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Revenge: New Lessons of Love

Part 2

New Lessons of Love 2 The First Sessions Pt 1

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, M/f, Chastity

I woke with sore shoulders and nearly panicked when I found my hands tied behind my back. When I opened my eyes I could see michael sleeping soundly, which reminded me how I ended up like this.

After making love to me while I was tied to the bed last night, michael didn't release me. Instead he released my feet from the end of the bed and tied them together. With a grin on his face he climbed into bed and positioned me so my head rested on his shoulder and I was between his torso and arm. He slipped his hand under the scarf binding my wrists and rested it at the top edge of my ass. Several hours later we held the same basic position.

The scarves binding my hands and ankles were two of the ones left behind by Monica the night before when she bound and gagged michael who was anticipating being punished by me. I was not happy that the Australian Female took it upon herself to tie up my male, but she had remained with him until my return to ensure he was safe and seemed rather playful about it when telling me what she did.

I tried to lift my head to see the alarm clock. I wanted to shower before starting this morning, and I needed to pee badly.

"Good morning Justine."

"Good morning boy, can you please untie..." I looked at him not able to believe what I just heard. "michael did you just call me by just my name?"

I felt his hand working blindly at the knot behind me. "Yes, it is what Doctor Hamlin requested, and you told me to do this for you, so I figured I should go and put forth my best effort." He smiled at me shyly. "But please do not get mad if I slip up, roughly 25 years of talking that way can make for a habit that is hard for a male to break you know."

My hands come free and I reach up and take him in my arms and kiss him. "I promise. Now either release my feet quickly or carry me to the toilet!"

We laughed uncontrollably as he carried me to the bathroom.

The dining hall's kitchen was set up as a small breakfast buffet for guests and staff alike. We were walking to a table when steven approached us. "Miss Justine, Miss Monica would like for you to join us."

I look to michael, he shrugged at me. 'Your decision' was on his face. So I decided to go for it.

"Thank you steven, lead on."

He took us over to the corner table that had previously only been occupied by the foreign Female.

"Justine, michael! Thank you for joining us. I wanted to apologize for restraining michael last night. steven, ever my moral compass, has reminded me that it is impolite to tie up a male not placed in my charge. I am just so used to being in control of all the males around me that sometimes I forget myself."

"No harm, no foul." I assured her.

michael pressed his leg against mine. "You scared me at first, but I got over it, and then Mi... Justine and Doctor Hamlin scared me much more then you did anyway. I will wash your scarves and return them when I have some free time. We used them some more last night."

"They do make handy and safe restraints. You can keep them, I have plenty. Were they comfortable?" She looked at michael for an answer.

I beat michael to the answer. "Yes they were, see no marks either." I said showing her my wrists. The look on her face was priceless. "I finally convinced him to get into the spirit of this course, and he took to it right away. It is so lovely waking up tied and held safe in the hands of your male."

She laughed. "Yes sometimes it is a welcome relief to be the tied damsel; protected by the one you trust the most."

steven smiled. "Or teased by same said?"

She slapped him playfully. "You always regret it later!"

"But always worth it in the moment."

"I've been trying to get him to take me like that for years with only limited success," I looked at the blushing michael, "he has been too naive to catch on."

"No, I can tell he has the desires," she waved her index finger at him, "he is too well trained. He enjoys his submission, so much that the elementary school indoctrination really became very deeply seated. You young man need to develop a little bit of a rebellious streak to overcome that. Jessica will teach it to you. But michael, you must find the right balance between your own and Justine's desires, and not let the rebellious streak surpass that."

"You make it sound easy Miss Monica, but I fear it will not be so."

"You've already taken the first steps, take what they teach you here, temper your desires with your knowledge of Justine's needs, and a little common sense and you will be fine, and she will be a very pleased."

"Trust her she is an excellent judge of people in general." Jessica had come up behind me. "How are we all doing this morning? I'm glad to see there are no hard feelings."

After the obligatory chit chat, she looked at her watch and turned to address the crowd. "Time to get today's show on the road people. If you haven't finished breakfast do so quickly!"

