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Revenge: New Lessons of Love

Part 3

New Lessons of Love 3 The First Sessions Pt 2

By LorasPa6

loraspa6 (a)

Story Codes: F/m, M/f, Chastity

We had enjoyed our break at the lake, even if it started a bit rough for me.

michael had found need to use the punishment device on me when I refused to go. My argument that my two piece  swimsuit failed to cover the genital device had fell on deaf ears and michael insisted we go. He also not-so-subtly pointed out that I never seemed to be concerned about liz or himself having the same problem when we would spend time at the summer home in the Hamptons. And he also pointed out the fact that everyone here knows that the Female guests are in the genital devices for the day. So with reluctance I 'allowed' michael to spread the high strength sunblock on me and we swam and relaxed on the little beach.

I washed away my embarrassment with a refreshing swim, afterward Monica and I laid out under a sun umbrella and shared our life stories as the two males were challenging one another by seeing who could swim out to the swim boundary and back the most times, hold their breath underwater the longest, and such.

"So, have you really known michael as long as you said last night?"

"Well our Mothers were friends before either of us were even conceived, and he was born just three weeks before me." I smiled at her as I remembered those carefree years. "Our Mothers pushed us together at every opportunity until we were old enough to enter into Ownership status. I don't think the pushing was really needed as we seemed to be always drawn to one another. How about you and steven?"

"Well ironically, I knew steven from junior school. Fifteen years later I hired him to refit the home I bought to be used as the training center. His Owner had him working as a builder, a trade he loved and excelled at, but when the labor union started to force companies to only use Female only or Owner/property teams on large projects, she was forced to rent him out for private work only, as she was not of the builder trade. This left her financially short.

After a few weeks of having him at my facility, most days almost all day, I offered that after the project was complete I would take him on as full time staff as builder, groundskeeper, and maintenance. She readily accepted, but when I told her I wanted him on call 24/7 being the nature of my facility, she was less than enthusiastic. The thought of dragging him across town at any hour on demand was less appealing than the constant income. I wanted him because of his ingenuity and attention to detail, plus I had fancied him back in school, so I made the unusual offer to immediately buy him from her instead."

Monica turned and smiled back at the lake. "Best money I ever spent! He was always sullen to go home at night. When he found out he had been sold to me he was ecstatic. Ends up he never really liked his previous owner. For her he was a source of income and a sex toy, actually preferring his tongue, to his willy."

She looked back again, an almost evil grin on her face. "Both are good dear, but his tongue is really AMAZING! But anyway, he wholly adores me and my staff. Sometimes he can't keep up with us all, and one of the Girls will slip him an Erectboost pill, you know those pills that became popular going back about fifteen years ago to keep the older males going sexually. With six Females, four straight, two Lesbian, all of us with bisexual tendencies, he is a very busy boy sometimes."

I laughed "So does he still do the work you initially hired him for, or does he spend all day under all your skirts?"

"No he still does most of it; slave p does most of the grounds keeping, under steven or one of my Girl's watchful eyes. But he still does the wood and metalwork, and building of restraints based on ideas from us Females."

I looked at her and could not conceal my confusion. "slave p? Restraints?"

"slave p is one of the two Chinese Females who invaded our facility a few years ago, slave j is the other, she does the housework and laundry with shawnee, the business's resident property female. The two planned to use my facility as a base of operations to capture and sell Western Females and males illegally as property in the Asian black-markets. When they were stripped of citizenship and given to my organization I legally changed their names to shame them. We first encountered these two when they kidnapped two of my Girls while they were in Hong Kong on business. They were the contacts in what we thought was a legitimate business arrangement, but they were intending to keep and display my people as their own personal property. steven and I traveled to Hong Kong, and joined up with my Chinese employee Emma, who had been separated from them when they were abducted. The three of us tried to rescue them in a covert mission, but we were also captured." She smiled at me.  "Obviously we escaped and left them and some of their close friends in a rather embarrassing predicament. So their invasion was equal parts revenge and greed. As far as the restraints, one of the many sidelines of my business is we provide punishment services, or access to our facilities for a fee so the Owners can punish their males in a secure and supervised way. We also sell 'at home' restraint systems so there is no need to travel. But I bet you have no experience with that sort of things. I hear that in the America Region that sort of thing is frowned upon."

