."  Said steven with a smile.

"More like swallowed by the trench." michael quipped.

"That happened to us the first time, steven lost his footing on the log or something."

My gag was unlocked and I pulled it out. "Ugh take this awful thing." I handed the gag to paul "Yeah michael lost his balance and fell off one side and I ended up dangling by my neck on the far side of the tree."

"That is why the chains are so long Ma'am, so you don't end up hanging by your neck. Did it get hung up on a branch?" Paul asked with concern as he unlocked my collar.

"No michael just fell far enough away from the tree. I was right there." Jessica said while she worked on michael's collar.

"Wow that would be bad! We were lucky and fell to the same side, but Monica landed on top of me."

Jessica had finished freeing michael from his collar and hood. "Alright you all head off and get cleaned up and we will meet over dinner."

michael had been quiet through the remainder of the afternoon. In fact he seemed deep in thought most of the day. I feared he was having doubts about our conversation last night. He never really said if he was committing to the change in his standing with me or not, but at the time he seemed to be willing. Now I was unsure. I had noticed that he had not once referred to me as 'Miss', even when he was panicked after our fall off the log. I took that as a good sign.

We were sitting with Monica, steven, Jessica, and paul and had been joined for dinner by the lead investigators, Major Crowe and Lieutenant Morick with their males who had all happily joined the conversation.

As we sat and ate michael remained mostly silent despite the conversations going on around him, not even commenting on the food. That alone would have concerned me because he always critiques the cooking of others.

Major Crowe looked around after we were done eating. "Tomorrow morning I'm sending you four home. You have been very cooperative in the investigation and if we need anything else from you we will be in contact. We thank you for your patience."

Jessica looked like she was considering some ideas. She claps her hands together startling michael out of his brooding. "I would like to give you four the final NVCE tonight. Olivia would the four of you care to join in?"

The Major looked at her compatriot who gave a slight nod. "Sure we're in, from what I hear simon and I may need to defend our title anyway from these young ones."

michael perked up at the challenge. Finally a smile crossed his face. 'We can do this!' was in his eyes. I smiled back at him "You know we can dear."

"Oh bloody hell! They've started already!" Monica laughed. In a mock childish tattletale tone she continued. "Doctor Hamlin the Solomons are cheating and using their telepathic powers again!"


I had been unsure of our future all morning and it bothered me immensely. I knew I wanted to move forward as equals, but was I doing it because I wanted to, or because Justine asked me to? By embracing this ideology, this lifestyle, would we cause ourselves more grief than happiness?

With only Justine's touch to guide me, since I was deprived of my vision and my normally acute hearing severally hampered, I blindly followed her through the woods. The sensory deprivation left me alone in my thoughts, magnifying my worst fears as they played out in my mind. Fears of our children being taken from us for our 'uncivilized' behavior. Justine in prison, along with myself. Was this the path we were following?

When I fell I was awash in confusion, I had not even realized what had happened until I hit the ground. And then I felt the pull on my neck, yanking my head from the ground. I knew something had happened to Justine. I stood and moved in the direction of the chain's tug. I had no idea where I was or where Justine was, but the chain remained taunt. That concerned me the most cause that meant she was likely hanging by her collar and unable to communicate with me. I shouted for Justine as I continued to follow the chain. By the third time I called her name the chain had finally slackened.

When I felt her hands on my arm I relaxed slightly. She ran her hand over my arms and legs. My hand found the leather gag strap crossing her cheek on the second try. "Are you hurt?" She shook her head no. "Can you get us out or should I blow the whistle?"

I felt more than heard her sigh and knew my mistake. I had asked two yes or no questions that would have opposing answers at once. "Sorry, can we get out?" A head nod yes. "Alright let's get back in this race."

I soon realized I had once again fallen victim to the trench and our chain was over the tree bridging it. Once free we continued on. After a while I tried to distract myself from my darker fears, I thought about how this obstacle course race seemed counter-productive. If the intent of this week was to build up our confidence and independence as males, why were steven and I hindered so that we were dependent on our Females to navigate? There must be a reason, Doctor Cherish told me there is always a reason why she does her exercises in specific ways, and I was sure Doctor Jessica was no different. Suddenly I realized the likely reason; to show us we still needed to rely on the Females. We must work as a team no matter who has the advantage.

