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Revenge: New Lessons of Love

Part 1

New Lessons of Love 1

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, Chastity

Note: This is a sequel to my Revenge storyline and fully set in that same universe. I highly recommend you take the time to read Revenge first as it lays out the history and culture of the society featured in this story.

I'd like to thank Richard Alexander for allowing me to borrow his characters Monica and Steven (and their story) as the basis for my characters of the same names in this reality. Find their wonderful adventures here:

Thank you to onewhoadores and StefB for editing and plot ideas to improve some areas. You were both a big help!


"Miss Justine, I do not think this is a good idea. Do you really think your Mother can handle the children by herself for a week?"

I look out the corner of my eye toward the passenger seat to see the concern on my beloved male's face. "michael, you and I are going to this retreat together." I use a tone that told him I was taking no argument. "Mom can handle Juli and mikey perfectly well, she did raise Em and I. Remember? You have not really had real time to relax and unwind since Juli was born."

"Not true, I take time to rest every day."

I reached over and squeezed his hand. "That's not the same dear. You are going to burn yourself out running after the kids, taking care of the cooking and household, and working at the Hospital four days a week. Cherish wants you to take some time and rest, and I agree."  I left out that Cherish  also fears he is becoming overprotective of the children after the attempted kidnapping of our son last year. "Just you and me boy, exploring our love for a week."

"But why a 'Sexual Learning' retreat? Have I done a poor job pleasing you?" I was afraid of that reaction; the idea of not pleasing me sexually was bruising his ego.

"No baby, it is not like that at all. This is about finding new ways of pleasure. Humans as a whole fall into ruts, we are creatures of habit, and sometimes we just need a reason to try new things." He didn't seem convinced, but obviously he could not argue the point, as he stayed silent. "We're going to stop for lunch in a few miles; you plug in the car, and refill all the hydrogen cells."

When the Muslim nations refused to join the United Earth Government or sell oil to the Female dominated governments/companies, automakers the world over sought out new fuel technologies. Most motor vehicles today use a hybrid engine system that combine a primary electric low speed engine with a secondary hydrogen engine used for higher speeds and as a back-up to the electrical engine. The electrical batteries were charged through special universal cables located in most modern garages and off street parking facilities, and partially supplemented by on-board solar and/or mini wind turbines that generated electricity while driving

We pulled into the little restaurant, and I left michael to take care of the car while I went and used the restroom. I waited for him to get a table, and we ordered up some coffee and burgers. michael remained relatively silent throughout the meal. I took his hand and he looked at me.

"I love you michael."

"I love you too."

"Trust me then."

"I do Milady. I am... I do not know, afraid of stepping outside my comfort area. I do not like being this far away from the kids. I do not like change."

"Everything changes a little michael. Change can be good. Look at Mom. I finally convinced her to move in with us and she has been so much happier than when she was alone."

"Yes, but she did not like the change when you told her she needed to cut back on her sexual demands on me or you would make me wear my genital device all day and remove her access."

"But she got over it. Now I want to rest a little, you're driving the rest of the way." He smiled; he enjoys driving Mom and I around now that he has a Driver's License. He also loves the looks he gets when people see him driving along.


I pulled up to a guard house, my lovely Owner woke from her nap in the reclined passenger seat, a Female walked to my window, oddly she simply smiled at me instead of being surprised there was a male behind the wheel. "Welcome to Camp Shungara, your name please?"

"Justine Solomon"

"Justine, cute name for a male."

"No my name is michael; the sleeping beauty here is my Owner Justine."

She laughed! "Literal ain't ya, I knew what you meant cutie, just having some fun." She checked her clipboard. "Park to the right of Cabin Three, and get settled in. Be at the dining hall at 4PM for the check-in and interviews. You can relax or explore the open facilities until then."

"Thank you Ma'am."

Miss Justine touched my hand as I went for the gear lever. "Make sure you check where the charge cable is when you park boy."