"Yes it is in general, mostly because of some Females being overly sadistic and beating their males to a pulp. I have heard of a few facilities like yours in New York City, and of course the MCB Re-Eds, but I never have visited them; michael has practically never needed to be seriously punished and our own basement was more than sufficiently stocked as a punishment facility before we owned the house." I smiled at her shocked look. "Not something I advertise normally, but a few people know about it. The room is more of a sexual play area for us then a punishment facility.

"Well sometimes it is the quiet ones! You didn't seem the type to do that. You know some Females even pay to have us restrain them." She gave me a smile.

"I noticed steven has nipple piercings, I thought male piercings were forbidden by MCB guidelines. Or is that a local level thing?"

"No that is UEG wide I think, but when it's done by a third party the Owner can leave the illegal modification in."

"So you took him to someone to get it done? That's a hell of a loophole on the law then."

"Oh no, it was against our will, if you purposely get someone to do it to a male you will still be charged. Portia, who is now slave p, did it on the first day of her occupation of my facility. She and her accomplice strung us both up to pillars and pierced us, and then put locks in the holes." She pulled the cup of her bikini away to show me her bar matching the one in steven's nipples. "I decided we would keep them as a symbol of our shared ordeal, sometimes I even put the locks back in".

The gun shot off again in the distance and we knew the last couple had failed to successfully navigate the course. "I wonder who the last couple was." Monica said with amusement.

I looked back to the lake to see the males coming up the beach. "I'm more curious as to what the demonstration the last couple is going to perform. My guess is it is something demeaning for the Female."

Monica gave me an enigmatic smile. "I have some ideas on that, but there again; I am already familiar with the program. Let's put it this way, if it is what I think it is, the Female will likely not be a happy little Vegemite. I think you and I might have been less... upset if we lost."

I was about to ask what a Vegemite was when the males got to us. steven smiled at us as they approached. Both males were catching their breath. "Well Ladies, I guess we should get back and changed for the afternoon, we do not want to be late."


When we entered the dining hall it was obvious the room was configured differently from normal. Rather than the normal semicircle of five couches, there were four couches in a full circle. In the center were two chairs placed back to back, arranged so the occupant of the chair would be looking between the two couches on that side of the circle.

I took stock of the marking on the couches. "Cabin 2 is missing."

"Very astute michael!" Doctor Hamlin startled us as she appeared beside me. I swear she always appears out of thin air! "Now take your seats, Justine you need to pay attention to this part especially."

Miss Justine lowered her eyes before responding."Yes Miss Jessica, of course."

We all took seats on our couches, while todd and marty, the male and aide for Cabin 2 respectively, took the seats in the middle. todd still had in his gag from the obstacle race.

Miss Tiffany, the Counselor for Cabin 2 led in Miss Erin, who was still wearing her hood. She made Miss Erin kneel before her male, and then handed a set of keys to Doctor Jessica, before she knelt in front of marty.

"Congratulations to Barb and josh Drowski for coming in first in the race, with the Solomons and Armstrongs coming in a very close second and third. Now we have our last team and their cadre as our demonstration aides for the last session today." Doctor Jessica removed the hood from Erin, who looked around at us.

"Now this will be a demonstration of oral stimulation of the male."

"Hold on a minute, I never agreed to that!" Miss Erin screamed angrily as she made to get to her feet.

Doctor Jessica put her hand on Miss Erin's shoulder to stop her. "True, that was not a preference on your personal questionnaire, but it was on todd's." Miss Erin gave him a glare. "And the contract you signed says you will participate in any training one or the other of you selected as an area of interest. Not to mention it also says you must participate in any penalty phase for failing a challenge like today's race, whether it was something you selected in your questionnaires or not."  Doctor Jessica looked around. "You all remember reading that correct?"

