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Tammy and Gwynn

Part 3


Chapter 3 - Tammy visits the School Principal


Poor poor Tammy, her nightmare of abuse just seems to never end.

With Guest Writing contributions to this Chapter from Miss Caro.  She's a dirty naughty girl.  You can reach her at:


In her dream Tammy was confused, she felt all warm and cozy, as if someone were spooning behind her and hugging her.  In her dream the person started out as a boy but her mind was still full of the events of the day before and the person she felt behind her in her dream morphed into a girl.  This confused Tammy, but you can't control dreams most-times and she did feel warm and cozy.

She could feel the naked breasts pressing into her back, the smoothness of the skin.  The hands were smaller and smoother than a boys.  Tammy found herself beginning to enjoy the dream and the thought of a girl massaging her and the weird feeling of a girl being naked next to her subsided as the feeling of pleasure took over.

One of her dream lover's hands came around and found her young breast and began to massage it.  Tammy leaned back against the warm body behind her and moaned as the ghost woman softly gripped and relaxed her breast.  Then Tammy felt the hand slowly snake its way down her body.  She spread her legs slightly in anticipation of the intrusion.

She dreamed that fingers delicately slid down into the folds of her vagina, spreading the already moist lips and gliding into Tammy's crevice.  She let out a soft sleepy "ooh" as she dreamt that her ghost lover penetrated her pussy slightly, just the tip.  Then back out to move up and play with her clitoris.

The pattern repeated itself, gently sliding down and a brief small penetration then sliding back up to play with her clit.  Each drive down a little deeper, each pull out a little shorter, until finally, the finger was just fucking her in and out in and out.

A second finger was added to the first and the pace was increased.  Tammy felt herself begin to come out of her dream, as the two fingers were really being pistoned in and out of her cunt.

"Yes, Tammy girl, cum for me, cum for your cousin Becky."  Said her dream lover in her ear.

Tammy woke up abruptly!  It was really Becky who was behind her, who had her fingers in her pussy and who was fucking her.  She tried to say something, but Becky reached around her neck with her other arm and covered Tammy's mouth forcefully as she pistoned her fingers in and out of her young cousin's pussy.

"shhhh, it's two thirty, I don't want to wake Mom or Kari,"  and with that she continued finger fucking Tammy.  Tammy struggled a bit, but her soft body was no match for the older tighter Becky.  Becky was a black belt in Karate, like her twin. They routinely beat up boys in their dojo and soft, weak Tammy was no match for her to control.

The dreamy molestation turned into rape.  Tammy was helpless to slow herself down and she found herself rising to orgasm and then cumming on her cousin's fingers, she spasmed and Becky felt squirts on her fingers and the sheets got wet.

"Good little lezzy, now it's my turn."  said Becky.

As Tammy was in a post coital bliss, Becky released her temporarily, crawled on top of the girl with her pussy right over Tammy's face, and her knees pinning the weaker girl's arms to the mattress.  She sat up tall and lowered her pussy to the helpless girls face and started to rub it up and down on Tammy's mouth and nose and forehead. Tammy instinctively winced and tried to turn her head away in an attempt to avoid the sudden, slippery and humiliating attack, but Becky was too fast for. ”Oohh no, you don’t – you love this…you love pussies – now LICK”, Becky hissed and forced her cousin’s head upwards and continued rubbing herself off.

"Oh Yeah, stick your tongue out and lick me you pussy licking lezzy!  Just like you learned yesterday!"

Tammy was smothered under her cousin's vagina, as it was rubbed from her forehead to her chin a few times. Then Becky planted her pussy lips right over Tammy's mouth.

"Lick me."

Tammy kept her mouth closed tight.

Becky slapped one of Tammy's pert breasts with a loud ”WACK”! and started pinching the girl’s right nipple, while moving her crotch back and forth over the upturned nose and mouth.

"MMMMMOOWMM."  Cried Tammy, it was hard to hear, because her cousins slippery pussy was pressed down hard against her face.  Tammy was trapped  She wriggled her lower body and and tried to worm out, but it was no use, she was hopelessly trapped.

"Lick my pussy!"  WACK! Becky slapped Tammy's tits again. 

"MMMMOOOOOOWMM"  Screamed Tammy. Becky wiggled her crotch down tight on her cousin's face.

WACK! WACK! "Stick your tongue out and lick!" WACK! WACK!  Back and forth she slapped Tammy's tits.

Tammy finally stuck her tongue out hesitantly and started to lick her cousin's moving vagina.  She tasted tart, but different than yesterday afternoon. She started to cry, but gave in and licked up and down Becky’s pussy once again.

"Yeah that's more like it, suck on my clit."  Tammy wrapped her lips around Becky's clitoris and sucked on it gently, "Oh yeah,  ooooh yeah."  With that Becky’s right hand grabbed Tammy’s vulva with a claw-like grip, while her left hand squeezed her cousin’s left breast hard. Becky’s crotch was on fire and she increased her pace, while barking out her ”lick me” commands and suddenly mashed her anus onto Tammy’s tongue – she relaxed slightly and before Tammy knew what was happening, her tongue was deep inside Becky’s wrinkled anus.

Becky gyrated her crotch and again her oozing pussy was back onto Tammy’s tongue and both her hands tightened their grip. Becky’s pace increased and got faster and faster and it was no longer important for her, whether Tammy was licking or not – she simply masturbated, using the girl’s face.

Becky was getting off on her domination.  Gwynn thought she was the most dominant in the house, but she actually kept a reign on her daughter Becky.  Becky would go dark side on her cousin if she could, Gwynn made her go slower than she wanted.  But Becky just had to have Tammy tonight, she had to take her and fuck her and use her.

The thoughts of using her cousin like a piece of meat and the sensation of her face under her pussy brought her up to a super climax – she rolled her eyes and her pussy spasmed.