"Yes Milady, I am guessing it is on the building so..." I sighed in resignation, "I will need to reverse into the spot." One of the few things about driving that scares me is backing up.

I unloaded our bags into our assigned cabin, and Miss Justine unpacked them Meanwhile I squared away the car, plugging in the charger, and swapping out the two empty hydrogen cells, with the spares I had loaded from home.

I was blowing out the debris in the mini turbines when the door to the cabin opened behind me.

"michael Delanoe Solomon what do you call this?" I cringe; she used my whole registered name. That is never a good sign for me. I turn to see her holding up the framed 5" x 8" photo of Juli and mikey from a family portrait set we had taken a few months ago with Mother Alli, Miss Amanda and carlos. "I thought I said no kids this week."

"Miss Justine, I did not think you would mind the picture, I just want us to be able to see their faces every day."

She smiled. "Good answer boy. You didn't need to try and sneak it wrapped up in your clothes."

"I was not sneaking it; I was cushioning the glass, so it would not break. Did you not also find the one of you with your Mother and Sister, it was wrapped the same way."

She seemed to consider what I said. "No I hadn't. It's plausible I guess. You better hope I find that other picture buster! Come in and rest a little before we head to the dining hall."

We entered the dining hall to see a few round tables, there were only about ten cabins that I saw in the area we were in, and the hall could easily hold seating for three times that. A set of rectangular tables were positioned along the walls on either side, with a row of seats in the front of the room, with a semi-circle of five small couches.

We were each handed a paper by a young male of African descent as he addressed us. "Welcome, Ma'am please go and fill in this questionnaire over there, sir you go and fill yours in over there. When you are done turn over your paperwork to the Counselor sitting at your table, and then take a seat together in the middle area. And please do not discuss the forms until you meet with your personal Counselor."

Miss Justine kissed me and walked away to the Female table. She must have known I was watching her because she put an enticing wiggle in her step that drew out my mannish instincts.

I looked at my paperwork when I sat. Some basic expected queries: Name, Owner's Name, Age, Occupation (If other than housemale), and Hobbies. Then they started with the sexual questions; Number of Female Partners, Number of male Partners, Favorite Sexual Position, Most Recent Encounter, etcetera. All rather embarrassing in my mind.

When I got to the questions about partners I was not sure what I should put. My confusion must have been apparent as the Counselor, a cute blonde who was maybe in her early twenties, came over. "Problem with a question?"

"Umm yes Ma'am, two actually. How would I list a property female as a sexual partner? And do the male Partners include rapists?" The other males that were there at the time looked at me before quickly returning to their own work

She seemed shocked by both questions. "I guess for the property female one just place a lowercase 'F' on that one and the quantity, uhh for the other list that one separate from the males you had approved sex with. I'll be right back."

She walked over to am exotic looking deeply tanned Female with pure black hair and wide-set eyes. She had been standing to the side watching everything prior to being approached by the blonde. I could tell they were talking about me, but what had been done could not be undone.

When she was back at her seat, I handed her my paper and went and sat in the couch labeled 'Cabin 3'

Soon Miss Justine joined me, pulled me into a hug and a passionate kiss. I leaned in and cuddled into her shoulder, her ample breast providing me a pillow. "What did you say that caused a stir boy?"

"I... I cannot tell you, we are not allowed to discuss the forms."

"Oh alright. You're lucky I love you boy." She punctuated it by squeezing me.

I kissed the side of her breast "I know I am the luckiest male in the world."

The Counselors took to the seats in front of us. The young Female I saw standing to the side was now in the middle of our group. "Welcome couples to Camp Shungara! I am Doctor Jessica Hamlin; this retreat is my experiment into sexual explorations."