A few minutes later we were all situated in our small couches again with our Counselor and aide behind us, except Jessica was before the group rather than behind our couch. "Good morning everyone! The first session for today, is actually all day, but we will be having two shorter sessions this afternoon in conjunction. Now Ladies, you will accompany the aide assigned to you back to your cabin. You will follow their instructions as if they came from us Counselors."

paul led me away with a very classic 'offered arm' move. When we were outside I turned to him; "So how harsh was your punishment last night?"

"Thanks to you, not harsh at all. I only spent the night gagged to remind me to not talk about the things I hear. If you would have physically punished michael, Jessica said she would have delivered at least the same to me. And I would have deserved it too."

We entered the cabin and he handed me a bag, "Today's main lesson is; 'Understanding'. Please go into the bathroom and put this on under your clothes."

I look in the bag to see what it was. "A genital device? Is this a joke paul?"

"No Miss Justine, you will spend today acting as michael's property. A 'Shoe is on the other foot' situation. If you need help fitting it up, I can assist or I can get a Female staffer if you prefer."

I reminded myself that I decided to do this program and wordlessly went into the bathroom. I was already familiar with this variant from having liz in my home and I fitted it perfectly, pulled my jeans and panties back up.

When I walked out I got a short shock and yelped. "Good, I see you followed my instructions. You would be surprised how many Females think they can get away without putting it on. It is always a pleasure to work with a willing subject who truly wants to learn. Can you bring me a glass of water? Being gagged all night leaves a person a bit dry." He gave me a grin before continuing. "You will be expected to address all males and the Counselors formally, Mister and Sir for males and Miss or Ma'am for the Counselors"

I brought him the glass of water. "Thank you, until michael joins us why don't you start to clean up the cabin"

I started  by making up the bed.

"Oh Justine, by the way if you start feeling aroused or itchy, that is the special cream that was applied to the inside of your genital device, so you know what it is like to want sex and unable to have any without someone else's permission."

I groaned inwardly. I was starting to feel it now.


When the door closed behind the last Female, the Doctor addressed us. "gentlemales, today's lesson is; 'Understanding'. You will all be in the role of Owner of your Female, while they will be playing as property. To further enter into the role-play, all of your Females are being put in modified female genital devices. michael and steven are familiar with these devices, and can tell you that they are just as secure as the version you boys wear."

I raised my hand. "Doctor Hamlin what is modified about them?"

"Please all of you refer to me and the other staff just by our first names for the duration of the retreat. That is a good question michael, the modification is the locking mechanism does not use the normal biometric systems, but this remote device, which also has a punishment control."

She tossed it to me. I fumbled with it when it reached me but didn't drop it. "These are yours for the next 24 hours." The other Counselors each handed one to their assigned male. "We want you to know what it is like being responsible for another person, to hold their very sexuality in your hands as well as their obedience. But we advise you to not be cruel, because ultimately your Females will be back in charge when we start tomorrow, and we will not stop them from returning the favor if they are justified."

She looked around to make sure we had all understood that.

"Your partner may claim that they are extremely aroused and that they were told they have been given something to make them so. They were indeed told that, but it is psychological. We do not have any such medications here, but often if they believe it; it will be true to them. So keep it our secret for now and watch them squirm and maybe even beg for you to make love to them. That will be at your discretion alone, but we ask that you at least wait until this evening, do not let them bully you into it. Remind them they agreed to this retreat and our guidelines, which includes 'there will be no punishment to males without the review of the Counselor for your couple'. You will be returning to your cabins and the rest of the morning is yours to do as you please. There are newspapers, and puzzle books in your cabins, take your Females for a walk or swim or whatever else you choose to do. Like your own, the punishment device insert is fully waterproof, but it will be extra painful if used when the wearer is wet, be sure to remind them of this if you go swimming or showering. Just please be here for lunch and we will begin the afternoon sessions after that."

We were dismissed, and I approached Doctor Jessica. "May I have a word with you Ma'am?"

