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Collected by mmarcus72

moms and daughters (insest) (8 stories listed)
moms and daughters that are submissive and share there pleasure, both consentual and non. Sometimes non-sexually between them.

  • Enslaved by my Daughter: by Carrie Walker
    (Synopsis: Cassandra, a successful lawyer, is taken by surprise by her daughter Carrie, and turned into a complete slave. She is eventually humiliated, exposed to her family, her friends and neighbors her fellow employees at the law firm where she is employed. She is ultimately further and further humiliated and degraded, until Carrie has taken her entire life away from her. I am Carrie, the daughter, and my mother is my slave property in real life. many of the things in the story really happened. But this is not the way it actually happened, it is really an early fantasy of mine, from \"before\", about how it MIGHT happen.)
  • Tammy and Gwynn : by Annie the Slick
    (Synopsis: Poor poor Tammy. Her Aunt Gwynn is so evil. First Gwynn commits Tammy's Mom to an Asylum, then starts forcing Tammy to "accept" that she is a lesbian. Even if Tammy is sure she isn't, her Aunt, with the help of Tammy's cousins and a large cabal of mean women and girls work hard...oh so get Tammy to accept the FACT that she is lesbian.)
    Comment: Aunt/neice
  • Mother Gets Caught: by Lockedup737
    (Synopsis: Jill was a happy wife and mother of two children. One day while her husband was gone on a trip she got out her two vibrators and began to play. Her daughter caught her and took some very damaging pictures of her and began to blackmail her.She was mortified but what could she do?)
    Comment: Moral of the story: Your actions have consequences and you have to live with the choices you make.
  • Megan's Question: by JK
    (Synopsis: A father, mother and daughter lives the BDSM lifestyle. Training the daughter to be a sex slave like her beautifu; mother.)
    Comment: Megan wants to become part of her mothers and Stepdads lifestyle.
  • My Mother is an Internet Sex Slave!: by Imogen Airy
    (Synopsis: Andrew joined a web group called humiliatingfifi2. He didn't know who fifi was.)
    Comment: Good story of a son learning about his mother and finding himself through her.
  • Spring Break On A Texas Estate: by Shackleford Bond
    (Synopsis: A gracious Texas widow entertains her sons' college guests over spring break.)
    Comment: Painslut mother is a play toy for her son and son's friends.
  • Lesbian Sex Slave Mother: by Stacy Simmons
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a sex obsessed mother of two who becomes a willing sex slave to her own daughters, her three nieces, and her next door neighbor, and she loves every minute of it.)
    Comment: Mother becomes her daughers, nieces, and the younger woman nextdoor's sex slave.
  • Jennifer's New Family: by crystelia
    (Synopsis: Jennifer's new step father and step brothers take a very active and brutal interest in her, then turn their attentions to her mother as well!)
    Comment: mom and daughter get fucked by new husband and step-sons. then moms sister shows up with her daughter.

Self-Bondage and Torture (30 stories listed)

Faye Kane (8 stories listed)
All stories posted by Faye.

True to heart (3 stories listed)
Stories that I found that touched me in more ways than just fantasy and sexually.

Torture of females (5 stories listed)
Stories where the female is tortured against her will. Some times they learn to love it.

Waiting for updates (4 stories listed)

Torture (Female asks for it) (27 stories listed)
females that ask to be tortured because of dark fantasies, desires or gambling

Stories I am reading (17 stories listed)

Toy Ideas (2 stories listed)

I really like. (3 stories listed)
Stories that I truly enjoyed. All different kinds and types.

Young Domme - older slave/slut (8 stories listed)
Dommes that control older slaves/sluts. Some are moms and Daughters. And a few might have Dom Sons and Hubbies but there will be a younger Female

Rape (2 stories listed)
Stories where rape is the main theme, not forced consensual sex.

Stories to Read (23 stories listed)


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