"She's Doctor Hamlin? She doesn't look old enough to be out of college yet." Miss Justine whispered in my ear

The Doctor had continued on oblivious to Miss Justine's side comments. "This is our second year doing these retreats and we have had no complaints yet." She paused and looked around, it may have been my imagination but I swore she stared at me for an extra moment. "You have been selected from the applicants based on several factors, mainly you all are very sexually active partners, and you all, as couples, share a bond that transcends modern standards of Owner and property and is more like the old spousal standard. So for this week there are no Owners or properties while in the confines of our facilities. You are all spouses; males refrain from using the 'socially correct' Miss or Ma'am titles, especially with your Owner. I also ask that after tonight you leave all genital devices and Identicollars in your cabin."

Some of the Females made surprised comments at this announcement. "If any of you think your male cannot be trusted and require these security devices, you are free to leave now with a full refund." None of the females made a move to leave. "Good I am glad. This week will be spent doing trust, understanding, and communication exercises, as well as exploring new sexual experiences as a couple. Sexual relations, despite modern norms should be a reciprocal relationship, Females you will learn how to be more in-tune with your male's sexual needs and desires and how to fulfill these needs. males you will learn to be a bit more dominant in bed, by learning to communicate to your Female what you have urges for when sexually stimulated."

My jaw went slack and I could see Miss Justine's wicked smile out of the corner of my eye when she knew the sun broke the horizon in my head. We were here more for her to become a better lover for me, not to improve my lovemaking for her!

"Each couple will have a primary Counselor and male aide assigned to them, that Counselor and aide will be with them through most of the events. After a quick break so the staff can rearrange the room, we will begin our first exercise; a test of your existing non-verbal communication skills, then you will sit down to eat and conduct your opening interviews with your Counselor. After that is all settled we will have refreshments and time to mingle." She looked around at the five couches, "Any questions."

The male in the Cabin 4 Couch next to us raised his hand "So if we are not property, does that mean us males could leave if we wanted?" He kissed his Female, "not that I would Miss Barb, oh I am sorry Doctor, Barb."

"Good question. No, technically you are still property, and expected to follow the spirit of the laws. We just want you to be more open and think of each other more as people, equal partners in the relationship. Any male who acts out violently or is disrespectful can expect to get punished either informally by the staff or their Owner, or by the MCB if required. When the last guests arrived this afternoon the main gate fence was closed and will only be opened this week for supply runs or emergency services." She looked around again. "Okay give us about fifteen minutes people. Oh and no smoking in any of the buildings, your cabins included. If any of you Females have the habit please take it outside and give it ten feet from the buildings please."

The exercises were conducted by the male aides. Miss Justine and I were assigned to paul, the male who had initially greeted us when we came in earlier. The tables had a 6 inch divider in the middle and we were placed on either side. "Okay michael you will go first, you will act out these twenty phrases, no sounds just simple body language. Justine you will fill in your answers silently on your sheet, the first ten are multiple choice, and the second ten you write down what you believe he is saying. Tell him 'next' when you have your answer down."

"Easy as pie!" She exclaimed. Milady was confident that was for sure.

It went smoothly until we did the seventeenth one. The phrase was 'I love you'.

I gave Miss Justine the expression, and she smiled at me and I read it on her face 'I love you too, now quit fooling around and do the next one!'

I nearly burst out laughing. I made a show of rolling my eyes at her and redid 'I love you'. I saw the sun break the horizon when she understood that it WAS the next one. And she giggled! She actually giggled in public!

When we completed the twenty, paul instructed us to flip the papers we had in front of us. "Same exercise, but in reverse. It is a different set of statements, but there could be duplicates between the two. Don't dismiss your first thought because you also acted it out already."

We finished the rest pretty quickly, and paul took down the divider, and checked the papers. "Wow, you have just missed the high score and the best time by a few seconds. Justine you got nineteen for twenty, what was the trouble with the seventeenth one?"

"I didn't have a problem with that one."

"You took a bit of time to write your answer."

"Well I thought michael was just telling me 'I love you' for the sake of it not that it was part of the phrases, so I told him I loved him also, and get back to the work."

"Oh Okay."

I was curious. "Which ones did I get wrong?"

"paul dear, are they done already?" The black haired Doctor had come up behind me.