"Having doubts michael?"

"No Jessica, I wanted to talk to you about my forms."

"Go ahead."

"Well last night, with her permission, I tied Justine up and made love to her. I knew deep down that I really enjoyed it, and I want to learn this for her and my own pleasure. I hoped you would give me a chance to finish the paperwork truthfully with me not allowing my education to restrain my desires."

She smiled from ear to ear. "Of course michael, that's wonderful. I will bring them over shortly and we can go over it. I was afraid you were going to be harder to get through to." She hugged me, I was unprepared for that. "Now go, paul and Justine are waiting for you."

I entered the cabin to see paul sitting with an empty glass, and my lovely owner sweeping the leaves and dirt off of the hardwood floors.

"Mister michael! How are you sir?"

Needless to say this was the last reaction I expected! "Mister michael?"

"Yes Sir. Would you like a drink Milord?" I smiled at her reverse play on our pet names.

"Make a pot of coffee girl; I will be having company soon. Did you ask our guest if he would like anything else?"

Her eyes got wide. "I uhh ummm, no I didn't, Mister paul?"

"No thank you Justine I will be going now that your Owner is here." He leaned into my ear as he got close. "She is putting in a good effort, but do not let her get off too easily for it."

I smiled at him and nodded my understanding. I took the newspaper and sat at the kitchenette.

Justine sat a pair of coffee cups on the little breakfast counter. I took her hand. "How are you doing dear?"

"Sir I am fine with this, except the belt. They put something that makes me very horny. I want to OWWW!"

She jumped away from me. "michael! What was that...  OWWW!" I pressed the punishment button again.

"Stop that! It OWWW!"

I shook my head at her. "Justine, is that proper way for property to behave? Saying words like 'horny' and yelling at your Owner for punishing your poor etiquette."

She looked at me with anger, which dissolved when she saw the guilt I felt. "Sir I am sorry, I forgot my place."

"Come here and give me a hug and kiss." She demurely complied and I melted in my seat from the intensity of her kiss.

In my blissful state I dropped the remote. She heard it drop to the floor and scooped it up with a smile on her face. I stared at her while she held the little fob device, it felt like we stared at each other for hours rather than seconds. All I could think of was that I messed this up already and Miss Justine was going to make me pay for punishing her. "Sir you should keep better hold on something so important."

"Thank you Justine." I pulled her into my lap and took it from her. When my gaze went to her eyes. There was a sparkle of regret, mixed with pride. I was about to ask her which was meant for me when there came a knock on the door.

"I will get it Sir." She leapt from my knee and scurried across the room. "Miss Jessica is here Milord" she shouted as she opened the door.

"Thank you girl. Jessica would you like a coffee?

"Yes please, with cream and sugar."

I looked to Justine and she was preparing her own cup as requested. "Here Ma'am I had just poured this for myself, I have not drank from it at all."

"Thank you Justine. michael may I speak to you outside on the deck."

I understood the implied 'in private'. "Justine, continue cleaning for now, and then maybe we will take a relaxing walk in the woods when I am done with the Doctor."

I did not even wait for a response before closing the door.

Once outside Doctor Jessica covered her mouth to hold back her laughter. "'Milord?' I almost lost my composure right there." Doctor Jessica said with a giggle that somehow made her seem even younger. Miss Justine had been right; she definitely seemed too young.

"She started it right away as soon as I got here; I guess she assumed since I normally call her Milady she would call me that."

She directed me to sit on the swinging 'seat for two' that was hanging from the porch roof. I set my mug down on the little table alongside as she slipped in next to me. "We usually all have some form of nickname for our partner, although I think if I called paul by his in public he'd be very embarrassed."

Rather abruptly my mind pieced together a few of the facts I had gleaned in recent years and was disturbed by what they equaled to when combined. "You are not really a Doctor are you?"

She looked at me with an amused expression. "I most assuredly am a Doctor michael. Cherish wouldn't have sent you to me if I wasn't. Why do you ask?"