Suddenly I felt the warmth of light on my mask. I believed I had gotten inside Doctor Jessica's head once more and the Sun dawned on me literally. How fitting was that?

I continued my worrisome ways throughout the day and into the evening meal. I saw that both Justine and Doctor Jessica would often glance at me with concern. I didn't bother to hide my discomfort, as I knew they would both see through it anyway.

I felt relieved to hear we were going home in the morning, it had been fun here at first with the others around, but the life threatening events ruined that, and with only Miss Monica and steven still here the challenge was gone.

Over dinner I decided to shove my fears aside and let our love guide us on this journey into equality. When Doctor Jessica said she wanted the four of us to challenge the Non-Verbal Communication Exam again and opened it up to the PoliceFemales in charge of the investigation, I became excited. A chance to prove myself to Females who had not already fallen in love with my innocent charms.

When Miss Monica threw her pretend tantrum I could not contain my laughter.

I sat across the table staring into the emerald eyes of my Owner, we both were mentally preparing for the exam.

'Relax. Slow. Have fun.' Justine relayed through her expressions.

I smiled at her and reply. 'Focus. This is our moment.' I glanced down to where the papers would be, and then back to her with a huge grin. 'I love you.'

She laughed as she caught my reference to her mistake on our previous attempt at this challenge.

"We're all doomed, they're telling each other wordless jokes now!" Miss Monica said with a laugh.

"Mind games. They try to intimidate us, that is all." I looked at wen Morick, Lieutenant Morick's Enforcer. Despite the Enforcer uniform, he did not share the same bulky powerhouse frame as every enforcer I've met previously. The Asian descended male was my size, a little leaner but his muscles clearly showed through his uniform.

By his accent I believed wen Morick may actually be from one of the Asian Regions or at least raised in a small Asian sub-community where the dialect was strong. Not being familiar with those regional dialects I cannot distinguish which specific national region.

"Don't bet on it my dear wen, I've seen Liv and simon do it all the time." Said the uniformed Female across from him.

"Enough chatter, let's get down to business." Doctor Jessica said, interrupting the banter. "For the benefit of Daniella and wen; the idea is to convey the intent of the word or phrase on the paper to your partner without speaking, and they will write it down in front of them.

This time you will be alternating giving phrases.

The last six will be questions, you will write out what the question was and your intended response, and then act out your response so your partner can write that answer down.

Daniella, wen; you are up against the three highest scoring couples to ever come through here, so don't be disappointed if your scores are low in comparison."

paul and another male whom I believed was from the kitchen staff set folders out before us.

When the whistle blew I flipped open the folder and see my first phrase: 'Do not do that!' and act it out.

By the halfway point of the multiple-choice phrases I see a trend; all the phrases I have acted out are negative feedback, while all the ones Justine had provided are positive feedback.

Justine had realized I had become distracted and gave me a questioning look.  I gave her the shake off and do the next word. The trend stopped at the end of the multiple-choice section and returned to seemingly random phrases in the written portion.

As we approached the end of the written phrases I mentally prepared for the new portion. It scared me a bit. I knew it should not have. I knew Justine and I can do this, we practically do it everyday. But it is instinctual at those times, not forced as this was.

I read the first question I am to ask. I lean forward, widening my eyes subtly, but I knew my love saw it by her expression; 'Do you trust me?'

Justine began writing and looked me in the eye with a resounding 'Yes!'

Worry lines formed on Milady's forehead as she narrowed her eyes upon reading her question; 'Were you happy?'

I stared at the words I just wrote, unsure what my answer was. I wanted to say yes, but I know that was not accurate. I write 'Mostly' and convey it to Justine. With a hint of sadness she writes my answer down.

I look at my next question; 'Do you love me?'

'Yes!' I knew that would be her answer and had begun writing it before she even registered the question. Again my love took on a worried look. She evidently could not find something in our normal exchanges that could say what she had to ask so she ran through a series of expressions and hand motions. Despite having more to work with I found it harder to read what she acted. 'Do you regret what has happened?' was what I decided was close to her intent.

Another question that had no clear answer. I had had many unsettling experiences in recent years, events that were started by us proving my innocence, making me a target of those whose plans we upset. But the good outweighed the bad. 'No.'