"Yes Jessica."

"Hmm. Let me see." She sat down in the chair as paul stood up. Looking over the papers she glanced up at the male standing next to her. "paul, I must overrule one of your interpretations."

"I'm sorry Ma'am did I make a mistake?" He said as he leaned down to see where she indicated.

"Not really, what is here is more an implied statement. When Justine was acting out 'I want to make love to you' I think michael's read of that as 'I need you, get in bed now!' the love making can be implied by this statement and is close enough to accept. "Very good michael, eighteen out of twenty, for a combined total of thirty-seven out of forty. She looked at the papers again "There was some confusion on one of these I overheard you say?"

"Yes on Justine's answer seven, she thought michael was just expressing love on his own, and was waiting for the next phrase."

"And they silently communicated the error between themselves? How long?"

"With the exception of a slight laugh afterward yes. Two or three seconds at most."

She made a notation on the papers, and looked around waiting for all the other couples to complete their exams and be checked.

She waited for the Counselors of the other four pairs to give her a nod before she cleared her throat to get the rooms attention. "I would like to congratulate the Solomons, on tieing this program's highest score on the Opening Nonverbal Communication Exam!" The room broke out in a series of applause, I am sure I was the same shade of red as my Owner at that moment. "What is your secret Justine and michael?"

Miss Justine smiled at her. "I don't really know, maybe it is because we have been doing it since before either of us could talk."

"Oh a playpen romance!" Everyone laughed and Miss Justine's shade of red deepened. "All fun aside, I hope you continue having this kind of connection. On average the normal Owner/property score is ten to fifteen correct matches, and that is also the same scoring you can expect doing this same exercise with any stranger. Of my couples I expect twenty to thirty at the start, and usually twenty-eight to thirty-six at the end of the week. It looks like everyone here already falls into my expectations. Dinner will be out shortly, Counselors you can begin getting associated with your couples if you would like."

A couple of males began setting the tables around us. paul had pulled out another chair and sat between the Doctor and Miss Justine. "paul it seems you and michael have an acquaintance in common."

"Really?" He looked at me, as if trying to figure out whom.

Miss Justine looked at me also, and gave me a confused look. I shrugged in response

"Yes, michael works at Saint Catherine's Emotional Trauma Unit."

"You know my Mother then! She's the chief of that department."

"Doctor Cherish is your Mother?"

"Yes and you must be the sweet gentle male she was so proud to find."

Miss Justine laughed. "That explains why she recommended this place to me too."

"Is it true she actually stopped you from running away last year?"

Miss Justine gave the dark skinned male a shocked look. "michael wouldn't run away from..." She must have seen the guilt on my face. "michael?"

"Doctor Johvon or your Mother didn't tell you?" When she just stared at me I continued. "I thought the only way I could protect michael junior from the Alphons family and not force you to cut yourself off from your Mother was to leave with mikey. When I opened the door she was there waiting for me. She dragged me back into the house and lectured me. Pointed out how stupid I was being and that I had subcutaneously sabotaged myself by wearing my genital device and collar."

Doctor Jessica spoke up; "I think you mean subconsciously, subcutaneous is under the skin."

"Why am I just hearing about this now?"

"Well it was the same day of the Alphons' kidnap attempt on mikey. Doctor Cherish told Mother Alli at the hospital. I assumed one or both talked to you about it, and you didn't want to talk to me about it there. I honestly thought you knew Milady."

"You and I are going to discuss this in private tonight michael." The look on her face told me I was in trouble.

"I'm sorry Justine; I did not think paul would bring that up." She flashed him a glare. "But michael's description was essentially the same way I heard it from Cherish. If you'd like you and I can call her and discuss it tonight. Obviously there was a breakdown in communication somewhere between the two of you involving that event."

"Oh yes, I may want to get my Mother involved too!"

"Justine please just relax, obviously michael is still with you, and hasn't ran away afterward."