Becky’s hands eased their vice-like grip on Tammy’s crotch and tit and rolled off of her cousin and after catching her breats, she stood up and stretched her naked trim form, displaying her nude body to her smaller cousin, and then unceremoniously left Tammy's room.

Tammy was in a haze, stunned at the rape by her cousin, confused that she had just been used sexually, but maybe almost enjoyed it?

[Maybe I AM a lesbian?] she thought [Maybe they're right and I really AM gay] – her lower lip trembled and she wiped her eyes with ….. SHOCK!...Becky’s panties – when it dawned on her, she instantly discarded them in revulsion.

She pulled the covers back over her, curled into a fetal ball and started to cry in earnest, as the emotions spinning through her overwhelmed her.  [I don't want to be gay, where's my mom?] she thought forlornly.

Sleep didn't come back to her easily, but finally her sniffles died out and she was able to get some fitful rest for the remainder of the night.

After what seemed just a minute but was really several hours her bedroom light was turned on and her Aunt Gwynn walked into the room.  Tammy blinked a couple times and rolled over.  Gwynn was wearing her pink see-through bathrobe again, just like the day before when she had forced Tammy to have sex with her and her two cousins. A pair pink thong panties was the only other thing she had on.  Tammy saw her breasts clearly, they were barely held in place by the bathrobe, but the fabric was see-through in any case, so Tammy could see her aunt's nipples and aureoles.  Tammy's eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open.

Becky’s secretions had dried on her face, but Tammy could still smell it.

"Time to get up and get in the shower girl, it's six o’clock."  She sauntered over to the bed and pulled the sheets off of Tammy, revealing the naked girl.  "Come girl."  She reached down and took one of Tammy's wrists and forcibly pulled her out of bed, Tammy fell painfully on the floor on her side, her arm jarred painfully in her socket.  Gwynn dragged her across the floor for a few feet and then lifted the helpless and half asleep girl to her feet.

Tammy was naked and in shock and couldn't help herself and let herself be dragged along to the bathroom by her aunt.  She was painfully conscious of her nakedness in front of her aunt, but she was dragged along so quickly that she didn't have time to resist.  Gwynn dragged her into the master bathroom within which was a large marble shower.

"I'm going to give you a treat today girl."  Gwynn untied the bathrobe and hung it on the back of the door as she closed it.  "I'm going to let you wash a woman's body.  Mine."

Tammy just stood in shock and tried to cover her breasts and crotch.

"What do you say?" Asked Gwynn as she faced her niece.  She put her hands on her hips and stood there imperiously with her shoulders back and her full breasts proudly on display.  "Well? I think you should say thank you."

Tammy looked down and stammered out, "Thank you."

Gwynn made a little harrumph, "You'd better be nicer this afternoon or I won't let you lick my pussy, cause I know you want to." 

With that Gwynn nonchalantly turned around and mere feet from Tammy, bent over and pulled down her panties, giving the unprepared girl a point blank glimpse of Gwynn's moist pussy peaking out from between her thighs.  Gwynn looked back from her bent over pose and winked at the wide-eyed Tammy then stood back up and sat on the toilet and started peeing.

As Tammy watched and heard hear Aunt pee into the toilet, Tammy backed against the wall and instinctively crossed her arms over he naked breasts.  Even after all that had happened to her yesterday afternoon and the morning rape by her cousin, she still felt embarrassment standing naked in front of her Aunt.

Gwynn lectured her about her attitude, "You really are being a typical teenager aren't you Tammy.  Here I am as your aunt trying my hardest to help you come to terms with your girl-loving sexuality, sacrificing my time and body for you and you take this snotty attitude with me?"  She finished wiped and stood up.

"Your turn,"  And she pointed to the toilet.  Tammy's eyes went wide, she couldn't pee in front of another person, not even Gwynn, she wouldn't actually make her do that would she?  Gwynn grabbed Tammy's wrist and pulled her over and forcefully sat her down on the still warm toilet seat.  Her aunt remained standing right next to the toilet.  "Hurry up."  She said as she crossed her arms under her full womanly breasts, pushing the large globes up and out, Tammy couldn't help herself as she noticed that Gwynn's nipples were pointing out, erect fat nubbins, enticing her as she remembered what it was like sucking on them yesterday.

[NO NO NO NO, I'm not a lesbian!  I'm NOT!] thought Tammy as she shut her eyes and shook her head.  She tried to pee then but just couldn't with her Aunt standing there.

"Can't go, well then, let's get in the shower then."

She walked over and turned on the shower. 

"Come come Tammy-Puss," she beckoned while curling her index finger in a come hither motion, "Time to let you wash my body, to let you explore it fully."

Tammy didn't move from the toilet seat, she tried to imagine a way out, but couldn't think of any.  In the end the fight left her, she went into a dream state where she felt like an observer in someone elses story, and slowly stood.  She took a few steps towards the shower and her stark naked Aunt.

Gwynn took the teens hand and led the two of them into the large shower.  She pulled the girl under the hot shower and into an embrace and leaned down and kissed Tammy full on the lips before she knew what was happening.  Gwynn forced one of her strong womanly thighs between Tammy's legs as she kissed the girl and began to rub against Tammy's pussy.

When she broke the kiss she kept hugging Tammy tightly, pressing her ample breasts against the girl's shoulders.  Tammy was shorter so her Aunt's breasts were above hers and she felt the warmth and softness of the globes just below her chin.

"Tammy, oooh Tammy, you are such a lucky girl," And she finally released Tammy from the tight hug and leaned back, still hugging her loosely with her arms around Tammy's back.  "You are so lucky to have such a supportive family.  We all want you to become the lesbian that deep down inside you know you are.  We'll help you touch and feel and do anything your dirty little mind can come up with.  Just think, if you didn't have us here, you would have ended up in some repressed hetero relationship having never discovered your true self.  Wouldn't that have been awful?"

