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Tammy and Gwynn

Part 2

Chapter 2 - Kissing Practice with the twins.


Our story setting:

Tammy's loving Aunt has gone home and immediately decides that Tammy should begin to practice making love to women.  Specifically her cousins and her Aunt.


Gwynn drove the BMW into the spacious four car garage of the large mansion and parked it between the Porsche Cayenne and the old Jag e-type.  The house had originally belonged to her parents, but since their passing and her sister's unfortunate court ruled incompetence the entire family estate and fortune had fallen to her.  She was the sole responsible adult in the family and subsequently the court appointed guardian of her niece.

They all get out, Becky forcefully taking the crying little Tammy by the hand and leading her into the kitchen behind her Aunt with her sister behind her.

"Now girls, that was a nice lunch wasn't it,"  She winked at Tammy, "I can't believe you already have a date with a woman Tammy, you don't take long to hook up, do you?"

Tammy didn't know what to say.  She stared back in mute shock.  She hadn't done anything, her aunt had virtually pimped her out to their lunch waitress.  Telling her Tammy was gay, proposing the two of them go on a date, setting the date, organizing the outfit, the location...everything.  Before the lunch was over Tammy had a scheduled date with the waitress for this upcoming Thursday night - and no curfew!  Gwynn explicitly told the waitress that she expected that Tammy would stay the night!

"Let's all get inside and get into something more comfortable now that we're home.  I think that to support you cousin's girl-loving tendencies we should dress in something that displays your feminine charms.  Something that would be nice for a lesbian to look at.  mm'kay?"

"Ok mom."  Said Becky and with that the two girls trotted upstairs to their room.

Gwynn turned back to Tammy, "You too Tammy-puss, you should go get comfortable too, we are going to be starting your prescribed therapy immediately, nothing like the present eh?" Gwynn turned the dazed Tammy towards the stairs and smacked her on her bottom.  Tammy stumbled and then trudged upstairs in hopelessness. 

Tammy went up to her room.  All she wanted to do was get out of these horrid clothes and hide in her closet.  There had to be a mistake.  Where was her mom?  Her Aunt hadn't told her anything yet.  Just that she was receiving therapy for some affliction.  Tammy wanted her mom back, that would make it all better.

She came out of her daze in her room, not remembering the walk upstairs.  She didn't want to wear something provocative, she wanted to just curl up and die.  To make the world go away.  Finally she went to her drawers and opened them up.  It didn't matter anyways, she didn't have anything provocative, it was all basic panties and plain bras.  Jeans, normal t shirts and sweatshirts.  What was she supposed to do?

She fell to the floor next to her dresser in complete depression.  She put her head in her hands and started to cry again in blubbering sobs.

After a few minutes her Aunt came to the door to her room.  Tammy looked up, startled, at the vision of her Aunt. Her crying turned to shocked snuffling as she was stunned  by her aunts atire.  Her eyes went wide.

Gwynn was dressed in practically nothing.  Just a light see through camisole and a pair of matching pink panties.  She was wearing a flimsy bathrobe on top, but she had left it open and loose.  Her ample grown-woman breasts were fully visible beneath the flimsy see through pink top.  Tammy could see her Aunt's hard nipples and large aureoles clearly.  The matching pink panties were sheer, almost invisible and did nothing to hide the rich brown pubic hair above Aunt Gwynn's vagina, Tammy stared at it and saw that it was neatly trimmed in a precise triangle.  She couldn't help herself but think about how her Aunt trimmed it.

"Tammy-puss, Tammy-puss. You seem upset?" Gwynn put a fake look of concern on her face,  "It must be an emotional day for you today.  I can hardly imagine what it must be like finding out you are gay?  Don't worry now we will HELP you in any way possible to make you comfortable with your girl loving tendencies."

"Let me cheer you up," she said,"I thought you would enjoy looking at my body like this, I put it on especially for my little Lesbian niece."  And with that she spun half around to show off her ass and winked coyly over her shoulder.  Her ass was framed by the string of her g-string thong and filtered through the flimsy sheer fabric of her loose pink robe.  "Do I look sexy?" Gwynn practically cooed.

Tammy didn't answer, just sat on the floor dejected and scared.

"I want to help you and let you view a woman's body as much and as often as possible.  So you can expect to see me dressed like this - just for you - most of the time when we are home."  She smiled wickedly at her distraught teen niece, relishing the tear streaked cheeks.

"Now let's see what we can find for you to slip into. Something beautiful and sexy that a little nympho like you would love to wear."  She walked up to the cowering Tammy, she had never seen her aunt dressed like this, made even worse by the fact she was standing right above her.

"Stand up little Tammy-puss."  And Gwynn leaned down and grabbed the girl under her armpits and lifted her up. "Upseee daisy."  Tammy was lifted and all of a sudden found herself in a hug against her aunt's chest.  She suddenly realized that she was nearly naked too.  Her Aunt wrapped her arms around the girl and hugged her tightly against her.  Tammy's arms and hands were tight up against her chest, her hands tightly trapped under her chin, her elbows tight to her side, held within the embrace of her Aunt.  She was trapped within the much stronger arms of her aunt.  Helpless.