I saw Miss Justine and the other Females nod their heads in agreement. Miss Erin looked torn. "I'm not going to like it!"

"Fair enough, but I wouldn't knock it until you try it." Doctor Jessica looked around. "How many of you Females have already given your male oral stimulation?" Miss Justine, Monica, and Carol all raised their hands.

"How many of you actually took it all the way to completion?" Miss Carol dropped her hand. I swear Miss Monica smiled at us and licked her lips. "Good then some of you have at least the basic skills. With the help of our demonstrators here I will explain to you the mechanics of various techniques and how to try to overcome your gag reflex, the biggest enemy of deep oral stimulation. I don't expect all of you to enjoy this, but with the exception of Erin you all marked you'd like to learn more about it. What you do with it when you go home is up to you to decide, hopefully as a couple. Maybe you will make it a regular part of your lovemaking, use it only for special occasions, or maybe as a reward when your male has done something worthy in your eyes."

Doctor Jessica went over several technical aspects and using Miss Erin to demonstrate them, I could see Miss Tiffany doing the same acts, without being forced, for the occupants of the pair of couches to my right. She even looked happy doing it. Doctor Jessica also explained the psychology of maintaining eye contact and how swallowing the ejaculate occasionally was a sign to the male of the Female's acceptance.

I thought back over the times Miss Justine or liz had done me this service. There were not many by Miss Justine, but the one that stood out the most was just about a year ago when she took me into her mouth as I slept. She felt guilt over her punishment and 'rape' of me the night before. When I woke I saw my hands on either side of her red mane. I at first feared I had acted out in my sleep and forced her into that situation. I thought she would hate me forever and tried to stop her but she refused to stop. She took me all the way that day. At the time I could not believe she let herself be degraded that way before me. I saw the happiness on her face; she had willingly given me that pleasure and was happy about it. I was not comfortable with it but I could not deny that I enjoyed the event.

lizzy had never been particularly happy doing oral service to me. They were always at Miss Justine's orders, and while I did enjoy those times, it was not the same. Maybe it was the fact that she never did it willingly made it slightly less enjoyable.

"males, this evening you may remove your Females' GD's once they have given you a sufficient orally induced orgasm. They do not have to finish you up in their mouth, or swallow unless they choose to. Erin, your demonstration does not count to getting the GD off. A reminder to you Females, the males are still in charge until tomorrow's morning session, so behave as you would expect them to behave for you, even without your genital device. Dinner will be served shortly and after that the rest of the evening is yours."


We had a quiet dinner with Jessica and paul, mostly small talk, with Jessica commenting on how she was impressed with michael's protective nature leading him to 'take charge' during the race. She said she had quickly watched the log crossing incident at paul's suggestion and loved his ingenuity at turning an accident into a benefit.

Afterward michael led me back to our cabin. I wanted to tear through his shorts to give him his oral service so I could get out of this GD, but he just sat on the bed and flopped back.

"Wow, what a day! I think I'm going to shower and go to bed. What do you think girl?"

"Umm I was hoping to uhh..."

"What is it girl?"

All I could think about was getting out of the damned genital device. I've never heard of any topical solution that can last as long as this one has. But I was hornier than I can ever remember being.

"Sir, what about... you know." I ran a hand over his crotch, causing his penis to stiffen.

"Justine! It is improper for property to talk or act that way."

I don't think I have ever reprimanded michael for asking me in private if I would like sex with him, but then again I can only think of a few times it has even happened. He could also almost always tell when I needed the attention and would offer it in a more subtle way. Perhaps this was his thinking? I placed a hand on his chest and painted on a smile to hide my frustration. "Maybe Milord would like a massage before showering?"

He smiled at me, he knew I had learned the lesson he was trying to teach me. "That would be wonderful." He slipped out of his shirt, as I removed his shorts.

