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Tammy and Gwynn

Part 4


Chapter 4 - Tammy visits a psychologist.


Setting the Scene:

Tammy's loving Aunt is so worried about Tammy's depraved lesbianism that she takes her niece to her friend Dr. Vokley for a thorough (very thorough) evaluation.  Of course the plan all along is to put our poor young teen girl through another round of humiliation at the hands of yet another ruthless lesbian molester.

Poor poor Tammy, her nightmare of abuse just seems to never end...will it ever?


"Thank you Gwynn, for bringing your disturbed niece in today.  I'm sure there is something we can do to help her come to grips with her lesbian nymphomania." said Dr. Vokley.

Gwynn was holding onto little Tammy tightly on her upper arm above her elbow, forcefully with her left hand as she shook her Psychologist friends hand with the other.  Tammy was in her little bitty red dress that clung to her seventeen year old body like tissue paper and barely hung down below her ass, showing off her young skinny legs almost all the way up to her pussy.  She had no bra on and the dress had some trouble keeping her nice c-Cup breasts contained as it was her nipples were clearly visible.  She only had on a tiny matching red thong underneath and for shoes she only had a pair of white Keds sneakers.

"Boy! She really is a looker isn't she?  Very fine breasts on her?  I feel sorry for all the men out there that will never get he opportunity to experience her feminine charms.  Just think she'll probably never enjoy sexual intercourse with a man, never feel a hardened penis penetrating her vagina.  Kind of sad isn't it?"  Said the doctor as she admired Tammy.

Tammy's eyes went wide, here she was between two adult women and they were discussing her like she wasn't even there.  The doctor was dressed in fine navy blue silk pants with sharply pointed matching heels and light blue blouse with pearls.  She looked impeccable with an expensive hair style and a pair of professional looking glasses that looked just elegant enough to be expensive but understated.  She was incredibly intimidating to little Tammy who felt small and naked in front of these two strong women.

"Careful doctor I don't think Tammy quite knows how much of a walking wet dream she is."  Said Gwynn as the two women shared a lighthearted chuckle.

"I need to thank you Sandra, I hope you can help her, at least help her come to terms with her depravity." continued Gwynn

"I'm sure I can, my ministrations have been known to help many girls come to grips with their lesbianism.  I pride myself in getting young girl-lovers to come to accept their affliction."  She reached and took the girl's other arm and the two of them led the girl into the room.

The two women towered almost a head above the young girl and in their business attire and fine shoes they presented an intimidating experience for Tammy.  She had to get up on her tiptoes as she was half dragged into the room helplessly between the two strong women.

"When did she last have sex?" asked the Doctor nonchalantly.

"Well, hmmm, Tammy when was it?" Gwynn looked down her nose at her little niece who looked back with wide eyes, unbelieving that such a question about her would be asked so casually.  Gwynn continued without waiting for an answer,  "I'm sorry Doctor, do you mean the last time she orgasmed or the last time she serviced a woman?"

They sat Tammy down in a chair and then the both of them moved around in front and peered down at the girl sitting timidly before them.  Crossed their arms and looked down at her with crinkled eyebrows like a science experiment of a mold culture gone wrong.

"Both, although the last time she had an orgasm is more important as it will affect my evaluation." said the doctor.

"Well, letís see, she serviced me this morning right as she woke, but then at breakfast Josie, that's her cousin, my daughter, had her perform cunnilingus at the breakfast table.  The little minx.  I'm sorry to say I think Tammy missed having any other breakfast this morning besides pussy." And the two women laughed at that.

Tammy shrunk into the chair embarrassed as the two women talked about her and her sex life as if she wasn't even there.

"So that would be about an hour ago that she last serviced a woman, well actually a girl.  As to her own pleasure, I helped the poor girl orgasm in the shower in the morning, I have been doing that as a duty of mine for the past several days.  As an aside I have found her to be very anally receptive, she is able to orgasm from finger fucking her anus.  I mean really, the girl seems fixated on her anus.  She might be even more depraved than we at first suspected, maybe she is an anally obsessed lesbian."

