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Tammy and Gwynn

Part 1


Tammy and Gwynn

Prologue - Samantha Delivered


Gwynn drove her BMW up the long dark drive to the asylum on the hill and parked in front of the mansion in the weed infested circular driveway.  The remains of a pond and waterfall in the center of the circle was now almost black with algae.

She opened her door, stepped out onto the gravel drive, leaned against the car and waited.  The overgrown property felt heavy from the summer heat and silent in decay.  Evil permeated the air.

The door to the mansion opened and out came Dr. Zanier who strode purposefully down the stained and lichen covered marble steps with two fierce looking women orderlies at her shoulders.

Dr. Zanier pulled out a clipboard and handed it to Gwynn.  Gwynn didn't even read it, just took it and signed on the yellow highlighted signature box and handed it back to the doctor.  She then popped the trunk of the BMW.

No words were spoken as the four women leaned over the trunk and peered in.  Samantha Jones lay in the trunk, naked and hogtied with a ballgag in her mouth.  She looked up with fearful eyes at the women standing over her.  Her hair was wet from her sisterís piss.  Gwynn had peed on her while she lay on the garage floor before hoisting her into the trunk.  Her nipples were hard from the wet piss and the cold of the car trunk, it had been a long hour ride to the asylum.

Samantha looked up at her sister and shook her head in a vain hope of some compassion, some forgiveness from her sister.  Gwynn stared back cooly and smiled.

"This is only right Samantha.  You need to accept your deviancy as your proper place within our family." she patted her sisters head, then regretted it as she got her own piss on her hand, she shook the drips of urine off and then wiped her hand on her sisters exposed tits. "You were always the favorite, you were always putting me down and hating my lifestyle.  Well now 'sis' we'll see how that turns out.  By the time you come out of this place you'll be a whole new woman, one that knows her proper place in MY household."

Dr. Zanier wrote something on clipboard, nodded to Gwynn and said, "Bring her." to the two orderlies and then turned without a backward glance and walked back into the Institute for Sexual Deviancy.  The two strong women who were wearing big black rubber gloves to protect themselves from any contamination, reached into the trunk of Gwynn's BMW and lifted Samantha under her armpits up and out of the trunk.  She hung between the two women, her knees bent up behind her back she squealed in pain from the rough process.

She tried to struggle some, but it was hopeless, her sister had tied her securely, shortly she gave up and hung her head in dejection.

"Good bye Samantha." said Gwynn with an evil smile, "I'll be sure to take care of your daughter Tammy, hopefully she doesn't turn out to be such a perverted lesbian slut like her mother...but I expect she will." 

Samantha looked up at her sister in terror and screamed into her ball gag.  "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"

"Yes Oh yes, you can count on it. We have an appointment tomorrow with your favorite gynocologist for her sexual orientation evaluation.  I'm sure you can imagine how heartbroken I will be to find out my niece is a lesbian.  It is going to be hard on me to help her come to grips with her unfortunate deviancy, but I'll make do, I'll just have to COMFORT her in any way I can."  And she laughed at her helpless sister as they started to carry her up to the front door of the asylum.

Samantha was struggling fiercely in the grip of the orderlies.  The doctor opened the door, the two orderlies and their wriggling burden walked through, and then the door shut with a solid clack behind them.

It was suddenly very quiet again in the driveway of the dark asylum.

Gwynn smiled and thought about her next project, her niece, Tammy.  She turned on her heel, got back in her BMW and drove away with fantasies of the horrors that Dr. Zanier and her staff were to perform on her sister Samantha.  By the time Samantha was returned to her, she would think only of how to please women and especially her loving sister-mistress Gwynn.

Oh how good was her life!


Tammy and Gwynn

Chapter 1 - Tammy's horrible, rotten, humiliating, no-good day


Dr. Rachelle Cohen's office she's the Panzer family gynecologist and a very immoral woman.  She was a willing participant with Gwynn in the plot to get Tammy's mom committed.  In the room with her are poor Tammy, her aunt and her twin cousins.