As I looked at the final question that I was to act out I began to wonder the intent of these questions. I tried to convey the question hoping my love could understand it; 'Will you respect me?'

Her eyes softened as she deduced my question and she answered 'Absolutely.' Her joy was short-lived however. Justine bit her lip as she was looking down at the last question she was to ask. Her worry had turned to fear and it appeared to be consuming her.

I tapped my pen on the table to get her attention. She looked up at me, the concern etched deeply in her face. I gave her a smile and a slight nod. She returned the smile despite the worry in her soul. She looked at the paper once more and took a deep breath before looking deep into my eyes.

'Will you do it?'

As I see what I wrote on the paper I look up at her in confusion. What is 'it'? I stared across the table to see her eyes get huge, tears began to form in the corners. I could see Doctor Jessica staring intently at me. Suddenly 'IT' became apparent to me. That whole test, the whole week even, had been to build to this point. Would I become her equal? Her man? The man she needed?

The longer I looked at her in shock, the more her beautiful green eyes darkened with pain.

As I stared into her eyes I resisted the urge to reach across the table and comfort her.


She lets out a sigh of relief and brought her hand to her chest. 'Thank you, I love you!'

I smiled as I replied back 'I know.'


Going into the question section I was extremely nervous. Jessica and I had planned out what I was going to ask michael weeks ago by email. I had no idea I'd be asking them to him without words at the time though. I struggled with how to make my statements. Normally when we do this kind of thing it is purely spontaneous. I look at him or he at me and we seem to know the others intent, but at those times we have the context of the surrounding events, not a series of random words.

When michael realized what I had been asking on the final question he got the 'deer in the headlight' look. With each second that passed my fear that he would reject my offer doubled.

When his body language shifted from shocked to comforting I saw the glimmer of hope. I knew when his blue eyes locked on my own what his answer was.

In that moment I felt all the dread I had been harboring in the past weeks leave me. We had managed to work past his submissive male upbringing, he was ready to open up and expand.

We watched a few minutes more for the Moricks to finish. There was a fair amount of frustration on the Asian male's face.

paul had immediately began checking the sheets of the eldest couple when they finished and was already doing Monica and steven's papers when the Moricks finished.

When he finally got to our papers, Jessica had already been coming down the Female side of the tables and reviewing paul's scoring with each couple.

Jessica slipped a folder to me as she sat down and took our papers. michael's eyes got huge when he saw her reaction. I gave her a sidelong glance and could see the huge grin on her face.

"Well I must say this is a very interesting set of results from all of you. Out of a total possible fifty-two; Daniella and wen you got a respectable twenty-four correct. For a couple that has not had the benefit of the one on one time here; that is commendable for this test. I would like to extend an invitation to you to come and do the full course soon."

She looks at the far tables. "Armstrongs and Crowes; you have both beat the former record, held by the Crowes, with forty-nine each." I laugh as Monica and steven celebrate with a 'high five'.

"It is a shame to say this, but that was not good enough to beat the Solomons' fifty-one! I am hungry? How'd you miss that one Justine?" She laughed as I rolled my eyes. "I am going to have to see if we are allowed to make that the program's official top score."

michael smiled at me and telling me he loves me. Suddenly his expression turned to shock and then a smile crept onto his face and he started to turn around.

"Well look at this, both of my boys together!" michael turned fully around to see the dark skinned older couple, and he was not at all surprised they were there.

paul however was caught off guard and jumped out of his chair. "Mom! dad! What are you doing here."

"Well Monica and steven need a ride back to the city, and we wanted to see you. Oh and to see Justine and michael take the final test." She said as she hugged paul. "You were not surprised enough michael, what gave me away?"

He glanced at me with a smile before answering. "You are wearing the perfume I got you for your birthday. I've missed smelling it this week."

Jessica introduced Cherish and roland to the State Troopers before turning her attention back to me. "Justine if you would please." She motioned toward me.

I gathered my courage as I guided michael to sit at the table. I set the manila folder on the table before him. "Honey, read this and if you agree sign it. I love you and want this for you."

Cherish put a reassuring hand on my shoulder as he read the document that had already been signed by Jessica and myself earlier this week. He turned to me and he is obviously confused. "Ma'am I do not understand this."

Jessica pulled a chair up next to him. "If you sign this you will be one of a new class of male, it is a small group but growing by the year. You will be reclassified from a Level 2 male to a Semi-emancipated male."