Tammy couldn't answer, she couldn't figure out what she should say? Yes? No?  She just remained silent.

"Now, no more lollygagging, let's start washing. Turn around and I'll shampoo your hair." She spun Tammy around and lathered up her hair.  Tammy actually found herself enjoying part of it as the warm water and the feeling of her hair being washed.  Gwynn had Tammy rinse it as she picked up a bar of soap and started to scrub Tammy's back and down her ass and scrub down the girls' legs.

Then as she came back up, she had Tammy spread her legs and washed her ass.  Tammy felt the soap slick fingers of her Aunt ply up and down her crack.  Gwynn leaned into the girl and Tammy was pressed against the glass of the side of the shower.  "Do you like it when I rub your ass?",  she whispered into Tammy's ear.

Tammy closed her eyes and half wanted to scream and half wanted to enjoy the sensation as her Aunt's slippery fingers ran up and down her crack, always stopping before touching her vagina and then back up to above her ass, then back down.  All this as the hot water splashed over her body and the warm flesh of her aunt's breasts pressed into her upper back and almost rested on her shoulders.

The sensation was overwhelming and the touching, the pleasure from all the water and flesh put Tammy into a haze.  Gwynn whispered again, "mmmmmm yessss, you are SUCH a little lesbian SLUT."  Tammy felt Gwynn's middle finger swirl in tightly on her anus and press ever so gently in, just a tiny bit, not fully penetrating her anus.

"oohh Auntie, no...not there, no please." whined the helpless Tammy as she was trapped against the glass wall by her stronger Aunt.

"Not where?"  Said Gwynn,  "Here?!" she emphasized as she slid her middle finger past the clenched sphincter and into her niece.

"oooooooooooh." squealed Tammy as she tried to stand up on tip toes to reduce the depth of her aunt's intrusive violation of her anus.

"ooh no, no, please auntie, not there!"

Gwynn pulled back a bit and then pushed back into the girl, embedding her entire finger into Tammy's ass.

"Yes, yessssss." hissed  Gwynn through clenched teeth.  And with that comment Gwynn reached around the front of Tammy, trapped the teen with her other hand and started playing with her clit.  At  the same time Gwynn started to move her middle finger in and out of the girl's ass. She expertly played the girl until Tammy started to feel an unwanted orgasm rise in her.

"NO!, NO!" Tammy shook her head, " NOOO!" Water sprayed from her hair as she tried desperately to shake the growing orgasm away, "No no no!"  She tried to fight the inevitable orgasm, "Oh no no no no ooooh no oh no ohno-ohno-ohno-ohno ohnoohoonnnnooooooo!"  She tried to stand on her tip toes to escape the finger in her ass, but her Aunt was taller and stronger.  Gwynn brought her index finger into play too and quckily was fucking Tammy in the ass with two fingers, in and out, in and out.  She stopped and held her fingers fully embedded in the girl, turned her wrist and wiggled them "down" towards the girls vagina.

"aaaaaah  Oh My God, what are you doing, no ooooooooh no ohhhhh."  Tammy felt the orgasm rise.  Gwynn started moving in and out of the girl again, while stimulating Tammy’s clitoris with her other hand..

"ahha ahh no no no nononononon!"  Her orgasm approached, her aunt's fingers were a blur on her clit, the two in her ass were going in and out.

"aaaaAAAAHHH!" She was so close.  Suddenly just as her orgasm peaked her aunt stopped fingering her clit but kept penetrating her ass.  Tammy found herself riding back against the thrusts into her anus as the orgasm climaxed!  Gwynn brought her other hand up to the girl's breast as she leaned in and held the girl tight as she continued to finger fuck her ass and Tammy came and came and  came from her aunt's anal molestation.

Tammy shook with pleasure from the anal fucking.  Her whole nether region zinged with orgasmic lightning from the abuse.

Gwynn penetrated Tammy fully and held her fingers there as she leaned in and said, "First orgasm of the day?  From anal fucking? You truly are a horny little lesbian."

Tammy was gasping and heaving as she came back to earth, finally her Aunt pulled out and brought the two of them back under the shower.

"Now for your front."

She quickly washed her own hands and turned Tammy around and washed the dazed girls arms and then her naked chest, paying special attention to the girl's breasts.  Finally she washed Tammy's vagina, Tammy gasped as her aunt touched her clit again, it was hyper sensitive from the recent orgasm.

"Really? again?" and she inserted a finger into the girls cunt.

"oooh oooh ooh." said Tammy, "noo no oooooh."

Gwynn pushed the girl against the other wall and brought her close and kissed her as she played with her clit.  Tammy couldn't help herself but came a second time "mmmmmm mmmmmmmMMMMM!" she moaned into her Aunt's mouth.  Shuddering and shaking and she would have collapsed if Gwynn hadn't caught her.

Finally Gwynn was done "washing" Tammy.

"Ok, that was fun, now you wash me", said Gwynn, handing Tammy the shampoo and turning her back to the girl.

Tammy washed her Aunt's hair.  Then gingerly she took the bar of soap and started to wash her back, then the older woman's legs.

"Make sure my privates are properly washed Tammy-puss – front AND back"

Tammy was still in a haze from her orgasms, she gingerly washed down between Gwynn's ass cheeks, Gwynn pushed her ass back a bit for the girl and wiggled it. "Come on girl, wash it good."

Tammy washed it as best she could, trying hard to ignore what she was doing.  Her little hand went up and down her Aunt's ass but not between the cheeks, she couldn't bring herself to do that.  Gwynn reached and grabbed her niece's delicate hand in her own and forced the girl to wash up and down her ass crack and thoroughly clean  her anus.

"Like that girl, up and down, get me clean."  And she let go of Tammy's hand.  Tammy reluctantly washed her aunt's anus.  She repressed a feeling  of revulsion as her fingers went back and forth across the woman's anal sphincter.  She felt helpless to do anything else, she didn't want to get beaten again.