"OOoooh Tammy, I feel so bad for you, having to come to grips with being gay at such a young age,"  And she hugged the girl tight, smashing her face against her full bosom.  Tammy's eyes were wide but she was in too much shock to do anything about it.

Gwynn leaned down and before Tammy knew what was happening her aunt was kissing her.  Not a long kiss, but more than a peck.  Tammy's eyes went wide in shock.  Her aunt's kiss broke just as Tammy was about to freak out, Gwynn pulled back away as a string of saliva pulled apart between them.

"There you go little girl, that's a taste of what we will be helping you with this afternoon.  That and kissing other parts of our bodies.  And of course we will include starting you on learning how to lick a woman's pussy.  Your Doctor has left a strict prescription for your affliction and we need to start today."  Tammy's eyes went wide and her brain went into overload and the words _lick-pussy_ repeated over and over again inside her head.

Gwynn dug through Tammy's drawers but everything was not suitable in her eyes, "Are these all the clothes you have? Don't you have any sexy panties or cute nighties?"

"uhh..." said Tammy, she didn't even really hear the question.  She was still trying to compute _lick-pussy_, she couldn't possibly do that, she didn't want to be a lesbian, how was she ever going to get out of this.  Where was her mom?

"Tammy...Tammy!"  Tammy finally heard her Aunt and her eyes focused on Gwynn's lips and her mouth as she tried to pay attention to what she was saying.

"Tammy you're a lesbian girl.  Right?"  Said her Aunt with a exasperated tone, Tammy was too shocked to answer, Gwynn continued, "Lesbian girls should want to show their body off to other girls in the sexiest way possible.  You need to try and entice and excite.  None of your clothes will do. Come on."  And with that she ignored the depressed teens protestations and taking Tammy by the wrist led her into the Master Bedroom.

"but...I...but."  Tammy's thoughts still trying to think of a way out.  "I don't want to lick pussy," she finally said as she was drug to the master bedroom, "please, I don't want to."

"Nonsense, Tammy.  You are a 100% diagnosed homosexual and your doctor has prescribed a very specific form of treatment.  We need to adhere to the advice of the expert in this field."

"but...but...I don't like girls..."

"Now don't be like that Tammy, that's just the repressive patriarchal society placing its values on you.  It's our job as a family to break through those repressive feelings to find your true self."


"That's enough, I'll hear no more of it.  You are a lesbian, the sooner you come to grips with that FACT the better it will be for you and for us as a family."

She let go of Tammy's wrist when she was in front of her dresser.  Gwynn pulled out a black teddy and held it up in front of Tammy, "Nope, too adult.  You need something lighter and cuter."

She pulled out a pink babydoll nighty and held it up.  "oooh, that'll look nice on you."

Gwynn handed the thin little negligee to Tammy then stepped up and grabbed the shorts and pulled them unceremoniously off. Tammy let out a brief squeal but didn't run, she was completely cowed by her aunt.  Gwynn pulled the flimsy shirt off too.  And then stood back.  Tammy found herself completely naked in front of her Aunt.

"Tammy, I have to tell you that you have a very nice body."  And she stepped in close and hugged her niece again.

Tammy didn't struggle, but inwardly she cringed.  Her Aunt was nearly naked and she was completely naked, this felt so wrong.  Why were they forcing her to become a lesbian?  Was everyone a pervert but her?  Her Aunt was talking to her again, "Tammy, hellooo Tammy, my you are a ditzy blond."  Gwynn put an arm around the girl's head and pulled her cheek tight against her ample breast.

"You are soooo lucky.  If you liked boys, and you being such a ditz, you would likely end up pregnant before long.  But because you're gay, you won't have to worry about being ditzy and getting knocked up by some jock. It'll be safe for you to have sex with as many women and girls as you want.  You can be as big a lesbian slut as you want."  She squeezed her naked niece once more and let her go.

Tammy was now numb from the whole situation.  Share stood there unmoving after her aunt let her go.  Her eyes teared up, she had no power at all, how could she go through with this.  She thought again about the words her Aunt had said earlier _lick-pussy_.

"Come on Tammy, put on the nightie and let's see how you look."

Tammy looked down at the flimsy sheer pink babydoll nighty and then slowly put it on.  She felt numb and didnít want to think anymore.  The day had already been so horrible, so humiliating... _lickpussylickpussylickpussy_.  She shuddered and shook her head to banish the disgusting thought.

Gwynn admired her, "Wow, that pink nighty really looks great on you.  It really shows off your trim body, I'm jealous of your youth Tammy, you are so beautiful, it certainly takes the burden off of this practice session.  If you keep trying so hard to look nice and sexy, we'll be able to help you.  The harder you try the easier it will be."

"Now let's go downstairs."  Gwynn grabbed her niece's wrist again and dragged the teen downstairs to the living room.

Becky was already there in a pair of lacy boy shorts and a tank top.  Kari was wearing just a bra and thong.

"Ahh that's soooo much better."  Said Gwynn.  "What do you think Tammy, do your cousins look sexy to you?"

Tammy kept looking down as her hair hung around her face.