"Wow, well that is highly unusual, orgasming from anal stimulation? Really? That is exceptionally depraved."

"Yes, I am able to get the little slut off just so, it takes two fingers mind you and some gusto, but she climaxes from anal stimulation alone.  I have half a mind to take her in the ass with a strapon to see how she enjoys that as well."

"Well well, I concur, you should investigate that."  They chuckled again. 

Tammy had no idea what a "strapon" was but it sounded horrifying, if her aunt thought it would be fun Tammy recoiled in fear as to what it could possibly be.  What could it be, what is a strapon?

"I believe that she has masturbated today as well," said Gwynn as she looked pointedly at Tammy, "Have you fingered yourself once or twice today Tammy?"

Tammy looked up startled out of her thinking about a strapon, but swallowed and answered, "Twice Auntie."

"When was the last time?"

"You made me do it right before we left Auntie."

"Oh yes, that's right, I forgot," she smiled and turned to the Doctor, "She masturbates so often I lose track."

"Oh my, she really does have a problem.  That's three orgasms and two pussies licked all before 10 am."

"Yes, she might have sneaked another orgasm in on the way here too, I did notice she had her hand in her panties all the way here," Gwynn didn't add that she had told Tammy to play with herself, "I sooo hope we don't have to put her into the same institution as her mother.  That would be a shame."

"Yes, her poor mother, a hopeless case." The doctor turned sharply to Gwynn, "Did she really rape those three neighborhood girls?"

"ooh doctor, we try and not talk about that around Tammy-puss here."

"Oh sorry, but you know it was just so extreme, you know the strap-on cock and tying up the little girls and fucking them in their little anuses, I mean what sort of depraved woman would do that to another woman let alone three little girls."

"Please doctor, I've tried hard to forget that event.  Those girls were terribly hurt by Tammy's disturbed mother.  At least now she is getting treatment for her issues."

"Yes of course, It's not like it was the worst thing she did."

"Yes yes of course, now back to the tart in front of us.  Do you think you will be able to really help her.  I mean obviously it's too late to make her hetero and normal, but at least do you think you can help her accept herself and learn to love herself again.  I feel she is so confused and not happy with herself.  I believe that poor Tammy-puss needs to really REALLY learn to love women, it's the only way she will be happy."

"Yes oh yes, it will take many MANY visits and intensive therapy however.  You've taken the first step towards her recovery, well recovery is the wrong word, let's say acceptance.  If you'll excuse us Gwynn I require privacy between Tammy and myself.  We need to build trust between us.

"This is an hour session, so I'll see you back here at 11 or so."

"Fine Doctor.  I'll see you then."  With that Gwynn leaned down and grabbed Tammy's upper arms, pulled the girl back to her feet and forcefully kissed her startled niece full on the lips, mashing into the surprised girl. Gwynn broke the kiss, dropped the girl, who plopped, stunned, back in the chair.  Gwynn winked at Doctor Vokley.

"See you in an hour doctor."

And with that she walked out of the room.

The Doctor sat on the edge of her desk and let one foot swing lightly. "Tammy, let's get a bit more comfortable, I'd like you to call me Sandra instead of Doctor.  That should help."

Tammy looked up from under her bangs, she was distraught and exhausted from days of humiliating experiences.  She just nodded silently.

"Well, let's begin.  Please come over and lay on the couch." She pointed over to the leather couch .

Tammy stood and went over and laid down.  Sandra brought a chair over next to Tammy and sat quite close to the girl's side.

"Now Tammy today we will have a preliminary discussion and then I want to go through some visual stimulation evaluation."

"First, what do you like most about girls?"

"I...I don't know."

"Well Tammy-puss, is it ok if I call you that, your Aunt calls you that as a term of endearment, I just want you to feel comfortable."


"Good, then Tammy-puss, what I mean is do you tend to look first at a girl's breasts or do you prefer to check out another girl's ass first?"

"I...I..."  stammered Tammy.

"From what your Aunt says about your anal fixation I would expect that you check out another girl's behind first, is that true?"

"I don't..."