"You're right Doctor; I am just not fond of finding out about this from complete strangers. It's embarrassing, I come here saying how well my michael behaves, and find out the people running this place know of misbehavior I did not." The look on her face said; 'You better have some good answers tonight!'

The Doctor took each of our hands and looked at Miss Justine. "You and I will sort this out this evening, let's just pretend it did not happen for the time being, our meal is coming now.


The meal was a delicious veal parmesan with a side of pasta. michael wanted to get the cook's recipe for the breading mix as it had a taste he loved.

I stewed a little about what had transpired earlier. How could I not see what was happening that day?

'I love you too Milady, and I always will' was what he said to me when I left that day. It was etched in my mind the second I got Cherish's phone call that michael had been hurt in the abduction attempt. I was afraid they could have been the last words he said to me. Now in hindsight he was saying good-bye forever, and they were meant to be his last words to me. He was already planning it then. But when I had left he had not been wearing his genital device or Identicollar. He knew either of those can be used to track him, so why did he don them?

I resolved to have answers before I went to sleep tonight. But for now it will take a backseat to the situation on hand.

When the dinnerware was removed; Jessica pulled out a file folder and set our paperwork out in front of her. "michael I will start with you. Most of your answers were simple and straight forward, but I see you have had numerous Female partners. I assume one is Justine." He smiled and took my hand. "Then there are four more plus this one little 'F'. Can you explain that please?"

"Well the others, in order are Miss Justine's Sister and her best friend, although they no longer need my services, her Mother, who I still have sexual relations with, and Miss Adrianne, our attor..."

"I meant explain the last single one, not the rest."

"Oh, I apologize! That would be liz, my late property-sister, and the biological mother of our son."

"Yes I forgot about that, Cherish was intrigued by that portion of your home dynamic. And what was it about the two male partners, you were raped?"

"Yes Ma'am." michael became very nervous and looked down in shame; he squeezed my hand slightly harder. "It was while I was in prison."


"While I was in prison, on my last night that I was there."

"You were in prison? I found no record of a conviction in the system when I reviewed your initial application."

michael was starting to shake, I had seen it before; he was starting to relive it in his mind. I took him in my arms and made him look at me. He was almost to the point where he was going to break down. I held his gaze as I told him with my eyes that all would be alright, come back to the present.

A few tears came from his eyes as he said "Thank You Milady, you are right, here and now. I was exasperated of the charges and my record expurged."

I covered my face, "Exonerated and expunged boy."

He blushed. "Sorry."

"Well now Justine we will go onto you for a bit. For as varied as michael's partners are, you have so few. I assume the male is michael, and the Female is also this liz."

"Actually I never had a true sexual relationship with liz so I did not include her. I have had a Lesbian semi-relationship with our attorney since the time of michael's trial."

The Doctor smiled at me. "What led to that? You didn't express any Lesbian or bisexual inclinations in your application forms."

michael looked at me in anticipation of the answer, I've known he was always curious about that too, but he never had the courage to ask me about it. When the charges against had finally been dropped I had told him that I had the affair with Addie and that I planned to continue it. I also told him that he would be available to her also. I assured him that he would always be my true love, and he was content that he was still the one special person for me.

"Well during the trial I got to the point when my sexual frustration from not having michael around was pushing me to the edge. Adrianne saw this and offered to find a male to borrow for me. I declined, telling her michael was the only male I wanted between my legs. I started to cry and she hugged me...  the next thing I knew we were taking each other's clothes off and we were at it on the couch in her office. Neither of us were into Females, but our chemistry was undeniable. We became lovers, not full time but often."

"Interesting, is this a public relationship?"

"It is not a public or a registered relationship, but we do not attempt to hide it either. My family knows, some of her staff knows or has a good idea. I belief Cherish is aware, even if she has not asked."

"Now you expressed interest in being bound during sex, learning deep oral stimulation, and surrendering complete control to your male during sex."

michael looked over at me in confusion.

"michael, you had no idea Justine felt safe enough with you to do that?"