"Look up Tammy and tell your cousins they look sexy and nice."

Tammy shook her head slightly.

WHACK! WHACK!  Gwynn smacked Tammy's naked ass through the flimsy pink babydoll, leaving red whelts on the young girls ass cheek.

"EEEEEEEE" squealed Tammy, but her stronger Aunt was still holding her wrist and she couldn't escape.

"You little inconsiderate dyke!  You're cousins dress sexily JUST FOR YOU and you treat them this way.  LOOK AT THEM!"

Tammy looked at her cousins reluctantly, through tearing eyes, and saw Becky and Kari in their skimpy clothes.

"NOW tell them they look hot!"  WHACK!

"Oweee,"  She squealed again, "y-you look hot."

"That's better, now enough of this fighting your true nature, you have to learn to accept it."

"Now girls," said Gwynn, quickly changing her tone, "we are going to have to begin to help Tammy here", Gwynn pulled the embarrassed Tammy close in front of her, making her face her cousins dressed in only the lacy pink babydoll nightie, Tammy suddenly remembered that she had no panties as well, she was practically naked in front of her cousins.  "First thing she needs to work on is how to kiss a girl.  Who would be willing to help out first."

Tammy's eyes grew big and she tried to break free of her Aunt's hand, but Gwynn was much stronger and grabbed her niece's other wrist also and pulled them both behind her back and pulled the girl close to her body, putting her other arm strongly around her the teen's waist.

"This is for your own good girl, we're just being helpful."

Becky raised her hand, "I'll go Mom,"

"Ok Becky",  Gwynn stood right behind Tammy and didn't let Tammy get away as she started to struggle again in her aunt's grip. 

"Stop struggling Tammy."

But Tammy didn't hear her and tried to break free.  Wriggling in her Aunt's grip.  More and more violently trying to get out of this horrifying situation.  She didn't want to kiss a girl, let alone her cousin, she wiggled and pulled, trying with all her might to break free.  Almost doing it, spinning and twisting.  But her Aunt held her wrist firmly in an iron grip.

"That's IT!" Gwynn yelled and maneuvered the two of them over to the couch, sat down and brought Tammy down across her knees, never relinquishing her grip on the teen's wrist.  Tammy's naked ass was immediately visible as the skimpy pink nighty slid up her back as she was bent over her aunt's lap.


Gwynn didn't wait but immediately started wailing on Tammy's naked bottom.  Her large breasts swayed with each vicious spank!

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "oooowwwwweeeee!" Tammy screamed.  SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"You WILL do as you are told."

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The viscous strokes reigned down, echoing through the house with their fierceness, Becky and Kari glanced at each other, smiled at their mom's ruthlessness and crossed their arms as they watched the punishment.

"Owwweee, StopitauntiePllleeeeease!  oweee!" screamed Tammy helplessly

"How DARE you disobey ME!" Continued Gwynn.


"We are doing this for you and you take on THIS attitude!"


"Owooooeeeeeeeee, aaaaahhhh!!

"You will kiss!"  SMACK! "Your cousin  !" SMACK! SMACK!

"I'll kiss her, I'll kiss her, owwee!"


Gwynn pushed Tammy off her lap onto the floor.

"Stand up!" 

Little Tammy scrambled to her feet in front of her aunt.  Gwynn stood and grabbed Tammy's shoulders, turned her to face her taller cousin Becky.

"Now you little dyke, kiss your cousin!"

Her 17 year old cousin, in just her underwear, came up close.  She put her arms around Tammy's neck and rubbed up against her.

Gwynn said, "Put your arms around her waist Tammy-puss, you need to try and be romantic about this.  You will be kissing a lot of women and girls and you want to make each and every one feel special."

Tammy did as she was told and put her arms gingerly around her cousin's waist.

Becky looked her in the eyes and said quietly, "I haven't kissed a girl, well not in the way you fantasize about Tammy-puss, but here is how I kiss a boy."  She leaned in and kissed Tammy on the lips.

Tammy just stood still and stiff and let her cousin kiss her.  She was so numb from the whole day, so shocked, she didn't quite know what to do.

Becky pulled back, "Mom, it's like kissing a rock, make her try better."

Gwynn lifted up the babydoll nighty and smacked Tammy's naked ass again:  SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Kiss her back!" SMACK! SMACK!

"Owweeee!" Tammy tried to get out of the way of the spanks, but her Aunt was too fast.

Becky held onto her neck still and after she had settled down she said, "Let's try that again."

She leaned in and kissed Becky again.

This time the kiss went on for a long time, with Tammy doing her best to kiss back, she didn't want to get spanked again.  Becky tasted like raspberries thought Tammy, delicious and soft.  The kiss itself felt very good, Tammy tried to ignore the sensation, but the intimacy of the kissing and the near naked body of her cousin Becky rubbing against her felt very nice.

Then into her head popped the no no, thought Tammy as Becky finished the kiss and pulled back.

"MMM mmmm, that was pretty good Tammy, I hope you enjoyed it, I tried to do my best."  And Becky stepped back.

Becky winked at her sister Kari, "Top that sis."