"Can't decide?  You like them both equally?"  She took down a note in her clip board.

"No, no, I don't like either." blurted out Tammy.

"Really." said the doctor and she wrote another note, "Something else then?  Do you check out their crotch? or do you just focus on their faces."


"hmmm, confused, I'll just mark down 'All'."  And she wrote something on her clipboard.

"Ok Next question, Do you prefer to have sex with a mature full figured woman say with nice large breasts or a girl with a trim body and budding breasts?" 

"Wha...I don't know..."

"Well girl, seeing as you're young I thought it would likely be an older woman, one that could show you how to properly please another female, is that it?"

"I...I guess I.."  She didn't know what to say.

"Good, Mature woman," she marked another note on the clipboard.

"I didn't mean..."

"Tammy, you have to trust me, part of my experience lets me understand your subconscious answers as much as your conscious answers.  Clearly you feel like a more mature woman is a better sexual experience than a young girl."

Doctor Vokley reached over and touched Tammy's arm and smiled, "I can understand how you could feel that way, a mature woman has far more experience understanding how to sexually satisfy a girl.  A young girl can be a fun romp and the taughtness of their body can excite, but an older woman can be so much more satisfying."  She patted the girl's arm soothingly.

Tammy tried to hide her recoil from the woman's touch.

"So then, Mature women over young girls, got it, now let's continue.  Do you get more pleasure from getting cunnilingus or analingus?"

Tammy's mouth opened agape at the question.

"hmmm?  Tammy-puss I asked you a question?  Do you enjoy it more when a woman licks your vagina or when a woman licks your anus?" 

Tammy shook her head in disbelief.

"I see it is really close, is it equal then?"

"No." answered Tammy, shaking her head.

"Ahh good, pussy then?"

"No" she said again.

"Good," The doctor made another note on the clipboard, "Analingus.  VERY interesting, an anal fixation."

"Wait I didn't mean that, I don't like that, it's just that my aunt and my cousins well they, you know they just, well you it to me. And I can't help myself."

"I know dear, you can't help loving it, you're helpless."

"No I..."

"It's ok, I guess it's to be expected knowing who your mom was, let's continue, the hour will go quick and I need to ask a few more questions.  Let's stay on the topic of your anal fixation, do you like anal toy play more or fingers or tongues...Oh why do I ask this question I'm sure it's tongue play, there's nothing quite like another woman's tongue up your ass is there?"

"No Doctor that's not what I like."

"My then what is it?"

"I don't like it, they make me do it."

"I think you are being a little harsh young lady, your Aunt and cousins are only doing this to help you, they want you to be happy."

"No they don't, they're bitches and they abuse me!" her anger and frustration finally boiling over.


The Doctor slapped Tammy across the face hard, stinging her face and bringing some blood to the girl's lip. Tammy put her hand to her face and looked back at the Doctor with fear in her eyes and tears welling.

"How dare you talk about your Aunt and benefactor, she only wants the best for you.  You have been  diagnosed as being homosexual and she only wants you to be fully supported and directed in your sexual preference.  Now I'll hear no more of it."  and she softly tapped the girl's cheek again to reinforce her point.

"Where were we, ah yes, tongues and asses.  So you like tongue play on your ass the best correct?"

Tammy was holding her stinging cheek as she answered meekly, "yes doctor."

"Good, good, I can see we made a breakthrough there. One more follow up question, do you prefer licking a woman's pussy or her ass or is it very hard for you to decide between the two?"

"'s very hard...I don't know."

"I can see that in you, you can't help yourself near a woman's nether region."  She smiled at the helpless teenager.

"Now then on to other subjects, have you been tied up?  Have you experimented with bondage fetishes?"

"No doctor."

"But I see that this excites you, would you like your Aunt and cousins to incorporate bondage into your sex play?  Maybe tie you up and make you do things against your will?  would that increase your pleasure?"

Tammy was slow to answer but finally said quietly, "Yes doctor."

"OK last question, when you masturbate, do you dream of your Aunt or one of your cousins or a different woman?"