Gwynn suddenly turned to face Tammy. Tammy was shocked by the appearance of her Aunt's large breasts in front of her.

"Keep washing."  said Gwynn as she smiled, enjoying Tammy's discomfort.

Tammy soaped up her hands again and washed her Aunt's front.  Hesitatingly ran her soapy hands up and over and around her Aunt's large breasts. "Oooh that feels good  Tammy, you really know how to touch a woman."  She grabbed one of Tammy's hands and moved it down between her legs, "Now for my pussy, time for you to wash it." 

Tammy felt the velvety oily folds of her Aunt's vagina as her Aunt forced her to wash it.  Up and down she went, Gwynn spread her legs a bit to let her teenage niece have free access to her nether lips.

"Now gently enter me,  slide a finger inside me."  Tammy did as she was told, she bent her middle finger and slid it inside her Aunt's pussy with ease.  "oooh that's good, all the way dear, all the way." Gwynn held the girl's hand firmly up against her quim with Tammy's finger fully embedded inside her.

"ooh my."  She said and she leaned down and planted a kiss on her niece.   She held onto Tammy's wrist firmly as the  kiss lengthened.  Gwynn pulled back from the kiss briefly, "Now play with me, in and out and up and down."  She let go of Tammy's wrist and leaned back down to kiss her again as the hot water splattered over their naked bodies entwined in the marble and glass shower.

Tammy started to gently move her finger in and out of her Aunt's pussy.  She was in a complete sexual daze.  She felt it was someone else.  It couldn't be her, she couldn’t be  naked, in a shower, her body pressed against another woman, kissing her aunt passionately, her hand in another woman's private area, her finger in another woman's vagina.  She felt helpless, she'd been spanked so hard yesterday she didn't want to  go through that again.

Gwynn ended the kiss but held Tammy tight, "Faster, fuck me faster – use three fingers!"  Tammy inserted two more fingers and started  to move them in and out of her aunt in a fast pace.  Gwynn shuddered as a mini-orgasm over took her.  Then pulled back

"Oh that feels good Tammy-Puss, but it isn't going to  be enough you know."  And she shut off the water and pushed on Tammy's shoulders firmly, making the young girl kneel. Gwynn grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and put the other up on the glass of the  shower for balance then pulled her niece’s teen mouth to her pussy.

Tammy knew what to do by now and started to lick her Aunt's pussy again. The taste and smell of her aunt's pussy was more pleasant after the shower.  She licked and licked.  Soon she felt her Aunt's hand gripping her hair even tighter and her face was pulled into the woman's crotch even tighter until she  couldn't breath.

Gwynn shuddered and screamed out, "Aahhh, fuck yeah!" and came.

She spasmed on Tammy's mouth and nose for almost a minute and as she came down from her orgasm and only then she released the sputtering and panicking girl.  Tammy almost fell to the floor of the shower as she gasped for her breath.  She'd almost been suffocated by her aunt’s slimy gash, while she was used by her.

Gwynn recovered and got out.  She pointed towards the towels, "Now girl come and dry me off."  Gwynn stood tall and proud as her niece dried her, enjoying the soft terry clothe being rubbed over her breasts and down her tummy.

"I think that proves it yet again, that you are a lesbian.  I mean really to have an orgasm from your aunt just helpin you wash?  Any normal heterosexual girl would never NEVER get aroused, let alone have an orgasm from that experience. And anal, at that"

She grabbed her flimsy robe, "Tammy, grab my panties and let's go get dressed."  She led the girl out of the master bathroom into her bedroom.

The rest of the morning was a haze for Tammy.  She helped her Aunt get dressed and then got dressed herself.  She ate breakfast while she listened to her Aunt describe the whole shower event in detail to her daughters.  Her cousins headed off to public High School with some friends and then she found herself in her Aunt's Porsche Cayenne and off to her school.

They got there and instead of dropping Tammy off in front of the school, as usual, her Aunt parked in the visitor’s parking spot.  "Tammy," her aunt turned towards her, reached over and grabbed the girls face in her hand squeezing her cheeks, making the girl look at her, "Tammy you little fucking dyke!"

Tammy was scared, she gripped the arms of the Cayenne's front seat as she looked with fear into the direct gaze of her aunt.

"Tammy, we are going to go in and have a meeting with the Headmistress right now.  You do what your told!" and she paused and leaned in closer to her little teen niece, "You DO what you're TOLD!  Or I will make you pay for it when we get home! understood?"

Tammy was too shocked to say anything and merely nodded slightly.

Gwynn smiled an evil smile and forced Tammy's head up and down, forcing the girl to nod up and down.

"huh?  I can't hear you?  A good teenage lezzy would answer 'Yes Ma'am'!"

"ymmsshhs MammmmMm."

"Good girl."  And with that Gwynn let Tammy go and got out of the car.  She walked around to Tammy's side of the car, opened the door, took Tammy's hand and led her into the school. "Come come Tammy-puss, let’s go discuss your condition with the Headmistress."

Tammy was shocked and her stomach scrunched up in knots, [what is Gwynn going to do, oh my god, she wouldn't talk about homosexuality with her headmistress. would she?]  Tammy shook her head feebly, but her aunt forced her to follow by holding her hand firmly.   Not for the first time and certainly not for the last time, Tammy wished her Mom was there.

Gwynn led her niece into the school and into the headmistress's office, there was a group of five women already sitting there waiting for them, they looked up as Gwynn led the terrified Tammy into the room.  The Headmistress, Miss Stirn, sat at the head of the meeting table.  At 38, she was a fairly young woman for that position, with a tightly pulled back hairstyle and fashionable silver framed glasses.  She was quite beautiful in a stark way. 