Kari mimicked her sister and put her arms behind Tammy's neck and leaned for a gentle kiss.  As their lips met Gwynn leaned in close to Tammy's ear and said,  "Doesn't she taste great?"

Tammy tasted Kari.  The other girl tasted of strawberries.  Her lips felt soft and sensuous as Kari parted her lips slightly.  She lost herself in her cousin's lips, the sensation was great she could, for a moment, forget the punishment.

They kissed and Tammy found herself enjoying her cousin's passionate kissing despite herself.

Kari finished up and pulled back, Tammy found herself kissing air as her cousin's lips left hers.

"whew, Tammy, you kiss pretty good for a girl."  And she extracted herself from Tammy's embrace.

Her Aunt turned her around by her shoulders, "My turn to sample the tart."

She wrapped Tammy in her arms and brought her close into a full embrace leaned in and mashed her mouth against her small niece.  Tammy responded by putting her arms around her aunt's waist again as she was taken by the older woman.  The kiss was forceful and domineering.  Tammy knew that her aunt controlled her.  Gwynn's full breasts mashed between their two bodies as the mature woman held the teen tightly to her.  The kiss was wet and open and Tammy accepted Gwynn's tongue exploring the inside of her mouth.

Gwynn finally stopped and broke the kiss.  Tammy saw stars and moaned slightly at the release.

"Wow mom, you almost got her off with a kiss."  Said Becky, "I bet she's wet."  And with that Becky slid her hand up between Tammy's legs from behind and slid a finger quickly and unceremoniously into the warm folds of Tammy's vagina. Becky slid her middle finger between Tammy's nether lips and felt the silky wetness already present.

Tammy let out a little "eek" at the unasked for intrusion, but didn't turn away, partly from being in a daze and partly because she didn't want to be spanked again.

"Oh man, mom, she is sooooooo wet, you got her wet with a kiss."

"Well I must admit that felt pretty good, even if it was kissing a little girl and not a man."  Said Gwynn, "OK Becky, your turn again.  This time see if you can make her even wetter."

With that Becky walked back up to her cousin and did the same embrace and leaned in and kissed Tammy.  Tammy was almost hyperventilating, she felt trapped and aroused and broken all at the same time.  She was seeing spots and her head was spinning and her ass was tingling still from the spanking.  But she was helpless as her beautiful 17 year old cousin kissed her again.  The soft lips of Becky's pressed against her own.  The sensation of it all was overwhelming, she was lost, lost in the kiss.

Gwynn stepped up close behind her and put a hand on her ass as she leaned in close once again and whispered, "Should we check how wet you are Tammy?"  Tammy felt her aunt's ample breast press against her back.

Tammy couldn't help herself as she felt her Aunt slowly, seductively, naughtily slide her hand down her ass and up under her crotch until her inexorable probing fingers came in contact with Tammy's vagina.  Tammy couldn't help herself, she moaned softly into her cousin Becky's mouth as her Aunt penetrated her pussy with her middle finger.  She couldn't help herself, she spread her legs ever so slightly to allow her aunt access to her sex.

Gwynn smiled evilly at the acquiescence of her niece and penetrated the teen's moist cunt with her middle finger all the way in one smooth stroke.  She held it inside the girl deftly, deeply and fully.

"Oh."  Said Gwynn, "MY!"  And with that she started to slowly move her finger in and out of her young niece.  "You are getting VERY wet Tammy-puss."  She finger fucked Tammy slowly but deeply as Becky kissed her passionately.

Becky finished and Kari came up and switched with her sister to kiss Tammy.  Gwynn continued to slide her finger in and out of her niece.  Tammy moaned into her cousin's mouth, she felt herself begin to rise up to an orgasm and she held onto her Cousin tighter and tighter as she lost herself in the sensations: the soft lips of her cousin, her Aunt breathing in her ear with her full breasts pressing into Tammy's back and the finger going in and out and in and out and in....

"mmmmmmmAAAAAAHHAHAMMMMMM."  She moaned into Kari's mouth in a shuddering climax.

"OH. MY. GAWD!"  Said Kari as she pulled off her cousin's mouth, "Did she just cum?  Mom, did you just make Tammy cum while I was kissing her?!  That was soooo COOOL!"  Tammy legs gave out from the orgasm and Gwynn and Kari had to hold her up.

"Mom, make her do it again mom, pleeasse"

"ha ha ha, no, let's give her a rest for a bit.  Now girls off with your tops, Tammy needs to explore the whole womanly form and the next thing should be breasts."  Kari and Gwynn half carried Tammy to he couch and sat the post orgasmic teen down on the couch as the three women stood in front of her and all took off their tops.  Tammy lay on the couch where she was plopped, in a haze, her legs spread unconsciously, exposing her pussy to view.  Becky took off her tank top, Kari took off her bra and Gwynn took off her bathrobe and camisole.  Tammy gazed up at the three women now with them only wearing their panties.

Becky's were a pair of white lacy boyshorts that hugged her trim teen body.  Kari's were a tiny black string thong that left very little to the imagination and Gwynn's was a sheer pink thong that Tammy could glimpse the dark pubic hair underneath.