Tammy answered meekly again, "My Aunt"

"And in your fantasy, do you picture her between your legs or do you see the reverse where you are servicing her?"

"I'm doing her."

"Excellent, well that's enough questions. good job, now onto the visual stimulation evaluation."

She handed the downtrodden girl an iPad and had her turn it on.

"This first test is a series of A/B tests, you will be presented with two naked women and you will have to choose which one excites you more."

Tammy looked at the iPad screen, she saw two pictures of two women.  They were standing, naked, one blond, one brunette.  Tammy looked from the pad to the doctor.

"Just click on the girl that you find most arousing."

Tammy looked back at the two lewd pictures and tapped one at random.

The screen changed and showed two more women, this time they were both in white lacy panties.

Tammy tapped again.

The screen refreshed with two women again, this time in wet t-shirts.

Next naked again, then bikini's then lingerie, naked, naked, panties...Tammy lost track as the tablet kept updating with pictures of women and girls, over and over and over.  Tammy found herself, ever so slightly getting aroused in spite of herself.  The site of so many naked women overwhelmed her.

On and on it went.  Next came a series of close-ups: breasts, pussies, asses.  The images became a blur.

Suddenly it ended and the screen was black with a simple word on it: "End".

"Excellent girl. Now, let's inspect your arousal level."  The Dr. unceremoniously reached down and brought her hand to Tammy's crotch.  Tammy freaked out and reached down and pushed her hand away.

"Noooo, don't."

"Tammy-puss! I need to do a clinical investigation into the level of wetness in your vagina to properly assess the level of homosexual disorder."  and she slapped Tammy's hands away.  Tammy fought a bit more and squeezed her legs together.  struggling and pushing the psychologists hands away from her. 

"Noooo!"  She squealed again.

The doctor tried to squeeze her hand between the girls struggling legs.  Doctor Vokley stood up next to the couch and slapped Tammy across the face, first one way and then backhanded the other.  "Stop it!  This instance you little lezzy cunt!  Your Aunt is paying good money for this psychological evaluation of your tendencies, I need to see how these stimulations are affecting you."

Tammy shook her head. but stopped fighting after the slap.  She was crying and sniveling after the slaps.

The doctor sat down again, and then none to gently pressed her hand between the still nearly clenched legs and up to the teen's vagina, and slid her index finger expertly around the tiny panties and directly between the girl's nether lips.  They were moist.

"ooooh, you naughty girl, your pussy is wet."  and with that she penetrated the girls vagina to the third knuckle.  Then pulled out.  She wrote down some notes.  "Clearly aroused."

"Let's continue, shall we?  The next set of photos is quite stimulating."  She picked up the iPad again and flipped to a new set of photos for the A/B testing.

"In this series you will be asked which pair of Lesbians are engaged in something more erotic to you.  There will be two pictures side by side, simply click on the one that is sexier for you."

She handed the iPad back to the girl sitting on the couch.


Tammy looked at the tablet and had to pick between two girls in a passionate kiss or two more girls in a passionate kiss.  To her they were the same.  She picked one at random.

Dr. Vokley reached between the girls thighs again, directly up to her vagina once again and inserted her finger quickly into the girls pussy.  Tammy squeaked quietly as the Doctor's finger penetrated her.

Tammy stopped and shook her head again meekly, tears were still dribbling down her stinging cheeks.

"I need to monitor your arousal girl, continue with the evaluation."

Tammy continued going through the A/B testing.

The good doctor started to slowly move her finger in and out of the girl's pussy.

Tammy tried to focus on the iPad pictures, it showed two sets of women in bondage situations.  Tammy bent her legs and opened her crotch up just slightly to the Doctor's finger fucking.  Dr. Vokley slid in a second finger and continued her molestation of the young teen.

"You've lost focus Tammy-puss, keep choosing."

Tammy had forgotten the iPad, it hung limply in her hand as she lost herself in the ministrations from her therapist. She looked again at the screen and saw two sets of schoolgirls in passionate kisses.  She chose one at random as a climax approached.