"You are too young. Doctor Cherish told me a year ago that her son had only been with an owner for two years. Which means he is at most 22 years old and I judge you to be about that age also. Most of the Resident Doctors that I have worked with are 24 or older, and must still complete their two year residency to become a full fledged Doctor of Psychology." She studied me as I thought about it all. "There was one I knew who was 24 when she got her Doctorate, but she was overeager outcast, finishing her credits in only four years."

She pinched her own chin between her index finger and thumb as if she was considering my logic. "Cherish said you were pretty good at deductive reasoning when you put yourself to it. True, I am only 24 myself, but I started my University career at 16, being so young I was also an 'overeager outcast' and I started my residency at 20." I felt myself blush at her emphasis on my outcast comment and she smiled showing me she was not upset by my generalization. "That's where I met Cherish, and eventually paul. He was 17 and working as an aide after school. He looked up to me as I was his Mother's prize pupil at the time. His admiration stole my heart." She looked out from the porch.

"So you waited for a bit like Doctor Cherish had done with roland?"

When I first met roland and found out there was a seven year age difference between him and my employer I had been surprised despite being mentioned by Doctor Cherish that she had waited for a while to make an offer for a male.

She handed me the clipboard. "Exactly, and I prefer people to think that I waited longer than reality. Yes I am too young by normal criteria, and very few people know it. Most just think I look young and waited until after completing my education to get a male, I think most people would feel I was under-qualified if they knew." She looked me in the eye to see if I got the unspoken intent, which I had. "We got to get this taken care of so just fill these in as you see fit."

I marked a few items from the start. Bondage, oral stimulations, and massaging were all no-brainers. The others I had to do some soul searching to decide if I really had an interest. When I was about halfway down the list, I slowly extracted the control fob from my pocket. "She is watching us."

"Who is? Justine? Are you sure?"

"Yes I can hear her bumping the wall." I pressed the button on the fob and heard a grunt on the far side of the window. "Is your work done in there?"

The sound of her moving across the floor made Doctor Jessica smile. But when she looked back at me she lost that joy. "michael are you okay?"

"I do not know if I can do this, I feel guilty. Miss Justine never makes me wear my device at home, and I cannot even remember a time that she has used the punishment device on me. Honestly I think the only times it has been used on me outside my time in prison has been to demonstrate that it functions to the patients at work. Well and when liz used it on me when framing me for assault when she still was a citizen Female."

She looked at me with what could have been regret. "michael you and the others here are exceptional males, I doubt any of you have received treatment like this, but many other males have, and worse." My thoughts went to Miss Amanda's carlos, and that torture was even by his own Mother and her Lesbian Wife. It sickens me every time I hear his story when he comes to tell it and his emotional recovery to the male patients at the Female Induced Trauma meetings that were started 4 months after I began at the hospital. "To understand Justine's responsibility you must learn what it takes to be in control while still maintaining your love, and in obverse; she needs to learn how difficult it is to maintain a certain level of behavior as you have. Justine doesn't feel the need to use your GD or its punishment functions because you maintain that level of respect and discipline. She must learn it is harder to maintain than she thinks."

"But it all seems so wrong."

"Yes, by our culture it is. But sometimes you must live the other side for a time to appreciate what those that have it every day go through. Let's finish these forms and you can spend quality time with Justine."

"I just do not understand much of this."

"michael, it was all explained in the pamphlet you read weeks ago." I looked at her confused "You didn't read the pamphlet did you?"

"What pamphlet?"

"The one you were supposed to read before signing the confidentiality and conditions document. You did sign that right?"

"Yes, Miss Justine had me sign that."

"Okay michael, go to my office and ask paul to get you one of the male pamphlets, tell him he is to help you finish the form and keep it for me to review after I come back. I need to talk to Justine." She gave me a dismissive gesture, "Now shoo."

I walked away a little scared. I think I just got Miss Justine in trouble.