"Well she had restrained herself a few times, but she has never asked me to do it. And I do usually take initiative in bed in the mornings to wake her, but never anytime else. I never dreamed she would want more from me. It is not the male's place to do such."

"That is part of the reason you are here to learn the limits of your Female's trust in you, how much control she is willing to give you, and how to know the limits." She smiled as michael blushed. "Now you michael, you did not check anything for the topics of interest of what you want your Female to learn, why is that?"

"My pleasure is only secondary to my Owner's, I have no desires except to please her and hope I can also get the chance for full sexual release also."

"No michael, that is hogwash. That political bull was ingrained into you from childhood, but your male needs run to the beginning of human time. Keeping them buried will cause resentment. Justine has brought you here so you can develop your own sexual being, and so she can learn how to please that sexual being, as you have learned to please hers over the years."

Inwardly I laughed at that, michael knew instinctively how to please me. He knew my sexual triggers better than I did when we first became intimate. I feel I know his deeply hidden triggers but never knew how to bring them to the surface without causing him distress because of what males are taught about sex. It took me nearly two years to get him willing to initiate any form of sex, and even then I had to concoct the whole 'Alarm Clock' concept to get him willing. Only his hosiery fetish was easy for me to draw out. It took the opportunity to mate with liz that offered him his first real chance to be open to himself. She was property like him, but less, he exposed his more forceful self then. Binding her, teasing her, even slightly torturing her, but still with a gentleness that bordered on romantic. I tried to lure that side out of him, but ultimately he still strived for my pleasure, never surrendering to his own lust.

"She wants, needs even, to feel that she is making you as happy as you have made her. Until you admit your desires to yourself she cannot fulfill those needs in you. The real you is deep inside, buried under all that propaganda. That is the michael that Justine wants to please, the man you were born to be."

michael was dumbfounded; he was failing to wrap his head around the concept. He held my hand tightly unsure what to do. I could see he wanted to speak but did not have the words.

Jessica smiled at him. "The ones who would have been the gentler, kind males always seem the hardest to convince. The indoctrinations enforce their natural inclinations to the extreme." She took hold of his chin forcing him to look at her. "You are a great lover for Justine, I can tell. Give her the chance to reflect your devotion by opening yourself up to her; allow her to learn the deepest darkest desires and to make them a reality for you both."

He looked at me. His eyes showed sadness. 'I have failed you.' was what he was thinking.

"No baby, you have not. The other way around, I let our culture deny you. I failed to respect and cultivate you as an individual, I allowed you to please my needs to no end, but left you to be a robot when it came to yourself in bed. I never conceded to your needs. There were nights I knew you wanted to make love, and I never considered it, allowing you to suffer every time."

Jessica looked at me. "That's twice you two have started a conversation without one of you saying a word. No wonder you did so good on the NVCE! Well you can continue this discussion later. It's about time we start wrapping up for the night."

She stood and looked around. "Counselors, do you have all you need for tonight?" All four nodded their readiness. "Okay then; tomorrow morning breakfast is served here between 7 and 8. There are snacks and breakfast foods in your cabins if you wish to have breakfast alone or need a midnight snack. The first session will start at 8:30 and last until noon when we will break for lunch. The lake is open for swimming while you are not in a session; a lifeguard is on duty from 10AM until 7PM only. After tomorrow, not all couples will be in all sessions your Counselor will have your schedule in the mornings. If you have a free session you are welcome to use any of the theme cabin facilities if they are available. The kitchen staff will be serving drinks and pastries shortly, please get to know the other Counselors and the other four couples."

She put a hand on my shoulder. "Justine if you still want to talk to Cherish we will do that after the mingle."

"Yes. Thank you Doctor."

We soon had short discussions with the other couples. The ones from Cabins 2 and 5 were from New York City like us and had known us by sight as a result of michael's trial three years ago. (God it seems longer than that!)

Cabin 4, Barb and josh, lived in the city of Wilkes-Barre in northern Pennsylvania. Which was actually closer than NYC to the Retreat.