He looked at her, and then to Cherish and myself. "What does that mean?" He finally asked me.

Jessica tapped the paper to get his attention back to it. "See this here? This is a list of standard restrictions that will no longer apply to you; Solo travel distance, technology level, education. You will no longer be required to be supervised by a Female for a set amount of time a day, and while in your home you can remove your own Genital Device." michael's mouth fell open when she mentioned the GD.

"Now here it says you will be expected to conform to social laws while in public. The down side is if you are found guilty for any felony crimes, the punishment time can be tripled."

His face lost all color. "I know you will not disappoint and use your new freedoms to cause trouble, it is merely a formality to ensure proper behavior and appease the politicians who were on the fence about this new male class."

"So I will not be Miss Justine's property anymore?" He turned to me with a frown, begging me with his expression to say it wasn't so.

"Legally you will still belong to her," relief shown in his face and I felt pride in the fact that he thinks so highly of me, "you will just have much more freedom to be you."

I slipped out from Cherish's embrace and did to michael what she did for me. I talked quietly but firmly in his ear. "And I want you to do that, become your own man, while still being my male."

"It seems... so... farfetched. Is it real or something made up by you all?"

I squeezed his shoulder a bit tighter. "Addie looked into it thoroughly before I accepted Cherish's suggestion to come here and she assures me it is all legitimate and above board. She said she would gladly go over it with you more at home. All you have to do is sign and what you have experienced here will be what you have at home."

He turned to me with a look that says 'are you crazy?' He then gives me the grin he does when he is playing with my words and turning them against me. "I wasn't exactly thrilled being chased through the woods by trained killers."

A disapproving look from me, and he turned back to the papers. "I cannot sign this."

My heart broke at his rejection of the offer. Jessica turned to him in shock, finally she managed to ask: "Why michael?"

He tapped the area he was suppose to sign. "My name is spelled wrong, you capitalized the 'm' in michael."

I began breathing again as Jessica explained the reasoning. "No that is correct, you will be considered to have partial citizenship and will have the right to a capitalized name."

"Well if that is the case..." He grabbed the pen and signed the form right below my signature.

Cherish sat down across from us and slid the thin box across the table. "Here you'll need this."

"It came already?" I asked in surprise.

"I had to wait a month for mine!" I turned to see Simon pull his Identicollar out of his uniform shirt's collar.

"I may have... pulled a few strings to get it before the documents were finalized." Cherish said with a smile.

Michael lifted the top off the box to reveal a gold colored Identity Collar. "I have seen Identicollars like this a couple of times. Doctor Cherish you should not have got this for me, it is too much a gift for simply signing a paper."

I took the new Identicollar from the box and fastened it around his neck. "Honey this collar is not a reward per se, it signifies your status as a Semi-Emancipated male. We earned it by coming here and doing well enough to impress the MCB Examiner."

"Well in truth I offer the status to any male who does even half as good as you two did." Jessica said from her seat on the other side of Michael.

Michael looked at her, and stole a glance at the others. "What about steven? They did as well as we did."

Jessica had a serious expression as she looked over at the foreigners. "If I could I would, for one they don't live in my jurisdiction, and Australia Region doesn't have the program yet. That is why they are here, to learn about the program and help set up the Queensland program. I will be sending a recommendation that he receives the status as soon as it is available in their Region."

Michael got up and walked over to where Monica and steven were standing, offering his hand to steven as he approached them. "I am sorry steven, you should not have been made to see me receiving what you are being denied."

steven took the offered hand. "No problem Michael, we knew I was not eligible. This was always meant strictly as a learning experience for us, but it turned into quite an adventure."

"Well we must be going," interrupted Major Crowe, "I am due to give an in-person report in the morning. Jessica, Daniella here will be taking over the on-site investigation and should be done here by tomorrow. After that you can start rebuilding the infirmary and preparing for Camp Shungara's next session. I recommend printing file photos of your guests several weeks in advance from now on, instead of the day before arrival." The last part seemed to be delivered in a condescending tone.

"Doctor Jessica who is Shungara anyway?" Michael asked.