We begin now with the humiliation of the girl from a molestation at the hands of one Dr. Cohen...


"Remove your clothes."  Dr. Rachelle Cohen was matter of fact with the girl.  Tammy stood there in front of her Aunt Gwynn, the Dr. and her cousins Becky and Kari completely humiliated.  But what could she do, she reluctantly removed her sweatshirt, t-shirt and jeans.

"Underwear too."  Said the Doctor.

Tammy blushed and hung her head, her blond hair fell around her face, hiding her watery blue eyes.  She removed her cotton panties and bra, revealing her nakedness to the two women and two girls in the room.  They all looked her up and down.

"You have definitely filled out since I last saw you Tammy,"  Said her aunt.  She stepped up and casually cupped one of Tammy's breasts.  "You are at least a c-cup are you not?"

Tammy was too shocked to move.  She just gasped "ooooh," at her Aunt's molesting but stood still.  Her mouth hung open and she looked down at the hand under her breast and up at her Aunt a couple times.

"What do you think Dr. Cohen."  Rachelle took a step towards the girl and cupped the other breast.

"Yes, definitely a c-cup."  The two women massaged Tammy's breasts.  Enjoying the discomfort the molesting was having on the girl. "You have very nice breasts Tammy."

Tammy didn't say anything but kept her head down.

"Don't be rude Tammy, Dr. Cohen gave you a nice compliment, thank her."  Admonished her aunt.

Tammy glanced up and whispered a meager, "Thank you Doctor."  The two women continued to squeeze the girl's breasts.

"Hey Mom, look!" Becky pointed at Tammy's breast, "Her nipples are getting hard, what's that mean mom?"  It was true Tammy's nipples were getting hard from the combination of the cool air in the massaging from the two women.

Dr. Cohen scrunched her eyes, "Have you noticed this type of reaction before?" she asked Gwynn.

"No, what does it mean when a girl gets aroused when a woman inspects her breasts in such an innocuous manner."

"I'm not certain, but it might be an indication of homosexuality, we'll see as we proceed through the physical."  answered Dr. Cohen.

"You should be proud honey.  Like the Doctor said, you have an impressive set of breasts dear.  Especially for a sixteen year old."  said her aunt.  With that the two women finally let go of the humiliated young girl's ample breasts and Tammy let out a noticeable exhale.  How could this get any worse she thought, now they think I'm a lesbian.

"Please get into the chair."  She realized that it just got worse.

"Aunt Gwynn, please don't make me do that in front of Becky and Kari?"  whined Tammy in a little voice.

"Nonsense girl, we're all girls here, mostly family in fact.  We've all seen each other naked.  Now do what the doctor asked."

Tammy shook her head, but felt helpless standing there naked in front of 4 other females.  She hung her head in defeat and awkwardly climbed into the chair.  Dr. Cohen lifted her ankles into the stirrups and secured them in place.  Then she went around to the girl's head, "Your left hand please."  Tammy moved her hand up and Dr. Cohen quickly strapped it into place before  Tammy could stop her she grabbed the girl's other hand and strapped her in.  Tammy was bound to the gynecologist chair, naked and helpless.

"What? Why did you bind my wrists."

"I'm used to dealing with slutty teenagers, they need to be secured properly before we can perform our inspection."

While she was distracted Gwynn motioned for her daughters to take Tammy's clothes and leave.  They picked up the jeans and panties and everything and looking dejected at missing the show but left.  Tammy only noticed that they were gone and was a bit relieved about having less people in the room while she underwent her examination.

"Now Dr. I need to know if she is still a virgin, as well as her general health." said Gwynn.

Dr. Cohen put on some rubber gloves and dipped her fingers in some lubricating jelly.  She took a seat on the stool between the teenagers spread thighs and unceremoniously started probing the girlís vagina. Tammy gasped at the cold fingers that were feeling her vagina, the doctor was pulling her labia and pussy lips back and forth, spreading her lips to peer at her inner sanctum.