Gwynn and Becky and Kari stood in front of Tammy in dominating poses.  Becky had her arms crossed under her breasts, pushing the nice teenage c-cups up in pert mounds.  Tammy saw her nipples were pointy and hard.  Kari had one hand on her hip and her other was absent mindedly playing with her pussy through the black thong, even without her arms pushing up her tits like her sister, her breasts hung high and proud.  But Tammy's eyes settled and stuck on her Aunt's large double D breasts. 

Gwynn stood with her hands on her hips, her legs spread a bit in a dominatrix pose.  Proudly displaying her full womanly breasts to her niece.  Powerful in the lewd dominance of her female form, forceful and strong and glorying in her nakedness.  Imperiously looking down on her niece on the couch.

Tammy was entranced by the three of them, defiant in their lewdness, in front of her.

"Stand her up girls and bring her to me."

Tammy's cousins grabbed Tammy by the arms and stood her up and pulled her right up to Gwynn.

Gwynn held up her right breast, "Would you like to kiss a woman's breast?"

Tammy was not in her right mind anymore, the whole day of humiliation and forced lesbianism had taken her mind from her.

They stood around Tammy in a circle.  Her Aunt's breasts were almost in line with her lips, her cousins standing just behind her shoulders were a little lower and more pert and smaller.  Tammy was surrounded by nipples and breasts.  Her Aunt grabbed the back of her head and slowly brought her lips up to her left nipple.

"There you go girl, here is your first woman's breast."  Tammy looked up at her Aunt's smiling face as her lips were slowly brought into contact with Gwynn's nipple.  "Just suck on it like a baby Tammy."  Tammy had no fight left inside her, she just parted her lips and let her mouth be brought in contact with the hard nipple of her Aunt's breast.  "Keep looking at me girl, I want to see you as you suck on my breast for the first time."

Then the nipple was in her mouth and she was sucking on it.  The nub of warm hard female flesh tasted slightly salty from her Aunt's sweat. 

"Oh my Tammy that feels so good."  She held the back of Tammy's head against her breast.  "Tammy your lips feel so good on my nipples you could almost turn me into a lesbian as well."  Gwynn shivered in a mini half orgasm as her niece continued to suck on her Aunt's engorged nipples.

Tammy was lost in the sensations of the soft skin of her aunt, the intoxicating perfume and always a finger gently sliding in an out of her vagina.  Time slid along as Tammy lost herself in the suckling.  She went from breast to breast to breast, from nipple to nipple.  Spinning and sucking.  Sucking on nipples and spinning around to the next woman.

Always there seemed to be a few fingers playing with her pussy, she couldn't help but moan.  And then she was sucking on Kari's nipple and her Aunt lined up her finger at Tammy's anus and before the girl could react Gwynn penetrated her rectum with her middle finger.

It brought her back to reality slightly, her Aunt was pushing her finger in her ass! "Auntie, Not there, mmmmmfffff" Kari pulled her tightly against her nipple and Becky held onto her arm as Gwynn jammed her already sopping wet finger deep into her little niece's anus.


"Now, now Tammy, you need to get used to your whole body being the plaything for your female lovers."  She pulled back until only the length of her fingernail remained inside the young girl and then plunged deep into Tammy's ass again until her middle finger was fully embedded in her niece again.  Tammy squirmed helplessly, trapped between her cousin holding her lips firmly to her breast and her Aunt finger in her ass, she couldn't escape and had to let them take her as they pleased.

Gwynn started to finger fuck her niece's ass.  In and out she went.

This went on for an eternity and for no time at all.  Tammy was outside of reality, the kissing and the suckling and the fingers in her pussy and now her Aunt fucking her in the ass had stripped her of the ability to think.  She tried...she tried not to orgasm from the anal finger fucking of her aunt, but all of it just built and built.  Gwynn was relentlessly sliding in and out, in and out and Tammy crested and CAME so hard she almost blacked out and only the fact that the three women were all surrounding her and holding her prevented her from falling to the floor.

Then at a signal from Gwynn the three women stopped assaulting Tammy and stepped back.

Tammy collapsed to her knees like a bowl of jello.  They all laughed at her in her sexual daze.

"OK girls I think Tammy has had sufficient exposure to a woman's breast for today, now we should move onto the most important part of the female anatomy and one that Tammy should become very intimate with."

Gwynn took a casual few steps over to the couch and sat down, then seductively slid her panties down and off, she was now completely naked.  Then she spread her legs and scooted a bit to the edge of the couch.  Tammy looked up from her daze on the floor and saw her Aunt's pussy spread out before her.  Her pubic hair neatly trimmed but still a full womanly triangle, not shaved like a little girl, but proud and rich in it's dark curls that glistened with female dew in anticipation.

"Bring your cousin here girls"

Tammy shook her head and said, "no no NO NO!"

Her cousins each grabbed an arm and pulled her forward.  Tammy tried to stand and tried to dig in her heels.  Becky tripped her and she fell to her knees again, then Kari and Becky dragged her forward right up to the couch and put their hands behind her head.