After getting shocked at the window, I went off to clean the bathroom. I found the fresh towels had been brought in but not put away, so I handled this and started on cleaning the sink from our oral hygiene and michael's shaving of last night and this morning.

I heard the door open and the coffee mugs set down on the kitchenette counter. "I will be right there Sir!"

As I exited the bathroom I got hit by a shock that dropped me to my knees. It was by far the most powerful one I felt yet. "We need to talk!" Jessica was standing pointing a punishment control fob at me, her dark eyes almost glowed with anger.

"What was that for?"

"You are property now, remember that!" Despite the appearance of being years younger than I the tone of the Female before me made me think of her as an old school teacher about to give a reprimand to a schoolgirl. Which in a way, was not far from the truth.

"You hypocrite! Last night you were lamenting about not knowing if you could trust michael. But you had him sign a legal document saying he read the provided material and agreed to it, without explaining what was going on, nor giving it to him to read in the first place. You brought him here cold. He had no clue what to expect, or the purpose of it. No wonder he was so confused and didn't know how to answer the questionnaire's sexual areas."

I was actually afraid of her in this moment. Her anger and the fact she was waving the fob at me, really had me scared. That combined with her earlier comment kept me grounded into my character "I'm sorry Miss Jessica, but you must understand, michael would never have accepted to do this knowing what he was expected to do to me here. I knew once here he would just do it because it was too late not to."

"Well that is not how we want or are allowed to operate. We are required to have informed consent on all parties, Female and male alike. By rights I should be sending you both packing, but michael has indeed got into this. The fact you knew what was expected has allowed him to temper his guilt. Stand!"

She hugged me, the last thing I expected at that moment in time. "Justine I know your heart is in the right place, but you could have got me shut down completely and yourself in jail for falsifying legal documents. Not to mention you betrayed michael's faith in you by having him sign something that held him responsible for his actions."

I was guilty all-around of every claim. "My God Jessica, I never thought about it that way, any of it. What can I do to rectify it?"

"There is nothing you can do but hope that when he is done actually reading the program pamphlet, he doesn't decide to leave. If he does I will have to report the reason to the State Boards I am responsible to. In the meanwhile you should get back to work."

"I was done anyway. Would you like some more coffee Maaaaam? What was that?"

"Two quick very light shocks?"

"Yes I think so."

"michael just left the office, and he made no comment about leaving to paul. I am going then, I will see you this afternoon; you are scheduled to be in both sessions."

michael came in ten minutes later; his face was expressionless as he looked me up and down. "Put on your sneakers or boots, and get your sun-hat, we are going for a walk." He turned around and walked out the door.

"Yes Sir." I managed before the door closed.

When I exited the cabin I was dressed as asked, my wide brimmed hat to protect my fair skin from the harsh sunlight. michael always worried about Juli and I getting sunburnt. michael tenderly took my hand and led me to the woods behind the cabins where a trail-head was marked. We had done some hiking together shortly after my Ownership of him, but it was not something we had much opportunity to partake in since his time in prison. We both enjoyed the tranquility and the intimacy of being so alone together. Something you can almost never do while living in a big city like New York.

We were a good clip in to the woods when michael took me in his arms. He looked down "Did I get you in trouble Miss Justine?"

I kissed his neck. "No Sir, I got me in trouble."

He pulled back and looked at me. "Do you know they are filming us in the cabin?"

I covered my mouth in shock "Oh God michael! I forgot all about that. Yes I remember reading that. It is part of the course study, everything but the bathrooms are recorded. We agreed to it when we signed the forms."

"I know that now."

"Is that a problem boy?"

"Only if it is for you Ma'am."

"No michael, this one is your decision. I will stay if you wish."

He looked me in the eye, I saw a small amount of indecision linger. "It is important to you that I learn to be more forceful with you. I feel deep down I want this too. But I fear I will push too far."

"I will worry about that SIR." He smiled at my emphasis.

"Okay point taken." He took my hand and led me further down the trail. "Just one more question Justine, something that I was thinking about a bit since last night."

"What is it Mister michael."