"As you can see Miss Panzer, the labia looks very healthy and inner tissue as well, she doesn't appear to have any sort of venereal disease right now."  Gwynn bent down to inspect Tammy's vagina more closely.

"Well that's a relief."

"And if you look here around the edges of her vaginal opening you can see her hymen," The Doctor pulled her Labia wider so that Tammy's aunt could get a clear view.  Gwynn leaned down and peered closely at her niece's vagina.  Tammy shut her eyes tight in humiliation and shook her head in useless protest.

"See here,"  The doctor pointed to the vestigal hymen flaps, "So, she's most likely a virgin."

Tammy shut her eyes tight and still tears started to squeaze their way out of the clenched eyelids.  VIRGINITY?  She'd never done anything like that!  She'd never even seen a boys penis before, she was waiting for the right boy and really wanted a loving relationship before she would even think about that.

"Excellent, so she hasn't followed in her mother's depraved path."  said her Aunt in relief.

Tammy shook her head, why were they doing this.

"Yes, at least it's unlikely that she has had a penis or dildo inside her but there are many other sexual encounters she could have had."

"Now let's answer that question about homosexuality."  And with that she started to massage the girl's clitoris. and slowly slide her finger in and out of the girlís pussy.

"ooh, no, no, stop please."

"We must confirm whether or not you are a girl lover Tammy, it's for your own good," said Gwynn.  She licked her lips watching the good doctor finger fuck her niece, it was all so perfect.

Tammy felt herself starting to get aroused despite herself. Doctor Cohen was an expert at molesting women and girls.  She loved her job, she loved vaginas and made sure her clientele consisted of as many young nubile women as possible.  Innocent Tammy had no hope of resisting the Doctors ministrations.

Dr. Cohen inserted her middle finger in and twisted it up behind the girl's mons.  Finding the girl's g-spot and began to rub it and slowly pull out and in rubbing the g-spot with each penetration and the clit with her thumb.

"oh, god, no, stop ooooh,  aaaah, please doctor."

"Hmmm, observe, she's reacting to a woman stroking her vagina."  Gwynn and Dr. Cohen watched Tammy's face as she started to get excited, she closed her eyes and little sounds "oo, ee, oo, aah, oo." were coming from her mouth with each penetration.

"I think we might have a good indication, one more test however."  The Dr. leaned in and started to lick the girl's clitoris while continue to finger fuck the 16 year old with her middle finger.

"Ooooh, Oh my gosh!  Ooooaaaaahooo.  Oh gosh stop please!  oooo"  Said Tammy.

Dr. Cohen licked Tammy who quickly exploded in an orgasm.

"Ms. Panzer, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but yes, she's clearly a lesbian, a normal heterosexual girl would never react to a woman like that.  She can barely contain herself against my advances."

Tammy was sobbing now in gasps from her post orgasm rush.  Sobbing for the humiliation and the helplessness.  "I'm not unh-sniff unh-sniff, I'm not."

Her protestations were ignored by the two women.

"Well her mother turned out to be an uncontrollable lesbian with severe exhibitionist tendencies.  What should I do Doctor, I really don't want a slutty Lesbian to ruin the wholesome home life I have."

"Well, homosexuality is proved to be genetic, so it's hopeless to try and get her to be a 'normal' girl.  She's a girl lover.  As her gynecologist, my recommendation is that you support her tendencies.  She's obviously gay but inexperienced.  She needs to have her urges satisfied and it will be up to you as her guardian to provide her with the needed outlets."

Dr. Cohen wrote a prescription. "This is symbolic, but I want to establish a routine."  On the prescription note it read:

Masturbate 2 X daily

Lick Pussy 1 X daily

"I know it's a sacrifice for you to do, but until she gets a girlfriend, or maybe a regular group of female lovers, I'm afraid that she will have to perform cunnalingus on your vagina.  You are her guardian and it's your responsibility."