I tried to be as sensual as I could, applying loving kisses along with my hand motions. When I got to the base of his back he rolled over and I proceeded to repeat it on his front. "Now girl." I made eye contact and knew what he wanted. He was ready; the tease had taken advantage of my desire. I was not mad; I had of course done it to him more times over our eight years together than I cared to try to count.

I went down on him and tried as many of the new techniques I'd been taught this afternoon as I could. I did gag a little, but tried every few strokes to get him in my throat. When I finally succeeded I held him in me until I needed to come up for air. I looked at him, as I used my hand to keep him ready; he was concentrating on holding back his ejaculation. "Sir, am I doing a good job?" He groaned out what was almost an 'Uh-huh'. I smiled. "Would Milord like me to finish him?"

One of his hands took away the hand I had wrapped around his cock; the other pushed my head toward it. He wanted me to finish with just my mouth. I readily obliged. I went deep on him. I reached up between his legs and grabbed his testicles and massaged them like they taught us in high school. I felt the spasms travel through his penis propelling the ejaculate fluids. It sent chills of anticipation through me as I waited for the salty taste of his fluids. I didn't really get much of the taste until I pulled away and could get the tip of him out of my throat. I continued to suck the tip for a few moments before letting it out with a popping sound.

I lay alongside of him and cuddled up to him. I was still fully dressed except for the sandals I had kicked off when we came in.

He reached around me and gave me a squeeze. "That was almost sufficient Justine."

I rolled over and stared at him, not wanting to believe what I had just heard. "Almost?!"

He gave me a smile. "Okay it was a truly amazing experience that has left me weak in the knees. Fetch my shorts."

I went over to where I tossed them and put them in his waiting hand. "Strip girl, all of it."

I was soon nearly naked in front of the male I love. The genital device was the only thing between me and the pleasure I desired. Then it hit me; how often has michael been forced to endure this same desire? I didn't really keep him chastised at home often. But he always waited for my demands even when he was not kept secured.

He reached up and ran a hand along me, tenderly feeling my curves. He pulled me closer and tenderly kissed my breast. "Justine dear, I am sorry for tormenting you like this." He began sucking my nipple. He was slowly driving me crazy. My hand found his cock, still moist from my saliva. It was slowly regaining its stiffness.

He stood up and spun me around. I heard the beep from my nether regions and felt him lower the GD past my hips. Suddenly he leaned into me pushing me onto the bed and pulled the offending article all the way off of me.

His fingers combed through the well-trimmed patch of red pubic hair. michael has always painstakingly groomed me down below to have a slightly heart shaped patch, while keeping the area of my vagina perfectly bare. As long as he maintained it, I let him keep it the way he liked. While he was in prison I took extra care to try to continue his work so it would be as he liked it. I had not done nearly as good as he had, but he appreciated the effort.  Adrianne thought it was cute when she first saw it. In fact she thought it was so cute that she began doing it with her own pubic hair.

He placed his lips on my clit and sucked it between them. "Is the little redhead happy to be free?"

"Oh God yes! But she'd be happier if she was eating her favorite meal."

Placing his hands under my arms, he pushed me further up in bed, and then knelt between my legs. I have expected him to just push into me; instead he stroked a finger along the length of my outer lips. "I have an idea, will you try it for me?"

"Yes Sir, anything you want." He smiled at me. I could tell he did not care for the whole swapping roles game, especially not now.

He moved to my head. A voice inside me screamed 'No, I want to be fucked!' But he straddled my head, laying himself over me. He forced his cock between my lips, I reluctantly took it in. I knew now what he had planned, he had seen Adrianne and I do this several times. As his male part was forced into my mouth, he began kissing and licking my female parts.

It was a new experience for us both, and after a few minutes michael rolled us over. I felt his fingers trace my asshole, but he never went further. Then he drew an orgasm out of me. I had barely felt it coming with me focused on the stiff flesh in my mouth. I pushed myself away from him as I moaned out in lust. He separated us and pushed me over on my back once again.