Her legs spread further almost against her will, she was no fully open to the doctor, Tammy reached down with her spare hand and pulled the Doctor's fingers deeper inside her then threw her head back and screamed as an orgasm overtook her.  Tammy held onto the Doctor's arm and spasmed against the woman.

Doctor Vokley stopped fucking the girl and just held her fingers inside.  Then when Tammy had settled down she pulled out.

"Very good Tammy. This line of discussion I think has been very helpful."  she stood up.  "You have however succeeded in making me extremely horny as well and I think it only appropriate that you fix the problem that you created, don't you?"

The Doctor walked around to the head of the couch, unbuckled her slacks and let the silk pants fall loosely to the ground.  She pulled her panties down to her ankles as well revealing a trimmed pussy, a small triangle of blond pubic hair.  The Doctor turned to face Tammy on the couch, spread her legs slightly and showed her pussy to the girl.

"Do you like my pussy Tammy?" She made sure her blouse was clear and that the stunned teen had a clear view of her pussy.  "You have seen so many by now I hope mine is a pretty one?"

Tammy licked her lips in confusion.

"Oooh thanks, I see you are ready.  Now just lean back right on the couch."  She took a step up to the couch and put her index finger on Tammy's forehead and pushed the teen's head back leaning over the arm of the couch.

"Now, just stay there."  She sauntered a step around the end of the couch and backed over the girl's face and wiggled her quim down onto the girls waiting mouth.  "Now start licking my pussy Tammy-puss like the good little lezzy you are."

Tammy was still in a daze as the Doctor's pussy smothered her mouth.  She reflexively stuck her tongue out and started to lick her off.  The doctor reached down and grabbed the teen's hair with both hands and started to grind into the girl's face.  Driving her crotch into Tammy's face, rubbing her pussy up against her.  Tammy tried to lick and keep up with the psychologist's thrusting, but she was driving her pussy so hard across her face she couldn't keep up.  She started moaning in protest as her face was abused by the Doctor.

Doctor Vokley rode the girl's face harder and then grabbed the girl's hair in an even tighter grip, entwining her fingers through the teenagers blond hair. and pulled her face fully into her crotch, stopping her thrusting and driving and spasming as Tammy was suffocated between the doctor's thighs, her nose and mouth completely covered and smothered.  She started to punch the back of Doctor Vokley feebly, but she was hopelessly trapped.

Tammy squirmed and squirmed, but the doctor ignored her futile wiggling and held onto the girl's hair as she shook in ecstasy.  Tammy started seeing stars and was on the verge of blacking out when the doctor finally let out a long shuddering sigh and relaxed her grip on the teen.  It only made Tammy's predicament worse, the psychologist relaxed down on Tammy's face with all her weight, sitting fully on top of Tammy's face, her pussy leaking orgasmic juices into Tammy's open mouth. Tammy limply hit her back a few more times and just as she couldn't keep blackness away any longer, only after the doctor had taken a few long shuddering breaths, did she finally stand up and allow Tammy to breath.

Tammy took a huge gasping breath as soon as the Doctor stood up and off her face. Long strings of cum hung between the girls mouth and the Doctor's pussy as she slowly stepped away.  The stringy female ejaculate dripped off and into Tammy's eyes making them sting.

"Wooo, thank you girl."  She walked over to her desk and picked up a glass of water and took a long drink, then hit her intercom button.

"Dahlia, can you bring in a towel please?"

"Yes doctor," came the answer.

The doctor turned back to Tammy as she took another drink, bottomless and exposed but seemingly unconcerned about it.  "Thank you again Tammy, you've taken care of my immediate needs."

The Doctor's secretary came in with a towel.  Tammy was still only half conscious, her legs still spread, her panties askew, her face glistening, almost dripping, with the Doctor's pussy juice.  The secretary came in and handed the towel to the Doctor as she surveyed the teen on the couch.

"I see your session is going well Doctor." 

"Yes, quite well," Doctor Vokley took the towel from her secretary and wiped her forehead and then spread her legs and wiped her vagina. "Can you hand me my panties Dahlia?"

