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My Imagination

Part 6

Chapter 6: The Day of Rest

       When I awoke, everything was sort of, different. I was on a mattress, but wasnt tied down. I no longer wore the suit which covered my body except my boobs and fuck holes. I thought mabey I had been released… thats when I realized I wasnt anywhere I recognized. I was in a padded room, with the only light coming in from windows up high near the ceiling. I tried screaming but nothing happened and no one came. After I realized I was still captive, I noticed I was in some sort of device, similar to underwear but with locks on it and made of metal. I also realized that there were some form of dildos in my ass and pussy. I was able to see, hear, and move unrestricted for the first time in I dont know how long. The dildos inside me were locked in by this cage that fit my body in a way I could not remove it. The dildos themselves were not large, just enough to know something was there. I could feel a pulse running through them that caused me to contract the muscles of my pussy and ass involuntarily. I realized there was some kind of electrical impulse running through them.

       Soon after I got my bearings, I heard the now familiar voice. “You are being given a day of rest. You will be allowed to move your body as you see fit, you will be allowed to eat actual food, and you are permitted to urinate through your chastity device. That device in your case is there to stimulate you and also to strengthen the muscles in your ass and pussy to have stronger sensations. It also prevents you from playing with yourself, which in your heightened arousal state will be tortuous for you. We will provide your first meal through the slot in the door, you will have 30 minutes to eat, at which time you will hear a bell and must place all contents not eaten back in the slot. Enjoy your day of rest.”

       I sat there in disbelief. I was free, yet still controlled, somehow the thought made me horny. It didnt hurt that the dildos were periodically making my sexual muscles contract around them, outside of my control, which made me extremely hot and bothered. It wasnt long before the first tray of food arrived, I went to the door and removed it from the slot, trying to look out and see who had me, all to no avail.

       I looked over the tray and saw breakfast. There was cereal with milk, fruit, and a cream cheese Danish. I ate it all happily. A short time after the tray was removed, I realized I should have eaten slower and possibly not as much, my stomach began to rumble, not having had solids in so long. Once I got over the initial shock to the system, I was ok.

       That is, except for the increasing sexual tension created from the dildos in my pussy and ass.

       I realized that in order to rest up for whatever they had in store for me I had to try to resist the sensations building in my pussy and ass. I sat on the bed and tried to gather my thoughts…. These dildos just wont let me. I thought about finding a way to get off. I tried fitting my hands down the chastity device as he called it, but they would not fit. I tried rocking my hips back and forth which helped initially but began to rub me in the wrong way and I knew I better stop or bleed from the device. I begin to try to predict when the dildos will cause my muscles to squeeze and work with it instead of just trying to ignore it. This amplifies the sensations and I finally get off, but that just leaves me hungry for more.

       The day continues with me trying to get off and the devices keeping me from doing so. The hardest part of today has been trying to pee on my own again. I sit on the bucket that was provided and try to pee, but it does not happen. Eventually, I am able but it goes everywhere and I feel dirty for the first time. This day was supposed to be one where I could relax and be free but that was the furthest thing from my mind right now. Today is stressing me out, I would rather not be able to control my body…What the fuck?! I stop myself, talking in my own mind, since when do I not want some power over myself? Granted I am a complete submissive in bed but in life I am a successful and highly independent and self controlled woman. Where is this coming from?

       As I eat my lunch, a BLT (my favorite), with pasta and fruit along with a green tea, I wonder if I were turned loose if I would want to be free again. My perspective is so lost right now. I just want to live wherever it is I am and be a slave.

       As this thought goes through my mind the dildos bring me back to this room I am in and the thought that some unknown captor has complete control over me. I am not sure I hate it but I am not sure I love it either.

       Once I put my tray back in the slot, something happens and the room fills with some sort of mist. I realize I am once again being drugged and wonder what I am in for…

Review This Story || Author: SubmissionFantasy
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