Gwynn sat in the only remaining chair at the opposite end of the table, Tammy suddenly realized there wasn't a seat for her and she had to stand next to her aunt, it made her feel more like  the subject of discussion and not a participant.

Miss Stirn took charge of the meeting right away and went around the room and introduced everyone to Gwynn and Tammy.

With her were the school nurse, Miss Pleasance a redhead with breasts a bit too large for her white shirt.  The school counselor Miss Jones a black woman who looked like an ex-track athlete, her upper arms showing off muscles, beautiful in a strong athletic way.  The school secretary, a mousy little woman named Joan and the assistant head of the school Mrs. Watson, an older woman with a kind face and a still decent figure.

After the introductions Gwynn started the discussion, "Thank you for seeing us on such short notice, but I felt it important to bring up my nieces condition with the school to prevent any discrimination", said Gwynn.

Tammy thought, [oh no, she wouldn't, she couldn't], she tried to think what she could do to stop it, but she was trapped.  Her lower lip started to tremble.

"I understand, Sister Mary the Chaste School is concerned with all its students, no matter what issue they may be afflicted with.  Is it a learning problem?  A health issue?"

Tammy shook her head softly and thought, [don't, please don't, please don't call me a lesbian.]

"No Ms. Stirn, you see, and I find it hard for me to admit," Gwynn paused, sooo enjoying the humiliation she was inflicting on her niece, "you see...I find this so hard."

"Go on, we are here to help her with whatever affliction she may have."

"I know, it's just that I"ve dealt..." and she teared up, "I'm sorry can I get a tissue?"

The nurse handed her a box.  Gwynn dried her crocodile tears as sexual potency and pleasure were coursing through her veins at her nieces abject humiliation.

"You see," she continued finally, "she likes girls, she's a confirmed homosexual."

"Oh no!" Exclaimed the head mistress before she could catch herself, the other women gasped in shock.

Gwynn let her head hang in fake shame, "I know...the whole family is devastated at her deviancy, but we weren't too surprised, as her mother, my sister, is a confirmed lesbian as well.  so you see why it is so hard for me, my sister and my niece are both gay."

"I'm so sorry for my outburst Ms. Panzer," Said Miss Stirn, "That was not appropriate, we'll of course do whatever we can to accommodate her sexual preference.  How was it diagnosed?"

Tammy felt tears start to well up and tunnel vision began to overcome her, standing next to her aunt in the headmistress's office with the headmistress, school nurse, secretary, school counselor and assistant head mistress all present, as her Aunt began to talk about yesterday's visit to the gynecologist was devastatingly humiliating.  Her Aunt began to go into detail.

"It began early in the rudimentary gynecological examination.  We noticed that even under a routine breast exam her nipples became hardened due to excitement from innocuous examination from the doctor and myself.  This alarmed us and the doctor was determined to investigate further."

"I see."  said the headmistress, the nurse and the counselor were taking notes during the discussion.  Tammy hung her head and tried to pretend she wasn't there.  "But that certainly wasn't enough for a clinical diagnosis."

"Of course not.  During the examination, we were at first relieved to note that she isn't infected with any noticeable sexually transmitted disease and the Doctor was able to locate her hymen, so she is a virgin which is a relief."

"Phew, that's good."  Said the Nurse, the counselor nodded in approval.

Gwynn continued,  "But during the examination she continued to get increasingly aroused. And eventually she had an orgasm from the doctor's manipulation."

"Oh my.  Is the Doctor attractive?"

"Yes, she is.  That may have been a factor."

"Have you gotten a second opinion?"  Asked the nurse?

"No, I thought it was quite conclusive, but now that you mention it a confirmation of her tendencies would be appreciated.  Would you be able to do this?"

"Yes, I could do it this morning, it would be good to get a confirmation before we go any further, she could be faking it to gain sympathy." said the nurse.

"Sounds like a wise course of action.  Let's adjourn to Nurse Pleasance's office."  Said Ms. Stirn.

The group of five women and Gwynn stood up, Gwynn reached under Tammy's arm and dragged the smaller girl along with the group of women down the hallway to the nurses office.

Tammy shuffled along next to her aunt, alternately skipping on her toes and tripping as her Aunt dragged her along forcefully with the group. She glanced up at Gwynn and pleaded in a quiet voice, "NO Auntie, please no."

Gwynn scowled at her, "Quiet girl, I'm not the one who is a teen lezzy, now am I.  It certainly isn't MY fault you are in this situation." Tammy was too scared and in shock to argue with her Aunt, if her brain could have even got out of the terrified humiliated state it was in and functioned she would have realized that almost every word her Aunt said in that statement was a lie - in fact the exact opposite of the truth.

And Gwynn loved it.

They all walked into the nurses office and Nurse Pleasance motioned the teenager to step into the private examination room.  Gwynn pushed Tammy that way and spanked her bottom a little more than lightly, but not enough to appear inappropriate.  Tammy got Gwynn's message, she was to do as she was told or punishment would be forthcoming.

The nurse closed the door and Tammy was slightly relieved that the other women had remained in the outer room.

She took her chance and whispered, "please help me."

Nurse Pleasance smiled, "I know girl, I'm going to help you right now."

"no, no no, please help me, I'm not a lesbian." she kept whispering desperately, "My aunt is forcing me to do this stuff – she’s lying."

"Miss Panzer?!  I don't believe that for a minute, she's so nice, now strip please."

"I'm not gay!"

"Now now, I know you're still struggling with your feelings, Let's just check and make sure. We are all here to help you.  Now...shirt off, skirt off – chop chop!", while snapping her fingers.

"please no." Tammy’s lips started trembling and her eyes watered up----

"That's it!"  The nurse went to the door, "I'm going to tell your Aunt and get the ladies in here to help me?"

"no, no, NO, Please don't tell on me pleeeaase, I'll do it, I'll be good, don't tell my aunt."  said Tammy, scared now that her reluctance would result in some bad punishment.  And Tammy started to unbutton her school blouse with trembling fingers. 