Her secretary picked up her pants and panties and handed the panties to the Doctor.  The doctor pulled them up as her pretty secretary shook her pants out to prepare them and then handed them back to the Doctor after she had pulled up her black panties.

"Thank you Dahlia," she took her pants back, "I'll ring if I need anything else." 

The secretary nodded briefly, "Yes Doctor." and left.

The doctor smiled evilly at the teen on the couch and said, "Now let's get back to some further investigation." She took one more sip and then picked up the TV remote.

"Now let's review a couple of your liaisons with some of your lovers...."


When Gwynn picked her up, Tammy was curled up in a fetal position on the couch, crying uncontrollably.  unh-sniff, unh-sniff, unh-sniff - she couldn't control the rhythmic sobbing.

"My oh my, what's the wrong with the little lezzy?"  asked Gwynn as she sat in the chair in front of Doctor Vokley's desk.

"Oh we had quite the breakthrough today, she orgasmed at least three times by my count during my routine evaluation of lesbian tendencies.  I think she is emotionally spent from the process. I really WORKED her hard to come to grips with her girl-loving tendencies."

"Excellent,"  Gwynn looked over at her sobbing niece and grinned without remorse. "I assume she will need further treatment."

"Oh my yes, this is only the beginning, I foresee a long and tortuous road for Tammy to fully come to grips with her sick homosexual behavior.  Very long and VERY tortuous.  We'll need some intense sessions.  Please schedule a weekly appointment with my secretary."

"Certainly Doctor."

"Also, the prescription from her Gynecologist Dr. Cohen, is woefully inadequate.  To properly address her disorder, she really will need to be kept aroused for a much broader period of time every day, she also needs more orgasms, many more and should have much freer access to more womens vaginas to practice cunnilingus and other womanly servicing as much as possible."

"Oh my."

"Now we've talked about positive reinforcement, what with the number of orgasms your neice is likely to have daily, but I want to make sure you feel comfortable about negative reinforcement.  You must not flinch from strict and stiff adherence to her training."

"Well Doctor we have had to spank her already to keep her focused on what she is doing."

"Excellent, and a fine start.  I would encourage you to purchase a nice cane or even better a stiff horsewhip and use it frequently.  Any minor deviation from her lesbian self should be strictly controlled.  You are responsible for her upbringing and you need to ensure that her lesbian tendencies are fully encouraged, that includes reducing and preventing any heterosexual tendencies that might creep in.  Her long term happiness depends on your guidance."

"I understand Doctor, we'll make sure we hold her on the straight and narrow.  We wouldn't want her to be confused about her nature."

"Additionally she needs exposure to the female form more, please try to give her the opportunity to see the naked female form as much as possible."

"We already do that Doctor, my daughters and I spend much of our day at home dressed provocatively just for the little lezzy tramp."

"Good, well I encourage that.  Make sure that she masturbates at least 4 times per day.  She should be under observation for these masturbation sessions, I recommend that you set up a camera in her room."

"Certainly Doctor."

--- Interlude - The Asylum ---

Samantha was brought into the interview room again, naked again, in the straight jacked with a ballgag jammed in her mouth.  Drool dripped out of her mouth uncontrollably.  Her eyes darted around from the drug cocktail of amphetamines and hallucinogens she was fed daily.  Reality consisted of vaginas and breasts now...and pain and getting fucked.

The two brutish female orderlies dropped her unceremoniously in the middle of the room.  She knelt with difficulty and looked up at Dr. Zanier's desk, peering up from under dishevel, greasy hair.

GWYNN!, her sister was there!  Standing in a perfect gray silk suit, with perfect hair, looking like the perfect strong woman.

She screamed in rage, "UUUHHNNNNFFFFF!!" In futility from behind the vicious huge ballgag jammed into her mouth.

Gwynn just smiled, "Hello Sam."

Dr. Zanier looked from one sister to the other and let out a long exhale of cigarette smoke into the room.

Samantha tried to struggle in her straight jacket.  Wiggling her arms and shaking her head.  Dr. Zanier nodded to one of the orderlies.  The strong woman swung a club into Samantha's stomach with a vicious swing.  Samantha grunted and collapsed to the floor.

