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Collected by generalxt

New Good (7 stories listed)

  • The Work Party: by Anastasia
    (Synopsis: Three girls get into more than they bargained for when a fight turns into much, much more.)
  • The Exhibition: by sammy_808
    (Synopsis: Sammy hears of a new art gallery, and agrees to take part in a "performance art" exhibit. However, with all the bondage holding her, she doesn't have much to perform, except with her humiliation.)
  • Tammy and Gwynn : by Annie the Slick
    (Synopsis: Poor poor Tammy. Her Aunt Gwynn is so evil. First Gwynn commits Tammy's Mom to an Asylum, then starts forcing Tammy to "accept" that she is a lesbian. Even if Tammy is sure she isn't, her Aunt, with the help of Tammy's cousins and a large cabal of mean women and girls work hard...oh so get Tammy to accept the FACT that she is lesbian.)
  • Teen Fire& Frost Sadist Sorority Slavers: by enigma
    (Synopsis: Teen Fire and Frost are captured and tortured by Sadist Sorority girls that are white slavers and black witches. The heroes are tortured day and night until they are sacrificed to their evil god.)
  • Enslaved by my Daughter: by Carrie Walker
    (Synopsis: Cassandra, a successful lawyer, is taken by surprise by her daughter Carrie, and turned into a complete slave. She is eventually humiliated, exposed to her family, her friends and neighbors her fellow employees at the law firm where she is employed. She is ultimately further and further humiliated and degraded, until Carrie has taken her entire life away from her. I am Carrie, the daughter, and my mother is my slave property in real life. many of the things in the story really happened. But this is not the way it actually happened, it is really an early fantasy of mine, from \"before\", about how it MIGHT happen.)
  • Rubber Dog: by blueeagle
    (Synopsis: A young girl from the German countryside looks for a place where to stay in Berlin. She is ready to offer certain services to the landlady but soon understands that she has been trapped.)
  • Momma and her Dolly: by Good_Girl
    (Synopsis: During the school year, Siobhan is a well-liked teacher. But during the summer, she\'s \"Momma\'s\" dolly bitch slave, and she loves it. But Momma isn\'t satisfied with having her dolly part-time any longer, and sets out to make her a full-time slave, for good.)

good (37 stories listed)

Could be good dont have time to read it yet (1 stories listed)

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