Jessica let the scolded child look drop and smiled at Michael. "It's not a name, it's a word in the language of the people my father is descended from; the Iroquois. They lived in this area before the colonists came to America." She wrapped an arm around paul. "It is the base of any relationship in any language 'Trust'."

The Troopers left the dining hall, soon followed by the Armstrongs. It was just the two of us with the Johvons and Hamlins sitting around a table. When they started reminiscing over old family stories I turn to Michael. He stopped laughing and held my gaze.

"Boy, I want you to get further education." Before he had time to respond I quickly added; "It is your choice to do so, I'm just expressing my desire for you to do that."

"I would like that also. What would you like me to take?"

I took his hand into my own. "That is up to you, follow your heart."

He gave me a guilty look. "I know I made a big scene the other day about never being trained to assist you in your work," he took a deep breath before continuing, "but I think I would like to go and train in psychology so I can continue helping people with Doctor Cherish. I know I probably cannot become a full fledged doctor like her, but I know I have much to learn and improve upon."

I smiled, and he responded in kind. "We are going to NYU next Thursday to talk to an admissions rep about enrolling you in their psychology program."

He crossed his arms over his chest, cocking his head to the side and stared at me. His expression said it all; 'Didn't we talk about this?'

I tried to put on an air of innocence. "Don't give me that look, I scheduled it weeks ago. I had a feeling that was what you'd want so I made the appointment."

He shook his head and laughs. "I guess we do really know each other that well." Suddenly his eyes took on a mischievous glint that I have rarely seen. He glanced at our friends, still all caught up in funny stories from paul's youth.

He grabs my hand and without a word we slip out the door. Once outside he pinned me to the wall and placed a deep kiss on my lips. As soon as he broke off the kiss he leads me to our cabin, when we reach the door he repeats the kiss he gave me a few moments before, this time leaving me weak in my knees.

He scooped me up and carried me through the door before depositing me on the bed.

He stared at me, our eyes were locked together as I felt his hand on the crotch of my shorts. A crotch that I knew had already become very damp close to the skin. A finger slipped through the leg of my shorts and it wormed its way past my panty gusset. He smiles at what his finger finds. My excitement rose a notch at this.

He wastes no time in stripping me naked just before he deliciously assaulted my breasts with his fingers and lips. His free hand soon returned to penetrate my love canal, his thumb strategically rubbed my clit.

I rode out the pleasure, soaking in every milligram of sexual energy he had been putting out. Soon the dam burst and I was drowning in pleasure, but rather than letting me catch my breath, Michael continued his ministrations and I had another orgasm crash through me, followed closely by a third and he kept going, apparently intent on drawing another orgasm out of me. He did not have to wait long!

I woke up with my head on my man's shoulder, a few locks of my own red hair was tickling my cheek. Michael had me exhausted. But for the immense pleasures he had given me he had not even attempted to take pleasure from me.

I angled my head up to see him staring at the ceiling, a content smile on his face. Feeling my movement, he turned his head so he could kiss my brow. "I thought maybe you were going to sleep until the morning."

I tried to squirm closer to him. "Hmmm, tempting. But I need to return the favor." My hand finds his semi-erect cock and began pumping it slowly, bringing it to it's full glory quickly.

"Tomorrow, at home, in our own bed," he rolled his eyes left to look toward the ceiling, "and away from cameras. Right now we need to sleep, there is packing to do in the morning and we need to be well rested for driving home."

I stick out my lower lip and pout at him. "Yes Sir."

His body shook as he laughed. His hand began stroking my lower back. Involuntarily I let out a content sigh and raised my hand up to his shoulder as I let my mind drift off to sleep.


Simon and I were about twenty minutes out from the camp in Lieutenant Morick's Multi-purpose Utility Vehicle. They would be returning to the barracks with the Command Unit that we had initially arrived in.

Normally I would have had Simon drive me, but his night-vision had become poor and I didn't want to risk an accident. When my cellular phone rang he picked it up. "Hello? Yes Ma'am she is right here, but driving I will relay the message if you like. It will be at least another hour otherwise." He pulled out a note pad from the console and began taking notes. His expression turned to anger. "Okay got it. I am sure we will be calling back momentarily." He said as he disconnected the call. He turned to me, "Liv pull over."

"What's the matter?" I ask as I steer onto the shoulder. "We shouldn't be stopping if we want to be rested for the morning."