I wanted that hard piece of my male in me. I felt my knees and hips lifted from the bed, and then I felt the sensation I've waited for all day; michael's cock sliding deep into me! "You look happy?" He whispers in my ear.

I open my eyes, I hadn't even realized I closed them; michael was smiling down at me.  I managed a content "Um-mmm!"

He grasped my wrist and slid them up to the top of my head. He released them and immediately gave them a gentle slap. He took another one of my own cues for him and used it against me. He wanted me to keep my own hands in that spot as if they were tied down with invisible ropes. He stared deeply into my eyes as he almost too gently pumped into me.

michael teased my right nipple with one hand while supporting my hips with the other. I knew he had me, I was his! He knew the right time to change his pace, he timed it perfectly. He brought us to a mutually explosive finale.

When I came down from heaven he was looking at me with a huge grin on his face. He was extremely close to me. Then I realized I felt no support against my back and my arms were around his neck! I had literally climbed him during my orgasm. I lowered myself back to the mattress.

"So how would I be punished if I broke my hands free when you 'set' them?"

I blushed at my lack of control, and gave him sly look. "You'd get a kiss and be told to try harder next time."

"Well in that case; try harder next time." He leaned in and kissed me.


It was still early, but neither of us were in a mood to explore any of the theme cabins tonight. I had scanned over the map, and reviewed them; Love Bondage, Restraints, Punishment, Role Play, Food Play, Seduction... The list was weird to my simple understandings to say the least. I knew from what I read this morning we would be being introduced to many of these in the coming days, most of the sessions were going to be in these cabins on a more personal couple/Councilor level, rather than the whole group. At the moment I just wanted to relax alone with Miss Justine for a little bit.

After placing her back in the genital device (with a reminder that I am not allowed to leave the home without my own), I took her to the field near the dining hall. Looking around I saw two of the theme cabins had a blue light on next to the door meaning they were in use. We lay holding each other in the grass and watched the sun set for the day.

As we walked back to our cabin holding hands I had an idea. "Justine would you care for a game of chess?"

"Sir, that would be wonderful! I can't remember the last time I played."

"Watch the contractions girl, property should only talk in proper language." I said with a smirk.

She laughed. "What was it you said earlier; roughly 25 years of talking one way makes it hard to break habits."

I kissed her. "How about we make the chess match a little more interesting? Winner receives oral service from the loser."

"Hmm, sounds good for me, you know you hardly ever have won against me."

I gave her a big grin. "I figure it is a no-lose situation regardless."

We had changed our clothes to relax for the night, and I set up the old fashioned wooden board I always packed when we went on road trips. (A far too rare occurrence since my time in prison.)

I was rather surprised to wipe the board with her. My Notepad had provided better challenges. Her offense was weak, her defense non-existent, and she walked right into several obvious traps that I intended to be distractions while setting up for more elaborate gambits. If it wouldn't have been for the shocked look on her face when I declared checkmate I would have thought she let me win.

"Wow! I guess I am out of practice, you've... I mean 'you have' never given me that much of a challenge."

"Maybe we should make this a standing challenge. Give you a chance to improve your oral skills, and rebuild your strategy skills." I gave her a wink and she blushed.

"Maybe when your Owner returns, she will consider it. Right now I think your property needs to fulfill her lost wager."

Justine dropped down in front of me and pulled my penis from the lounge pants that I had changed into before the game. She began doing wonderful things to me. She maintained eye contact so she knew when she had managed to find a particularly effective method, just as Doctor Jessica had taught her. Her hands roamed over her breasts, giving me a good show as her nipples visibly stretched the red silk nightgown she was now wearing.

I was where she was so many times in the past. Some may think of it as a position of weakness. I could see Miss Justine now saw it as I did; a position of power. From down there you have near complete control of the other person's orgasm. Short of pushing you out of the way and finishing the job themselves, they wait for you to decide when the prize will be given to them.