Cabin 1 was easily the farthest from home. Monica and steven hailed from Australia, and had already been here several days. It seemed Monica owned a similar facility that currently specialized strictly in training males to be better lovers, and had Level 1 Re-ed certification to deal with disruptive males not requiring direct MCB Re-ed. Now she was looking to teach Females to be better lovers for their males with that and came here to learn from Jessica how an approved facility ran. Her male steven was her 'builder', making the training aids Monica and her staff came up with into hard reality and maintains the facility. 

michael had also learned steven was the only male in the facility, operated by his Owner and staffed by five other Females and he was available for use by them all. There were also three property females on staff. One who willingly gave up her citizenship, and two Chinese females who lost their citizenship after a failed attempt to take over the facility by force. They had nearly succeeded in their attempt and had all the staff in chains, until they misjudged steven and the property female's loyalty to their Owner and one night the female slipped a drug that they normally used on violent males to make them sleep into the bottle of wine their captors were drinking from. After the meal steven had managed to run from their captors and got far enough away that they succumbed to the drug while chasing him. He was free enough to release the Females from the various tortures their Chinese assailants inflicted upon them while trying to break the staff's spirits.

With the night's activities coming to a close I figured now was the time to take Jessica up on the call to Cherish, before it got too late. I guided michael to the wall. "michael go back to our cabin. Think about what you have done, both back then and every day since. We will be having a long discussion about it when I get back there."

As an afterthought I did give him a kiss on his forehead and he scurried away at my dismissal.

"Justine I am really sorry for this, paul should have kept his mouth shut to what was discussed between his Mother and I. But he idolizes her so much." We had just entered her office and she directed me to a beautiful leather cushioned chair. "To meet someone who has worked with her and has his Mother's admiration, he was in awe."

"It is okay Doctor Hamlin; I just want to find out why I was left out of the loop on this. I admire Cherish and her work also, and she has done much for michael, but he is my male first and foremost."

"Understandable Justine, and please just call me Jessica or Jess. I try to keep it informal here as much as possible."

She dialed the phone and placed it on speaker just before a male voice answered; "Hello?"

"roland, is Cherish available?"

"Miss Jessica, I'm sure for you she will find the time. How is my son?"

"Due for some punishment sadly, that is why I am calling."

"Oh dear, he didn't know when to stop talking about how great his Mother is again, right? Ahh here she is! Dear, it is Miss Jessica."

"Jessie how are things, I take it you met Justine Solomon and michael today?"

"Yes Cherish, I'm with Justine now. I am afraid she got some information today that rather unsettled her."

"Hi Justine what's the problem?"        

"How comes I had to find out from your son that my michael tried running away from me?"

"Oh Justine! I'm sorry, your Mother asked me not to tell you, and she would do it after michael was discharged. She felt you both were too emotionally distraught at the time. I agreed that was the case."

"What if he had ran away again?"

"Justine he was never going to run. He may have thought he was, but he was depressed over liz's death, he felt his son's safety was being threatened by someone he loved dearly, he felt he was helpless to protect everyone he loved."

"mikey was never in danger from me!"

"Not you, your Mother. I could see it in his eyes; he was desperate, irrational even. But part of his mind had not given himself any chance to escape. He intended to wait for your return, staying on the property until you came home to ensure Juliet was safe. Hell he even was carrying a baby monitor out the door so he could listen to her from outside. He never was going to reach the street before he ran back to the house into your arms."

"How can you be sure? Right now I am doubting he is waiting for me at the cabin." I started to cry.

"Child when you have done my job for as long as I have; you know things by instinct. The only thing that could have truly made him run that day was my surprising him at the door. When he encountered me he went to run. If I had not been there he would have walked the grounds and the first time that Juliet's voice came through that monitor he would have been back inside to stay."

Jessica piped in at that moment. "You know he thinks you predicted his actions and was waiting for him?"