"Why have you given me so freely to others, but kept yourself for me. Well, with the exception of Miss Adrianne that is."

This time I stopped and looked him in the eye. "I shared my greatest possession with those I hold most dear; those who were less fortunate in their search for love at the time. Mandy, Lucy, and Mom all are special to both of us. I knew you would treat them with the same respect you give me. I do not feel the need for another male."

"I have never felt the need for another Female either. Not that I had not enjoyed my times serving their needs. But in a way it always felt wrong to me."

"Are you saying you do not want to continue serving Mom and Addie's needs?"

"No, I don't know, I just..." He looked me dead in the eye; I could read the confusion in him. "They both love us so much, and I do not want to make them search elsewhere. I know Miss Adrianne has no desire to own a male, and Mother Alli does not see the need to get another at her age. I know I should look at it as an honor to serve the needs of three beautiful Females, but there are times I feel as if I betray you by giving in to them so easily."

"michael, you pleasuring my Mother or Addie is always with my permission, you should feel no guilt. I choose to share you because I trust you and them. I choose to keep myself for you because I trust no other male with my person. It is as simple as that on both sides of the fence. My trust and love."

He seemed to ponder my explanation as we walked onward. He leaned me into a tree and gave me a passionate kiss. "Still feeling aroused girl?"

I hadn't thought of it for a bit with everything else, but now that he mentioned it I sure was! "Yes Sir! It's been a while since we have made love in the woods Milord. Would you please take me now?"

"Oh sorry girl, we need to head back for lunch and the afternoon sessions now."

I gave a defeated groan. Now I know what lizzie went through that year she was locked in her belt!


While last night's dinner was amazing, the lunch today was rather ordinary. Simple cold-cuts and picnic foods. We ended up sitting with Carol and roy, the couple from Queens, who were in Cabin 5. roy was fascinated with my time in prison, and asked me way too many questions that I truly did not want to answer. Miss Carol had shot him several withering glances as she could tell I was uncomfortable with the discussion, but he outright ignored her, and obviously she feared the punishment of her genital device. Through the whole meal Miss Justine and Carol were squirming in their seats, I was unsure if it was because of the genital device, the belief that they had been given something to boost their arousal, or both.

Justine leaned to me and whispered; "Sir, can we go back to the cabin soon?"

"No dear, we do not have the time. The next session will start soon and we need to be here for it."

"Damn!" She saw me reach into my pocket. "Umm Sorry Sir!"

I smiled at her and puckered my lips and she gave me a kiss. "I'm lucky you love me!"

I shook the remote. "Yes you are."

Soon we were back in the group arrangement and Miss Melody the young blond Counselor, who I shocked when doing the question sheets at the beginning, was center-stage and evidently in charge of this session.

"So to start this afternoon's first session is a trust exercise, we will be taking you out into the woods to navigate back here to the dining hall's flagpole, you will have two hours to get back before the next session. The last couple back gets to be the demonstration aids for today's final session."

I leaned close to Miss Justine's face. "Seems simple enough." I whispered.

"In normal circumstances michael you are correct." I was sure I was blushing at being caught talking. "But it will be far from simple. When we get you to your start points you will be connected together at the neck through collars and a chain. The Female will be hooded so you cannot see, and the males will be gagged so they cannot speak. They will all be locked on and your Counselor will have the keys at the flagpole. males you will be responsible to get your Female here as safe as possible. You are not allowed to carry the Females, except over obstacles that being blinded would make dangerous. It will be a shotgun start, meaning we will fire a gun into the air to signal the start. If you happen to come across another couple, please do not interfere in their progress or direct them in another direction, you could be the one that is going the wrong way."

She gave a look around. "We will start off pointing you in the right direction, on the straight line route to the flagpole. All five courses are of equal difficulty and straight time to traverse, but the terrains differ as nature tends to do. So no crying that so-and-so had an easier course or that you get yourself lost. At the end of the two hours if you all have not returned we will fire the shotgun again. Females that will be your cue to blow the whistle we will provide you."