"Tammy, Tammy, Tammy, don't fight it, don't fight against your natural inclinations.  You were born this way, you were meant to pleasure women, to kiss them, to kiss and suckle their breasts and of course to lick their pussies. I feel privileged that the first pussy you will ever lick will be mine.  I feel like I am taking a sort of virginity from you.  From this moment on you will never be able to answer the question of if you have eaten pussy without saying yes.  This is a very special moment for you."

Gwynn placed her hands down on either side of her pussy and very carefully spread the lips.

"What do you think Tammy?  Is it a pretty pussy?  Do you like it?"


Tammy didn't say anything she was just grunting against the force of her cousins hands on the back of her head.  Trying vainly to break out of their steel like grip?

"What Tammy-puss, You don't like my pussy?"  And Gwynn put on a fake pouty face.

"Well that is rude, Becky, Tammy needs some instruction.  Spank your naughty lesbian cousin for not being polite and complimenting my pretty pussy."

Becky, ever the more dominant, smiled and brought her hand back and then down, brutally on her younger cousin's already red and painful ass: SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Some quick hard spanks on Tammy's ass got her attention.  Her anger turned to fear as she realized the inevitability of what was coming.  She kept struggling but slightly more feeble.  _lickpussylickpussylickpussy_ was going through her head mixed with a NO_NO_NO but it was hopeless, it was inevitable.

"STOP struggling!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! and she reigned down more hard sharp spanks on her cousin.

"No noo no please no."

"Mom she's really struggling."  SMACK!  SMACK!

"Tammy, stop fighting this.  You know it is going to happen.  You know you were meant for this."  She motioned for her daughters to push Tammy closer.


Closer her face was brought to her Aunt's vagina, until her lips were an inch away from the moist folds of her aunt's quim.  Tammy could see the inner sanctum of her aunt, the most intimate part of a woman, opened and ready for her ministrations.  She could smell her aunt, the musky smell was unlike anything else.  And then her lips were forced against her Aunt's nether lips, her closed mouth was on her Aunt's vagina!

Gwynn couldn't contain herself, the mere touch of lips of her niece, forced to service her, forced by her daughter's to suck her pussy, made her orgasm.  God the power she felt, the domination over women was her addiction, the sex was almost secondary.  But the helplessness and reluctance and eventual resignation was her aphrodisiac.  She spasmed from just he touch of her nieces lips.

"Oh GAWD!'  She yelled as her daughters mashed Tammy's unwilling mouth to her pussy.

"stick your tongue out and lick her you lezzy!"  Said Becky as she spanked her cousin, WACK! she smacked Tammy' ass again. WACK!

Gwynn started to rub her pussy up against Tammy's closed mouth, smearing her orgasmic juices over the girl's face.  Gwynn didn't squirt like a porn star but she did get incredibly wet from cumming and Tammy's mouth and cheeks and nose were soon glistening with her clear oily pussy juice.

"Lick her!" yelled Kari too and she spanked Tammy, WACK!  Becky hit her again, WACK!

They started alternately wailing on Tammy's already pink ass.  WACK! went Kari, WACK! went Becky,  "Lick her!" they said in unison, WACK! went Kari, WACK! went Becky, "lick her!" WACK! WACK! WACK! WACK!

Tammy started to sob openly as she slowly snaked her tongue out from between her clenched lips. She felt a part of herself die inside as she was forced to lick her Aunt's vagina.  Her mouth was already coated with her Aunt's juices and when her tongue came in contact with Gwynn's pussy she was startled by the softness of the skin and the wetness but the taste was the most shocking.  The musky flavor was unlike anything she had tasted before.

"Ohhh yeah, you little cuntlicker.  Fucking lick me, lick up and down!"  And Gwynn threw her hands over her head as her little niece Tammy started to lick her cunt.  "What a goooood girl, what a goooood little cuntlicking girl.  You're a good little cuntlicking girl Tammy.  ooohhh Tammy you goooood little cuntlicker."  Tammy started to lick up and down the vagina in front of her.

"Lick my clit"  Tammy didn't know what her Aunt was saying, she didn't know what a clit was.

"What sorta dyke are you?"  Said Becky, "The clitoris.  The little nub at the top of her vagina. lick it and nibble it.  She'll go crazy."  WACK! she hit Tammy's ass again.

Tammy felt her old self die, fade away into the past, she was no longer a girl that hadn't licked a Pussy, she had now had sex with a woman, it would be a lie to say she hadn't now.  And if someone asked her if she was gay?  Could she say no?  She started to cry to herself, tears came out of her eyes as she licked and licked and nibbled at her Aunt's clitoris. Gwynn moaned in ecstasy at the cunnilingus she was getting from her niece.  The little girl wasn't any good, at least not yet, but the mere touch and the psychotic power she held over the girl was so erotic that she was cumming again as she felt the tiny butterfly like tongue flick across her clit.

"aaaaha aaaaahhooooo  god god god god gooooooood DAMN you're a good cuntlicking girl."  and with that she shuddered sighed and relaxed.  Her daughters let up on the back of Tammy's head and let her pull back from her Aunt's pussy.