She taunted me with her eyes, teasing me. I felt her hand slipping up my leg. I snatched it just before she got to my testicles. With my free hand I pointed at her. "No! You are not cheating this time by milking me into ejaculation. This time all oral!"

She gave me a cute little pout as I released her hand. She doubled her efforts, working me deep on occasion. This time she took my release fully in her mouth. She swallowed it with my penis still in her mouth, then she made a show of licking and sucking as she slowly backed off my penis. I was beyond words at the end result as it felt like she practically pulled my mind out through my penis.

I sat limply in the chair as I recovered. She sat on my lap, the silk gown pressing against my now flaccid penis. She whispered in my ear; "Does this mean you approve, or that I bored you to death?"

"Def... definitely approved."

"I think I know that feeling; too happy to think straight?" She gave me a knowing grin

"Something like that." I sighed

She brought her hand to my face and placed a kiss on my forehead. "Uh-huh. You deserve it dear. How many times you've taken me there."

"I think it is time for a shower and bed."

"Do I get this off tonight?" She gestured toward her crotch.

"Why? You look good in it. I always said red was your color."

She crossed her arms and gave me a stare. "You know what I mean."

I pretended to think hard "Hmm... Probably." She gave me a raised eyebrow. "Actually, very, very likely!"

"Good because that cream or whatever is still driving me crazy!" I began laughing uncontrollably. "What? The stuff seems to last forever, and it wasn't washed away by swimming either. I think the belt has a reservoir of the stuff that it keeps releasing."

I was not sure if this mind trick would come into play later or not, so I decided to play it safe and just smiled at Miss Justine and gave her a squeeze. "Maybe Doctor Jessica can give me some for future use."

"Maybe we should find out if it works on males too!" She quipped as she stood.

"Orrrr, could you imagine Miss Adrianne locked in a genital device with this stuff?"

Miss Justine's eyes got this evil glint. "She is so sexually deprived it would drive her insane!" She gave me an impatient look. "So?" I gave her a confused look in return. "Quit teasing!" She gave me that pouty look again.

I reached in my pocket and accidentally shocked her when I pressed the wrong button. I cringed when she jumped. "Sorry wrong button dear!"

"Yeah, I bet!"

I kissed her. "Honest."

She saw the look on my face and smiled. "You are forgiven Milord."


michael and I were lying in the bed, I was reading my book and he just watched me with a smile on his face. The smile seemed a little brighter than normal. I turned to him and smiled back.

I could see his mind working, the hunger in his eyes. I did not know the specifics, but I could tell he was thinking of sexual things he wanted to try with me. He would get his chance soon, a little at a time. I wanted the floodgates opened, but I wanted to keep the stream slow and manageable yet. I trusted michael; it was myself I did not trust. I was a bit afraid that I may lose myself into submissiveness. It was an internal struggle I have had since I have owned michael, I wanted to surrender myself to him and be used by him. Cherish had told me this week would help me build my confidence enough to submit. Oxymoronic concept, but I had to admit Jessica seemed to be doing just that.

I set the book down and turned off the light. michael instantly spooned me, gently placing a kiss on my neck. We soon fell asleep that way.

I was woken suddenly when something fell into our bed! I felt michael roll off the bed and the sound of breath rushing out of someone as they hit the floor.

I flipped on the light to find a nearly naked michael wrestling with paul on the floor.

When michael saw who he had on the floor he stopped. "paul?! What are you doing sneaking into our cabin?!"

paul was visibly shaken by michael's actions and tone. "Miss Jes... Jessica sent me to get you both. Miss Justine it is important."

michael looked at me and I nodded. He released paul and we started to get dressed quickly while paul waited outside for us.

"What just happened michael?"

"I heard someone come in, when they got close to you, I reached out and dragged him across the bed, rolled him over me and on to the floor with me on top of him. I had no idea it was paul until you turned on the light."

michael has always been a light sleeper, the slightest odd noise waking him. "Well I guess the self-defense lessons from ben have helped after all. Let's go find out what this is all about."