Nurse Pleasance opened the door and stuck her head out…”I’m sorry, Mrs. Panzer, but your stepdaughter isn’t cooperating – she claims that you’re lying and refuses to take off her clothes – I think you should all come in here and assist me – please bring a couple of chairs, as I only have two extra chairs in my office”. Tammy was devastated, she knew she was in trouble and started disrobing immediately, while the women filed in and sat down.

Tammy soon had her blouse loose and she slipped it off, revealing her plain white bra.  The nurse held out her hand and Tammy gave her the shirt.

"Skirt too."

Tammy unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the ground, the nurse took both pieces of clothing and then said, "Bra." and snapped her fingers.

Tammy threw one glance at her scowling aunt and unfastened her bra releasing her perfect b-cup breasts.  She handed her bra to the nurse.

"Panties." and another snap. Tammy hesitated, a second snap from the Nurse and still Tammy didn't comply, "Take your PANTIES off right now!"  Tammy hung her head but complied. ”I think that we have something to discuss when we get home”, her stepmother said in a low voice.

She hooked her thumbs in her waistband and pulled them down to her ankles and off. She stood back up, her face blushing to be standing there naked in front of the all these women, naked except for her knee socks and patent leather shoes. The chill air gave her goosebumps and she looked down and saw her nipples betraying her, getting pointy, whether from the chill or the horrible nervous butterflies of embarrassment she didn't know.

"Up on the examination table please and lie back."  Tammy slid up onto the paper covered examination table, the paper making crinkly noises.  She was in the middle of the table and she had her legs closed tightly.

"Scoot to the edge please."  Tammy put an arm across her eyes and tried to imagine she was somewhere else as she scooched down to the end of the table.  The Nurse pulled a pair of gyno stirrups out of the closet and set them into the slots on end of the table.

"Now feet up in the stirrups please."  She reached into a box of latex gloves and pulled out a pair. Tammy hesitantly put her feet into the stirrups and the nurse immediately fixated them with the rubbery velcro bands attached to the uprights. Nurse Pleasance then grabbed Tammy’s left hand and pulled it down and secured it with a similar type of velcro strap located under the table – Tammy was so confused that she didn’t have time to react, before her left wrist was tied down as well.

Tammy tried once more, she looked at the Nurse and pleaded, "You don't have to do this, I'm not a lesbian."  There was a loud ”Snap” as the nurse put on a glove. There was an eerie silence and Gloria cleared her throat, which caused Tammy to almost pee herself.

"Quiet Tammy, you're too young to know what your sexual tendencies are, let the professionals determine that." Snap went the other.

The school nurse pulled a stool over between Tammy's legs and sat down.  "Tammy, you have a very pretty vagina."  Tammy didn't say anything in response, "What?!  Are you also rude along with being gay?"

Tammy didn't know what to say, she didn't want to say anything.  "I would expect that when someone is complemented for a pretty pussy they would say thank you don't you?!"

"Yes ma'am.  Thank you." Gloria Panzer rubbed her thighs together – she loved the way her snotty stepdaughter was trapped and was forced to reply.

"That's better, now let's see about this lesbianism, mmm'kay?"

The nurse brought her fingers of her right hand up to Tammy's vagina just gently placing her finger on the girls clit.  Tammy jerked at the touch and let out an "eeek".

"Oooh my you are sensitive to a woman's touch."  Said the Nurse as she smiled wickedly, "This will be fun." There was silent laughter and murmur from the attending women.

She slid her finger down the girl's cunt and Tammy felt the cold latex covered finger like an electric poker slide down her most private place.  She fought the arousal that was beginning inside her, the exposure in front of this woman, the humiliation of it all, the naughtiness of it all.  And the fingers on her vagina, she felt her pulse quicken.

Nurse Pleasance started massaging her clitoris gently with one hand and then brought her left hand up and extended her middle finger and placed at the entrance of Tammy's pussy and started to try and force it into her vagina.

"My you are still a bit dry," the nurse looked to her left and addressed the assistant head Mrs. Watson – ”Dahlia, would you mind assisting me for a second?”

Mrs. Watson smiled and approached the examining table – ”What would you like me to do”?, she asked. The nurse got up and pushed a button and Tammy felt her  body being lowered – there was a slight pause, but then the motion continued, but only her head rest. Tammy was now leaning slightly downward and her neck was bent slightly and she was able to see Mrs. Watson’s knees just below her blue skirt.

”I would like you to come closer and straddle Tammy’s head”, nurse Pleasance said and wheeled her office chair from between Tammy’s legs to her right side.

”Please raise your skirt slightly, so that I can see the patient’s face”, the nurse said -  Dahlia raiser her skirt and the nurse pushed another button, raising Tammy’s head – Tammy felt the smoothness of the woman’s thighs on her cheeks and suddenly her nose was pressing against moist silk panties. Tammy turned her head to the side, but nurse Pleasance reached in under Mrs. Watson’s skirt and turned Tammy’s head upwards and secured it with a velcro band over the girl’s forehead.

Mrs. Watson’s nipples were rock hard and standing erect like small rubbers – she was a married woman and preferred the male sex, but this situation had caught her off guard and she was rather aroused, causing her juices to flow in abundance – she felt Tammy’s nose poking her clitoris and she instinctively lowered herself slightly, allowing an increased sensation from Tammy’s nose.

Nurse Pleasance put her right hand on Tammy’s vulva and started rubbing gently. ”Let’s see if female genitalia has any effect on the alleged lesbian” the nurse said, while stimulating Tammy’s pussy……”Oh yes, I feel moisture building up,” the nurse said, ”she is definitely getting aroused by Mrs. Watson’s lingerie and female form”, she continued, smiling to the three women seated next to the examining table.