"I understand doctor, we'll just have to make do, maybe my daughters can help out too?"

"Certainly. This prescription is a bare minimum."

Tammy finally got her crying under control and piped up, "I'm not a lesbian, I'm not."

"Quiet girl," Admonished her Aunt, "Of course you are, you are only denying your true nature, look," Gwynn, nonchalantly reached over and slid her middle finger into Tammy's vagina, "You are soaking wet, clearly aroused by a woman playing with your vagina, this isn't right, You don't see Dr. Cohen or myself getting aroused now do you."

She started to finger fuck her niece as Tammy said more weekly, "I'm not, I'm not, ooh,  ooooh."

Gwynn said to Dr. Cohen, "I see what you mean Rachelle, she is quite the lezzie slut now isn't she."

"ahhh, ohhh."  Tammy couldn't help herself, she felt another orgasm coming on as her aunt finger fucked her in the doctor's office, there was nothing she could do to prevent it being securely strapped into the gyno chair.  She shook and squealed as her orgasm flooded over her yet again, the pleasure momentarily blocking out the tears of humiliation.

Gwynn smiled as she brought her niece off.  Dr. Cohen looked at Gwynn and winked, she loved doing things like this for her friend, they did a similar thing to Gwynn's sister 3 years ago.  She had many a fun experience with Samantha, her checkups had been something she looked forward to.  She had even more great plans for the daughter.

Gwynn pulled her finger out of her niece's pussy, "Now, we have errands to run, we can't continuously satisfy your lezzy urges." 

She wiped her fingers on a paper towel as Dr. Cohen called the nurse in.  She came into the room and the three women stood in front of the naked teen, bound to the gyno chair.  They all looked down at Tammy as Doctor Cohen said, "Jordan, can you get me Miss Panzer's...I mean Miss Jones' paperwork, we have diagnosed her as homosexual and I want to make sure we get that entered in the system."

"Oh my, yes doctor," and the nurse put her hand on Gwynn's arm, "I'm so sorry Ms. Panzer, it's too bad that you have a lesbian niece."  With that she left the room.

The Doctor freed Tammy's ankles and wrists from the chair.

"Now, get dressed girl."

Tammy got up unsteadily from the table and looked for her clothes.  They seemed to be missing, "um, auntie, where are my clothes?" she said meekly as the two women discussed treatment and were ignoring her.

Gwynn sighed, "Oh my god, girl did you lose them?"  She of course had not lost them, they had been taken by the twins and thrown in the trunk of the car.  "I'm sorry to ask Dr. but would you have any spare clothes that she could wear?"

"Well I have my workout clothes that she can put on.  You can get them back to me later Gwynn."  They weren't her workout clothes but really clothes that Gwynn had sent on ahead.  They were a very flimsy pair of short shorts that were almost see through light pink with slits almost up to the waistband.  and a tight white tank top that was obviously too small for Tammy's large breasts.

"I want my clothes. They were just here weren't they?" whined Tammy.

"Well I don't know where they've got to, but we'll find them.  Put these clothes on for the time being."

"I want my clothes, not these."

Gwynn slapped Tammy's ass as hard as she could, SMACK!

"Oweee!"  Tammy squealed.

"Put the fucking clothes on you little dyke, we have to go!"

Tammy put the flimsy clothes on, the shorts were virtually see through and so short that her bottom was barely covered.  The tank top was so tight that you could see her nipples and even the circle of her areolas.

She tried not to cry as Gwynn grabbed her hand and led the barefoot teen out of the Gynecologists office and to the waiting Mercedes.

The twins were in the back seat waiting, Gwynn had Tammy sit in back between her cousins.  And then got in the front.