When we walked into Jessica's office the rest of the Counselors were there standing scattered around the office, as was Monica, steven and a few other staff Females.

"Okay everybody necessary is here, sorry for getting you all out of bed at this hour but we have a situation. The forest service found a recently burned car about 30 miles from here. There were bodies in the trunk, one Female and one male, both shot in the head.  No IDs and the male's GD and Identicollar were too damaged in the fire to help. The other thing they found was one Camp Shungara brochure partially destroyed in the fire. Somebody here is not who they claim."

"Since everyone else is staff here, are we to assume it is one of us?" Monica asked indicating herself and me.

"Just the opposite; we know you, Monica we've had several video calls over the last few months, and michael works for paul's Mother. There are three possible reasons I can think of for the infiltrators to be here, the first is we've had a few run-ins with saboteurs sent by Female Supremacy organizations who don't approve of my work. We usually have them identified by the end of the Nonverbal Communication Exam and escort them out.

The other two possibilities are that someone is here to get either of you. Monica your team brought down a Chinese crime boss and her chief lieutenant. Justine and michael you are responsible for the downfall of a powerful and sadistic Judge and five or six of her family. Both retribution worthy actions."

"Even the most extreme Fem-Suprem groups ain't likely to kill people to get in, so we think it's one of the vengeance options."  The Guard that had been at the gate when we arrived said.

"Jocelyn is correct, so we wanted you to be on your toes just in case. I would recommend that you place michael and steven in their GDs so we can keep tabs on your locations and watch for oddities."

"Like sitting still in the woods too long, won't that be too late?" I asked with a bit of venom in my tone that I hadn't intended to use.

michael put a hand on my shoulder. "Pardon me Doctor Jessica, but if it is not any of us, then it means it has to be one of the other three couples. Have you searched their cabins?"

The guard answered him. "We've narrowed it down to two couples since Barb Drowski is the younger Sister of one of the males that work in the mess hall, and he woulda raised a warning if they weren't his family. The cabins for the other two couples were searched while you's all were eating dinner but nothing was found, and both cars were locked so we couldn't check 'em without a noticeable effort."

"What about checking Identicollars? Monica asked

The same guard answered her also. "All da collars were scanned on your way in, except michael's because he was driving their car. They all matched the files on record at MCB, which coulda been altered prior to 'em coming out here.

Jessica looked around the room. "To avoid spooking the infiltrators with their presence, and possibly accelerating their plans, the state police are allowing us to handle this in-house for the moment while they try to identify the bodies. If we can identify the infiltrators before the police, they will take them into custody. We are keeping them in the loop and they will be ready to respond by keeping several units nearby and monitoring our radio frequency. We're using the security protocols, that means radios on at all times people, Joc and her Guards will operate with three Female/male teams on duty at all times, one for show at the hut, the other two dressed in civvies and wandering the camp trying to stay close to the vicinity of the suspects. After you tell your aides, no one breathes a word of this to anybody else." Jessica glared at paul. "We don't need any funny looks tipping our hat."

When we returned to the cabin michael immediately pulled the kitchenette table in front of the door.

"That won't keep anyone out dear."

"I know that Milady, but it will ensure I hear them enter." He proceeded to unplug the lamp from his side of the bed and removed its bulb and shade. "Anybody who comes in unannounced will be in for a surprise."

I stood there wondering what ever happened to my meek male and how he got replaced with this confidant guardian.

"What?" He asked somewhat defensively

I held back the laugh that threatened to burst past my lips as I answered. "Nothing boy, just don't attack a friendly again."

He smiled at me. "I warned paul to quietly announce himself next time. I think he got the message."

We laid down again and I rested my head on michael's chest. I could feel the tension in him as he wrapped his arm around me. I hoped he would get some sleep, but I knew if he did get any, it would not be very restful.

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