"oooooooooh!" squealed Tammy as the Nurse violated her.  But Nurse Pleasance didn't give her anytime to recover and started to slowly move her finger in and out of the girls pussy.

She brought her other hand up and started to play with Tammy's clit.

She went faster and faster

Finally as Tammy got close to an orgasm she straightened her ring finger and pressed it against the girl's little anus, and penetrated Tammy's ass.

"Two in the pink, one in the stink!"  All the women laughed. Mrs Watson lowered herself even more and basically sat on Tammy’s face, while supporting herself against Tammy’s breasts.

The nurse brought Tammy over the edge and the girl screamed into Mrs. Watson’s wet crotch, and they all heard the muffled "Oh my god", as the girl climaxed.

Mrs. Watson felt the vibration of Tammy’s cries in her pussy and started rubbing her crotch against the girl’s nose and mouth, but managed to control herself, in order to maintain her dignity…but still flustered….she staggered to back to her chair.

The women all started talking at once in an excited manner.  Exclaiming about the girl's obvious orgasm, marveling at the lewdness of the act, commenting on her blatant lesbianism. ”How can you tolerate that, Mrs, Panzer”?, the councilor said. ”It’s hard……it’s hard, but I have to support her," Gwynn said, "the girl obviously longs for female sexual company and what is there to do, except give it to her”?

Nurse Pleasance said ”Oh my, oh my”, while she continued rubbing Tammy’s moist pussy, ”I think you have a case, Mrs. Panzer….oh my…” and continued, ”Ms. Stirn, I would like you to assist me in my next experiment”. The headmistress got up and stood next to the nurse. ”What can I do to help?”, she asked. ”will you please take off your panties and straddle the patient like Mrs. Watson did, but please bend forward….you can rest your hands on her hips for balance”, the nurse said while smiling to the seated women.

Gwynn was close to exploding, her nipples were rock hard and she felt small jolts coming from her pussy….this was better than she had hoped for….and it wasn’t over yet. She managed to put her right hand close to her sex and then press against her skirt, in order to get a little relief – but no such luck…

Ms. Stirn hiked up her skirt and reached up and got hold of her panties and stepped out of them. She left the panties where she was standing and turned to straddle Tammy’s head. ”Please raise your skirt slightly, so I can see and adjust the head rest”. Ms. Stirn was taller than Mrs. Watson and the nurse fiddles with the control buttons and Tammy’s head was slowly being raised…then a slight pause…”Please bend forward Helen”…the headmistress did as requested….all in the name of science…and the whirring of the motor continued and Tammy’s face was being pushed in between the woman’s moist buttocks – her eyes widened in panic, as she stared into Ms. Stirn's wrinkled anus and then her nose dived right in, while her mouth pressed against the woman’s labia – and then the motor stopped.

Ms. Stirn couldn’t help herself bending slightly in order to increase the pressure on her crotch – Tammy was protesting, her nose halfway up the headmistress’ rectum and her voice almost reduced to naught by the fat labia covering her lower face. Nurse Pleasance reached up and pinched Tammy’s right nipple hard, while she increased the pace of her right hand – ”I sense a distinct reaction to Ms. Stirn’s behind”, nurse Pleasance said, ”the patient’s vagina is obviously wetter than it was a moment ago”.

Ms. Stirn’s eyes were closed, the sensation in her crotch was wonderful, but as Mrs. Watson, she managed to compose herself and only move slightly back and forth on the protesting teen’s face. The nurse reached over and opened a drawer and pulled out a white, plain vibrator and she turned it up to max and pressed it against Tammy’s anus – Tammy tried to protest, but in went the vibrator – the school nurse continued diddling the girl’s pussy and after three minutes Tammy lost control and orgasmed for the second time, while screaming into the headmistress’ wet pussy…

The headmistress backed up and a teary eyed Tammy was now looking up at the ceiling. The other women were expressing various opinions and the headmistress had to shout: "Ladies, Ladies!  Please some decorum." Interjected Miss Stirn and once it was quiet she continued turning to Gwynn,  "I see what you mean Ms. Panzer, clearly homosexual, clearly.  Quite depraved to be able to get aroused by a woman in front of a group of women AND climax.   We'll have to put a policy together for Miss Tammy here.  I'll send a memo out to all the teachers regarding her hair trigger arousal and depravity towards females."

Nurse Pleasance reached down and picked up the headmistress’ panties and pressed them against Tammy’s face, while the vibrator went to work on her clitoris and inner labia. The nurse sensed something coming and shouted ”Look….look ladies….she orgasms from smelling a woman’s worn panties….I can only agree with Ms. Stirn….the girl is obviously a lesbian and maybe even a nymphomaniac” She stuffed the panties into Tammy’s mouth and said, ”nympho….definitely a nymphomaniac…loves soiled panties in her mouth”

The nurse loosened the velcro bands and freed the girl. "Up girl, enough of you getting your pleasure on school time, the bell is about to ring and you have to get yourself ready for class."

The sobbing Tammy was still shaking off the orgasms and pulled Ms. Stirn’s panties out of her mouth – she felt so sick, her face reeked of female crotch – she had lost all hope and collapsed in despair and vomited on the office floor.

Nurse Pleasance quickly cleaned up the mess, while Gwynn wiped Tammy’s face. ”There, there”, Gwynn chirped, ”no reason to cry, don’t you worry, we’ll make sure that you have lots of female company…LOTS!” and pulled the sobbing girl’s face into her cleavage. She put her mouth to Tammy’s left ear and whispered, ”I noticed how much you enjoyed the headmistress’ behind, so let’s see how much you enjoy mine when you get home after school.

Tammy got dressed and was told to go to her class – she hesitated and stammered ”I need my panties, please”.

”Little lesbian nymphomaniacs don’t need panties, it will be good for your little pussy to get some air to cool down the fire you have down below”, Gwynn said and gave Tammy’s behind a good slap and sent her on her way.