"No struggling."  Said the doctor with little emotion.  She squished out her cigarette and stood up.

"Glad you could come Miss Panzer, I am very excited about this new technology, your sister will be the first to be experimented on." she walked over to the closet, opened it and pulled out a black oversized briefcase and carried it over to the hard metal desk.

"It's a training aid," she said as she opened up the case.  "It has three pieces," Samantha stopped crying and struggled back up to her knees so she could see the devices being pulled out. "First there is the head gear," And the doctor pulled out a pair of goggles with headphones attached.  "These are full VR goggles that toggle between a hypnotic light sequence and injected video clip."  She set that aside and then pulled out the next item, "This is the control unit.  It's completely wireless and allows us to tailor the appropriate program for our patient."  Then she pulled out the last item, "The patented chastity training belt."

She held it up proudly in front of Gwynn and Samantha, Samantha's eyes went wide in shock and fear, they weren't going to make her wear THAT thing were they?!

It was black and glossy.  It looked like a pair of plastic panties with electrodes and tubes lining the outside.  It looked like a science fiction torture device.

"As you can see the construction is of the highest quality.  We have electrical stimulation focused on the subject's clitoris, this can cause a shock or pulsating vibration.  There is a retractable vaginal penetration device and the matching anal penetrator.  These can be set to a rhythm or off or simply insert with their own vibration system as well."

"I have a default program that alternates between a 2 hour sleep induced program followed by a 20 minute hypnosis routine and a 45 minute exposure routine then 2 hours of sleep again.  This repeats all night.  The patient should get a good nights sleep and the necessary reinforcement of their true sexual selves.  Naturally for Samantha we plan on running a large selection of deviant lesbian pornography videos for the exposure period in her sleep routine.  In my professional opinion this device should be used to push her boundaries, so that regular lesbian sex is considered much more routine."

"So like some light bondage and latex?"

"No, far too tame.  I recommend, hard painful bondage, anal play, waterspout, large insertion, double strapon penetration, rough scenes etc.  we need to desensitize her to Lesbian sex until regular sex with any woman or girl is simply commonplace and of no concern to her."

Samantha's eyes grew wide in fear.

"Can you show me how it works Doctor."

"Of course."

She walked over to Samantha, the Orderlies grabbed a firm hold on her arms.  Dr. Zanier undid the bottom strap of the straight jacket and brought the evil looking chastity belt down in front of Samantha.

"It's self lubricating as well for easy insertion and constant fucking capability.  This baby can go on until your sister passes out and then go on some more."  She fed the device under Samantha's crotch.  Samantha was helpless as the first dildo penetrated her vagina, sliding in fully, silkily.  She had to admit that in her heightened sexual state it felt good to be penetrated by a cock, even a fake one.

Dr. Zanier reached around behind the bedraggled blond and fed the anal dildo into place.  The self lubrication allowed the Doctor to press into Samantha without too much effort.

The Doctor looked down and carefully fitted the clitoris vibrator over Samanthaís clit and then pulled the chastity belt up and synched it down tight, pulling on the straps alternately until everything was very snug.

She stood and put the goggles and headphones on the bound woman: Samantha's world went dark and quiet.

And then she felt the dildos start to vibrate and the goggles started showing a video of a woman whipping another woman, screams filled her ears as the naked woman was punished.


The Doctor and Gwynn stared down at the quivering, straightjacket bound, drooling woman at their feet.  The piece of female meat on the floor. 

Gwynn smiled in pleasure and said, "That is an excellent device Doctor, how much will you use it."

"Oh she'll be in this setup every night for 10 hours.  Then we'll run her through her regular daily routine and then back into this device.  We anticipate a two-fold increase in indoctrination velocity."

"Excellent, see you in a couple of weeks with Tammy."

"Yes, by then Samantha will be begging for her daughters pussy."

Samantha kicked a leg out uncontrollably and banged the plain metal chair, knocking it over.

"Oh my," said Gwynn and chuckled as her sister quivered from the machine fucking her.

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