After she had come down from her second orgasm, she reached down and gently grabbed the shell-shocked Tammy, under the chin and lifted her mouth away from her vagina finally, "Tammy, it is so clear to me that you are a lesbian, I can't believe how good you are at licking pussy.  I have never had a man do it so well."  Gwynn knew she was lying, Tammy was not very good yet, but of course Gwynn didn't care, she got off on the domination and she knew that with the amount of practice that Tammy would be doing soon and often, she would get good.  Gwynn looked up then at her daughter's and asked, "Who's next?"

Of course Becky got to go next, Tammy stayed kneeling in front of the couch, physically and mentally beaten, as Gwynn stood up and Becky sat down in front of her.  Tammy watched dejectedly as Becky scooched her bottom up and slid her cute lacy boy shorts off and tossed them over her shoulder in her haste, exposing her trim teen pussy, Tammy was a bit shocked to see that the entire pubic area was devoid of hair, her cousin's pussy was completely shaved bare.  "Come on lezzy, do me now."  She spread her legs and opened herself up for Tammy.

Kari just pushed the back of Tammy's head once and Tammy leaned in without any further provocation and started to lick her cousin's pussy.  Becky grabbed the back of Tammy's head, twisting her fingers into her cousin's blond hair and pulling her younger cousin's mouth firmly against her pussy.  She crossed her ankles over Tammy's back and closed her eyes as Tammy started to eat her out.

"Oooh God you little dyke, I'm gonna let you do this to me every fucking day."  Becky maneuvered Tammy's mouth back and forth and up and down.  moving the little girl's tongue to the part of her pussy where she wanted it to.  "Stick it in, stick it lick my clit, suck it, Suck IT!"  She kept moving Tammy's head and giving her direction.  Tammy was helpless. 

Gwynn was standing nude next to couch, "I'm going to go get a drink, you girls keep working with Tammy, I'll be right back,"  She slid her flimsy pink bathrobe on and left the three girls there and headed to the kitchen.

"ooohh yessss.  Oh gawd...oh oh oh."  Becky started bucking against Tammy's mouth and then gripped brought her other hand against the back of Tammy's head and locked her ankle's.  Tammy was forcefully pulled against Becky's pussy now she got scared and tried to pull back and started to feebly hit the back of Becky's thighs, but Becky was not to be denied and she started to scream, "Yes! Yes!  Oh God Yes!"  with that her orgasm burst upon her trapped cousin's face.  And unlike her mother she did spurt orgasmic juices as she came.  It sprayed against Tammy's mouth, forced it's way into her open mouth and splattered and dribbled down the girl's chest, soaking the flimsy pink babydoll nightie that Tammy was still wearing.

"Hurry up Becky, I wanna turn with the lezzy too.  Quit hoggin her."  whined Kari.

"Kari, stop your whining,"  said Gwynn as she came back in with a glass of white wine.  "You'll gt a turn, Tammy can suck your pussy anytime you want, she'll need to get as much practice as possible."

"I'm sorry Mom."

"Don't apologize to me, apologize to your sister for being rude."

Kari turned to her sister, "Sorry Becky.  I'll wait my turn."

Becky just smiled and sighed, "S'ok sis, I'm done,"  She unwrapped her hands and ankles from behind Tammy's head and allowed the girl to rock back a bit away from her cousin's vagina.  Becky leaned forward and before Tammy could escape she kissed the girl directly on her pussy juice soaked lips.  "mmmmm mmmmm"  Said Becky through the kiss and then let her go and smiled, "My god you're a good lezzy cuntlicker."  With that she swung her leg over Tammy's head and stood behind her as Kari came up to take her turn,

Kari pulled her g-string down and then started to sit where Becky had sat, "eeeew Mom, Becky got the couch all wet."  and she pointed to the leather that had drips and streams of female ejaculate dripping down the front.

"Oh my, Becky, she really did do a number on you."  Said Gwynn as she chuckled.  "Don't worry Kari dear, your cousin will clean it for you before you have to sit, won't you Tammy?"  Tammy looked up at her Aunt and noticed the iPhone in her hand just as it went click.

"oooh what a great picture,"  She smiled, "Your cousin's pussy juice was dripping off your chin, I don't believe I caught it so well."  And she showed it to Tammy, "You look so perfect as a sex crazed pussy licker." 

Tammy could see her face, soaked and dripping with cum and her breasts clearly visible through the soaked silk of the babydoll nightie.  Tammy hung her head in shame, how had this happened, just a few days ago she was just a normal girl, living here with her Mom and Aunt and Cousins.  Sure her mom always seemed to be busy lately, with some women's group or something, always out of the house on errands, but still it was a somewhat normal home.

Now, her mom was gone, she didn't know where and her Aunt was forcing her to become a lesbian, what was she going to do?  She shook her head, "Please can I have a towel instead?"

"No. I don't think so.  You just get your tongue down there and lick up all your cousin's juices.  It's all your fault anyways, you made her cum."  She smacked Tammy's ass once more for emphasis.

Gwynn nodded to Becky who pushed the back of Tammy's head down to the couch and forced Tammy to lick up all the dripping pussy juice from her cousin's orgasm.  She licked and licked until the worst of it was cleaned up.  Then Kari couldn't wait anymore and hopped down in front of Tammy and forcefully pulled her mouth in contact with her cunt and Tammy was sucking on her third pussy. 