She clapped her hands together. "Any questions?" She paused and looked at each of us in turn.  "Then let's get started!"

We emerged from the well-worn path and were standing in a small clearing next to what looked like a shortened old fashioned wood telephone pole standing vertically, with the remainder horizontal sticking out from its base. Also there was a bag sitting on the ground near it. paul went straight to the bag. "michael, the pole on the ground is your starting direction of travel; if you can stay close to this original direction you will enter the clearing by the mess hall. Justine here is your whistle, if either of you get hurt and cannot continue blow it, one of us aides will find you. We will be walking about ten minutes behind you for safety's sake."

Justine took the whistle and placed it around her neck, and tucked her long red hair into the neckline of her shirt. paul fitted the collars attached by a heavy looking three meter chain to our necks. Soon I had a ball in my mouth with a  hole in it so I could breathe, and Miss Justine had been fitted with an expandex hood with a locking leather collar, it covered her entire head except her mouth and nose. paul made a 'keep calm' sign to me and he took a swing at Miss Justine's head, barely stopping before her nose. "Good! All secured and ready to go, I'll go back to the phone box and let them know you are set. Good luck."

"michael are we alone now?"

I grunted through the gag.

"With this hood over my ears I can barely hear you!"

Without our voices and vision, we were really limited in communication ability. Justine followed the chain to me. "We need to work something out honey."

I had an idea. Touch was all we had to rely on. I took the chain in my hands near her collar and tugged it up and down, then left and right.

"Yes and no?"

I shook the chain up and down.

She smiled "Just don't break my neck."

We stood and waited for a few minutes until I heard the distinctive blast.

"Was that the start?" I tugged in the start direction as an answer.

I kept the chain short between us, with Miss Justine blinded I did not want her wrapping the chain around a tree and drawing us up short. I also was keeping an eye to the ground for trip hazards and guiding her around things she could not step over in her normal walk.

Evidently Milady had a similar idea and kept one hand on the waist of my pants. I kept us going in as straight a path as possible, using distinctive trees as base-points while also scanning about 10 meters ahead for the next tree close to my direction of travel as I reached my most recently targeted tree. While I may be a city male with only limited experience in the forest, I was an excellent judge of distance and direction. An ability that had become apparent in finding the hidden passage and rooms in our home after we moved in.

We had traveled for fifteen minutes when I came across a deep ditch, easily seven feet down and steep on our side. There was a fallen tree across it, but it looked unstable. I walked up to it and put my foot on it and tested it. Indeed it rocked quite easily. I did not want to risk taking Miss Justine over it as it was if I could help it.

"michael what is it?"

I put my hand flat on her chest and grunted. I looked in the immediate areas for something I could maybe use to prevent the tree from shifting. I felt movement through the chain. I turned to look and Miss Justine had taken a few steps in the direction of the ditch. I rushed over and placed myself between her and it, grabbing her shoulders to stop her.

"michael what is wrong?"

I pulled the chain lightly in front of her then took my other hand down her body.

"There's a drop?"

I wanted to shake the chain up and down, as I stepped back to give myself room I ran out of solid ground and fell in! Justine came down to her knees, and then to her stomach as the chain pulled her down with me.

"michael! Are you okay?"

I could see her digging for the whistle under her body. I grabbed the chain and shook up and down.

She traced the chain until she found my hand. "Are you hurt boy?"

I took stock of myself, fortunately I slid down the embankment which slowed and cushioned my fall, which had ended in a crouch. Now standing I could barely reach the edge Miss Justine was leaning over. I shook the chain and our hands in the negative.

"Okay let's get you out then."

I looked, but there was no easy way to climb out on this side, the far side was a much gentler slope, but how do I get my Owner over the shaky tree? Then the sun broke the horizon; I can make it less shaky!

I signaled Miss Justine to move along the edge until she found the log.  She went to step up onto it when she found it and I tugged the chain down slightly.

"You want me to stop?"

I signaled yes, and tugged as straight down as I could.

"You want me to climb down?"

I gave her the left to right motion.