Gwynn thanked the nurse and went to talk to Helen Stirn. The headmistress was having a conversation with Mrs. Watson and both women smiled at Gwynn as she entered. ”I just want to thank you for your help and understanding”, Gwynn said, "now there is absolutely no doubt that Tammy is gay."

”I’m glad that we were able to help you, Mrs. Panzer and we’ll make sure that Tammy gets special attention on a daily basis”, Helen Stirn said, while patting Gwynn’s hand – ”she is a pretty little thing and I’m sure that she won’t have any problems finding female company”. Helen Stirn was still somewhat aroused from the session at the nurse’s office, but kept that to herself and smiled when Gwynn handed her her panties that she had brought from the nurse’s office. ”Give them to Tammy” Helen Stirn said, ”she seemed to enjoy them quite a lot”.

”Yes, I’m sure she can find some good use for them”, Gwynn said and they all laughed.

Mrs. Watson said goodbye and went back to her office and Gwynn and Helen Stirn started talking about what to do and Gwynn said, ”Why don’t you come by for dinner Friday evening and we can discuss matters there?

”Thank you, I would love to, how sweet of you – I have a meeting  at 4.30 pm and it’ll take about an hour and I come by after that”, Helen Stirn said while shaking Gwynn’s hand.

Gwynn left and was smiling to herself all the way home. It had been a wonderful day and it wasn’t over yet…

--- Interlude - The Asylum ---

Samantha sat in the little plastic chair in front of Doctor Zanier.  She was in a straitjacket, with her arms tightly bound in the rough heavy canvas.  Her shoulders hurt from the tight binding, but over the past week she had gotten used to it.  She was naked.  A tight strap ran under her crotch, today it was synched tightly because it was holding in a vibrating dildo jammed into her pussy.  The butt plug that was forced into her ass was held inside on its own however.

She couldn't speak for the large ballgag in her mouth and drool constantly dribbled off her chin onto the white canvas of the straitjacket.

She was skittish and her eyes darted around the barren office, the cement under her bare feet was cold. The injections this morning had hit her like 8 cups of coffee and three shots of tequila with a twist of NyQuil.  She was disoriented and her vision kept seeing trails of phosphorescence if she moved her head too fast. Listening to people was hard because they all sounded so far off.  The buzzing of the vibrator in her cunt was disturbing and she kept having flashes of sex fly through her head.  visions of naked women, pussies, breasts, bondage, whips and women fucking with strapons.

She shook her head and tried to focus on her coping mechanism.  She thought of her daughter Tammy, her sweet Tammy.  She was able to control herself and took in a rasping breath.  She didn't know how much longer she could hold onto her sanity.

Doctor Zanier finished writing a note on Samantha's file folder, the scratching of the pen the only other sound in the room besides the hum of the vibrator in Samantha's pussy.  She dotted an "i" on the paper with a flourish and looked over her reading glasses at the tormented woman sitting on the other side of the hard metal desk.

"Samantha.  I am pleased with our progress so far.  Within my system, I consider you now broken to level two.  We will continue to proceed over the next few weeks up to level 10 at which point you will essentially be a blank slate upon which I can place our proscribed treatment and training on you."

She smiled, "There is no reason to hide our treatment from you, you will be broken and trained as a compliant submissive woman.  It is our business here, we are a profitable enterprise and we excel at what we do."

"Our next phase is to remove any mental crutches you are relying on to prevent the full effectiveness of our system.  For example we know that you are using your daughter as a crutch and our plan is to break that via a set of exercises.  At the end of which you will - of your own asking - beg your daughter to have sex with you."

Samantha heard the echos in her brain, "...beg your daughter to have sex...beg your daughter..."  She swore there was an echo in the room.  She shook her head to try again to clear it and to say no to the doctor.

"It is inevitable.  We even have the date on our calendar.  She will be visiting this facility in three weeks.  By that time you will be broken and ready."

Samantha shook her head feebly again.

Doctor Zanier smiled, "Yes, I know, you disagree with me.  But let me assure you, we have diligently perfected our methods and with our use of a nasty set of narcotics and hallucinogenics and the physical methods, both soft and brutal, you are nothing more than an object upon which we work our system.  It is foolproof, you will be broken and redone."

Samantha's head was spinning and she started to fall out of the chair.  The burly female orderly standing to her right caught her and set her back up.

"On that note, we got a nice letter from your sister today, she sent along some pictures of your daughter.  I thought you might like to see them."  She flicked on a projector that displayed against the off-white wall to their right.

"She writes a nice email to inquire about the status of your programming, to which I was able to respond that we are making fine progress.  And then she sent along a series of pictures of your daughter."

Flick went the first picture.  Samantha saw her daughter, but she was dressed in lingerie, a tiny pink nightie, flick, next picture Tammy kissing her cousin Becky, flick, Tammy sucking on a breast - Gwynn's breast, Samantha realized with a shock.

Samantha said ”no” into the ballgag, "mmmmmmmmmm" and she struggled to stand but the strong orderlies held her down in the chair.

"Yes, yes YES!  doubly yes.  This is part of the training, the forced lesbianism on your daughter is a key additional lever we will use on your psyche.  She will follow in your footsteps.  Once she has been taken as far as you sister can take her, she will be processed here as well."

Flick, Tammy now kneeling and licking Gwynn's pussy.

"mmmmm....mmmmmm...mmmmmm," continued Samantha as tears started to flow from her eyes.  she shook her head feebly.

Flick, Tammy eating another pussy.

Samantha started to sob in abject horror at the ruination of her life.  Black hopelessness enveloped her.

Flick, Tammy looking at the camera, drenched and dripping in female ejaculate, with empty, hopeless eyes.  Samantha looked back, helpless and hopeless as well.

"That will be all."  The two orderlies lifted her up. and started to drag the barefoot bound crying woman from the dark office.

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