SMACK!  Becky hit her ass for good measure as Tammy worked on her cousin Kari's teen vagina.  Licking up the slit and sucking on the clitoris, just as as she had learned with her Aunt and Becky.

Quickly Kari was cumming and riding Tammy's face hard. Painfully pulling the young teens hair as she yanked Tammy into her crotch.  Tammy was gasping as her cousin repeatedly thrust her crotch into her face, "NMMAA! NMMAA! NMMAA! NMMAA!"  Kari ignored her protestations and used her face brutally.

"aaahhh I"m cumming you little fucker. AAAH!  eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she squealed, and held onto Tammy's head with both hands as she arched her back.  "ahhh...ahhhh...eeee...oooooo...ooooh...oh...oh my GOD! that was great!"  And she finally relaxed her grip and let her abused cousin rock back out from between her naked thighs.

After Kari had her full turn, all three naked women sat on the couch next to each other and all spread their legs.  They made Tammy go from pussy to pussy for an hour, critiquing her technique, giving her pointers on how to do better.  At the end of the session Tammy had eaten each of their pussies three times and Gwynn's four, her mouth was sore, her tongue raw and her ass pink.

Gwynn finally had all of them stand up and go get some dinner.  Gwynn slid on the see through bathrobe and her daughters ran upstairs and put on clean undies and t-shirts.  Gwynn made Tammy stay as she was, fem-cum-soaked, the silk fabric of the babydoll nightie clinging to her body her mouth full of the taste of pussy and her ass red and painful from the afternoon of abuse.

Gwynn grabbed her wrist and took her into the kitchen.  Tammy got chills from being half soaked in female ejaculate as her Aunt made her work on dinner for the four of them.  Tammy cooked the chicken, and made the salad, the whole time her cousins (in warm clean sweats) sat at the kitchen table texting their friends.  Tammy had to work and cook.  Her Aunt stood next to her with a glass of red wine and made her make dinner for them all, the whole time touching Tammy on the breast or cupping her ass as she explained something.  Or "checking" to see if she was still wet, this happened every few minutes.

When dinner was done they all sat and ate.  Afterward, Kari and Becky went out to a movie with their cheerleader friends and Gwynn made Tammy clean the kitchen and then straighten up the living room.

While the girls were out Gwynn let Tammy go upstairs and do her homework.

--- Interlude - The Asylum ---

The door finally opened and three large strong women stood in the lighted doorway.  Samantha jumped up and went to the far wall to get as far away as possible.

They didn't say anything just turned on a fire hose and doused her with freezing water.

"AAAAAHAAHHHHHH!  stop pleeeeaasse.  PLEASE SToP!"  but the women ignored her and moved the spraying water up and down her body.  Then as abruptly as it was turned on they switched it off.  Samantha stood shivering in the corner, her entire room drenched but draining down the center drain.  She looked at her tormenters that were standing impassive in the doorway.

The middle one put down a bowl of something on the floor and then the shut the door on her again.  Clang.  Samantha shivered, now getting even colder.  She tentatively walked up to the door and crouched down to look at the bowl.  It looked like oatmeal.  She picked it up and smelled it, it was oatmeal.  She found she was famished and started to eat it with her fingers, it was gone too quickly, she licked her lips and found the warm food had helped her cold somewhat.

"I see you liked your evening meal."  A woman's voice spoke.

"Don't bother with any pleas or begging, I don't give a shit."  Samantha found her voice trapped, she had just been about to beg to be let go but was stopped by the harsh voice.

The voice continued, "You are here to be transformed and it is my job to make it happen." 

"You will be indoctrinated, drugged, tortured, brainwashed, hypnotized, fucked, sucked, whipped and sodomized until you are broken and re-educated to our clients expectations."  The female voice did not get excited at these words, but spoke them evenly and calmly, it was more evil in its straight forward plainness of speech.  "For the next 24 hours you will be left to rest in this room to contemplate your future.  After that time we will begin your treatment."

Samantha stood in the center of the room and looked up at the ceiling, she could just make out a camera.  She tried to think, but couldn't.  She was cold, wet and tired and nothing made any sense.

"I wouldn't want to leave you without any entertainment however." Flick, one wall lit up with a video.  Immediately Samantha could see it was a pornographic film, a lesbian porno.  "Is that enough? Or would you like more."

Another wall lit up with another movie.  Then a third then the fourth.  All with a different movie covering the entire wall, projected from a small camera high in the ceiling, too high for her to reach. 

"Almost there."  flick, the floor was lit up and finally, somehow the ceiling as well.  the entire dark cold room was now ablaze with women loving women in a variety of manners.  There was kissing and licking and toy play and bondage all going on all the time.

"Have a nice time."  And with that the sound of the videos was increased and Samantha was bombarded with moaning and squealing of the lesbian porn-stars fucking.  Samantha spun in a circle and then backed herself into a corner and sat down, closed her eyes and tried to block out the lesbian assault to her senses.

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