"You want me to get down on my hands and knees?"

Yes! I moved the chain accordingly. When she was in position I took her hand and wrote with my finger in her hand.

"S T A Y. Stay; got it!"

I went toward the center of the ditch and could reach the tree trunk all the way. I went back to Miss Justine and took her hand and let it to the tree and tugged at the chain.

"Coming Sir."

I had completely forgotten about that little game and did not care at the moment about it. I kept her chain short enough to let her know I wanted her to stay low as she started to cross. I kept a wary eye on her as she shimmied across the tree. She shifted her legs to one side or the other as branch stubs interfered with her forward movement. When we reached the point where the tree was at my waist I stopped and let her get to me.

She bumped into me with her leg, thinking she found another obstacle she swung that leg to the far side. I scooped her up into my arms and lifted her from the tree and set her down standing. "There's my smart boy!" She kissed my cheek. I stood there blushing "Get a move on, we don't want to be last do we?"

After a few more minor obstacles we emerged onto a clearing, hand in hand. The various cabins to our left and right and the dining hall straight ahead. The 'home stretch' as they say in horse racing.

Noises to my right brought me back to the fact this was also a race. I looked for the source and saw Miss Monica and steven enter the clearing. The pair looked like they took a fall in mud at one point. My guess was they both went in the same ditch that I did.

My eyes met steven's and we both realized we could be the last ones back. The race was on! steven began pushing Monica across the field. I took a calmer approach and wrote 'run' on the back of Miss Justine's hand that I was holding.

"Lead me Sir!" Hand in hand we ran across the field, the mute male, and his blind/deafened Owner.

We managed to keep a good pace and soon were even up with the other couple and I could hear the Female complaining about his pushing when she shrieked. I looked to see them rolling on the ground.

I came to a stop about ready to change direction when Miss Justine squeezed my hand. "I'm proud of you, but if we are as close as I think we can send help back for whoever it is."

I could see the aides who had been shadowing each of us now both running to the place where I saw the competition go down, I knew Milady was right. I led her at a jogging pace the rest of the way.

When we got to the 'finish line' I saw a smiling Doctor Jessica pocketing a 20 Credit Bill that was handed to her by Miss Melody.

Doctor Jessica unlocked and took my gag and led us under a shady tree before handing me the keys. When I removed her mask Miss Justine shaded her eyes from the direct light.

"Good job, you guys placed second. That was quite a rush at the end. I can't wait to see the recordings of the rest of your trek later tonight."

Miss Justine was still shielding her eyes and tried to look out to the field we crossed to see Miss Monica and steven getting closer. "Are they okay?"

"They should be fine, they'll be here in a few seconds if you want to wait and talk to them but please give Monica the room under the tree to shield her eyes from the sun. Otherwise you are free until four o'clock when we will meet back here inside for the day's last official session."

When Monica's mask came off, she kept her eyes shut and slowly opened them. When her eyes fell on us she smiled. "So it was you who scared the wits out of steven, and made me take a fall!" She shot him a look that would melt through Durasteel, and was rewarded with a quick jolt for her effort. "Ouch! Sorry Mister steven."

"Better Mon. Good show michael you kept Justine going at a good pace. I tried pushing Monica too far... literally. Sorry dear."

Monica playfully stuck out her tongue. "You better be Sir!"

"Well I had to stop michael from running to your rescue. I'm glad you came up in one piece."

I took Justine's hand "I feel like a dip in the lake how about you steven?"


"Good idea, maybe it will take Mon's mind off sex."

She looked sheepishly at him "I wish they would allow you to let us out early, this cream is driving me crazy."

Justine looked at me. "You mean you're not allowed to release us yet? That's why you kept turning me down, coming up with excuses!"

I smiled at her; I could tell now that Monica had brought it up, Justine was thinking about the imaginary cream too. "Do you honestly think I would turn down making love to you otherwise?"

"Not normally Sir."

Someone by the flagpole said another couple was coming, so we vacated the area to prepare to go to the lake.

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