"I'm not that good! Justine I'm sorry I did not tell you, but at the time your Mother was correct that we should not have, and afterward I should have followed up to find out if she talked to you."

"How can I trust him again?"

"Why did he think to run? To protect his children. It is the one instinct he has that is stronger than his love for you. Never give him a reason to think that you or Allison are a threat to the children and he will be by your side forever."

"Thank you Cherish, I am sorry I was so... judgmental."

"No Justine it is alright, I understand. If I really thought he was a flight risk I would not have even taken the chance not to tell you. Jessie, tell paul I think he deserves whatever punishment you dish out to him."

"Will do Cherish, sorry for disrupting your night." Jessica disconnected the call. "Do you really think he may not be there when you go back?"

"No, but how do I believe him anymore."

"Justine believe in your love, your bond with michael is like none I have ever seen." She smiled at me. "I bet he is waiting for you holding a submissive pose."

I smiled. She was right, I knew it in my heart. "No bet!"

I opened the door to find michael over one of the kitchenette chairs, no pants, ass in the air with only the limited protection of the Genital Device's rear straps.

"See I told you!" Jessica burst out, slapping my shoulder.

"oomp?" michael turned his head to look over his shoulder. It was then I realized he was tied to the chair and gagged.

"michael! Who did this to you?"

"That would be me!" We turned to the odd accented voice's origin. There sat the raven haired Monica from Cabin 1. "He said you were upset with him and he was going to wait to be punished, so I offered to help him prepare himself for you." She smiled at his high rear end. "I don't think he knew what I had in mind. He tried fighting me a little when he finally knew. He was a little scared. so I stayed to make sure he didn't hurt himself. I've seen many males come through my facility, few can compare to his... innocence. I should get back to steven now." She leaned into my ear, "Don't be too hard on him dear, he is precious."

The door closed behind her. I pulled the other chair close to my trussed up male. "So do you let any strange woman tie you up when I am mad at you? I should add fifty smacks just for that."

"Ooooo!" he tried talking through the gag, which was fashioned from a scarf, as were his bindings. I assumed they were Monica's since I do not have scarves with me.

"What do you think Jessica, a hundred total? Maybe we could get a few more people to help. I do not think the two of us can do it ourselves."

"I can arrange that. Monica really enjoys corporal punishment, it is the mainstay of her Re-ed services."

michael went crazy, trying to get free, begging me not to.

"How about you promise never to try to run away again and I will suspend your punishment, at least temporarily."

He looked at me; 'I promise!' was clear in his eyes

Little did he know I had already decided he had enough punishment from that day and I only planned on taking him to bed tonight.

"Okay, Thank you Jessica for coming back with me to make sure I did not hurt him too much."

"I hope to see you both at breakfast. Good Night!"

michael was visibly shaken as he dropped to the floor. He removed the gag. "Milady! I didn't know she was going to tie me, honest! I thought she was going to recommend a proper position for me to take."

"Come here boy." He crawled to me and knelt at my feet, staring at the toes of my shoes. I lifted his face to look at me and kissed his forehead "You're lucky I love you so much."

"I am lucky for that; I do not ever want to be without you. Can you forgive me for hiding from you that I tried to run away?"

"Only if you can put an effort into this week, and try to open yourself up to me. I want you to be a whole person; as long as you restrict yourself by the social norms you will not achieve this."

"I promised my love and self to you many years ago, if you want this then I want this." He smiled at me. "And I say that because I want to, not because it is the right thing to say."

I could tell he was very serious despite his smile.

I gave him the 'I want you in bed now' look as I pressed my thumb into the sensor to unlock his genital device. The straps clicked open and it slid down his legs.

He looked at the scarves on the floor then at me as if to ask 'Can I use these on you?'  His expression was unsure, like he was afraid of my answer.

'Say it!' I put as much seriousness in the expression as possible.

"Milady, may I tie you up and make love to you?"

"Only if you promise to be gentle with me."

He strips my clothes from me. As he ties my hands behind my back he whispers in my ear. "I can live with that condition."

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