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Collected by Aurelie.Catena

Good stories (74 stories listed)

Good ideas (10 stories listed)
Stories that may not be very well written but worth reading because they contain great, original ideas.

Favourite stories (20 stories listed)

Hunts (6 stories listed)

Humiliation (11 stories listed)

Aurelie Catena's stories (10 stories listed)
Stories I have written or contributed to. Enjoy! And let me know if you like them.

  • Super-Woman\'s Escape Challenge: by Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: Super-Woman\'s is lured into a series of escapology shows that will stretch her super-powers to the maximum.)
  • Zip ties are dangerous: by Aurélie Catena & Jennie Costa
    (Synopsis: Ophélie is an adept of self-bondage. Tonight she wants to try a new type of restraints: zip-ties. She mixes it with some breath-control, something that is always dangerous when playing alone...)
  • Aurelie's Mexican Vacations: by darknessmonger and Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: Aurélie goes on a trip to meet someone she met online and shared sadistic fantasies. She slowly starts to find out that for him they are more than fantasies, and wonders if she will ever return to her country.)
  • Escape challenge: the snowy ladder: by Aurélie Catena & Jennie Costa
    (Synopsis: A girl is challenged to escape from a strict bondage predicament, where she is chained to a metal ladder outside in the snow.)
    Comment: An escapology challenge in a chilling atmosphere.
  • The Society of the Rules: by darknessmoner and Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: A strange secret society, where the rules are unknown to the members until they break one of them.
  • The Regent's Maid: by darknessmoner and Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: The maid is tortured in creative ways to extract the information out of her.
  • Aurélie’s Experiences in Doeville: by Yorts Nest & Aurélie Catena
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: Aurélie arrives in a remote town in Texas. She has to face the strange, misogynous laws of the place.
  • BondageCircus: by Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: An escapology show with challenges getting more and more cruel in each chapter.
  • Stopping the Rebellion: by darknessmoner and Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: Felina, a member of the rebel group called the Free Panthers, gets captured by the king's guards and is sent to the dungeons for interrogation. Will the interrogator be able to get all the information needed to deal with those rebels once and for all?)
    Comment: This story was the result of a game with Darkness where he had to discover the truth by finding Felina's weak points.
  • Infiltrating Ashagen, the land of ultimate torture: by Noemi Salvadge & Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: An expert female spy, Aurelia, is sent to infiltrate a ring of slavery and save a colleague of her who had mysteriously disappeared in a previous mission. The operation brings Aurelia, tightly chained, to the land of Ashagen, a place where slavery, torture and sadism express themselves freely and with extreme creativity. Horrified, she discovers from the inside a society where horrible games, infamous experiments are imagined by the cruellest sadists of both sexes she has ever seen. Calling on the excellence of her training and skills, she tries to find her colleague and to leave this hell to reveal its existence to the rest of the world. But the longer she stays in Ashagen, the more she gets modified, in her body and in her mind. Will she succeed in escaping before being reduced to a wreck?)
    Comment: My best and longest story so far. 27 chapters written so far, and counting... We are going to upload them here progressively, if the story is appreciated.

Self-bondage stories (18 stories listed)

Escapes (1 stories listed)

Yet to be read... (84 stories listed)
Stories I suspect will be a good read but which I have not yet had the time to read...


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