"That was Miss Dani, NYPD finally got back to us. They found Louise Samuelson, dead. She was bound up and shot in the head just like the real Flints had been. It was made to look like a robbery but the only valuables taken were her phones, Notepad, and computer."

"You had me pull over for that?"

Simon took a deep breath and took my hand in his. "No. Albany Barracks called, george Jessup never arrived. They put out a bulletin to all departments between us and them to be on the lookout for a lost or disabled patroller. They were found a few kilometers outside of the town of Delanson, where they had been ambushed. Trooper Cole is dead, her Enforcer was medicoptored to a Trauma Hospital in Albany. He is in Critical Condition."

I felt the wind knocked out of my sails. One of my best Troopers has been taken from me, her Enforcer baxter widowed, if he survives. "What about the suspect?"

I expected Simon to say he was gone, likely repatriated to his organization. I was not prepared for what my male said next.

"Also dead, laid out wrapped in a white sheet with care, a pillow under his head, clutching a rose to his chest. He was shot between the eyes in that position." Simon gave me a moment to process all that. "Olivia, the Coles put up a good fight but were outgunned; both had used up all their ammo. They scored some hits, but if this was the organization the Jessup male belonged to I doubt their DNA are in the system either. Also their patroller car was searched by someone, likely the attackers, before the local Sheriff found the scene."

"They're cleaning up loose ends, trying to recover all the evidence leading back to them!"

I grabbed my phone and call the Mobile Command Unit. I instruct Dani to keep armed guards at the gates and in the Command Unit all night. I'll be damned if that Mother bitch takes the lives of those in my command or any more evidence!


We passed through the door and I am relieved to be home. The troopers had been on edge this morning and I wanted to get out of there. We had ate on the way home with Cherish, Monica and their males, this time Cherish had regaled us with funny stories of events involving Michael at work. He tried to act defensive but none of us believed him as he held back the smile.

The week had not turned out as relaxing as had been intended to be, but my ultimate goal was met, Michael achieving his new status. I wondered if our lot in life was to suffer one misadventure after the next, with someone always out to make us pay for what they perceived was a slight against them.

My melancholy thoughts were interrupted by my Mother's voice. "Juliet Delanoe Solomon! Get your butt back here now! You do not rush to the door when it opens!"

My little redheaded toddler had outran her Grandmother and entered the foyer first. "Momma! daddy!" She ran straight for us, and right past me into Michael's waiting arms. I smiled, she will always be a daddy's girl.

Michael lifted her up and gave her a kiss. "Were we only gone for a week? Because I swear you have grown at least 10 centimeters my little Pumpkin."

"Really daddy." She said with huge eyes.

"Jay I thought you weren't due back until tomorrow!" My Mother said after she came around the corner with little mikey in her arms.

I took our son in my arms and hugged him. He smiled at me as he grabs a handful of my red hair. He already bears a strong resemblance to his father, but I can see some of his natural mother lizzie in him too. "Long story Mom. A very long story for a time when we don't have such impressionable ears around."

"Oh I want to hear that story too!" Came a voice from around the corner.

"Addie what are you doing here?"

"Aunt Addie lives here now!" Juli said with a huge grin.

She held up her hand. "Temporary, until I find a new place. My building burned to the ground Tuesday morning. I asked your Mom if I could bring Max here to stay in the meantime. She said he could if I did."

"I didn't think you'd mind. I hope that was fine." My Mother said with a smile.

Michael walked over and took Addie into a one armed hug while balancing Juli in the other arm. "Addie you can live here permanently if you like."

She was initially taken aback by Michael's forwardness. With a grin she pulled back the neck of his shirt to reveal the gold-toned Identicollar and hugs him. "Congrats, and no I'd like a bit more privacy, and you all deserve that also."

He gave her a look that told me he was going to have the last word. "Guest house, you and that rat you call a dog. No arguments. At least for a month or two, then if you want to find a new place you can."

"Oh alright, if you insist Sir."

He rolled his eyes at her with a sigh. "And don't call me Sir!"

My Mother leans into my ear. "I like this new Michael."

He looked at us and smiled at my Mother's comment. I smiled at her and nod in his direction. "I don't like him at all. I love him!"

I just pray to whatever higher power is out there that this next chapter of our lives will be more peaceful than the last so I can see that smile of his more often.


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