She turned around and faced the three girls, "Well girls, she's all checked out, the good news is she's a virgin and not infected with any diseases, the bad news is the doctor has confirmed that she's homosexual."

"Really mom?"

"Yes.  And we have to help her.  She needs help coming to terms with it."  Gwynn turned around and started the car.

"You should have seen her in the Doctor's office girls, she had two orgasms from the doctor doing a routine exam.  I could hardly believe it."

"Wow."  Said Becky.

"No way." Said Kari. 

Tammy shook her head, she couldn't believe this discussion was going on.  "Absolutely girls, we're going to have to help her learn about lesbian love.  Now I know you girls are nice heterosexual girls and will want to have normal relationships with boys, but Tammy here loves women and girls and we're going to have to sacrifice our wants and needs to help her out."

"What do you mean mom?"

"Well for instance, right now she's probably really turned on from sitting between two blond girls, I bet she's thinking about the two of you naked."

"I'm not, really," Said Tammy in a panicked voice.

"Don't try to deny it Tammy-puss, we have proof from the doctor that you are obsessed with women."

"No, no, I'm not."

"You're nipples are lying Tammy, look at them, there pointy and hard and clearly aroused."

Tammy looked down and saw that indeed her nipples were hard and poking out of the tank top.

"Becky, why don't you feel between her legs and see if she's wet, I bet she is."

"NO, No NO!" said Tammy as she fought off her cousin's hands as she tried to reach down between her legs.

"Mom," whined Becky, "She won't let me."

Gwynn pulled off the road into an abandoned parking lot, parked and turned around and faced the three girls.

"Tammy!  You let your cousin Becky help you!"

Tammy shook her head but was trapped in the car with her Aunt and Cousins, she felt so small.  Her aunt was a strong intimidating woman and her twin cousins were two years older and several inches taller, she couldn't do anything.  She acquiesced and slowly spread her legs a bit, allowing Becky to snake her hand down next to the shorts and up against her pussy.  Becky's fingers came in contact with Tammy's sensitive vagina.

"ooh."  Squeaked Tammy as her older cousin slid her finger into the crease of her vagina.  Becky felt the residual slime from Tammy's molestation.  The warm folds of her cousin's pussy spread as Becky's middle finger slid silkily within.

"eeeewwww.  You're right mom, she's all gooey down there." She pulled her hand back.

"Yes Becky, now you touch her Kari,"  Said Gwynn.

"I don't wanna Mom."

"Kari, we are going to have to repress our disgust at your cousin's homosexuality and help her come to terms with her new sexuality.  You are going to be touching, sucking, fingering and all sorts of depraved acts with Tammy from now on, so you are going to have to get used to it."

"Ok mom, if you say so."  Kari reached more gingerly down between Tammy's legs, "EEWWwww, yeah she's wet down there."

"Well like I said girls, we are going to have to support your cousin in her lesbianism. I think we'll go home right now and begin our practicing.  She needs to know we love her and will do ANYTHING to help her accept her sexual orientation."

With Tammy sobbing softly to herself and GWynn and her daughters smiling, Gwynn drove off towards home.

--- Interlude - The Asylum ---

Samantha was so cold.

The cell she was in was cement everywhere, no bed, no chair.  There was only a toilet in the corner and it didn't even have a toilet seat.  There was a tiny window in the metal door, too high to easily see out, all it provided was a thin stream of flourescent light, it made the room feel colder still.

Samantha was naked and cold to the bone.

How long she had been here she wasn't quite sure.  She had screamed at her evil sister as she was carried inside the mansion.  Her captors hadn't spoken to her at all, just carried her into the expansive marble foyer and then down into the basement and then into this cell.  They had untied her, pulled the ballgag out of her mouth and dropped her on the floor. One of the big women had unceremoniously kicked her in the stomach and then they had walked out and shut the metal door with a clang.

She hugged her legs and rocked back and forth, but she didn't cry, she had stopped crying hours ago when it was clear it wasn't helping.

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